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The Complete 90s Music Collection (500+ Songs)

2.18 GB  
in 538 files
   3 / 0
7 years old  
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Torrent Contents

The Complete 90's Music Collection
2 Live Crew - Me So Horny (1990).mp34 MB
B52's - Love Shack (1990).mp34 MB
B52's - Roam (1990).mp34 MB
Bell Biv Devoe - Poison (1990).mp35 MB
Bette Midler - From A Distance (1990).mp34 MB
Billy Idol - Cradle Of Love (1990).mp34 MB
George Michael - Praying for Time (1990).mp34 MB
Glenn Medeiros & Bobby Brown - She Ain't Worth It (1990).mp34 MB
James Ingram - I Don't Have The Heart (1990).mp33 MB
Janet Jackson - Black Cat (1990).mp34 MB
Janet Jackson - Come Back To Me (1990).mp35 MB
Janet Jackson - Escapade (1990).mp34 MB
Janet Jackson - Rhythm Nation (1990).mp35 MB
Jon Bon Jovi - Blaze Of Glory (1990).MP35 MB
Loverboy - Too Hot (1990).mp35 MB
MC Hammer - Pray (1990).mp34 MB
MC Hammer - U Can't Touch This (1990).mp33 MB
Madonna - Justify My Love (1990).mp34 MB
Madonna - Vogue (1990).mp38 MB
Mariah Carey - Love Takes Time (1990).mp33 MB
Mariah Carey - Vision Of Love (1990).mp34 MB
Maxi Priest - Close To You (1990).mp34 MB
Michael Bolton - How Am I Supposed To Live Without You (1990).mp34 MB
Michael Jackson - Smooth Criminal (1990).mp33 MB
Nelson - Love and Affection (1990).mp33 MB
New Kids On The Block - Step By Step (1990).mp34 MB
Paula Abdul - Opposites Attract (1990).mp34 MB
Rob Base & DJ EZ Rock - It Takes Two (1990).mp34 MB
Roxette - It Must Have Been Love (1990).mp34 MB
Sinead O'Connor - Nothing Compares 2 U (1990).mp34 MB
Stevie B - Because I Love You (1990).mp34 MB
Suzanne Vega - Tom's Diner (1990).mp33 MB
Sweet Sensation - If Wishes Came True (1990).mp34 MB
Taylor Dayne - Love Will Lead You Back (1990).mp34 MB
Tom Petty - Free Falling (1990).mp33 MB
Tommy Page - I'll Be Your Everything (1990).mp33 MB
Vanilla Ice - Ice Ice Baby (1990).mp34 MB
Whitney Houston - I'm Your Baby Tonight (1990).mp34 MB
Wilson Phillips - Hold On (1990).mp34 MB
Wilson Phillips - Release Me (1990).mp34 MB
A Tribe Called Quest - Check The Rhime (1991).mp33 MB
Aaron Neville - Everybody Plays The Fool (1991).mp34 MB
Amy Grant - Baby, Baby (1991).mp33 MB
Angelica - Angel Baby (1991).mp33 MB
Bad Company - If You Needed Somebody (1991).mp33 MB
Billy Falcon - Power Windows (1991).mp33 MB
Boyz II Men - It's So Hard To Say Goodbye To Yesterday (1991).mp32 MB
Boyz II Men - Motown Philly (1991).mp33 MB
Bryan Adams - Everything I Do I Do It For You (1991).mp36 MB
C & C Music Factory - Just A Touch Of Love (1991).mp37 MB
C&C Music Factory - Gonna Make You Sweat (1991).mp33 MB
C&C Music Factory - Things That Make You Go Hmmm (1991).mp34 MB
Color Me Badd - I Adore Mi Amor (1991).mp34 MB
Divinyls - I Touch Myself (1991).mp33 MB
EMF - Unbelievable (1991).mp34 MB
Enigma - Sadeness (1991).mp34 MB
Extreme - More Than Words (1991).mp35 MB
Father MC - I'll Do 4 You (1991).mp34 MB
Gloria Estefan - Coming Out Of The Dark (1991).mp33 MB
Heavy D and the Boys - Now That We've Found Love (1991).mp33 MB
