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Thomas Penton's Essential Series Vol. 3 2008 Update

611 MB  
in 668 files
   0 / 0
5 years old
Good Rating
7    4
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1. falcao — long ago
muy bueno

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Torrent Contents

Thomas Penton's Essential Series Vol. 3 2008 Update
BASSLINE 003 (bpm 128 key F, G#, A#).wav3 MB
BASSLINE 039 (bpm 128 key E, G, A).wav3 MB
BASSLINE 045 (bpm 128 key D, F, C, G).wav1 MB
BASSLINE 013 (bpm 128 key B).wav1 MB
BASSLINE 034 (bpm 128 key A, E, G).wav1 MB
BASSLINE 007 (bpm 128 key F, G#, A#, C, D#).wav1 MB
BASSLINE 006 (bpm 128 key F, G#, A#, C, D#).wav1 MB
BASSLINE 009 (bpm 128 key F, G#, A#).wav1 MB
BASSLINE 005 (bpm 128 key D, F, G, A).wav1 MB
BASSLINE 008 (bpm 128 key F, G#, A#).wav1 MB
BASSLINE 004 (bpm 128 key D, F, G, A).wav1 MB
BASSLINE 012 (bpm 128 key G, F, D#).wav1 MB
BASSLINE 002 (bpm 128 key D, A, C).wav1 MB
BASSLINE 013 (bpm 128 key G, F, D#).wav1 MB
BASSLINE 015 (bpm 128 key E, G, D).wav1 MB
BASSLINE 016 (bpm 128 key E, G, D).wav1 MB
BASSLINE 011 (bpm 128 key A, C, G, D).wav1 MB
BASSLINE 018 (bpm 128 key B, A, D).wav1 MB
BASSLINE 010 (bpm 128 key G, A#, D#, C).wav1 MB
BASSLINE 017 (bpm 128 key B, A, D).wav1 MB
BASSLINE 021 (bpm 128 key A, C, D, E).wav1 MB
BASSLINE 022 (bpm 128 key D, G, A).wav1 MB
BASSLINE 023 (bpm 128 key D, G, A).wav1 MB
BASSLINE 025 (bpm 128 key F, G#, A#).wav1 MB
BASSLINE 001 (bpm 128 key D, F, G, A).wav1 MB
BASSLINE 027 (bpm 128 key F, C, D#, G).wav1 MB
BASSLINE 028 (bpm 128 key D#, F#, C#).wav1 MB
BASSLINE 029 (bpm 128 key D#, F#, C#).wav1 MB
BASSLINE 030 (bpm 128 key D#, C#).wav1 MB
BASSLINE 031 (bpm 128 key D#, C#).wav1 MB
BASSLINE 032 (bpm 128 key E, G).wav1 MB
BASSLINE 033 (bpm 128 key E, G).wav1 MB
BASSLINE 019 (bpm 128 key B, A, D).wav1 MB
BASSLINE 035 (bpm 128 key A, D, F).wav1 MB
BASSLINE 036 (bpm 128 key F, D#, F#).wav1 MB
BASSLINE 037 (bpm 128 key F, D#, F#).wav1 MB
BASSLINE 038 (bpm 128 key G#, A#, C#, D#).wav1 MB
BASSLINE 020 (bpm 128 key G, F, A#).wav1 MB
BASSLINE 026 (bpm 128 key F, G#, A#).wav1 MB
BASSLINE 046 (bpm 128 key G, C, A#).wav1 MB
BASSLINE 042 (bpm 128 key F, C#, A#).wav1 MB
BASSLINE 043 (bpm 128 key E, G, A, C).wav1 MB
BASSLINE 047 (bpm 128 key G, A#, C).wav1 MB
BASSLINE 050 (bpm 128 key G, F, D).wav1 MB
BASSLINE 048 (bpm 128 key F, C, G).wav1 MB
BASSLINE 049 (bpm 128 key D, F, G).wav1 MB
BASSLINE 044 (bpm 128 key G, A#, D, F).wav1 MB
