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Original Nokia Ringtones

16 MB  
in 372 files
   0 / 0
6 years old  
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Torrent Contents

Original Nokia Ringtones
Attraction.mid4 KB
Bloom.mid4 KB
Bold.mid8 KB
Bubble.mid5 KB
Caribbean.mid7 KB
Chopin.mid8 KB
Cicada.mid1,009 B
Coconut.mid4 KB
Desk phone lo.mid843 B
Desktop.ini78 B
Destiny.mid7 KB
Espionage.mid8 KB
Eternal love.mid4 KB
Grand prix.amr5 KB
Hope.mid4 KB
Insist.mid2 KB
Jig.mid8 KB
Marionette.mid1 KB
Message 1.mid997 B
Message 2.mid1 KB
Message 3.mid2 KB
Message 4.mid945 B
Message 5.mid1 KB
Mystique.mid10 KB
Nocturnal.mid9 KB
Pattern.mid13 KB
Repose.mid8 KB
Rooster.amr3 KB
Sahara.mid9 KB
Singing lark.mid7 KB
Spring field.mid3 KB
Tempo combo.mid9 KB
Thunderbolt.mid8 KB
Blue ice.mid7 KB
Cackle.mp325 KB
Caribbean.mid10 KB
Cycle.mid1,011 B
Desktop.ini78 B
Espionage.mid25 KB
Familiar.mid11 KB
Fete.mp329 KB
Graffiti.mp3197 KB
Jig.mid9 KB
Jink.mid4 KB
Low.mid3 KB
Lucidity.mid5 KB
Mambo.mp370 KB
Message 1.mid1 KB
Message 2.mid1 KB
Message 3.mid1 KB
Message 4.mid895 B
Message 5.mid419 B
Montuno.mid11 KB
Movin.mp3120 KB
Nocturnal.mid10 KB
Nokia tune.mid549 B
Sophistication.mid597 B
Bloom.mid5 KB
Blue ice.mid7 KB
Cackle.aac10 KB
Caribbean.mid10 KB
Desktop.ini78 B
Do-mi-so.mid949 B
Espionage.mid25 KB
Fast-flying.mid6 KB
Jig.mid9 KB
Locomotion.aac15 KB
Mars.mid14 KB
Memory.mid7 KB
Message 1.mid1 KB
Message 2.mid1 KB
Message 3.mid1 KB
Message 4.mid895 B
Message 5.mid419 B
Nocturnal.mid10 KB
Pattern.mid17 KB
Port.mid6 KB
Roll on.mid8 KB
Rooster.aac8 KB
Slick.aac51 KB
Stargazing.mid7 KB
Unbuckled.mid7 KB
Archway.mid3 KB
Backtalk.mid4 KB
Delicate.mid2 KB
Electric eel.mid9 KB
Espionage.mid8 KB
Exhiler.mid10 KB
Futuristico.mid10 KB
Heavenly.mid7 KB
Incognito.mid5 KB
Love Bunny.mid4 KB
Mesmerize.mid9 KB
Midnight.mid8 KB
Pursue.mid15 KB
Sashay.mid7 KB
Sheller.mid819 B
Signal.mid1 KB
Songette.mid8 KB
Sparkles.mid10 KB
Streetwise.mid5 KB
Sun Up.mid744 B
Surroundings.mid4 KB
Thrill.mid1 KB
Trace.mid5 KB
Traffic.mid5 KB
Wish.mid4 KB
Asha_Grooves.aac138 KB
Back_to_Back.mxmf7 KB
Backpacker.mp3282 KB
Bass_Going_Down.mxmf3 KB
Beatbox_Tribal.3gp551 KB
Chill.mp3118 KB
China.mp3562 KB
Club.3gp284 KB
Com_Voce.mp3610 KB
Funky_Synth.aac143 KB
Groove.mp3210 KB
Hawaii.mp3158 KB
Imagery.mp358 KB
Its_Alright.mxmf7 KB
Jay_Walker.aac125 KB
