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Korean Grand Chase

Games » PC
2.21 GB  
in 465 files
   0 / 0
6 years old  
Good Rating
8    0
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Torrent Contents

Netmarble_ICON_090904.ico29 KB
L12_1.spr1 KB
L12_2.spr620 B
L16_2.spr2 KB
L16_1.spr2 KB
L4_2.spr2 KB
L4_1.spr2 KB
L5_1.spr3 KB
L5_2.spr3 KB
L6_5.spr27 KB
L6_10.spr27 KB
L6_4.spr21 KB
L6_9.spr19 KB
L6_2.spr8 KB
L6_1.spr8 KB
L6_6.spr8 KB
L6_7.spr8 KB
L6_3.spr6 KB
L6_8.spr4 KB
L7_2.spr1 KB
L7_1.spr1 KB
L9_1.spr666 B
L9_2.spr490 B
SSOWebDLL32.dll412 KB
NMRunParamDLL.dll240 KB
PlusPremBack.BMP293 KB
BasicPremBack.BMP293 KB
PCRoom_Basic.wav151 KB
PCRoom_Plus.wav137 KB
PremBack.bmp81 KB
prem_close.bmp9 KB
readme.txt23 B
dbghelp.dll625 KB
NMPCBangCheckDLL.dll471 KB
NMDirectGoGame.exe381 KB
ExhReport.exe380 KB
AvatarDisplay.dll372 KB
NMWebBanner.dll336 KB
ErrReport.exe332 KB
NMCastModule.dll268 KB
SSOWebDLL.dll236 KB
BadFilterDLL.dll156 KB
NMIEMoveMFC.exe100 KB
filter.bcd70 KB
SSOWebDLL_shared.dll40 KB
model_abta9.kom84 MB
model_abta11.kom72 MB
model_abta10.kom61 MB
model_abta8.kom18 MB
model_abta4.kom8 MB
model_abta6.kom8 MB
model_abta7.kom6 MB
model_abta3.kom5 MB
model_abta0.kom4 MB
model_monster.kom4 MB
model_abta2.kom4 MB
model_abta1.kom3 MB
model_abta5.kom3 MB
model_pet.kom1 MB
etc.kom934 KB
model_npc.kom260 KB
motion_monster4.kom17 MB
motion_pet2.kom13 MB
motion_char4.kom11 MB
motion_monster0.kom11 MB
motion_monster2.kom10 MB
motion_char6.kom10 MB
motion_monster1.kom9 MB
motion_char5.kom8 MB
motion_monster3.kom7 MB
motion_pet0.kom6 MB
motion_pet1.kom6 MB
motion_char1.kom5 MB
motion_char3.kom4 MB
motion_char2.kom3 MB
motion_char7.kom3 MB
motion_npc.kom3 MB
motion_char0.kom2 MB
motion_damage0.kom2 MB
motion_couple.kom2 MB
motion_pet_egg.kom408 KB
Hero_Battle_sample.wav8 MB
Theme_RuleCastle.mp35 MB
theme_furnaceofhell.mp35 MB
Theme_DwarvenBase.mp35 MB
Theme_SupplyRoute.mp35 MB
Theme_Iceberg.mp35 MB
Theme_MirageDesert.mp34 MB
Theme_Gaikoz.mp34 MB
TrackS.mp34 MB
Track9.mp33 MB
Track0.mp33 MB
Theme_UnderTunnel.mp33 MB
Theme_ThunderHammer.mp33 MB
Theme_ShirineofRuin.mp33 MB
Theme_Island.mp33 MB
Theme_LaborCamp.mp33 MB
TBoss_Nemophila.mp33 MB
tboss_vulcanus.mp33 MB
TrackU.mp33 MB
