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(PS3)Heavenly Sword (USA)(Ingles)(www DAMEPS3 com)

22.60 GB  
in 607 files
   0 / 0
5 years old  
0    20
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Torrent Contents

music.wad345 MB
c1_09_06_cliffclearing_part1.bik305 MB
c1_07_01#08_01.bik258 MB
c1_04_01_bodypyre.bik235 MB
c1_00_03#01_01.bik229 MB
c1_03_01#03.bik201 MB
c1_09_08c_cliffclearing_part2.bik135 MB
c1_01_02_flashbacks.bik123 MB
c1_00_01_intro.bik90 MB
c1_09_01_catapults.bik82 MB
c1_09_04_leapwall.bik47 MB
c2_08_08_generals.bik685 MB
c2_12_02_shenrevival.bik391 MB
c2#c1_09_09#c2_03_01.bik270 MB
c2_14_03_whiptailsdeath.bik168 MB
c2_08_07_prisonerrescued.bik110 MB
c2_13_01_sniperwalkway_intro.bik102 MB
c2_13_05_sniperwalkway_success.bik94 MB
c3_05_01_kai_finds_nariko.bik201 MB
c3_01_01c_branding.bik177 MB
c3_06_00#01.bik156 MB
c3_12_02_armoury.bik122 MB
c3_14_03a#03b.bik115 MB
c3_06_05_lastonestanding.bik80 MB
c3_13_01_orangumenarrive.bik50 MB
c3_13_03_heatthingsup.bik30 MB
c3_13_03a_moreorangumenarrive.bik30 MB
c4_10_11#c5_01_01.bik329 MB
c4_01_01_kingbalcony.bik101 MB
c4_10_10_kaiawakens.bik27 MB
c5_02_00#11_03.bik628 MB
c5_13_13#13b.bik218 MB
c5_13_01b#03.bik108 MB
c5_13_01_attackfromabove.bik78 MB
c5_13_12_retreat.bik68 MB
c6_03_05#05b#05d#04_01.bik906 MB
c6_03_03#03b.bik311 MB
c6_03_04c_officechair.bik91 MB
c6_03_01_narikobecomesdeity.bik91 MB
c6_03_04a_hell_is_waiting.bik40 MB
c7_00_02_anime.bik214 MB
c7_00_01_anime.bik209 MB
makingof4.bik456 MB
makingof3.bik435 MB
makingof5.bik434 MB
makingof2.bik429 MB
makingof1.bik405 MB
loading.bik19 MB
initialbattle_global.wad78 MB
initialbattle_area1.wad48 B
fort_global.wad99 MB
fort_area9.wad53 MB
fort_area17.wad53 MB
fort_area6.wad52 MB
fort_area10.wad51 MB
fort_area5.wad49 MB
fort_area14.wad44 MB
fort_area12.wad41 MB
fort_area13.wad36 MB
fort_area15.wad34 MB
fort_area16.wad32 MB
fort_area11.wad28 MB
fort_area1.wad26 MB
fort_area2.wad25 MB
fort_area18.wad25 MB
fort_area8.wad9 MB
fort_area19.wad1 MB
fort_area20.wad1 MB
fort_area23.wad742 KB
fort_area27.wad742 KB
fort_area28.wad742 KB
fort_area25.wad742 KB
fort_area26.wad742 KB
fort_area30.wad742 KB
fort_area31.wad742 KB
fort_area32.wad742 KB
fort_area29.wad742 KB
fort_area21.wad742 KB
fort_area22.wad742 KB
fort_area24.wad742 KB
fort_area4.wad48 B
fort_area3.wad48 B
fort_area7.wad48 B
walkways_global.wad108 MB
walkways_area17.wad56 MB
walkways_area14.wad55 MB
walkways_area23.wad50 MB
walkways_area3.wad45 MB
walkways_area16.wad43 MB
walkways_area15.wad43 MB
walkways_area7.wad40 MB
