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The Total Transformation Program

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5 years old  
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Torrent Contents

The Total Transformation Program
Parent Workshop DVD.mp41.42 GB
Total Transformation Program_ Jump Start DVD.mp4728 MB
Total Transformation Program Workbook.pdf58 MB
Lesson 3 Breaking Through
Problem Solving Role.mp346 MB
Training and Coaching Role.mp335 MB
Limit-Setting Role.mp334 MB
Creating a Culture of Accountability.mp37 MB
Introduction.mp33 MB
Conclusion.mp33 MB
Lesson 6 Alternative Response Process
Introduction.mp323 MB
An Example Of The Alt.Resp. Process.mp323 MB
Step 3- Identify The Triggers Preceeding The Misbehavior.mp36 MB
Step 4- Challenge The Triggers.mp36 MB
Step 8- Consequences And Amends.mp34 MB
Develop Status Levels.mp34 MB
Step 7- Ask Kid To Choose.mp33 MB
Step 2- Confront (Meet It Head On, Honestly).mp33 MB
Introduce This Process During Calm Times.mp33 MB
Step 6- Probe (What Can You Do Next Time-).mp32 MB
Step 5- Declare (Tell The Kid To Stop.).mp32 MB
Step 1- Investigate (Ask Him What He Saw).mp32 MB
Alternative Response Process.mp31 MB
Lesson 5 Understanding Faulty Thinking
Behavior Problems Stemming From Divorce.mp322 MB
More On Faulty Thinking.mp35 MB
False Self-Perception.mp33 MB
Hypodermic Focus.mp33 MB
Uniqueness.mp33 MB
Introduction To Faulty Thinking Patterns.mp33 MB
Minimization.mp33 MB
Rule Deflation.mp32 MB
Emotionalizing (Feelings Aren't Factual Or True).mp32 MB
Embracing Negativity.mp32 MB
Assuming.mp32 MB
Sincere Self-Delusion.mp32 MB
Projections.mp31 MB
Excuses.mp31 MB
All-Or-Nothing Thinking ('Always' Or 'Never').mp31 MB
Awfulizing.mp31 MB
The Blame Game.mp31 MB
Personalizing (Taking Things Personally).mp31 MB
Lesson 2 Why Won't My Child Listen To Me
(Ineffective Parenting Role #1) Overnegotiator.mp321 MB
Bottomless Pockets.mp315 MB
Martyr (I'll do the work for him).mp314 MB
Ticket Puncher- 'You're OK...' (even when he's not).mp39 MB
Savior (Insulating child from his consequences.).mp38 MB
Perfectionist (Nothing's ever good enough).mp38 MB
Conclusion of Ineffective Parenting Styles.mp38 MB
Be the parent your child NEEDS.mp36 MB
Screamer.mp36 MB
Behavior-Emotional Blackmail.mp34 MB
Visualizing an ideal child.mp34 MB
Introduction.mp32 MB
It's not just a phase.mp32 MB
Lesson 7 How To Stop It Before It Starts
Constructive Self-Talk.mp316 MB
Diminish The Potential.mp39 MB
Thoughts Create Feelings (Such As Anger).mp38 MB
Identify The Trigger Thought.mp36 MB
Simple Plan.mp34 MB
Communicate.mp33 MB
Manage The Situation.mp33 MB
Introduction To The Trigger Management Process.mp33 MB
Move On.mp32 MB
Implement It (Right Now).mp31 MB
Lesson 1 Why Does My Child Act This Way
Parents Blame Themselves For Their Child's Behavior.mp313 MB
'Concrete Transactions' (Characteristic #5).mp37 MB
'Partialization' (Characteristic #16).mp37 MB
'Anger With An Angle' (Characteristic #7).mp37 MB
Helping A Child Cope With His Problems Appropriately.mp36 MB
Disrespectful, Abusive & Obnoxious Behavior Is Not Caused By Low Self-Esteem.mp36 MB
'Casing' (Characteristic #12).mp35 MB
Uniqueness- 'You Don't Understand!' (Characteristic #3).mp35 MB
Kids With Challenges.mp35 MB
'Dishonesty & Mis-Information' (Characteristic #13).mp34 MB
'The Turnaround' (Characteristic #15).mp34 MB
Do Kids Pickup On Parents Who Think It's Their Fault-.mp34 MB
What About Self-Esteem-.mp34 MB
Injustice- 'It Just Isn't Fair' (Characteristic #2).mp33 MB
'Wishful Thinking' (Characteristic #10).mp33 MB
Introduction.mp33 MB
The 'Victim Stance' (Characteristic #1).mp33 MB
Why Do Parents Always Have To Respond To The Outbursts Of The Moment-.mp33 MB
'False Apologies' (Characteristic #14).mp33 MB
Use Of 'One-Way Boundaries' (Characteristic #4).mp33 MB
Characteristics & Practices Of Kids With Obnoxious & Abusive Behavior.mp33 MB
'Pride In Negativity' (Characteristic #6).mp32 MB
There's A Concept Called 'The Good Enough Parent'.mp32 MB
'The Put Off, 'I'll Do It Tomorrow.'' (Characteristic #11).mp32 MB
'One-Way Role Models' (Characteristic #9).mp32 MB
'One-Way Training' (Characteristic #8).mp31 MB
Total Transformation - One Minute Transformation
Accept Bad Moods And Bad Days.mp311 MB
Self Disclosure To The Child.mp39 MB
Disconnect.mp38 MB
Halt Overstimulation.mp38 MB
No Speeches.mp37 MB
Scripted For The Next Time.mp37 MB
Focus On The Behavior.mp36 MB
Assume Control.mp36 MB
Do, Not Say.mp35 MB
Use Strategic Recognition And Affection.mp34 MB
Introduction.mp32 MB
Summary-Conclusion.mp32 MB
Lesson 4 27 tools you can use
Use Single-Issue Focus.mp38 MB
Cueing.mp36 MB
Realization -- Conclusion Of Disc 4.mp35 MB
Choose Your Fights Carefully, And Win The Ones You Choose.mp34 MB
Replacement And Reciprocity.mp34 MB
Give Consequences.mp34 MB
Think Of Your Family As A Business.mp34 MB
Identify Thinking Errors And Excuses.mp34 MB
Introduction- 27 Tools You Can Use.mp34 MB
Be An Empowered Parent.mp34 MB
Use Selective Attention.mp33 MB
Use Strategic Recognition And Affection.mp33 MB
Use Direct Statements.mp33 MB
Stop The Show.mp33 MB
Act As If.mp33 MB
Disconnect (Don't Argue).mp32 MB
Transition Time.mp32 MB
Esteem- Hold Your Child In High Regard.mp32 MB
Be Clear About Your Values.mp32 MB
Be A Role Model.mp32 MB
Give Basic Direction.mp32 MB
Redirect Interest.mp32 MB
Use Responsible Love And Concern.mp32 MB
Harmless Humor Never Hurts (No Sarcasm).mp31 MB
Use Consequences To Get Honesty.mp31 MB
Accept No Excuse For Abuse.mp31 MB
Demand And Expect Compliance.mp31 MB
Don't Hold Your Breath.mp31 MB

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