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Propellerhead Reason 6 + Crack

Software » PC
3.30 GB  
in 2 files
   1 / 0
5 years old  
702    180
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User Comments

1. Frank — long ago
password: Propellerhead reason 6 + crack.
2. jjw — long ago
password.. fail.
what?! password..
i'am korean. password what?!!
3. vovo — long ago
hey! korean! U r N.korean!!
4. Clueless — long ago
What is the password for the rar file? 'Propellerhead reason 6 + crack' doesn't work.
5. Clued Up — long ago
Ah! It's case-sensitive --- the password is 'Propellerhead Reason 6 + Crack'.
6. tabac — long ago
damn..the password is not please
7. Menite001 — long ago
password: Propellerhead Reason 6 + Crack
8. Tabac — long ago
are you fking kidding me?'Propellerhead reason 6 + crack' doesn't work.I think this is FAKE!
-don't donwload guys!
9. PRODUCER — long ago
Hey DUDE. you did it wrong the password is ''Propellerhead Reason 6 + Crack'' but you need to write ''Reason & Crack'' With big R & C. ;) its work for me. ;)
10. Rapist — long ago
ah thx...
work without any Error!
11. PRODUCER — long ago
Your welcome ;)
12. Proplem — long ago
When i put the Crack into the Reason folder and open
the crack i get the (0xc000007b)error what to do? i have tried Uninstall & ReInstall it.
13. FG — long ago
thx for pwd
14. john — long ago
fake fake fake
15. CHamp101 — long ago
Can you use this on a mac? If so which apps do you have to download to use it????
Any help appreciated, cheers.
16. paruhdy — long ago
How do you crack it .. it says some type of file is missing for me... or are you guys just running in demo mode
17. newbie. — long ago
Im doing the same thing and its only playing in demo mode....
18. rich — long ago
would love to know if you can use this on mac as well
19. Doesn't work! :( — long ago
Just doesn't work...
20. Bond — long ago
*** FAKE ****** Don't waste your time, the password doesn't WORK !!!
21. junk — long ago
22. bitchnigga — long ago
this is just a demo
23. s — long ago
"Propellerhead Reason 6 + Crack"
24. johnDoe1969 — long ago
I managed to open rar and this is FAKE as HELL
25. Bigguy98 — long ago
You have to add the spaces in between the words too!
26. bigdinosouar — long ago
good job el nibre
27. mimvaki — long ago
password working.. thanx.. but crack not working :(
28. mimvaki — long ago
0xc000007b error help pls
29. HAVOC — long ago
Someone made this crack work? With me don't happened nothing!Still no save song!
30. n — long ago
what a aaaargh does any1 know how to get this propperly
31. because i neeeed it — long ago
somethings happening pass: Propellerhead Reason 6 + Crack ... ahhh bullshit
32. roadman — long ago
someone tell me if this works cus im half way through downloading it n if it dont work i mite aswell stop it
33. HAVOC — long ago
roadman,Is your system 64 bits? if yes, try this crack and tell me if work or not! cuz I tried in a 32 bits and this crack don't worked for me!
34. password — long ago
password is good if you respect CAPITAL LETTERS!
Right one is:
Propellerhead Reason 6 + Crack
35. Johnny True — long ago
Propellerhead Reason 6 + Crack
Yes it works
36. Jomzy — long ago
Can anyone tell the password for rar file crack (reason 6). i downloaded the crack file but don't know the password.
37. oO — long ago
Did anyone had this working.
I mean the pass with caps is working, but the crack is not, sooooooo...
38. Korean — long ago
No~ We are S.Korean!!
39. Om — long ago
Password is working.....thanx bozz
40. Jomzy — long ago
i've installed reason 6 but when tried to run the crack, it gave me an error message (program can't start because AIFFLib.dll is missing from your computer. Can anyone help me?
41. Shit — long ago
Password works but I get 0xc000007b with the crack :(
42. Shit — long ago
I guess it has something to do that I'm running 64 bit.
43. redsunmtm — long ago
even in 64 bits it is the same, not working (the crack) dll missing !
the crack is not a patch to apply, you have to copy and paste in place of the original exe, but, even, not working...
