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Series romance ebooks mega collection

Other » Ebooks
593 MB  
in 1,432 files
   1 / 0
6 years old  
11    1
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Series romance ebooks mega collection
Susan Stephens - Ruling Sheikh, Unruly Mistress.zip1 MB
Cathy Williams - Hired for the Boss's Bedroom.zip1 MB
Penny Jordan - The Wealthy Greek's Contract Wife.zip1 MB
Christina Hollis - The Count of Castelfino.zip796 KB
Annie West - [Dark-Hearted Desert Men] - Scandal His Majesty's Love-Child.zip731 KB
AbGree - TVS.zip660 KB
MelMilb-TMFM.zip589 KB
AnOliv -MAWP.zip552 KB
Lucy Monroe - [Traditional Greek Husbands] - The Shy Bride.zip540 KB
JulJam-HPB.zip495 KB
Carole Mortimer - The Master's Mistress.zip906 KB
Lynn Raye Harris - The Prince's Royal Concubine.zip323 KB
.DS_Store6 KB
._.DS_Store82 B
Lynne Graham
A Fiery Baptism (1015)
A Fiery Baptism - Lynne Graham.mobi215 KB
A Fiery Baptism - Lynne Graham.zip142 KB
A Mediterranean Marriage (1041)
A Mediterranean Marriage - Lynne Graham.mobi204 KB
A Mediterranean Marriage - Lynne Graham.zip175 KB
A Savage Betrayal (597)
A Savage Betrayal - Lynne Graham.mobi241 KB
cover.jpg22 KB
A Vengeful Passion (1042)
A Vengeful Passion - Lynne Graham.lit262 KB
A Vengeful Passion - Lynne Graham.mobi249 KB
cover.jpg26 KB
An Arabian Courtship (1063)
An Arabian Courtship - Lynne Graham.lit259 KB
An Arabian Courtship - Lynne Graham.mobi241 KB
cover.jpg26 KB
An Arabian Marriage (138)
An Arabian Marriage - Lynne Graham.mobi270 KB
An Arabian Marriage - Lynne Graham.epub163 KB
cover.jpg47 KB
An Insatiable Passion (1065)
An Insatiable Passion - Lynne Graham.mobi216 KB
An Insatiable Passion - Lynne Graham.zip137 KB
Angel Of Darkness (1043)
Angel Of Darkness - Lynne Graham.lit705 KB
Angel Of Darkness - Lynne Graham.mobi539 KB
cover.jpg66 KB
Arabian Mistress (1022)
Arabian Mistress - Lynne Graham.mobi297 KB
Arabian Mistress - Lynne Graham.lit284 KB
cover.jpg29 KB
Bittersweet Passion (1066)
Bittersweet Passion - Lynne Graham.mobi243 KB
Bittersweet Passion - Lynne Graham.zip161 KB
Bond of Hatred (1036)
Bond of Hatred - Lynne Graham.lit461 KB
Bond of Hatred - Lynne Graham.mobi365 KB
cover.jpg46 KB
Contract Baby (1023)
Contract Baby - Lynne Graham.mobi506 KB
Contract Baby - Lynne Graham.lit477 KB
cover.jpg31 KB
Crimes Of Passion (1024)
Crimes Of Passion - Lynne Graham.lit293 KB
cover.jpg60 KB
Damiano's Return (1033)
Damiano's Return - Lynne Graham.mobi182 KB
Damiano's Return - Lynne Graham.zip115 KB
Dark Angel (1030)
Dark Angel - Lynne Graham.mobi313 KB
Dark Angel - Lynne Graham.zip257 KB
Don Joaquin's Pride (1067)
Don Joaquin's Pride - Lynne Graham.mobi208 KB
Don Joaquin's Pride - Lynne Graham.zip128 KB
Duarte's Child (1034)
Duarte's Child - Lynne Graham.lit251 KB
Duarte's Child - Lynne Graham.mobi240 KB
cover.jpg26 KB
Emerald Mistress (1045)
Emerald Mistress - Lynne Graham.mobi327 KB
Emerald Mistress - Lynne Graham.lit309 KB
cover.jpg15 KB
Indecent Deception (152)
Indecent Deception - Lynne Graham.epub272 KB
Indecent Deception - Lynne Graham.mobi250 KB
Italian Bosss Mistress (1069)
Italian Bosss Mistress - Lynne Graham.mobi42 KB
Italian Bosss Mistress - Lynne Graham.zip28 KB
Married By Arrangement (1046)
Married By Arrangement - Lynne Graham.lit487 KB
Married By Arrangement - Lynne Graham.mobi312 KB
cover.jpg59 KB
Married To A Mistress (1047)
Married To A Mistress - Lynne Graham.lit719 KB
Married To A Mistress - Lynne Graham.mobi528 KB
cover.jpg72 KB
Mistress and Mother (1048)
Mistress and Mother - Lynne Graham.lit247 KB
Mistress and Mother - Lynne Graham.mobi227 KB
cover.jpg26 KB
Mistress Bought and Paid For (471)
Mistress Bought and Paid For - Lynne Graham.epub291 KB
Mistress Bought and Paid For - Lynne Graham.mobi246 KB
Mistress Bought and Paid For - Lynne Graham.zip164 KB
Prisoner of Passion (1031)
Prisoner of Passion - Lynne Graham.mobi292 KB
Prisoner of Passion - Lynne Graham.lit284 KB
cover.jpg26 KB
Rafaello's Mistress (1070)
Rafaello's Mistress - Lynne Graham.mobi202 KB
Rafaello's Mistress - Lynne Graham.zip128 KB
Reluctant Mistress, Blackmailed Wife (1071)
Reluctant Mistress, Blackmailed Wife - Lynne Graham.lit554 KB
Reluctant Mistress, Blackmailed Wife - Lynne Graham.mobi353 KB
cover.jpg56 KB
Second-time Bride (1072)
Second-time Bride - Lynne Graham.mobi195 KB
Second-time Bride - Lynne Graham.zip128 KB
Tempestuous Reunion (1038)
Tempestuous Reunion - Lynne Graham.lit365 KB
Tempestuous Reunion - Lynne Graham.mobi350 KB
cover.jpg43 KB
The Banker's Convenient Wife (1073)
The Banker's Convenient Wife - Lynne Graham.mobi175 KB
The Banker's Convenient Wife - Lynne Graham.zip115 KB
The Boss's Valentine (1049)
The Boss's Valentine - Lynne Graham.lit204 KB
The Boss's Valentine - Lynne Graham.mobi147 KB
cover.jpg26 KB
The Christmas Eve Bride (1050)
The Christmas Eve Bride - Lynne Graham.lit196 KB
The Christmas Eve Bride - Lynne Graham.mobi141 KB
cover.jpg26 KB
The Contaxis Baby (1074)
The Contaxis Baby - Lynne Graham.lit1 MB
The Contaxis Baby - Lynne Graham.mobi449 KB
cover.jpg44 KB
The Cozakis Bride (1075)
The Cozakis Bride - Lynne Graham.lit490 KB
The Cozakis Bride - Lynne Graham.mobi396 KB
cover.jpg48 KB
The Desert Bride (1039)
The Desert Bride - Lynne Graham.mobi198 KB
The Desert Bride - Lynne Graham.zip132 KB
The Disobedient Mistress (1076)
The Disobedient Mistress - Lynne Graham.lit422 KB
The Disobedient Mistress - Lynne Graham.mobi265 KB
cover.jpg46 KB
The Expectant Bride (97)
The Expectant Bride - Lynne Graham.mobi369 KB
The Expectant Bride - Lynne Graham.epub227 KB
cover.jpg64 KB
The Frenchman's Love-Child (1051)
The Frenchman's Love-Child - Lynne Graham.lit337 KB
The Frenchman's Love-Child - Lynne Graham.mobi275 KB
cover.jpg50 KB
The Greek Tycoon's Baby - Lynne Graham.mobi118 KB
cover.jpg20 KB
The Greek Tycoon's Convenient Mistress (1052)
The Greek Tycoon's Convenient Mistress - Lynne Graham.lit239 KB
The Greek Tycoon's Convenient Mistress - Lynne Graham.mobi212 KB
cover.jpg26 KB
The Greek Tycoon's Disobedient Bride (473)
The Greek Tycoon's Disobedient Bride - Lynne Graham.epub262 KB
