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Java Games ( Nokia and Sony Ericsson)

Software » Mobile
312 MB  
in 3,200 files
   0 / 0
6 years old
Not Sure
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Torrent Contents

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Java Games ( Nokia and Sony Ericsson)
AfricanRally.jar4 MB
HolyBibleSonyEricsson-J300-K300-K750-D750-W800-K600-K700-Z1010-S700-S710a.jar1 MB
Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell® - Pandora Tomorrow™ .jar566 KB
Exbubble (s60).jar534 KB KB
3D_Galaxy_on_Fire_103_(DE)_K750.jar510 KB
Nov_Zavet-SE-J300-K300-K750-D750-W800-K600-K700-Z1010-S700-S710a.jar494 KB
Gaya.jar466 KB
Gaya_by_BFLM.jar461 KB
Counterstrike.jar460 KB
Counter strike.jar460 KB
counter_strike.jar460 KB
TheLastAge.jar453 KB
exbubbledemo.jar446 KB
Motoraver3D-k750-S700.jar444 KB
MotoRaver3D.jar444 KB
Gameloft Real FootBall 2006 3D.jar429 KB
QuestForAlliance[1].by.gherudos.jar425 KB
Quest_For_Alliance.k700.jar425 KB
Quest For Alliance RPG.jar425 KB
DragonAndDracula3D.jar388 KB
GalaxyWing.jar370 KB
Mobileprint_K750_W800_W550.jar358 KB
GoldRush__s60_.jar357 KB
Goldrush.jar357 KB
sonic2.jar356 KB
Splinter Cell KB
SC_PT_K700_EN_101.jar347 KB
Splinter Cell 3D.jar347 KB
SplinterCell3D.jar347 KB
CrashTwinsanity3D.jar345 KB
Naruto.jar335 KB
Zombie_10.jar334 KB
ShiningOnline2.jar332 KB
StreetFighterPuzzle.jar324 KB
3DGoldenWarrior.jar302 KB
DoomRPG_K750.jar301 KB
Asphalt_Urban_GT_3D_k500.jar299 KB
Asphalt Urban GT 3D.jar299 KB
The_Sims_2_K700_K750_(K500).jar299 KB
Diamond Rush K750.jar298 KB
3D_Bomberman_K750_110.jar295 KB
Orcs_and_elves.jar289 KB
DracoTech.Draco.Sex-MJ.v1.0.3.S60.S70.UIQ.PX00.Retail-aSxPDA.jar286 KB
la_guerra_de_los_mundos_espanol_by_oskar.jar282 KB
Prince of Persia The Two Thrones™.jar279 KB
Mark Ecko Getting Up-k750.jar279 KB
GrandSlam.jar276 KB
Grand_Slam.jar276 KB
Slam.jar276 KB
GrandSlam Tennis.jar276 KB
Grand Slam.jar276 KB
Grand_Slam_by_BFLM.jar276 KB
X-Files.jar276 KB
Play It.jar275 KB
vincent_Splinter_Cell_PT_3D_K700.jar275 KB
Splinter Cell Pandora Tomorrow3D.jar275 KB
awk+(+Space+Shooter+).jar274 KB
Ion+Hawk+(+Space+Shooter+).jar274 KB
Ion_Hawk_BFLM.jar274 KB
Ion Hawk (Space Shooter).jar274 KB
Ion_Hawk.jar274 KB
MoorhunPlaysuit.jar273 KB
Buddy_The_Shark_k750.jar272 KB
BuddyTheShark3D.jar268 KB
Worms_Forts_3D_W550_K750_K700.jar267 KB
Zuma_K750_105.jar263 KB
Zuma.jar263 KB
King Kong The Official Mobile Game of the Movie.jar262 KB
King Kong The Official Mobile Game (SE K750, W800).jar262 KB
Zuma_120_(V80).jar260 KB
In-Fusio F-16 Air Fighter.jar258 KB
NBA_2006_K750.jar255 KB
3D_The_Fast_And_The_Furious_k750_093.jar255 KB
MajorCarnage3D.jar254 KB
Real_Football_2006_K700_K750_K500_Hun.jar253 KB
Mini_3D_[K500].jar252 KB
Mini3D_K500_GR_en_1.0.22.jar252 KB
Draco+Sex+Mahjong.jar249 KB
Draco Sex Mahjong.jar249 KB
+Sex+Mahjong.jar249 KB
BeachMiniGolfTrailer.jar248 KB
MobileCasino.jar245 KB
AeroMission3D_K700F.jar245 KB
AeroMission3D_S700.jar243 KB
Tenchu_Ayame's_Tale_3D_K750_W800_Patched.jar242 KB
