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Torrent Contents

1014_1_450-joined.rm20 MB
1041_1_450-joined.rm14 MB
1103_kailee_rs1_450.ram14 MB
1103_kailee_rs2_450.ram8 MB
1109_kailee_rs1_450.ram10 MB
1109_kailee_rs2_450.ram12 MB
1109_kailee_rs3_450.ram10 MB
1115_1_350.rm.ram5 MB
1115_2_350.rm.ram5 MB
1115_3_350.rm.ram6 MB
1115_4_350.rm.ram6 MB
1115_5_350.rm.ram6 MB
1168_1_450-joined.rm10 MB
1175_1_450.rm.ram10 MB
1175_1_450-joined.rm21 MB
1175_2_450.rm.ram10 MB
1176_1_450.rm.ram9 MB
1176_2_450.rm.ram8 MB
1177_1_450.ram10 MB
1177_2_450.ram5 MB
1186_1_450-joined-joined.rm28 MB
1190_1_450-joined.rm34 MB
1230_1_450.rm.ram15 MB
1230_2_450.rm.ram14 MB
1231_1_450.rm.ram9 MB
1231_2_450.rm.ram10 MB
1231_3_450.rm.ram8 MB
1231_4_450.rm.ram12 MB
1232_1_450.rm.ram12 MB
1232_2_450.rm.ram12 MB
1234_1_450-joined.rm16 MB
1246_1_450.ram14 MB
1246_2_450.ram7 MB
1247_1_450.rm.ram13 MB
1247_2_450.rm.ram13 MB
1248_1_450.rm.ram5 MB
1248_2_450.rm.ram5 MB
1259_1_450.rm8 MB
1259_2_450.rm7 MB
1260_1_450.rm.ram12 MB
1260_2_450.rm.ram12 MB
1261_1_450.rm.ram11 MB
1261_2_450.rm.ram11 MB
1262_1_450.rm.ram10 MB
1262_2_450.rm.ram10 MB
1262_3_450.rm.ram10 MB
1262_4_450.rm.ram10 MB
1269_1_450.rm.ram9 MB
1269_2_450.rm.ram9 MB
1270_1_450.rm.ram11 MB
1270_2_450.rm.ram12 MB
1270_3_450.rm.ram11 MB
1270_4_450.rm.ram11 MB
1270_5_450.rm.ram12 MB
1270_6_450.rm.ram11 MB
1271_1_450.rm.ram9 MB
1271_2_450.rm.ram8 MB
1271_3_450.rm.ram10 MB
1271_4_450.rm.ram9 MB
1277_3_450.rm.ram9 MB
1278_1_450.rm.ram8 MB
1278_2_450.rm.ram8 MB
1279_1_450.rm.ram7 MB
1279_2_450.rm.ram7 MB
1280_1_450.rm.ram11 MB
1280_2_450.rm.ram12 MB
1280_3_450.rm.ram11 MB
1280_4_450.rm.ram12 MB
1300_1_450-joined.rm10 MB
1313_1_450.rm.ram13 MB
1313_2_450.rm.ram13 MB
1314_1_450.rm.ram13 MB
1314_2_450.rm.ram13 MB
1319_1_450-joined.rm14 MB
1362_1_450.rm.ram11 MB
1362_2_450.rm.ram11 MB
1364_1_450-joined.rm14 MB
1366_1_450-joined.rm22 MB
1387_1_450-joined.rm67 MB
1397_1_450-joined.rm33 MB
1399_1_450-joined.rm29 MB
1418_1_450-joined.rm13 MB
1422_1_450-joined.rm16 MB
1424_1_450-joined.rm34 MB
1429_1_450-joined.rm52 MB
1434_1_450-joined.rm20 MB
1454_1_450-joined.rm14 MB
1459_1_450-joined.rm68 MB
1461_1_450-joined.rm23 MB
1494_1_450-joined.rm21 MB
1507_1_450-joined.rm24 MB
1526_1_450-joined.rm23 MB
1564_1_450-joined.rm13 MB
1567_1_450-joined.rm13 MB
1606_1_450-joined.rm21 MB
1613_1_450-joined.rm14 MB
1614_1_450-joined.rm17 MB
1621_1_450-joined.rm13 MB
1622_1_450-joined.rm8 MB
1625_1_450-joined.rm22 MB
1628_1_450-joined.rm15 MB
1635_1_450-joined-joined.rm29 MB
1646_1_450-joined.rm38 MB
1654_1_450-joined.rm25 MB
1656_1_450-joined.rm49 MB
1665_1_700.rm16 MB
1666_1_450-joined.rm22 MB
1677_1_450-joined.rm58 MB
1680_1_450-joined.rm16 MB
1681_1_450.rm12 MB
1681_2_450.rm4 MB
1690_1_450-joined.rm60 MB
