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in 529 files
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5 years old  
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Torrent Contents

01-Ba la joie-1979
00._Koffi Olomide_-_Ba La Joie.nfo2 KB
01 N'djoli.mp38 MB
02 Fleur Rose.mp38 MB
03 Bebe Ya Suka.mp38 MB
04 Geo.mp38 MB
05 Mwasi Ya Ngenge.mp38 MB
06 Étoile du Nord.mp38 MB
07 Femme Noire.mp39 MB
AlbumArtSmall.jpg8 KB
Folder.jpg28 KB
00._Koffi Olomide_-_Ngounda.nfo2 KB
01 Ngounda.mp39 MB
02 Farousci.mp38 MB
03 Motsio.mp39 MB
04 Mamie-La-Fee.mp37 MB
05 Monopole (Rumba-Bolero).mp37 MB
06 Bokilo to Suki Wapi-.mp38 MB
07 Henritie.mp36 MB
08 Marie-Azur.mp37 MB
09 Lady Bo.mp37 MB
AlbumArt_{ED9877EF-E1CC-489E-85ED-5777F6F410B8}_Large.jpg7 KB
AlbumArt_{ED9877EF-E1CC-489E-85ED-5777F6F410B8}_Small.jpg2 KB
AlbumArtSmall.jpg2 KB
desktop.ini360 B
Folder.jpg7 KB
ngouda.jpg17 KB
Thumbs.db6 KB
00._Koffi Olomide_-_Diva.nfo1 KB
01-Diva.mp37 MB
02 Souci d'Ete.mp39 MB
03 L' Homme de la Rue.mp39 MB
04-Kiki Ewing.mp38 MB
05-Ngobila.mp39 MB
06-Bennie.mp39 MB
album-89412.jpg30 KB
AlbumArt_{02571060-DA3D-49D4-B268-290A6DE431F4}_Large.jpg10 KB
AlbumArt_{02571060-DA3D-49D4-B268-290A6DE431F4}_Small.jpg2 KB
AlbumArt_{76B8D1B2-4AEB-4656-985F-2092A8407EE1}_Large.jpg45 KB
AlbumArt_{76B8D1B2-4AEB-4656-985F-2092A8407EE1}_Small.jpg7 KB
AlbumArtSmall.jpg7 KB
desktop.ini376 B
Folder.jpg45 KB
Thumbs.db7 KB
00._Koffi Olomide_-_Ngobila.nfo2 KB
01 Ngobila.mp39 MB
02 Ouragan.mp37 MB
03 Sauve Qui Peut.mp34 MB
05 Le chemin de la vie.mp36 MB
06 Emine.mp37 MB
07 Amundala.mp39 MB
08 Ngulupa.mp36 MB
AlbumArt_{02571060-DA3D-49D4-B268-290A6DE431F4}_Large.jpg5 KB
AlbumArt_{02571060-DA3D-49D4-B268-290A6DE431F4}_Small.jpg2 KB
AlbumArt_{57A877B2-20CC-443E-9BC4-FD28829DD760}_Large.jpg8 KB
AlbumArt_{57A877B2-20CC-443E-9BC4-FD28829DD760}_Small.jpg2 KB
AlbumArtSmall.jpg2 KB
desktop.ini287 B
Folder.jpg5 KB
Thumbs.db6 KB
00._Koffi Olomide_-_Henriquet.nfo1 KB
01-Henriquet.mp36 MB
02-Mal aimé.mp35 MB
03-Djino.mp36 MB
04-Orphelinat.mp36 MB
05-Experience.mp35 MB
06-La Ruta.mp35 MB
AlbumArt_{02571060-DA3D-49D4-B268-290A6DE431F4}_Large.jpg5 KB
AlbumArt_{02571060-DA3D-49D4-B268-290A6DE431F4}_Small.jpg2 KB
