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Michael Rizzo Chessman DivX DJ Karaoke v2011 (9.38GB)

Video » Movies
9.39 GB  
in 1,573 files
   0 / 0
4 years old  
15    0
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Michael Rizzo Chessman DivX DJ Karaoke v2011
Bonus clips
Tha last rose of summer (celtic woman)on-screen_ lyricsxvid.avi23 MB
Dein ist mein ganzes herz Concert (Karaoke) Franz Lehar.mp414 MB
Those were the days Helene Fischer) Russian.avi12 MB
The Luton Girls Choir - My Heart And I (from 'Old Chelsea').mp39 MB
Only our rivers run free (karaoke lyrics on-screen).mp48 MB
Ireland mother Ireland (karaoke lyrics on-screen).mp48 MB
Dein ist mein ganzes herz - Lehar (karaoke) home-made clip.mp46 MB
When Irish eyes are smiling - (karaoke) traditional (Irish Tenors version).mp45 MB
Stairway to heaven.avi19 MB
We Are The World.avi14 MB
Good times - chic.avi11 MB
The band played waltzing matilda.avi11 MB
Lyin' eyes (The Eagles).avi11 MB
Consider the lilies (karaoke).avi11 MB
Do it again.avi11 MB
Andy Gibb greatest hits medley.avi11 MB
Do you think I'm sexy.avi10 MB
Red red wine.avi10 MB
El Paso.avi10 MB
Thriller.avi10 MB
No woman no cry.avi10 MB
Where does my heart beat now.avi10 MB
Come share the wine.avi10 MB
Billie Jean.avi10 MB
Don't throw it all away.avi10 MB
Two outta three aint bad.avi10 MB
Master of the house - Les Miserables wvocals.avi10 MB
Les Miserables - Master Of The House.avi10 MB
What a beautiful world this would be (IGY).avi10 MB
Copacabana.avi10 MB
Sultans Of Swing - Dire Straits.avi10 MB
Boogie wonderland.avi10 MB
In the air tonight.avi10 MB
Music of the night (wvocals).avi10 MB
Ain't no mountain high enough.avi10 MB
Those Were The Days.avi10 MB
La cage aux folles wvocal.avi9 MB
Piano Man.avi9 MB
I want your sex.avi9 MB
Suspicious minds.avi9 MB
I wanna dance with somebody.avi9 MB
Ahab The Arab.avi9 MB
Shadow dancing.avi9 MB
Brandy youre a fine girl.avi9 MB
Grease - 24 We Go Together - (wvocals).avi9 MB
The power of love.avi9 MB
I'm your baby tonight.avi9 MB
Night moves.avi9 MB
Night moves wvocals.avi9 MB
Do You Think I'm Sexy - Rod Stewart.avi9 MB
Listen to your heart.avi9 MB
Music of the night.avi9 MB
Nothing's Gonna Stop Us Now.avi9 MB
Boogie oogie oogie.avi9 MB
September.avi9 MB
You Are.avi9 MB
The Flight Of The Earls.avi9 MB
How deep is your love.avi9 MB
Is this love.avi9 MB
Fiddler On The Roof - If I were a rich man wvocals.avi9 MB
Love you inside out.avi9 MB
Can't Fight This Feeling.avi9 MB
Old Flames.avi9 MB
What are you doing the rest of your life wvocals.avi9 MB
Have you ever really loved a woman.avi9 MB
Still.avi9 MB
Black magic woman.avi9 MB
Sara (Fleetwood Mac).avi9 MB
Rock Steady.avi9 MB
Could It Be Magic.avi9 MB
Convoy.avi9 MB
The first time ever I saw your face.avi9 MB
Careless whisper.avi9 MB
I want to know what love is.avi9 MB
Fiddler On The Roof - Tradition.avi9 MB
Killing me softly.avi9 MB
We've got tonight.avi8 MB
Black velvet band.avi8 MB
No more tears (enough is enough) - Streisand, Barbra & Donna Summer.avi8 MB
Too Much Heaven.avi8 MB
Ive had the time of my life (duet).avi8 MB
Where do broken hearts go.avi8 MB
Where do broken hearts go wvocal.avi8 MB
Love Is A Wonderful Thing.avi8 MB
Could I have This Kiss Forever.avi8 MB
Caruso.avi8 MB
Just the way you are.avi8 MB
In The Summertime.avi8 MB
Living La Vida Loca.avi8 MB
I've had the time of my life.avi8 MB
Could I have this kiss forever wvocals.avi8 MB
I have nothing (if I dont have you).avi8 MB
Escape (The Pina Colada song).avi8 MB
Higher Love.avi8 MB
Supertramp - Goodbye Stranger.avi8 MB
Dancing On The Ceiling.avi8 MB
Working my way back to you.avi8 MB
You're in my heart.avi8 MB
Goodnight Irene.avi8 MB
She Bangs.avi8 MB
Somewhere my love - Dr. Zhivago (Movie) wvocals.avi8 MB
You Can Do Magic.avi8 MB
I'm Your Boogie Man.avi8 MB
All by myself wfemale vocals.avi8 MB
One More Night.avi8 MB
New York State Of Mind - Tony Bennett.avi8 MB
Little Jeannie.avi8 MB
If He Should Ever Leave You.avi8 MB
Sicilian medley.avi8 MB
Shout.avi8 MB
It's five o'clock somewhere.avi8 MB
