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Need For Speed Carbon [PC GAME]

Software » PC
3.96 GB  
in 311 files
   0 / 0
4 years old  
37    3
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User Comments

1. rajkumar — long ago
need for speed carbon
2. jayaram — long ago
top game in nfs carbon
3. uday — long ago
good game

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Torrent Contents

Need For Speed Carbon [PC GAME]
Slide_002.bmp1 MB
Slide_000.bmp1 MB
Slide_001.bmp1 MB
AutoRun.bmp288 KB
autorun.cfg1 KB
DirectX.cab14 MB
dxnt.cab12 MB
Apr2006_MDX1_x86_Archive.cab3 MB
dsetup32.dll2 MB
Apr2006_d3dx9_30_x64.cab1 MB
Feb2006_d3dx9_29_x64.cab1 MB
Dec2005_d3dx9_28_x64.cab1 MB
Aug2005_d3dx9_27_x64.cab1 MB
Apr2005_d3dx9_25_x64.cab1 MB
Jun2005_d3dx9_26_x64.cab1 MB
Feb2005_d3dx9_24_x64.cab1 MB
Apr2006_d3dx9_30_x86.cab1 MB
Feb2006_d3dx9_29_x86.cab1 MB
Dec2005_d3dx9_28_x86.cab1 MB
Apr2005_d3dx9_25_x86.cab1 MB
Aug2005_d3dx9_27_x86.cab1 MB
Jun2005_d3dx9_26_x86.cab1 MB
Feb2005_d3dx9_24_x86.cab990 KB
BDAXP.cab953 KB
Apr2006_MDX1_x86.cab895 KB
BDA.cab686 KB
JUN2006_XACT_x64.cab177 KB
Apr2006_XACT_x64.cab175 KB
Feb2006_XACT_x64.cab175 KB
JUN2006_XACT_x86.cab131 KB
Apr2006_XACT_x86.cab130 KB
Feb2006_XACT_x86.cab130 KB
Apr2006_xinput_x64.cab85 KB
Oct2005_xinput_x64.cab84 KB
dxupdate.cab80 KB
Apr2006_xinput_x86.cab45 KB
Oct2005_xinput_x86.cab45 KB
dxdllreg_x86.cab41 KB
NFSC.exe8 MB
NFSC serials.txt622 B
EA Help
Start_Controller_Issues.htm5 KB
Crashing_After_the_Splash_Screen.htm6 KB
Crashing_After_a_Full_Black_Screen.htm6 KB
Start_Crashes.htm4 KB
_Direct3D__or__D3D__Errors.htm5 KB
Start_Direct_X.htm4 KB
_GET_SETUP__Error_When_Installing_DirectX.htm4 KB
DirectX_Version_Does_not_Update_After_Installation.htm3 KB
_Program_has_caused_an_error__or__Error_in__gamename_.exe_.htm6 KB
_Cannot_locate_CD_DVD-ROM_.htm4 KB
Start_Error.htm4 KB
_CD_DVD_Emulation_Software_Detected_.htm3 KB
Start_Getting_More_Help_Online.htm2 KB
Start_Graphics_Issues.htm4 KB
Autoplay_Screen_Does_not_Appear.htm4 KB
INST_Start_Installation_Troubleshooting.htm4 KB
Transfer_or_File_Error_During_Installation.htm4 KB
INST_DirectX_Install_Hangs.htm3 KB
Virus_Warning_During_Installation.htm3 KB
Random_or_General_Lockups.htm7 KB
Locking_up_with_a_Repeating_Sound.htm4 KB
Start_Locking_up_and_Freezing.htm4 KB
Start_Online_Connectivity_and_Performance.htm8 KB
Start_Sound.htm5 KB
XP_Silver.skn10 KB
toplogo.JPG2 KB
ealogo.GIF2 KB
easmall.JPG1 KB
