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The Pastels

836 MB  
in 227 files
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Torrent Contents

The Pastels
1987.Up For A Bit With The Pastels
01.Ride.mp33 MB
02.Up for a Bit.mp34 MB
03.Crawl Babies.mp32 MB
04.Address Book.mp35 MB
05.I'm Alright With You.mp32 MB
06.Hitchin' A (Ride).mp32 MB
07.Get 'Round Town.mp33 MB
08.Automatically Yours.mp33 MB
09.Baby Honey.mp38 MB
10.If I Could Tell You.mp33 MB
The Pastels - Up For A Bit .jpg213 KB
1989.Sittin' Pretty
01.Nothing To Be Done.mp35 MB
02.Anne Boleyn.mp32 MB
03.Sit On It Mother.mp35 MB
04.Holy Moly.mp32 MB
05.Ugly Town.mp34 MB
06.Zooom.mp33 MB
07.Baby, You're Just You.mp36 MB
08.Ditch The Fool.mp35 MB
09.Sittin' pretty.mp33 MB
10.Swerve.mp32 MB
Sittin' pretty.JPG264 KB
1995.Mobile Safari
01.Exploration Team.mp33 MB
02.Manarin.mp33 MB
03.Yoga.mp34 MB
04.Mobile Deli.mp31 MB
05.Exotic Arcade.mp33 MB
06.Clasic Line Up.mp33 MB
07.Flightpats To Each Other.mp32 MB
08.Basement Scam.mp35 MB
09.Strategic Gear.mp32 MB
10.Token Collecting.mp33 MB
11.Coolport.mp34 MB
12.Worlds Of Possibility.mp34 MB
The Pastels - Mobile Safari_back.jpg43 KB
The Pastels - Mobile Safari_front.jpg119 KB
01.The Hits Hurt.mp35 MB
02.Cycle.mp36 MB
03.Thomson Colour.mp32 MB
04.Unfair Kind Of Fame.mp35 MB
05.Fragile Gang.mp33 MB
06.The Viaduct.mp37 MB
07.Remote Climbs.mp33 MB
08.Rough Riders.mp36 MB
09.On The Way.mp35 MB
10.Leaving this Island.mp33 MB
11.GI2 Nights.mp31 MB
12.Attic Plan.mp36 MB
13.Mechanised.mp32 MB
Illumination.jpg15 KB
2003.The Last Great Wilderness
01.Wilderness Theme.mp33 MB
02.Winter Driving.mp31 MB
03.Vincente's Theme.mp33 MB
04.Flora's Theme.mp3899 KB
05.Charlie's Theme.mp34 MB
06.Everybody Is A Star.mp34 MB
07.Flora Again.mp31 MB
08.Dark Vincente.mp34 MB
09.Wilderness End Theme.mp34 MB
10.I Picked a Flower.mp34 MB
The Last Great Wilderness.jpg30 KB
2009.Pastels-Tenniscoats - Two Sunsets
01 Tokyo Glasgow.mp33 MB
02 Two Sunsets.mp35 MB
03 Song For A Friend.mp36 MB
04 Vivid Youth.mp35 MB
05 Yomigaeru.mp32 MB
06 Modesty Piece.mp32 MB
07 About You.mp34 MB
08 Boats.mp34 MB
09 Hikoki.mp31 MB
10 Sodane.mp35 MB
11 Mou Mou Rainbow.mp38 MB
12 Start Slowly So We Sound Like A Loch.mp33 MB
pastels_tenniscoats.jpg89 KB
1984.Wake Up (bootleg)
01.I Don't Care (live).mp32 MB
02.I'm Alright With You (live).mp33 MB
03.Million Tears (live).mp33 MB
04.Wake Up (live).mp32 MB
Entertaining Edward (Action Tapes PAINT1, 1982)
01 (Your Love) Paint It! (Stephen Pastel October 1982).mp31 MB
02 Heavens Above #1 (Ist Pastels Demo 1982).mp33 MB
03 Christmas Time Cloud 9 (Ist Pastels Demo 1982).mp32 MB
04 I Wonder Why (Ist Pastels Demo 1982).mp33 MB