The Greek Tycoon's Disobedient Bride - Lynne Graham.mobi194 KB
The Greek Tycoon's Disobedient Bride - Lynne Graham.zip116 KB
The Greek's Chosen Wife (1032)
The Greek's Chosen Wife - Lynne Graham.mobi325 KB
The Greek's Chosen Wife - Lynne Graham.lit310 KB
cover.jpg25 KB
The Heat Of Passion (1040)
The Heat Of Passion - Lynne Graham.mobi212 KB
The Heat Of Passion - Lynne Graham.zip126 KB
The Heiress Bride (1062)
The Heiress Bride - Lynne Graham.lit443 KB
The Heiress Bride - Lynne Graham.mobi271 KB
cover.jpg49 KB
The Italian's Wife (1077)
The Italian's Wife - Lynne Graham.mobi226 KB
The Italian's Wife - Lynne Graham.zip134 KB
The Mistress Wife (1053)
The Mistress Wife - Lynne Graham.lit551 KB
The Mistress Wife - Lynne Graham.mobi392 KB
cover.jpg56 KB
The Petrakos Bride (98)
The Petrakos Bride - Lynne Graham.mobi305 KB
The Petrakos Bride - Lynne Graham.epub193 KB
cover.jpg51 KB
The Reluctant Husband (1078)
The Reluctant Husband - Lynne Graham.mobi203 KB
The Reluctant Husband - Lynne Graham.zip133 KB
The Ruthless Magnate's Virgin Mistress (475)
The Ruthless Magnate's Virgin Mistress - Lynne Graham.epub256 KB
The Ruthless Magnate's Virgin Mistress - Lynne Graham.mobi190 KB
The Ruthless Magnate's Virgin Mistress - Lynne Graham.zip111 KB
The Secret Wife (1079)
The Secret Wife - Lynne Graham.mobi242 KB
The Secret Wife - Lynne Graham.zip176 KB
The Sheikh's Innocent Bride (1080)
The Sheikh's Innocent Bride - Lynne Graham.htm510 KB
The Sheikh's Innocent Bride - Lynne Graham.mobi190 KB
The Spanish Billionaire's Pregnant Wife (235)
The Spanish Billionaire's Pregnant Wife - Lynne Graham.prc235 KB
The Spanish Billionaire's Pregnant Wife - Lynne Graham.epub186 KB
cover.jpg76 KB
The Spanish Groom (162)
The Spanish Groom - Lynne Graham.epub276 KB
The Spanish Groom - Lynne Graham.mobi227 KB
The Stephenides Pregnancy (1081)
The Stephenides Pregnancy - Lynne Graham.lit500 KB
The Stephenides Pregnancy - Lynne Graham.mobi365 KB
cover.jpg54 KB
The Vengeful Husband (1044)
The Vengeful Husband - Lynne Graham.mobi241 KB
The Vengeful Husband - Lynne Graham.zip172 KB
The Winter Bride (1037)
The Winter Bride - Lynne Graham.mobi215 KB
The Winter Bride - Lynne Graham.zip145 KB
Trophy Husband (163)
Trophy Husband - Lynne Graham.epub252 KB
Trophy Husband - Lynne Graham.mobi210 KB
Unfaithful Wife (1082)
Unfaithful Wife - Lynne Graham.lit.extracted
image008.jpg69 KB
image002.jpg66 KB
image006.jpg51 KB
image004.jpg10 KB
Lynne Graham - The Unfaithful Wife.htm554 KB
Unfaithful Wife - Lynne Graham.opf2 KB
Unfaithful Wife - Lynne Graham.lit678 KB
Unfaithful Wife - Lynne Graham.mobi488 KB
cover.jpg71 KB
Veranchetti Marriage (1058)
Veranchetti Marriage - Lynne Graham.mobi190 KB
Veranchetti Marriage - Lynne Graham.zip127 KB
Virgin on Her Wedding Night (387)
Virgin on Her Wedding Night - Lynne Graham.mobi327 KB
Virgin on Her Wedding Night - Lynne Graham.epub173 KB
cover.jpg105 KB
May HI
Stranger in a Small Town - Kerry Connor.epub225 KB
Her Bodyguard - Mallory Kane.epub215 KB
Stranger in a Small Town - Kerry Connor.lit208 KB
Hitched! - B.J. Daniels.epub206 KB
Her Bodyguard - Mallory Kane.lit199 KB
The Baby's Guardian - Delores Fossen.epub198 KB
Hitched! - B.J. Daniels.lit198 KB
Stranded with the Prince - Dana Marton.epub195 KB
Stranded with the Prince - Dana Marton.lit185 KB
Man Undercover - Alana Matthews.epub184 KB
The Baby's Guardian - Delores Fossen.lit183 KB
Man Undercover - Alana Matthews.lit169 KB
Michelle Reid
A Passionate Marriage (897)
A Passionate Marriage - Michelle Reid.lit513 KB
A Passionate Marriage - Michelle Reid.mobi374 KB
cover.jpg60 KB
A Question of Pride (911)
A Question of Pride - Michelle Reid.lit274 KB
A Question of Pride - Michelle Reid.mobi255 KB
cover.jpg47 KB
A Sicillian Seduction (893)
A Sicillian Seduction - Michelle Reid.mobi221 KB
A Sicillian Seduction - Michelle Reid.zip147 KB
Coercion To Love (903)
Coercion To Love - Michelle Reid.mobi239 KB
Coercion To Love - Michelle Reid.zip169 KB
Ethan's Temptress Bride (895)
Ethan's Temptress Bride - Michelle Reid.lit453 KB
Ethan's Temptress Bride - Michelle Reid.mobi367 KB
cover.jpg44 KB
Eye of Heaven (912)
Eye of Heaven - Michelle Reid.lit312 KB
Eye of Heaven - Michelle Reid.mobi296 KB
cover.jpg26 KB
Gold Ring of Betrayal (894)
Gold Ring of Betrayal - Michelle Reid.mobi427 KB
Gold Ring of Betrayal - Michelle Reid.lit377 KB
cover.jpg73 KB
House of Glass (921)
House of Glass - Michelle Reid.mobi193 KB
House of Glass - Michelle Reid.zip141 KB
Lost in Love (898)
Lost in Love - Michelle Reid.lit274 KB
Lost in Love - Michelle Reid.mobi246 KB
cover.jpg26 KB
Marchese's Forgotten Bride (78)
Marchese's Forgotten Bride - Michelle Reid.mobi276 KB
Marchese's Forgotten Bride - Michelle Reid.epub197 KB
cover.jpg38 KB
Marriage On The Rebound (904)
Marriage On The Rebound - Michelle Reid.mobi202 KB
Marriage On The Rebound - Michelle Reid.zip121 KB
Mistress Bride (401)
Mistress Bride - Michelle Reid.epub244 KB
Mistress Bride - Michelle Reid.mobi200 KB
No Way to Begin (914)
No Way to Begin - Michelle Reid.lit294 KB
No Way to Begin - Michelle Reid.mobi279 KB
cover.jpg26 KB
Passion Becomes You (899)
Passion Becomes You - Michelle Reid.mobi319 KB
Passion Becomes You - Michelle Reid.lit300 KB
cover.jpg47 KB
Passionate Scandal (905)
Passionate Scandal - Michelle Reid.mobi211 KB
Passionate Scandal - Michelle Reid.zip140 KB
Slave to Love (400)
Slave to Love - Michelle Reid.epub262 KB
Slave to Love - Michelle Reid.mobi207 KB
The Arabian Love Child (896)
The Arabian Love Child - Michelle Reid.lit504 KB
The Arabian Love Child - Michelle Reid.mobi368 KB
cover.jpg59 KB
The Bellini Bride (900)
The Bellini Bride - Michelle Reid.mobi302 KB
The Bellini Bride - Michelle Reid.lit285 KB
cover.jpg70 KB
The Brazilian's Blackmailed Bride (636)
The Brazilian's Blackmailed Bride - Michelle Reid.mobi203 KB
The Brazilian's Blackmailed Bride - Michelle Reid.zip120 KB
The Dark Side of Desire (915)
The Dark Side of Desire - Michelle Reid.mobi272 KB
The Dark Side of Desire - Michelle Reid.lit260 KB
cover.jpg24 KB
The De Santis Marriage (238)
The De Santis Marriage - Michelle Reid.epub298 KB
The De Santis Marriage - Michelle Reid.mobi277 KB