Hi Five - Kissing Game (1991).mp33 MB
Janet Jackson - Love Will Never Do Without You (1991).mp34 MB
Jesus Jones - Right Here, Right Now (1991).mp32 MB
Karyn White - Romantic (1991).mp33 MB
Lenny Kravitz - It Ain't Over 'Till It's Over (1991).mp33 MB
Londonbeat - I've Been Thinking About You (1991).mp34 MB
MC Hammer - Have You Seen Her (1991).mp33 MB
Madonna - Rescue Me (1991).mp35 MB
Mariah Carey - Emotions (1991).mp33 MB
Mariah Carey - Someday (1991).mp33 MB
Mariah Carey- I Don't Wanna Cry (1991).mp34 MB
Marky Mark - Good Vibrations (1991).mp34 MB
Metallica - Enter Sandman (1991).mp35 MB
Michael Jackson - Black Or White (1991).mp36 MB
Micheal Bolton - When A Man Loves A Woman (1991).mp33 MB
Natural Selection - Do Anything (1991).mp33 MB
Naughty By Nature - O.P.P (1991).mp34 MB
Nirvana - Lithium (1991).mp33 MB
PM Dawn - Set Adrift on Memory Bliss (1991).mp33 MB
Paula Abdul - Rush, Rush (1991).mp34 MB
Prince - Cream (1991).mp33 MB
R.E.M - Losing My Religion (1991).mp34 MB
Roxette - Joyride (1991).mp34 MB
Shabba Ranks & Maxi Priest - Housecall (1991).mp33 MB
Siouxsie & the Banshees - Kiss Them For Me (1991).mp34 MB
Surface - The First Time (1991).mp33 MB
Timmy T - One More Try (1991).mp33 MB
Tom Petty - Learning To Fly (1991).mp33 MB
Whitney Houston - All The Man That I Need (1991).mp33 MB
Al Yankovic (Weird Al) - Smells Like Nirvana (1992).mp33 MB
Beastie Boys - So What'cha Want (1992).mp33 MB
Bobby Brown - Humpin' Around (1992).mp35 MB
Boyz II Men - End Of The Road (1992).mp35 MB
Color Me Badd - All 4 Love (1992).mp33 MB
Don Henley & Patty Smythe - Sometimes Love Just Ain't Enough (1992).mp33 MB
En Vogue - Free Your Mind (1992).mp34 MB
En Vogue - Giving Him Something He Can Feel (1992).mp33 MB
En Vogue - My Lovin' [Never Gonna Get It] (1992).mp34 MB
Genisis - I Can't Dance (1992).mp33 MB
George Michael & Elton John - Don't Let The Sun Go Down On Me (1992).mp35 MB
Guns N' Roses - Live And Let Die (1992).mp32 MB
Joe Public - Live and Learn (1992).mp34 MB
Kathy Troccoli - Everything Changes (1992).mp34 MB
Kriss Kross - Jump (1992).mp33 MB
Lighter Shade of Brown - On A Sunday Afternoon (1992).mp33 MB
MC Breed - Ain't No Future in Your Frontin' (1992).mp33 MB
MC Hammer - Addams Groove (1992).mp33 MB
Madonna - Erotica (1992).mp34 MB
Madonna - This Used To Be My Playground (1992).mp34 MB
Mariah Carey - Can't Let Go (1992).mp34 MB
Mariah Carey - I'll Be There (1992).mp34 MB
Mariah Carey - Make It Happen (1992).mp34 MB
Metallica - Nothing Else Matters (1992).mp35 MB
Michael Jackson - Do You Remember The Time (1992).mp33 MB
Michael Jackson - In The Closet (1992).mp35 MB
Mr. Big - To Be With You (1992).mp33 MB
Nice & Smooth - Sometimes I Rhyme Slow (1992).mp32 MB
Nirvana - Smells Like Teen Spirit (1992).mp34 MB
Prince - Diamonds and Pearls (1992).mp33 MB
Rage Against The Machine - Killing In The Name Of (1992).mp34 MB
Shai - If I Ever Fall In Love (1992).mp34 MB
Shanice - I Love Your Smile (1992).mp33 MB
Spin Doctors - Little Miss Can't Be Wrong (1992).mp33 MB
Technotronic - Move This (1992).mp34 MB
The Heights - How Do You Talk To An Angel (1992).mp33 MB
