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Nirvana - In Utero (2013) [20th Anniversary Super Deluxe] [FLAC] [HDtracks 24bit]

Audio » Lossless
3.85 GB  
in 61 files
   8 / 1
1 year old  
2    20
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User Comments

1. Thank you — long ago
Thank you!
2. jeonghwan — long ago
muito obrigado!!!
3. OMG — long ago

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Torrent Contents

Nirvana - In Utero - 20th Anniversary Super Deluxe (2013 HDtracks 24bit)
3-17-Endless, Nameless (Live & Loud).flac168 MB
1-13-Gallons Of Rubbing Alcohol Flow Through The Strip (Album Version).flac150 MB
2-10-Radio Friendly Unit Shifter (2013 Mix).flac106 MB
1-10-Radio Friendly Unit Shifter (Album Version).flac104 MB
1-03-Heart-Shaped Box (Album Version).flac100 MB
1-19-Heart Shaped Box (Original Steve Albini 1993 Mix).flac99 MB
2-03-Heart Shaped Box (2013 Mix).flac98 MB
2-21-All Apologies (Demo).flac98 MB
2-05-Frances Farmer Will Have Her Revenge On Seattle (2013 Mix).flac92 MB
1-05-Frances Farmer Will Have Her Revenge On Seattle (Album Version).flac90 MB
2-02-Scentless Apprentice (2013 Mix).flac86 MB
1-02-Scentless Apprentice (Album Version).flac86 MB
2-08-Milk It (2013 Mix).flac85 MB
2-13-Scentless Apprentice (Demo).flac85 MB
2-12-All Apologies (2013 Mix).flac82 MB
1-12-All Apologies (Album Version).flac82 MB
1-08-Milk It (Album Version).flac82 MB
2-01-Serve The Servants (2013 Mix).flac81 MB
1-20-All Apologies (Original Steve Albini 1993 Mix).flac80 MB
1-01-Serve The Servants (Album Version).flac79 MB
1-16-Sappy (2013 Mix).flac77 MB
2-09-Pennyroyal Tea (2013 Mix).flac76 MB
1-09-Pennyroyal Tea (Album Version).flac76 MB
1-18-Pennyroyal Tea (Scott Litt Mix).flac76 MB
1-15-Moist Vagina (2013 Mix).flac75 MB
2-23-Jam (Demo).flac65 MB
1-17-I Hate Myself And Want To Die (2013 Mix).flac65 MB
3-01-Radio Friendly Unit Shifter (Live & Loud).flac60 MB
2-04-Rape Me (2013 Mix).flac60 MB
1-04-Rape Me (Album Version).flac60 MB
3-12-The Man Who Sold The World (Live & Loud).flac58 MB
3-10-Heart Shaped Box (Live & Loud).flac58 MB
2-14-Frances Farmer Will Have Her Revenge On Seattle (Demo Instrumental).flac57 MB
3-15-Lithium (Live & Loud).flac56 MB
1-14-Marigold (B-Side).flac53 MB
2-06-Dumb (2013 Mix).flac53 MB
1-06-Dumb (Album Version).flac53 MB
3-08-Scentless Apprentice (Live & Loud).flac52 MB
2-16-Very Ape (Demo Instrumental).flac49 MB
3-02-Drain You (Live & Loud).flac49 MB
3-11-Blew (Live & Loud).flac48 MB
3-07-Pennyroyal Tea (Live & Loud).flac47 MB
3-14-Come As You Are (Live & Loud).flac47 MB
3-09-All Apologies (Live & Loud).flac47 MB
3-04-Serve The Servants (Live & Loud).flac45 MB
3-03-Breed (Live & Loud).flac43 MB
2-07-Very Ape (2013 Mix).flac43 MB
1-07-Very Ape (Album Version).flac42 MB
2-17-Pennyroyal Tea (Demo Instrumental).flac40 MB
2-20-Marigold (Demo).flac38 MB
3-16-About A Girl (Live & Loud).flac37 MB
3-13-School (Live & Loud).flac35 MB
2-11-Tourette's (2013 Mix).flac35 MB
3-05-Rape Me (Live & Loud).flac34 MB
1-11-Tourette's (Album Version).flac33 MB
2-18-Radio Friendly Unit Shifter (Demo Instrumental).flac32 MB
2-15-Dumb (Demo Instrumental).flac29 MB
3-06-Sliver (Live & Loud).flac28 MB
2-19-Tourette's (Demo Instrumental).flac26 MB
2-22-Forgotten Tune (Demo Instrumental).flac25 MB
In Utero - 20th Anniversary Super Deluxe.pdf313 KB

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