44. heli — long ago
It´s working. That passwors is Right
Propellerhead Reason 6 + Crack
45. cryoma — long ago
password is right but craker is not....
don't download it is not cracked yet in the caracker does not working wasted time...
just wait little bit more till the completed
46. MagicMelody — long ago
The Pass Is....
Propellerhead Reason 6 + Crack
47. eAs — long ago
Pass: Propellerhead Reason 6 + Crack
48. DJ-Reaty — long ago
tanks for the password
49. abc — long ago
the pass is i have checked now
the good pass is Propellerhead Reason 6 + Crack
i have done copy and paste
its worked for me
50. Luknio — long ago
I've 0xc000007b error .... what should I do?Help please!!!
51. phil — long ago
everything works only when you place the crack,... program allways ask for activation
52. fmf — long ago
thx for pw.
53. XXL Producer — long ago
Password working good job
54. ferb — long ago
i pasted the crack and is still asking for activation?? i should run in demo?
55. AMITASIA — long ago
Install program doesn't work at Windows7 (64bit)
56. iLliTe — long ago
Downloading now... Seems like a lot of the negative comment came from a bunch of retards ... Will post back with my final thoughts of this torrent
57. kkfll — long ago
This is a fckin Fake! Crack doesn't work!
58. pentagram — long ago
it does work if u know what ur doin, but it only runs in demo mode because reason now requires some kind usb dongle to fully work so unless u dont care about not bein able save/ export ur work tnen dont bother w it. but it does work password and all
59. Reason will not get cracked. — long ago
Dont know why you ppl are even trying to download this....Propellerhead now use the Codemeter software USH dongle as protection...making Reason virtually impossible to crack now....
60. josh — long ago
if thats the case then just download the demo from reason site. Its fully functional minus save/export capability. no password or crack lol. patiently awaiting someone that can finally crack it but its not looking good. The dongle had a 15,000 prize to anyone that could bypass it and nobody was able to.
61. music101 — long ago
hi guy the crack works ,saves and exports to use
you have to do some work
62. bill gates — long ago
How did you get the crack to work music101?
63. Deep House — long ago
Im struggling with the download of the file. 'm unale to download it, PLEASE HELP!!! How do you det this Propelrheads Reason 6 + Crack File?
64. Deep House — long ago
I'm struggling with the download of the file. I'm unable to download it, PLEASE HELP!!! How do you det this Propellerheads Reason 6 + Crack File?
65. rowan — long ago
so those who have been able to successfully use the crack: is the working version a demo, or can you save and load your work?
66. music101 — long ago
It is a gate program put the crack in another
folder it will tell you what to do.
67. sbx — long ago
what you mean this is a gate program?
Can you post a detailed instruction on what to do?
replacing the original .exe and starting it gives me a 0xc000007b error.
68. Will — long ago
can you please explain gate programs and how we can get the crack to work. thanks
69. Fill Free — long ago
Reason 6 is protected by Codemeter. If you are using a copy of the original it will effect soundbanks, volume, reverb, delay and just about all the audio features of Reason 6.
Its unlikely that there will be a crack for this piece of software any time soon as i doubt that anyone has the time (or the will) to crack Codemeter.
Codemeter has been the centre of hacking competitions for more than a decade and to date, no one has managed to fully crack the system. By the time someone manages to do it (IF THEY DO IT!) there will probably be a Reason 9 out by then which will have resolved the hackers attacks on Codemeter.
70. Noobie — long ago
Replacing the original .exe gives the 0xc000007b error. I tried to run the crack file in another folder and it seems to be searching the .dll files in the program folder so @music101, what did you do?
I found a trick to export in demo mode making use of the good old Audacity: just hit the "record" button on Audacity and the "play" one in the Reason (make sure the input for recording in the Audacity is set to "stereo mix") ;)
71. Props — long ago
Guys, don't bother downloading the file. As mentioned above, Propellerhead Reason 6, just like Propellerhead Record, cannot be cracked. They have integrated the new ''Ignition Key'' Technology which consists of being able to use Reason (or Record) ONLY when connecting the USB.