BASSLINE 040 (bpm 128 key F#, A, B).wav1 MB
BASSLINE 041 (bpm 128 key F#, A, D, E).wav1 MB
Claps Snares
CLAP 044.wav250 KB
CLAP 043.wav190 KB
SNARE 041.wav180 KB
CLAP 019.wav174 KB
CLAP 015.wav170 KB
SNARE 048.wav158 KB
SNARE 026.wav158 KB
CLAP 018.wav156 KB
SNARE 037.wav154 KB
SNARE 039.wav154 KB
SNARE 042.wav150 KB
SNARE 022.wav148 KB
CLAP 016.wav140 KB
SNARE 035.wav136 KB
SNARE 032.wav135 KB
SNARE 003.wav130 KB
SNARE 012.wav129 KB
SNARE 030.wav121 KB
SNARE 036.wav119 KB
CLAP 014.wav118 KB
CLAP 034.wav113 KB
CLAP 017.wav113 KB
SNARE 016.wav108 KB
CLAP 050.wav106 KB
SNARE 018.wav106 KB
SNARE 047.wav105 KB
CLAP 038.wav105 KB
CLAP 006.wav103 KB
SNARE 033.wav103 KB
CLAP 028.wav103 KB
SNARE 043.wav98 KB
SNARE 029.wav97 KB
SNARE 031.wav96 KB
CLAP 005.wav95 KB
SNARE 014.wav95 KB
CLAP 033.wav94 KB
SNARE 020.wav94 KB
SNARE 025.wav94 KB
SNARE 015.wav92 KB
SNARE 001.wav91 KB
CLAP 035.wav89 KB
CLAP 048.wav86 KB
CLAP 037.wav84 KB
SNARE 040.wav83 KB
CLAP 031.wav82 KB
SNARE 008.wav82 KB
CLAP 007.wav82 KB
CLAP 004.wav82 KB
CLAP 025.wav82 KB
CLAP 003.wav81 KB
CLAP 041.wav81 KB
CLAP 026.wav81 KB
SNARE 034.wav80 KB
CLAP 001.wav80 KB
CLAP 002.wav79 KB
CLAP 009.wav79 KB
SNARE 024.wav78 KB
SNARE 013.wav77 KB
CLAP 042.wav76 KB
SNARE 005.wav76 KB
CLAP 040.wav75 KB
CLAP 022.wav75 KB
SNARE 038.wav74 KB
SNARE 002.wav74 KB
CLAP 029.wav73 KB
SNARE 049.wav73 KB
SNARE 028.wav72 KB
SNARE 007.wav72 KB
SNARE 021.wav71 KB
CLAP 046.wav70 KB
SNARE 045.wav70 KB
SNARE 017.wav69 KB
SNARE 044.wav68 KB
CLAP 013.wav68 KB
CLAP 027.wav68 KB
CLAP 030.wav68 KB
SNARE 050.wav67 KB
CLAP 039.wav67 KB
SNARE 046.wav65 KB
CLAP 032.wav65 KB
SNARE 004.wav61 KB
SNARE 027.wav58 KB
CLAP 049.wav57 KB
CLAP 024.wav57 KB
CLAP 010.wav55 KB
CLAP 047.wav51 KB
SNARE 006.wav50 KB
CLAP 045.wav50 KB
CLAP 036.wav49 KB
SNARE 009.wav48 KB
CLAP 012.wav46 KB
CLAP 008.wav46 KB
SNARE 023.wav44 KB
SNARE 011.wav44 KB
CLAP 020.wav44 KB
CLAP 023.wav43 KB
SNARE 019.wav43 KB
SNARE 010.wav42 KB
CLAP 021.wav42 KB
CLAP 011.wav39 KB
Filler Loops
Filler Loop 051.wav981 KB
Filler Loop 050.wav981 KB
Filler Loop 099.wav981 KB
Filler Loop 098.wav981 KB
Filler Loop 097.wav981 KB
Filler Loop 096.wav981 KB
Filler Loop 095.wav981 KB
Filler Loop 094.wav981 KB
Filler Loop 093.wav981 KB
Filler Loop 092.wav981 KB
Filler Loop 091.wav981 KB
Filler Loop 090.wav981 KB
Filler Loop 089.wav981 KB
Filler Loop 088.wav981 KB
Filler Loop 087.wav981 KB
Filler Loop 086.wav981 KB
Filler Loop 085.wav981 KB
Filler Loop 070.wav981 KB
Filler Loop 069.wav981 KB