content.gif1 KB
go.gif1 KB
websearch.gif1 KB
close.gif1 KB
search.gif1 KB
directional.gif1 KB
urls.gif1 KB
gray-left.gif1 KB
gray-rt.gif1 KB
right-ar.gif1 KB
left-ar.gif1 KB
page.gif1 KB
other_index.gif650 B
index.gif637 B
greyback.gif590 B
book_open.gif573 B
bookclosed.gif558 B
whfwdata0.htm27 KB
whidata0.htm16 KB
whtdata0.htm4 KB
whftdata0.htm3 KB
whidata.js1 KB
whtdata.js1 KB
whfts.js911 B
whglo.js689 B
whidx.js689 B
whfwdata.js667 B
whtoc.js586 B
whftdata.js458 B
whgdata.js411 B
whfts.htm357 B
whidx.htm341 B
whtoc.htm324 B
whglo.htm296 B
CD_DVD-ROM_Troubleshooting_.htm20 KB
Updating_Drivers.htm16 KB
Controller_Calibration.htm12 KB
Configuring_Routers_and_Firewalls.htm9 KB
Ending_Background_Tasks.htm9 KB
Finding_the_Minimum_System_Requirements.htm9 KB
UO_Trace.htm8 KB
Preparing_your_Hard_Drive_.htm8 KB
Changing_Desktop_Resolution.htm6 KB
Emptying_your_Temp_Folder.htm6 KB
Reinstalling_DirectX.htm4 KB
Lowering_Sound_Acceleration.htm4 KB
whfwdata0.xml41 KB
whidata0.xml21 KB
whtdata0.xml4 KB
whftdata0.xml3 KB
whfts.xml176 B
whidx.xml143 B
whtoc.xml85 B
whglo.xml73 B
webhelp.jar131 KB
ehlpdhtm.js122 KB
webhelp.cab87 KB
whtbar.js45 KB
Electronic_Arts_Technical_Support.hhk37 KB
whthost.js29 KB
whhost.js24 KB
whfhost.js18 KB
whtopic.js15 KB
whphost.js12 KB
whres.xml10 KB
whutils.js10 KB
whihost.js10 KB
whlang.js10 KB
whrstart.ico9 KB
whstart.ico9 KB
whestart.ico9 KB
wht_abte.jpg9 KB
whstart.js9 KB
Electronic_Arts_Technical_Support.hhc9 KB
whibody.htm8 KB
whskin_papplet.htm8 KB
Welcome.htm8 KB
wht_abge.jpg6 KB
whskin_pickup.htm6 KB
cshdat_robohelp.htm5 KB
wht_abgw.jpg5 KB
whghost.js5 KB
whskin_plist.htm5 KB
whform.js5 KB
wht_abgi.jpg4 KB
whskin_ep_start.htm4 KB
Electronic_Arts_Technical_Support.htm4 KB
whskin_frmset01.htm4 KB
Electronic_Arts_Technical_Support.ppf4 KB
EA Customer Service Tool v1.log4 KB
wht_abtw.jpg3 KB
wht_abti.jpg3 KB
whskin_tbars.htm3 KB
whgdhtml.htm3 KB
RoboHHRE.lng3 KB
Electronic_Arts_Technical_Support.lng3 KB
default_ns.css3 KB
whstub.js3 KB
whfform.htm3 KB
default.css2 KB
whst_topics.xml2 KB
whgdef.htm2 KB
Electronic_Arts_Technical_Support_rhc.htm2 KB
whskin_banner.htm2 KB
whver.js2 KB
whiform.htm2 KB
whframes.js1 KB
whmozemu.js1 KB
whskin_mbars.htm1 KB
HtmlHelp.css1 KB
whmsg.js1 KB
whskin_frmset010.htm1 KB
whskin_pdhtml.htm1 KB
whproj.js1 KB
whproxy.js1 KB
wht_logo1.gif1 KB
wht_logo2.gif1 KB
whtdhtml.htm1 KB
whskin_tw.htm1 KB
whfbody.htm1 KB
content.gif1 KB
whnjs.htm1 KB
