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Packet Tracer 521+Labs

Software » PC
110 MB  
in 238 files
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5 years old  
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User Comments

1. Yasir Mughal — long ago
i need the packet tracer which supports the MPLS plz can any body tell me which version support the MPLS and send me the free link of that on my ID
i will be thankful to that person regards
2. guest — long ago
Use dynamips or its graphical implementation which is quite easy to implement your topologies/designs in.
3. alexander — long ago
4. new guest — long ago
5. kasso — long ago
6. Roker Networking — long ago
I am Now Seeding This Torrent Really Verry Important Content For Networking Please SEED as possible as Please SEED......SEED.......SEED.....!!!!!
7. Roker Networking — long ago
Goood Working Verry Well........!!!!
Whooooooo Whooooooooo...........!!!!!!

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Torrent Contents

Packet Tracer 521+Labs
Labs CCNA 4.0
_[II] Routing Protocols and Concepts.zip_5 MB
en_ESwitching_SLM_v4030.pdf3 MB
en_ERouting_SLM_v404.pdf3 MB
_[IV] Accessing the WAN.zip_2 MB
_[III] LAN Switching and Wireless.zip_1 MB
_PT5 Completed Activities.zip_933 KB
_8.5.1 Packet Tracer Skills Integration Challenge Activity.pka_225 KB
_5.7.1 Packet Tracer Skills Integration Challenge Activity.pka_224 KB
_9.7.1 Packet Tracer Skills Integration Challenge Activity.pka_112 KB
_Lab 8.4.2 Show IP Route Challenge Lab.pka_92 KB
_11.7.1 Packet Tracer Skills Integration Challenge Activity.pka_90 KB
_7.6.1 Packet Tracer Skills Integration Challenge Activity.pka_76 KB
_Lab 7.5.3 RIPv2 Troubleshooting Lab.pka_66 KB
_Lab 7.5.2 RIPv2 Challenge Configuration Lab.pka_57 KB
_Lab 11.6.2 Challenge OSPF Configuration Lab.pka_52 KB
_Lab 9.6.3 EIGRP Troubleshooting Lab.pka_50 KB
_Lab 7.5.1 RIPv2 Basic Configuration Lab.pka_49 KB
_Lab 9.6.1 Basic EIGRP Configuration Lab.pka_49 KB
E2_PTAct_5_6_1c.pka48 KB
E2_PTAct_5_6_1b.pka48 KB
_Lab 9.6.2 Challenge EIGRP Configuration Lab.pka_47 KB
_Lab 11.6.3 OSPF Troubleshooting Lab.pka_47 KB
_Lab 11.6.1 Basic OSPF Configuration Lab.pka_47 KB
_Lab 5.6.3 RIP Troubleshooting.pka_34 KB
_Lab 5.6.2 Challenge RIP Configuration.pka_24 KB
E2_PTAct_5_6_1a.pka24 KB
_Lab 5.6.1 Basic RIP Configuration.pka_24 KB
_PT Activity 5.1.3 Examining a Redundant Design.pka_89 KB
_PT Activity 5.2.5 Configuring STP.pka_88 KB
_PT Activity 7.5.2 Challenge Wireless WRT300N.pka_68 KB
_PT Activity 7.6.1 Packet Tracer Skills Integration Challenge.pka_67 KB
_PT Activity 6.4.1 Basic Inter-VLAN Routing.pka_64 KB
_PT Activity 6.4.3 Troubleshooting Inter-VLAN Routing.pka_63 KB
_PT Activity 6.5.1 Packet Tracer Skills Integration Challenge.pka_62 KB
_PT Activity 6.4.2 Challenge Inter-VLAN Routing.pka_61 KB
