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Lick Library - Web Lessons

5.78 GB  
in 174 files
   0 / 0
6 years old  
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Torrent Contents

Lick Library - Web Lessons
Alice in Chains - Man in the Box
maninthebox_solo.wmv41 MB
maninthebox_verseprechorusandchorus.wmv37 MB
maninthebox_introrhythmandleadparts.wmv24 MB
man_in_the_box.mp34 MB
Alice in Chains - Them Bones
thembones_solo.wmv42 MB
thembones_introversechorus.wmv26 MB
them_bones.mp32 MB
Alter Bridge - One day remains
onedayremains_2ndsoloandremainingsecs.wmv57 MB
onedayremains_introandverse.wmv38 MB
onedayremains_chorussec.wmv38 MB
onedayremains_1stsolo2ndverseandchorus.wmv17 MB
one_day_remains.mp33 MB
Arctic Monkeys - I bet you look good on the dancefloor
ibetyoulookgoodonthed_introandleadpart.wmv47 MB
ibetyoulookgoodonthed_introrhythmversechorus.wmv38 MB
ibetyoulookgoodonthed_2ndleadversechorusmidparts.wmv35 MB
i_bet_you_look_good_on_the_dancefloor.mp32 MB
Arctic Monkeys - I bet you look good on the dancefloor_
ibetyoulookgoodonthed_introandleadpart.wmv47 MB
ibetyoulookgoodonthed_introandleadpart.wmv.alt.alt47 MB
ibetyoulookgoodonthed_introandleadpart.wmv.alt47 MB
ibetyoulookgoodonthed_introrhythmversechorus.wmv.alt.alt38 MB
ibetyoulookgoodonthed_introrhythmversechorus.wmv.alt38 MB
ibetyoulookgoodonthed_introrhythmversechorus.wmv38 MB
ibetyoulookgoodonthed_2ndleadversechorusmidparts.wmv35 MB
ibetyoulookgoodonthed_2ndleadversechorusmidparts.wmv.alt35 MB
ibetyoulookgoodonthed_2ndleadversechorusmidparts.wmv.alt.alt35 MB
i_bet_you_look_good_on_the_dancefloor.mp3.alt.alt2 MB
i_bet_you_look_good_on_the_dancefloor.mp3.alt2 MB
i_bet_you_look_good_on_the_dancefloor.mp32 MB
Arctic Monkeys - When the sun goes down
whenthesungoesdown_intro.wmv37 MB
whenthesungoesdown_mainriffandversechords.wmv33 MB
whenthesungoesdown_chorusand2ndverse.wmv26 MB
whenthesungoesdown_lastchorusandoutro.wmv19 MB
when_the_sun_goes_down.mp32 MB
Black Crowes - Hard to Handle
hardtohandle_firstsolo.wmv61 MB
hardtohandle_introversechorus.wmv46 MB
hardtohandle_outrosolo.wmv36 MB
hard_to_handle.mp32 MB
Bullen for My Valentine - Tears Don't fall
tearsdontfall_middlesectionandmainsolo.wmv59 MB
tearsdontfall_mainsoloparttwoandoutro.wmv39 MB
tearsdontfall_chorusandversesecs.wmv33 MB
tearsdontfall_tuningandintro.wmv29 MB
tearsdontfall_prechorusrhythmandsolosections.wmv21 MB
tears_dont_fall.mp35 MB
Children of Bodom - Blooddrunk
blooddrunk_2ndversechorusbreakdownandguitarfillsections.wmv73 MB
blooddrunk_tuningintrosectionsandmainverseriff.wmv45 MB
blooddrunk_mainsolofinalchorusandoutro.wmv41 MB
blooddrunk.mp33 MB
Coldplay - Yellow
yellow_versechorusandplaythruelectric.wmv33 MB
yellow_tuningandintroacoustic.wmv17 MB