The Greek's Forced Bride (476)
The Greek's Forced Bride - Michelle Reid.epub263 KB
The Greek's Forced Bride - Michelle Reid.mobi206 KB
The Greek's Forced Bride - Michelle Reid.zip120 KB
The Italian's Future Bride (404)
The Italian's Future Bride - Michelle Reid.epub254 KB
The Italian's Future Bride - Michelle Reid.mobi217 KB
The Italian's Revenge (427)
The Italian's Revenge - Michelle Reid.epub250 KB
The Italian's Revenge - Michelle Reid.mobi209 KB
The Marriage Surrender (429)
The Marriage Surrender - Michelle Reid.epub252 KB
The Marriage Surrender - Michelle Reid.mobi216 KB
The Morning After (430)
The Morning After - Michelle Reid.epub253 KB
The Morning After - Michelle Reid.mobi213 KB
The Passion Bargain (916)
The Passion Bargain - Michelle Reid.lit280 KB
The Passion Bargain - Michelle Reid.mobi266 KB
cover.jpg26 KB
The Price of a Bride (906)
The Price of a Bride - Michelle Reid.mobi262 KB
The Price of a Bride - Michelle Reid.zip191 KB
The Purchased Wife (403)
The Purchased Wife - Michelle Reid.epub287 KB
The Purchased Wife - Michelle Reid.mobi261 KB
The Ranieri Bride (480)
The Ranieri Bride - Michelle Reid.epub281 KB
The Ranieri Bride - Michelle Reid.mobi223 KB
The Ranieri Bride - Michelle Reid.zip156 KB
The Salvatore Marriage (901)
The Salvatore Marriage - Michelle Reid.lit255 KB
The Salvatore Marriage - Michelle Reid.mobi234 KB
cover.jpg26 KB
The Sheik's Chosen Wife (241)
The Sheik's Chosen Wife - Michelle Reid.epub284 KB
The Sheik's Chosen Wife - Michelle Reid.mobi258 KB
The Spanish Husband (902)
The Spanish Husband - Michelle Reid.lit279 KB
The Spanish Husband - Michelle Reid.mobi256 KB
cover.jpg26 KB
The Spanish Husband (917)
The Spanish Husband - Michelle Reid.mobi258 KB
The Spanish Husband - Michelle Reid.lit237 KB
cover.jpg47 KB
The Tycoons Bride (251)
The Tycoons Bride - Michelle Reid.epub943 KB
The Tycoons Bride - Michelle Reid.mobi237 KB
The Ultimate Betrayal (907)
The Ultimate Betrayal - Michelle Reid.mobi240 KB
The Ultimate Betrayal - Michelle Reid.zip173 KB
The Unforgettable Husband (659)
The Unforgettable Husband - Michelle Reid.mobi184 KB
The Unforgettable Husband - Michelle Reid.zip111 KB
Foster, Lori - Too Much Temptation_files
image002.jpg1 KB
image001.png365 B
filelist.xml234 B
Volsky, Paula - Illusion.txt1 MB
[Harlequin] - Jessica Steele - After Hours (txt).TXT877 KB
[Harlequin] - Lynne Graham - Mothers-To-Be (txt).TXT872 KB
[Harlequin] - Day Leclaire - Mail-Order Bridegroom (txt).txt865 KB
[Harlequin] - Nicola Cornick - Lady Polly (txt).txt863 KB
Comick, Nicola - Lady Polly.txt863 KB
[Harlequin] - Margaret Cuthbert - The Silent Cradle (txt).txt693 KB
[Harlequin] - Mary Alice Monroe - The Book Club (txt).txt658 KB
[Harlequin] - Nell Brien - A Veiled Journey (txt).txt654 KB
[Harlequin] - Diane Chamberlain - Summer's Child (txt).txt649 KB
[Harlequin] - Laura Taylor - Honorbound (Vietnam) (txt).TXT648 KB
[Harlequin] - Unknown Author - Cinderella at the Ball (txt).txt642 KB
Mayne, Elizabeth - Lion's Lady.txt634 KB
Mcgoldrick, Nikoo & James - Trust Me Once.txt610 KB
[Harlequin] - H K Nikoo & James McGoldrick - Trust Me Once (txt).txt610 KB
[Harlequin] - Meg O'Brien - Crashing Down (txt).txt579 KB
[Harlequin] - Helen R Myers - Lost (txt).txt565 KB
Andrea Edwards - [Harlequin SSE, 0932] - A Ring and a Promise.txt559 KB
[Harlequin] - Jessica Logan - Journey Into Love (txt).TXT559 KB
Lucy Lee - (Harlequin) - Heart's Fury (txt).TXT559 KB
Jocelyn Haley - (Harlequin) - Love Wild and Free (txt).TXT556 KB
[Harlequin] - Wanda Delamere - Call of the Heart (txt).TXT555 KB
Rosalind Garson - (Harlequin) - This Dark Enchantment (txt).TXT555 KB
[Harlequin] - Kylie Brant - Guarding Raine (txt).txt555 KB
[Harlequin] - Anne Gracie - Tallie's Knight (txt).TXT537 KB
[Harlequin] - Willa Lambert - From This Beloved Hour (txt).TXT533 KB
[Harlequin] - Abra Taylor - River of Desire (txt).TXT531 KB
[Harlequin] - Susan Ledbetter - East Of Peculier (txt).txt528 KB
Pat Louis - (Harlequin) - Treasure of the Heart (txt).TXT521 KB
Megan Alexander - (Harlequin) - Contract for Marriage (txt).TXT519 KB
Meg Hudson - (Harlequin) - Sweet Dawn of Desire (txt).TXT516 KB
[Harlequin] - Mary Lynn Baxter - One Summer Evening (txt).txt510 KB
Emma Church - (Harlequin) - The Heart Remembers (txt).TXT507 KB
Jocelyn Griffin - (Harlequin) - Beloved Intruder (txt).TXT507 KB
[Harlequin] - Shari Anton - Emily Held Captive (txt).txt507 KB
[Harlequin] - Bronwyn Williams - The Mariner's Bride (txt).txt506 KB
[Harlequin] - Susan Amarillas - Silver And Steel (txt).txt505 KB
[Harlequin] - Gail Mallin - The Reluctant Puritan (txt).txt504 KB
[Harlequin] - Emily French - Capture (txt).txt502 KB
Maura MacKenzie - (Harlequin) - Sweet Seduction (txt).TXT499 KB
Kilby, Joan - Temporary Wife.txt499 KB
[Harlequin] - Sheril St. John - Land Of Dreams (txt).txt497 KB
[Harlequin] - Cheryl St. John - Land of Dreams (txt).txt497 KB
[Harlequin] - Carla Neggers - On Fire (txt).txt496 KB
[Harlequin] - Constance P Peale - Give Us Forever (txt).TXT494 KB
[Harlequin] - Stefanie Feagan - Run for the Money (txt).txt494 KB
[Harlequin] - Nan Ryan - Wanting You (txt).txt493 KB
Alexandra Sellers - (Harlequin) - Captive of Desire (txt).TXT492 KB
[Harlequin] - Maura Seger - The Tempting of Julia (txt).txt492 KB
[Harlequin] - Anne Harris - Matter Of Honour (txt).txt492 KB
[Harlequin] - Shannon Waverly - Lauren (txt).txt490 KB
[Harlequin] - Lindsay McKenna - Heart of the Tiger (txt).TXT489 KB
[Harlequin] - Elizabeth Bailey - Misfit Maid (txt).txt484 KB
[Harlequin] - Jackie Merritt - Wyoming Territory (txt).txt484 KB
[Harlequin] - Paula Marshall - The Devil and Drusilla (txt).txt484 KB
[Harlequin] - Joanna Makepeace - King's Pawn (txt).txt484 KB
[Harlequin] - Lisa Lenore - Dance of Desire (txt).TXT482 KB
[Harlequin] - Barbara Leigh - For Love Alone (txt).txt481 KB
[Harlequin] - Catherine Archer - Velvet Touch (txt).txt480 KB
[Harlequin] - Lindsey Longford - Renegade's Redemption (txt).txt480 KB
[Harlequin] - Joanna Makepeace - The Baron's Bride (txt).txt479 KB
[Harlequin] - Anne Harris - Satan's Mark (txt).txt479 KB