1702_1_450-joined.rm24 MB
1707_1_450-joined.rm75 MB
1709_1_450-joined.rm37 MB
1712_1_450-joined.rm25 MB
172_002_350.rm12 MB
1729_1_450-joined.rm14 MB
1792_1_450-joined.rm47 MB
1793_1_450-joined.rm66 MB
1860_1_450.rm9 MB
1861_2_450.rm12 MB
1862_1_700-joined.rm41 MB
1864_1_450-joined.rm33 MB
1933_1_450-joined.rm20 MB
1934_1_450-joined.rm21 MB
1936_1_700.rm12 MB
1940_1_450.rm15 MB
1940_2_450.rm7 MB
1947_1_450.rm10 MB
1947_2_450.rm7 MB
1947_3_450.rm12 MB
199steveintro_225-joined.rm37 MB
2112_1_450.rm9 MB
2112_2_450.rm12 MB
2112_3_450.rm11 MB
2118_1_700-joined.rm36 MB
2122_1_450-joined.rm46 MB
2123_1_450.rm15 MB
2123_2_450.rm8 MB
2142_1_700-joined.rm60 MB
230spotlightc1s3_350.ram5 MB
2480_1_700.rm23 MB
2480_2_700.rm18 MB
2528_1_700.rm22 MB
2528_2_700.rm8 MB
2533_1_700.rm24 MB
2544_1_700.rm30 MB
2544_2_700.rm13 MB
2548_1_700.rm26 MB
2548_2_700.rm22 MB
2693_1_700.rm12 MB
377selfspankc1s2_350.rm5 MB
377selfspankc1s3_350.rm5 MB
377selfspankc2s1_350.rm5 MB
377selfspankc2s2_350.rm5 MB
377selfspankc2s3_350.rm5 MB
377selfspankc2s4_350.rm5 MB
391_1_450-joined.rm25 MB
392_1_450-joined.rm14 MB
419_2_450.rm7 MB
420_1_450-joined.rm40 MB
4girls4_350.ram8 MB
723_1_450.rm-joined.ram20 MB
822_1_450-joined.rm19 MB
862_1_450-joined.rm15 MB
871_1_450-joined.rm17 MB
951_1_450-joined.rm19 MB
984_2_350.rm11 MB
amy300barestrap1_450-joined.rm7 MB
amycheer4_150.ram6 MB
Audrey Meets Mr. Daniels - 3.ram40 MB
bedstrap2.rm867 KB
bedstrap3.rm1 MB
bedstrap4.rm861 KB
bobbisamidorm1_350.ram6 MB
bobbisamidorm5_350.ram7 MB
brandi1_350.ram5 MB
bruisedhand2.rm767 KB
bruisedhand5.rm735 KB
bruisedhand6.rm1,022 KB
bruisedhand7.rm363 KB
brusiedhand1.rm1 MB
brusiedhand3.rm625 KB
brusiedhand4.rm999 KB
carolineoffice3.ram5 MB
carolineoffice5.ram3 MB
carrieamy311belt1_450.rm8 MB
chairpaddle1.rm979 KB
chairpaddle2.rm1 MB
chairpaddle3.rm1 MB
chairpaddle4.rm1 MB
chairpaddle5.rm1,001 KB
checkc1s1_350.rm8 MB
conference3_150.rm2 MB
corey.rm2 MB
cschoolswats1-joined.rm32 MB
cspank1a.rm914 KB
cspank1b.rm915 KB
cspank2a.rm939 KB
cspank2b.rm947 KB
cspank3a.rm1 MB
cspank3b.rm1 MB
deanotkslowmopreview.rm6 MB
dfaces1.ram4 MB
dfaces2.ram4 MB
diaper1.rm8 MB
diaper1b.rm9 MB
diaper2.rm7 MB
diaper2b.rm8 MB
donna224bedstrap1_450.ram6 MB
donna224bedstrap2_450.ram6 MB
donna224bedstrap3_450.ram11 MB
donna252inter1_450.ram11 MB
donna252inter2_450.ram11 MB
donna252inter3_450.ram9 MB
donna252inter4_450.ram13 MB
donna308icane1_450.ram10 MB
donna308icane2_450.ram8 MB
DONNA308ICANE2_450.rm8 MB
donna308icane3_450.ram6 MB
donna308icane4_450.ram9 MB
donna308iclothes1_225[1].ram5 MB
donna308iclothes1_450.ram10 MB
donna308iclothes2_450.ram10 MB
donna308iclothes3_450.ram13 MB
donna308iclothes4_225[1].ram6 MB
donna308iclothes4_450.ram11 MB
donna308iclothes5_450.ram11 MB
donna319faces1_450.ram11 MB