AlbumArt_{57A877B2-20CC-443E-9BC4-FD28829DD760}_Large.jpg7 KB
AlbumArt_{57A877B2-20CC-443E-9BC4-FD28829DD760}_Small.jpg2 KB
AlbumArtSmall.jpg2 KB
desktop.ini289 B
Folder.jpg7 KB
henriquet.jpg28 KB
Thumbs.db11 KB
06-Elle et Moi
00._Koffi Olomide_-_Elle et Moi.nfo1 KB
01-Tcha-Tcho du sorcier.mp35 MB
02-Coucou.mp35 MB
03-Roseau.mp34 MB
04-Mannequin.mp35 MB
05-Elle et Moi.mp34 MB
06-V.I.P.mp36 MB
AlbumArt_{19C25392-687A-4373-ACE2-8BE662C8118B}_Large.jpg31 KB
AlbumArt_{19C25392-687A-4373-ACE2-8BE662C8118B}_Small.jpg7 KB
AlbumArtSmall.jpg7 KB
desktop.ini296 B
Folder.jpg31 KB
Thumbs.db7 KB
07-Tcha Tcho
00._Koffi Olomide_-_Tcha Tcho.nfo2 KB
01 Tcha Tcho du Sorcier.mp35 MB
02 Elle et Moi.mp34 MB
03 Coucou.mp35 MB
04 V.I.P.mp36 MB
05 Mannequin.mp35 MB
06 Henriquet.mp36 MB
07 Mal Aime.mp35 MB
08 Experience.mp35 MB
09 La Ruta.mp35 MB
AlbumArt_{D7F94A0F-25CF-403D-8E71-F8CE36D37D5C}_Large.jpg10 KB
AlbumArt_{D7F94A0F-25CF-403D-8E71-F8CE36D37D5C}_Small.jpg2 KB
AlbumArtSmall.jpg2 KB
desktop.ini364 B
Folder.jpg10 KB
Thumbs.db7 KB
00._Koffi Olomide_-_L' Orfevre.nfo2 KB
01 Mbabula.mp34 MB
02 Kot-Kot.mp34 MB
03 Sauve Qui Peut.mp34 MB
04 Les Prisonniers Dorment.mp35 MB
05 Mulherengo.mp35 MB
06 Civilise.mp36 MB
07 Zero Faute.mp35 MB
AlbumArt_{FD8ADD01-B8DC-4A07-8CAE-766CF8322A4C}_Large.jpg37 KB
AlbumArt_{FD8ADD01-B8DC-4A07-8CAE-766CF8322A4C}_Small.jpg7 KB
AlbumArtSmall.jpg7 KB
desktop.ini364 B
Folder.jpg37 KB
orfèvre.jpg57 KB
Thumbs.db7 KB
00._Koffi Olomide_-_.nfo1 KB
01-Stephie.mp35 MB
02-Petit Frère Ya Jesus.mp36 MB
03-Rue D Amour.mp36 MB
04-Myriam Moleka.mp37 MB
05-Droits De L Homme.mp36 MB
06-Claudia Likulia.mp35 MB
AlbumArtSmall.jpg2 KB
Folder.jpg9 KB
10-Koweit Riche Gauche
00._Koffi Olomide_-_Koweit Rive Gauche.nfo2 KB
01-Papa Bonheur.mp36 MB
02-Desespoir.mp35 MB
03-Koweit Rive Gauche.mp36 MB
04-Qui Cherche Trouve.mp36 MB
05-Elixir.mp34 MB
06-Porte Monnaie.mp35 MB
07-Conte de Fees.mp36 MB
08-Obrigado.mp36 MB
09-Dit Jeannot.mp35 MB
AlbumArt_{82EEFD1B-3232-4AA0-A375-E76C2156EBC1}_Large.jpg7 KB
AlbumArt_{82EEFD1B-3232-4AA0-A375-E76C2156EBC1}_Small.jpg1 KB
AlbumArt_{E201F44C-B9E2-490F-9ED7-0976E9DA2EA5}_Large.jpg8 KB
AlbumArt_{E201F44C-B9E2-490F-9ED7-0976E9DA2EA5}_Small.jpg2 KB
