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The Easybeats Discography 1966-1995

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Torrent Contents

The Easybeats Discography 1966-1995
1966 - It's 2 Easy
17 I'll Make You Happy (Original EP-Only Bonus Track).mp37 MB
11 In My Book.mp37 MB
15 Me Or You (Single B-Side).mp37 MB
05 I'll Find Somebody To Take Your Place.mp37 MB
22 Happy Is The Man (Alternate Mix).mp36 MB
19 Tryin' So Hard (Original EP-Only Bonus Track).mp36 MB
20 Friday On My Mind (Single Version).mp36 MB
04 Come And See Her.mp36 MB
03 Women (Make You Feel Alright).mp36 MB
13 Then I'll Tell You Goodbye.mp35 MB
07 Easy As Can Be.mp35 MB
18 A Very Special Man (Original EP-Only Bonus Track).mp35 MB
06 Someway, Somewhere.mp35 MB
10 Somethin' Wrong.mp35 MB
09 Sad And Lonely And Blue.mp35 MB
25 Mandy (from Abbey Road sessions).mp35 MB
21 Made My Bed (Gonna Lie In It) - (Alternate Mix).mp35 MB
24 All Gone Boy (Million Dollar Baby) - (from ''Good Friday'' LP).mp35 MB
08 I Can See.mp35 MB
01 Let Me Be.mp34 MB
14 Wedding Ring.mp34 MB
23 How You Doing Now (Previously Unissued).mp34 MB
02 You Are The Light.mp34 MB
12 What About Our Love.mp34 MB
16 Too Much (Original EP-Only Bonus Track).mp34 MB
1966 - Volume 3
18 HistorEasy (The Easybeats Medley) - (Single Only Release).mp38 MB
14 Hound Dog (from ''Good Friday'' LP).mp37 MB
15 Do You Have A Soul (Alternate Take).mp37 MB
11 Dance Of The Lovers.mp36 MB
05 Goin' Out Of My Mind.mp36 MB
06 Not In Love With You.mp36 MB
16 Saturday Night (Alternate Mix).mp36 MB
01 Sorry.mp36 MB
04 You Said That.mp35 MB
17 My Old Man's A Groovy Old Man (Instrumental) - (Bonus Track).mp35 MB
02 Funny Feelin'.mp35 MB
07 Promised Things.mp35 MB
12 What Do You Want Babe.mp35 MB
23 Keep Your Hands Off My Babe (from the first recording sessions).mp35 MB
09 Today.mp35 MB
24 I'm Just Trying (from Central Sound studio - 1968).mp35 MB
03 Say You Want Me.mp34 MB
10 My My My.mp34 MB
19 Mean Old Lovin' (from the first recording sessions).mp34 MB
08 The Last Day Of May.mp34 MB
13 Can't You Leave Her.mp34 MB
21 Hey Babe (from the first recording sessions).mp34 MB
20 I'm Happy (from the first recording sessions).mp34 MB
22 I Don't Agree (from the first recording sessions).mp33 MB
1967 - Friday On My Mind
01 River Deep, Mountain High.mp39 MB
03 Saturday Night.mp37 MB
21 Saturday Night [mono single mix].mp37 MB
15 You me, We Love [different mix].mp37 MB
04 You me, We Love.mp37 MB
08 Hound Dog.mp37 MB
12 See Line Woman.mp37 MB
16 Lisa [different mix].mp37 MB
14 Do You Have a Soul [long version].mp36 MB
24 Heaven and Hell [stereo mix].mp36 MB
22 Heaven and Hell [mono single mix].mp36 MB
07 Happy is the Man.mp36 MB
18 Friday on my Mind [mono single mix].mp36 MB
06 Friday on my Mind.mp36 MB
02 Do You Have a Soul.mp36 MB
09 Who'll Be the One.mp35 MB
20 Who'll Be the One [mono single mix].mp35 MB
13 Women (Make You Feel Alright).mp35 MB
11 Remember Sam.mp35 MB
17 All Gone Boy [different mix].mp35 MB
05 Pretty Girl.mp35 MB
23 Pretty Girl [mono single mix].mp35 MB
19 Made my Bed Gonna Lie in it [mono single mix].mp34 MB
10 Made my Bed Gonna Lie in it.mp34 MB
1968 - Vigil
13 We All Live Happily Together.mp39 MB
20 Hello, How Are You (Original (Alternate) Version - from Australian release).mp39 MB
07 Come In You'll Get Pneumonia.mp38 MB
05 Can't Take My Eyes Off You.mp38 MB
21 Come In You'll Get Pneumonia (First Version (Alternate Mix) from German release).mp37 MB
01 Good Times.mp37 MB
15 Good Times (Alternate Mix, Alternate Version).mp37 MB
11 Hello, How Are You.mp37 MB
09 Land Of Make Believe.mp37 MB
06 Sha La La.mp37 MB
16 Lay Me Down And Die (Instrumental) - (Single A-Side).mp36 MB
03 Falling Off The Edge Of The World.mp36 MB