Filler Loop 052.wav981 KB
Filler Loop 083.wav981 KB
Filler Loop 068.wav981 KB
Filler Loop 084.wav981 KB
Filler Loop 025.wav980 KB
Filler Loop 026.wav980 KB
Filler Loop 024.wav980 KB
Filler Loop 023.wav980 KB
Filler Loop 027.wav980 KB
Filler Loop 029.wav980 KB
Filler Loop 030.wav980 KB
Filler Loop 031.wav980 KB
Filler Loop 028.wav980 KB
Filler Loop 033.wav980 KB
Filler Loop 034.wav980 KB
Filler Loop 032.wav980 KB
Filler Loop 022.wav980 KB
Filler Loop 037.wav980 KB
Filler Loop 038.wav980 KB
Filler Loop 039.wav980 KB
Filler Loop 040.wav980 KB
Filler Loop 041.wav980 KB
Filler Loop 042.wav980 KB
Filler Loop 021.wav980 KB
Filler Loop 020.wav980 KB
Filler Loop 045.wav980 KB
Filler Loop 046.wav980 KB
Filler Loop 047.wav980 KB
Filler Loop 048.wav980 KB
Filler Loop 036.wav980 KB
Filler Loop 035.wav980 KB
Filler Loop 019.wav980 KB
Filler Loop 053.wav980 KB
Filler Loop 054.wav980 KB
Filler Loop 055.wav980 KB
Filler Loop 056.wav980 KB
Filler Loop 057.wav980 KB
Filler Loop 058.wav980 KB
Filler Loop 059.wav980 KB
Filler Loop 060.wav980 KB
Filler Loop 061.wav980 KB
Filler Loop 062.wav980 KB
Filler Loop 063.wav980 KB
Filler Loop 064.wav980 KB
Filler Loop 065.wav980 KB
Filler Loop 066.wav980 KB
Filler Loop 067.wav980 KB
Filler Loop 044.wav980 KB
Filler Loop 043.wav980 KB
Filler Loop 018.wav980 KB
Filler Loop 071.wav980 KB
Filler Loop 072.wav980 KB
Filler Loop 073.wav980 KB
Filler Loop 074.wav980 KB
Filler Loop 075.wav980 KB
Filler Loop 076.wav980 KB
Filler Loop 077.wav980 KB
Filler Loop 078.wav980 KB
Filler Loop 079.wav980 KB
Filler Loop 080.wav980 KB
Filler Loop 081.wav980 KB
Filler Loop 082.wav980 KB
Filler Loop 017.wav980 KB
Filler Loop 016.wav980 KB
Filler Loop 015.wav980 KB
Filler Loop 014.wav980 KB
Filler Loop 013.wav980 KB
Filler Loop 012.wav980 KB
Filler Loop 011.wav980 KB
Filler Loop 010.wav980 KB
Filler Loop 009.wav980 KB
Filler Loop 008.wav980 KB
Filler Loop 007.wav980 KB
Filler Loop 006.wav980 KB
Filler Loop 005.wav980 KB
Filler Loop 004.wav980 KB
Filler Loop 003.wav980 KB
Filler Loop 002.wav980 KB
Filler Loop 001.wav980 KB
HAT072.wav416 KB
HAT085.wav285 KB
HAT040.wav268 KB
HAT069.wav160 KB
HAT031.wav122 KB
HAT038.wav110 KB
HAT074.wav101 KB
HAT090.wav96 KB
HAT035.wav92 KB
HAT067.wav87 KB
HAT060.wav85 KB
HAT068.wav84 KB
HAT065.wav83 KB
HAT094.wav81 KB
HAT041.wav80 KB
HAT053.wav80 KB
HAT058.wav79 KB
HAT064.wav78 KB
HAT055.wav77 KB
HAT033.wav72 KB
HAT086.wav71 KB
HAT013.wav71 KB
HAT024.wav70 KB
HAT001.wav70 KB
HAT071.wav69 KB
HAT070.wav69 KB