Asphalt - Urban GT™2.jar241 KB
Gameloft.Asphalt.Urban GTT2.1.0.6.JAVA.Retail.momagic.teamSMPDA.jar241 KB
Zoo_Battle.jar240 KB
Zoo_Battle__s60_.jar240 KB
Totally Spies!™ The Mobile Game.jar240 KB
3DSnowboarding.jar240 KB
ExtremeAirSnowboarding3D.jar240 KB
MFI_Tactics_Soccer.jar239 KB
MFI_TacticsSoccer.jar239 KB
brennox_AeroMission3D_K500.jar238 KB
3D_FerrariExperience_100.jar238 KB
FerrariExperience3D_K750.jar238 KB
EA Sports FIFA Football 2004 By MaTrIxUs.jar236 KB
EAS3DDemo.jar236 KB
Golf3D_K700_DE_by_shine(2).jar234 KB
Golf3D_K700_DE.jar234 KB
HRD.jar234 KB
brennox_Super_golf3d_k500_EN.jar228 KB
FIFA2006_k750i_k700-D750-w800i.jar226 KB
FIFA2006.jar225 KB
FIFA_Football_2006_K700_K750.jar225 KB
Moto_GP2_Java_S60.jar223 KB
P2.jar223 KB
Moto_GP_2.jar223 KB
Moto_GP2_sek700.jar223 KB
Moto_GP2.jar223 KB
Moto GP2 ver0.34.jar223 KB
Brothers In Arms - Earned In Blood™.jar223 KB
The_Chaos_Engine_100_K750.jar222 KB
Xmen2_by_BFLM.jar219 KB
Xmen 2 Battle.jar219 KB
Xmen2.jar219 KB
Call_Of_Duty_by_BFLM.jar218 KB
Call_Of_Duty_(NoKiApLaCe).jar218 KB
Call_Of_Duty.jar218 KB
CluedoSFX_K750.jar218 KB
Prince of Persia - Warrior Within™.jar217 KB
Midnight Bowling ™.jar217 KB
Midnight Bowling s60 [stuart2773].jar217 KB
QuestofFinalFantasy.jar216 KB
Midnight Hold’em Poker ™.jar216 KB
worldmatelite2248.jar214 KB
WorldMate_Lite_161_K750.jar214 KB
Apocalypse 3000.jar213 KB
Apocalypse3000.jar213 KB
Douglas Adams_Galaxis_utikalauz_stopposoknak_K700_K750.jar212 KB
PrinceofPersia3.jar211 KB
Prince of Persia-Warrior Within.jar211 KB
Prince_of_Persia_Warrior_Within.jar211 KB
New York Nights - Success in the City ™.jar210 KB
Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell Chaos Theory™.jar209 KB
mtvjackassgame.jar209 KB
Mtv_jack_ass_game.jar209 KB
Mtv_jack_ass_game_by_BFLM.jar209 KB
Argon3D.jar208 KB
AncientEmpires2.jar208 KB
Baywatch_Beach_Volleyball_v105.jar205 KB
BaywatchBeachVolleyball.jar205 KB
Baywatch Beach Volleyball (s60).jar205 KB
RiverStorm3D.jar204 KB
FastAndFurious.jar204 KB
wormsforts3253.jar204 KB
WormsForts_K700.jar204 KB
WormsForts.jar204 KB
JewelQuest.jar202 KB
Moorhuhn Seasons.jar201 KB
Atlantis_2097_by_BFLM.jar201 KB
Atlantis_2097.jar201 KB
tis+2097.jar201 KB
Atlantis 2097.jar201 KB
WorldFighting.jar200 KB
World_Fighting.jar200 KB
3DSantaQuest.jar200 KB
3D_Rally_Pro_Contest_K750.jar200 KB
RallyProContest3DK750.jar200 KB
Medieval Combat Age of Glory.jar200 KB
VortexRacer.jar200 KB
xXx_by_BFLM.jar200 KB
y_BFLM.jar200 KB
Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Lockdown™.jar199 KB
ASPHALT_K700_DE_EN_ES_FR_IT_101.jar199 KB
Sexy_Pool_K750_K700.jar198 KB
Aliens_Unleashed.jar198 KB
aliensunleashed.jar198 KB
Aliens Unleashed.jar198 KB
2005RealFootball.jar197 KB
2005RealFootball_SonyEricssonK700V800Z1010_EN.jar197 KB
SplinterCellChao_K700F.jar197 KB
Vans Skate and Slam Feat. Geoff Rowley.jar197 KB
Vans Skate And Slam.jar197 KB
Vans_Skate_And_Slam_SymBoSS.jar197 KB
dust_n_dirt.jar196 KB
DustNDirt.jar196 KB
Speedball2.jar195 KB
FantasyWarriors2Good_SFPDA.jar195 KB
