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Telangana folk songs(Telugu)

Audio » Music
1.10 GB  
in 207 files
   0 / 0
4 years old  
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Torrent Contents

Flock songs
27 Gogullo Gogullo.mp314 MB
Nava Telan Ganam 6.mp312 MB
29 Baamaradi.mp312 MB
21 Thellarinde.mp312 MB
19 O Avva Nayavva.mp312 MB
07 Botla Botla.mp311 MB
14 Daga Daga Merise.mp311 MB
17 Abbabba Gidendiro.mp310 MB
Amma TG.mp310 MB
20 Ettu Cheppulesukunna.mp310 MB
23 Opulla Kuppa.mp310 MB
Sri shiridi sai charitra 2.mp310 MB
31 Nallagonda Pilla.mp310 MB
22 Chukkapoddulechi.mp39 MB
16 Kotha Alluda Chenani.mp39 MB
28 Raave Pillo Rangamma.mp39 MB
06 Gandara Gandara.mp39 MB
08 Pakkintilona.mp39 MB
11 Ardharathiri.mp38 MB
05 Hyderabad Pilla.mp38 MB
02 Gitta Gitta.mp38 MB
13 Veyi Veyi Daruveyi.mp38 MB
Nagetisallalla TG.mp38 MB
10 Kalavannukunna.mp38 MB
18 Bomma Bommele.mp37 MB
26 Allalo Neralo.mp37 MB
25 Kaikalooru Chinnadi.mp37 MB
12 Adinave Thokkudubilla.mp37 MB
artist - Maavo Paari Potundi.mp37 MB
TG.Nikunidisa.mp37 MB
3Yallamma.mp37 MB
24 Vallukallo Chinnadana.mp37 MB
04 Vedulla Venat.mp37 MB
15 Tittaboku Kottaboku.mp37 MB
30 Ghantilo Petukunna.mp37 MB
03 Chinta Bethala.mp37 MB
Misamma.mp37 MB
Vimalakka.mp36 MB
Erramallamma.mp36 MB
046. Yasoda Nanu maruvarada.mp36 MB
9 Ne Sikku Jadalachusi.mp36 MB
Ettu Ra Telangana Janda.mp36 MB
09 Bama Bama Antu.mp36 MB
artist - Kummara Kunta.mp36 MB
origanti_yellama.mp36 MB
Track No04.mp36 MB
TG.Vinave chellama.mp36 MB
ACD BONALU - Track 05.mp36 MB
06 Palle Pallelona.mp36 MB
Godhari.mp36 MB
Ayyoniva Avvoniva.mp36 MB
T.R.S..mp36 MB
artist - Baagaddana Nenu.mp36 MB
Bavayookkasri.mp36 MB
artist - YemiSeppedu Lokulu.mp36 MB
Tlng Idi Telangana Koti Ratanala.mp36 MB
8 Na Andamu.mp35 MB
Sidula Kall gajja.MP35 MB
Pakana krishna.mp35 MB
Manjula.mp35 MB
Adegadego.K.C.R.mp35 MB
Chudu TG.mp35 MB
{RAGA}.mp35 MB
Janapadam0!000.mp35 MB
Manjula.....mp35 MB
hawa hawa.mp35 MB
artist - Yellakellaka Gonguriki.mp35 MB
3 Nagadigura.mp35 MB
7 Mallechettu Kindikeli.mp35 MB
06 naulo nagama.mp35 MB
artist - Nee Attaarintiki.mp35 MB
artist - Yaapmaa Nekkanaav.mp35 MB
17 kallaku gajjelu.mp35 MB
3 Collegi Porichudara.mp35 MB
artist - Sandekaada YetiGali.mp35 MB
AVSEQ04.mp35 MB
artist - Kallu Gudiselakaada.mp35 MB
07 Ghallu Ghallu.mp35 MB
02 poodu poodu.mp35 MB
artist - Mee Naayanaku.mp35 MB
01 Track 2.mp35 MB
ACD BONALU - Track 02.mp35 MB
01 - peeda puli.mp35 MB
artist - Rangula Seera Katti.mp35 MB
4 Radha Radha.mp35 MB
artist - Track 02.mp35 MB
TG.Vanama.mp35 MB
Vanam TG .mp35 MB
g.artist - track 9.mp35 MB