[Harlequin] - Ruth Jean Dale - Legend! (txt).txt479 KB
[Harlequin] - Joanna Makepeace - Stolen Heiress (txt).txt477 KB
[Harlequin] - Stella Cameron - Moontide (txt).txt476 KB
[Harlequin] - Elaine Rome - Stark Lightning (txt).txt475 KB
[Harlequin] - Jo Ann Algermissen - Golden Bird (txt).txt472 KB
[Harlequin] - Lindsey Longford - Sullivan's Miracle (txt).txt472 KB
[Harlequin] - Sylvia Andrew - Francesca (txt).TXT471 KB
[Harlequin] - Deloras Scott - Rogue's Honour (txt).txt470 KB
]Harlequin] - Beverly Barton - Man Like Morgan Kane (txt).txt470 KB
Kathryn Jensen - (Harlequin) - Hot Pursuit (txt).txt468 KB
[Harlequin] - Mary Meyers - Riverbend (txt).txt467 KB
[Harlequin] - Fiona Brand - Cullen's Bride (txt).txt461 KB
[Harlequin] - Laurie Grant - Lord Liar (txt).txt460 KB
[Harlequin] - Judith Duncan - That Same Old Feeling (txt).txt459 KB
[Harlequin] - Paula Detmer Riggs - Daddy With a Badge (txt).txt457 KB
[Harlequin] - Gail Whitaker - Blackwood's Lady (txt).txt457 KB
[Harlequin] - Rita Herron - Send Me A Hero (txt).txt454 KB
[Harlequin] - Beverly Barton - Gabriel Hawk's Lady (txt).txt452 KB
[Harlequin] - Jan Freed - Too Many Bosses (txt).txt450 KB
[Harlequin] - Elizabeth Bailey - A Fragile Mask (txt).txt450 KB
[Harlequin] - Evelyn A. Crowe - So Hard To Forget (txt).txt449 KB
Brenda Novak - (Harlequin) - Baby Business (txt).txt449 KB
[Harlequin] - Brenda Novak - Baby Business (txt).txt449 KB
[Harlequin] - Rachel Lee - (Conard County) - Miss Ammaline and the Archangel (txt).TXT448 KB
[Harlequin] - Jasmine Cresswell - Nowhere to Hide (txt).txt447 KB
[Harlequin] - Georgina Devon - Untamed Heart (txt).txt447 KB
[Harlequin] - Sharon Mignerey - Too Close For Comfort (txt).txt447 KB
[Harlequin] - Saranne Dawson - Expose (txt).txt447 KB
[Harlequin] - Sharon Mignerey - Cassidy's Courtship (txt).txt446 KB
[Harlequin] - Beverly Barton - Emily and the Stranger (txt).txt445 KB
[Harlequin] - Ana Seymour - Gabriel's Lady.txt445 KB
[Harlequin] - Ana Seymour - Gabriel's Lady (txt).txt445 KB
[Harlequin] - Saranne Dawson - Lawman Lover (txt).txt445 KB
[Harlequin] - Nina Bruhns - Catch Me IF You Can (txt).txt440 KB
[Harlequin] - Judith Arnold - Father Christmas (txt).txt440 KB
[Harlequin] - Laura Cassidy - The Frozen Heart (txt).txt440 KB
[Harlequin] - Sylvia Andrew - Rosabelle (txt).TXT440 KB
[Harlequin] - Maura Seger - The Taming of Amelia (txt).txt440 KB
[Harlequin] - Rachel Lee - (Conard County) - Ironheart (txt).txt439 KB
[Harlequin] - K N Casper - A Man Called Jesse (txt).txt439 KB
[Harlequin] - Mona Gay Thomas - Only A Whisper (txt).txt438 KB
[Harlequin] - Mary Bracho - Bandit Bride (txt).TXT438 KB
[Harlequin] - Margot Early - There is a Season (txt).txt438 KB
[Harlequin] - Barbara Faith - Gamblin Man (txt).txt437 KB
[Harlequin] - Elizabeth Bailey - The Standish Inheritance (txt).txt436 KB
[Harlequin] - Marianne Willman - Thomasina (txt).txt436 KB
[Harlequin] - Mary McBride - Darling Jack (txt).txt436 KB
[Harlequin] - Sarah Westleigh - The Impossible Earl (txt).txt433 KB
[Harlequin] - Tracy Hughes - Honorbound (Vietnam Vet) (txt).TXT432 KB
[Harlequin] - Ruth Ryan - Angel Ruth Lang (txt).txt432 KB
[Harlequin] - Truda Taylor - The Comte and the Courtesan (txt).txt432 KB
[Harlequin] - Jenna Ryan - Belladonna (txt).txt432 KB
[Harlequin] - Vickie York - Sworn to Silence (txt).txt432 KB
[Harlequin] - Amelia Autin - Reilly's Return (txt).txt431 KB
[Harlequin] - Sandra Chastain - Sunshine And Satin (txt).txt431 KB
[Harlequin] - Mary Nichols - The Ruby Pendant (txt).txt430 KB
[Harlequin] - Olga Daniels - A Royal Engagement (txt).txt430 KB
[Harlequin] - Mary Nichols - The Last Gamble (txt).txt430 KB
[Harlequin] - Ana Seymour - Brides for Sale (txt).txt429 KB
Marshall, Paula - The Astrologer's Daughter.txt429 KB
[Harlequin] - Elizabeth Henshall - Betrayed Hearts (txt).txt428 KB
[Harlequin] - Dawn Stewardson - Cold Noses, Warm Kisses (txt).TXT427 KB
[Harlequin] - Linda Turner - The Loner (txt).txt427 KB
[Harlequin] - Paula Detmer Riggs - Paroled (txt).txt426 KB
[Harlequin] - Marie Louise Hall - Major's Muslin (txt).txt426 KB
[Harlequin] - Sarah Westleigh - The Outrageous Dowager (txt).txt425 KB
[Harlequin] - Helen Dickson - An Illustrious Lord (txt).txt425 KB
Harlequin - Dickson, Helen - Illustrious Lord.txt425 KB
[Harlequin] - Judith Stacy - Outlaw Love (txt).txt424 KB
[Harlequin] - Naomi Horton - Wild Blood (txt).txt423 KB
[Harlequin] - Marie Louise Hall - Rake's Reform (txt).txt423 KB
[Harlequin] - Sarah Westleigh - Seafire (txt).txt422 KB
Susan Mallery - (Harlequin) - The Only Way Out (txt).txt422 KB
[Harlequin] - Susan Floyd - One of the Family (txt).txt422 KB
[Harlequin] - Paula Detmer Riggs - Mommy By Surprise (txt).TXT421 KB
[Harlequin] - Helen Dickson - An Unpredictable Bride (txt).txt420 KB
[Harlequin] - Shawna Delacorte - Lover Unknown (txt).txt419 KB
[Harlequin] - Linda Stevens - Triplecross (txt).txt418 KB
[Harlequin] - Debbi Bedford - Just Between Us (txt).TXT418 KB
[Harlequin] - Meg Alexander - The Love Child (txt).TXT418 KB
[Harlequin] - Beverly Barton - Paladin's Woman (txt).txt417 KB
[Harlequin] - B J Daniels - Outlawed (txt).txt417 KB
[Harlequin] - B.J. Daniels - Outlawed.txt417 KB
[Harlequin] - Vickie York - The Eyes of Derek Archer (txt).txt416 KB
[Harlequin] - Meg Alexander - Miranda's Masquerade (txt).TXT415 KB
Aimee Thurlo - Cisco's Woman.TXT414 KB
[Harlequin] - Sharon Sala - Royal's Child (txt).txt413 KB
[Harlequin] - Sarah Westleigh - A Highly Irregular Footman (txt).txt413 KB
[Harlequin] - Leigh Sutherland & Peg Greenwood - Only You (txt).txt412 KB
[Harlequin] - B.J. Daniels - Hotshot P.I..txt411 KB
[Harlequin] - B J Daniels - Hotshot P.I. (txt).txt411 KB
[Harlequin] - Alexandra Sellers - The Vagabond (txt).txt411 KB
Coughlin, Patricia - Love In The First Degree.txt411 KB
[Harlequin] - Theresa Michaels - Once an Outlaw (txt).TXT410 KB
[Harlequin] - Dawn Stewardson - Sully's Kids (txt).TXT409 KB
[Harlequin] - Alice Thornton - The Wolf's Promise (txt).txt409 KB
[Harlequin] - Ginger Chambers - Texas Lawman (txt).txt408 KB
[Harlequin] - Margot Early - Talking About My Baby (txt).txt407 KB
Mallery, Susan - The Best Bride.txt407 KB
