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Mastering In Cubase

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Torrent Contents

Mastering In Cubase
I. Understanding The Art And Science Of Mastering
01. The Concept Of Mastering
05. Remastering Comparison.mov29 MB
07. Bit Depth - 16 Bit vs 24 Bit vs 32 Bit.mov24 MB
04. Peak Volume vs. Average (RMS) Volume.mov20 MB
09. Sample Frequency (in KHz) - 44.1 vs. 48 vs. 88.2 vs ....mov18 MB
06. The Loudness War - Daring To Be Neutral.mov12 MB
10. Mastering For Different Musical Genres.mov8 MB
03. Analog Mastering vs. Digital Mastering.mov8 MB
01. Goals Of Mastering In Cubase.mov5 MB
08. Don't Throw Away Your Bits (Maximizing Dynamic Range).mov5 MB
02. What Is Audio Mastering.mov5 MB
02. The Tools Of Mastering
13. Normalizing And Why You Shouldn't Use It.mov7 MB
12. The Top Speed Of Digital Audio Is 0 (Zero).mov6 MB
11. My Clients Say ''Make It Punchy, Shiny, And LOUD!''.mov3 MB
14. The Concept Of Dithering.mov3 MB
03. The Cubase Mastering Plug-ins
20. Following Proper Mastering Plug-in Order.mov8 MB
17. Plug-ins For Tone (EQ).mov6 MB
15. Mastering Limitations Of Cubase Studio 5 And Lower.mov5 MB
21. Using The Cubase Plug-ins Reference Manual.mov4 MB
16. Plug-ins For Compression.mov3 MB
22. What The Click - Mac OS vs. Windows Mouse Commands.mov3 MB
19. Plug-ins For Dithering.mov3 MB
18. Plug-ins For Limiting.mov3 MB
04. Making A Master-Ready Mix In Cubase
25. Checking The Gain Stage Of The Master Fader.mov25 MB
24. Monitoring The Mastering Plug-ins.mov17 MB
27. Increasing Your Audio Interface Buffer During Mastering.mov17 MB
23. Inserting The Mastering Plug-ins.mov11 MB
28. Can I Use Mastering Plug-ins On Individual Tracks.mov9 MB
29. Using Your Ears, Monitors, Headphones And Car Stereo.mov8 MB
26. Mastering After The Mix vs. During The Mix.mov7 MB
II. Understanding Compressors
05. The Controls Of A Compressor
30. Creating A Cubase Project For The Next Chapters.mov19 MB
37. Attack, Hold, Release, And Auto.mov12 MB
33. Threshold.mov11 MB
35. Make Up Gain (Output) And Auto.mov8 MB
34. Ratio.mov8 MB
39. Trying Different Compressor Presets.mov5 MB
32. Compressor Are Like Rubber Bands.mov4 MB
31. Adding A Basic Compressor.mov3 MB
38. Analysis (Peak And-Or RMS).mov3 MB
36. Soft Knee vs. Hard Knee.mov3 MB
06. The Cubase Multiband Compressor - Your Deadliest Mast
43. Adjusting The 4 Frequency Bands.mov29 MB
40. Full-Range Compressors vs. Multiband Compressors.mov13 MB
42. Using The MUTE And SOLO Controls.mov12 MB
41. Multiband Compressor Controls.mov12 MB
45. Trying Different Multiband Compressor Presets.mov10 MB
44. Adjusting The Output Gain.mov10 MB
46. Is The Multiband Compressor A Tone (EQ) Plug-in.mov2 MB
III. Understanding Tone (EQ) Controls
07. What Is Tone
49. Parametric EQ vs. Graphic EQ.mov11 MB
48. Tone Controls Found On Consumer Electronics.mov4 MB
47. Tone, EQ, And Equalization Are Synonyms.mov2 MB
08. The Cubase Channel EQ
52. Q-Factor.mov15 MB
51. Frequency And Gain.mov8 MB
55. Trying Different EQ Presets.mov6 MB
54. Bypassing Individual Bands And Bypassing The Entire EQ.mov5 MB
56. Is The StudioEQ Plug-in Identical To The Channel EQ.mov3 MB
53. Moving The Controls.mov3 MB
50. The Concepts Of The Cubase Channel Parametrics.mov2 MB
09. The GEQ10 And GEQ30 Graphic Equalizers
61. Trying Different Graphic EQ Presets.mov12 MB
60. The Filter Mode Settings.mov12 MB
59. Outputs, Flatten, Range And Invert.mov12 MB
58. Sliders For Different Frequency Bands.mov6 MB
57. The Concepts Of The Cubase Graphic Equalizer Plug-ins.mov2 MB
IV. Understanding Limiters
10. What Is A Limiter
62. A Limiter Is Like A C-Clamp.mov2 MB
11. Using The Cubase Maximizer
63. The Maximizer Plug-in Is A Mastering Limiter.mov7 MB
66. Soft Clip ''On'' Or ''Off''.mov6 MB
65. Using The Optimize Control.mov4 MB
64. Setting The Output Level Control.mov1 MB
V. Dithering
12. Using The Appogee UV 22 HR Dithering Plug-in
67. Where To Use The UV 22 HR.mov13 MB
68. Choosing An Output Bit Resolution.mov2 MB
69. Setting A Dither Level.mov2 MB
VI. Mastering Your Project
13. Using The Multiscope Plug-in
70. The Multiscope In Frequency Spectrum Mode.mov19 MB
71. Using The Multiscope In Phase Correlator Mode.mov2 MB
14. Using All Your Mastering Plug-ins On A Real Project
78. Statistical Analysis Of The Mixdown.mov37 MB
74. Using The GEQ-30.mov31 MB
77. Export - Audio Mixdown.mov21 MB
76. Adding A Consumer Smiley Face EQ.mov21 MB
72. Setting Up A Cubase Project For Mastering.mov19 MB
75. Using The Maximizer.mov16 MB
73. Using The Multiband Compressor.mov10 MB
15. Matt's Mixdown Philosophy
83. Exporting To MP3 Resolution With Mastering.mov7 MB
80. Exporting To High-Resolution Without Mastering.mov7 MB
79. Why 4 Mixdowns.mov7 MB
81. Exporting To High-Resolution With Mastering.mov4 MB
82. Exporting To CD Resolution With Mastering.mov4 MB
VII. Multi-Project Mastering
16. The Importance Of Multi-Project Mastering
86. Comparing Tracks.mov36 MB
84. Multi-Project Mastering Concepts.mov24 MB
85. Where To Put The Plug-ins.mov19 MB
89. Exporting Multi-Project Masters.mov14 MB
87. Feeling The Transitions.mov11 MB
88. Crossfading Mastered Files.mov7 MB
17. Signing Off
90. Goodbye And Good Luck.mov2 MB

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