Kool.mp385 KB
Laugh.mp3121 KB
Light_Dance.3gp248 KB
Lounge_Club_Groove.aac132 KB
Messaging.mp373 KB
Nuance.mp3497 KB
On_Da_Loop.mxmf5 KB
Own_Desire.mxmf3 KB
Peace.mp3158 KB
Retrospective.mxmf6 KB
Rolling.mp379 KB
Seahorse.mp3370 KB
Senor.mp3509 KB
Spring_Dream.mp3501 KB
Squeak.mp367 KB
The_Banjo_Remix.aac143 KB
The_Miracle.aac141 KB
Alarm high.rng34 B
Alarm urgent.rng58 B
Astir.mid10 KB
Bee.rng57 B
Beep twice.rng26 B
Beep.rng18 B
Big band.amr14 KB
Bloom.mid4 KB
Blue smoke.mid13 KB
Calendar alert.mid2 KB
Clandestine.mid6 KB
Clock alert.mid6 KB
Clock hi.rng46 B
Clock lo.rng239 B
Desk phone hi.rng93 B
Desk phone lo.rng75 B
Desk phone.rng92 B
Desktop.ini78 B
Ding dong.amr17 KB
Drill.rng50 B
Electric eel.mid10 KB
Enthral.mid12 KB
Everlasting.mid6 KB
Fete.amr17 KB
Intro.rng80 B
Jig.mid8 KB
Locomotion.amr16 KB
Mashie.amr17 KB
Message happy.rng49 B
Message long.rng196 B
Message plain.rng40 B
Message up.rng38 B
Message.mid1,002 B
Message2.mid2 KB
Momentum.mid27 KB
Nokia tune.mid828 B
Persuasion.rng131 B
Polite.rng95 B
Port.mid4 KB
R'n B.mid9 KB
Rooster.amr13 KB
Sizzlin'.mid14 KB
Slowdown.mid4 KB
Striking.amr12 KB
Trim.amr22 KB
6280 AAC
Clogged.aac13 KB
Glint.aac72 KB
Graffiti.aac83 KB
Scratchy.aac144 KB
Acceleration.mid5 KB
Arabesque 2.mid3 KB
Arabesque.mid3 KB
Beach.mid2 KB
Bee-boogie.mid5 KB
Chill.mid4 KB
Chipmunk.mid1 KB
Chords.mid605 B
Cicada.mid1 KB
Delicate.mid457 B
Do-mi-so.mid2 KB
Easy street.mid4 KB
Echo chamber.mid3 KB
Electric eel.mid4 KB
Fantasie.mid7 KB
Festival.mid1 KB
Foxy.mid3 KB
Futuristico.mid4 KB
Goblin.mid2 KB
Hummingbird.mid7 KB
Illusionist.mid4 KB
In the groove.mid2 KB
Just jazzy.mid5 KB
Luminosity.mid1 KB
Montuno.mid4 KB
Right-on.mid6 KB
Ring ring.mid371 B
Rise'n shine.mid4 KB
Rocky road.mid5 KB
Sicilienne.mid4 KB
Sleepyhead.mid2 KB
Snowfall.mid3 KB
Songette.mid2 KB
Space age.mid6 KB
Starry.mid404 B
Suspence.mid730 B
Swing player.mid4 KB
Treadmill.mid8 KB
Whistle.mid8 KB
Affection.mid12 KB
Blue Ice.mid6 KB
Clangy.mid448 B
Desktop.ini78 B
Everlasting.mid6 KB
Excitement.mid14 KB
Jet Set.mid6 KB
Nokia Tune.mid1 KB
R'nB.mid6 KB
Reptilian.mid5 KB
Retropolis.mid6 KB
Route.mid5 KB
Sashay.mid8 KB
Scatters.mid4 KB
Signal.mid1 KB
Sizzling.mid9 KB
Solar.mid10 KB
Sunday walk.mid3 KB
Sunny.mid1 KB
Tropicasia.mid6 KB
8800 Sirocco Edition
Nokia 8800 Sirocco Edition original tones from phone
alert piano 1.aac36 KB