[Harlequin] - Meg Alexander - The Passionate Friends (txt).TXT407 KB
[Harlequin] - Tina Va Silos - In Her Lover's Eyes (txt).txt406 KB
[Harlequin] - Barbara Mcmahon - Yours For Ninety Days (txt).txt406 KB
[Harlequin] - Dawn Stewardson - Moon Shadow (txt).TXT404 KB
[Harlequin] - Anne Marie Duquette - In The Arms Of The Law (txt).txt403 KB
[Harlequin] - Anne Marie Duquette - In The Arms Of The Law.txt403 KB
[Harlequin] - Sylvie Kurtz - Texas Night (txt).txt403 KB
[Harlequin] - Debra Lowan - One Silent Night (txt).txt403 KB
[Harlequin] - Cassandra Austin - Wait for the Sunrise (txt).txt402 KB
[Harlequin] - Elise Title - Till the End of Time (Vietnam) (txt).TXT402 KB
[Harlequin] - Judith Bowen - The Doctor's Daughter (txt).txt401 KB
[Harlequin] - Alice Orr - Dear Santa (txt).txt401 KB
[Harlequin] - Sylvie Kurtz - Ms. Longshot (txt).txt401 KB
[Harlequin] - Janice Kay Johnson - Woman in Blue (txt).txt399 KB
[Harlequin] - Ruth Wind - (Last Roundup 03) - Her Ideal Man (txt).txt399 KB
[Harlequin] - Beverly Barton - Jack's Christmas Mission (txt).txt398 KB
[Harlequin] - Diana Farr - Once Upon a Christmas (txt).TXT396 KB
[Harlequin] - Monica McLean - The Nanny's Secret (txt).txt395 KB
[Harlequin] - Maura Seger - Light on the Mountain (txt).txt393 KB
[Harlequin] - Sally Tyler-Hayes - Homecoming (txt).txt392 KB
[Harlequin] - Sally Tyler-Hayes - Our Child (txt).txt391 KB
[Harlequin] - Patricia Armstrong - Kate (txt).txt391 KB
[Harlequin] - Libby Hall - Hearts at Risk (Vietnam Vet) (txt).TXT390 KB
[Harlequin] - Kathleen Korbel - A Soldier's Heart (Vietnam Vet) (txt).TXT390 KB
[Harlequin] - Adrianne Lee - Alias Daddy (txt).txt390 KB
Adrianne_Lee_-_Alias_Daddy_[Harlequin].txt390 KB
[Harlequin] - Ruth Wind - (Last Roundup 02) - Reckless (txt).txt389 KB
[Harlequin] - Theresa Michaels - Once A Maverick (txt).TXT389 KB
[Harlequin] - Candace Irvin - For His Eyes Only (txt).txt389 KB
[Harlequin] - Dee Holmes - Dillon's Reckoning (txt).txt389 KB
[Harlequin] - Karen Lawton Barrett - Hers to Remember (txt).txt388 KB
[Harlequin] - Ginna Gray - A Man Apart (txt).txt388 KB
[Harlequin] - Barbara Ankrum - This Perfect Stranger (txt).txt386 KB
[Harlequin] - Tara Taylor Quinn - Father Unknown (txt).txt385 KB
[Harlequin] - Cherry Adair - Take Me (txt).txt384 KB
[Harlequin] - Lindsay McKenna - (Moments of Glory 01) - Ride the Tiger (Vietnam) (txt).TXT383 KB
[Harlequin] - Ann Evans - Dream Baby (txt).txt382 KB
[Harlequin] - Paula Detmer Riggs - Once More a Family (txt).txt382 KB
[Harlequin] - Rita Herron - Her Eyewitness (txt).txt382 KB
[Harlequin] - Helen Dickson - Kathrine (txt).txt382 KB
[Harlequin] - Lyn Ellis - A Ranger's Wife (txt).txt381 KB
[Harlequin] - Laura Cassidy - Madrilene's Granddaughter (txt).txt381 KB
[Harlequin] - Leona Karr - Mystery Dad (txt).txt381 KB
[Harlequin] - Debra Cowan - Dare to Remember (txt).txt379 KB
[Harlequin] - Alice Orr - Protect Me Love (txt).txt379 KB
[Harlequin] - Paige Phillips - The Strangers Wife (txt).txt379 KB
[Harlequin] - Linda Winstead Jones - Hot on His Trail (txt).txt378 KB
[Harlequin] - Linda Winstead Jones - Capturing Cleo (txt).txt377 KB
[Harlequin] - Donna Sterling - Hot-Blooded Hero (txt).txt377 KB
[Harlequin] - Jeanie London - Into Temptation (txt).txt374 KB
[Harlequin] - Vella Munn - Touch a Wild Heart (txt).txt374 KB
Amanda Stevens - Lover, Stranger.txt373 KB
[Harlequin] - Kay David - The Man From High Mountain (txt).txt373 KB
[Harlequin] - Susan Mallery - Husband By the Hour (txt).txt371 KB
[Harlequin] - Jule McBride - Smoochin' Santa (txt).txt371 KB
[Harlequin] - Laura Kenner - A Killer Smile (txt).txt369 KB
[Harlequin] - Susan Mallery - (Hometown Heartbreaker 05) - Holly and Mistletoe (txt).txt369 KB
[Harlequin] - Laura Parker - Indiscreet (txt).txt368 KB
[Harlequin] - Maura Seger - The Seduction of Deanna (txt).txt368 KB
[Harlequin] - Beverly Barton - Whitelaw's Wedding (txt).txt366 KB
[Harlequin] - Monica Barrie - Cry Mercy Cry Love (txt).txt365 KB
[Harlequin] - Ginna Gray - (Family Bond 02) - In Search of Dreams (txt).txt365 KB
[Harlequin] - Adrianne Lee - The Best Kept Secret (txt).TXT364 KB
Amanda Stevens - The Littliest Witness.txt363 KB
[Harlequin] - Anne Marie Duquette - Her Own Ranger (txt).txt363 KB
Amanda Stevens - A Man Of Secrets.txt363 KB
[Harlequin] - Patricia Gagne - Mystery Baby (txt).txt363 KB
Amanda Stevens - The Hero's Son.TXT363 KB
[Harlequin] - Linda Randall Wisdom - No More Secrets (txt).txt361 KB
[Harlequin] - Marisa Carroll - Winter Soldier (txt).txt361 KB
[Harlequin] - Judi Lind - Undercover Vows (txt).txt361 KB
[Harlequin] - Lindsay McKenna - A Man Alone (txt).txt359 KB
Amanda Stevens - The Brother's Wife.TXT359 KB
[Harlequin] - Adrianne Lee - Eden's Baby (txt).TXT357 KB
[Harlequin] - Madeline St Claire - Only A Memory Away (txt).txt356 KB
Alison Kent - Wicked Games (txt).txt355 KB
[Harlequin] - Paula Detmer Riggs - Daddy by Choice (txt).txt355 KB
[Harlequin] - Lindsay McKenna - (Moments of Glory 02) - One Man's War (Vietnam) (txt).TXT354 KB
Amanda Stevens - Somebody's Baby.TXT353 KB
Anne Stuart - Break the Night.TXT353 KB
Bonnie K Winn - (Harlequin) - The Wrong Brother (txt).txt352 KB
[Harlequin] - Susan Mallery - Part-Time Wife (txt).txt352 KB
[Harlequin] - Georgina Devon - The Rake (txt).txt351 KB
Amanda Stevens - The Second Mrs Malone.txt351 KB
[Harlequin] - Helen Dickson - The Rain Borough Inheritance (txt).txt349 KB
Amanda Stevens - A Baby's Cry.TXT348 KB
[Harlequin] - Fiona Walker - High Stakes Bride (txt).txt347 KB
[Harlequin] - Jule McBride - Wed To A Stranger (txt).txt347 KB
[Harlequin] - Brenda Hiatt - Gabriella (txt).txt347 KB
[Harlequin] - Judi Find - Jackson's Woman (txt).txt344 KB
[Harlequin] - Madeline Harper - Baby In My Arms (txt).txt343 KB
[Harlequin] - Donna Sterling - The Daddy Decision (txt).txt340 KB
Bonnie K Winn - (Harlequin) - When A Man Loves A Woman (txt).txt339 KB
[Harlequin] - Ruth Wind - (Last Roundup 01) - Marriage Material (txt).txt336 KB
Anne Stuart - Winter's Edge.TXT336 KB
[Harlequin] - Nancy Warren - By The Book (txt).txt336 KB
[Harlequin] - Lindsay McKenna - (Moments of Glory 03) - Off Limits (Vietnam) (txt).TXT334 KB