Tom Cochrane - Life Is A Highway (1992).mp38 MB
U2 - Mysterious Ways (1992).mp33 MB
U2 - One (1992).mp34 MB
Vanessa Williams - Save the Best For Last (1992).Mp33 MB
Whitney Houston - I Will Always Love You (1992).mp34 MB
Wreckx N Effect- Rump Shaker (1992).mp34 MB
Ace of Base - All That She Wants (1993).mp33 MB
Aerosmith - Cryin' (1993).mp34 MB
Aerosmith - Living on the Edge (1993).mp34 MB
Arrested Development - Mr. Wendel (1993).MP33 MB
Billy Joel - River of Dreams (1993).mp33 MB
Bizarre Inc - I'm Gonna Get You (1993).mp34 MB
Blindmelon - No Rain (1993).mp33 MB
Bon Jovi - Bed Of Roses (1993).mp36 MB
Chante Moore - Love's Taking Over (1993).mp36 MB
Cypress Hill - Insane In The Brain (1993).mp33 MB
Def Leppard - Stand Up (1993).mp34 MB
Digable Planets - Rebirth Of Slick (1993).mp33 MB
Dino - Ooh Child (1993).mp33 MB
Dr. Dre - Dre Day (1993).mp34 MB
Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg - Nuthin But A G Thang (1993).mp33 MB
Duran Duran - Ordinary World (1993).mp35 MB
En Vogue - Give It Up, Turn It Loose (1993).mp35 MB
Father MC feat. Jodeci - Everything's Gonna Be Alright (1993).mp33 MB
Four Non Blondes - What's Up (1993).mp33 MB
Geto Boys - Six Feet Deep (1993).mp34 MB
Gin Blossoms - Hey Jealousy (1993).mp33 MB
Go West - Faithfull (1993).mp34 MB
Go West - What You Won't Do For Love (1993).mp34 MB
Haddaway - What Is Love (1993).mp34 MB
Inner Circle - Sweat (1993).mp33 MB
Jade - Don't Walk Away (1993).mp34 MB
Janet Jackson - Again (1993).mp33 MB
Janet Jackson - If (1993).mp34 MB
Janet Jackson - That's the Way Love Goes (1993).mp34 MB
Lords Of The Underground - Funky Child (1993).mp34 MB
MC Eiht - Streiht Up Menace (1993).mp34 MB
Madonna - Rain (1993).mp34 MB
Mariah Carey - Dreamlover (1993).mp33 MB
Mariah Carey - Hero (1993).mp33 MB
Meatloaf - I'd Do Anything For Love (1993).mp34 MB
Michael Jackson - Who Is It (1993).mp36 MB
Paperboy - Ditty (1993).mp33 MB
Positive K - I Got A Man (1993).mp33 MB
R.E.M - Everybody Hurts (1993).mp34 MB
R.E.M - Man On The Moon (1993).MP34 MB
Radiohead - Creep (1993).mp33 MB
Red Hot Chili Peppers - Soul To Squeeze (1993).mp34 MB
Robin S - Show Me Love (1993).mp34 MB
RuPaul - Supermodel (1993).mp33 MB
S.O.U.L. S.Y.S.T.E.M - It's Gonna Be a Lovely Day (1993).mp34 MB
SWV - Weak (1993).mp33 MB
Salt N Pepa - Shoop (1993).mp33 MB
Shai - Comforter (1993).mp33 MB
Silk - Freak Me (1993).mp34 MB
Snow - Informer (1993).mp34 MB
Soul Asylum - Runaway Train (1993).mp34 MB
Spin Doctors - Two Princes (1993).mp33 MB
Stereo MC's - Connected (1993).MP33 MB
Stereo MC's - Step It Up (1993).mp34 MB
Sting - If I Ever Lose My Faith In You (1993).mp34 MB
Stone Temple Pilots - Plush (1993).mp34 MB
Tag Team - Whoomp! There It Is (1993).mp35 MB
Taylor Dayne - Can't Get Enough of Your Love (1993).mp34 MB
The Proclaimers - I'm Gonna Be [500 Miles] (1993).mp33 MB
Toni Braxton - Another Sad Love Song (1993).mp34 MB
Tony Toni Tone - If I Had No Loot (1993).mp33 MB
U2 - Numb (1993).mp33 MB
UB40 - Can't Help Falling In Love (1993).mp36 MB
Vanessa Williams feat. Brian McKnight - Love Is (1993).mp34 MB