Song For Ireland.avi8 MB
This old heart of mine.avi8 MB
How great thou art.avi8 MB
Stayin' alive.avi8 MB
Honey.avi8 MB
Listen to the music.avi8 MB
Dublin In The Rare Ould Time.avi8 MB
Crocodile rock.avi8 MB
Baby come back.avi8 MB
Onward christian soldier.avi8 MB
I could fall in love.avi8 MB
An Everlasting Love.avi8 MB
There'll Be Sad Songs.avi8 MB
Tell him wvocals.avi8 MB
Cabaret - Wilkommen.avi8 MB
Because he lives.avi8 MB
My heart will go on.avi8 MB
From this moment on.avi8 MB
Stranger in paradise (duet).avi8 MB
Hotel California.avi8 MB
Earth angel wvocals.avi8 MB
Kiss On My List.avi8 MB
Have you really ever loved a woman wvocals.avi8 MB
You're In My Heart - Rod Stewart.avi8 MB
Tell him.avi8 MB
New kid in town.avi8 MB
Rock with you.avi8 MB
Because you loved me.avi8 MB
Arthur's theme.avi8 MB
Reunited.avi8 MB
Magic (Olivia Newton John).avi8 MB
The girl is mine.avi8 MB
When You Love Someone Like That.avi8 MB
Tell Her About It.avi8 MB
Sixteen going on seventeen.avi8 MB
Let's talk about love wvocals.avi8 MB
Milli Vanilli - Girl I m Gonna Miss You.avi8 MB
Ive got you under my skin.avi8 MB
I've Had The Time Of My Life(Duet).avi8 MB
The game of love - Santana.avi8 MB
My eyes adored you.avi8 MB
Never Gonna Give You Up (wvocals).avi8 MB
The night the lights went out in Georgia.avi8 MB
On my own (duet).avi8 MB
Mountains of Mourne.avi8 MB
Break it to them gently.avi8 MB
Looking for love.avi8 MB
Fields Of Athenry (PaddyOke).avi8 MB
All by myself.avi8 MB
The Rose Of Clare.avi8 MB
Piece Of My Heart.avi8 MB
I'm already there.avi8 MB
Boogie fever.avi8 MB
I will survive.avi8 MB
Yesterday Once More.avi8 MB
Beat it.avi8 MB
Anniversary song excl lyrics.avi8 MB
How do you keep the music playing (PS).avi8 MB
Don't go breaking my heart.avi8 MB
Never gonna give you up.avi8 MB
Could It Be I m Falling In Love.avi8 MB
Fanny be tender (with my love).avi8 MB
Home Boys Home.avi8 MB
Supertramp - It's Raining Again.avi8 MB
One moment in time wvocal.avi8 MB
YMCA.avi8 MB
Maria Maria.avi8 MB
la boheme (Charles Aznavour).avi8 MB
I wanna dance with somebody who loves me wvocals.avi8 MB
It might be you.avi8 MB
Whenever I Call You Friend.avi8 MB
My way wvocal.avi8 MB
Endless love.avi8 MB
I just called to say I love you.avi8 MB
She believes in me.avi8 MB
Commitment.avi8 MB
One moment in time.avi8 MB
Conga.avi8 MB
Islands in the stream.avi8 MB
La isla bonita.avi8 MB
Maneater (Hall & Oates) wvocals.avi8 MB
Moulin Rouge - Lady Marmalade.avi8 MB
You Should Be Dancing (LG).avi8 MB
Any Tipperary Town.avi7 MB
Tennessee Christmas.avi7 MB
The greatest love of all.avi7 MB
Neither One Of Us.avi7 MB
Mountains of Mourne wvocal.avi7 MB
Sexual Healing.avi7 MB
Why oh why wvocals.avi7 MB
Le freak - Chic wvocals.avi7 MB
Lady In Red.avi7 MB
El Shaddai.avi7 MB
Dreams (Fleetwood Mac).avi7 MB
Have You Ever Been In Love.avi7 MB
Can't Get Enough Of Your Love.avi7 MB
Gypsy (Fleetwood Mac) wvocals.avi7 MB
War Favourites Medley (Vera Lynn).avi7 MB
Tie me kangaroo down sport.avi7 MB
I hate you, then I love you.avi7 MB
You'll never find another love like mine.avi7 MB
I love this bar wvocal.avi7 MB
Groovy Kind Of Love.avi7 MB
I hate you, then I love you wvocal.avi7 MB
Love Zone.avi7 MB
Come In From The Rain.avi7 MB
One of these nights.avi7 MB
When I Need You.avi7 MB
Midnight Train To Georgia.avi7 MB
Candle In The Wind.avi7 MB
I don't remember you-sometimes day -medley.avi7 MB
Don't Close Your Eyes.avi7 MB
I Love This Bar.avi7 MB
Where have all the flowers gone.avi7 MB
Can't get enough of your love wvocals.avi7 MB
Baby I love your way wvocal.avi7 MB
I Write The Songs.avi7 MB
Woman to woman.avi7 MB
Selena - I Could Fall In Love.avi7 MB
The air that I breath.avi7 MB
Night fever.avi7 MB
The Black Velvet Band.avi7 MB
Meet Me In Montana.avi7 MB
I Just Can't Help Believing.avi7 MB
Unforgettable.avi7 MB
How great thou art wfemale vocals.avi7 MB
Lou Bega - Mambo Number 5.avi7 MB
These boots are made for walking wvocal.avi7 MB
One moment in time wvocals.avi7 MB
A Horse With No Name.avi7 MB
Treat her like a lady wvocals.avi7 MB