Theme_KungjiVillage.mp33 MB
TrackM.mp33 MB
Theme_Life.mp33 MB
Track1.mp33 MB
Theme_GiantRock.mp32 MB
TBoss_Gaikoz.mp32 MB
TrackT.mp32 MB
TBoss_Thanatos.mp32 MB
TBoss_Iceberg.mp32 MB
TrackP.mp32 MB
TBoss_Victor.mp32 MB
Track7.mp32 MB
TrackD.mp32 MB
TrackC.mp32 MB
Sorcery Master.mp32 MB
TBoss_GiantRock.mp32 MB
GorgosLair.mp32 MB
TrackN.mp31 MB
Temple Master.mp31 MB
TrackO.mp31 MB
Track2.mp31 MB
TrackH.mp31 MB
TrackQ.mp31 MB
TrackA.mp31 MB
TrackF.mp31 MB
Square_Carol.mp31 MB
TrackI.mp31 MB
TrackG.mp31 MB
Drama_01.mp31 MB
QFinal.mp31 MB
Track8.mp31 MB
TrackB.mp31 MB
Champion.mp31 MB
Theme_Duel.mp31 MB
TrackJ.mp31 MB
Track5.mp31 MB
TrackR.mp31 MB
04_Atum.mp31 MB
06_Achaemedia.mp31 MB
XmasEvent.mp31 MB
01_Bermesiah.mp3966 KB
02_Silverland.mp3940 KB
03_Elia.mp3920 KB
05_Xenia.mp3902 KB
Run.mp3819 KB
hero_battle_sample.mp3777 KB
TrackL.mp3634 KB
Track6.mp3624 KB
Minigame_TreeBomb_Slow.mp3533 KB
Minigame_Balloon_Slow.mp3495 KB
TrackK.mp3488 KB
Minigame_TreeBomb_Normal.mp3474 KB
Minigame_Balloon_Normal.mp3449 KB
Minigame_TreeBomb_Fast.mp3399 KB
Minigame_Balloon_Fast.mp3394 KB
Track3.mp3188 KB
Track4.mp3167 KB
Minigame_Gameover_Renewal.mp3138 KB
TrackE.mp3106 KB
Logo.mp391 KB
Minigame_Gameover_Normal.mp388 KB
Xenia8.kom21 MB
Hero1.kom19 MB
Xenia6.kom18 MB
dunrefectoring.kom16 MB
hero2.kom15 MB
char_amy4.kom15 MB
Xenia5.kom13 MB
ChaosLand2.kom13 MB
ChaosLand1.kom12 MB
Skill_Amy1.kom12 MB
Xenia7.kom12 MB
Desert1.kom11 MB
Skill_Ronan1.kom11 MB
Desert4.kom11 MB
Desert2.kom10 MB
Skill_Sieg1.kom10 MB
ChaosLand3.kom10 MB
Skill_Ryan0.kom9 MB
Silverland5.kom8 MB
Char_Dio1.kom8 MB
Char_Mari.kom8 MB
Char_Sieg4.kom8 MB
Char_Mari2.kom8 MB
Silverland7.kom7 MB
Char_Mari1.kom7 MB
NightSwamp.kom7 MB
Desert3.kom6 MB
Char_Sieg3.kom6 MB
Char_Jin4.kom6 MB
Char_Jin2.kom6 MB
Silverland6.kom5 MB
Char_Sieg2.kom5 MB
DungeonZig.kom5 MB
Char_Dio2.kom4 MB
skill_jin1.kom4 MB
LazyGenius.kom4 MB
Renew_Lire2.kom4 MB
Renew_Elesis.kom3 MB
WaterDungeon.kom3 MB
PetBuzzy.kom2 MB
PetKkambu.kom2 MB
petkumi.kom2 MB
Renew_Arme.kom2 MB
PetFlareBeast.kom2 MB
PetSelion.kom2 MB
PetSeamus.kom2 MB
PetThanatos.kom1 MB
PetMermairing.kom1 MB
PetKeroro.kom1 MB
PetBurubis.kom1 MB
PetKitty.kom1 MB
Pet_BlackBear.kom1 MB
PetPiro.kom1 MB
pethaetae.kom1 MB
petfrancoise.kom1 MB