AlbumArtSmall.jpg1 KB
desktop.ini374 B
Folder.jpg7 KB
Thumbs.db7 KB
11-Pas de Faux Pas
00._Manzugidi Jean-Louis_-_Pas De Faux Pas.nfo2 KB
01 Etage Ya Suka.mp32 MB
02 Tsiane.mp36 MB
03 Automate.mp35 MB
04 Galerie.mp36 MB
05 Spaghetti.mp35 MB
06 Tempete.mp35 MB
07 Ma fille.mp36 MB
08 Stilla.mp36 MB
album pas de faux pas.jpg74 KB
AlbumArt_{4AFDBECD-6057-4F4D-9A6C-10B85C6D7947}_Large.jpg40 KB
AlbumArt_{4AFDBECD-6057-4F4D-9A6C-10B85C6D7947}_Small.jpg8 KB
AlbumArtSmall.jpg8 KB
desktop.ini373 B
Folder.jpg40 KB
Thumbs.db8 KB
12-Noblesse Oblige
00._Koffi Olomide_-_Noblesse Oblige.nfo2 KB
01-Papa Plus.mp37 MB
02-Classe Tendresse.mp36 MB
03-Miss des Miss.mp36 MB
04-Petite Soeur.mp36 MB
05-Sef.mp34 MB
06-Noblesse Oblige.mp38 MB
07-Kramogo.mp37 MB
08-Doless.mp35 MB
09-Evangile.mp37 MB
10-Somalien.mp36 MB
AlbumArt_{2B63EE5F-29E1-42E9-8625-A43F61C244BE}_Large.jpg35 KB
AlbumArt_{2B63EE5F-29E1-42E9-8625-A43F61C244BE}_Small.jpg8 KB
AlbumArtSmall.jpg8 KB
desktop.ini369 B
Folder.jpg35 KB
Thumbs.db8 KB
00._Quartier Latin_-_Magie.nfo2 KB
01 Magie.mp38 MB
02 Mansouri S.mp36 MB
03 Petit Na London.mp36 MB
04 Shambouyi.mp33 MB
05 Amen.mp37 MB
06 Julia.mp35 MB
07 Sans Suite.mp36 MB
08 Detresse.mp36 MB
09 Sylvekou.mp36 MB
10 Meslian.mp37 MB
AlbumArt_{82201CE0-B74A-4862-9832-097C6729F552}_Large.jpg25 KB
AlbumArt_{82201CE0-B74A-4862-9832-097C6729F552}_Small.jpg6 KB
AlbumArtSmall.jpg6 KB
desktop.ini304 B
Folder.jpg25 KB
magie.jpg15 KB
00._Koffi Olomide_-_V12.nfo2 KB
01 Andrada.mp37 MB
02 Parking Ya Ba Baba.mp35 MB
03 Chantou.mp36 MB
04 Fouta Djallon.mp36 MB
05 État Civil.mp36 MB
06 Dossier du Jour.mp36 MB
07 Aspirine.mp35 MB
08 Nouveau Testament.mp35 MB
09 Bambino.mp37 MB
10 Miss Toutsi.mp36 MB
11 Zokere.mp36 MB
AlbumArt_{80BE1F3A-6401-4869-97ED-4E0E987B15F2}_Large.jpg43 KB
AlbumArt_{80BE1F3A-6401-4869-97ED-4E0E987B15F2}_Small.jpg8 KB
AlbumArtSmall.jpg8 KB
desktop.ini356 B
Folder.jpg43 KB
Thumbs.db7 KB
v12.jpeg64 KB
15-Wake Up
00._Koffi Olomide_-_Wake Up.nfo2 KB
01-Wake Up.mp36 MB
02-Moussoukou-Soukou.mp36 MB
03-Litio Ya Calendrier.mp35 MB
04-Mi Amor.mp35 MB
05-Avion.mp35 MB
06-Zaintoin.mp36 MB
07-Dodo.mp35 MB
08-Esakola.mp35 MB
09-Naomie.mp36 MB