Fiddler On The Roof - If I were a rich man.avi7 MB
Miss you like crazy.avi7 MB
I Will Love Again.avi7 MB
I Can't Make You Love Me.avi7 MB
Everybody Plays The Fool.avi7 MB
Smooth.avi7 MB
I swear.avi7 MB
Peace train.avi7 MB
Don't Leave Me This Way.avi7 MB
You light up my life.avi7 MB
Emotion.avi7 MB
The Irish Rover.avi7 MB
Didn't we almost have it all wvocals.avi7 MB
Half the way.avi7 MB
How great thou art wmale vocal.avi7 MB
Hey (Julio Iglesias).avi7 MB
A rainy night in Georgia.avi7 MB
Owner of a lonely heart.avi7 MB
Five foot two -aint she sweet medley.avi7 MB
Sailing (Christopher Cross).avi7 MB
Hot Hot Hot.avi7 MB
Walking in Memphis wvocal.avi7 MB
Grease - 06 Beauty School Dropout.avi7 MB
My favorite things.avi7 MB
Lonely Boy.avi7 MB
Cabaret - Cabaret.avi7 MB
Till the end of time.avi7 MB
Speak softly love.avi7 MB
Grease - 18 Beauty School Dropout - (wvocals).avi7 MB
For The Good Times.avi7 MB
Livin' la vida loca wvocals.avi7 MB
Shaddap you face - Joe Dolce.avi7 MB
I'm every woman wvocals.avi7 MB
Cabaret - cabaret wvocals.avi7 MB
I can't go for that (Hall & Oates) wvocal.avi7 MB
What Becomes Of The Brokenhearted.avi7 MB
What Becomes Of The Brokenheart.avi7 MB
Can't take my eyes of you.avi7 MB
It Was A Very Good Year.avi7 MB
Hot Chocolate - You Sexy Thing.avi7 MB
Luckenbach Texas.avi7 MB
Misled.avi7 MB
How do you keep the music playing duet- wvocals.avi7 MB
Lucille.avi7 MB
The prayer wvocal.avi7 MB
Sad eyes.avi7 MB
Flashdance theme.avi7 MB
How Do I Live.avi7 MB
Bad girls wvocal.avi7 MB
Amazed.avi7 MB
On my own.avi7 MB
Caribbean Queen No More Love.avi7 MB
Amazed wvocal.avi7 MB
Let's groove.avi7 MB
How can you mend a broken heart.avi7 MB
Cherish.avi7 MB
One Of A Kind (Love Affair).avi7 MB
Just When I Needed You Most.avi7 MB
Sometimes When We Touch.avi7 MB
This moment in time.avi7 MB
Do You Want Your Old Lobby Washed Down.avi7 MB
The Galway Shawl.avi7 MB
Its impossible.avi7 MB
Spanish - She bangs (Ricky Martin).avi7 MB
You Don't Have To Be A Star.avi7 MB
Lay down Sally.avi7 MB
September Morn.avi7 MB
Me And Mrs Jones.avi7 MB
I Won t Last A Day Without You.avi7 MB
Another day in paradise.avi7 MB
Help Me Rhonda.avi7 MB
Begin the beguine (spanish).avi7 MB
Begin the beguine (volver a empezar).avi7 MB
Sylvia's mother.avi7 MB
Hard to say I'm sorry.avi7 MB
The Old Bog Road.avi7 MB
Streisand, Barbra - Kiss Me In The Rain.avi7 MB
He Don't Love You (Like I Love You).avi7 MB
Slow dancin' swayin' to the music.avi7 MB
He's So Shy.avi7 MB
I could have danced all night wvocals.avi7 MB
Alone Again naturally.avi7 MB
Up where we belong (love lift us up).avi7 MB
My Love.avi7 MB
Penny Lover.avi7 MB
Tragedy.avi7 MB
The Valley Of Slievelamon.avi7 MB
Shake Your Bon Bon.avi7 MB
I wanna get physical.avi7 MB
All I ask of you (wvocals).avi7 MB
Mustang Sally.avi7 MB
Harbour lights.avi7 MB
Stand tall.avi7 MB
Margaritaville wvocals.avi7 MB
Slow dancing, swaying to the music.avi7 MB
When I fall in love (duet).avi7 MB
Love is thicker than water.avi7 MB
Ten Thousand Angels Cried.avi7 MB
Let the music play.avi7 MB
There you'll be (Faith Hill) wvocal.avi7 MB
This Guy's In Love With You.avi7 MB
Donald where's yer trousers.avi7 MB
Jive talkin'.avi7 MB
Isle of Innisfree.avi7 MB
I'm never gonna fall in love again.avi7 MB
Grease - 07 Born to Hand Jive.avi7 MB
Shake your groove thing.avi7 MB
Everytime You Go Away.avi7 MB
Grease - 19 Born to Hand Jive - (wvocals).avi7 MB
Jammin'.avi7 MB
Steal away.avi7 MB
Ave Maria wvocal.avi7 MB
Let's Make Love.avi7 MB
Supertramp - The Logical Song.avi7 MB
You're the reason god made Oklahome (duet).avi7 MB
Disco Inferno wvocals.avi7 MB
The Unicorn.avi7 MB
I go crazy.avi7 MB
Hot stuff.avi7 MB
Smoky Mountain Rain.avi7 MB
Battle hymn of the republic.avi7 MB
I do (cherish you).avi7 MB
On the sunny side of the street medley wvocal.avi7 MB
I'm Easy.avi7 MB
Nights on Broadway.avi7 MB
Ave Maria.avi7 MB
There you'll be.avi7 MB
If I can't have you.avi7 MB
It's like we never said goodbye.avi7 MB
Tracks Of My Tears.avi7 MB
The prayer.avi7 MB
I was country when country wasn't cool.avi7 MB