PetMashimaro.kom1 MB
PetQuMing.kom1 MB
PetDKMark3.kom1 MB
PetGriffith.kom1 MB
PetSaku.kom1 MB
PetCrako.kom1 MB
pet_elena.kom1 MB
PetAriel.kom1 MB
PetCommender.kom1 MB
PetMiniElesis.kom1 MB
PetKazeaze.kom1 MB
PetCasanova.kom1 MB
petsarimanok.kom1 MB
Pet_Gwishinee.kom1 MB
PetRickoon.kom1 MB
PetGaikoz.kom1 MB
PetKungji.kom1 MB
PetPiero.kom1 MB
rockpaperscissors.kom813 KB
newelia.kom727 KB
EventRes.kom624 KB
PetMuring.kom449 KB
DropBox.kom309 KB
loading_charmotion.kom57 KB
sound4.kom21 MB
sound5.kom20 MB
sound6.kom12 MB
sound3.kom11 MB
sound.kom10 MB
sound_korea.kom9 MB
sound2.kom8 MB
sound_korea3.kom7 MB
sound_korea2.kom5 MB
sound_korea4.kom5 MB
sound_pet.kom2 MB
sound_minigame.kom1 MB
ai.kom897 KB
fan_map.kom1 MB
minigame.kom18 KB
ui.kom1 MB
gcnewmapparticlescript.stg5 MB
script.kom3 MB
str_mission.stg2 MB
str.stg516 KB
char_script.kom512 KB
str_Skill.stg118 KB
playertemplate.kom115 KB
dio1_particle.ktp71 KB
elesis_particle.ktp66 KB
aipet.kom58 KB
Total.stg40 KB
arme_particle.ktp34 KB
particle.kom27 KB
map.kom20 KB
lire_particle.ktp17 KB
str_ctmission.stg8 KB
mapanim1.kom5 MB
itemanim2.kom5 MB
petanim0.kom4 MB
mapanim0.kom2 MB
mapanim2.kom1 MB
itemanim1.kom1 MB
itemanim0.kom1 MB
mapanim3.kom746 KB
itemanim3.kom593 KB
skillanim0.kom226 KB
uianim0.kom98 KB
particle3.kom7 MB
particle.kom5 MB
particle2.kom5 MB
particle4.kom4 MB
sbta26.kom53 MB
sbta23.kom48 MB
sbta25.kom41 MB
setitem2.kom38 MB
tex_abta6.kom36 MB
sbta24.kom33 MB
tex_dungeon_loading.kom29 MB
sbta22.kom23 MB
ui3.kom16 MB
tex_abta7.kom16 MB
ui_guidebook.kom16 MB
setitem3.kom16 MB
map37.kom15 MB
map38.kom14 MB
Dun_Bermesiah_1-7.kom14 MB
square_nighit.kom13 MB
Dun_Bermesiah_8-12.kom13 MB
SpecialFaceImage.kom12 MB
ui_seasson2.kom11 MB
ui2.kom10 MB
sbta20.kom10 MB
sbta21.kom10 MB
texture00.kom9 MB
square_gwc.kom8 MB
sbta11.kom8 MB
map17.kom8 MB
tex_abta5.kom7 MB
square_winter.kom7 MB
map27.kom7 MB
tex_dungeon_monster.kom7 MB
map18.kom7 MB
Dun_Elia_5-8.kom7 MB
map15.kom7 MB
setitem1.kom7 MB
map28.kom7 MB
map29.kom6 MB
map21.kom6 MB
map26.kom6 MB
map13.kom6 MB
map5.kom6 MB
map32.kom6 MB
Dun_Xenia_BG.kom6 MB
Dun_Achemedia_1-4.kom6 MB
map9.kom6 MB
Dun_Atum_1-4.kom6 MB
Dun_Xenia_5-8.kom6 MB
map12.kom6 MB
sbta0.kom6 MB
square0.kom6 MB