12 Hit The Road Jack.mp36 MB
14 I Can't Stand It.mp36 MB
17 Lay Me Down And Die (Vocal Version) - (from Australian release).mp36 MB
04 The Music Goes Round My Head.mp36 MB
08 See Saw.mp36 MB
22 Falling Off The Edge Of The World (Second (Alternate) Version - from UK release).mp35 MB
10 Fancy Seeing You Here.mp35 MB
18 Bring A Little Lovin' (Demo Version - from Australian release).mp35 MB
19 The Music Goes Round My Head (Fast Version - from Italian release).mp35 MB
02 What In The World.mp35 MB
1980 - Absolute Anthology 1965 to 1969
Disc 1
14 I´ll make you happy.mp37 MB
11 In my book.mp37 MB
01 For my woman.mp37 MB
22 Do you have a soul.mp36 MB
18 Friday on my mind.mp36 MB
02 Say that you´re mine.mp36 MB
13 Come & see her.mp36 MB
23 Heaven & hell.mp36 MB
21 Who´ll be the one.mp36 MB
12 Women.mp35 MB
16 Sorry.mp35 MB
20 Remembering Sam.mp35 MB
07 You said that.mp35 MB
05 Easy as can be.mp35 MB
10 Funny feelin´.mp35 MB
08 You got it off me.mp35 MB
09 You can´t do that.mp35 MB
19 Pretty girl.mp35 MB
06 Sad & lonely & blue.mp35 MB
17 Made my bed, gonna lie in it.mp34 MB
03 She´s so fine.mp34 MB
04 Wedding ring.mp34 MB
15 Too much.mp34 MB
Disc 2
01 Hello, how are you.mp39 MB
12 Saturday night.mp37 MB
02 Come in, you'll get pneumonia.mp37 MB
19 Can't find love.mp37 MB
03 Good times.mp37 MB
20 St. louis.mp37 MB
09 Land of make believe.mp37 MB
11 Lisa.mp37 MB
10 Peculiar hole in sky.mp36 MB
15 Lay me down & die (vocal version).mp36 MB
13 Amanda storey.mp36 MB
07 The shame just drained.mp36 MB
14 Down to the last 500.mp36 MB
16 Wait a minute.mp36 MB
17 I love marie.mp36 MB
06 Falling off the edge of the world.mp36 MB
18 Rock & roll boogie.mp35 MB
04 Bring a little lovin'.mp35 MB
05 The music goes 'round my head (fast).mp35 MB
08 What in the world.mp35 MB
1995 - The Best Of
04 River Deep Mountain High.mp39 MB
16 Come In You'll Get The Pneumonia.mp38 MB
07 Saturday Night.mp37 MB
02 Good Times.mp37 MB
12 Hello How Are You.mp37 MB
11 Land Of Make Believe.mp37 MB
03 St. Louis.mp37 MB
15 Falling Of The Edge Of The World.mp36 MB
09 I Can't Stand It.mp36 MB
14 The Music Goes Round My Head.mp36 MB
01 Friday On My Mind.mp36 MB
10 Heaven And Hell.mp36 MB
13 Happy Is The Man.mp36 MB
20 Do You Have A Soul.mp36 MB
05 Who'll Be The One.mp35 MB
08 Remember Sam.mp35 MB
19 All Gone Boy.mp35 MB
18 Rock And Roll Boogie.mp35 MB
06 Pretty Girl.mp35 MB
17 Made My Bed Gonna Lie In It.mp34 MB
1966 - It's 2 Easy
The Easybeats - It´s 2 Easy - Front.jpg2 MB
The Easybeats - It´s 2 Easy - Back.jpg961 KB
1966 - Volume 3
The Easybeats - Vol.03 - Back.jpg948 KB
The Easybeats - Vol.03 - Front.jpg793 KB
Volume_3.jpg17 KB
1967 - Friday On My Mind
The Easybeats - Friday On My Mind - Inside.jpg727 KB
The Easybeats - Friday On My Mind - Front.jpg706 KB
The Easybeats - Friday On My Mind - Back.jpg611 KB
1968 - Vigil
The Easybeats - Vigil - Front.jpg767 KB
The Easybeats - Vigil - Back.jpg513 KB
1980 - Absolute Anthology 1965 to 1969
Booklet-08,09.jpg1 MB
Front Inlay.jpg1 MB
Booklet-01.jpg880 KB
Booklet-14.jpg616 KB
Back Inlay.jpg457 KB
Booklet-05.jpg396 KB
Booklet-15.jpg367 KB
CD-1.jpg322 KB
Booklet-06.jpg316 KB
Booklet-07.jpg316 KB
Booklet-12.jpg315 KB
Booklet-04.jpg314 KB
Booklet-03.jpg313 KB
Booklet-13.jpg301 KB
CD-2.jpg295 KB
Booklet-16.jpg260 KB
Booklet-11.jpg226 KB
Booklet-10.jpg217 KB
1995 - The Best Of
The Easybeats - The Best Of The Easybeats - Booklet (1-2).jpg142 KB
The Easybeats - The Best Of The Easybeats - Booklet (2-2).jpg132 KB
The Easybeats - The Best Of The Easybeats - Back.jpg116 KB
The Easybeats - The Best Of The Easybeats - Front.jpg78 KB
The Easybeats - The Best Of The Easybeats - Inlay.jpg64 KB

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