A mi manera - Gypsy kings.avi7 MB
Just An Old Fashioned Love Song.avi7 MB
When you tell me that you love me.avi7 MB
Puff The Magic Dragon.avi7 MB
It's hard to be humble.avi7 MB
A man without love.avi7 MB
More than a woman.avi7 MB
Disco Inferno.avi7 MB
After the lovin'.avi7 MB
My way (SC).avi7 MB
Material girl.avi7 MB
Walking On Sunshine.avi7 MB
Unicorn.avi7 MB
As time goes by.avi7 MB
Maggie.avi7 MB
After the lovin' wvocal.avi7 MB
Touch me in the morning.avi7 MB
Gypsy - Fleetwood Mac.avi7 MB
I'm not in love.avi7 MB
She's Always A Woman To Me.avi7 MB
Jerry, Mungo - In The Summertime.avi7 MB
Daddy Was An Old Time Preacher Man.avi7 MB
Spanish - Heroe (Enrique Iglesias).avi7 MB
If you say my eyes are beautiful.avi7 MB
I Can't Stop Loving You.avi7 MB
Stylistics - Break Up To Make Up wvocals.avi7 MB
Run for the roses.avi7 MB
Be with you.avi7 MB
I'll Always Love You (Taylor).avi7 MB
For your eyes only.avi7 MB
Yesterday When I Was Young.avi7 MB
Be with you wvocal.avi7 MB
Holiday (Madonna).avi7 MB
You re My Soul And Inspiration.avi7 MB
Sound Of Music.avi7 MB
Hello.avi7 MB
I was country when country wasn't cool wvocal.avi7 MB
Thing called love (Bonnie Raitt) wvocals.avi7 MB
I just want to be your everything.avi7 MB
Rock the boat.avi7 MB
I just wanna be with you.avi7 MB
Any day now.avi7 MB
The First Cut Is The Deepest.avi7 MB
Gypsys, Tramps And Thieves.avi7 MB
I'll Never Love This Way Again.avi7 MB
Glory Of Love - Cetera, Peter.avi7 MB
I love the nightlife.avi6 MB
Love Is Forever.avi6 MB
Supertramp - Give A Little Bit.avi6 MB
I Breathe In, I Breathe Out - Cagle, Chris wvocal.avi6 MB
Spancil Hill.avi6 MB
Camelot - C' Est Moi .avi6 MB
Fifty ways to leave your lover.avi6 MB
Turn Your Love Around.avi6 MB
Bailamos.avi6 MB
What's goin' on.avi6 MB
Next Time I Fall.avi6 MB
My heart will go on wvocal.avi6 MB
Best of my love.avi6 MB
Anniversary song.avi6 MB
To all the girls I've loved before.avi6 MB
You're the best thing that's ever happened to me.avi6 MB
When a man loves a woman.avi6 MB
Lean On Me.avi6 MB
One promise.avi6 MB
Algo De Mi - Camilo Sesto.avi6 MB
Have I Told You Lately - Rod Stewart.avi6 MB
Yellow Rose Of Texas.avi6 MB
Got me on my knees.avi6 MB
Layla.avi6 MB
Layla wvocals.avi6 MB
You Decorated My Life.avi6 MB
Spanish - Just the way you are - Billy Joel.avi6 MB
Redneck woman.avi6 MB
Just a gigolo.avi6 MB
Candy Man.avi6 MB
I will always love you wvocal Whitney Houston.avi6 MB
If loving you is wrong wvocals.avi6 MB
Car wash.avi6 MB
Always on my mind.avi6 MB
Gigi.avi6 MB
Tonight's the night.avi6 MB
If loving you is wrong.avi6 MB
Where do I begin (Love story theme).avi6 MB
Doing It All For My Baby.avi6 MB
Love so right.avi6 MB
Turn The Beat Around.avi6 MB
Ain't no woman (like the one I've got).avi6 MB
You should be dancing wvocals.avi6 MB
Stayin' alive wvocals.avi6 MB
God bless the USA wvocals.avi6 MB
Married But Not To Each Other.avi6 MB
Looks like we made it.avi6 MB
Spanish Ballades - Propuesta.avi6 MB
Sheena Easton - Morning Train (9-5)A.avi6 MB
If ever I would leave you (DK).avi6 MB
The hungry years.avi6 MB
Years.avi6 MB
Next time I fall in love (duet).avi6 MB
It Never Rains In Southern California.avi6 MB
Flower of Scotland.avi6 MB
You're the top (from De lovely) wvocal.avi6 MB
Three times a lady.avi6 MB
Hey There Lonely Girl.avi6 MB
You made me love you.avi6 MB
I just wanna stop.avi6 MB
Razzle Dazzle - Chicago.avi6 MB
Somewhere my love.avi6 MB
It was almost like a song.avi6 MB
A Scottish soldier.avi6 MB
The colour of my love.avi6 MB
A nightingale sang in Berkeley square.avi6 MB
Go Your Own Way (Fleetwood Mac).avi6 MB
Awesome God.avi6 MB
Boogie nights.avi6 MB
Saving all my love for you.avi6 MB
We'll meet again.avi6 MB
Please don't go.avi6 MB
Immortality.avi6 MB
Even now.avi6 MB
That's Entertainment.avi6 MB
Suddenly.avi6 MB
Fiddler On The Roof - To Life (La Chaim).avi6 MB
Ain't no way to treat a lady.avi6 MB
Italian - Tarantella.avi6 MB
She's Gone.avi6 MB
My woman my woman my wife.avi6 MB
Afternoon Delight.avi6 MB
When I need you wvocals.avi6 MB
Phantom of the opera (wvocals).avi6 MB