10-Maryama Terre Battue.mp35 MB
AlbumArt_{25A5D2DB-E3BC-4551-957E-42F608C22F3A}_Large.jpg33 KB
AlbumArt_{25A5D2DB-E3BC-4551-957E-42F608C22F3A}_Small.jpg8 KB
AlbumArtSmall.jpg8 KB
desktop.ini361 B
Folder.jpg33 KB
Thumbs.db8 KB
00._Koffi Olomide_-_Ultimatum.nfo2 KB
01-Ultimatum.mp37 MB
02-Fois Cent.mp35 MB
03-Lilas.mp36 MB
04-Papa na Roissy.mp36 MB
05-Boussano.mp36 MB
06-Ali Deb'S.mp38 MB
07-Sheraton.mp36 MB
08-Dessin Animé.mp36 MB
09-Miss Nicole.mp36 MB
10-Mbirime.mp35 MB
51Ym7B5b-1L._SL500_AA300_.jpg116 KB
AlbumArt_{9BEECB52-D4FB-4108-8C3D-AE5E3EEFA275}_Large.jpg11 KB
AlbumArt_{9BEECB52-D4FB-4108-8C3D-AE5E3EEFA275}_Small.jpg3 KB
AlbumArt_{AC5F2575-05AD-4FB4-9A49-04D465A0BE3D}_Large.jpg11 KB
AlbumArt_{AC5F2575-05AD-4FB4-9A49-04D465A0BE3D}_Small.jpg3 KB
AlbumArtSmall.jpg3 KB
desktop.ini307 B
Folder.jpg11 KB
00._Koffi Olomide_-_Loi.nfo2 KB
01-Loi.mp35 MB
02-Micko.mp36 MB
03-Itinéraire.mp36 MB
04-SOS.mp35 MB
05-Mokuwa.mp34 MB
06-Papito Charme.mp36 MB
07-Phaseur.mp36 MB
08-Airways.mp37 MB
09-Motomolo.mp35 MB
10-Vicky.mp34 MB
11-Fontaine.mp36 MB
12-Manou.mp36 MB
AlbumArt_{6E450FC2-8CEB-446E-9BF7-AA58F772717E}_Large.jpg33 KB
AlbumArt_{6E450FC2-8CEB-446E-9BF7-AA58F772717E}_Small.jpg7 KB
AlbumArtSmall.jpg7 KB
desktop.ini355 B
Folder.jpg33 KB
Thumbs.db7 KB
18-MickoS.O.S. [RemixCD Single]
00 Remix loi .nfo1 KB
01 Micko.mp37 MB
02 S.O.S.mp36 MB
AlbumArt_{269B3574-649A-41D6-BBC2-78B6F30B48E4}_Large.jpg10 KB
AlbumArt_{269B3574-649A-41D6-BBC2-78B6F30B48E4}_Small.jpg2 KB
AlbumArtSmall.jpg2 KB
desktop.ini387 B
Folder.jpg10 KB
Thumbs.db20 KB
19-L' Olympia
00._Koffi Olomide_-_.nfo2 KB
01-Générique.mp37 MB
02-Parking ya Ba Baba.mp310 MB
03-Mbabula.mp35 MB
04-Micko.mp313 MB
05-Coucou.mp314 MB
06-Andrada.mp342 MB
07-SOS.mp334 MB
08-Fouta Djallon.mp320 MB
09-Zéro Faute.mp317 MB
10-Le Revenant.mp38 MB
11-Loi.mp318 MB
AlbumArt_{972BAFD5-425D-4DA1-8723-F3AD4A692A4C}_Large.jpg36 KB
AlbumArt_{972BAFD5-425D-4DA1-8723-F3AD4A692A4C}_Small.jpg8 KB
AlbumArtSmall.jpg8 KB
desktop.ini311 B
Folder.jpg36 KB
20-Droit de Veto
00._Koffi Olomide_-_Droit de Veto.nfo2 KB
01-Rond Point.mp37 MB
02-Urgence.mp37 MB
03-Likombe.mp35 MB
04-Prototype.mp36 MB
05-Zaniha.mp34 MB
06-Shopping.mp36 MB