72. krez — long ago
is ther someone who can tell me if he can make reason 6 work ???
on win XP , vista , or seven ...
73. FabrizioJP — long ago
Hy the password for rar??
74. ferro — long ago
is also in italy?
75. max82 — long ago
Hi, password doesn't work
Propellerhead Reason 6 + Crack
correct password please?
76. Hely — long ago
A Senha é: Propellerhead Reason 6 + Crack
Respeite as letras maiusculas e minusculas
77. JR — long ago
A Senha é: Propellerhead Reason 6 + Crack
Respeite as letras maiusculas e minusculas
78. black — long ago
hey password doesn't work :(
79. viv — long ago
Thanks a Lot guys:):):)......its working:)
80. Gopi — long ago
Passrd is : Propellerhead Reason 6 + Crack
:) It works Enjoy Dude :) #$*^@^)^%&(%(%(*%)))#
81. Dr Renwa — long ago
Dingbat !!!!!! FAKE FAKE !!!!!
82. pasqualo — long ago
i don't want to buy it and after a week see here the keygen
83. pasqualo — long ago
also if i insert in another folder the crack, show error aifflib.dll
84. Mr copy and Paste — long ago
Worked first time for me :)
85. Darn — long ago
We don't give a shit if that thing works. We wanna know HOW do you get it work!
86. Oby Vst Plugins — long ago
Come To My Facebook
I Have Crack Reason 6
If... you Wont it ...
i have many software like
DAV-VST- And Anyhing
87. uru ru — long ago
88. user — long ago
thenks for the password = Propellerhead Reason 6 + Crack
89. Geeth — long ago
Thanks for the password
password is:Propellerhead Reason 6 + Crack
Its working for me..............
90. KeymatDj — long ago
PERFECT!!! Password: Propellerhead Reason 6 + Crack
91. KeymatDj — long ago
PERFECT!!! Password: Propellerhead Reason 6 + Crack
92. alexhacking — long ago
Le mot de passe c'est ça est écrit pareil Propellerhead Reason 6 + Crack
Mais le crack ne fonctionne pas
mais merci quand même
Non se n'est pas un fake
93. bullysick — long ago
Hello guys, is really useless to see that everyone of you have to say "cool, tnx... working for me". Is not enough to say that, as long as you not see if everything works fine but not just a crack. Can you save/export your works, open saved works etc... ? Can anyone of you give some proper feedback, thanks
94. Dude — long ago
What's the password for Reason 6? I wanna test it out to see if it's Legit.
95. Dose — long ago
This took forever..f$#$ whoever PW protected it. for real. F$#$ you.
96. yeah — long ago
here's what i did. please stop asking questions that have alread been asked and answered several times please read the text. if this is any use to anyone.
I installed.
Copied the cracked exe to the programme directory. ran it. My firewall asked to bind the the software to address for those not familier with that it's the machine you are on. allow the firewall to do this. in then sets up a a udp connection i think. allow that two. it then brings up a menu for registration. run in demo mode. i did. i saved, exported no problem. I hope this helps those still curious.
97. yeah — long ago
you don't need the udp access. There doesn't seem to be an open track option but it saves ok.
98. ralphc — long ago
Where do you type the password so it opens into full version.
The demo mode , internet verification or regsiter.
let me know
99. badshah — long ago
Password Ok... But *****Crack can't work... plzzzzz Help....
100. creep — long ago
the .rar archive password is:Propellerhead Reason 6 + Crack
101. nax — long ago
thank for pass
102. Thell — long ago
As Annon said i've installed it for 32 bit, crack opens Reason but in Demo mode. You cannot export the file, or you cannot open it if you save it as reason 6 file. Let me know if you can find a solution.
103. M_Nyabi Eric Molongya — long ago
it's not working!!!!...this bad programm or what!!!what do i do...the installation is not working..
104. jono — long ago
passworde opo ke?