Doreen Roberts - (Harlequin) - A Very Pregnant New Year's (txt).txt334 KB
[Harlequin] - Nikki Benjamin - Expectant Bride-To-Be (txt).txt332 KB
[Harlequin] - Beverly Sommers - Outside In (txt).txt330 KB
[Harlequin] - Christine Rimmer - The Millionaire She Married (txt).txt329 KB
[Harlequin] - Susan Mallery - A Little Bit Pregnant (txt).txt328 KB
[Harlequin] - Cait London - Mr Temptation (txt).txt327 KB
[Harlequin] - Sheri Whitefeather - Warrior's Baby (txt).txt326 KB
[Harlequin] - Julie Kenner - Nobody Does It Better (txt).txt326 KB
[Harlequin] - Brenda Hiatt - Daring Deception (txt).txt325 KB
[Harlequin] - Gail Whitaker - Letters To A Lady (txt).txt325 KB
[Harlequin] - Sheri Whitefeather - Jesse Hawk - Brave Father (txt).txt324 KB
[Harlequin] - Leslie Kelly - Suite Seduction (txt).txt323 KB
[Harlequin] - Tina Leonard - A Man of Honour (txt).TXT323 KB
[Harlequin] - Susan Mallery - Christmas in Whitehorn (txt).txt323 KB
[Harlequin] - Lori Foster - Sex Appeal (txt).txt323 KB
[Harlequin] - Mary McBride - Baby, Baby, Baby (txt).txt321 KB
[Harlequin] - Jane Sullivan - Tall, Dark and Texan (txt).txt320 KB
[Harlequin] - Barbara Boswell - Family Feud (txt).txt319 KB
[Harlequin] - Sheri Whitefeather - Skyler Hawk - Lone Brave (txt).txt317 KB
[Harlequin] - Jo Leigh - A Dash of Temptation (txt).txt317 KB
[Harlequin] - Leslie Kelly - Two to Tangle (txt).txt316 KB
[Harlequin] - Janelle Denison - Tempted (txt).txt315 KB
[Harlequin] - Betty Jo Schuler - Male Wanted (txt).txt315 KB
[Harlequin] - Carolyn Burnes - Familiar Lullaby (txt).txt315 KB
[Harlequin] - Jo Leigh - Little Girl Found (txt).txt314 KB
[Harlequin] - B J James - A Season for Love (txt).TXT311 KB
[Harlequin] - Christie Ridgway - In Love With Her Boss (txt).txt309 KB
[Harlequin] - Laurie Paige - When I See Your Face (txt).txt309 KB
[Harlequin] - Dorothy Cork - Barefoot Bride (txt).txt308 KB
[Harlequin] - Jessica Hart - Baby at Bushman's Creek (txt).txt308 KB
Anne Stuart - A Dark and Stormy Night.TXT306 KB
[Harlequin] - Dawn Atkins - Room But Not Bored (txt).txt306 KB
[Harlequin] - Marie Ferrarella - Father Most Wanted (txt).TXT302 KB
[Harlequin] - Day Leclaire - Husband Wanted (txt).txt302 KB
[Harlequin] - Marie Ferrarella - Hero For Hire (txt).txt301 KB
[Harlequin] - Marion Lennox - Bush Doctor's Bride (txt).txt300 KB
[Harlequin] - Leslie Kelly - Relentless (txt).txt299 KB
[Harlequin] - Elisabeth Scott - The Disturbing Dr. Sheldon (txt).txt298 KB
[Harlequin] - Arlene James - Mesmerizing Mr Carlyle (txt).txt297 KB
[Harlequin] - Jessica Hart - Wedding at Waverly Creek (txt).txt295 KB
[Harlequin] - Vicki Lewis Thompson - The Bounty Hunter (txt).TXT294 KB
Joy, Carolee - Wild Angel.txt293 KB
[Harlequin] - Cherry Adair - Seducing Mr Right (txt).txt292 KB
[Harlequin] - Maggie Kingsley - A Question of Trust (txt).txt292 KB
Nalini Singh - (Harlequin) - Awaken to Pleasure (txt).txt289 KB
Best of Cowboys Bundle 02 - Barbara White Daille - Court Me, Cowboy.txt288 KB
Chater, Elizabeth - The Marriage Mart.txt288 KB
[Harlequin] - Emma Goldrick - The Ninety-Day Wife (txt).txt288 KB
[Harlequin] - Miranda Spencer - The Millionaire's Marriage (txt).TXT286 KB
[Harlequin] - Jessica Hart - Bride for Barra Creek (txt).txt286 KB
[Harlequin] - Michelle Reid - The Bellini Bride (txt).txt285 KB
[Harlequin] - Carole Mortimer - The Secret Virgin (txt).txt285 KB
[Harlequin] - Violet Winspear - A Girl Possessed (txt).TXT284 KB
[Harlequin] - Catherine George - Lorenzo's Reward (txt).txt282 KB
Anne Marie Winston - Rancher's Proposition (txt).txt281 KB
[Harlequin] - Sara Craven - Rome's Revenge (txt).txt281 KB
[Harlequin] - Annette Broadrick - Man in the Mist (txt).txt281 KB
Brenda Jackson - (Harlequin) - Stone Cold Surrender (txt).txt278 KB
[Harlequin] - Catherine George - Brief Encounter (txt).txt276 KB
[Harlequin] - Leigh Michaels - Dating Games (txt).txt275 KB
]Harlequin] - Pamela Burford - In the Dark (txt).txt274 KB
[Harlequin] - Catherine George - Restless Nights (txt).TXT271 KB
[Harlequin] - B J Daniels - Secret Bodyguard (txt).txt268 KB
[Harlequin] - Andrea Boeshaar - The Summer Girl (txt).txt268 KB
[Harlequin] - Penny Jordan - Second Best Husband (txt).TXT267 KB
[Harlequin] - Sharon Wirdnam - Consultant Care (txt).txt266 KB
[Harlequin] - Joanna Neil - Unexpected Complications (txt).txt263 KB
[Harlequin] - Cait London - Gabriel's Gift (txt).txt263 KB
[Harlequin] - Beverly Barton - Laying His Claim (txt).txt262 KB
[Harlequin] - Ann Winston - (Billionaire Bachelors) - Stone (txt).txt261 KB
[Harlequin] - Diana Palmer - Hoodwinked (txt).TXT260 KB
[Harlequin] - Jill Shalvis - Aftershock (txt).txt255 KB
Kathleen O'Reilly - (Harlequin) - Just Kiss Me (txt).txt255 KB
Amy J Fetzer - Going...Going...Wed (txt).txt254 KB
[Harlequin] - Peggy Moreland - Groom of Fortune (txt).txt251 KB
Annette Broadrick - (Harlequin) - The Man Means Business (txt).txt248 KB
[Harlequin] - Barbara McMahon - Georgia's Groom (txt).txt246 KB
[Harlequin] - Miranda Lee - The Fugitive Bride (txt).txt244 KB
[Harlequin] - Kristine Rolofson - (Made in Texas) - Boots and Booties (txt).txt244 KB
Amy J Fetzer - Awakening Beauty (txt).txt239 KB
[Harlequin] - Helen Biachin - The Husband Assignment (txt).txt235 KB
[Harlequin] - Helen Bianchin - The Wedding Ultimatum (txt).TXT232 KB
[Harlequin] - Laura Wright - Baby & the Beast (txt).txt226 KB
[Harlequin] - Phyllis Reynolds Naylor - Night Cry (txt).TXT210 KB
[Harlequin] - Maureen Child - The Connelly's (txt).txt208 KB
[Harlequin] - Maureen Child - Did You Say Twins (txt).txt208 KB
[Harlequin] - Helen Conrad - The Baby Invasion (txt).txt168 KB
[Harlequin] - Annette Broadrick - Whats A Dad To Do (txt).txt138 KB
[Harlequin] - Victoria Aldridge - Ben Morgan's Mistake (txt).txt116 KB
Shalvis, Jill - American Heroes 1 - Stranded!.txt99 KB
Jill Shalvis - American Heroes 1 - Stranded!.txt99 KB
[Harlequin] - Anne Avery - A Dance on the Edge (txt).txt80 KB
[Harlequin] - Anne Evans - Catherine For Keeps (txt).txt80 KB
[Harlequin] - C J Carmichael - It Takes a Hero (txt).txt77 KB
[Harlequin] - Sheri Whitefeather - Cherokee Christmas (txt).txt74 KB