07-Droit de Veto.mp36 MB
08-Retour Riva.mp37 MB
09-Sens Inverse.mp33 MB
10-Rafiki.mp35 MB
11-Plus Jamais.mp35 MB
12-Nyandja.mp35 MB
AlbumArt_{250DC1B4-3689-4769-A475-069FF19F7014}_Large.jpg34 KB
AlbumArt_{250DC1B4-3689-4769-A475-069FF19F7014}_Small.jpg7 KB
AlbumArtSmall.jpg7 KB
desktop.ini369 B
Folder.jpg34 KB
Thumbs.db7 KB
21-Attentat (Version intégrale)
00._Koffi Olomide_-_Attentat.nfo2 KB
01-Attentat.mp36 MB
02-Victoire.mp314 MB
03-Tchernobyl.mp36 MB
04-Malanda-Ngombe.mp35 MB
05-Number One.mp321 MB
06-Non assistance.mp35 MB
07-Nul n'est parfait.mp317 MB
08-Sans anesthésie.mp34 MB
09-Caméléon.mp38 MB
10-Kamutshima.mp314 MB
11-Si Si Si.mp33 MB
12-African Kings.mp33 MB
13-Boda Bodack.mp34 MB
14-Chocolat.mp35 MB
AlbumArtSmall.jpg7 KB
Folder.jpg39 KB
22-Live a Bercy
00._Koffi Olomide_-_.nfo2 KB
01-Générique.mp38 MB
02-Entrée de Koffi Olomide.mp31 MB
03-Apostolou Ya Bolingo.mp35 MB
04-Rond Point.mp36 MB
05-Mbabula.mp33 MB
06-Sans Anesthésie.mp37 MB
07-Premier Gaou.mp32 MB
08-Loi.mp310 MB
09-Non Assistance.mp36 MB
10-Number One.mp310 MB
11-Sans Anesthésie.mp37 MB
12-Miss des Miss.mp35 MB
13-Tchernobyl.mp36 MB
14-Attentat.mp310 MB
15-Victoire.mp314 MB
AlbumArt_{16EE2BD6-B317-4962-B9B8-7BE025478055}_Large.jpg32 KB
AlbumArt_{16EE2BD6-B317-4962-B9B8-7BE025478055}_Small.jpg7 KB
AlbumArt_{BCB421F8-E20C-4F4A-9258-2D0B4248249A}_Large.jpg8 KB
AlbumArt_{BCB421F8-E20C-4F4A-9258-2D0B4248249A}_Small.jpg2 KB
AlbumArtSmall.jpg7 KB
bercy.jpg38 KB
desktop.ini369 B
Folder.jpg32 KB
Folderi.jpg11 KB
Thumbs.db7 KB
23-Force De Frappe
00._Koffi Olomide_-_Force de Frappe.nfo2 KB
01 Force de Frappe.mp313 MB
02 Eternellement.mp312 MB
03 Au secours.mp318 MB
04 Dulcinée.mp35 MB
05 Kompressor.mp315 MB
06 Number Two.mp39 MB
07 Pragmatisme.mp314 MB
08 Aquarelle.mp312 MB
09 Arche de Noé.mp36 MB
10 Cotisation.mp36 MB
11 Mea Culpa.mp36 MB
12 Moprete Lendila.mp315 MB
AlbumArt_{00099FEA-C03F-40DE-B55A-563DBF5F7683}_Large.jpg37 KB
AlbumArt_{00099FEA-C03F-40DE-B55A-563DBF5F7683}_Small.jpg8 KB
AlbumArtSmall.jpg8 KB
desktop.ini318 B
Folder.jpg37 KB
koffi-force-de-frappe.jpg24 KB
Thumbs.db7 KB
00._Koffi Olomide_-_Effrakata.nfo2 KB
01-Effrakata.mp310 MB
02-Babou.mp39 MB
03-Suivez le guide.mp313 MB