Nalla Cheera Nalla Raika.mp35 MB
05 dele dele.mp35 MB
1 Nero Nero.mp35 MB
O.U..mp35 MB
madano naa vayyari-a.mp35 MB
07 rakka rakka.mp35 MB
04 udala mari kinda.mp35 MB
chita_pata_ladutav_.mp35 MB
artist - Poddunne Tesinaade.mp35 MB
2 Errachera.mp35 MB
143.MP35 MB
artist - Daani Sommemaina.mp35 MB
2 Vanneladi.mp35 MB
5 Yelo Yelo.mp35 MB
artist - Bangari Pilla.mp35 MB
AAA .Earra .mp34 MB
K L Y Arutla.mp34 MB
Golla mallamma kodala.mp34 MB
artist - Maata Maarchinaave.mp34 MB
veye gala.mp34 MB
Palae.Song.mp34 MB
01 MandanthaPothunte.mp34 MB
Yelamandaa TG.mp34 MB
02 Pora Pokiri Bava.mp34 MB
6 Emantacheppali.mp34 MB
ellynaru ellynaru Aduguru.mp34 MB
cutu cukalan cudu.mp34 MB
Ratiraitia.mp34 MB
01Pilla Pilla Maradhalu pilla.mp34 MB
01 Meearu Gurralu.mp34 MB
artist - Yekku Maavaa.mp34 MB
artist - Yendukamma EE Magadu.mp34 MB
TRACK07.mp34 MB
4 Botla Chira.mp34 MB
6 Bira Bira Beedilu.mp34 MB
03 toorpu goladame.mp34 MB
Track No06.mp34 MB
Iaswarayaiah.mp34 MB
Chinni Chinni.mp34 MB
TG.Kosam.mp34 MB
Lasxar.mp34 MB
Ammala gannamma.mp34 MB
Amma sonia.mp34 MB
Track No08.mp34 MB
ACD BONALU - Track 06.mp34 MB
04 Sanajaji tiga nadumu dhana.mp34 MB
artist - Padakatintloo.mp34 MB
TRACK04.mp34 MB
01 kallu tag.mp34 MB
artist - Changure Changu Bhali.mp34 MB
Vimalka Adudam.mp34 MB
5 O Pilla Chendrakala.mp34 MB
09-Track-09.mp34 MB
Godhari go.mp34 MB
08-Track-08.mp34 MB
03 kallowna kalu pati chudaku ra mava.mp34 MB
Amotelangan.mp34 MB
ACD BONALU - Track 09.mp34 MB
Pedavi Datani.mp34 MB
8 Atha Ne Bidda.mp34 MB
Track No03.mp33 MB
artist - Track 09.mp33 MB
BaleBale TG.mp33 MB
7 Karimi Nagarulona.mp33 MB
40-Track-40.mp33 MB
ACD BONALU - Track 03.mp33 MB
01 bombai podunani.mp33 MB
ACD BONALU - Track 04.mp33 MB
Rave sarva Mhakali.mp33 MB
ellamma ellamma.mp33 MB
Joru Joru.mp33 MB
12 bada pila.mp33 MB
R3.mp33 MB
11 palle turi.mp33 MB
artist - Gajuvaaka Maa Vuru.mp33 MB
mayadari mayasama.mp33 MB
05-Track-05.mp33 MB
- 04endi ra ori bammardi.mp33 MB
10 rave rangama.mp33 MB
ACD BONALU - Track 07.mp33 MB
artist - Reddari Sanakanabiyamma.mp33 MB
artist - Track 08.mp33 MB
14 palle turilo putinvada.mp33 MB
ACD BONALU - Track 08.mp33 MB
Jai_telangana.mp33 MB
artist - Rajam Konda Meedha.mp33 MB
amma bailelinadi.mp33 MB
Muthyamalle merisipoye.mp33 MB
Sexy Sexy.mp33 MB
artist - Potulannaa.mp33 MB
Rimex-t.mp33 MB
08 gajjule gahal mante.mp33 MB
mama kutura (5).mp32 MB
artist - Attaru Sinnoda RaRa.mp32 MB
m.mp32 MB
Mata Mata.mp32 MB
01 gunna mamilala.mp32 MB
raghupati raghav.mp31 MB
1 Comentry.mp31 MB
balaji mobiles 6.mp3866 KB
Sai.baba.$.mp3822 KB

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