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Kid Frost

1.35 GB  
in 268 files
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6 years old
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Torrent Contents

1988 - Terminator [Single]
1.Terminator(ft._Dr._dre).mp38 MB
2.Terminator_-_Terminator(instrumental).mp36 MB
1990 - Hispanic Causing Panic
1.La_Raza.mp34 MB
10.La_Raza_(Cantina_Mix).mp36 MB
2.Hold_Your_Own.mp35 MB
3.Straight_To_The_Bank.mp35 MB
4.Come_Together.mp36 MB
5.Smoke.mp35 MB
6.Ya_Estuvo.mp35 MB
7.Homicide.mp35 MB
8.Hispanic_Causing_Panic.mp34 MB
9.In_The_City.mp36 MB
1991 - Latin Alliance
01 Lowrider (On The Boulevard) ft. War.mp36 MB
02 What Is An American.mp35 MB
03 Runnin'.mp35 MB
04 Know What I'm Sayin'.mp36 MB
05 What You See Is What You Get.mp35 MB
06 Latinos Unidos (United Latins).mp37 MB
07 Can U Feel It.mp34 MB
08 Smooth Roughness.mp35 MB
09 Valla En Paz (Go In Peace).mp35 MB
10 No Man's Land.mp36 MB
back.jpeg47 KB
cd.jpeg53 KB
folder.jpg60 KB
front.jpeg60 KB
inlay.jpeg44 KB
1992 - East Side Story
1.The_Man.mp32 MB
10.Home_Boyz.mp37 MB
11.Chaos_On_The_Streets_Of_L.A..mp32 MB
12.No_More_Wars.mp39 MB
13.Raza_Unite.mp31 MB
14.Smiling_Faces.mp310 MB
15.Another_Firme_Rola.mp37 MB
16.Throwing_Q-Vo's.mp36 MB
17.Mi_Vida_Loca.mp310 MB
2.East_Side_Story.mp310 MB
3.The_Volo.mp38 MB
4.I_Got_Pulled_Over.mp310 MB
5.Penitentiary.mp310 MB
6.No_Sunshine.mp311 MB
7.Thin_Line.mp313 MB
8.Spaced_Out.mp31 MB
9.These_Stories_Have_To_Be_Told.mp39 MB
1995 - Smile Now, Die Later
1.East_Side_Rendezvous.mp36 MB
10.How_Many_Ways_Can_You_Lose_a_Body.mp36 MB
11.Last_Days.mp35 MB
12.You_see_murder.mp35 MB
2.La_Familia.mp35 MB
3.You_Ain't_Right.mp36 MB
4.Mari.mp37 MB
5.Nothing_But_Love_for_the_Neighborhood.mp36 MB
6.Rest_in_Peace.mp36 MB
7.La_Raza_II_[Cantina_Mix].mp34 MB
8.Bam_see_ya.mp36 MB
9.Look_at_What_I_See.mp35 MB
1997 - When Hell L.A. Freezes Over
00-Kid_Frost-When_Hell.A._Freezes_Over-1997-(Back)-PHX.jpg88 KB
00-Kid_Frost-When_Hell.A._Freezes_Over-1997-(Front)-PHX.jpg54 KB
00-Kid_Frost-When_Hell.A._Freezes_Over-1997-PHX.m3u631 B
01-Kid_Frost-Mexican_Border-PHX.mp34 MB
02-Kid_Frost-Tombstone-PHX.mp35 MB
03-Kid_Frost-Loco-PHX.mp34 MB
04-Kid_Frost-Heaven_and_Hell-PHX.mp35 MB
05-Kid_Frost-Rock_On-PHX.mp34 MB
06-Kid_Frost-Heaven_Sent-PHX.mp35 MB
07-Kid_Frost-G-Spot_Interlude-PHX.mp3950 KB
08-Kid_Frost-Anotha_Day_Anotha_Dolla-PHX.mp37 MB