Whitney Houston - I Have Nothing (1993).mp34 MB
Whitney Houston - I'm Every Woman (1993).mp34 MB
Ace of Base - Living in Danger (1994).mp34 MB
Ace of Base - The Sign (1994).mp32 MB
Aerosmith - Crazy (1994).mp34 MB
Al Yankovic (Weird Al) - Headline News (1994).mp33 MB
Alice In Chains - Nutshell (1994).mp33 MB
All 4 One - I Swear (1994).mp33 MB
Big Mountain - Baby, I Love Your Way (1994).mp35 MB
Boyz II Men - I'll Make Love To You (1994).mp33 MB
Boyz II Men - On Bended Knee (1994).mp35 MB
Bryan Adams - All For Love (1994).mp34 MB
Candlebox - You (1994).mp34 MB
Celine Dion - The Power Of Love (1994).mp35 MB
Counting Crows - Mr Jones (1994).mp34 MB
Crash Test Dummies - Mmm Mmm Mmm Mmm (1994).mp33 MB
Danzig - Mother (1994).mp33 MB
Des'ree - You Gotta Be (1994).mp33 MB
Elton John - Can You Feel the Love Tonight (1994).mp33 MB
Enigma - Return To Innocence (1994).mp39 MB
Four Seasons - December 1963 [Oh What A Night] (1994).mp33 MB
Gloria Estefan - Turn The Beat Around (1994).mp33 MB
Green Day - Basket Case (1994).mp34 MB
Ini Kamoze - Here Comes The Hotstepper (1994).mp33 MB
James - Laid (1994).mp32 MB
Janet Jackson - Anytime, Any Place (1994).mp36 MB
Janet Jackson - Because of Love (1994).mp33 MB
Jimmy Cliff - I Can See Clearly Now (1994).mp33 MB
John Mellencamp - Wild Night (1994).mp33 MB
Lisa Loeb - Stay (1994).mp32 MB
Live - Selling The Drama (1994).mp33 MB
Lucas - Lucas With The Lid Off (1994).mp33 MB
Madonna - I'll Remember (1994).mp34 MB
Madonna - Secret (1994).mp34 MB
Mariah Carey & Luther Vandross - Endless Love (1994).mp33 MB
Mariah Carey - Without You (1994).mp33 MB
Mazzy Star - Fade Into You (1994).mp34 MB
Melissa Etheridge - Come To My Window (1994).mp33 MB
Notorious B.I.G - Juicy (1994).mp34 MB
Prince - The Most Beautiful Girl In The World (1994).mp34 MB
R. Kelly - Bump N' Grind (1994).mp33 MB
Real McCoy - Another Night (1994).mp33 MB
Salt N Pepa - None of Your Buisness (1994).mp33 MB
Sheryl Crow - All I Wanna Do (1994).mp34 MB
Sheryl Crow - Leaving Las Vegas (1994).mp34 MB
Smashing Pumpkins - Disarm (1994).mp32 MB
Snoop Doggy Dogg - Gin and Juice (1994).mp33 MB
Snoop Doggy Dogg - Murder Was The Case (1994).mp33 MB
Snoop Doggy Dogg - What's My Name (1994).mp33 MB
Soundgarden - Black Hole Sun (1994).mp34 MB
Stone Temple Pilots - Big Empty (1994).mp34 MB
Stone Temple Pilots - Creep (1994).mp35 MB
Stone Temple Pilots - Interstate Love Song (1994).mp32 MB
The Cranberries - Dreams (1994).mp34 MB
The Cranberries - Zombie (1994).mp34 MB
Tupac - Keep Ya Head Up (1994).mp34 MB
US3 - Cantaloop (1994).mp36 MB
Willie One Blood - Whiney Whiney (1994).mp34 MB
Adina Howard - Freak Like Me (1995).mp34 MB
Al Yankovic (Weird Al) - Cavity Search (1995).mp33 MB
Al Yankovic (Weird Al) - Gump (1995).mp31 MB
Al Yankovic (Weird Al) - Omish Paradise (1995).mp33 MB
Alanis Morissette - You Oughta Know (1995).mp33 MB
Annie Lennox - No More ''I Love You's'' (1995).mp34 MB
Backstreet Boys - We've Got It Going On (1995).mp33 MB
Better Than Ezra - Good (1995).mp32 MB
Blessid Union of Souls - I Believe (1995).mp34 MB