donna319faces2_450.ram8 MB
donna319faces3_450.ram10 MB
donna319faces4_450.ram10 MB
donna319icane1_450.ram7 MB
donna319icane2_450.ram3 MB
donna319istrap1_450.ram10 MB
donna319istrap2_450.ram10 MB
donna319istrap3_450.ram9 MB
donna357icane1_450.ram11 MB
donna357icane2_450.ram11 MB
donna357istrap1_450.ram6 MB
donna357istrap2_450.ram9 MB
donna357istrap3_450.ram8 MB
donna357istrap4_450.ram7 MB
donna367barestrap1_450.ram10 MB
donna367barestrap2_450.ram11 MB
donna367barestrap3_450.ram10 MB
donna367barestrap4_450.ram11 MB
donna367classcane1_450.ram9 MB
donna367classcane2_450.ram9 MB
donna367struggle1_450.ram7 MB
donna367struggle1_450-joined.rm15 MB
donna367struggle2_450.ram7 MB
donna374car1_450.ram4 MB
donna374car2_450.ram3 MB
donna374swats1_450.ram10 MB
donna374swats2_450.ram9 MB
donna374swats3_450.ram10 MB
donna374swats4_450.ram6 MB
donnabedotk1.ram12 MB
donnabedotk2.ram9 MB
donnadesk1.ram6 MB
donnadesk2.ram8 MB
donnadesk3.ram7 MB
donnanaked1_450.ram10 MB
donnanaked2_450.ram10 MB
donnanaked3_450.ram9 MB
donnanaked4_450.ram6 MB
donnaprofile1.ram11 MB
donnaprofile2.ram11 MB
donnatrouble1_450.ram8 MB
donnatrouble2_450.ram10 MB
donnatrouble3_450.ram8 MB
donnatrouble4_450.ram10 MB
donnavoy1.ram3 MB
donnavoy2.ram3 MB
donnaarrival1_450.ram8 MB
donnaarrival2_450.ram11 MB
donnaarrival3_450.ram8 MB
donnaarrival4_450.ram11 MB
emmasandra268pp1_450.rm11 MB
emmasandra268pp2_450.rm10 MB
emmasandra285cheat1_450.ram10 MB
emmasandra285cheat2_450.ram6 MB
exercise skateboardpunishment-joined.rm13 MB
footvidcam1.rm3 MB
ginger1_180.rm4 MB
ginger2_180.rm5 MB
hairbrush1.rm1 MB
hairbrush2.rm1 MB
hairbrush3.rm1 MB
hairbrush4.rm1 MB
heather279bare2_450-joined.rm11 MB
heather279strap1_450-joined.rm11 MB
heather298doodle1_450.rm10 MB
heather298doodle2_450.rm10 MB
holly201bedstrug1_450.rm6 MB
holly201bedstrug2_450.rm4 MB
holly257belt1_450.ram8 MB
holly257belt2_450.ram8 MB
holly315svrcane10_450.rm11 MB
hollyvoy1.rm4 MB
hollyvoy2.rm3 MB
jadaroundstrap.rm4 MB
jasm258teardp1_450.ram5 MB
jasm258teardp2_450.ram5 MB
jasm271swats1_450-joined.rm28 MB
jasmine288special4_450.ram11 MB
jasmine320-bench1_450.ram82 MB
jasmine320-bench2_450.ram32 MB
jasmine320-bench3_450.ram57 MB
jayde284pp4_450.rm10 MB
jenjas278smoke1_450.ram8 MB
jenjas278smoke2_450.ram7 MB
jenjas278smoke3_450.ram11 MB
jenniferpreviewhigh.rm.ram4 MB
jenniferpromohigh.rm.ram6 MB
jenpaddlepun5_150.rm3 MB
jenpaddlepun6_150.rm7 MB
jenschswat1_450-joined.rm20 MB
jessica and brandi otk.rm2 MB
jessica spanked on the stool.rm8 MB
kailee_1149_rs1_450.rm.ram10 MB
kailee_1149_rs1_450-joined.rm28 MB
kailee_1149_rs2_450.rm.ram11 MB
kailee_1149_rs3_450.rm.ram6 MB
kailee430iarrival1_450.ram12 MB
kailee430iarrival2_450.ram9 MB
kailee430iarrival3_450.ram11 MB
kailee430iarrival4_450.ram5 MB