04-G.B. Gros bébé.mp310 MB
05-Médecin de Nuit.mp39 MB
06-Washington.mp312 MB
07-Gilba.mp312 MB
08-Logique.mp38 MB
09-Génération Bercy.mp39 MB
10 Effervescent.mp39 MB
11-Ravisse.mp38 MB
12-Choc.mp36 MB
13-Robot.mp36 MB
14-Bilan.mp37 MB
15-Destination.mp35 MB
16-R.A.S (Rien à Signaler).mp37 MB
AlbumArt_{00099FEA-C03F-40DE-B55A-563DBF5F7683}_Large.jpg9 KB
AlbumArt_{00099FEA-C03F-40DE-B55A-563DBF5F7683}_Small.jpg2 KB
AlbumArt_{3CD114C7-5031-4CED-851E-6810F1A10C39}_Large.jpg9 KB
AlbumArt_{3CD114C7-5031-4CED-851E-6810F1A10C39}_Small.jpg2 KB
AlbumArt_{B41D1231-DCEA-4959-AA67-650C6ECA8068}_Large.jpg9 KB
AlbumArt_{B41D1231-DCEA-4959-AA67-650C6ECA8068}_Small.jpg2 KB
AlbumArtSmall.jpg2 KB
desktop.ini308 B
Folder.jpg9 KB
25-Affaire d'Etat
00._Koffi Olomide Quadra Koraman_-_Affaire d'Etat.nfo2 KB
01-Piwawa.mp38 MB
02-Inch'allah.mp37 MB
03-Affaire d'Etat.mp310 MB
04-Ko Ko Ko Ko.mp315 MB
05-Drapeau blanc.mp35 MB
06-Je t'en prie.mp311 MB
07-Calvaire.mp36 MB
08-Tous Pepele.mp320 MB
09-Love story.mp35 MB
10-Inch Allah Intro.mp33 MB
11-Code PIN.mp37 MB
12-Biblia.mp310 MB
13-Anissa.mp312 MB
14-Juif Noir.mp37 MB
15-Tendrement.mp35 MB
16-Danao.mp37 MB
17-Affaire d'Etat (instrumental).mp326 MB
18-Ko Ko Ko Ko (instrumental).mp318 MB
AlbumArt_{6D4B28CE-9733-425A-AAC2-17BA37E5247F}_Large.jpg51 KB
AlbumArt_{6D4B28CE-9733-425A-AAC2-17BA37E5247F}_Small.jpg10 KB
AlbumArtSmall.jpg10 KB
desktop.ini315 B
Folder.jpg51 KB
26-Monde arabe
00._Koffi Olomide_-_Monde Arabe.nfo2 KB
01-Héros National.mp313 MB
02-Silivi.mp314 MB
03-Respect.mp312 MB
04-Pomme Verte.mp312 MB
05 Embargo.mp37 MB
06 Eputsha.mp36 MB
07-Stand by.mp35 MB
08-Bye Bye.mp311 MB
09-Musulman.mp39 MB
10-L'autre Là.mp313 MB
11-Essili.mp38 MB
12-Riziki.mp312 MB
13-Aliya.mp38 MB
14-Sexy Pop.mp311 MB
15-Aubergine.mp310 MB
16-Mopao En Or.mp36 MB
17-Rouge à lèvres.mp311 MB
18-Ngouli.mp312 MB
AlbumArt_{BEE121DD-4439-4B55-BD02-09C6CAE5D8B9}_Large.jpg46 KB
AlbumArt_{BEE121DD-4439-4B55-BD02-09C6CAE5D8B9}_Small.jpg9 KB
AlbumArtSmall.jpg9 KB
desktop.ini330 B
Folder.jpg46 KB
27-Boma Nga N'elengi
00._Koffi Olomide_-_Boma Nga N'Elengi.nfo1 KB
1-Skol Longitima.mp39 MB
2-Si Si Silivi.mp311 MB
3-Milkshake.mp35 MB
