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The Seeds Discography

500 MB  
in 70 files
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6 years old  
14    2
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1. man — long ago

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Torrent Contents

The Seeds Discography
01-The Seeds (1966)
03-evil_hoodoo.mp312 MB
07-nobody_spoil_my_fun.mp38 MB
01-cant_seem_to_make_you_mine.mp37 MB
06-try_to_understand.mp36 MB
11-fallin_in_love.mp36 MB
08-its_a_hard_life.mp36 MB
05-pushin_too_hard.mp35 MB
04-girl_i_want_you.mp35 MB
10-excuse_excuse.mp35 MB
02-no_escape.mp35 MB
09-you_cant_be_trusted.mp35 MB
the_seeds.jpg76 KB
02-A Web Of Sound (1966)
08-up_in_her_room.mp333 MB
05-a_faded_picture.mp312 MB
07-just_let_go.mp39 MB
01-mr_farmer.mp36 MB
03-tripmaker.mp36 MB
02-pictures_and_designs.mp36 MB
06-rollin_machine.mp35 MB
04-i_tell_myself.mp35 MB
a_web_of_sounds.jpg42 KB
03-A Full Spoon Of Seedy Blues (1967)
04-cry_wolf.mp314 MB
06-the_gardener.mp311 MB
02-moth_and_the_flame.mp38 MB
09-buzzin_around.mp38 MB
03-ill_help_you.mp38 MB
05-plain_spoken.mp36 MB
08-creepin_about.mp36 MB
07-one_more_time_blues.mp35 MB
01-pretty_girl.mp34 MB
a_full_spoon_of_seedy_blues-inside.jpg119 KB
a_full_spoon_of_seedy_blues-disc.jpg42 KB
a_full_spoon_of_seedy_blues.jpg35 KB
04-Future (1967)
11-fallin.mp317 MB
05-flower_lady_and_her_assistant.mp38 MB
04-painted_doll.mp37 MB
06-now_a_man.mp37 MB
08-two_fingers_pointing_on_you.mp37 MB
10-six_dreams.mp37 MB
02-travel_with_your_mind.mp37 MB
09-where_is_the_entrance_way_to_play.mp36 MB
01-introduction_-_march_of_the_flower_children.mp36 MB
07-a_thousand_shadows.mp35 MB
03-out_of_the_question.mp35 MB
future-front.jpg47 KB
05-Raw & Alive In Concert At Merlin's Music Box (1967)
06-up_in_her_room.mp322 MB
11-900_million_people_daily_all_making_love.mp311 MB
07-gypsy_plays_his_drums.mp310 MB
02-mr_farmer.mp38 MB
12-pushin_too_hard.mp36 MB
10-forest_outside_your_door.mp36 MB
08-cant_seem_to_make_you_mine.mp36 MB
05-night_time_girl.mp35 MB
09-mumble_bumble.mp35 MB
03-no_escape.mp35 MB
04-satisfy_you.mp34 MB
01-introduction_by_humble_harvey.mp3837 KB
raw&alive-front.jpg31 KB
06-Rare Seeds (2001)
09-900_million_people_daily_all_making_love_full.mp322 MB
05-chocolate_river.mp37 MB
11-fallin_off_the_edge_of_my_mind.mp36 MB
06-sand_and_alone.mp36 MB
07-the_wind_blows_your_hair.mp35 MB
10-wildblood.mp35 MB
02-the_other_place.mp35 MB
03-lose_your_mind.mp35 MB
04-shes_wrong.mp35 MB
08-satisfy_you.mp34 MB
01-daisy_mae.mp34 MB
frare_seeds.jpg50 KB

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