_PT Activity 7.5.3 Troubleshooting Wireless WRT300N.pka_48 KB
_PT Activity 2.6.1 Packet Tracer Skills Integration Challenge.pka_46 KB
_PT Activity 3.3.4 Configuring VLANs and Trunks.pka_41 KB
_PT Activity 3.4.2 Troubleshooting a VLAN Implementation.pka_40 KB
_PT Activity 3.2.3 Investigating VLAN Trunks.pka_39 KB
_PT Activity 4.4.1 Basic VTP Configuration.pka_39 KB
_PT Activity 3.1.4 Investigating a VLAN Implementation.pka_38 KB
_PT Activity 4.3.3 Configure VTP.pka_38 KB
_PT Activity 5.5.2 Challenge Spanning Tree Protocol.pka_38 KB
_PT Activity 3.5.3 Troubleshooting VLAN Configurations.pka_37 KB
_PT Activity 4.5.1 Packet Tracer Skills Integration Challenge.pka_37 KB
_Lab 3.5.1 Basic VLAN Configuration.pka_37 KB
_PT Activity 4.4.3 Troubleshooting the VTP Configuration.pka_37 KB
_PT Activity 4.4.2 VTP Configuration.pka_37 KB
_PT Activity 5.5.3 Troubleshooting Spanning Tree Protocol.pka_36 KB
_PT Activity 5.6.1 Packet Tracer Skills Integration Challenge.pka_35 KB
_Lab 3.5.2 Challenge VLAN Configuration.pka_35 KB
_PT Activity 7.3.2 Configuring Wireless LAN Access.pka_29 KB
_PT Activity 3.6.1 Packet Tracer Skills Integration Challenge.pka_26 KB
_PT Activity Configuring Router-on-a-Stick Inter-VLAN Routing.pka_26 KB
_PT Activity 6.3.3 Troubleshooting Inter-VLAN Routing.pka_26 KB
_PT Activity Configuring Traditional Inter-VLAN Routing.pka_25 KB
_Lab 2.5.1 Basic Switch Configuration.pka_21 KB
_Lab 4.6.1 Basic Security Configuration.pdf_1 MB
_PT 5.6.1 ACL challenge partically done up to task 12.pka_199 KB
_PT Activity 8.6.1 CCNA Skills Integration Challenge.pka_191 KB
_Lab 3.5.1 Basic Frame Relay.pdf_191 KB
_PT Activity 8.1.2 Network Discovery and Documentation.pka_141 KB
_PT Activity 8.4.6 Troubleshooting Network Problems.pka_140 KB
_Lab 4.6.3 Troubleshooting Security Configuration.pdf_127 KB
_Activity 7.4.1 Basic DHCP and NAT Configuration.pka_114 KB
_PT Activity 6.4.1 Packet Tracer Skills Integration Challenge.pka_113 KB
_PT Activity 3.6.1 Packet Tracer Skills Integration Challenge.pka_109 KB
_Lab 4.6.2 Challenge Security Configuration.pdf_109 KB
_PT Activity 5.6.1 Packet Tracer Skills Integration Challenge.pka_106 KB
_PT Activity 5.3.4 Configuring Extended ACLs.pka_103 KB
_PT Activity 5.2.8 Configuring Standard ACLs.pka_103 KB
_Activity 8.3.7 Troubleshooting Role Play.pdf_99 KB
_Activity 2.5.1 Basic PPP Configuration.pka_93 KB
_Activity 2.5.3 Troubleshooting PPP Configuration.pka_91 KB
_Activity 2.5.2 Challenge PPP Configuration.pka_89 KB
_Lab 3.5.2 Challenge Frame Relay Configuration.pdf_87 KB
_PT5.5.1 BasicAccessControlListsreadyfortesting.pka_87 KB
_PT Activity 7.5.1 Packet Tracer Skills Integration Challenge.pka_84 KB
_PT Activity 8.5.2 Troubleshooting Enterprise Networks 2.pka_79 KB
_PT Activity 8.5.3 Troubleshooting Enterprise Networks 3.pka_79 KB
