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The Beatles Bootlegs

632 MB  
in 234 files
   0 / 1
4 years old  
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Torrent Contents

The Beatles Bootlegs
Another Sessions Plus
01 Come And Get It.mp32 MB
02 Leave My Kitten Alone.mp32 MB
03 Not Guilty.mp34 MB
04 I'm Looking Through You.mp32 MB
05 What's The New Mary Jane.mp35 MB
06 How Do You Do It.mp31 MB
07 Besame Mucho.mp32 MB
08 One After 909.mp32 MB
09 If You've Got Trouble.mp32 MB
10 That Means A Lot.mp32 MB
11 While My Guitar Gently Weeps.mp32 MB
12 Bring Me No More Blues.mp31 MB
13 Christmastime Is Here Again.mp32 MB
14 Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da.mp32 MB
15 A Hard Day's Night.mp32 MB
16 She's A Woman.mp31 MB
17 12 Bar Original.mp36 MB
18 Norwegian Wood.mp31 MB
19 I'm Looking Through You.mp32 MB
cover.jpg111 KB
From Kinfauns to Chaos
Disc One
01 Julia.mp33 MB
02 Blackbird.mp32 MB
03 Rocky Racoon.mp32 MB
04 Back In The USSR.mp32 MB
05 Honey Pie.mp31 MB
06 Mother Nature's Son.mp32 MB
07 Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da.mp33 MB
08 Junk.mp32 MB
09 Dear Prudence.mp34 MB
10 Sexy Sadie.mp32 MB
11 Cry Baby Cry.mp32 MB
12 Child Of Nature.mp32 MB
13 The Continuing Story Of Bungalow Bill.mp32 MB
14 I'm So Tired.mp32 MB
15 Yer Blues.mp33 MB
16 Everybody's Got Something To Hide Except Me And My Monkey.mp32 MB
17 What's The New Mary Jane.mp32 MB
18 Revolution.mp33 MB
19 While My Guitar Gently Weeps.mp32 MB
20 Circles.mp32 MB
21 Sour Milk Sea.mp33 MB
22 Not Guilty.mp32 MB
23 Piggies.mp31 MB
Disc Two
01 Revolution 1 (playback 1).mp36 MB
02 Revolution 1 (playback 2).mp36 MB
03 Unfinished Jam (1).mp36 MB
04 Unfinished Jam (2).mp31 MB
05 Revolution Jam (1).mp32 MB
06 Revolution Jam (2).mp31 MB
07 Revolution Jam (3).mp31 MB
08 Unfinished Jam (medlay).mp34 MB
09 Unfinished Jam (3).mp35 MB
10 Revolution 1 (overdub, take 1).mp32 MB
11 Revolution 1 (overdub).mp31 MB
12 Revolution 1 (overdub 2).mp37 MB
13 Unfinished Jam (4).mp31 MB
14 revolution 1 (playback 4).mp3528 KB
15 Dialogue.mp31 MB
16 Revolution 1 (guitar overdub).mp3684 KB
17 Dialogue.mp34 MB
18 Revolution 1.mp32 MB
cover.jpg84 KB
cover4.jpg45 KB
Get Back
01 One After 909.mp32 MB
02 Rocker.mp3705 KB
03 Save The Last Dance For Me.mp31 MB
04 Don't Let Me Down.mp33 MB
05 Dig A Pony.mp33 MB
06 I've Got A Feeling.mp32 MB
07 Get Back.mp32 MB
08 Let It Be.mp33 MB
09 For You Blue.mp32 MB
10 Two Of Us.mp33 MB
11 Maggie Mae.mp3662 KB
12 Dig It.mp33 MB
13 The Long And Winding Road.mp33 MB
14 I Me Mine.mp31 MB
15 Across The Universe.mp33 MB
16 Get Back (reprise).mp3633 KB
17 Teddy Boy.mp35 MB
18 Teddy Boy (2).mp34 MB
cover.jpg159 KB
Hodge Podge Vol. 3
01 I Saw Her Standing There.mp34 MB
03 A Hard Day's Night.mp32 MB
04 A Hard Day's Night (UA version).mp32 MB
05 And I Love Her (UA version).mp32 MB
06 If I Fell (UA version).mp32 MB
07 She's A Woman.mp31 MB
08 Help!.mp32 MB
09 Dizzy Miss Lizzy.mp32 MB
10 Studio Chat.mp3390 KB
11 Run For Your Life.mp31 MB
12 And Your Bird Can Sing.mp32 MB
13 Tomorrow Never Knows.mp32 MB
14 Lady Madonna.mp32 MB
15 While My Guitar Gently Weeps.mp33 MB
16 Back In The USSR.mp32 MB
17 Birthday.mp32 MB
18 Yer Blues.mp33 MB
19 Everybody's Got Something To Hide Except Me And My Monkey.mp32 MB
20 Helter Skelter.mp34 MB
21 Dear Prudence.mp33 MB
22 I'm So Tired.mp32 MB
23 Happiness Is A Warm Gun.mp32 MB
24 Can You Take Me Back.mp3960 KB
25 Let It Be.mp33 MB
26 You Know My Name (Look Up The Number).mp35 MB
27 Cheerio.mp395 KB
From Me To You.mp31 MB
cover.jpg58 KB
Live At Abbey Road
01 Love Me Do.mp32 MB
02 How Do You Do ( Excerpt).mp3666 KB
03 I Saw Her Standing There.mp34 MB
04 Twist And Shout.mp32 MB