walkways_area4.wad40 MB
walkways_area12.wad40 MB
walkways_area20.wad37 MB
walkways_area18.wad37 MB
walkways_area19.wad37 MB
walkways_area8.wad37 MB
walkways_area25.wad36 MB
walkways_area21.wad36 MB
walkways_area26.wad35 MB
walkways_area30.wad35 MB
walkways_area27.wad34 MB
walkways_area6.wad34 MB
walkways_area5.wad33 MB
walkways_area10.wad31 MB
walkways_area11.wad29 MB
walkways_area22.wad29 MB
walkways_area9.wad29 MB
walkways_area31.wad23 MB
walkways_area13.wad21 MB
walkways_area24.wad20 MB
walkways_area28.wad15 MB
walkways_area29.wad12 MB
walkways_area32.wad12 MB
walkways_area2.wad48 B
walkways_area1.wad48 B
temple_global.wad114 MB
temple_area29.wad78 MB
temple_area7.wad68 MB
temple_area8.wad66 MB
temple_area21.wad62 MB
temple_area18.wad62 MB
temple_area13.wad59 MB
temple_area30.wad59 MB
temple_area24.wad59 MB
temple_area23.wad59 MB
temple_area25.wad58 MB
temple_area6.wad58 MB
temple_area31.wad58 MB
temple_area9.wad58 MB
temple_area27.wad57 MB
temple_area11.wad57 MB
temple_area17.wad54 MB
temple_area10.wad53 MB
temple_area15.wad50 MB
temple_area26.wad44 MB
temple_area20.wad44 MB
temple_area19.wad41 MB
temple_area5.wad37 MB
temple_area4.wad37 MB
temple_area16.wad37 MB
temple_area3.wad19 MB
temple_area12.wad16 MB
temple_area14.wad15 MB
temple_area22.wad15 MB
temple_area28.wad1 MB
temple_env_sound_global.wad579 KB
temple_anims_global.wad579 KB
temple_area32.wad555 KB
temple_area1.wad48 B
temple_area2.wad48 B
escape_global.wad121 MB
escape_area3.wad68 MB
escape_area13.wad59 MB
escape_area15.wad57 MB
escape_area17.wad56 MB
escape_area16.wad47 MB
escape_area6.wad47 MB
escape_area5.wad45 MB
escape_area4.wad45 MB
escape_area11.wad43 MB
escape_area9.wad38 MB
escape_area8.wad37 MB
escape_area7.wad33 MB
escape_area10.wad32 MB
escape_area14.wad30 MB
escape_area12.wad28 MB
escape_area20.wad19 MB
escape_area19.wad3 MB
escape_area18.wad789 KB
escape_area1.wad48 B
escape_area2.wad48 B
battlefield_global.wad96 MB
battlefield_area3.wad69 MB
battlefield_area9.wad67 MB
battlefield_area10.wad61 MB
battlefield_area8.wad60 MB
battlefield_area11.wad59 MB
battlefield_area12.wad45 MB
battlefield_area13.wad45 MB
battlefield_area4.wad64 KB
battlefield_area30.wad64 KB
battlefield_area31.wad57 KB
battlefield_area25.wad55 KB
battlefield_area20.wad55 KB
battlefield_area18.wad55 KB
battlefield_area17.wad55 KB
battlefield_area14.wad55 KB
battlefield_area16.wad55 KB
battlefield_area19.wad55 KB
battlefield_area26.wad55 KB
battlefield_area27.wad55 KB
battlefield_area28.wad55 KB
battlefield_area29.wad55 KB
battlefield_area15.wad55 KB