HAT062.wav68 KB
HAT100.wav67 KB
HAT063.wav66 KB
HAT036.wav66 KB
HAT061.wav65 KB
HAT079.wav64 KB
HAT081.wav64 KB
HAT007.wav64 KB
HAT048.wav62 KB
HAT009.wav62 KB
HAT003.wav61 KB
HAT004.wav61 KB
HAT015.wav60 KB
HAT005.wav58 KB
HAT011.wav58 KB
HAT091.wav58 KB
HAT032.wav57 KB
HAT089.wav56 KB
HAT057.wav56 KB
HAT051.wav55 KB
HAT083.wav55 KB
HAT080.wav54 KB
HAT039.wav52 KB
HAT029.wav51 KB
HAT082.wav51 KB
HAT034.wav50 KB
HAT078.wav50 KB
HAT020.wav48 KB
HAT017.wav46 KB
HAT002.wav46 KB
HAT052.wav43 KB
HAT006.wav43 KB
HAT030.wav41 KB
HAT019.wav41 KB
HAT008.wav41 KB
HAT088.wav41 KB
HAT047.wav41 KB
HAT049.wav41 KB
HAT054.wav40 KB
HAT095.wav40 KB
HAT050.wav40 KB
HAT087.wav39 KB
HAT077.wav39 KB
HAT045.wav37 KB
HAT066.wav36 KB
HAT056.wav36 KB
HAT046.wav36 KB
HAT014.wav35 KB
HAT023.wav35 KB
HAT028.wav35 KB
HAT016.wav34 KB
HAT012.wav34 KB
HAT059.wav34 KB
HAT027.wav33 KB
HAT025.wav30 KB
HAT042.wav29 KB
HAT021.wav29 KB
HAT010.wav28 KB
HAT037.wav27 KB
HAT018.wav26 KB
HAT026.wav25 KB
HAT076.wav25 KB
HAT044.wav24 KB
HAT092.wav24 KB
HAT097.wav23 KB
HAT022.wav23 KB
HAT084.wav23 KB
HAT075.wav22 KB
HAT099.wav22 KB
HAT093.wav20 KB
HAT098.wav19 KB
HAT096.wav19 KB
HAT073.wav18 KB
HAT043.wav18 KB
KICK081.wav168 KB
KICK104.wav133 KB
KICK185.wav133 KB
KICK187.wav133 KB
KICK164.wav131 KB
KICK155.wav128 KB
KICK144.wav125 KB
KICK096.wav125 KB
KICK074.wav123 KB
KICK180.wav120 KB
KICK145.wav119 KB
KICK124.wav119 KB
KICK050.wav119 KB
KICK182.wav118 KB
KICK090.wav115 KB
KICK076.wav114 KB
KICK111.wav113 KB
KICK143.wav112 KB
KICK092.wav111 KB
KICK116.wav109 KB
KICK139.wav106 KB
KICK190.wav106 KB
KICK126.wav105 KB
KICK008.wav105 KB
KICK123.wav104 KB
KICK153.wav104 KB
KICK014.wav103 KB
KICK150.wav102 KB
KICK184.wav102 KB
KICK062.wav101 KB
KICK198.wav100 KB
KICK036.wav100 KB
KICK165.wav99 KB
KICK064.wav99 KB
KICK183.wav99 KB
KICK174.wav98 KB
KICK083.wav98 KB
KICK112.wav98 KB
KICK059.wav97 KB
KICK172.wav96 KB
KICK058.wav96 KB
KICK113.wav96 KB
KICK006.wav95 KB
KICK070.wav95 KB
KICK119.wav95 KB
KICK067.wav95 KB
KICK072.wav94 KB
KICK049.wav94 KB
KICK052.wav94 KB
KICK065.wav93 KB
KICK022.wav93 KB
KICK161.wav93 KB
KICK125.wav93 KB
KICK088.wav93 KB
KICK127.wav92 KB
KICK091.wav92 KB
KICK181.wav92 KB
KICK073.wav92 KB
KICK079.wav91 KB
KICK107.wav91 KB
KICK061.wav91 KB
KICK188.wav90 KB
KICK114.wav90 KB
KICK002.wav90 KB
KICK099.wav90 KB
KICK121.wav90 KB
KICK084.wav89 KB
KICK122.wav87 KB
KICK038.wav87 KB
KICK103.wav86 KB
KICK120.wav86 KB
KICK194.wav85 KB
KICK196.wav85 KB
KICK060.wav84 KB
KICK130.wav84 KB