[Harlequin] - Alexandra Sellers - Sophie's Sheikh (txt).txt73 KB
[Harlequin] - Rita Herron - Falcon's Revenge (txt).txt72 KB
[Harlequin] - Allison Leigh - Taggart's Bride (txt).txt69 KB
[Harlequin] - Tina Leonard - Cowboy All Night (txt).txt66 KB
[Harlequin] - Lori Wilde - French Kiss (txt).txt62 KB
[Harlequin] - Barbara McMahon - Love Letters (txt).txt61 KB
[Harlequin] - Samantha Connolly - Good Dog, Bad Dog (txt).txt60 KB
[Harlequin] - Kylie Brant - Captured Hearts (txt).txt60 KB
[Harlequin] - Leanne Banks - Billionaire's Baby (txt).txt59 KB
[Harlequin] - Tina Leonard - Cowboy Lover (txt).TXT59 KB
[Harlequin] - Emilie Rose - A Perfect Match (txt).txt58 KB
[Harlequin] - Colleen Collins - Hooked on a Feeling (txt).txt57 KB
[Harlequin] - Lynette Kent - Sugar & Spice (txt).txt57 KB
[Harlequin] - Alison Kent - Roped Into Romance (txt).txt56 KB
[Harlequin] - Darcy Maguire - The Wedding Expert (txt).txt56 KB
[Harlequin] - Caroline Burnes - Dark Rider (txt).txt49 KB
[Harlequin] - Judy Christenberry - Kissing Kelly (txt).txt48 KB
[Harlequin] - Rita Herron - Love Never Dies (txt).txt36 KB
[Harlequin] - Stella Bagwell - The Baby Surprise (txt).txt28 KB
Kate Hewitt-The Greek tycoon's reluctant bride.txt572 B
Arlene James - A Mommy in Mind.doc9 MB
Staff, Adrienne - Pleasure in the Sand (v1.0) [rtf].rtf4 MB
Abbott, Laura - Class Act (v1.0) [rtf].rtf3 MB
Amy Andrews - Dr Romano's Christmas Baby.rtf3 MB
Billionaire's Contract Engagement - Maya Banks.rtf3 MB
Hot Westmoreland Nights - Brenda Jackson.rtf3 MB
Master of Fortune - Katherine Garbera.rtf3 MB
Heidi Betts - Blackmailed Into Bed.doc2 MB
Foster, Lori - Too Much Temptation.htm1 MB
Korbel, Kathleen - A Soldier's Heart (Harlequin SIM-602) (Vietnam vet).rtf1 MB
ANNE MATHER - Leo in the Snow.doc1 MB
Amanda Carpenter - A Deeper Dimension.rtf1 MB
Kim Lawrence - Her Baby's Secret.rtf1 MB
Amy Andrews - The Italian Count's Baby.rtf1 MB
Amy Andrews - The Single Dad's New Year Bride.rtf1 MB
Pamela Tracy - Daddy for Keeps.doc1 MB
Alexander, Megan - Contract for Marriage -H -cr.doc967 KB
Judy Baer - Sleeping Beauty.doc943 KB
Foster, Lori - Too Much Temptation.doc935 KB
Allison Leigh - All He Ever Wanted.rtf934 KB
Kristi Gold - The Mommy Makeover.doc912 KB
Karen Sandler - Their Second-Chance Child.doc860 KB
Allison Leigh-Home on the Ranch.doc849 KB
Holling, Jen - Tempted By Your Touch.rtf832 KB
Harlequin - Brenda Novak - Baby Business.doc812 KB
Jane Porter - Hollywood Husband, Contract Wife.doc811 KB
Cheryl Wyatt - A Soldier's Promise.doc782 KB
Beverly Barton - A Man Like Morgan Kane.doc779 KB
Linda Warren - Adopted Son.doc757 KB
Harlequin Blaze -Cherry Adair - Take Me.doc751 KB
Jarrett, Miranda - The Very Daring Duchess.rtf744 KB
Sarah Morgan - The Greek Billionaires Love-Child.doc736 KB
Amy J. Fetzer - Perfect Weapon.doc723 KB
Beth Andrews - Not Without Her Family.doc719 KB
Lois Richer - A Home, a Heart, a Husband.doc703 KB
Kim Lawrence - Secret baby comvenient wife.doc694 KB
Carole Mortimer-His very personal assistant.doc693 KB
Julie Cohen - Mistress In Private.doc693 KB
Anna Adams - Her Reason To Stay.doc683 KB
Alexandra Sellers - Captive Of Desire.doc680 KB
Ellen James - Doctors in the House.doc677 KB
A Home a Heart a Husband - Lois Richer.rtf676 KB
Alice Munro - The Love of a Good Woman.rtf660 KB
Anne DeFee - A Texas State of Mind.doc652 KB
Roxanne Rustand - Vendetta.doc645 KB
Irene Brand - Made for Each Other.doc636 KB
Amy Andrews - Dr Romano's Christmas Baby.doc628 KB
Beverly Barton - Whitelaw's Wedding.doc626 KB
Tanya Michaels - Trouble in Tennessee.doc621 KB
Tanya Michaels - A Dad for Her Twins.doc614 KB
Kaye, Donna - The Arrangement.rtf613 KB
Amy Andrews - Top-Notch Surgeon Pregnant Nurse.doc596 KB
Carole Mortimer-Elusive obsession.doc591 KB
Ann Major - Inseparable.rtf580 KB
McMaster, Michelle - The Marriage Bargain.rtf576 KB
Tanya Michaels - An Unlikely Mommy.doc572 KB
Sarah Morgan - Bought Destitute yet Defiant.doc568 KB
Donna Kauffman - [American Heroes] - Sean.doc565 KB
Torri Carrington - Skin Deep.doc560 KB
Malvey, Victoria - Wedding of the Year.rtf560 KB
Carly Phillips - Brazen.doc547 KB
Lynne Marshall - Single Dad, Nurse Bride.doc544 KB
Vicky Lewis Thompson - Acting On Impulse (Harlequin Blaze).doc541 KB
Tanya Michaels - Mother To Be.doc532 KB
Kelly Hunter - Exposed; Misbehaving with the Magnate.rtf531 KB
Melanie Milburn - Innocent wife baby of shame.doc530 KB
Amy Andrews - The Single Dad's New Year Bride.doc527 KB
Ann Roth - Mitch Takes A Wife.rtf519 KB
Tanya Michaels - Mistletoe Baby.doc519 KB
Kate Hardy - His Honourable Surgeon.doc516 KB
Linda Turner - Who's The Boss.doc512 KB
Carole Mortimer - Deceit Of A Pagan.doc511 KB
HPre2244 - George, Catherine - Restless Nights.rtf508 KB
The Santorini Bride-Anne McAllister.doc501 KB
Fiancee by Mistake.rtf499 KB
Christine Merrill - The Mistletoe Wager.doc488 KB
Anne Mather - Born Out of Love .doc485 KB
Harlequin - Bronwyn Jameson - Quade -The Irresistible One.doc473 KB
Carole Mortimer - Hidden Love.doc467 KB
Anne Mather - Brittle Bondage.doc451 KB
[Harlequin] - Judith Bowen - The Doctor's Daughter (txt).rtf441 KB
Trish Morey - Stolen by the Sheikh.doc441 KB
Amy J Fetzer - Single father seeks.doc439 KB
Killer Cowboy Charm.doc439 KB
[Harlequin] - Alice Orr - Dear Santa (txt).rtf435 KB
Violet Winspear - The Man She Married.doc435 KB
Lynne Graham - Greek Tycoon, Inexperienced Mistress.doc433 KB
Amanda Browning - The Lawyer's Contract Marriage.rtf431 KB
Ruling Sheikh, Unruly Mistress - Susan Stephens.doc422 KB
Richer, Lois - A Home, a Heart, a Husband.rtf421 KB
Alison Roberts - Italian Surgeon's Christmas Miracle.rtf419 KB
Kim Lawrence - Her Baby's Secret.doc419 KB
Charlotte Lamb-Secret Obsession.doc412 KB
Too Tough To Tame-Broadrick.doc412 KB
Amy Knupp Doctor In Her House.rtf411 KB
Finished Editing Anne Mather - Wild Enchantress.doc410 KB
Amy Andrews - The Italian Count's Baby.doc409 KB
[Harlequin] - Alice Orr - Protect Me Love (txt).rtf408 KB
Miranda Spencer - The Millionaire's Marriage.htm404 KB
Violet Winspear - The Silver Slave.doc403 KB
Macgowen meets His match-Broadrick.doc402 KB