05 Girl In My Soup (Ist Pastels Demo 1982).mp34 MB
06 Embryonic Sequence (1st Gig 1.5.81).mp34 MB
07 Mystery Track.mp32 MB
08 David Watts (2nd Demo 12.8.82).mp31 MB
09 Boredom (2nd Demo 12.8.82).mp34 MB
10 Blue Bus-instrumental (2nd Demo 12.8.82).mp32 MB
11 Part Time Punks 82 (2nd Demo 12.8.82).mp33 MB
12 I Wonder Why (2nd Demo 12.8.82).mp33 MB
13 (Alone In The) Paintbox.mp34 MB
14 Lunar Park.mp34 MB
15 Return To Cloud 9 (1st Pastels Demo).mp31 MB
16 Submarine Attack (Stephen 1981).mp32 MB
17 Submarine Attack (#2.mp33 MB
18 I Like Painting (1st Ever Version).mp32 MB
19 Radio Spot On Pastels & Strawberry Switchblade.mp31 MB
20 Te-Time Song (Radio Plug).mp31 MB
21 Heaven's Above (Peel Intro).mp31,017 KB
22 (Alone In the) Paintbox (Recorded Live 27.6.82).mp35 MB
23 I Wonder Why (Recorded Live 27.6.82).mp33 MB
24 Jenny Braitwait (Recorded Live 27.6.82).mp31 MB
25 Roadrunner (Recorded Live 27.6.82).mp34 MB
26 Simon (October 1982).mp34 MB
27 Deisel Local Train (Recorded Live 27.6.82).mp33 MB
28 Wild Thing (Recorded Live 27.6.82).mp33 MB
29 Sequents of Songs (Rehearsal 24.10.82).mp35 MB
30 Past Present Future (1st Pastels Demo).mp32 MB
31 Heaven Again (Recorded Live 27.6.82).mp36 MB
Live on 89.9FM KCRW 4-10-98
01 Remote Climbs.mp34 MB
02 Rough Riders.mp35 MB
03 Interview pt.1.mp313 MB
04 On The Way.mp35 MB
05 Fragile Gang.mp33 MB
06 Interview pt.2.mp34 MB
07 Unfair Kind Of Fame.mp36 MB
08 Over My Shoulder.mp36 MB
1988.Suck on the Pastels
01.Baby Honey.mp312 MB
02.I Wonder Why.mp32 MB
03.Something Going On.mp33 MB
04.Million Tears.mp32 MB
05.Surprise Me.mp34 MB
06.She Always Cries on Sunday.mp33 MB
07.Baby Honey.mp34 MB
08.I'm Alright With You.mp32 MB
09.Couldn't Care Less.mp31 MB
10.What's It Worth.mp36 MB
front.jpeg64 KB
The Pastels - Suck On_back.jpg329 KB
1993.A Truckload of Trouble 1986-1993
01.Thank You To Being You.mp35 MB
02.Thru' Your Heart.mp34 MB
03.Firebell Ringing.mp34 MB
04.Kitted Out.mp34 MB
05.Comin' Through.mp33 MB
06.Over My Shoulder.mp3829 KB
07.Truck Train Tractor.mp35 MB
08.Crawl Babies.mp34 MB
09.Nothing To Be Done.mp35 MB
10.Different Drum.mp34 MB
11.Not Unloved.mp33 MB
12.Baby Honey.mp38 MB
13.Speeding Motorcycle.mp36 MB
14.Speedway Star.mp33 MB
15.What You Said.mp32 MB
16.Dark Side of Your World.mp38 MB
17.Sometimes I Think About You.mp35 MB
18.Sign Across Me.mp34 MB
Singles, EPs
1983.Songs For Children
01.Heavens Above.mp33 MB
02.Tea-time Song.mp32 MB
03.Something Going On.mp33 MB
04.Till Morning Comes.mp35 MB
The Pastels - Songs For Children_back.jpg42 KB
The Pastels - Songs For Children_front.jpg44 KB
1984.A Million Tears
01.A Million Tears.mp32 MB
02.Surprise Me.mp34 MB