battlefield_area22.wad55 KB
battlefield_area23.wad55 KB
battlefield_area32.wad55 KB
battlefield_area21.wad55 KB
battlefield_area24.wad55 KB
battlefield_area5.wad9 KB
battlefield_area7.wad3 KB
battlefield_area2.wad48 B
battlefield_area1.wad48 B
kingbattle_global.wad98 MB
kingbattle_area3.wad42 MB
kingbattle_area4.wad34 MB
kingbattle_area5.wad31 MB
kingbattle_area11.wad5 KB
kingbattle_area10.wad5 KB
kingbattle_area9.wad5 KB
kingbattle_area8.wad5 KB
kingbattle_area30.wad5 KB
kingbattle_area15.wad48 B
kingbattle_area19.wad48 B
kingbattle_area2.wad48 B
kingbattle_area20.wad48 B
kingbattle_area21.wad48 B
kingbattle_area22.wad48 B
kingbattle_area17.wad48 B
kingbattle_area18.wad48 B
kingbattle_area25.wad48 B
kingbattle_area16.wad48 B
kingbattle_area27.wad48 B
kingbattle_area28.wad48 B
kingbattle_area29.wad48 B
kingbattle_area14.wad48 B
kingbattle_area26.wad48 B
kingbattle_area31.wad48 B
kingbattle_area32.wad48 B
kingbattle_area13.wad48 B
kingbattle_area12.wad48 B
kingbattle_area6.wad48 B
kingbattle_area7.wad48 B
kingbattle_area23.wad48 B
kingbattle_area1.wad48 B
kingbattle_area24.wad48 B
purgatory_global.wad60 MB
purgatory_area3.wad48 B
purgatory_area1.wad48 B
purgatory_area5.wad48 B
purgatory_area7.wad48 B
purgatory_area2.wad48 B
purgatory_area4.wad48 B
c1_09_06_cliffclearing_part1.bik113 MB
c1_07_01#08_01.bik85 MB
c1_04_01_bodypyre.bik85 MB
c1_00_03#01_01.bik82 MB
c1_03_01#03.bik72 MB
c1_09_08c_cliffclearing_part2.bik48 MB
c1_01_02_flashbacks.bik34 MB
c1_00_01_intro.bik32 MB
c1_09_01_catapults.bik31 MB
c1_09_04_leapwall.bik15 MB
c2_08_08_generals.bik266 MB
c2_12_02_shenrevival.bik153 MB
c2#c1_09_09#c2_03_01.bik93 MB
c2_14_03_whiptailsdeath.bik64 MB
c2_08_07_prisonerrescued.bik38 MB
c2_13_05_sniperwalkway_success.bik37 MB
c2_13_01_sniperwalkway_intro.bik33 MB
c3_05_01_kai_finds_nariko.bik79 MB
c3_01_01c_branding.bik70 MB
c3_06_00#01.bik60 MB
c3_12_02_armoury.bik47 MB
c3_14_03a#03b.bik42 MB
c3_06_05_lastonestanding.bik32 MB
c3_13_01_orangumenarrive.bik17 MB
c3_13_03_heatthingsup.bik12 MB
c3_13_03a_moreorangumenarrive.bik8 MB
c4_10_11#c5_01_01.bik117 MB
c4_01_01_kingbalcony.bik39 MB
c4_10_10_kaiawakens.bik8 MB
c5_02_00#11_03.bik237 MB
c5_13_13#13b.bik81 MB
c5_13_01b#03.bik36 MB
c5_13_01_attackfromabove.bik30 MB
c5_13_12_retreat.bik23 MB
c5_11_07b_shen_getback.bik5 MB
c6_03_05#05b#05d#04_01.bik309 MB
c6_03_03#03b.bik111 MB
c6_03_01_narikobecomesdeity.bik35 MB
c6_03_04c_officechair.bik33 MB
c6_03_04a_hell_is_waiting.bik15 MB
c7_00_02_anime.bik92 MB
c7_00_01_anime.bik88 MB
makingof4.bik190 MB