KICK082.wav84 KB
KICK080.wav83 KB
KICK129.wav83 KB
KICK085.wav83 KB
KICK007.wav83 KB
KICK029.wav82 KB
KICK100.wav82 KB
KICK195.wav82 KB
KICK136.wav82 KB
KICK071.wav81 KB
KICK054.wav80 KB
KICK013.wav80 KB
KICK137.wav80 KB
KICK200.wav80 KB
KICK005.wav79 KB
KICK098.wav78 KB
KICK133.wav78 KB
KICK149.wav78 KB
KICK134.wav78 KB
KICK157.wav77 KB
KICK068.wav77 KB
KICK034.wav77 KB
KICK177.wav77 KB
KICK077.wav77 KB
KICK189.wav77 KB
KICK097.wav77 KB
KICK066.wav76 KB
KICK040.wav76 KB
KICK173.wav76 KB
KICK138.wav76 KB
KICK117.wav76 KB
KICK151.wav75 KB
KICK089.wav75 KB
KICK057.wav75 KB
KICK131.wav75 KB
KICK192.wav75 KB
KICK197.wav75 KB
KICK019.wav75 KB
KICK021.wav75 KB
KICK041.wav75 KB
KICK094.wav75 KB
KICK069.wav74 KB
KICK147.wav74 KB
KICK101.wav74 KB
KICK179.wav74 KB
KICK011.wav73 KB
KICK176.wav73 KB
KICK045.wav73 KB
KICK140.wav73 KB
KICK042.wav73 KB
KICK178.wav73 KB
KICK015.wav73 KB
KICK160.wav73 KB
KICK162.wav73 KB
KICK020.wav73 KB
KICK001.wav72 KB
KICK044.wav72 KB
KICK024.wav72 KB
KICK028.wav72 KB
KICK016.wav72 KB
KICK046.wav72 KB
KICK186.wav72 KB
KICK152.wav72 KB
KICK166.wav72 KB
KICK039.wav72 KB
KICK035.wav71 KB
KICK037.wav71 KB
KICK108.wav71 KB
KICK154.wav71 KB
KICK043.wav71 KB
KICK106.wav71 KB
KICK158.wav71 KB
KICK191.wav71 KB
KICK023.wav71 KB
KICK159.wav70 KB
KICK010.wav70 KB
KICK171.wav70 KB
KICK047.wav70 KB
KICK146.wav70 KB
KICK017.wav70 KB
KICK168.wav70 KB
KICK167.wav70 KB
KICK141.wav69 KB
KICK175.wav69 KB
KICK093.wav69 KB
KICK102.wav69 KB
KICK163.wav69 KB
KICK132.wav69 KB
KICK156.wav68 KB
KICK055.wav68 KB
KICK026.wav68 KB
KICK115.wav68 KB
KICK110.wav68 KB
KICK027.wav68 KB
KICK087.wav68 KB
KICK009.wav68 KB
KICK051.wav68 KB
KICK095.wav68 KB
KICK003.wav68 KB
KICK109.wav68 KB
KICK142.wav67 KB
KICK105.wav67 KB
KICK148.wav67 KB
KICK004.wav67 KB
KICK018.wav66 KB
KICK030.wav66 KB
KICK128.wav66 KB
KICK031.wav66 KB
KICK086.wav65 KB
KICK075.wav63 KB
KICK078.wav63 KB
KICK056.wav63 KB
KICK025.wav63 KB
KICK202.wav62 KB
KICK033.wav61 KB
KICK199.wav61 KB
KICK118.wav59 KB
KICK032.wav58 KB
KICK063.wav57 KB
KICK169.wav57 KB
KICK170.wav57 KB
KICK135.wav56 KB
KICK048.wav54 KB
KICK193.wav53 KB
KICK053.wav49 KB
KICK012.wav46 KB
KICK201.wav33 KB
Sound Effects
LONG SWEEP 009.wav9 MB
LONG SWEEP 008.wav9 MB
GATE SWEEP 004 (128 BPM).wav8 MB
LONG SWEEP 010.wav7 MB
LONG SWEEP 012.wav7 MB
GATE SWEEP 006 (128 BPM).wav7 MB
GATE SWEEP 001 (128 BPM).wav7 MB
GATE SWEEP 002 (128 BPM).wav7 MB
GATE SWEEP 005 (128 BPM).wav7 MB
GATE SWEEP 003 (128 BPM).wav7 MB
LONG SWEEP 004.wav5 MB