alert piano 3.aac48 KB
alert piano 4.aac20 KB
alert piano 5.aac46 KB
alert piano 6.aac27 KB
alert piano 7.aac76 KB
alert piano 8.aac30 KB
Dawning.aac56 KB
guitar 1.aac104 KB
guitar 2.aac225 KB
guitar 3.aac161 KB
Nokia Theme Guitar short.aac27 KB
Nokia Theme Guitar.aac142 KB
piano 2.aac130 KB
piano 3.aac199 KB
piano 4.aac126 KB
piano 5.aac37 KB
piano 6.aac179 KB
piano 8.aac212 KB
piano 9.aac203 KB
wakeup 2.aac219 KB
wakeup 3.aac150 KB
wakeup 4.aac167 KB
Alert tones
Chill.mp3118 KB
Imagery.mp358 KB
Kool.mp385 KB
Laugh.mp3121 KB
Messaging.mp373 KB
Peace.mp3158 KB
Rolling.mp379 KB
Squeak.mp367 KB
Afternoon.aac131 KB
Alarm 1.aac32 KB
Alarm 2.aac16 KB
Buzzer.aac11 KB
Cavalier.aac23 KB
Chat alert.aac5 KB
Clerk.aac10 KB
Clock alert 1.mid6 KB
Clock alert 2.aac48 KB
Email 1.aac6 KB
Email 2.aac9 KB
Feelings.aac132 KB
Glow.aac63 KB
Incoming.aac30 KB
Liquify.aac129 KB
Lush.aac58 KB
Marbles.aac13 KB
Message 1.aac14 KB
Message 2.aac11 KB
Message 3.aac9 KB
Message 4.aac16 KB
Nokia tune.aac21 KB
Nostalgia.aac49 KB
Nuance.aac82 KB
O sol.aac106 KB
Old times.aac99 KB
Optimus.aac117 KB
Peal.aac12 KB
Pliable.aac140 KB
Polaris.aac26 KB
Quadratic.aac32 KB
Reed.aac16 KB
Ring ring.aac13 KB
Shades.aac62 KB
Sooth.aac123 KB
Stadium.aac98 KB
Sweet jamming.aac88 KB
Tinker.aac40 KB
Tropical.aac106 KB
Waiting.aac106 KB
N70 Sounds
Amazement.aac14 KB
Bustle.aac136 KB
Cab.aac10 KB
Diazinon.aac181 KB
Everlasting.aac125 KB
FLIGHT H457.aac30 KB
Glume.aac132 KB
Listen.aac199 KB
Pepper.aac88 KB
Re-groove.aac80 KB
Silver.aac160 KB
Stay that way.aac199 KB
Agency.mid793 B
Alarm 1.aac48 KB
Alarm 2.mid987 B
Bach.aac361 KB
Bamb.aac53 KB
Be movin.aac108 KB
Beep twice.aac6 KB
Beep.aac5 KB
Bloom.mid15 KB
Brook.mid4 KB
Chat alert.aac10 KB
Clock alert 1.mid6 KB
Clock alert 2.mid4 KB
Crystal.aac31 KB
Debussy.aac162 KB
Deer.mid10 KB
Dreamy rainy day.mid4 KB
Drill.aac8 KB
Elves.mid2 KB
Email alert.aac6 KB
Fantasia.aac100 KB
Fondant.aac93 KB
Glint.aac101 KB
Incoming.aac38 KB
Kung fu.mid10 KB
Luminosity.mid4 KB
Message 1.aac17 KB
Message 2.mid3 KB
Message 3.mid794 B
Message 4.mid325 B
Message 5.aac9 KB
Message 6.aac9 KB
Nokia Tune.aac27 KB
Oceanic.mid8 KB
Old times.aac124 KB
Schubert.aac110 KB
Slowdown.mid7 KB
Stay that way.aac160 KB
Thrilling.aac131 KB
Tinker.aac20 KB
Topic.aac10 KB
Tropical.aac134 KB

Additional Information

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