105. rc301v — long ago
just follow simple instructions, Password: Propellerhead Reason 6 + Crack
106. I H8 MACS — long ago
107. AMITASIA — long ago
password is work but
install program is do not work!!!
my os is windows 7 ultimate x64 SP1
108. seed please — long ago
will someone please seed. been waiting 2 days. thanks...i'll keep it going for a while too
109. phuangkeo — long ago
hey may i have the password please . i am Laos
110. phuangkeo — long ago
the password is work but just run Demo how can i get full help
111. viky — long ago
Propellerhead Reason 6 + Crack
worked for leme mke some music fellas ;)
112. byraaaaarrd — long ago
113. PPN — long ago
@ viky can u pliz enlighten some of us, HOW DID U DO IT
114. adma — long ago
"Propellerhead Reason 6 + Crack" work.
115. Arthur Neves — long ago
esse e o Password:'Propellerhead Reason 6 + Crack' Sem aspas
116. EggApplE — long ago
Propellerhead Reason 6 + Crack
117. EggApplE — long ago
Crack doesnt work , and it is a Demo version
118. Portugalia — long ago
great torrent, thank you uploader !
119. zé nay — long ago
rason6 and record crakc
120. Nottie Boe — long ago
I think the best way from now on is to buy the original version
121. winsler1 — long ago
this is bullshit guys!!!
122. Movie — long ago
Ma la password per disarchiviare??
123. Bill — long ago
Guys, you are such Orks.
124. Dosn't work — long ago
Password work: "Propellerhead Reason 6 + Crack" (without "_")
Crack dosn't work: Error 0xc000007b (after put the crack in Reason file)
Damn, thanks for try, back to Reason 5 ;)
125. madis — long ago
opy password from comment 7 on here and paste it wen ask for password
126. CodeBreakerFromHell — long ago
Everyone who is getting a message saying you need a .dll file go to and search for the specific .dll file and download will automaticly set it all up for you. It works. Done it with many a torrent
127. 4Ever — long ago
This is frustrating. I give up. I'm on Windows 8 and the crack does not work. Screw it. I just wanted to try before I buy, but I guess I'll just buy it.
128. finuccizoli — long ago
The password is good...I tried it.
This is the good password:
Propellerhead Reason 6 + Crack
The "P" the "R" and the "C" letters are big.
129. Reason100101 — long ago
It works. Run in Demo mode and save to the desktop and you will see your file. The thing is you can't reopen the file you have to export the audio.
130. jumper — long ago
is there a link to a reason 5 crack?
131. WORKING CRACK FUCK U — long ago
Why not just give us the PW to the RAR file?? Who wants to take a survey!!!!!
132. hey guys — long ago
dont forget the " . "
133. TripleThreatDubstep — long ago
okay guys.. have Reason 6 open in Demo mode and go to Windows Explorer. open a Reason project file from windows explorer and it will open in reason 6. its a little bit of work, but its a free Reason 6.
134. jeroen — long ago
what is the username
135. Lazybud — long ago
Password:Propellerhead Reason 6 + Crack: Works. But the Crack Not! Also have a Error(0X000007b)!
Whos gonna work allready with that Crack?
136. Lazybud — long ago
i Tryed also to make those things::::
Without Succes!
Crack doesent Work couse the error (0X000007b) came enytime!
Dont Down This Peace Of Bull Sh!t.
137. MP3 — long ago
The password works if typed or copied properly, the Windows Explorer loading of old RNS files and saving them after editing too, but ...
NOT exporting the songs as audio files (e. g. MP3).
And tha-tha-that's (all) I wanted, folks.
138. wav — long ago
reason doesnt deal with mp3's, only wav or aiff
139. wav — long ago
but did you mean also wav, cause if it doesn't export, thats a problem :(
140. cubaser — long ago
guys, this is just a demo version of reason. you can download it for free off the propellerhead website. seriously, dont waste your time here. cant even open any files in the demo.