LONG SWEEP 003.wav5 MB
LONG SWEEP 007.wav4 MB
LONG SWEEP 006.wav4 MB
LONG SWEEP 005.wav4 MB
LONG SWEEP 002.wav4 MB
LONG SWEEP 001.wav4 MB
GATE SWEEP 007 (128 BPM).wav3 MB
NOIZE HIT 010.wav3 MB
NOIZE HIT 009.wav3 MB
NOIZE HIT 004.wav3 MB
NOIZE HIT 006.wav3 MB
NOIZE HIT 005.wav3 MB
LONG SWEEP 011.wav3 MB
NOIZE HIT 017.wav3 MB
NOIZE HIT 011.wav2 MB
NOIZE HIT 012.wav2 MB
NOIZE HIT 001.wav1 MB
NOIZE HIT 008.wav1 MB
NOIZE HIT 015.wav1 MB
NOIZE HIT 013.wav1 MB
NOIZE HIT 007.wav1 MB
NOIZE HIT 003.wav1 MB
NOIZE HIT 002.wav1 MB
NOIZE HIT 014.wav1 MB
NOIZE HIT 016.wav1 MB
SHORT SWEEP 019.wav981 KB
SHORT SWEEP 020.wav832 KB
STAB 027 (bpm 128 key F#).wav1 MB
STAB 004 (bpm 128 key C).wav1 MB
STAB 002 (bpm 128 key F, G#).wav1 MB
STAB 005 (bpm 128 key C).wav1 MB
STAB 006 (bpm 128 key B).wav1 MB
STAB 007 (bpm 128 key A).wav1 MB
STAB 003 (bpm 128 key F, G#).wav1 MB
STAB 008 (bpm 128 key A).wav1 MB
STAB 009 (bpm 128 key A).wav1 MB
STAB 010 (bpm 128 key B).wav1 MB
STAB 011 (bpm 128 key B).wav1 MB
STAB 012 (bpm 128 key B).wav1 MB
STAB 013 (bpm 128 key B).wav1 MB
STAB 014 (bpm 128 key B).wav1 MB
STAB 026 (bpm 128 key C#, D#).wav1 MB
STAB 033 (bpm 128 key G#).wav1 MB
STAB 017 (bpm 128 key A).wav1 MB
STAB 034 (bpm 128 key F#, A).wav1 MB
STAB 019 (bpm 128 key E).wav1 MB
STAB 035 (bpm 128 key F#, A).wav1 MB
STAB 036 (bpm 128 key F#, A).wav1 MB
STAB 022 (bpm 128 key B, F#, E).wav1 MB
STAB 037 (bpm 128 key C#, D#, F#).wav1 MB
STAB 032 (bpm 128 key D#, F#, G#, C#).wav1 MB
STAB 048 (bpm 128 key D, C).wav1 MB
STAB 047 (bpm 128 key D, C).wav1 MB
STAB 046 (bpm 128 key D, C).wav1 MB
STAB 028 (bpm 128 key G#).wav1 MB
STAB 029 (bpm 128 key F#, G#).wav1 MB
STAB 043 (bpm 128 key G, A).wav1 MB
STAB 049 (bpm 128 key F, D#).wav1 MB
STAB 041 (bpm 128 key E).wav1 MB
STAB 045 (bpm 128 key C, G).wav1 MB
STAB 044 (bpm 128 key G, A).wav1 MB
STAB 042 (bpm 128 key C, D).wav1 MB
STAB 050 (bpm 128 key D, E, F, C).wav1 MB
STAB 038 (bpm 128 key G#, D#, E).wav1 MB
STAB 040 (bpm 128 key B, D, E).wav1 MB
STAB 031 (bpm 128 key A, C, E).wav1 MB
STAB 030 (bpm 128 key A, C, E).wav1 MB
STAB 021 (bpm 128 key D, F, A).wav1 MB
STAB 039 (bpm 128 key A, C).wav1 MB
STAB 020 (bpm 128 key F).wav1 MB
STAB 016 (bpm 128 key C).wav1 MB
STAB 015 (bpm 128 key C).wav1 MB
STAB 001 (bpm 128 key F).wav1 MB
STAB 018 (bpm 128 key A).wav1 MB
STAB 025 (bpm 128 key A#, G#, D#).wav1 MB
STAB 024 (bpm 128 key A#, G#, D#).wav1 MB
STAB 023 (bpm 128 key B, D).wav1 MB
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