03.Baby Honey.mp34 MB
A Million Tears.jpg171 KB
1984.Something Going On
01 - The Pastels - Something's Going On.mp37 MB
02 - The Pastels - Stay With Me 'til Morning.mp38 MB
The Pastels - Something Going On EP.jpg80 KB
1984.The Pastels Peel Session
01.Something Going On.mp33 MB
02.Stay With Me.mp33 MB
03.Tomorrow The Sun Will Shine.mp33 MB
04.Where The Trains Go (Breaking Lines).mp33 MB
05.Advice to the Graduate.mp33 MB
1985. I'm Alright With You
01 - The Pastels - I'm Alright With You.mp37 MB
02 - The Pastels - Couldn't Care Less.mp34 MB
03 - The Pastels - For What It's Worth.mp310 MB
The Pastels - I'm Alright With You EP.jpg75 KB
1985.Thru' Your Heart - Firebell Ringing
01 Thru' Your Heart.mp32 MB
02 Firebell Ringing.mp33 MB
03 My Heart's My Badge.mp34 MB
04 Sign Across Me.mp32 MB
05 Thru' Your Heart (Home Recording).mp32 MB
img002.jpg209 KB
1985.Truck Train Tractor
01-Truck Train Tractor.mp36 MB
02-Breaking Lines.mp35 MB
pastels.truck.jpg24 KB
1987.Comin' Through
01.Comin' Through.mp33 MB
02.Sit On It Mother.mp34 MB
03.Over My Shoulder.mp3700 KB
04.Lonely Planet Boy.mp35 MB
05.Not Unloved.mp33 MB
cominthroughback.jpg39 KB
cominthroughfront.jpg48 KB
1987.Crawl Babies
01 Crawl Babies.mp34 MB
02 Empty House.mp33 MB
03 The Day That I Got Crucified.mp32 MB
Crawl Babies 12_.bmp33 KB
1989.Baby You're Just You
a1 Baby You're Just You.mp312 MB
b1 Holy Moly.mp36 MB
b2 Ugly Town.mp36 MB
pastels.jpeg73 KB
1990.Different Drum
a.Different Drum (mike nesmith).mp32 MB
b.Empty House.mp32 MB
The Pastels - Different Drum_Back.Jpg41 KB
The Pastels - Different Drum_Front.Jpg29 KB
1991.Jad Fair and The Pastels - This Could be the Night
01.This Could Be the Night.mp38 MB
02.When We Touch.mp32 MB
03.A Lonely Song.mp32 MB
pastels.gif59 KB
pastels_002.gif47 KB
1991.Speeding Motorcycle
01.Speeding Motorcycle.mp33 MB
02.Speedway Star (Intro).mp3446 KB
03.Speedway Star.mp32 MB
04.Speeding Motorcycle 2.mp33 MB
The-Pastels-Speeding-Motorcycle.jpg21 KB
1992.Jad Fair and The Pastels - No. 2
01.He Chose His Colours Well.mp310 MB
02.Hold On To Your Dreams.mp33 MB
03.Dark Side Of Your World.mp310 MB
04.Red Dress.mp310 MB
The-Pastels-Jad-Fair-And-The-315661.jpg67 KB
1994.Olympic World Of Pastelism
01. Hot Wheels.mp32 MB
02. 3-Stripe Dynamite.mp32 MB
03. Feedback Olympics.mp3937 KB
Olympic World Of Pastelism_Front.jpg18 KB
1995.Worlds of Possibility
01.Worlds of Possibility.mp35 MB
02.Photogram.mp33 MB
03.Ever Far.mp32 MB
04.Love it's Getting Better.mp36 MB
pastels.gif85 KB
01.Yoga.mp35 MB
02.Boardwalkin'.mp34 MB
03.Winter Olympic Glory.mp34 MB
04.Yoga (album version).mp37 MB

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