09-Kid_Frost-Nothing_In_This_World-PHX.mp36 MB
10-Kid_Frost-Chema_Otro_Leno_Mas-PHX.mp33 MB
11-Kid_Frost-Reunited_(Lo_Riding)-PHX.mp35 MB
12-Kid_Frost-From_My_Block_To_Your_Block-PHX.mp34 MB
13-Kid_Frost-Get_Down_(Make_It_Hot_Big_Daddy_Make_It_Hot)-PHX.mp36 MB
14-Kid_Frost-Youre_A_Big_Girl_Now-PHX.mp35 MB
15-Kid_Frost-Whats_Your_Name_(Time_Of_The_Season)-PHX.mp34 MB
1999 - That Was Then, This Is Now, Vol. 1
01 Somethin' for the Ridas.mp33 MB
02 Outlaws.mp33 MB
03 Milk and Honey.mp33 MB
04 Turn It into Something.mp33 MB
05 Act Like Ya Want It.mp34 MB
06 The Game Remains the Same.mp33 MB
07 Heart of a Savage.mp34 MB
08 Latin Kings.mp33 MB
09 Mamacita.mp32 MB
10 Diamonds and Pearls.mp34 MB
11 Big Business.mp33 MB
12 Feria.mp34 MB
13 Los Karachos.mp35 MB
14 The Pain.mp33 MB
2000 - That Was Then, This Is Now, Vol. 2
01 Life of a G.mp33 MB
02 Click Bang.mp33 MB
03 Six Million Ways to Die.mp34 MB
04 Club Thugs.mp34 MB
05 West Coast Lowrider.mp33 MB
06 Thug Shit.mp33 MB
07 Ice Cold.mp34 MB
08 One Shot.mp33 MB
09 That's All a Gangsta Needs.mp33 MB
10 Promise.mp34 MB
11 Celeb Ent.mp33 MB
12 Choo Choo Train.mp33 MB
13 What These G's Is Cookin'.mp33 MB
14 Speak on You.mp34 MB
15 Outro.mp3528 KB
2002 - Raza Radio
01. Frost - Raza Radio Intro.mp3950 KB
02. Frost - La Raza.mp34 MB
03. Lighter Shade Of Brown - On A Sunday Afternoon.mp35 MB
04. Frost - Commercial.mp3690 KB
05. Frost - Lowride.mp35 MB
06. Latino Velvet - Velvet City.mp36 MB
07. Frost - Commercial.mp3695 KB
08. N2Deep - All Night.mp35 MB
09. Baby Beesh - Na Na.mp37 MB
10. Latino Velvet - Telly.mp36 MB
11. Frost - Diamonds & Pearls.mp37 MB
12. N2Deep - Back To The Hotel.mp39 MB
13. Funky Aztecs - Morena.mp37 MB
14. Frost - Commercial.mp3228 KB
15. Latino Velvet - Raza Park.mp310 MB
16. Latino Velvet - Breezy.mp36 MB
17. Frost - Commercial.mp3574 KB
18. Mr. Kee - Call Me.mp38 MB
19. Frost - Commercial.mp3560 KB
20. Jay Tee - How'd You Do Me Like Me That.mp37 MB
21. Frost - What's Goin' On.mp36 MB
22. Frost - Commercial.mp32 MB
23. Mellow Man Ace - Mentirosa.mp37 MB
folder.jpg79 KB
2002 - Still Up In This Shit
1.Still Up in the Shit.mp37 MB
10.Got What U Want.mp35 MB
11.Nu Bitch Nu Twist.mp35 MB
12.I'm Still Here feat. Tierra.mp36 MB
13.Para Mi Abuelita Cannabis.mp38 MB
2.Follow Us.mp36 MB
3.Ghetto Curse.mp36 MB
4.Put in Work feat Daz Dillinger.mp36 MB
5.Everybody Knows feat Mellow Man Ace.mp37 MB
6.Where My Ese's At.mp36 MB