makingof3.bik181 MB
makingof5.bik180 MB
makingof2.bik179 MB
makingof1.bik169 MB
territory.config1 KB
global_base.wad106 MB
ch3_japanese_6ch.wad100 MB
ch4_japanese_6ch.wad96 MB
ch2_base_6ch.wad84 MB
purgatory_japanese_6ch.wad82 MB
ch3_base_6ch.wad74 MB
ch2_japanese_6ch.wad58 MB
ch4_base_6ch.wad58 MB
ch3_english.wad38 MB
global_japanese.wad37 MB
ch3_swedish.wad37 MB
ch3_finnish.wad36 MB
ch3_italian.wad36 MB
ch3_german.wad36 MB
ch3_japanese_2ch.wad35 MB
ch3_french.wad35 MB
ch3_portuguese.wad35 MB
ch3_norwegian.wad35 MB
ch3_japanese.wad35 MB
ch3_spanish.wad35 MB
ch3_dutch.wad34 MB
ch3_danish.wad34 MB
ch4_base_2ch.wad34 MB
ch1_base_6ch.wad33 MB
ch2_base_2ch.wad32 MB
ch4_japanese_2ch.wad31 MB
ch2_japanese_2ch.wad29 MB
ch3_base_2ch.wad29 MB
purgatory_base_6ch.wad28 MB
purgatory_japanese_2ch.wad25 MB
ch1_english.wad23 MB
ch2_english.wad23 MB
ch1_swedish.wad22 MB
ch4_english.wad22 MB
ch1_italian.wad21 MB
ch1_french.wad21 MB
ch2_swedish.wad21 MB
ch1_german.wad21 MB
ch1_finnish.wad21 MB
ch1_norwegian.wad21 MB
ch4_swedish.wad21 MB
ch1_portuguese.wad21 MB
ch4_italian.wad21 MB
ch1_dutch.wad20 MB
ch2_german.wad20 MB
ch4_finnish.wad20 MB
ch1_spanish.wad20 MB
ch1_japanese.wad20 MB
ch2_italian.wad20 MB
ch4_german.wad20 MB
ch1_danish.wad20 MB
ch4_french.wad20 MB
ch5_english.wad20 MB
ch4_norwegian.wad20 MB
ch2_japanese.wad20 MB
ch2_finnish.wad20 MB
ch2_norwegian.wad20 MB
ch4_japanese.wad20 MB
ch4_portuguese.wad20 MB
ch2_french.wad20 MB
ch2_portuguese.wad20 MB
ch4_spanish.wad20 MB
ch2_danish.wad19 MB
ch2_spanish.wad19 MB
ch4_danish.wad19 MB
ch2_dutch.wad19 MB
ch4_dutch.wad19 MB
ch5_swedish.wad18 MB
ch5_italian.wad18 MB
ch5_german.wad18 MB
ch5_dutch.wad17 MB
ch5_portuguese.wad17 MB
ch5_finnish.wad17 MB
ch5_norwegian.wad17 MB
ch5_japanese.wad17 MB
ch5_french.wad17 MB
ch5_spanish.wad17 MB
ch5_danish.wad17 MB
ch1_japanese_6ch.wad16 MB
ch5_base_6ch.wad13 MB
ch2_portuguese_2ch.wad13 MB
ch2_norwegian_2ch.wad13 MB
ch2_swedish_2ch.wad13 MB
ch2_finnish_2ch.wad13 MB
ch2_italian_2ch.wad13 MB
ch2_french_2ch.wad13 MB
ch2_danish_2ch.wad13 MB
ch2_dutch_2ch.wad13 MB
ch2_english_2ch.wad13 MB
ch2_german_2ch.wad12 MB
ch2_spanish_2ch.wad12 MB
ch3_finnish_2ch.wad12 MB
ch3_english_2ch.wad12 MB
ch3_norwegian_2ch.wad12 MB
ch3_german_2ch.wad12 MB
ch3_italian_2ch.wad12 MB
ch3_spanish_2ch.wad12 MB
ch3_dutch_2ch.wad12 MB
ch3_danish_2ch.wad12 MB
ch3_swedish_2ch.wad12 MB
ch3_french_2ch.wad12 MB
ch3_portuguese_2ch.wad12 MB
ch1_base_2ch.wad12 MB
ch3_finnish_6ch.wad11 MB
ch3_english_6ch.wad11 MB
ch3_norwegian_6ch.wad11 MB
ch3_german_6ch.wad11 MB