Blessid Union of Souls - Let Me Be The One (1995).mp34 MB
Blues Traveler - Run Around (1995).mp34 MB
Bone Thugs N Harmony - 1st Of The Month (1995).mp34 MB
Boyz II Men - Water Runs Dry (1995).mp33 MB
Bryan Adams - Have You Ever Really Loved A Woman (1995).mp33 MB
Collective Soul - December (1995).mp34 MB
Coolio - Gangsta's Paradise (1995).mp33 MB
Coolio - Too Hot (1995).mp34 MB
Dead Eye Dick - New Age Girl (1995).mp33 MB
Deep Blue Something - Breakfast At Tiffany's (1995).mp33 MB
Del Amitri - Roll To Me (1995).mp32 MB
Des'ree - Feel So High (1995).mp33 MB
Dionne Farris - I Know (1995).mp33 MB
Dr. Dre - Keep Their Heads Ringin' (1995).mp33 MB
Duran Duran - White Lines (1995).mp35 MB
Fun Factory - I Wanna Be With U (1995).mp33 MB
Gillette - Mr. Personality (1995).mp33 MB
Green Day - When I Come Around (1995).mp32 MB
Hootie and the Blowfish - Hold My Hand (1995).mp33 MB
Jade - Everyday Of The Week (1995).mp34 MB
Janet Jackson - Runaway (1995).mp34 MB
Live - All Over You (1995).mp33 MB
Live - I Alone (1995).mp33 MB
Live - Lightning Crashes (1995).mp34 MB
Luniz - I Got 5 On It (1995).mp33 MB
Madonna - Human Nature (1995).mp34 MB
Madonna - Take A Bow (1995).mp34 MB
Mariah Carey - Fantasy (1995).mp33 MB
Marilyn Manson - Sweet Dreams (1995).mp34 MB
Martin Page - In The House Of Stone & Light (1995).mp34 MB
Michael Jackson- Your Are Not Alone (1995).mp35 MB
Monica - Before You Walk Out of My Life (1995).mp34 MB
Montell Jordan - This Is How We Do It (1995).mp34 MB
N2U - I Miss You (1995).mp33 MB
Nicki French - Total Eclipse Of The Heart (1995).mp35 MB
Nine Inch Nails - Hurt (1995).mp35 MB
Notorious B.I.G - Big Poppa (1995).mp33 MB
Presidents of the USA - Lump (1995).mp32 MB
Rappin 4 Tay - I'll Be Around (1995).mp35 MB
Real McCoy - Come And Get Your Love (1995).mp32 MB
Real McCoy - Run Away (1995).mp33 MB
Rednex - Cotton Eye Joe (1995).mp35 MB
Seal - Kiss From A Rose (1995).mp34 MB
Shaggy - Boombastic (1995).mp37 MB
Skee Lo - I Wish (1995).mp33 MB
Smashing Pumpkins - Bullet With Butterfly Wings (1995).mp33 MB
Sophie B Hawkins - As I Lay Me Down (1995).mp33 MB
Soul For Real - Candy Rain (1995).mp34 MB
Stone Temple Pilots - Dancing Days (1995).mp33 MB
TLC - Creep (1995).mp34 MB
TLC - Red Light Special (1995).mp34 MB
TLC - Waterfalls (1995).mp34 MB
Take That - Back For Good (1995).mp33 MB
Techno Syndrome [Mortal Kombat Theme] (1995).mp34 MB
The Rembrandts - I'll Be There For You (1995).mp32 MB
Tom Petty - You Dont Know How It Feels (1995).mp34 MB
Tupac - Dear Mama (1995).mp34 MB
U2 - Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me, Kill Me (1995).mp34 MB
Weezer - Buddy Holly (1995).mp32 MB
Weezer - Say it Ain't So (1995).mp33 MB
Whitney Houston - Exhale (1995).mp33 MB
Alanis Morissette - Head Over Feet (1996).mp34 MB
Alanis Morissette - Ironic (1996).mp33 MB
Alanis Morissette - You Learn (1996).mp33 MB
Blackstreet - No Diggity (1996).mp34 MB
Bodeans - Closer To Free (1996).mp32 MB
Bone Thugs N Harmony - Tha Crossroads (1996).mp33 MB
Brandy - Sittin' Up In My Room (1996).mp34 MB
Bush - Glycerine (1996).mp33 MB
Bush - Machinehead (1996).mp33 MB