7.My Primos feat. Latin Fresh & Baby Beesh.mp36 MB
8.Natural Born Hustlers.mp36 MB
9.Hit a Lick Auditions.mp31 MB
2003 - Frost pres. Somethin' For The Riderz
01 Cali Tex Connect.mp36 MB
02 How We Ride.mp34 MB
03 Connection.mp36 MB
04 Chicano Gambinos.mp37 MB
05 Maria.mp37 MB
06 Same Shit.mp37 MB
07 Presidential.mp37 MB
08 City of Angels.mp36 MB
09 What's Going On.mp37 MB
10 It Ain't Easy.mp38 MB
11 We Ride Hot.mp35 MB
12 Got Bud.mp33 MB
13 Mamacita.mp39 MB
14 Last Night.mp36 MB
15 West Coast, Gulf Coast, East Coast.mp35 MB
16 Get High With Me.mp39 MB
17 Let's Make A.V.mp311 MB
18 What You Wanna Do.mp36 MB
19 Party Goin' Down Tonight.mp38 MB
20 Tears of a Mother.mp310 MB
frost-somethinfortheriderz(Back).jpg77 KB
frost-somethinfortheriderz(Front).jpg69 KB
2003 - Greates Joint Dos
1.Something for the Ridas.mp37 MB
10.Speak on You.mp39 MB
11.Big Business feat. Jayo Felony & Xzibit.mp37 MB
2.What's Your Name (Time of the Season).mp38 MB
3.Mamacita.mp35 MB
4.Hittin' Switches.mp36 MB
404489.jpg110 KB
5.Tears of a Mother feat. Ice-T.mp38 MB
6.Los Katrachos.mp310 MB
7.What's Going On feat. Baby Bash.mp36 MB
8.Outlaws feat. King Tee & Kurupt.mp37 MB
9.6 Million Ways to Die.mp39 MB
2005 - Welcome 2 Frost Angeles
01 Welcome 2 Frost Angeles.mp36 MB
02 So Kold.mp34 MB
03 When the Lights Go Down.mp35 MB
04 The Kaper.mp36 MB
05 It's Tha Kid.mp36 MB
06 Can Not F--- Wit These Gangsta's.mp35 MB
07 It Ain't Tha Same.mp34 MB
08 Shake Them Ho's.mp35 MB
09 Til the Morning Ligh.mp36 MB
10 Los Borachos.mp35 MB
11 We Run Shit.mp33 MB
12 Think We Playin'.mp34 MB
13 My Reincarnation.mp313 MB
frost 3.3.jpg78 KB
frost 3.jpg91 KB
2006 - The Best Of Frost The Remix Album
01 Intro.mp3496 KB
02 Eastside Rondevouz.mp35 MB
03 La Raza.mp34 MB
04 Family Affair.mp34 MB
05 Thin Line.mp34 MB
06 LPG Radio Show.mp36 MB
07 LPG Radio Show.mp35 MB
08 No Sunshine.mp35 MB
09 Soy Mexicanos.mp34 MB
10 I'm On My Way Girl.mp34 MB
11 Girl Like You.mp34 MB
12 Everywhere I Go.mp35 MB
13 All Around The World.mp36 MB
14 Mary Jane.mp34 MB
15 Put It Down For The Westcoast.mp35 MB
16 MB
Front Cover.jpg35 KB
2006 - Till The Wheels Fall Off
01-Til The Wheels Fall Off.mp35 MB
02-Down Your Block Ft. Fingazz.mp34 MB
03-Take A Ride Ft. Mr. Sancho.mp34 MB
04-Baby Girl Ft. Mr. Sancho, Baby Bash.mp35 MB
05-City Of Angels Ft. Fingazz.mp35 MB
06-I Need Your Love Ft. Mr. Sancho.mp35 MB
07-In The Back Of My Low Low Ft.Big Capone.mp35 MB