kailee430pp1_450.ram9 MB
kailee430pp2_450.ram11 MB
kailee430pp3_450.ram12 MB
kailee430pp4_450.ram10 MB
kailee455paddle1_450.ram6 MB
kailee455paddle2_450.ram6 MB
kaliee430test1_450.ram10 MB
kaliee430test2_450.ram10 MB
kaliee441inaked1_450.ram10 MB
kaliee441inaked2_450.ram9 MB
kaliee441inaked3_450.ram6 MB
kaliee441inaked4_450.ram5 MB
kaliee441round1_450.ram9 MB
kaliee441round2_450.ram3 MB
Kathy - Faces.ram34 MB
Kathy profile.rm28 MB
kathy339otkhand2_450.ram7 MB
kathy339otkhand3_450.ram6 MB
kathy403twogirl1_450-joined.rm9 MB
kc334dstyle1_450-joined.rm13 MB
kim408pjs1_450-joined.rm8 MB
kim408tardy1_450.ram11 MB
kim408tardy2_450.ram7 MB
lateupdates3.rm2 MB
lateupdates4.rm3 MB
leahvoyeurstrap.rm6 MB
liz351teardrop1_450-joined.rm19 MB
liz360faces1_450-joined.rm13 MB
lori_breast.rm32 MB
Lyndsey Dean Paddle1_175.rm2 MB
Lyndsey Dean Paddle2_175.ram1 MB
Lyndsey Dean Paddle3_175.ram1 MB
marissa173drop2_450.ram4 MB
marissacheer1.rm4 MB
marissacheer2.rm4 MB
melissa239couch1_450.ram2 MB
melissa239couch1_450-joined.rm28 MB
melissa239couch2_450.ram2 MB
melissa239couch3_450.ram10 MB
melissa239tdrop2_450.ram9 MB
melissa239tdrop3_450.ram9 MB
michelle369nobra1_450-joined.rm17 MB
michelle371swats1_450-joined.rm48 MB
michelle388cheer1_450-joined.rm18 MB
michelle388faces1_450-joined.rm16 MB
michelle401belt1_450-joined.rm35 MB
michelle414paddle1_450-joined.rm7 MB
nikkiprofile1.rm8 MB
nudemarissa4.ram5 MB
nudestrap.ram2 MB
officebrush1.rm1 MB
officebrush2.rm1 MB
officebrush3.rm988 KB
officebrush4.rm1 MB
otkhigh.rm.ram2 MB
paddle1.ram14 MB
paige340sleepclass1_450-joined.rm10 MB
paige340strapjean1_450-joined.rm11 MB
paigefaces1-joined.rm22 MB
Realspankings - Jennifer Steals jennifer234steal1_450_all.ram31 MB
Realspankings - Amy - Profile - 6min.rm6 MB
Realspankings - April - Profile - 7min.rm8 MB
Realspankings - Brandi - Otk - 5min.rm5 MB
Realspankings - Carrie - Profile - 14min.rm49 MB
Realspankings - Holly's Second Profile - spanking.rm14 MB
Realspankings - Isabel's Profile - spanking.rm16 MB
Realspankings - Jada'S Profile.rm6 MB
Realspankings - Kathy hand spanking kathy339pp1_450_all.rm28 MB
Realspankings - Michelle's Profile - spanking.rm13 MB
RealSpankings - Misty Belt 1.ram5 MB
Realspankings - Sammie Real Discipline.ram44 MB
Realspankings - Trish's Severe Punishments V - Bare Bottom with Narrow Punishment Strap.rm7 MB
realspankingssamp2.ram13 MB
realspankingssamp5.rm.ram4 MB
request1_175.rm4 MB
request2_175.rm5 MB
request3_175.rm3 MB
request4_175.rm5 MB
request5_175.rm6 MB
request6_175.rm6 MB
sapa1.rm6 MB
sarah1.ram1 MB
sarah302barebreast1_450-joined.ram16 MB
sarah302profile1_450-joined.ram16 MB
sarah302schgirl1_450-joined.ram25 MB
sarah304ihallspk1_450-joined.ram9 MB
sarah314istrapclass1_450-joined.ram7 MB
sarah317otk1_450.ram8 MB