141. Jimmy — long ago
Listen guys here's the god dam password copy it from my comment and paste it to the rar file password box... Propellerhead Reason 6 + Crack
142. wilson smith — long ago
Quer dizer então que esta merda não funciona e não funcionará? Ninguém terá inteligência maior que o pessoal da Propellerhead
143. Passwordhelp — long ago
Help for Password
The official password is:
Propellerhead Reason 6 + Crack
Propellerhead Reason 6 + Crack
144. Gueba Ruola — long ago
Propellerhead Reason 6 + Crack
funcionou c este password
145. pVP — long ago
146. Roby — long ago
Its interesting to know, has it made more profit for propellerhead now while using codemeter protection. Most developers intentionally don't use unbreakable protection because they would lost potential buyers in the future. I am afraid propellerheads get with this protection short term gain but loose interest from newbies and after 5 years they have much less users than now.
147. Always Pimpin — long ago
I completely agree with you Roby. If I could afford Reason 6 I would love to buy it and support them. It is truly amazing software and they deserve every penny that they get. But you are right. If I can't use it until I can afford it then I might have to look at Ableton Live 9 instead if I get used to that then I would never consider Reason again.
Bad idea on their part for sure.
They are turning away die hard fans and losing potential customers.
Has anyone tried to rewire it to ableton and export your song that way. Just an idea. If they haven't blocked Rewire then it should work and just arrange your new loops as samples in ableton.
148. Wagnercoffe — long ago
Password is: Propellerhead Reason 6 + Crack
Copy and Paste this: Propellerhead Reason 6 + Crack
149. @Always Pimping — long ago
Sorry bro, they blocked Rewire in the demo version. I don't understand why this USB key thing is so hard to emulate? Couldn't you either emulate what process the key starts or brute force the key software onto a computer and have an emulated USB key start once the program is started? You could also re-program the portion of the code to allow saving and exporting in Reason, or at least saving and just use audacity to record straight from your sound card and export it from there. I don't know exactly how that works but being a programmer if I had the key it shouldn't be that hard in my opinion.
Does anyone know of any legal, legit ways of earning a free or cheap copy of Reason 6? I'm desperate for this software. I might call up Propellerhead on some legal bullshit or just blatantly ask for a free copy just to try my hand at cracking it myself.
150. Mnce — long ago
May I please have the winrar password the for "Propellerhead reason 6 + Crack" cpmpressed file to extract them?
151. PPCOX — long ago
Hi, password don't work.
pls correct pass???
152. alfre — long ago
is this a demo or what??? are somebody who the keyword or licesence
153. Nick — long ago
Guys, give it a rest and let this die.
Nobody will ever be able to make a working crack because of codemaster. Reason 7.0 should be released any day now. Just do what I'm doing, sell your ps3 or 360 on craigslist. Then buy the full version so it will always be yours. Upgrading to future versions will only cost like a bill. Plus you get all the free refills you could ever need straight from the website. Do yourself and propellerheads a favor and just buy it. Anything you make will mean that much more to you if you actually pay for it :)
154. bmoha — long ago
pack it with Total commander and Propellerhead Reason 6 + Crack is working
155. tebs — long ago
How can I crack this ? i need help
156. Ronakai — long ago
Do not download this fake.Reason 6 is 5+ gb.
157. fuck you usa — long ago
japen hhhhhhhhh
158. triii — long ago
puck passwd
159. Mrzetman — long ago
Can someone please tell me , 1. is this only running on demo mode? 2 is it possible to save project and export audio? Please answer if you already using it
160. freshout — long ago
ohh its real I managed to open it.
161. Prettykool — long ago
Propellerhead Reason 6 + Crack WORK
162. Lady123 — long ago
hey i downloaded reason 6 but i dont have a key so if i register what username and password do i use??
163. K-gouille — long ago
Hi everybody ,
psw : "Propellerhead Reason 6 + Crack" works !
make a copy/past to be sure
164. jay dee nox — long ago
is it a demo or the real iso???
165. shane/kr /dispanza — long ago
it work thanks very much.mi just a beg god to make the crack work.
166. Laume — long ago
167. not fake — long ago
not fake read carefully
168. Cris! — long ago
Plese, hows to make work the crack path 4 path? thank u!