08-For The Brown.mp34 MB
09-Para Mi Familia Ft. Mr. Sancho.mp35 MB
10-If You Leave Me Ft. Mr. Sancho.mp34 MB
11-Ride With Me Ft. Mr. Sancho.mp34 MB
12-Thug Bitch Ft. Bizz.mp34 MB
13-Goin Down Ft. Scoop, Fingazz.mp34 MB
14-Eastside Rendevouz Ft. Royal T.mp35 MB
15-Www.Lowprofilerecords.Com Mix.mp32 MB
frost 1.2.jpg72 KB
frost 1.jpg74 KB
2007 - blunts'n'ballers
1.Got_Bud_Ft._Nino_Brown,_Cisco_&_Mr._Gee.mp34 MB
10.Six_Million_Ways_To_Die_Ft._Clicka_One.mp36 MB
11.Muevelo.mp33 MB
12.Slow_Down_Ft._JV.mp36 MB
13.Se_Movia.mp32 MB
14.This_Is_For_The_Homies.mp36 MB
2.Promise_Me.mp36 MB
3.All_Nighters_Ft._Latino_Velvet,_Baby_Bash,_Cisco_&_Jay_Tee.mp34 MB
4.Frost_Angeles.mp34 MB
5.Hustlers_&_Ballerz_Ft._Slow_Pain.mp35 MB
6.West_Coast_Lowriders_Ft._Clicka_One.mp35 MB
7.Anything_You_Want_Ft._Weeto.mp33 MB
8.Bump_Dat_Ass_Ft._ALT,_Slow_Pain,_JV_&_Rocky_Padilla.mp36 MB
9.Dog_U_Out_Ft._JV_Nabahood_Queen.mp35 MB
9036[1].jpg8 KB
2007 - For The Homeboys
00-frost-for_the_homeboys_(gold_series_collectors_edition)-2006-(front).jpg51 KB
01-frost-la_raza_(produced_by_tony_g).mp36 MB
02-frost-east_side_story.mp35 MB
03-frost-mexican_border.mp34 MB
04-frost-mi_vida_loca_(produced_by_tony_g_and_julio_g).mp35 MB
05-frost-la_familia_(produced_by_tony_g_and_julio_g).mp34 MB
06-frost-six_million_ways_to_die_(feat._clika_one).mp35 MB
07-frost-la_raza_pt._2_(produced_by_tony_g_and_julio_g).mp33 MB
08-frost-volo.mp34 MB
09-frost-no_sunshine_(feat._mr._mixx_(2_live_crew)_and_prince_teddie).mp36 MB
10-frost-so_cold_(feat._scoopdeville).mp33 MB
11-frost-feria_(feat._baby_bash_jay_tee_don_cisco_and_one_drop_scott).mp35 MB
12-frost-tex_to_cali_(feat._spm).mp34 MB
13-frost-2006_la_raza_remix_(feat._scoopdeville_lil_rob_diamonique_and_fingazz).mp35 MB
2007 - Thump Rap Radio Cruzin with Frost
01.Frost - Intro.mp31 MB
02.Scrappy Loco - Confidential.mp35 MB
03.La Clika - Late Night Creepin'.mp36 MB
04.Queeny - Khakis & Chronic.mp35 MB
05.Adolfo - Lovely.mp35 MB
06.Don Cisco - Just Like Mexico.mp33 MB
07.Genovese - Station Drop.mp31 MB
08.ALT - Once Upon A Time In America.mp35 MB
09.Weeto - Station Drop.mp31 MB
10.Que-Sa - Comadres In The House.mp36 MB
11.Lil Rob & Mr. Shadow - Rumours.mp35 MB
12.Mr. Capone-e - Angel Baby.mp37 MB
13.Deuce Mob - My 64.mp36 MB
14.Nino Brown and ALT - Low Ride.mp35 MB
15.Frost - Outro.mp31 MB
b8243df33296.jpg45 KB

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