I heard it through the grapevine (wvocals).avi6 MB
Spanish - Besame Mucho wvocal.avi6 MB
Nobody loves me like you do (duet).avi6 MB
Say you'll stay until tomorrow.avi6 MB
I'm in the mood for love.avi6 MB
Rose Garden.avi6 MB
It's alright to be a redneck.avi6 MB
My kind of girl - Dean Martin wvocals.avi6 MB
Macho Man.avi6 MB
Village People - Macho Man.avi6 MB
Winter world of love.avi6 MB
I'm on top of the world.avi6 MB
Mambo Italiano - Dean Martin.avi6 MB
Mambo Italiano - Dean Martin wvocals.avi6 MB
Tell it to my heart.avi6 MB
Grease - 13 Summer Nights - (wvocals).avi6 MB
I heard it through the grapevine.avi6 MB
Grease - 01 Summer Nights.avi6 MB
The way you look tonight.avi6 MB
Long Train Running.avi6 MB
Night And Day.avi6 MB
Play that funky music wvocals.avi6 MB
Guantanamera - Cuban Classic wvocals.avi6 MB
Country roads (wvocals).avi6 MB
Get down tonight.avi6 MB
Besame mucho.avi6 MB
Besame mucho female english vocals.avi6 MB
Singin' in the rain.avi6 MB
Achy Breaky Heart.avi6 MB
You take my breath away.avi6 MB
My way.avi6 MB
Say you, say me.avi6 MB
When the roll is called up yonder wvocals.avi6 MB
Welcome back Kotter.avi6 MB
Funky Town.avi6 MB
Spanish - Paris (Montero - San Marti).avi6 MB
When Irish Eyes are Smiling.avi6 MB
When Irish Eyes are Smiling wvocal.avi6 MB
Somewhere out there.avi6 MB
Somewhere out there (duet).avi6 MB
What a friend we have in Jesus wvocals.avi6 MB
You Should Be Dancing (zoom).avi6 MB
Montego Bay.avi6 MB
Love me tonight.avi6 MB
Night fever wvocals.avi6 MB
Bad Bad Leroy Brown.avi6 MB
Heaven must be missing an angel.avi6 MB
My foolish heart.avi6 MB
Then Came You (wvovals).avi6 MB
One for my baby wvocals.avi6 MB
Private eyes - (Hall & Oates) wvocals.avi6 MB
O sole mio wvocal.avi6 MB
A foggy day in london town.avi6 MB
Look What They've Done To My Song.avi6 MB
The Wild Rover.avi6 MB
Slow hand.avi6 MB
Honesty.avi6 MB
Doobie Brothers - Listen To The Music.avi6 MB
Come softly to me.avi6 MB
Until its time for you to go.avi6 MB
I've Got You Under My Skin.avi6 MB
Bali Ha'i - Church, Charlotte wvocal.avi6 MB
The sound of music (PS).avi6 MB
Better Love Next Time.avi6 MB
Just an old fashioned love song wvocals.avi6 MB
Sail On.avi6 MB
Time to say goodbye wvocal.avi6 MB
If you leave me now.avi6 MB
All I Ever Need Is You.avi6 MB
Jailhouse rock.avi6 MB
Por el amor de una mujer (Julio Iglesias).avi6 MB
Nothing Bout Love Makes Sense.avi6 MB
Grease - 12 We Go Together.avi6 MB
Someday We'll Be Together.avi6 MB
I'll take you home again Kathleen wvocal.avi6 MB
Little Green Apples.avi6 MB
Coca Cola Cowboy.avi6 MB
My boy.avi6 MB
One Day At A Time.avi6 MB
Everything Is Beautiful.avi6 MB
Delilah (Tom Jones).avi6 MB
Various - I Only Have Eyes For You.avi6 MB
Coalminer's daughter.avi6 MB
Georgia on my mind.avi6 MB
Volare.avi6 MB
Has anybody seen my sweet gypsy rose.avi6 MB
Le Jazz Hot.avi6 MB
Taste Of Honey - Boogie Oogie Oogie.avi6 MB
Piece of my heart (Faith Hill) wvocal.avi6 MB
The monster mash.avi6 MB
Shake Rattle & Roll.avi6 MB
You and I.avi6 MB
Devil Woman.avi6 MB
Diamonds are a girl's best friend (Jazzy).avi6 MB
All I ask of you.avi6 MB
Sad Eyes (wvocals).avi6 MB
Save The Last Dance For Me (country).avi6 MB
She's gone (Hall & Oates) wvocals.avi6 MB
Green, green grass of home.avi6 MB
I'm gonna sit right down and write myself a letter wvocals.avi6 MB
Unchain my heart.avi6 MB
Running With The Night.avi6 MB
Pretty woman.avi6 MB
Never Can Say Goodbye.avi6 MB
Doobie Brothers -What a fool believes.avi6 MB
You Keep Me Hanging On.avi6 MB
Knock three times.avi6 MB
Southern Nights.avi6 MB
What a fool believes.avi6 MB
Two doors down.avi6 MB
Al di la.avi6 MB
I wish I was in Carrickfergus wvocals.avi6 MB
The Forty Shades Of Green.avi6 MB
My favorite things wvocals.avi6 MB
I belong to Glasgow.avi6 MB
Volare Nel Blu Dipinto Di Blu.avi6 MB
Release me.avi6 MB
Your Love Keeps Lifting Me Higher.avi6 MB
Brick house - commodores.avi6 MB
Isn't She Lovely.avi6 MB
Trammps - Hold Back The Night.avi6 MB
Any Man Of Mine.avi6 MB
Bananarama - Venus.avi6 MB
Angel Baby.avi6 MB
This Girl Is A Woman Now.avi6 MB