AlbumArt_{6D15044F-3F9B-41BE-8538-4FCFAAA05200}_Large.jpg34 KB
AlbumArt_{6D15044F-3F9B-41BE-8538-4FCFAAA05200}_Small.jpg6 KB
AlbumArtSmall.jpg6 KB
desktop.ini298 B
Folder.jpg34 KB
28-Danger de Mort
00._Koffi Olomide_-_Danger de Mort.nfo2 KB
01-Danger de Mort.mp37 MB
02-L'heure a sonné.mp35 MB
03-Chez Temba.mp34 MB
04-Pharmacien.mp35 MB
05-Insecticide.mp37 MB
06-Moustiquaire.mp34 MB
07-Martens.mp37 MB
08-Ba Lobiens.mp34 MB
09-Général Major.mp35 MB
10-Diviser par deux.mp36 MB
11-Exploit.mp35 MB
12-Mondoungou.mp310 MB
AlbumArt_{12BEC056-D995-4FE2-8A07-B8AAA89122BA}_Large.jpg8 KB
AlbumArt_{12BEC056-D995-4FE2-8A07-B8AAA89122BA}_Small.jpg2 KB
AlbumArt_{329E4344-C8D3-4117-A4AA-2166BC1920AE}_Large.jpg41 KB
AlbumArt_{329E4344-C8D3-4117-A4AA-2166BC1920AE}_Small.jpg7 KB
AlbumArtSmall.jpg7 KB
desktop.ini299 B
Folder.jpg41 KB
mp3tag.m3u748 B
mp3tag.rtf4 KB
29-Swi Chocolat Chaud
00._Koffi Olomide_-_Swi Chocolat Chaud.nfo1 KB
1-Skol Swi.mp39 MB
2-Gros Bébé Stella.mp37 MB
3-Lily Kaniki.mp37 MB
AlbumArtSmall.jpg2 KB
Folder.jpg9 KB
Koffi%20Swi.jpg163 KB
Thumbs.db8 KB
30-Bord Ezanga Kombo
00._Koffi Olomide_-_Bord Ezanga Kombo.nfo2 KB
01-Festival.mp36 MB
02-Sixième Chantier.mp310 MB
03-Salopette.mp37 MB
04-BB Gout.mp311 MB
05-L'eau-L'eau-L'eau..mp38 MB
06-Ikea.mp38 MB
07-Plat Favori.mp39 MB
08-L'amour n'existe pas.mp37 MB
09-Diabolos.mp37 MB
10-Soupou.mp37 MB
11-Ninelle.mp37 MB
12-Grand Pretre Mère.mp38 MB
13-Clé Boa.mp36 MB
14-Lovemycine.mp37 MB
15-Katagourouma.mp36 MB
16-Bomengo.mp37 MB
17-Bendele.mp39 MB
AlbumArtSmall.jpg9 KB
Folder.jpg43 KB
31-La Chicotte a Papa
00._Koffi Olomide_-_.nfo1 KB
01 Skol Mandra Manda.mp39 MB
02 Chicote à Papa.mp35 MB
03 Del Pirlo.mp37 MB
04 Boucle.mp34 MB
05 Beaudelaire.mp35 MB
06 Chicote à Papa (Version 2).mp34 MB
07 Forgeron.mp35 MB
AlbumArt_{00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000}_Large.jpg6 KB
AlbumArt_{00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000}_Small.jpg2 KB
AlbumArt_{EC0E6157-B501-453E-A6DA-4CE289D6473A}_Large.jpg23 KB
AlbumArt_{EC0E6157-B501-453E-A6DA-4CE289D6473A}_Small.jpg7 KB
AlbumArtSmall.jpg7 KB
desktop.ini364 B
Folder.jpg23 KB
Thumbs.db7 KB

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