169. errol — long ago
i have done work with the demo version.easy simply rewire it to nuendo or cubase and do the saving via the master ....while song is been created[yours]save all presets[patches-all instruments u used those put out] save your song in midi format ...retrieve your song [midi]then apply the saved instrument patch you created goes your song rewire reasons then save through cubaseor nuendo .....
170. ..... — long ago
Reason 6 won't get cracked. Give it a rest lol I know nothing about cracking or hacking, but if the demo version only has the save and export function disabled, I would of thought trying to crack the demo version, rather than the actual USB/dongle version, would have been easier.
171. FFH — long ago
Propellerhead Reason v6.5.3 x86 3.31G
Propellerhead Reason v6.5.3 x86 key 6.72M
172. King — long ago
Uploader is a bad guy.
no Password can open this.
I tryed many times.
all are Bull-shit.
its totaly Fake.
173. sb — long ago
the cracked exe is exactly the same as the original exe.
totally useless crack.
174. jhony — long ago
rebanho de corno cade a senha
175. Many — long ago
Plese what password ???????!!!!
176. downloader — long ago
shitty password crap...lies. want a good download? read comments first :p
177. Wow — long ago
You people are (98% of you) all f***ing MORONS! It's not FAKE, it's REAL, however it does not work on 64 bit machines, and it's only the demo, since it's uncrackable. This is the correct info. Password works. JUST READ THIS anyone who wants the real info. Everyone who says it's fake is just incapable of typing the password properly. F*** you MORONS.
178. Hmm... — long ago
I don't speek english
and fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck you
미국 양키새끼들아 꺼져 병,신아
179. 방금 올린사람이다 — long ago
내가 영어를 몰라서 그러는데 니들이 이거 사기라고 지랄 대지 말고 병신들아 니들이 직접 사 병신년들아
니미 보지나 존나 쪽쪽 빨고 살으라고 병신새끼들
그렇게 할짓이 없냐?
토렌트로 야동이나 쳐 다운이나 봐 병.신 호로 짭새들아
미친년들 니네 부모새끼들은 니새끼가 이런데서 게임 다운받고있는지는 아냐 병.신호구 새끼 ㅉㅉ
180. ShittyReason — long ago little piece of brainless shit: tell us for what "reason" we need a f*** demo?
People want a FULLY FUNCTIONAL PROGRAM...Helloooo, it´s any intelligent activity inside your empty head? Obiously not, get a life, retarded loser!
181. Edd Spira — long ago
Everybody: DO NOT waste your time to download this piece of!!! uuuuu pasword is working...uuuuu pasword is not working....uuuuuu
We need a full version of REASON....REASON!!!!!!!!! you morons...REASON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
RREEEAAASSSOOOONNNN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !
Yes, you can unlock the archive, BUT THE F...ING CRACK IS NOOOTTTTT WOOOOORKIIIIINGGG!!!!!!!!!!!!
I dont care about the pass!!! THE CRACK IS NOT WOOOOORKIIIING!!!!!!!!!!!!!
182. GuttaG — long ago
183. Parasite-B — long ago
Well, after reading all the comments I can't believe people are still trying this torrent, and still can't get the password right. Blatantly a fake. Use some common sense, people.
184. just answer this — long ago
i just want a way to open the saves. thats the only thing it doesnt have besides export. we all know the dongle is uncrackable, but f*@% its only the save i want to open, which is apparently impossible....right?
185. ok let me say this! — long ago
F**k Propelerhead!
186. jin — long ago
Basically this file is FACE guys.
187. jin — long ago
I mean FAKE
188. mine — long ago
i've been wondering around the internet for this pass for over a week, thanks
189. kr — long ago
오늘의 개드립, 오드립
190. anonimo — long ago
Gente,baixei esse torrent,e funcionou 100%
copiei e colei a senha aqui mesmo,não digitei nada estou usando agora,não é fake.hoje dia 23/11/2013
Copiei essa senha:(Propellerhead Reason 6 + Crack)e funcionou perfeitamente.
Parabéns ao site que disponibilizou esse software
difícil de achar na net.Obrigado à todos,Deus abençõe vocês.