ch3_italian_6ch.wad11 MB
ch3_spanish_6ch.wad11 MB
ch3_dutch_6ch.wad11 MB
ch3_danish_6ch.wad11 MB
ch3_swedish_6ch.wad11 MB
ch3_french_6ch.wad11 MB
ch3_portuguese_6ch.wad11 MB
ch6_english.wad11 MB
purgatory_portuguese_2ch.wad10 MB
ch2_portuguese_6ch.wad10 MB
ch2_norwegian_6ch.wad10 MB
ch2_italian_6ch.wad10 MB
ch2_english_6ch.wad10 MB
ch2_swedish_6ch.wad10 MB
ch2_finnish_6ch.wad10 MB
ch2_french_6ch.wad10 MB
ch2_danish_6ch.wad10 MB
ch2_dutch_6ch.wad10 MB
ch2_german_6ch.wad10 MB
ch2_spanish_6ch.wad10 MB
ch6_swedish.wad10 MB
ch6_german.wad9 MB
ch6_french.wad9 MB
ch6_norwegian.wad9 MB
ch6_japanese.wad9 MB
ch6_italian.wad9 MB
ch6_spanish.wad9 MB
ch6_portuguese.wad9 MB
ch6_dutch.wad9 MB
ch6_finnish.wad9 MB
ch6_danish.wad8 MB
ch5_japanese_6ch.wad8 MB
purgatory_norwegian_2ch.wad8 MB
purgatory_spanish_2ch.wad8 MB
purgatory_finnish_2ch.wad8 MB
purgatory_swedish_2ch.wad8 MB
purgatory_english_2ch.wad8 MB
purgatory_italian_2ch.wad8 MB
purgatory_german_2ch.wad8 MB
purgatory_danish_2ch.wad8 MB
purgatory_french_2ch.wad8 MB
purgatory_dutch_2ch.wad8 MB
purgatory_base_2ch.wad8 MB
ch1_japanese_2ch.wad7 MB
ch4_german_2ch.wad6 MB
ch4_english_2ch.wad6 MB
ch4_spanish_2ch.wad6 MB
ch4_swedish_2ch.wad6 MB
ch4_portuguese_2ch.wad6 MB
ch4_norwegian_2ch.wad6 MB
ch4_italian_2ch.wad6 MB
ch4_finnish_2ch.wad6 MB
ch4_french_2ch.wad6 MB
ch4_danish_2ch.wad6 MB
ch4_dutch_2ch.wad6 MB
ch6_base_6ch.wad6 MB
ch4_german_6ch.wad5 MB
ch4_english_6ch.wad5 MB
ch4_spanish_6ch.wad5 MB
ch4_swedish_6ch.wad5 MB
ch4_portuguese_6ch.wad5 MB
ch4_norwegian_6ch.wad5 MB
ch4_finnish_6ch.wad5 MB
ch4_italian_6ch.wad5 MB
ch4_french_6ch.wad5 MB
ch4_danish_6ch.wad5 MB
ch4_dutch_6ch.wad5 MB
global_english.wad4 MB
ch5_base_2ch.wad4 MB
purgatory_portuguese_6ch.wad4 MB
purgatory_norwegian_6ch.wad4 MB
purgatory_spanish_6ch.wad4 MB
purgatory_italian_6ch.wad4 MB
purgatory_finnish_6ch.wad4 MB
purgatory_english_6ch.wad4 MB
purgatory_swedish_6ch.wad4 MB
purgatory_german_6ch.wad4 MB
purgatory_danish_6ch.wad4 MB
purgatory_french_6ch.wad4 MB
purgatory_dutch_6ch.wad4 MB
ch5_japanese_2ch.wad3 MB
ch6_base_2ch.wad3 MB
ch1_portuguese_2ch.wad1 MB
ch1_norwegian_2ch.wad1 MB
ch1_italian_2ch.wad1 MB
ch1_english_2ch.wad1 MB
ch1_swedish_2ch.wad1 MB
ch1_finnish_2ch.wad1 MB
ch1_spanish_2ch.wad1 MB
ch1_danish_2ch.wad1 MB
ch1_french_2ch.wad1 MB
ch1_german_2ch.wad1 MB
ch1_dutch_2ch.wad1 MB
ch5_portuguese_2ch.wad1 MB
ch5_norwegian_2ch.wad1 MB
ch5_swedish_2ch.wad1 MB
ch5_spanish_2ch.wad1 MB
ch5_dutch_2ch.wad965 KB
ch5_english_2ch.wad951 KB
ch5_finnish_2ch.wad951 KB
ch5_french_2ch.wad951 KB