map33.kom6 MB
sbta5.kom6 MB
fight0.kom5 MB
map34.kom5 MB
map20.kom5 MB
map22.kom5 MB
sbta16.kom5 MB
map19.kom5 MB
Dun_Bermesiah_BG.kom5 MB
sbta4.kom5 MB
map24.kom5 MB
map11.kom5 MB
ui1.kom5 MB
sbta7.kom5 MB
map31.kom5 MB
sbta3.kom5 MB
tex_abta0.kom5 MB
sbta13.kom5 MB
sbta9.kom5 MB
fight1.kom5 MB
map23.kom5 MB
map16.kom5 MB
map6.kom5 MB
map14.kom5 MB
sbta10.kom5 MB
sbta2.kom5 MB
sbta8.kom5 MB
map4.kom5 MB
dun_silver_1-4.kom5 MB
sbta15.kom5 MB
Dun_Elia_BG.kom4 MB
map8.kom4 MB
setitem0.kom4 MB
map25.kom4 MB
sbta6.kom4 MB
sbta14.kom4 MB
Dun_Xenia_1-4.kom4 MB
tex_abta4.kom4 MB
sbta19.kom4 MB
tex_dungeon_infoimage.kom4 MB
map0.kom4 MB
dun_silver_5-7.kom4 MB
map2.kom4 MB
sbta17.kom4 MB
sbta1.kom4 MB
sbta12.kom4 MB
tex_abta1.kom4 MB
map3.kom4 MB
dun_silver_bg.kom3 MB
sbta18.kom3 MB
map1.kom3 MB
sbta27.kom3 MB
fight2.kom3 MB
ui_news.kom3 MB
Dun_Elia_1-4.kom3 MB
tex_abta2.kom2 MB
tex_abta3.kom2 MB
map35.kom2 MB
map30.kom2 MB
map10.kom2 MB
special2.kom2 MB
square1.kom2 MB
Dun_Achemedia_BG.kom2 MB
map36.kom2 MB
tex_monstercrusader.kom2 MB
Dun_Atum_BG.kom2 MB
map7.kom1 MB
fight3.kom1 MB
tex_monster.kom1 MB
skillimage.kom1 MB
special1.kom1 MB
minigamemap.kom1 MB
special0.kom1 MB
skillicon.kom1 MB
Load1_1.dds1 MB
load2.dds1 MB
load1.dds1 MB
Load2_1.dds1 MB
square_object.kom760 KB
tex_pet.kom684 KB
spark0.kom525 KB
emoticon0.kom309 KB
neonsign0.kom208 KB
texnpc.kom168 KB
minigameobj.kom153 KB
LogoTooniland.dds64 KB
LogoNetmarble.dds64 KB
Cursor0.dds16 KB
ui_temp.kom2 KB
fortool.kom1 KB
XTrap.xt933 KB
XTrapVa.dll848 KB
XTrapExt.dll44 KB
psapi.dll22 KB
XData1205.Log16 KB
XDataFI0.Xtp308 B
main.exe18 MB
grandchase.exe3 MB
NanumGothic.ttf2 MB
unins000.exe1 MB
dbghelp.dll1 MB
dxwebsetup.exe308 KB
images.kom305 KB
bugtrap.dll266 KB
libcurl.dll264 KB
unicows.dll239 KB
SSOWebDLL.dll236 KB
KncCrashRpt.dll128 KB
xpva03.dll96 KB
zlib1.dll73 KB
zlibwapi.dll72 KB
KncFirewall.dll60 KB
dsetup.dll59 KB
unins000.dat52 KB
unicows.dll.tmp.tmp48 KB
MailSMTP.dll32 KB
PairPlay.DAT29 KB
MailMIME.dll28 KB
grandchase.ico21 KB
kncfirewall_2.dll8 KB
patchstr.stg1 KB
log.htm547 B
patchinfo.kom357 B
NewOption.dat87 B
KeySetting.dat17 B
ResoultionSetting.dat8 B
NetmarbleGrandChase_521.exe3 MB

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