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Metal For The Masses Vol. 1 - 8

1.87 GB  
in 298 files
   0 / 0
7 years old  
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Torrent Contents

Metal For The Masses Vol. I
01 Thoughts Without Words.m4a10 MB
02 Ravenous.m4a8 MB
03 Anthem For A Fallen Star.m4a6 MB
04 Mind Eraser.m4a3 MB
05 Monochromatic Stains.m4a7 MB
06 Excuse Me While I Kill Myself.m4a7 MB
07 Devour.m4a5 MB
08 Yama.m4a6 MB
09 Branded.m4a4 MB
10 Destroyer Of Senses.m4a5 MB
11 Swamped.m4a8 MB
12 Sugarfalls.m4a6 MB
13 Cloud Connected.m4a7 MB
14 Rational Gaze.m4a10 MB
15 Puritania.m4a6 MB
16 As We Speak.m4a7 MB
17 Drive.m4a7 MB
18 Sons Of Northern Darkness.m4a9 MB
19 Innocence Gone.m4a9 MB
20 Another Dead End (For Another Dea.m4a9 MB
21 System.m4a7 MB
1-FRONT.jpg905 KB
2-BACK.jpg827 KB
INLAY-1 of 1.jpg1 MB
Metal For The Masses, Vol. II [Disc 1]
1-01 Sadist Ways.m4a8 MB
1-02 We Will Rise.m4a7 MB
1-03 Made To Measure [Radio Edit].m4a8 MB
1-04 Better Days.m4a7 MB
1-05 Beneath The Surface.m4a6 MB
1-06 Bear The Scars.m4a6 MB
1-07 Disintegrate.m4a8 MB
1-08 Everything Invaded [Radio Edit].m4a7 MB
1-09 Never Purify.m4a7 MB
1-10 The Idiot Box.m4a9 MB
1-11 Heaven's A Lie [Radio Edit].m4a7 MB
1-12 With All The Pride And Dignity.m4a5 MB
1-13 Tick, Tock, Tick.m4a5 MB
1-14 Pride_Politics.m4a7 MB
1-15 Pencil Lead Syringe.m4a8 MB
1-16 Poison Me.m4a8 MB
1-17 From The Astral Plane... Entwin.m4a7 MB
1-18 Retaliate.m4a6 MB
1-19 For The World To Dictate Our De.m4a9 MB
1-20 Light The Torch.m4a7 MB
1-FRONT.jpg792 KB
2-BACK.jpg799 KB
3-INNER.jpg998 KB
INLAY-1 of 1.jpg1 MB
Metal For The Masses Vol III [Disc 2]
2-01 In Between The Sheets.m4a10 MB
2-02 34 Months For Nothing.m4a4 MB
2-03 Cant Help You There.m4a6 MB
2-04 Two Worlds Apart.m4a7 MB
2-05 The Beloved And The Hated.m4a7 MB
2-06 Touch Of Red.m4a7 MB
2-07 Deathbox.m4a8 MB
2-08 Peace.m4a4 MB
2-09 Prophecy.m4a9 MB
2-10 War Is My Shepherd.m4a8 MB
2-11 Conquer All.m4a6 MB
2-12 Dying Divinity.m4a5 MB
2-13 Swarm Of Terror.m4a6 MB
2-14 Hateful.m4a8 MB
2-15 Face Down.m4a6 MB
2-16 Carpe Diem.m4a8 MB
2-17 Carry Me Home.m4a6 MB
2-18 People Like Me.m4a5 MB
2-19 Do You Wanna.m4a5 MB
2-20 She Gets Away.m4a5 MB
Metal For The Masses, Vol. III [Disc 1]
1-01 What Drives The Weak.m4a8 MB
1-02 All Against All.m4a8 MB