Busta Rhymes - Woo Hah! Got You All In Check (1996).mp34 MB
Celine Dion - Because You Loved Me (1996).mp34 MB
Celine Dion - It's All Coming Back To Me (1996).mp36 MB
Collective Soul - The World I Know (1996).mp33 MB
Coolio - 1,2,3,4 [Sumpin' New] (1996).mp34 MB
Dishwalla - Counting Blue Cars (1996).mp34 MB
Donna Lewis - I Love You Always Forever (1996).mp33 MB
Eric Clapton - Change The World (1996).mp33 MB
Everything But The Girl - Missing (1996).mp33 MB
Foo Fighters - Big Me (1996).mp32 MB
Fugees - Fugeela (1996).mp33 MB
Fugees - Killing Me Softly (1996).mp34 MB
Fugees - Ready Or Not (1996).mp33 MB
Ghost Town DJ's - My Boo (1996).mp35 MB
Gin Blossoms - Follow You Down (1996).mp34 MB
Green Day - Brain Stew (1996).mp32 MB
Jamiroquai - Virtual Insanity (1996).mp33 MB
Joan Osbourne - One Of Us (1996).mp33 MB
Keith Sweat - Nobody (1996).mp33 MB
Keith Sweat - Twisted (1996).mp34 MB
La Bouche - Be My Lover (1996).mp33 MB
Los Del Rio - Macarena (1996).mp33 MB
Mariah Carey & Boyz II Men - One Sweet Day (1996).mp34 MB
Mariah Carey - Always Be My Baby (1996).mp33 MB
Merril Bainbridge - Mouth (1996).mp33 MB
Michael Jackson - They Don't Care About Us (1996).mp34 MB
Monifah - I Miss You (1996).mp33 MB
Montell Jordan - I Like (1996).mp34 MB
Nas feat. Lauryn Hill - If I Ruled The World (1996).mp33 MB
No Doubt - Just a Girl (1996).mp33 MB
No Doubt - Spiderwebs (1996).mp34 MB
No Mercy - Where Do You Go (1996).mp33 MB
Nonchalant - 5 O'Clock (1996).mp35 MB
Oasis - Wonderwall (1996).mp33 MB
Outkast - Elevators (1996).mp34 MB
Presidents Of The USA - Peaches (1996).mp32 MB
Primitive Radio Gods - Standing Outside A B...hone Booth With Money In My Hand (1996).mp34 MB
R. Kelly - I Believe I Can Fly (1996).mp34 MB
Radiohead - High and Dry (1996).mp33 MB
Robert Miles - Children (1996).mp36 MB
Seal - Don't Cry (1996).mp35 MB
Smashing Pumpkins - 1979 (1996).mp34 MB
Smashing Pumpkins - Tonight, Tonight (1996).mp33 MB
Stone Temple Pilots - Big Bang Baby (1996).mp33 MB
Toni Braxton - Un-Break My Heart (1996).mp36 MB
Toni Braxton - You're Makin' Me High (1996).mp34 MB
Tony Rich Project - Nobody Knows (1996).mp34 MB
Total - No One Else (1996).mp34 MB
Tracy Chapman - Give Me One Good Reason (1996).mp34 MB
Tupac feat. Dr Dre - California Love (1996).mp33 MB
Blackstreet - Don't Leave Me Girl (1997).mp34 MB
Blur - Song 2 (1997).mp31 MB
Busta Rhymes - Where My Eyes Could See (1997).mp32 MB
Celine Dion - All By Myself (1997).mp34 MB
Chumbawumba - Tubthumping (1997).mp33 MB
Collective Soul - Listen (1997).mp33 MB
Counting Crows - A Long December (1997).mp34 MB
Dave Matthews Band - Crash Into Me (1997).mp34 MB
Duncan Shiek - Barely Breathing (1997).mp33 MB
E 40 - Some Things Will Never Change (1997).mp34 MB
Everclear - Everything to Everyone (1997).mp33 MB
Foo Fighters - Everlong (1997).mp33 MB
Foo Fighters - My Hero (1997).mp34 MB
Freak Nasty - Da Dip (1997).mp33 MB
Hanson - Mmm'Bop (1997).mp33 MB
INOJ - Love You Down (1997).mp34 MB
Imani Coppola - Legend Of A Cowgirl.mp33 MB
Janet Jackson - Got til It's Gone (1997).mp33 MB
Jewel - Foolish Games (1997).mp33 MB