05 One After 909.mp31 MB
06 Don't Bother Me.mp3704 KB
07 A Hard Day's Night.mp32 MB
08 Leave My Kitten Alone.mp3731 KB
09 I'm A loser.mp32 MB
10 She's A Woman.mp31 MB
11 Ticket To Ride.mp32 MB
12 Help.mp32 MB
13 Norwegian Wood.mp31 MB
14 I'm Looking Through You.mp3850 KB
15 Paperback Writer.mp32 MB
16 Rain.mp32 MB
17 Penny Lane.mp32 MB
18 Strawberry Fields Forever.mp35 MB
19 A Day In The Life.mp34 MB
20 Hello Goodbye.mp33 MB
21 Lady Madonna.mp31 MB
22 Hey Jude.mp32 MB
23 While My Guitar Gently Weeps.mp32 MB
24 Because.mp32 MB
25 No.9 Dream.mp32 MB
cover.jpg41 KB
The Complete RoofTop Concert
Disc One
01 Camera A, Roll 562.mp314 MB
02 Camera A, Roll 563.mp36 MB
03 Camera D, Roll 1.mp310 MB
04 Camera D, Roll 4.mp33 MB
05 Camera B3 Roll.mp33 MB
Disc Two
01 Camera B1, Roll 1146 .mp39 MB
02 Camera B1, Roll 1147.mp38 MB
03 Camera B1, Roll 1148.mp3655 KB
04 Camera B1, Roll 1149.mp39 MB
05 Camera C.mp36 MB
cover.jpg78 KB
The Silver Beatles
01 Like Dreamers Do.mp32 MB
02 Money.mp32 MB
03 'Tlil There Was You.mp32 MB
04 The Shiek Of Araby.mp31 MB
05 To Know Her Is To Love Her.mp32 MB
06 Take Good Care Of My Baby.mp32 MB
07 Memphis.mp32 MB
08 Sure To Fall.mp31 MB
09 Hello Little Girl.mp31 MB
10 Three Cool Cats.mp32 MB
11 Crying, Waiting, Hoping.mp31 MB
12 Love Of The Loved.mp31 MB
13 September In The Rain.mp31 MB
14 Besame Mucho.mp32 MB
15 Searchin'.mp32 MB
cover.jpg47 KB
The Upgraded Collection Volume 1
01 Shout.mp31 MB
02 I'm A Loser (Take 2).mp31 MB
03 That Means A Lot (version 2).mp32 MB
04 Yesterday (Take 2).mp31 MB
05 And Your Bird Can Sing.mp32 MB
06 Strawberry Fields Forever (take 1).mp32 MB
07 When I'm 64.mp32 MB
08 Strawberry Fields Forever (Remake).mp33 MB
09 It's Only A Northern Song (outtake).mp32 MB
10 You Know My Name (Look Up The Number) (Restored).mp35 MB
11 Your Mother Should Know (Early Mix).mp32 MB
12 Across The Universe (WWF).mp33 MB
13 Sour Milk Sea (Restored).mp33 MB
14 Helter Skelter, Gone Tomorrow, Blackbird.mp33 MB
15 What About Brian Epstein.mp31 MB
16 While My Guitar Gently Weeps.mp33 MB
17 Not Guilty.mp33 MB
18 Gone, Gone, Gone.mp32 MB
19 Across The Universe.mp33 MB
20 Mean Mr Mustard Medlay.mp34 MB
21 Free As A Bird (new montage).mp33 MB
22 Whatever Happened To.mp34 MB
23 India.mp32 MB
cover.jpg106 KB
Turn Me On Dead Man
Disc 1
01 From Me To You (1).mp31 MB
02 From Me To You (2).mp31 MB
03 Thank You Girl (1).mp31 MB
04 Thank You Girl (2).mp31 MB
05 One After 909.mp32 MB
06 She Loves You (1).mp32 MB
07 She Loves You (2).mp32 MB
08 This Boy.mp32 MB
09 I'm A Loser.mp32 MB
10 Mr Moonlight.mp32 MB
11 What You're Doing.mp31 MB
12 That Means A Lot (1).mp32 MB
13 That Means A Lot (2).mp3449 KB
14 That Means A Lot (3).mp32 MB
15 That Means A Lot (4).mp31 MB
16 That Means A Lot (5).mp32 MB
17 That Means A Lot (6).mp3400 KB
18 That Means A Lot (7).mp31 MB
19 That Means A Lot (8).mp3897 KB
20 Help!.mp32 MB
21 Norwegian Wood (1).mp31 MB
22 Norwegian Wood (2).mp32 MB
23 12-Bar Original (1).mp3545 KB
24 12-Bar Original (2).mp36 MB
25 Paperback Writer.mp32 MB
26 Rain.mp32 MB
27 Tomorrow Never Knows.mp32 MB
Disc 2
01 Strawberry Fields Forever (1).mp32 MB
02 Strawberry Fields Forever (2).mp32 MB
03 Penny Lane(1).mp32 MB
04 Penny Lane (2).mp32 MB
05 Penny Lane (3).mp32 MB
06 A Day In The Life.mp34 MB
07 Hello Goodbye.mp33 MB
08 Lady Madonna.mp32 MB
09 Hey Jude.mp32 MB
10 What's The New Mary Jane.mp35 MB
11 Step Inside Love.mp31 MB
12 Los Paronaios.mp33 MB
13 The Way You Look Tonight.mp31 MB
14 Can Yo Take Me Back.mp31 MB
15 Shake, Rattle and Roll.mp31 MB
16 Kansas City Medlay.mp33 MB
17 Blue Suede Shoes.mp32 MB
18 Not Fade Away.mp33 MB
19 Because.mp32 MB
cover.jpg170 KB

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