1-03 The Weapon They Fear.m4a8 MB
1-04 Medevial.m4a7 MB
1-05 Gone Forever.m4a8 MB
1-06 Lost to Apathy.m4a8 MB
1-07 Dead Eyes See No Future.m4a8 MB
1-08 The Strength Of Misery.m4a6 MB
1-09 Outnumbering The Day.m4a6 MB
1-10 Hateful Nature.m4a6 MB
1-11 Mondo Medicale (Rough Mix).m4a4 MB
1-12 Frozen (Rough Mix).m4a8 MB
1-13 Sealed Chamber Of Electricity.m4a7 MB
1-14 Spiraling Into Depression.m4a6 MB
1-15 Glorina.m4a6 MB
1-16 Fly Away.m4a5 MB
1-17 Daylight Dancer.m4a7 MB
1-18 Pitch Black Emotions.m4a6 MB
1-19 Ocean Land.m4a8 MB
1-20 Book Of Heavy Metal [Edit].m4a7 MB
1-FRONT.jpg876 KB
2-BACK.jpg1 MB
3-INNER.jpg944 KB
INLAY-1 of 5.jpg1 MB
INLAY-2 of 5.jpg1 MB
INLAY-3 of 5.jpg1 MB
INLAY-4 of 5.jpg1 MB
INLAY-5 of 5.jpg1 MB
Metal For The Masses Vol. IV [Disc 1]
1-01 The End Of The World [Edit].m4a10 MB
1-02 Weathered Souls.m4a5 MB
1-03 These Days.m4a6 MB
1-04 Days Are Numbdered [Edit].m4a6 MB
1-05 Without A Trace.m4a7 MB
1-06 Enlightened By The Cold.m4a5 MB
1-07 Nemesis.m4a8 MB
1-08 No Compromise.m4a7 MB
1-09 Slaves Shall Serve.m4a5 MB
1-10 Enslaved And Condemed.m4a8 MB
1-11 Perpetual Horrors.m4a9 MB
1-12 Possessions [Edit].m4a8 MB
1-13 The Psalm Of Lydia.m4a8 MB
1-14 It All Dies Today [Edit].m4a7 MB
1-15 Splintered Visions.m4a10 MB
1-16 The Pestilence That Walketh In.m4a6 MB
1-17 Bastard Son [Edit].m4a6 MB
1-18 Silence Is Deafening.m4a7 MB
1-19 The Sunset Will Never Charm Us.m4a6 MB
1-20 Harnessing Ruin.m4a8 MB
Metal For The Masses Vol. IV [Disc 2]
2-01 Alt Lys Er Svvnnet Hen.m4a10 MB
2-02 Nerve.m4a7 MB
2-03 Like You Better Dead.m4a6 MB
2-04 Shed.m4a7 MB
2-05 Kill Tank.m4a6 MB
2-06 Secondary Effects.m4a7 MB
2-07 Door 2.12.m4a8 MB
2-08 Scrutinized.m4a9 MB
2-09 Now Thy Death Day Come.m4a10 MB
2-10 Tree OF Life & Death.m4a8 MB
2-11 Sundown.m4a8 MB
2-12 Lightburner.m4a6 MB
2-13 Everything's On T.V..m4a6 MB
2-14 Goin Down.m4a3 MB
2-15 Three Sheets To The Wind.m4a6 MB
2-16 Love Me Electric.m4a6 MB
2-17 Gimmie Some Lip.m4a6 MB
2-18 The Day Of Neverending.m4a8 MB
2-19 Things Are Looking Up.m4a6 MB
2-20 Brand New Hate.m4a5 MB
1-FRONT.jpg856 KB
2-BACK.jpg952 KB
INLAY-1 of 4.jpg892 KB
INLAY-2 of 4.jpg577 KB
INLAY-3 of 4.jpg896 KB
INLAY-4 of 4.jpg727 KB
Metal For The Masses Vol. V [Disc 1]
1-01 Closer [Radio Edit].m4a5 MB
1-02 Fade Away [Heavy Edit].m4a6 MB
