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The Clash Discography (MP3@320kbps)

Audio » Music
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1. diode1976 — long ago

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Torrent Contents

The Clash Discography (MP3@320kbps)
1977 The Clash (U.K.)
01-Janie Jones.mp34 MB
02-Remote Control.mp36 MB
03-I'm So Bored With The U.S.A.mp35 MB
04-White Riot.mp34 MB
05-Hate & War.mp34 MB
06-What's My Name.mp33 MB
07-Deny.mp35 MB
08-London's Burning.mp34 MB
09-Career Opportunities.mp34 MB
10-Cheat.mp34 MB
11-Protex Blue.mp33 MB
12-Police & Thieves.mp313 MB
13-48 Hours.mp33 MB
14-Garageland.mp37 MB
Back.jpg154 KB
Front.jpg196 KB
1978 Give 'Em Enough Rope
01-Safe European Home.mp38 MB
02-English Civil War.mp35 MB
03-Tommy Gun.mp37 MB
04-Julie's Been Working For The Drug Squad.mp36 MB
05-Last Gang In Town.mp312 MB
06-Guns On The Roof.mp37 MB
07-Drug-Stabbing Time.mp38 MB
08-Stay Free.mp38 MB
09-Cheapskates.mp37 MB
10-All The Young Punks (New Boots And Contracts).mp311 MB
Back.jpg1 MB
Front.jpg879 KB
1979 London Calling [25th Anniversary Edition]
25th Anniversary Edition - Front.jpg143 KB
Back.jpg215 KB
CD1 - London Calling
01-London Calling.mp37 MB
02-Brand New Cadillac.mp34 MB
03-Jimmy Jazz.mp38 MB
04-Hateful.mp36 MB
05-Rudie Can't Fail.mp37 MB
06-Spanish Bombs.mp37 MB
07-The Right Profile.mp38 MB
08-Lost in the Supermarket.mp38 MB
09-Clampdown.mp38 MB
10-The Guns of Brixton.mp37 MB
11-Wrong 'Em Boyo.mp37 MB
12-Death or Glory.mp38 MB
13-Koka Kola.mp34 MB
14-The Card Cheat.mp38 MB
15-Lover's Rock.mp39 MB
16-4 Horsemen.mp36 MB
17-I'm Not Down.mp37 MB
18-Revolution Rock.mp312 MB
19-Train in Vain.mp37 MB
CD2 - The Vanilla Tapes
01-Hateful.mp37 MB
02-Rudie Can't Fail.mp37 MB
03-Paul's Tune.mp35 MB
04-I'm Not Down.mp38 MB
05-4 Horseman.mp36 MB
06-Koka Kola.mp34 MB
07-Death Or Glory.mp38 MB
08-Lovers Rock.mp38 MB
09-Lonesome Me.mp34 MB
10-The Police Walked In 4 Jazz.mp35 MB
11-Lost In The Supermarket.mp38 MB
12-Up -Toon (Inst.).mp34 MB
13-Walking The Sidewalk.mp35 MB
14-Where You Gonna Go (Soweto).mp39 MB
15-The Man In Me.mp39 MB
16-Remote Control.mp36 MB
17-Working And Waiting.mp39 MB
18-Heart & Mind.mp310 MB
19-Brand New Cadillac.mp34 MB
20-London Calling.mp310 MB
21-Revolution Rock.mp38 MB
Front.jpg245 KB
1979 The Clash (U.S.)
01-Clash City Rockers.mp38 MB
02-I'm So Bored With The U.S.A.mp35 MB
03-Remote Control.mp36 MB
04-Complete Control.mp37 MB
05-White Riot.mp34 MB
06-(White Man) In Hammersmith Palais.mp39 MB
07-London's Burning.mp34 MB
08-I Fought The Law.mp36 MB
09-Janie Jones.mp34 MB
10-Career Opportunities.mp34 MB
11-What's My Name.mp33 MB
12-Hate & War.mp34 MB
13-Police & Thieves.mp313 MB
14-Jail Guitar Doors.mp37 MB
15-Garageland.mp37 MB
Back.jpg140 KB
Front.jpg116 KB
1980 Sandinista!
01-The Magnificent Seven.mp312 MB
02-Hitsville U.k.mp39 MB
03-Junco Partner.mp311 MB
04-Ivan Meets G.i. Joe.mp37 MB
05-The Leader.mp33 MB
06-Something About England.mp38 MB
07-Rebel Waltz.mp37 MB
08-Look Here.mp36 MB
09-The Crooked Beat.mp312 MB
10-Somebody Got Murdered.mp38 MB
11-One More Time.mp38 MB
12-One More Dub.mp38 MB
13-Lightning Strikes (Not Once But Twice).mp311 MB
14-Up In Heaven (Not Only Here).mp310 MB
15-Corner Soul.mp36 MB
16-Let's Go Crazy.mp310 MB
17-If Music Could Talk.mp310 MB
18-The Sound Of Sinners.mp39 MB
01-Police On My Back.mp37 MB
02-Midnight Log.mp34 MB