yellow_intromainriffelectric.wmv14 MB
yellow_chorusacoustic.wmv11 MB
yellow_outroacoustic.wmv10 MB
yellow_versechorusoutroplaythruacoustic.wmv8 MB
yellow_versesectionacoustic.wmv8 MB
yellow.mp34 MB
Crowded House - Weather With You
weatherwithyou_acousticparts.wmv90 MB
weatherwithyou_electricparts.wmv48 MB
weather_with_you.mp33 MB
Extreme - Get the Funk Out
getthefunkout_mainsolo.wmv114 MB
getthefunkout_prechorusandchorus.wmv69 MB
getthefunkout_introandverse.wmv32 MB
get_the_funk_out.mp34 MB
Franz Ferdinand - Take Me Out
takemeout_2ndgtrintroandversepart.wmv33 MB
takemeout_songarrangement.wmv14 MB
takemeout_2ndgtrmidsectionpart.wmv10 MB
takemeout_1stgtrintroandversepart.wmv8 MB
takemeout_1stgtrmidsectionpart.wmv6 MB
take_me_out.mp33 MB
Guns N' Roses - Patience
patience_introintrosoloandverse.wmv71 MB
patience_secondsoloandoutro.wmv53 MB
patience.mp35 MB
Iron Maiden - Hallowed Be Thy Name
hallowedbethyname_introriff1riff2andverseriff.wmv63 MB
hallowedbethyname_2ndmainsolorifffourandfinalchorus.wmv48 MB
hallowedbethyname_riff3and1stmainsolo.wmv35 MB
hallowed_be_thy_name.mp36 MB
Iron Maiden- Run to the Hills
runtothehills_soloandinterlude.wmv28 MB
runtothehills_introandverse.wmv26 MB
runtothehills_prechorusandchorus.wmv16 MB
run_to_the_hills.mp33 MB
Jeff Beck - 'Cause We've Ended As Lovers
causeweveendedaslovers_mainsolo.wmv69 MB
causeweveendedaslovers_2ndverse.wmv20 MB
causeweveendedaslovers_1stverse.wmv20 MB
causeweveendedaslovers_endsection.wmv16 MB
causeweveendedaslovers_2ndchorus.wmv15 MB
causeweveendedaslovers_finalchorus.wmv13 MB
causeweveendedaslovers_1stchorus.wmv13 MB
causeweveendedaslovers_intro.wmv10 MB
causeweveendedaslovers_finalverse.wmv9 MB
cause_weve_ended_as_lovers.mp35 MB
Jeff Healey - While My Guitar Gently Weeps
whilemyguitargentlyweeps_outrosolopart2.wmv83 MB
whilemyguitargentlyweeps_mainchordprogsandintroarps.wmv83 MB
whilemyguitargentlyweeps_leadguitarparts.wmv75 MB
whilemyguitargentlyweeps_2ndverseandoutrosolopart1.wmv70 MB
whilemyguitargentlyweeps_1stsolo.wmv60 MB
while_my_guitar_gently_weeps.mp34 MB
Kaiser Chiefs - Ruby
ruby_complete.wmv103 MB
ruby.mp33 MB
Kings of Leon - Sex on Fire
sexonfire_completesong.wmv78 MB
sex_on_fire.mp33 MB
Kings of Leon - Sex on Fire_
sexonfire_completesong.wmv.alt78 MB
sexonfire_completesong.wmv78 MB
sexonfire_completesong.wmv.alt.alt78 MB
sex_on_fire.mp3.alt.alt3 MB
sex_on_fire.mp3.alt3 MB
sex_on_fire.mp33 MB
KsE - My Curse
mycurse_mainriffverse.wmv48 MB
mycurse_introandtuning.wmv44 MB
mycurse_middlesectionandlastchorus.wmv37 MB
mycurse_chorussection.wmv18 MB
my_curse.mp34 MB
Lenny Kravitz - Are you gonna go my way
areyougonnagomyway_introversechorussecs.wmv51 MB
areyougonnagomyway_solo.wmv49 MB