Kirk Franklin - Stomp (1997).mp36 MB
Le Click - Call Me (1997).mp33 MB
Madonna - Don't Cry For Me Argentina (1997).mp35 MB
Mariah Carey - Honey (1997).mp34 MB
Mark Morrison - Return Of The Mack (1997).mp34 MB
Matchbox 20 - Push (1997).mp33 MB
Meredith Brooks - Bitch (1997).mp33 MB
No Doubt - Don't Speak (1997).mp34 MB
Notorious B.I.G - Hypnotize (1997).mp33 MB
Notorious B.I.G and Puff Daddy - Mo Money, Mo Problems (1997).mp33 MB
OMC - How Bizarre (1997).mp33 MB
Outkast - ATLiens (1997).mp33 MB
Paula Cole - Where Have All The Cowboys Gone (1997).mp34 MB
Prodigy - Breathe (1997).mp35 MB
Prodigy - Firestarter (1997).mp34 MB
Puff Daddy and Faith Evans - I'll Be Missin' You (1997).mp34 MB
Puff Daddy and Mase - Can't Nobody Hold Me Down (1997).mp34 MB
R.Kelly - Gotham City (1997).mp36 MB
Robyn - Do You Know (1997).mp33 MB
Robyn - Show Me Love (1997).mp33 MB
Savage Garden - I Want You (1997).mp33 MB
Savage Garden - Truly, Madly, Deeply (1997).mp310 MB
Shawn Colvin - Sunny Came Home (1997).mp34 MB
Sheryl Crow - Everyday Is A Winding Road (1997).mp33 MB
Sister Hazel - All For You (1997).mp33 MB
Smashing Pumpkins - Thirty Three (1997).mp33 MB
Spice Girls - 2 Become 1 (1997).mp33 MB
Spice Girls - Say You'll Be There (1997).mp35 MB
Spice Girls - Wannabe (1997).mp32 MB
Sugar Ray - Fly (1997).mp34 MB
The Cardigans - Lovefool (1997).mp34 MB
The Wallflowers - One Headlight (1997).mp34 MB
Third Eye Blind - How's It Going To Be (1997).mp33 MB
Third Eye Blind - Semi Charmed Life (1997).mp34 MB
Tonic - If You Could Only See (1997).mp34 MB
Usher - You Make Me Wanna... (1997).mp33 MB
Verve Pipe - The Freshman (1997).mp34 MB
White Town - Your Woman (1997).mp33 MB
Will Smith - Men In Black (1997).mp33 MB
Wyclef Jean - Trying To Stay Alive (1997).mp33 MB
4 The Cause - Stand By Me (1998).mp33 MB
Aerosmith - I Don't Want To Miss A Thing (1998).mp34 MB
Al Yankovic (Weird Al) - It's All About The Pentiums (1998).mp33 MB
Alanis Morissette - Thank You (1998).mp33 MB
Alanis Morissette - Uninvited (1998).mp34 MB
All Saints - Never Ever (1998).mp34 MB
Barenaked Ladies - One Week (1998).mp32 MB
Blink 182 - Dammit (1998).mp32 MB
Boyz II Men - A Song For Mama (1998).mp34 MB
Brandy & Monica - The Boy Is Mine (1998).mp33 MB
Celine Dion - My Heart Will Go On (1998).mp34 MB
Eagle Eye Cherry - Save Tonight (1998).mp33 MB
Edwin McCain - I'll Be (1998).mp34 MB
Fastball - The Way (1998).mp33 MB
Fatboy Slim - The Rockerfeller Skank (1998).mp36 MB
Goo Goo Dolls - Iris (1998).mp34 MB
Green Day - Brain Stew [''Godzilla'' Soundtrack] (1998).mp33 MB
Green Day - Good Riddance (1998).mp32 MB
Harvey Danger - Flagpole Sitta (1998).mp33 MB
Janet Jackson - Go Deep (1998).mp34 MB
Janet Jackson - I Get So Lonely (1998).mp34 MB
Janet Jackson - Together Again (1998).mp34 MB
Juvenile - Ha (1998).mp34 MB
K Ci and JoJo - All My Life (1998).mp34 MB
Lauryn Hill - Doo Wop [That Thing] (1998).mp34 MB
Madonna - Frozen (1998).mp34 MB
Madonna - Ray of Light (1998).mp34 MB
Marcy Playground - Sex & Candy (1998).mp32 MB
Mariah Carey - My All (1998).mp33 MB
Monifah -Touch It (1998).mp34 MB