03-The Equaliser.mp313 MB
04-The Call Up.mp312 MB
05-Washington Bullets.mp38 MB
06-Broadway.mp313 MB
07-Lose This Skin.mp311 MB
08-Charlie Don't Surf.mp311 MB
09-Mensforth Hill.mp38 MB
10-Junkie Slip.mp36 MB
11-Kingston Advice.mp36 MB
12-The Street Parade.mp37 MB
13-Version City.mp310 MB
14-Living In Fame.mp311 MB
15-Silicone On Sapphire.mp39 MB
16-Version Pardner.mp312 MB
17-Career Opportunities.mp35 MB
18-Shepherds Delight.mp37 MB
Back.jpg231 KB
Front.jpg162 KB
1982 Combat Rock
01-Know Your Rights.mp38 MB
02-Car Jamming.mp39 MB
03-Should I Stay Or Should I Go.mp37 MB
04-Rock The Casbah.mp38 MB
05-Red Angel Dragnet.mp38 MB
06-Straight To Hell.mp312 MB
07-Overpowered By Funk.mp311 MB
08-Atom Tan.mp35 MB
09-Sean Flynn.mp310 MB
10-Ghetto Defendant.mp310 MB
11-Inoculated City.mp36 MB
12-Death Is A Star.mp37 MB
Back.jpg133 KB
Front.jpg1 MB
1982 Kingston Advice (Bootleg)
01-Introduction.mp33 MB
02-London Calling.mp37 MB
03-Police On My Back.mp37 MB
04-The Guns Of Brixton.mp39 MB
05-The Magnificent Seven.mp35 MB
06-Armagideon Time.mp36 MB
07-The Magnificent Seven (Reprise).mp34 MB
08-Junco Partner.mp37 MB
09-Spanish Bombs.mp37 MB
10-One More Time.mp36 MB
11-Train In Vain.mp38 MB
12-Bankrobber.mp36 MB
13-This Is Radio Clash.mp311 MB
14-Clampdown.mp39 MB
15-Should I Stay Or Should I Go.mp37 MB
16-Rock The Casbah.mp38 MB
17-Straight To Hell.mp316 MB
18-I Fought The Law.mp38 MB
Back.jpg9 MB
Front.jpg7 MB
1985 Cut The Crap
01-Dictator.mp36 MB
02-Dirty Punk.mp37 MB
03-We Are The Clash.mp36 MB
04-Are You Red...Y.mp36 MB
05-Cool Under Heat.mp37 MB
06-Movers And Shakers.mp36 MB
07-This Is England.mp38 MB
08-Three Card Trick.mp37 MB
09-Play To Win.mp37 MB
10-Fingerpoppin'.mp37 MB
11-North And South.mp38 MB
12-Life Is Wild.mp36 MB
13-Do It Now.mp37 MB
Back.jpg139 KB
Front.jpg292 KB
1991 Clash On Broadway
Back.jpg219 KB
01-Janie Jones (Demo).mp34 MB
02-Career Opportunities (Demo).mp33 MB
03-White Riot.mp33 MB
04-1977.mp33 MB
05-I'm So Bored With The U.S.A..mp34 MB
06-Hate & War.mp34 MB
07-What's My Name.mp33 MB
08-Deny.mp35 MB
09-London's Burning.mp34 MB
10-Protex Blue.mp33 MB
11-Police & Thieves.mp311 MB
12-48 Hours.mp33 MB
13-Cheat.mp34 MB
14-Garageland.mp36 MB
15-Capital Radio One.mp34 MB
16-Complete Control.mp36 MB
17-Clash City Rockers.mp37 MB
18-City Of The Dead.mp34 MB
19-Jail Guitar Doors.mp35 MB
20-The Prisoner.mp35 MB
21-(White Man) In Hammersmith Palais.mp37 MB
22-Pressure Drop.mp36 MB
23-1-2 Crush On You.mp35 MB
24-English Civil War (Live).mp35 MB
25-I Fought The Law (Live).mp34 MB
01-Safe European Home.mp37 MB
02-Tommy Gun.mp36 MB
03-Julie's Been Working For The Drug Squad.mp35 MB
04-Stay Free.mp37 MB
05-One Emotion.mp38 MB
06-Groovy Times.mp36 MB
07-Gates Of The West.mp36 MB
08-Armagideon Time.mp37 MB
09-London Calling.mp36 MB
10-Brand New Cadillac.mp34 MB
11-Rudie Can't Fail.mp36 MB
12-The Guns Of Brixton.mp36 MB
13-Spanish Bombs.mp36 MB
14-Lost In The Supermarket.mp37 MB
15-The Right Profile.mp37 MB
16-The Card Cheat.mp37 MB
17-Death Or Glory.mp37 MB
18-Clampdown.mp37 MB
19-Train In Vain.mp36 MB
20-Bankrobber.mp38 MB
01-Police On My Back.mp36 MB
02-The Magnificent Seven.mp310 MB
03-The Leader.mp33 MB
04-The Call Up.mp310 MB
05-Somebody Got Murdered.mp36 MB
06-Washington Bullets.mp37 MB
07-Broadway.mp311 MB
08-Lightning Strikes (Not Once But Twice).mp36 MB
09-Every Little Bit Hurts.mp38 MB
10-Stop The World.mp34 MB