areyougonnagomyway_solorhythmsec.wmv14 MB
areyougonnagomyway_outro.wmv9 MB
are_you_gonna_go_my_way.mp33 MB
Limp Bizkit - Take a Look Around
takealookaround_completesong.wmv83 MB
take_a_look_around.mp35 MB
Muse - Plugin Baby
pluginbaby_introandmainmelody.wmv26 MB
pluginbaby_verseandprechorussection.wmv22 MB
pluginbaby_chorussection.wmv21 MB
plug_in_baby.mp33 MB
My Chemical Romance - Welcome to the Black Parade
welcometothebp_solointroandrhythm.wmv74 MB
welcometothebp_mainsoloandoutrochorus.wmv56 MB
welcometothebp_chorusandmiddlesec.wmv48 MB
welcome_to_the_black_parade.mp34 MB
Neal Young - Needle and the Damage Done
theneedleandthedamagedone_completesong.wmv58 MB
Neil Young - Heart of Gold
heartofgold_complete.wmv49 MB
Nickelback - Follow you home
followyouhome_verseprechoruschorussolo.wmv67 MB
followyouhome_mainsoloandremainingsections.wmv53 MB
followyouhome_introtuningmainriff.wmv28 MB
follow_you_home.mp33 MB
Oasis - Half the World Away
halftheworldaway_complete.wmv69 MB
Ozzy Osbourne - Dee
dee_sectionone.wmv44 MB
dee_sectiontwo.wmv28 MB
Pearl Jam - Alive
alive_solo.wmv98 MB
alive_introversebridgechorus.wmv98 MB
alive_acousticparts.wmv49 MB
Pink Floyd - Wish You Were Here
wishyouwerehere_complete.wmv55 MB
wish_you_were_here.mp35 MB
Prince - Purple Rain
purplerain_completesong.wmv101 MB
purple_rain.mp36 MB
Queens Of The Stone Age - No One Knows
nooneknows_1stversebridgesection.wmv51 MB
nooneknows_solo.wmv26 MB
nooneknows_intro.wmv24 MB
nooneknows_2ndversebridgesection.wmv17 MB
nooneknows_3rdverseoutro.wmv8 MB
no_one_knows.mp33 MB
RATM - Bombtrack
bombtrack_completesong.wmv79 MB
RATM - Killing in the Name
killinginthename_chorus2ndverse.wmv34 MB
killinginthename_outro.wmv32 MB
killinginthename_whammysolo.wmv22 MB
killinginthename_verseprechorus.wmv16 MB
killinginthename_intro.wmv15 MB
killing_in_the_name.mp34 MB
REM - Loosing My Religion
losingmyreligion_complete.wmv42 MB
RHCP - Breaking the Girl
breakingthegirl_complete.wmv90 MB
breaking_the_girl.mp34 MB
Soundgarden - Black Hole Sun
blackholesun_chorus2ndversesolorhythm.wmv55 MB
blackholesun_introverse.wmv43 MB
blackholesun_solo.wmv30 MB
blackholesun_endsections.wmv21 MB
black_hole_sun.mp35 MB
The Jam - That's Entertainment
thats_entertainment_verseandchorus.wmv11 MB
thats_entertainment_chords.wmv5 MB
U2 - One
one_u2_complete.wmv43 MB
one_u2.mp34 MB
Van Halen - Mean Street
meanstreet_solosectionandoutro.wmv79 MB
meanstreet_mainriffversechorusandpresolo.wmv67 MB
meanstreet_tappingintro.wmv59 MB
mean_street.mp33 MB
Van Halen - Spanish Fly
spanish_fly_part2.wmv77 MB
spanish_fly_part1.wmv63 MB
Van Halen MJ - Beat It
beatitsolo.wmv58 MB
beat_it_solo_section.mp31 MB

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