Old Enough To Know Better.doc398 KB
Joanna Neil - Unexpected Complications.doc398 KB
Allison Leigh - The Truth About the Tycoon.rtf397 KB
Claire Baxter - Pregnant - Father Wanted.doc396 KB
Rebecca Winters - UNDERCOVER FIANCÉE.doc388 KB
Man In the Mist-SS1-Annette Broadrick.doc385 KB
Sandra Field - The Millionaire's Pregnant Wife.html384 KB
The Littlest Marine-Maureen Child.doc383 KB
Alexandra_Sellers-_Sheikh's_Ransom.doc382 KB
Alison Fraser - The Mother And The Millionaire.rtf382 KB
Anne_Mather_-_Bedded_For_The_Italian's_Pleasure.doc376 KB
Love-slave to the Sheikh - Miranda Lee.doc372 KB
Claiming His Wedding Night - Lee Wilkinson.rtf372 KB
Just Between Us-Tori Carrington.doc365 KB
Amy Andrews - Greek Doctor Cinderella Bride.rtf361 KB
Allison Leigh - A Montana Homecoming.rtf360 KB
Diana Hamilton - A Honeyed Seduction.doc351 KB
kate walker.rtf349 KB
Alison Roberts - The Firefighter's Baby.rtf348 KB
Ally Blake - The Magnate's Indecent Proposal.doc347 KB
Pregnant By the Millionaire-C Mortimer.rtf343 KB
Mom I Waiting-Maureen Child.doc340 KB
Allison Leigh - Mergers & Matrimony.rtf337 KB
Lynne Graham - The Petrakos Bride.doc330 KB
Anne_Mather_-_The_Waterfalls_of_the_Moon.doc324 KB
Field, Sandra - The Mistress Deal.rtf318 KB
Andrews, Amy - The Italian Count's Baby.doc313 KB
Charlotte Lamb - Dark fate.doc313 KB
Ann_Major_-_Sold_Into_Marriage.rtf288 KB
Amy J. Fetzer - Taming the Beast.doc270 KB
Charlote_Lamb_-_Fever.rtf270 KB
Bianchin, Helen - The Wedding Ultimatum.rtf269 KB
Amy J Fetzer - Going...Going...Wed (txt).rtf269 KB
Gold, Kristi - executive seduction.doc260 KB
Amy J. Fetzer - Having His Child.rtf258 KB
Charlotte_Lamb_Abduction.doc249 KB
Michelle Celmer - THE KING’S CONVENIENT BRIDE .doc220 KB
The Italian MD's Secret Family Alison Roberts.rtf82 KB
Alexandra Sellers - Sophie's Sheikh (txt).txt73 KB
Teasing Tucker-Jill Shalvis.doc69 KB
The Complete Idiots Guide to Magic Tricks.pdf5 MB
Day Leclaire - Mail-order Bridegroom.pdf5 MB
Jessica Steele - After Hours.pdf4 MB
Mary Mcbride - Still Mr. And Mrs..pdf3 MB
Carole Mortimer - Deceit Of A Pagan.pdf2 MB
Judith Bowen - Men Of Glory 04 - The Doctor's Daughter.pdf2 MB
B.j. Daniels - Outlawed.pdf2 MB
B.j. Daniels - Hotshot Pi.pdf2 MB
Janice Kay Johnson - Her Sister's Baby.pdf2 MB
Julie Mcbride - Wed To A Stranger.pdf1 MB
Carole Mortimer - Savage Interlude.pdf1 MB
Amy J. Fetzer - Having His Child.pdf1 MB
Maureen Child - Secret Lives Of Society Wives 01 - The Part-time Wife.pdf1 MB
Julie Mcbride - Smoochin' Santa.pdf1 MB
Arlene James - Mesmerizing Mr. Carlyle.pdf1 MB
Alice Orr - Dear Santa.pdf1 MB
Alice Orr - Protect Me Love.pdf1 MB
Adrienne Basso - How To Enjoy A Scandal.pdf1 MB
Helen Bianchin - Lanier 02 - The Husband Assignment.pdf1 MB
Bonnie K. Winn - The Wrong Brother.pdf1 MB
Anne Winston - Billionaire Bachelors 03 - Stone.pdf1 MB
Billionaire Bachelors 3 - Stone.PDF1 MB
Maureen Child - Eternally.pdf1 MB
Jill Shalvis - Aftershock.pdf1 MB
Sara Craven - The Innocent's Surrender.pdf1 MB
Maureen Child - Bachelor Battalion 01 - The Littlest Marine.pdf1 MB
Ann Major - The Amalfi Bride.pdf1 MB
Day Leclaire - Royals 01 - The Forbidden Princess.pdf1,006 KB
Christie Ridgway - Not Another New Year's.pdf978 KB
Christine Rimmer - Conveniently Yours The Bravos 08 - The Bravo Billionaire.pdf958 KB
Amy J. Fetzer - KB
Emma Darcy - A Very Stylish Affair.pdf935 KB
Christine Rimmer - Conveniently Yours The Bravos 10 - His Executive Sweetheart.pdf905 KB
Ginna Gray - Fatal Flaw.pdf873 KB
Carole Mortimer - Pregnant By The Millionaire.pdf849 KB
Jill Shalvis - Her Perfect Stranger.pdf805 KB
Abby Green- Ruthlessly Bedded Forcibly Wedded.pdf800 KB
Kathleen Korbel - Simple Gifts.pdf787 KB
Anne DeFee - A Texas State of Mind.pdf786 KB
Ginna Gray - Family Bond 01 - In Search Of Dreams.pdf776 KB
Emma Darcy - The Playboy Boss's Chosen Bride.pdf767 KB
Debra Salonen - Baby by Contract.pdf765 KB
Kathleen Korbel - A Soldier's Heart.pdf735 KB
Tanya Michaels - Trouble in Tennessee.pdf732 KB
Maggie Cox - The Mediterranean Millionaire's Mistress.pdf722 KB
Ginna Gray - Family Bond 02 - A Man Apart.pdf716 KB
Ginna Gray - Family Bond 03 - The Ties That Bind.pdf710 KB
B.j. Daniels - A Season For Love.pdf705 KB
Patricia Coughlin - Merely Married.pdf697 KB
Vicki Lewis Thompson - Acting On Impulse.pdf689 KB
Trish Morey - Stolen by the Sheikh.pdf682 KB
Becky Barker - Undercover Virgin.pdf671 KB
Kim Lawrence - Her Baby's Secret.pdf669 KB
Leigh Michaels - Logan Brothers 02 - Touch Not My Heart.pdf669 KB
B.j. Daniels - Secret Bodyguard.pdf666 KB
Ann Evans - Dream Baby.pdf652 KB
Leigh Michaels - Tyler Royalel 02 - A New Desire.pdf649 KB
Sarah Morgan - Bought Destitute yet Defiant.pdf634 KB
Amanda Carpenter - Waking Up.pdf625 KB
Day Leclaire - Husband Wanted.pdf621 KB
Amy Andrews - Dr Romano's Christmas Baby.pdf620 KB
Leigh Michaels - Shades Of Yesterday.pdf619 KB
Robin Wells - Cinderella At The Ball.pdf617 KB
Susan Kearney - Unleashed.pdf617 KB
Becky Barker - A Matter Of Trust.pdf612 KB
Kathryn Shay - America's Bravest 02 - The Man Who Loved Christmas.pdf573 KB
Maureen Child - Bachelor Battalion 08 - The Last Santini Virgin.pdf564 KB
Kathleen Korbel - Some Men's Dreams.pdf554 KB
Amy Andrews - Top-Notch Surgeon Pregnant Nurse.pdf548 KB
Amy Andrews - The Italian Count's Baby.pdf534 KB
Caroline Cross - The Sheikh Takes A Bride.pdf530 KB
Jill Shalvis - Out Of This World.pdf524 KB
Christie Ridgway - Must Love Mistletoe.pdf517 KB
Paula Detmer Riggs - Once Upon A Wedding.pdf517 KB
Maureen Child - Bachelor Battalion 12 - Last Virgin In California.pdf502 KB
Michelle Reid - Marcheses Forgotten Bride.pdf482 KB
Christine Rimmer - Conveniently Yours The Bravos 05 - The Millionaire She Married.pdf482 KB
Jill Shalvis - Stranded.pdf481 KB
Vicki Lewis Thompson - Killer Cowboy Charm.pdf478 KB
Christine Rimmer - Conveniently Yours The Bravos 06 - The Md She Had To Marry.pdf477 KB
Linda Turner - Those Marrying Mcbrides 01 - The Best Man.pdf463 KB
Vicki Lewis Thompson - Perfection.pdf455 KB
Becky Barker - My Prescott Pilot 01 - Born To Fly.pdf455 KB

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