Beauty and the beast wvocals.avi6 MB
When You Wish Upon A Star.avi6 MB
One for my baby.avi6 MB
Reach Out I ll Be There.avi6 MB
Beauty and the beast.avi6 MB
Two hearts.avi6 MB
Fiddler On The Roof - Matchmaker wvocals.avi6 MB
Memory.avi6 MB
I Still Believe In You.avi6 MB
I've Got A Crush On You Wvocals.avi6 MB
My guy.avi6 MB
You're the inspiration.avi6 MB
When somebody loves you.avi6 MB
Mamas don't let your babies grow up to be cowboys.avi6 MB
Why have you left the one you left me for.avi6 MB
Celebration (Kool and the gang).avi6 MB
Tonight I celebrate my love for you.avi6 MB
Cabaret - Prelude To A Kiss.avi6 MB
The lady is a tramp.avi6 MB
Where have all the flowers gone wvocals.avi6 MB
Burning Love.avi6 MB
Without love (I have nothing).avi6 MB
Falling In Love.avi6 MB
It's only a paper moon.avi6 MB
Fly like an eagle.avi6 MB
Chess - One Night In Bangkok.avi6 MB
Green Green Grass Of Home.avi6 MB
Youre my soul and my heart's inspiration.avi6 MB
The Next Time I Fall.avi6 MB
She's Always A Woman.avi6 MB
I'll take you home again Kathleen.avi6 MB
In The Still Of The Night.avi6 MB
Selena Disco medley wvocals.avi6 MB
How Do You Keep The Music Playing.avi6 MB
Doing what comes naturally.avi6 MB
I love you for sentimental reasons.avi6 MB
If you ever change your mind.avi6 MB
Sleeping single in a double bed.avi6 MB
Thanks For The Memory.avi6 MB
Shake Me, Wake Me (When It's Over).avi6 MB
That's Life.avi6 MB
Elvis Presley - My boy.avi6 MB
In the ghetto.avi6 MB
Can't smile without you.avi6 MB
That's amore.avi6 MB
I could have danced all night.avi6 MB
Sh-Boom.avi6 MB
I believe in music.avi6 MB
I Can't Help Myself (Sugar Pie, Honey Bunch).avi6 MB
Unchained melody wfemale vocal.avi6 MB
Dont sit under the apple tree (with anyone else but me).avi6 MB
Ain't we got fun.avi6 MB
Jimmy Mack.avi6 MB
Seduces me wvocals.avi6 MB
These Are My Mountains.avi6 MB
I'll Go Where The Music Takes Me (Disco).avi6 MB
Nobody does it better.avi6 MB
What the world needs now is love wvocal.avi6 MB
It's sad to belong to someone else when the right one comes along.avi6 MB
Guantanamera.avi6 MB
I can't give you anything but love.avi6 MB
I Walk The Line.avi6 MB
Blowing In The Wind.avi6 MB
Baby what a big surprise.avi6 MB
O sole mio.avi6 MB
My bonnie.avi6 MB
Stop in the name of love.avi6 MB
Brown Eyed Girl.avi6 MB
Banana boat song.avi6 MB
Shenandoah.avi6 MB
She Drives Me Crazy.avi6 MB
The wild colonial boy wvocals.avi6 MB
Loch lomond (By yon bonnie banks).avi6 MB
Lacage Aux Follies - I Am What I Am.avi6 MB
When you were sweet sixteen.avi6 MB
Here you come again.avi6 MB
Wonderful world beautiful people.avi6 MB
If You Love Me (Let Me Know).avi6 MB
I Hear A Symphony.avi6 MB
You Make Me Feel So Young.avi6 MB
Can't Fight The Moonlight.avi6 MB
Up where we belong wmale vocal.avi6 MB
Five foot two.avi6 MB
Cheek to cheek.avi6 MB
You've really got a hold on me.avi6 MB
Show me the way (wvocals).avi6 MB
Mack the knife.avi6 MB
Bailamos wvocals.avi6 MB
A Lovers Concerto.avi6 MB
From this moment on wvocals.avi6 MB
You and me against the world.avi6 MB
Begin The Beguine.avi6 MB
Kentucky rain.avi6 MB
Jive talkin wvocals.avi6 MB
Shining Star.avi6 MB
God bless the USA.avi6 MB
Streisand, Barbra - People.avi6 MB
Stormy weather (SC).avi6 MB
Crying Time.avi6 MB
Girl From Ipanema.avi6 MB
Edelweiss wvocals.avi6 MB
After All These Years.avi6 MB
Streisand, Barbra - Woman In Love, A.avi6 MB
Makin' whoopee wvocals.avi6 MB
Dont stop (Fleetwood Mac).avi6 MB
Crying in the chapel.avi6 MB
Sharing the night together wvocals.avi6 MB
Pink Shoe Laces.avi6 MB
Will The Circle Be Unbroken.avi6 MB
High Hopes.avi6 MB
Dont stop (Fleetwood Mac) wvocals.avi6 MB
Jefferson Starship - Count On Me.avi6 MB
You belong to me.avi6 MB
Wild world.avi6 MB
Fine state of affairs.avi6 MB
We go together wvocal.avi6 MB
Feelings.avi6 MB
Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy.avi6 MB
Whiskey in the jar.avi6 MB
Chattanooga choo choo.avi6 MB
Could you be loved wvocal.avi6 MB
It's the last dance.avi6 MB
Country roads.avi6 MB
The very thought of you.avi6 MB
