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Osiris Metin2

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1.39 GB  
in 341 files
   0 / 0
5 years old
11    0
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1. nbh — long ago
2. X3AnOnImUs — long ago

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Torrent Contents

Osiris Metin2
pc2.epk141 MB
mondialmt2_monstre.epk138 MB
mondialmt2_race.epk137 MB
pc.epk132 MB
Zone.epk119 MB
patch1.epk88 MB
m2m_map.epk81 MB
monster2.epk64 MB
season1.epk63 MB
Monster.epk61 MB
Sound.epk42 MB
NPC.epk38 MB
Etc.epk36 MB
sound2.epk30 MB
item.epk26 MB
BGM.epk23 MB
mondialmt2_equipement.epk15 MB
season2.epk14 MB
Terrain.epk12 MB
aeterna_maps.epk10 MB
npc2.epk6 MB
guild.epk6 MB
mondialmt2_style.epk5 MB
locale_it.epk4 MB
uiloading.epk4 MB
patch2.epk4 MB
OutdoorE1.epk3 MB
Effect.epk3 MB
Tree.epk3 MB
icon.epk3 MB
harti_celestin.epk3 MB
outdoorflame1.epk2 MB
OutdoorSnow1.epk2 MB
OutdoorA2.epk2 MB
Outdoor.epk2 MB
outdoordesert1.epk2 MB
Property.epk1 MB
OutdoorB1.epk1 MB
OutdoorB3.epk1 MB
metin2_map_d1.epk1 MB
OutdoorA1.epk1 MB
item2.epk1 MB
indoordevildown.epk1 MB
OutdoorC1.epk1 MB
OutdoorA3.epk1 MB
OutdoorC3.epk1 MB
outdoort1.epk1 MB
outdoormilgyo1.epk1 MB
outdoortrent02.epk843 KB
outdoorempirebattle1.epk743 KB
outdoortrent.epk736 KB
root.epk441 KB
outdoorguild2.epk402 KB
outdoorguild3.epk326 KB
outdoorguild1.epk309 KB
outdoorfielddungeon1.epk290 KB
Kriege203Maps.epk219 KB
mondialmt2_monstre.eix208 KB
by_silverdevil.epk200 KB
mondialmt2_map.epk194 KB
outdoort2.epk158 KB
mondialmt2_race.eix140 KB
indoormonkeydungeon2.epk126 KB
indoormonkeydungeon3.epk124 KB
season1.eix116 KB
indoormonkeydungeon1.epk110 KB
outdoorgmguildbuild.epk102 KB
uiscript.epk94 KB
indoordeviltower1.epk91 KB
Zone.eix89 KB
Monster.eix87 KB
outdoorwedding.epk87 KB
pc.eix84 KB
outdoort3.epk84 KB
monster2.eix82 KB
outdoort4.epk82 KB
outdoortest.epk77 KB
outdoorvillage.epk75 KB
aeterna_maps.eix73 KB
outdoorduel.epk70 KB
Sound.eix70 KB
season2.eix70 KB
indoorspiderdungeon1.epk63 KB
pc2.eix54 KB
Outdoorinsel.epk42 KB
mondialmt2_equipement.eix40 KB
OutdoorA1.eix38 KB
Outdoorburg.epk36 KB
sound2.eix35 KB
icon.eix35 KB
NPC.eix33 KB
Etc.eix32 KB
Property.eix31 KB
mob_proto27 KB
Effect.eix25 KB
harti_celestin.eix25 KB
patch1.eix15 KB
textureset.epk15 KB
item.eix13 KB
indoordevildown.eix12 KB
m2m_map.eix12 KB
OutdoorA2.eix9 KB
outdoordesert1.eix9 KB
patch2.eix9 KB
OutdoorSnow1.eix9 KB
outdoorflame1.eix9 KB
Terrain.eix8 KB
OutdoorB1.eix6 KB
Outdoor.eix6 KB
guild.eix6 KB
mondialmt2_map.eix5 KB
OutdoorC1.eix5 KB
locale_it.eix5 KB
metin2_map_d1.eix5 KB
OutdoorB3.eix5 KB
OutdoorC3.eix4 KB
OutdoorA3.eix4 KB
outdoormilgyo1.eix4 KB
OutdoorE1.eix4 KB
Tree.eix4 KB
outdoortrent02.eix4 KB
npc2.eix3 KB
Index3 KB
uiscript.eix3 KB
root.eix2 KB
outdoort1.eix2 KB
outdoorempirebattle1.eix2 KB
indoormonkeydungeon3.eix2 KB
indoormonkeydungeon1.eix2 KB
indoormonkeydungeon2.eix2 KB
indoorspiderdungeon1.eix2 KB
indoordeviltower1.eix2 KB
by_silverdevil.eix1 KB
outdoortrent.eix1 KB