191. anonimo — long ago
Folks, I downloaded this torrent, and it worked 100%
I copied and pasted the password right here, not typed anything'm using now, is not fake.hoje day 23/11/2013
I copied this password: (Propellerhead Reason 6 + Crack) and it worked perfectly.
Congratulations to the site that provided this software
hard to find in the net.Obrigado all, God bless you.
192. lee — long ago
yo how come everytime i download dis crack it keeps saying reason 4 and if i wanna run? is just sayn dat n it is a real crack of reason 6?can someone answer my question?...thanks
193. KaleidoscopeEyes — long ago
Mac OS X - NO
Windows - YES
CrossOver - NO
1 Download the Torrent: Propellerhead Reason 6 + Crack
2 Locate the file: Propellerhead Reason 6 + Crack
3 Open the Rar file, [CASE SENSITIVE] Password: Propellerhead Reason 6 + Crack
4 Install Reason as normally
5 Copy the File Reason.exe from the Folder Crack to:
/Program Files/Propellerhead/Reason/ and replace it.
I am a hacker/cracker and I am a girl.
194. Bob — long ago
195. 한국놈 없냐 — long ago
이게 뭔 파일인데 양놈들이 이ㅈㄹ?
196. puneet — long ago
I tried to run the software its says an unexpected error.and when you run Crack it says it cant start because AIFFLib.ddl is missing from computer.Plese Help
197. puneet — long ago
i also copied crack to the folder in c drive it does not work then too.When you run the setup in the start it also says at last "unable to start correctly(0xc000007b)" Please Help.....
198. Ja — long ago
"Propellerhead Reason 6 + Crack" with the big C! It works!
199. chancy — long ago
hi guys i do have reason 6 but i dont have a crack, can anyone please hook me up with a crack please kindly attach it to my email at please
200. droid — long ago
piece of shit
201. chancy — long ago
i take it you got the cracker thats why u sound a bit furious, can u hook me up man please just withe crack please man, is my email add
202. Stef — long ago
Hey, I've been trying hard too... Copied all necessary .dll files, progressed a little, but I'm left with a message about "REXLoadDLL". Does anyone about this ?? (Nothing on google)
203. Your Mom — long ago
204. Kani — long ago
Unable to open it on Mac osX maverick.
Let's buy the official one, I was unable to get one proper Reason 6/7...
205. Rickboi22 — long ago
Password is: Propellerhead Reason 6 + Crack
206. ㅁㄴㅇㄹ — long ago
게임이라는 병신아 이거 음악 작곡 프로그램이다 게임은 무슨 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
207. Phuangkeo — long ago
Thanks so much shared
But how to install and Crack it ?
Help please thanks
208. Phuangkeo — long ago
Crack is not work
Anyone has crack Reason 6 may i have please just crack the crack from here can not work
209. Grub224 — long ago
Password works and reason installs and runs fine in demo mode, but cracked version DOES NOT run. Tried on Win7 64-bit
210. fleisch80` — long ago
read all password comments further down, there
instructions are correct , enter pass exactly
as described
211. 안녕 — long ago
thank you.
212. Gravia Idol — long ago
Hot pictures-->
213. anonimos — long ago
para hacer esto mejor no hagas nada,lo pones y encima metes passwork hay que joderse
214. david — long ago
sale un error al abrirlo 0xc000007b Error Solution
215. 나 한국 — long ago
잘만 되는구만유
216. Music Maker :) — long ago
Propellerhead reason 6 + crack
Enjoy guys :)
217. password — long ago
Divide large alphabet and small alphabet?
218. altar.aziz — long ago
this just demo. crack are don't work
219. producer — long ago
220. Whatever — long ago
After reading most of the comments, and also trying it myself, here's the truth: the password works, the people that couldn't get it open don't know how to take instructions. BUT, the crack is NOT working, either you buy reason 7 or go back to 5, that's the real deal. Btw, for those saying that it's fake because is only 3.3gb, get a life, that's the actual size.
221. Pro — long ago
Does anyone know the username and password for the internet verification yet?
Or crack reason 7.