whgbody.htm1 KB
go.gif1 KB
websearch.gif1 KB
close.gif1 KB
search.gif1 KB
directional.gif1 KB
urls.gif1 KB
gray-left.gif1 KB
gray-rt.gif1 KB
right-ar.gif1 KB
left-ar.gif1 KB
page.gif1 KB
whfdhtml.htm1,009 B
whidhtml.htm999 B
Red_Book_Closed.gif983 B
wht_ws.gif973 B
wht_ws_g.gif949 B
wht_sync.gif846 B
wht_hide.gif842 B
whskin_info.htm783 B
other_index.gif650 B
index.gif637 B
greyback.gif590 B
whproj.htm578 B
book_open.gif573 B
bookclosed.gif558 B
Red_Page.gif552 B
Electronic_Arts_Technical_Support.stp507 B
eHelp.xml371 B
Electronic_Arts_Technical_Support.ews371 B
Red_Browse_Right.gif302 B
wht_tab0.gif285 B
wht_go.gif260 B
wht_tab1.gif237 B
wht_tab7.gif236 B
wht_tab2.gif226 B
wht_tab8.gif225 B
wht_tab5.gif221 B
whskin_ep_ins.xml221 B
wht_tab6.gif212 B
whskin_blank.htm211 B
wht_tab3.gif209 B
wht_toc_h.gif204 B
wht_tab4.gif198 B
wht_toc_n.gif195 B
wht_fts_h.gif188 B
wht_fts_n.gif188 B
wht_idx_h.gif168 B
wht_idx_n.gif168 B
Electronic_Arts_Technical_Support.syn159 B
whproj.xml155 B
wht_glo_h.gif142 B
wht_glo_n.gif142 B
Electronic_Arts_Technical_Support_hha.hhk140 B
whskin_homepage.htm128 B
wht_next_g.gif73 B
wht_prev.gif73 B
wht_next.gif73 B
wht_prev_g.gif73 B
wht_spac.gif43 B
readme.txt21 KB
Ereg.bin773 KB
EReg.exe604 KB
EasyInfo.exe548 KB
Need for Speed Carbon_code.exe316 KB
Need for Speed Carbon_uninst.exe72 KB
ereg-dict-th.xml11 KB
Localization.ini11 KB
ereg-dict-el.xml10 KB
ereg-dict-ru.xml9 KB
ereg-dict-ja.xml8 KB
ereg-dict-ko.xml7 KB
ereg-dict-de.xml7 KB
ereg-dict-it.xml7 KB
ereg-dict-cs.xml7 KB
ereg-dict-nl.xml7 KB
ereg-dict-fr_FR.xml7 KB
ereg-dict-pl.xml7 KB
ereg-dict-pt_BR.xml7 KB
ereg-dict-hu.xml7 KB
ereg-dict-pt_PT.xml7 KB
ereg-dict-sv.xml7 KB
ereg-dict-da.xml7 KB
ereg-dict-en_US.xml7 KB
ereg-dict-no.xml7 KB
ereg-dict-en_UK.xml7 KB
ereg-dict-es.xml7 KB
ereg-dict-fi.xml7 KB
ereg-dict-zh_TW.xml7 KB
ereg-dict-zh_CN.xml6 KB
en-us_eula.txt6 KB
EasyReqs.xml848 B
config.xml832 B
0compressed.zip2.00 GB
1compressed.zip1.86 GB
00000001.TMP19 MB
nfsc.exe8 MB
00000000.2561 MB
EAInstall.dll704 KB
AutoRun.exe556 KB
AutoRunGUI.dll516 KB
msvcp71.dll488 KB
server.dll372 KB
msvcr71.dll340 KB
00000002.TMP310 KB
eauninstall.exe248 KB
nfs_inst.exe52 KB
DrvMgt.dll45 KB
nfs_uninst.exe44 KB
setup.exe21 KB
NFS_icon.ico2 KB
server.cfg1 KB
dat.bin258 B
common_filelist.txt254 B
autorun.inf152 B
Torrent downloaded from B

Additional Information

Known Trackers

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