outdoorguild2.eix1 KB
textureset.eix1 KB
outdoorguild1.eix1 KB
outdoorguild3.eix1 KB
mondialmt2_style.eix1 KB
outdoorfielddungeon1.eix1 KB
outdoortest.eix1 KB
Kriege203Maps.eix952 B
item2.eix856 B
uiloading.eix776 B
outdoort2.eix628 B
outdoorgmguildbuild.eix612 B
outdoorduel.eix580 B
outdoort4.eix564 B
outdoort3.eix548 B
outdoorvillage.eix544 B
outdoorwedding.eix524 B
Outdoorburg.eix512 B
Outdoorinsel.eix504 B
BGM.eix256 B
Psyco.eix116 B
a_rhapsody_of_war.mp32 MB
wonderland.mp32 MB
lost_my_name.mp32 MB
Only_my_battle.mp31 MB
xmas.mp31 MB
enter_the_east.mp31 MB
wedding.mp31 MB
back_to_back.mp31 MB
last-war2.mp31 MB
m2bg.mp31 MB
monkey_temple.mp31 MB
follow_war_god.mp31 MB
death_of_landmark.mp31 MB
desert.mp31 MB
open_the_gate.mp31 MB
save_me.mp31 MB
mountain_of_death.mp31 MB
login_window.mp3933 KB
characterselect.mp3808 KB
lastplay.inf8 B
metin2client.exe2 MB
metin2.bin2 MB
SpeedTreeRT.dll1 MB
30_0.tga1 MB
200_0.tga1 MB
60_1.tga1 MB
150_0.tga1 MB
120_0.tga1 MB
10_4.tga1 MB
160_0.tga1 MB
10_3.tga1 MB
30_1.tga1 MB
10_2.tga1 MB
10_1.tga1 MB
60_0.tga1 MB
190_0.tga1 MB
100_0.tga1 MB
10_0.tga1 MB
python22.dll824 KB
Osiris Metin2 Launcher.exe795 KB
syserr.txt637 KB
msvcp60.dll392 KB
ijl15.dll364 KB
granny2.dll361 KB
mssrsx.m3d346 KB
mss32.dll341 KB
mssvoice.asi192 KB
mssmp3.asi123 KB
msseax.m3d101 KB
mssdsp.flt91 KB
mssa3d.m3d81 KB
mssdx7.m3d79 KB
mssds3d.m3d69 KB
msssoft.m3d65 KB
devil.dll263 KB
unicows.dll252 KB
config.exe252 KB
patchw32.dll197 KB
mscoree.dll128 KB
artpclnt.dll108 KB
errorlog.exe80 KB
B3S.dll52 KB
2010ClientHelper.dll41 KB
ilu.dll27 KB
os.pyc23 KB
traceback.pyc13 KB
ntpath.pyc13 KB
string.pyc13 KB
site.pyc10 KB
UserDict.pyc5 KB
__future__.pyc3 KB
stat.pyc3 KB
linecache.pyc3 KB
types.pyc3 KB
copy_reg.pyc2 KB
npclist.txt19 KB
44.jpg9 KB
52.jpg9 KB
31.jpg9 KB
12.jpg9 KB
25.jpg9 KB
87.jpg9 KB
30.jpg9 KB
23.jpg9 KB
41.jpg9 KB
93.jpg9 KB
45.jpg9 KB
83.jpg9 KB
73.jpg9 KB
66.jpg9 KB
53.jpg9 KB
48.jpg9 KB
79.jpg9 KB
18.jpg9 KB
5.jpg9 KB
88.jpg9 KB
29.jpg9 KB
89.jpg9 KB
84.jpg9 KB
43.jpg9 KB
51.jpg9 KB
47.jpg9 KB
58.jpg9 KB
86.jpg9 KB
65.jpg9 KB
32.jpg9 KB
76.jpg9 KB
46.jpg9 KB
97.jpg9 KB
60.jpg9 KB
13.jpg9 KB
92.jpg9 KB
98.jpg9 KB
40.jpg9 KB
56.jpg9 KB
15.jpg9 KB
57.jpg9 KB
63.jpg9 KB
34.jpg9 KB
100.jpg9 KB
82.jpg9 KB
21.jpg9 KB
19.jpg9 KB
37.jpg9 KB
10.jpg9 KB
54.jpg9 KB
6.jpg9 KB
64.jpg9 KB
59.jpg9 KB
69.jpg9 KB
9.jpg9 KB
91.jpg9 KB
8.jpg9 KB
74.jpg9 KB
61.jpg9 KB
81.jpg9 KB
68.jpg9 KB
42.jpg9 KB
22.jpg9 KB
80.jpg9 KB
2.jpg9 KB
62.jpg9 KB
1.jpg9 KB
17.jpg9 KB
96.jpg9 KB
38.jpg9 KB
50.jpg9 KB
3.jpg9 KB
35.jpg9 KB
99.jpg9 KB
95.jpg9 KB
49.jpg9 KB
72.jpg9 KB
67.jpg9 KB
39.jpg9 KB
7.jpg9 KB
33.jpg9 KB
90.jpg9 KB
75.jpg9 KB
71.jpg9 KB
85.jpg9 KB
36.jpg9 KB
78.jpg9 KB
94.jpg9 KB
11.jpg8 KB
70.jpg8 KB
4.jpg8 KB
24.jpg8 KB
14.jpg8 KB
20.jpg8 KB
77.jpg8 KB
28.jpg8 KB
55.jpg8 KB
26.jpg8 KB
27.jpg8 KB
16.jpg8 KB
ErrorLog.txt364 B
metin2.cfg360 B
locale.cfg15 B
serverinfo.py13 B
channel.inf5 B
mouse.cfg3 B

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