ch5_danish_2ch.wad951 KB
ch5_italian_2ch.wad946 KB
ch5_german_2ch.wad945 KB
ch1_portuguese_6ch.wad908 KB
ch1_norwegian_6ch.wad908 KB
ch1_finnish_6ch.wad908 KB
ch1_swedish_6ch.wad908 KB
ch1_italian_6ch.wad908 KB
ch1_english_6ch.wad908 KB
ch1_spanish_6ch.wad908 KB
ch1_danish_6ch.wad908 KB
ch1_german_6ch.wad908 KB
ch1_french_6ch.wad908 KB
ch1_dutch_6ch.wad908 KB
ch5_portuguese_6ch.wad534 KB
ch5_norwegian_6ch.wad534 KB
ch5_spanish_6ch.wad534 KB
ch5_swedish_6ch.wad534 KB
ch5_dutch_6ch.wad483 KB
ch5_finnish_6ch.wad477 KB
ch5_english_6ch.wad477 KB
ch5_french_6ch.wad477 KB
ch5_danish_6ch.wad477 KB
ch5_italian_6ch.wad474 KB
ch5_german_6ch.wad473 KB
global_finnish.wad255 KB
global_swedish.wad245 KB
global_spanish.wad244 KB
global_norwegian.wad243 KB
global_german.wad242 KB
global_italian.wad240 KB
global_french.wad238 KB
global_portuguese.wad233 KB
global_dutch.wad224 KB
global_danish.wad214 KB
ch6_danish_2ch.wad48 B
ch6_dutch_6ch.wad48 B
ch6_danish_6ch.wad48 B
ch6_dutch_2ch.wad48 B
ch6_italian_2ch.wad48 B
ch6_english_2ch.wad48 B
ch6_swedish_6ch.wad48 B
ch6_swedish_2ch.wad48 B
ch6_french_6ch.wad48 B
ch6_italian_6ch.wad48 B
ch6_spanish_6ch.wad48 B
ch6_spanish_2ch.wad48 B
ch6_french_2ch.wad48 B
ch6_english_6ch.wad48 B
ch6_portuguese_6ch.wad48 B
ch6_portuguese_2ch.wad48 B
ch6_norwegian_6ch.wad48 B
ch6_german_6ch.wad48 B
ch6_norwegian_2ch.wad48 B
ch6_german_2ch.wad48 B
ch6_finnish_2ch.wad48 B
ch6_finnish_6ch.wad48 B
ch6_japanese_2ch.wad48 B
ch6_japanese_6ch.wad48 B
speedtree_leaf_vp.sho2 KB
speedtree_billboard_vp.sho2 KB
speedtree_billboard2_vp.sho2 KB
speedtree_frond_vp.sho2 KB
speedgrass_vp.sho1 KB
speedtree_branch_vp.sho1 KB
speedtree_leaf_depth_vp.sho1 KB
speedtree_branch_detail_fp.sho1 KB
speedtree_branch_fp.sho1 KB
speedtree_billboard_fp.sho1 KB
speedtree_billboard_depth_vp.sho1 KB
speedtree_billboard2_depth_vp.sho1 KB
speedtree_depth_vp.sho1 KB
speedtree_frond_fp.sho896 B
speedgrass_fp.sho880 B
speedgrass_depth_vp.sho880 B
speedgrass_depth_fp.sho176 B
speedtree_billboard_depth_fp.sho176 B
speedtree_depth_fp.sho160 B
icon1.pam2 MB
pic1.png2 MB
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icon0.png41 KB
icon1.pam2 MB
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hero_default_blank_anim.anim_ps35 KB
nobody.clump_ps38 KB
game.config727 B
global.wad144 MB
SND0.AT3303 KB
LEEME!!.txt1 KB
Peliculas Gratis.url225 B
Juegos xbox360.url214 B
Juegos Wii.url202 B
Juegos NDS.url202 B
Juegos PC.url199 B
Juegos PS3.url148 B
Juegos PSP.url148 B

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