11-Midnight To Stevens.mp39 MB
12-This Is Radio Clash.mp38 MB
13-Cool Confusion.mp36 MB
14-Red Angel Dragnet [Edited Version].mp36 MB
15-Ghetto Defendant [Edited Version].mp38 MB
16-Rock The Casbah.mp37 MB
17-Should I Stay Or Should I Go.mp36 MB
18-Straight To Hell [Unedited Version].mp313 MB
19-The Street Parade.mp36 MB
Front.jpg182 KB
1991 The Singles
01-White Riot.mp34 MB
02-Remote Control.mp36 MB
03-Complete Control.mp37 MB
04-Clash City Rockers.mp38 MB
05-(White Man) In Hammersmith Palais.mp39 MB
06-Tommy Gun.mp37 MB
07-English Civil War.mp36 MB
08-I Fought The Law.mp36 MB
09-London Calling.mp37 MB
10-Train In Vain.mp37 MB
11-Bankrobber.mp310 MB
12-The Call Up.mp312 MB
13-Hitsville UK.mp310 MB
14-The Magnificent Seven.mp310 MB
15-This Is Radio Clash.mp39 MB
16-Know Your Rights.mp38 MB
17-Rock The Casbah.mp38 MB
18-Should I Stay Or Should I Go.mp37 MB
Back.jpg257 KB
Front.jpg206 KB
1994 Super Black Market Clash
01-1977.mp33 MB
02-Listen.mp36 MB
03-Jail Guitar Doors.mp37 MB
04-The City of the Dead.mp35 MB
05-The Prisoner.mp36 MB
06-Pressure Drop.mp37 MB
07-1-2 Crush on You.mp36 MB
08-Groovy Times.mp38 MB
09-Gates of the West.mp37 MB
10-Capital Radio Two.mp37 MB
11-Time Is Tight.mp39 MB
12-Justice Tonight-Kick It Over.mp320 MB
13-Robber Dub.mp310 MB
14-The Cool Out.mp38 MB
15-Stop the World.mp35 MB
16-The Magnificent Dance.mp312 MB
17-This Is Radio Clash.mp39 MB
18-First Night Back in London.mp36 MB
19-Long Time Jerk.mp36 MB
20-Cool Confusion.mp37 MB
21-Mustapha Dance.mp310 MB
Back.jpg396 KB
Front.jpg219 KB
1999 From Here To Eternity
01-Complete Control.mp38 MB
02-London's Burning.mp34 MB
03-What's My Name.mp33 MB
04-Clash City Rockers.mp38 MB
05-Career Opportunities.mp34 MB
06-(White Man) In Hammersmith Palais.mp310 MB
07-Capital Radio.mp36 MB
08-City Of The Dead.mp36 MB
09-I Fought The Law.mp35 MB
10-London Calling.mp37 MB
11-Armagideon Time.mp311 MB
12-Train In Vain.mp310 MB
13-Guns Of Brixton.mp38 MB
14-The Magnificent Seven.mp314 MB
15-Know Your Rights.mp39 MB
16-Should I Stay Or Should I Go.mp37 MB
17-Straight To Hell.mp316 MB
Back.jpg268 KB
Front.jpg107 KB
2003 The Essential
01-White Riot.mp34 MB
02-1977.mp33 MB
03-London's Burning.mp35 MB
04-Complete Control.mp37 MB
05-Clash City Rockers.mp38 MB
06-I'm So Bored With The U.S.A.mp35 MB
07-Career Opportunities.mp34 MB
08-Hate & War.mp34 MB
09-Cheat.mp34 MB
10-Police & Thieves.mp313 MB
11-Janie Jones.mp34 MB
12-Garageland.mp37 MB
13-Capital Radio One.mp34 MB
14-(White Man) In Hammersmtih Palais.mp39 MB
15-English Civil War.mp35 MB
16-Tommy Gun.mp37 MB
17-Safe European Home.mp38 MB
18-Julie's Been Working For The Drug Squad.mp37 MB
19-Stay Free.mp38 MB
20-Groovy Times.mp38 MB
21-I Fought The Law.mp36 MB
01-London Calling.mp37 MB
02-The Guns Of Brixton.mp37 MB
03-Clampdown.mp38 MB
04-Rudie Can't Fail.mp37 MB
05-Lost In The Supermarket.mp38 MB
06-Jimmy Jazz.mp38 MB
07-Train In Vain.mp37 MB
08-Bankrobber.mp310 MB
09-The Magnificent Seven.mp312 MB
10-Ivan Meets G.I. Joe.mp37 MB
11-Stop The World.mp35 MB
12-Somebody Got Murdered.mp38 MB
13-The Street Parade.mp37 MB
14-Broadway.mp311 MB
15-This Is Radio Clash.mp39 MB
16-Ghetto Defendant.mp310 MB
17-Rock The Casbah.mp38 MB
18-Straight To Hell.mp312 MB
19-Should I Stay Or Should I Go.mp37 MB
20-This Is England.mp38 MB
Back.jpg200 KB
Front.jpg133 KB
The Clash Discography.txt7 KB

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