I'm always chasing rainbows.avi6 MB
Sixteen going on seventeen (duet).avi6 MB
How deep is your love (wvocals).avi6 MB
His hand in mine.avi6 MB
It is well with my soul.avi6 MB
Santa Lucia luntana.avi6 MB
What The World Needs Now.avi6 MB
Laughter in the rain.avi6 MB
Four Country Roads.avi6 MB
Sunrise Sunset.avi6 MB
Don't the girls all get prettier at closing time.avi6 MB
A kiss to build a dream on wvocals.avi6 MB
How deep is your love wvocals.avi6 MB
A kiss to build a dream on.avi5 MB
Those Lazy Hazy Crazy Days Of Summer.avi5 MB
Baby I love your way.avi5 MB
Michael row the boat ashore.avi5 MB
It's four in the morning.avi5 MB
Bay City Rollers - saturday night.avi5 MB
Hard headed woman.avi5 MB
Grease - 04 Greased Lightning.avi5 MB
Quando, quando, quando.avi5 MB
Last Kiss.avi5 MB
Once upon a time - Standard.avi5 MB
Tremeloes, The - Silence Is Golden.avi5 MB
Wasted days wasted nights.avi5 MB
Dream Weaver.avi5 MB
We've only just begun.avi5 MB
Grease - 16 Greased Lightning - (wvocals).avi5 MB
When you're in love with a beautiful woman.avi5 MB
Hot Child In The City.avi5 MB
A little bit of heaven.avi5 MB
A little bit of heaven (wvocals).avi5 MB
Who Put The Bomp.avi5 MB
You make me feel like dancing.avi5 MB
The Boston Burglar.avi5 MB
You don't bring me flowers anymore.avi5 MB
I'm Your Puppet.avi5 MB
I just met a girl named Maria.avi5 MB
Unchained Melody.avi5 MB
You are the sunshine of my life.avi5 MB
You dont bring me flowers (duet).avi5 MB
Waltzing Matilda.avi5 MB
Once upon a time - Standard wvocals.avi5 MB
Tonight, tonight.avi5 MB
She's a lady.avi5 MB
Autumn leaves.avi5 MB
Drift away.avi5 MB
Too much too little too late.avi5 MB
I Found Sunshine.avi5 MB
When I'm Sixty-Four.avi5 MB
Take Me As I Am.avi5 MB
Happy days.avi5 MB
It's the last dance (Donna Summer).avi5 MB
Funkytown wvocal.avi5 MB
What's Forever For.avi5 MB
I'm Coming Home.avi5 MB
Chitarra Romana.avi5 MB
Do You Love Me.avi5 MB
Hello dolly.avi5 MB
Return to me.avi5 MB
Take a letter Maria.avi5 MB
One More Day.avi5 MB
Sheena Easton - Morning Train (9-5)B.avi5 MB
She's got you.avi5 MB
I started a joke.avi5 MB
Istanbul.avi5 MB
Fly me to the moon - Diana Krall wvocals.avi5 MB
Tell Him (The exciters).avi5 MB
It's Alright.avi5 MB
Come A Little Bit Closer.avi5 MB
It s four in the morning.avi5 MB
Summertime - Do I Hear A Waltz (Film).avi5 MB
Funny familiar forgotton feelings.avi5 MB
He stopped loving her today.avi5 MB
Softly as I leave you.avi5 MB
Macarena.avi5 MB
Heat Wave.avi5 MB
Little sister.avi5 MB
I'd really love to see you tonight.avi5 MB
Sara smile (Hall & Oates) wvocals.avi5 MB
Farewell to Nova Scotia.avi5 MB
Love is a many splendored thing.avi5 MB
Cruel Summer.avi5 MB
Could I have this dance.avi5 MB
Abrazame (Julio Iglesias).avi5 MB
Always in my heart.avi5 MB
When I dream.avi5 MB
Caminito Julio Iglesias.avi5 MB
Stardust.avi5 MB
Where Is The Love.avi5 MB
Lets face the music and dance.avi5 MB
Talking in your sleep.avi5 MB
In The Good Old Summertime.avi5 MB
Spanish Ballades - Llamarada.avi5 MB
Against all odds.avi5 MB
My Maria.avi5 MB
Girl You'll Be A Woman Soon.avi5 MB
Banana boat song wvocals.avi5 MB
Moody Blue.avi5 MB
Beer barrel polka (Andrews sisters).avi5 MB
With these hands.avi5 MB
When The Lights Go On Again.avi5 MB
Jesus loves me.avi5 MB
Mamma.avi5 MB
Nights are forever without you.avi5 MB
Nights are forever.avi5 MB
Ain't No Sunshine (female version).avi5 MB
You gave me a mountain.avi5 MB
New York New York Spanish version.avi5 MB
Tainted Love.avi5 MB
Dream A Little Dream Of Me.avi5 MB
Chim chimney.avi5 MB
It must be him.avi5 MB
The Mountains Of Mourne (traditional).avi5 MB
A fool such as I.avi5 MB
So Deep Is The Night.avi5 MB
Ring My Bell.avi5 MB
I need thee every hour wvocals.avi5 MB
You belong to my heart.avi5 MB
Then You Can Tell Me Goodbye.avi5 MB
The angel in your arms this morning.avi5 MB
Who Can It Be Now.avi5 MB
The Boys Of The County Armagh.avi5 MB
You belong to my heart wvocal.avi5 MB
He Touched Me.avi5 MB
Hound dog.avi5 MB
Its now or never.avi5 MB
Somewhere Over The Rainbow.avi5 MB
Private Eyes.avi5 MB