sarah317otk1_450-joined.ram30 MB
sarah317strap1_450.rm8 MB
sarah317strap1_450-joined.ram30 MB
sarah317strap2_450.rm8 MB
sarah317strap3_450.rm6 MB
sarah317strap4_450.rm7 MB
sarah317strap4_450-joined.rm30 MB
sarah323ihandspank1_450-joined.ram22 MB
sarah323ischwork1_450-joined.ram20 MB
sarah325itokteardrop1_450-joined.ram28 MB
sarah325swimsuit1_450.ram9 MB
sarah325swimsuit1_450-joined.ram51 MB
sarah330ihelddown1_450.ram11 MB
sarah330ihelddown2_450.ram7 MB
sarah335diaper1_450-joined.ram12 MB
sarah335diaper1_450-joined.rm12 MB
sarah335makeup1_450-joined.ram21 MB
sarah335makeup2_450-joined.rm21 MB
sarah335painweek1_450.rm6 MB
sarah335painweek1_450-joined.ram12 MB
sarah335painweek2_450.rm6 MB
sarah352faces1_450.rm-joined.ram38 MB
sarah352isleep1_450-joined.ram12 MB
sarah362iron1_450-joined.ram13 MB
sarah362strap1_450.rm9 MB
sarah362strap1_450.rm-joined.ram14 MB
sarah415istrap1_450-joined.ram20 MB
sarah415otk1_450-joined.ram14 MB
sarah415otk1_450-joined.rm14 MB
sarah445idress1_450-joined.ram28 MB
sarah456stroke1_450-joined.ram34 MB
sarahsample_450.rm.ram4 MB
schoolpaddle1.rm1 MB
schoolpaddle2.rm2 MB
schoolpaddle3.rm1 MB
severe1.ram11 MB
severe2.ram8 MB
severe3.ram10 MB
severe4.ram4 MB
severe5.ram6 MB
Spanking - Realspankings - Jeniffers Hairbrush Punishment.ram27 MB
Spanking Teen Jessica - Jessica's School Paddling - 5min.rm5 MB
Spanking Teen Jessica - twister.rm39 MB
spanking12.rm.ram2 MB
spanking24.rm.ram3 MB
spanking32.rm.ram2 MB
SpankingTeenBrandi - hairbrush.rm19 MB
SpankingTeenJessica - (strapped on hands an....paddled hard on ass) multiresult-joined.rm39 MB
SpankingTeenJessica - Diaper Position (spre...and strap XXXX)jessica309diaper1_350_all.rm13 MB
SpankingTeenJessica - Hidden Report Card pt1 - 1469_1_350-joined.rm18 MB
SpankingTeenJessica - Mouth Soaping Springbreak2 .rm4 MB
SpankingTeenJessica - Tour (behind scenes tourof spanking video) tour1_225-joined.rm40 MB
strap 5.rm1 MB
strap1.rm2 MB
strap2.rm2 MB
strap3.rm1 MB
strap4.rm2 MB
strappingspreviewhighres.rm.ram3 MB
struggle2_350 (Jessica getting hard spanking from mom).rm3 MB
teenbrandi spanked.rm27 MB
Traci is Spanked by Miss J traci348isleep1_450_all.rm9 MB
traci339belt1_450-joined.rm21 MB
trishcane1_450.ram10 MB
trishcane2_450.ram11 MB
trishcane3_450.ram9 MB
trishcane4_450.ram11 MB
trishpreviewhigh.rm.ram2 MB
twocouch1.rm837 KB
twocouch2.rm994 KB
twocouch3.rm872 KB
twocouch4.rm1,000 KB
twocouch5.rm1 MB
twocouch6.rm797 KB
twocouchb1.rm823 KB
twocouchb2.rm968 KB
twocouchb3.rm1 MB
twocouchb4.rm1 MB
twocouchb5.rm778 KB
twocouchb6.rm1 MB
tylerglam1-joined.rm20 MB
tylerprofile1.rm8 MB
tylerprofile2.rm4 MB
voyeurcam.rm4 MB
yardstick1.ram13 MB
yardstick2.ram11 MB
zoeprofile2.ram2 MB
zoeprofile3.ram3 MB

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