Natalie Imbruglia - Torn (1998).mp33 MB
Outkast - Rosa Parks (1998).mp34 MB
Pras, ODB, and Mya - Ghetto Supastar (1998).mp34 MB
Prodigy - Smack My Bitch Up (1998).mp38 MB
Puff Daddy - Come With Me [''Godzilla'' Soundtrack] (1998).mp35 MB
Puff Daddy - It's All About the Benjamins (1998).mp34 MB
Rammstein - Du Hast (1998).mp33 MB
Semisonic - Closing Time (1998).mp34 MB
Shawn Mullins - Lullabye (1998).mp35 MB
Spice Girls - Stop! (1998).mp33 MB
Spice Girls - Too Much (1998).mp34 MB
Tatyana Ali - Daydreaming (1998).mp34 MB
The Verve - Bittersweet Symphony (1998).mp38 MB
Third Eye Blind - Jumper (1998).mp34 MB
Tupac - Do For Love (1998).mp34 MB
Usher - My Way (1998).mp33 MB
Will Smith - Gettin Jiggy Wit' It (1998).mp33 MB
Will Smith - Just The Two Of Us (1998).mp34 MB
Al Yankovic (Weird Al) - The Saga Begins [''Phantom Menace'' Parody] (1999).mp35 MB
Al Yankovic (Weird Al) - eBay (1999).mp34 MB
Backstreet Boys - I Want It That Way (1999).mp33 MB
Blessid Union of Souls - Hey Leonardo (1999).mp33 MB
Brandy - Have You Ever (1999).mp34 MB
Britney Spears - Baby One More Time (1999).mp33 MB
Britney Spears - You Drive Me Crazy (1999).mp33 MB
Bush - The Chemicals Between Us (1999).mp34 MB
Busta Rhymes and Janet Jackson - Whats It Gonna Be (1999).mp34 MB
Celine Dion & R. Kelly - I'm Your Angel (1999).mp34 MB
Cher - Believe (1999).mp33 MB
Christina Aguilera - Genie in a Bottle (1999).mp34 MB
Citizen King - I've Seen Better Days (1999).mp33 MB
Collective Soul - Heavy (1999).mp32 MB
Eminem - My Name Is (1999).mp33 MB
Enrique Iglesias - Bailamos (1999).mp33 MB
Everclear - Father Of Mine (1999).mp33 MB
Everlast - What It's Like (1999).mp34 MB
Fatboy Slim - Praise You (1999).mp34 MB
Jay Z - Jigga My Nigga (1999).mp34 MB
Jennifer Lopez - If You Had My Love (1999).mp33 MB
Jennifer Lopez - Waiting For Tonight (1999).mp33 MB
Jesse Powell - You (1999).mp34 MB
LFO - Summer Girls (1999).mp33 MB
Lenny Kravitz - American Woman (1999).mp35 MB
Lenny Kravitz - Fly Away (1999).mp33 MB
Lit - My Own Worst Enemy (1999).mp32 MB
Lou Bega - Mambo #5 (1999).mp33 MB
Madonna - Beautiful Stranger (1999).mp35 MB
Mariah Carey feat. Jay Z - Heartbreaker (1999).mp33 MB
N'Sync - God Must Have Spent A Little More Time On You (1999).mp34 MB
New Radicals - You Get What You Give (1999).mp34 MB
Q Tip - Vivrant Thing (1999).mp32 MB
R. Kelly - If I Could Turn Back The Hands Of Time (1999).mp35 MB
Rage Against The Machine - Guerilla Radio (1999).mp34 MB
Red Hot Chilli Peppers- Scar Tissue (1999).mp34 MB
Ricky Martin - Livin' La Vida Loca (1999).mp33 MB
Santana feat. Rob Thomas - Smooth (1999).mp35 MB
Savage Garden - I Knew I Loved You (1999).mp33 MB
Smash Mouth - All Star (1999).mp33 MB
Sugar Ray - Every Morning (1999).mp34 MB
TLC - No Scrubs (1999).mp33 MB
TLC - Unpretty (1999).mp34 MB
Tal Bachman - She's So High (1999).mp33 MB
Vitamin C - Smile (1999).mp33 MB
Whitney Houston, Faith Evans, and Kelly Price - Heartbreak Hotel (1999).mp34 MB
Will Smith - Wild, Wild West (1999).mp33 MB
Will Smith - Will2K (1999).mp33 MB
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