1-03 The Flood.m4a7 MB
1-04 Severe Emotional Distress.m4a7 MB
1-05 Prayers.m4a7 MB
1-06 Old.m4a8 MB
1-07 Wrong Side.m4a7 MB
1-08 When All Is Said And Done.m4a5 MB
1-09 Stay The Course.m4a7 MB
1-10 Ground.m4a7 MB
1-11 The Pentagram Burns.m4a10 MB
1-12 Demigod.m4a7 MB
1-13 Blackness.m4a7 MB
1-14 Fire! Battle! In Metal!.m4a6 MB
1-15 Falling To Pieces.m4a8 MB
1-16 Soul Decision.m4a9 MB
1-17 Rush.m4a7 MB
1-18 Chains Of Humanity.m4a7 MB
1-19 My Apocalypse.m4a10 MB
Metal For The Masses Vol. V [Disc 2]
2-01 Meaningless.m4a7 MB
2-02 One Last Breath.m4a7 MB
2-03 Eradication.m4a7 MB
2-04 The Storm I Ride.m4a6 MB
2-05 Natural High.m4a8 MB
2-06 The Illusionist.m4a8 MB
2-07 Another Stranger Me.m4a8 MB
2-08 Serial Killer.m4a7 MB
2-09 Belphegor, Hell's Ambassador.m4a8 MB
2-10 Crippled And Broken.m4a8 MB
2-11 Son Of The Slaves Of Time.m4a9 MB
2-12 The Forgotten Goddess.m4a8 MB
2-13 Rational Gaze (Remastered & Rem.m4a10 MB
2-14 Hung Out To Dry.m4a6 MB
2-15 Ride The Wire.m4a5 MB
2-16 Losing The Game.m4a7 MB
2-17 The Broken.m4a9 MB
2-18 Impressions.m4a5 MB
2-19 Ghost Ride.m4a5 MB
1-FRONT.jpg872 KB
2-BACK.jpg974 KB
INLAY-1 of 7.jpg1 MB
INLAY-2 of 7.jpg1 MB
INLAY-3 of 7.jpg1 MB
INLAY-4 of 7.jpg1 MB
INLAY-5 of 7.jpg1 MB
INLAY-6 of 7.jpg1 MB
INLAY-7 of 7.jpg1 MB
Metal For The Masses Vol. VI
01 Revolution Begins.m4a9 MB
02 No Pity For A Coward.m4a6 MB
03 Beatiful Tragedy (Radio Edit).m4a6 MB
04 Scarred.m4a7 MB
05 One Body Too Many (Rough Mix).m4a6 MB
06 Time To Rage.m4a4 MB
07 Dread Command (Rough Mix).m4a5 MB
08 Barn Burner.m4a5 MB
09 Unleash Carnage.m4a4 MB
10 Savior Self.m4a6 MB
11 What Do You Know About The Game O.m4a7 MB
12 Let It Rain Death (Blizzard Of Sn.m4a8 MB
13 Rise And Fall.m4a8 MB
14 Furtive Monologue.m4a6 MB
15 Eulogy IV.m4a9 MB
16 Prometherion.m4a5 MB
1-FRONT.jpg802 KB
2-BACK.jpg811 KB
3-INNER.jpg837 KB
INLAY-1 of 3.jpg1 MB
INLAY-2 of 3.jpg1 MB
INLAY-3 of 3.jpg1 MB
Metal For The Masses Vol. VII [Disc 1]
1-01 The Great Divide.m4a8 MB
1-02 No Pity For A Coward (Live).m4a6 MB
1-03 Scobra vs. Cupcakes Battle Of T.m4a7 MB
1-04 Blood On Your Hands.m4a11 MB
1-05 War Of Attrition (Unmastered).m4a8 MB
1-06 The Impaler.m4a6 MB
1-07 Never Give In.m4a12 MB
1-08 Diagnosis Terminal.m4a6 MB
1-09 A Fractured Hand (Live).m4a9 MB
1-10 Early Grave.m4a6 MB