222. producer — long ago
223. thoms — long ago
deactivate the firewall , maybe works , i'll try now . if not , crack my ass with it . w-t-flack
224. toms — long ago
factory sound fffuuuccckkk!!!!!!!
demo fu....!!!
its a 8989 ok
and i use to like tis reason shhhitttt!!!
225. 짱짱 — long ago
빠르고 간편한 회원가입후 무제한의 토렌트자료를 즐기세요!!
226. 뭐래는거야 — long ago
ㅅㅂ 양키새끼들이
227. iknowhow — long ago
You should not focus on cracking it, instead workaround load/save project by an external app, and save to another format than .reason..... will not be a reason compatible file but who cares if the external tool is able to both load and save...
Use clipboard to export 95% of the project data. that works well! im sure serious programmers could take advantage of this, and make a real workaround tool, thanks.
228. Earn $500+ Per Day !! 100% legit with Proofs. — long ago
229. douglas V — long ago
does it work on mac?
230. rurumding — long ago
best of best web torrent communite
come here!
231. dumbasses — long ago
it's obvious that someone changed the pw on the rar which is why mostly it doesn't work. and everytime someone posts that it works, it's the same person, same broken english. this is a fake/scam/turd in digital.
232. unranked-driver — long ago
Yes forget this rar, it's crap, not working....
No do this if you are programmer:
1. select all hardware in the rack, and select copy to clipboard
2. use Delphi or another programming language to get the clipboard data
3. clipboard format value is $C1F2 (hex) for Reason 7
4. in your program save data to a custom file using filestream
5. close all programs, and restart reason and your program
6. now load the file into your program and copy that to clipboard
7. go to reason 7 and select paste
Many things recovered this way, even mixer channels and sequencer data, but seems som routing gets lost, maybe someone else has an idea
233. v — long ago
234. Not Fake — long ago
propellerhead reason 6 + crack
El password funciona escribiendolo todo en minúsculas, probadlo así.
235. splatsh — long ago
password 'Propellerhead Reason 6 + Crack' (without quotes)
works for me
thanks !!!
236. hour — long ago
pw :
237. same vasomeo — long ago
啪啪匠 最全成人無碼有碼種子下載
238. Kurdo — long ago
urospi çoçugi
239. crack — long ago
andate a fare in culo ladri!!! dovete crepare all istante!!! non si trovano piu i crack!!!! vi auguro tutto il male che vi prenda le ossa!!! vergognatevi merde!!!
240. OOTSOD — long ago
TO ALL PASSWORD:Propellerhead Reason 6 + Crack
First letter of everysingle Word is (B)ig !!!! Password:
so Password is:Propellerhead Reason 6 + Crack
U CAN SEE I WROTE IT WITH BIG LETTERS:[P]ropellerhead [R]eason 6 + [C]rack
Total Commander ... I think
/////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// //////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// ////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////
1.) Extract RAR with total commander or 7zip or whatever, but be sure u know where u exract it and then install it (be sure where u install it too) !!!**
2.) Open the crack folder if its a folder then take its setup(exe from crack folder) and "re-paste"*** it at the installation point [Thats the postion of the Reason installation that was installed by u at the (first step)** after u exracted RAR)]
3.) after the 1. and the 2. step close all windows!!!
4.) GO >>>>> [C:] and open the install folder of Reason and start the programm from there !!!!! ENJOYYYYYY :) God bless you all //////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// //////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// ////////////////////////////////////////////////////
***DOOOOOO: RE-PASTE CRACK (.exe) INTO INSTALLTION POINT OF REASON that u have installed after the exraction of the RAR file!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IMPROTANT>>>>> REPASTE ... DONT PASTE !!!! THE ORIGINAL MUST BE GONE AFTER PASTING THE CRACK!!!!
241. nik — long ago
its fake, can't crack...
242. d — long ago
진심 개쩌는 야동사이트 하나 푼다
아이디, 비번 아무거나 치고 가입 ㅇㅇ
243. Don — long ago
crack doesn't work for 64-bit machines :-(
244. asd — 1 week ago

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