I wanna be loved by you wvocals.avi5 MB
Twenty One Years.avi5 MB
I'm not Lisa.avi5 MB
When the roll is called up yonder.avi5 MB
You're sixteen.avi5 MB
I'm Wastin' My Tears On You.avi5 MB
New York, New York.avi5 MB
Homely Girl.avi5 MB
The orange and the green.avi5 MB
Mockin bird thrill.avi5 MB
Save the last dance for me.avi5 MB
When You Wish Upon A Star Wvocals.avi5 MB
Dance To The Music.avi5 MB
Never Ending Song Of Love.avi5 MB
Jolene.avi5 MB
Pajama Game - Hey There.avi5 MB
I wonder who's kissing her now (wvocals).avi5 MB
Rock Around The Clock.avi5 MB
Wishing you were somehow here again wvocals.avi5 MB
Return to sender.avi5 MB
The last waltz.avi5 MB
Right Time Of The Night.avi5 MB
I need thee every hour.avi5 MB
Send in the clowns.avi5 MB
Twilight Time.avi5 MB
Wish you were here.avi5 MB
Sixteen Candles.avi5 MB
My melody of love.avi5 MB
Grease - 17 It's Raining On Prom Night - (wvocals).avi5 MB
Across the sea (Galway bay) wvocal.avi5 MB
Blue suede shoes.avi5 MB
Grease - 05 It's Raining on Prom Night.avi5 MB
The most beautiful girl in the world.avi5 MB
Roll Over Beethoven.avi5 MB
Lionel Richie - Stuck On You.avi5 MB
Woman in love.avi5 MB
Peg O' My Heart.avi5 MB
Mary in the morning.avi5 MB
True Love Ways.avi5 MB
Grease - 03 Hopelessly Devoted To You.avi5 MB
We'll Meet Again (Without Choir).avi5 MB
Ruby, don't take your love to town.avi5 MB
The old rugged cross.avi5 MB
Truly.avi5 MB
Grease - 15 Hopelessly Devoted To You - (wvocals).avi5 MB
Embraceable you - Frank Sinatra wvocals.avi5 MB
Where The Three Counties Meet.avi5 MB
I m not Lisa.avi5 MB
Be my baby tonight (Montgomery).avi5 MB
We'll Meet Again (With Choir).avi5 MB
Wish Me Luck As You Wave Me Goodbye.avi5 MB
Without a song.avi5 MB
Wish you were here wvocals.avi5 MB
Stylistics - You Are Everything.avi5 MB
Muskrat Love.avi5 MB
Younger than springtime wvocal.avi5 MB
Gypsy Kings - Marina (Rene).avi5 MB
God bless America (Leann Rimes) wvocals SC.avi5 MB
When Irish eyes are smiling (SC).avi5 MB
Its a grand night for singing (karaoke).avi5 MB
Daughter of darkness.avi5 MB
The Wedding song Traditional (SC).avi5 MB
Sugar Sugar.avi5 MB
Love changes everything.avi5 MB
Here Comes That Rainy Day Feeling Again.avi5 MB
Trust and obey.avi5 MB
Twistin' The Night Away.avi5 MB
Fiddler On The Roof - Matchmaker.avi5 MB
Spanish Ballades - Fuiste mia un verano.avi5 MB
Trust and obey wvocals.avi5 MB
The way you look tonight wvocals.avi5 MB
Oh what a beautiful morning wvocals.avi5 MB
Don't sit under the apple tree wvocals.avi5 MB
Oh Lonesome Me.avi5 MB
I love to love (but my baby just wants to dance).avi5 MB
I who have nothing.avi5 MB
Earth Angel.avi5 MB
On the sunny side of the street - Jazz cabaret wvocals.avi5 MB
Feel Like Making Love.avi5 MB
Fooled around and fell in love.avi5 MB
Cold Cold Heart.avi5 MB
Kaoma Lambada (not Kaoma Dancando version).avi5 MB
Whole lotta shakin goin on.avi5 MB
Only Sixteen.avi5 MB
I ll Never Fall In Love Again.avi5 MB
I Get A Kick Out Of You.avi5 MB
Supertramp - Breakfast in America.avi5 MB
Almost Like Being In Love (Female Excluding Vocals).avi5 MB
Almost Like Being In Love Wfemale Vocals.avi5 MB
Evergreen.avi5 MB
Don't break the heart that loves you.avi5 MB
That'll Be The Day.avi5 MB
It's The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year.avi5 MB
That's The Way I Like It.avi5 MB
Sam Cooke - You Send Me.avi5 MB
Lord, I lift your name on high.avi5 MB
A World Without Love.avi5 MB
Baby Love.avi5 MB
The Most Beautiful Girl.avi5 MB
Amazing grace.avi5 MB
Daydream Believer.avi5 MB
Everybody loves somebody wvocals.avi5 MB
Across the sea (Galway Bay).avi5 MB
Mambo Italiano (Clooney).avi5 MB
Mambo Italiano Wfemale Vocals.avi5 MB
Dust in the wind wvocals.avi5 MB
Strangers in the night.avi5 MB
Bamboleo.avi5 MB
Hot diggity (what you do to me).avi5 MB
Next door to an angel.avi5 MB
Your Mama Don't Dance.avi5 MB
Have you ever been lonely (duet).avi5 MB
All For Me Grog.avi5 MB
How great thou art (Elvis Presley) wvocals.avi5 MB
Stand by me wvocals.avi5 MB

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