_PT Activity 8.6.1 Troubleshooting Enterprise Networks 1.pka_77 KB
_PT Activity 7.2.8 Scaling Networks with NAT.pka_74 KB
_PT 1.5.1 Review Semesters 1 to 3partiial.pka_74 KB
_PT Activity 7.1.8 Configuring DHCP Using Easy IP.pka_73 KB
_PT Activity 2.4.6 Configuring PAP and CHAP Authentication.pka_72 KB
_Lab 3.5.3 Troubleshooting Frame Relay.pdf_71 KB
_PT Activity 5.5.1 Basic Access Control Lists.pka_71 KB
_PT Activity 3.2.2 Configuring Basic Frame Relay with Static Maps.pka_71 KB
_PT Activity 2.3.4 Configuring Point-to-Point Encapsulations.pka_70 KB
_PT Activity 4.7.1 Packet Tracer Skills Integration Challenge.pka_69 KB
_PT Activity 7.4.3 Troubleshooting DHCP and NAT.pka_60 KB
_Activity 7.4.2 Challenge DHCP and NAT Configuration.pka_59 KB
_PT Activity 1.5.1 Packet Tracer Skills Integration Challenge.pka_58 KB
_PT 1.5.1 Review Semesters 1 to 3.pka_58 KB
_PT Activity 6.2.4 Broadband Services.pka_55 KB
_PT Activity 2.6.1 Packet Tracer Skills Integration Challenge.pka_52 KB
_PT Activity 4.3.2 Configuring OSPF Authentication.pka_43 KB
_PT Activity 4.5.4 Using a TFTP Server to Upgrade a Cisco IOS Image.pka_32 KB
_PT Activity 5.5.2 Challenge Access Control Lists.pka_26 KB
HubVsSwitch_Handout.doc108 KB
HubVsSwitch_CoverSheet.doc21 KB
HubVsSwitch.pka12 KB
CCNA1_Concept_Activity_ARP_Handout.doc122 KB
CCNA1_Concept_Activity_ARP_CoverSheet.doc22 KB
CCNA1_Concept_Activity_ARP.pka13 KB
CCNA1_Concept_Activity_L2L3_Handout.doc122 KB
CCNA1_Concept_Activity_L2L3.pka22 KB
CCNA1_Concept_Activity_L2L3_CoverSheet.doc22 KB
Using_Packet_Tracer_Handout.doc956 KB
Using_Packet_Tracer_CoverSheet.doc22 KB
UsingSwitch.pkt2 KB
UsingHub.pkt1 KB
CCNA1_HandsOnFinal_Handout.doc123 KB
CCNA1_HandsOnFinal_CoverSheet.doc23 KB
CCNA1_HandsOnFinal.pka7 KB
MergingSwitchedNetworks_Handout.doc103 KB
MergingSwitchedNetworks_CoverSheet.doc19 KB
MergingSwitchedNetworks.pka13 KB
PC_Config_Activity_Handout.doc455 KB
PC_Config_Activity_CoverSheet.doc20 KB
PC_Config.pka18 KB
SwitchedNetwork_Handout.doc96 KB
SwitchedNetwork_CoverSheet.doc20 KB
SwitchedNetwork.pka5 KB
TroubleshootSwitched_Handout.doc107 KB
TroubleshootSwitched_CoverSheet.doc22 KB
TroubleshootSwitched.pka6 KB
CCNA2_Concept_Activity_ICMP_Handout.doc102 KB
CCNA2_Concept_Activity_ICMP_CoverSheet.doc21 KB
CCNA2_Concept_Activity_ICMP.pka6 KB
CCNA2_HandsOnFinal_Handout.doc84 KB
CCNA2_HandsOnFinal_CoverSheet.doc23 KB
CCNA2_HandsOnFinal.pka17 KB
CCNA2 Router Configuration_Handout.doc119 KB
CCNA2 Router Configuration_CoverSheet.doc23 KB
CCNA2_ConfigRIP.pka16 KB
6c1_ConfiguringCDP_B_Handout.doc108 KB
6c1_ConfiguringCDP_A_Handout.doc88 KB
6c1_ConfiguringCDP_A_CoverSheet.doc22 KB
6c1_ConfiguringCDP_B_CoverSheet.doc22 KB
6c1_ConfiguringCDP_A.pka5 KB
6c1_ConfiguringCDP_B.pka5 KB
FirstToGoal-Connections-Multiplayer_Handout.doc139 KB
FirstToGoal-Connections-Multiplayer_CoverSheet.doc21 KB