1-11 The Tempest (Demo Version).m4a9 MB
1-12 Ghosts Of Grace.m4a9 MB
1-13 Australopithecus.m4a8 MB
1-14 Pestiferous Subterfuge.m4a9 MB
1-15 Denim On Denim Hate Crime.m4a4 MB
1-16 At The Crack Of Doom.m4a7 MB
1-17 Impact.m4a6 MB
1-18 Betrayer.m4a5 MB
Metal For The Masses Vol. VII [Disc 2]
2-01 Awaken The Dreamers.m4a9 MB
2-02 Bleed.m4a13 MB
2-03 The Chains Of Power.m4a6 MB
2-04 Bondage Goat Zombie.m4a7 MB
2-05 The Watcher.m4a8 MB
2-06 Jack Of Diamonds.m4a7 MB
2-07 Inis Mona.m4a7 MB
2-08 We Are The Nightmare.m4a7 MB
2-09 Immortal Army Of One.m4a9 MB
2-10 More Than Meets The Eye.m4a8 MB
2-11 Sonic Beatdown.m4a6 MB
2-12 Faith And Forgiveness.m4a5 MB
2-13 Still Alive.m4a7 MB
2-14 Deadpan.m4a7 MB
2-15 Arms Raised, Eyes Closed.m4a7 MB
2-16 Avoidant.m4a5 MB
2-17 Apollyon.m4a6 MB
2-18 Time Is Money.m4a5 MB
2-19 We Long For YOur Blood (Demo).m4a5 MB
1-FRONT.jpg627 KB
2-BACK.jpg708 KB
3-INNER.jpg938 KB
INLAY- 2 of 5.jpg1 MB
INLAY-1 of 5.jpg1 MB
INLAY-3 of 5.jpg1 MB
INLAY-4 of 5.jpg1 MB
INLAY-5 of 5.jpg1 MB
Metal For The Masses VIII [Disc 1]
1-01 Disengage.m4a8 MB
1-02 Approach The Podium.m4a7 MB
1-03 Day Of Mourning.m4a5 MB
1-04 Battles And Brotherhood.m4a9 MB
1-05 Beast Of Man.m4a7 MB
1-06 24 Years.m4a7 MB
1-07 In The Empyreans.m4a8 MB
1-08 New Blood.m4a8 MB
1-09 Bringer Of Plagues.m4a7 MB
1-10 Living In A Whirlwind.m4a6 MB
1-11 Dethroned.m4a5 MB
1-12 Thank You, Pain.m4a7 MB
1-13 I Survive.m4a7 MB
1-14 Empire Of The Gun.m4a9 MB
1-15 The Cat's Pajamas.m4a6 MB
1-16 Crown Of Thorns.m4a6 MB
1-17 Against The Current.m4a6 MB
Metal For The Masses VIII [Disc 2]
2-01 Blood Oath.m4a8 MB
2-02 Taste The Extreme Divinity.m4a7 MB
2-03 Legio Xiii.m4a11 MB
2-04 Rise Of The Undead.m4a7 MB
2-05 Execution 44.m4a9 MB
2-06 Silver Bride.m4a7 MB
2-07 The Tamagotchi Gesture.m4a6 MB
2-08 The Beginning Of The End.m4a7 MB
2-09 All Shall Fall.m4a11 MB
2-10 Cruise Ship Terror.m4a5 MB
2-11 Resign To Surrender.m4a11 MB
2-12 One By One.m4a6 MB
2-13 Aetheral.m4a8 MB
2-14 Vodka.m4a5 MB
2-15 Tears.m4a10 MB
2-16 If I Ever Die.m4a9 MB
2-17 Twilight Fires.m4a8 MB
1-FRONT.jpg840 KB
2-BACK.jpg809 KB
3-INNER.jpg954 KB
INLAY-1 of 5.jpg1 MB
INLAY-2 of 5.jpg1 MB
INLAY-3 of 5.jpg1 MB
INLAY-4 of 5.jpg1 MB
INLAY-5 of 5.jpg1 MB

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