FirstToGoal-Connections-Multiplayer.pka13 KB
InterfaceConfiguration_Handout.doc106 KB
InterfaceConfiguration_CoverSheet.doc23 KB
InterfaceConfiguration_6C1.pka5 KB
CCNA2 NACL_Handout.doc418 KB
CCNA2 NACL_CoverSheet.doc23 KB
CCNA2 NACL_Step3_NACL.pka15 KB
CCNA2 NACL_Step2_Static.pka13 KB
CCNA2 NACL_Step1_RIP.pka12 KB
ACT6C2_StaticRouting_Handout.doc329 KB
ACT6C2_StaticRouting_CoverSheet.doc24 KB
ACT62C_StaticRouting.pka14 KB
StaticRouting2_Handout.doc982 KB
StaticRouting2_CoverSheet.doc20 KB
StaticRouting2.pkt4 KB
SBA6CX_Handout.doc380 KB
SBA6CX_CoverSheet.doc26 KB
SBA6CX.pka13 KB
6C2Traceroute_Handout.doc120 KB
6C2Traceroute_CoverSheet.doc25 KB
6C2Traceroute.pka10 KB
TroubleshootingConnectivity_Handout.doc522 KB
TroubleshootingConnectivity_CoverSheet.doc22 KB
Troubleshoot.pkt3 KB
RIPNetwork_Handout.doc110 KB
RIPNetwork.pka26 KB
RIPNetwork_CoverSheet.doc20 KB
TroubleshootingRIPnetworks_Handout.doc126 KB
TroubleshootingRIPnetworks.pka27 KB
TroubleshootingRIPnetworks_CoverSheet.doc19 KB
EIGRPmetrics_Handout.doc97 KB
EIGRPmetrics_CoverSheet.doc21 KB
EIGRPmetrics.pkt5 KB
RIPmetrics.pkt5 KB
UserAndBackgroundPDUs_Handout.doc118 KB
UserAndBackgroundPDUs_CoverSheet.doc21 KB
UserAndBackgroundPDUs.pkt4 KB
CCNA3_HandsOnFinal_Handout.doc196 KB
CCNA3_HandsOnFinal_CoverSheet.doc21 KB
CCNA3_HandsOnFinal.pka17 KB
CCNA3_1-2-3_Handout.doc69 KB
CCNA3_1-2-3_CoverSheet.doc22 KB
CCNA3_Lab 1-2-3.pka7 KB
CCNA3_Lab_1_2_4_Handout.doc80 KB
CCNA3_Lab_1.2.4_CoverSheet.doc22 KB
CCNA3_1.2.4.pka6 KB
CCNA3_VLSM_Practice_LAB_Handout.doc137 KB
CCNA3_VLSM_Practice_LAB_CoverSheet.doc24 KB
6C6_EIGRP_Handout.doc141 KB
6C6_EIGRP_CoverSheet.doc22 KB
6C6_EIGRP.pka6 KB
SBA5S1A-1_D_Handout.doc145 KB
SBA5S1A-1_D_CoverSheet.doc26 KB
SBA5s1A-1_D.pka9 KB
PT 4 CCNA Skills Activity_Handout.doc182 KB
6c1_CE15_namedACL.pka23 KB
PT 4 CCNA Skills Activity_CoverSheet.doc23 KB
6c1_CE15_dynRouting.pka22 KB
6c1_CE15_nat.pka22 KB
CCNA4_ClassC_VLSM_Practice_Handout.doc233 KB
CCNA4_ClassC_VLSM_Practice_CoverSheet.doc24 KB
CCNA4_ClassC_VLSM_Practice.pka23 KB
CCNA_Skills_Activity_Handout.doc972 KB
CCNA_Skills_Activity_CoverSheet.doc23 KB
CCNA_Skills_Activity_Step5.pka15 KB
CCNA_Skills_Activity_Step4.pka15 KB
CCNA_Skills_Activity_Step3.pka14 KB
CCNA_Skills_Activity_Step2.pka13 KB
CCNA_Skills_Activity_Step1.pka11 KB
8v1.pkt4 KB
7s1.pkt4 KB
7c1.pkt4 KB
7v1.pkt4 KB
12_ccna.pkt3 KB
11_ccna.pkt3 KB
4v1.pkt3 KB
4s1.pkt3 KB
5s1.pkt2 KB
9v1.pkt2 KB
13_ccna.pkt2 KB
2c1.pkt2 KB
3s1.pkt2 KB
3v1.pkt2 KB
6c1.pkt2 KB
6v1.pkt2 KB
6s1.pkt2 KB
1s1.pkt1 KB
PacketTracer521_setup.exe66 MB
_[II] Routing Protocols and Concepts.zip_.zip5 MB
_[I] Network Fundamentals.zip_.zip2 MB
P4S_CCNA_Preparation_Labs.rar1 MB
PT5 Completed Activities - Cisco Network Academy.rar926 KB

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