FantasyWarriors2Good.jar195 KB KB
Shizuka.jar195 KB
ka.jar195 KB
Platinum Solitaire.jar195 KB
Big_2_LeYuan.jar195 KB
Big2_LeYuan.jar195 KB
MoorhenSeasons.jar194 KB
NYNights.jar194 KB
2005 Real Soccer.jar194 KB KB
DefenderoftheCrown.jar194 KB
DOTC.jar194 KB
Magic_Elements.jar194 KB
Magic+Elements.jar194 KB
Magic Elements.jar194 KB
Asphalt.Urban.GT.NOKIA6600.Gameloft.S60[D99].jar194 KB
War of the Worlds.jar194 KB
SuperYumYum.jar194 KB
SC_Pandora_Tomorrow.jar193 KB
Splinter Cell Pandora Tomorrow.jar193 KB
ter+Cell+Pandora+Tomorrow.jar193 KB
Splinter+Cell+Pandora+Tomorrow.jar193 KB
Sniper.jar193 KB
SWAT_Sniper.jar193 KB
SWAT.jar193 KB
SWAT_by_BFLM.jar193 KB
blackhole.jar193 KB
Black Hole.jar193 KB
Elkware BlackHole.jar193 KB
S60_blackhole.jar193 KB
Die_Hard.jar192 KB
DieHard.jar192 KB
The_Infernal_Gate.jar192 KB
Infernal_Gate.jar192 KB
Infernal Gate.jar192 KB
SpCh3D.jar192 KB
Hustler.Football.Strip.Teil.3.v1.0.GERMAN.J2ME2.S60.RETAIL-MCiPDA.jar191 KB
HungryWorming_BFLM.jar191 KB
yWorming_BFLM.jar191 KB
HungryWorming.jar191 KB
GuinessWorldOfRecords.jar191 KB
AlphaZone3D.jar191 KB
Chess_Buddy_2.jar191 KB
ChessBuddy.jar191 KB
SpeedChaser3D_K700i.jar191 KB
SpeedChaser3D.jar191 KB
PrinceOfPersiaWW.jar190 KB
POPWW_K700_EN_108__ares_.jar190 KB
Formula_BMW_by_BFLM.jar190 KB
FormulaBMW.jar190 KB
Formula BMW.jar190 KB
laBMW.jar190 KB
Rubik.jar190 KB
Rubik's Cube.jar190 KB
Harry_Buster_v116-XiMPDA.jar190 KB
Harry Buster.jar190 KB
FishinFever.jar190 KB
Volkswagen_Street_Racing_K750_K700.jar190 KB
CoastalForce_v100_XiMPDA.jar190 KB
sacred_english_aivanet.jar189 KB
sacred_en_s60.jar189 KB
microbilliard_tu.jar189 KB
The_Powerpuff_Girls_Snowboarding_K750_K700.jar189 KB
Townsmen_3_K700_K750.jar189 KB
Ducati_Xtreme.jar189 KB
Xfiles.jar189 KB
FantasyWarriors2Evil_SFPDA..jar189 KB
FantasyWarriors2Evil.jar189 KB
GhostsnGoblins.jar189 KB
MafiaWars2.jar188 KB
chickenshoot_czech.jar188 KB
Chicken_Shoot.jar188 KB
Kurka_Wodna_Chicken_Shoot.jar188 KB
Midnight Billard.jar188 KB
20060225120625.jar187 KB
ToxicRacer3D.jar187 KB
XXX2TheNextLevel.jar187 KB
Super Yum Yum.jar187 KB
+Yum+Yum.jar187 KB
Super+Yum+Yum.jar187 KB
MonopolyTycoon.jar187 KB
QuestForAlliance2.jar187 KB
Red+Dwarf+(+Space+Shooter+).jar186 KB
warf+(+Space+Shooter+).jar186 KB
Red Dwarf(Space Shooter).jar186 KB
Speed+Chaser.jar186 KB
+Chaser.jar186 KB
Speed Chaser.jar186 KB
Ancient.Towers.Of.Sarun.jar186 KB
Ancient_Towers_of_Sarun.jar186 KB
AncientTowersOfSarun.jar186 KB
Elkware.Ancient.Towers.Of.Sarun.jar186 KB
KingdomOfHeaven.jar185 KB KB
Football Trivia.jar185 KB
Speed_Chaser_by_BFLM.jar185 KB
HardRockCasino.jar185 KB
Wooly_World.jar184 KB
Port_Royale_2.jar184 KB
Port Royale 2.jar184 KB
PortRoyale2.jar184 KB
SpeedChaser3D_K500_EN.jar184 KB
x.jar183 KB
Sphinx.jar183 KB
PiratesFortune.jar183 KB
Splinter_Cell_3d_DEMO.jar183 KB
Might & Magic.jar182 KB
Garfield-Dreamland_by_BFLM.jar182 KB
Garfield_Dreamland_by_BFLM.jar182 KB
Garfield-Dreamland.jar182 KB
Boarder__s_Ball.jar182 KB
Boarders_Ball.jar182 KB
PlanetJam.jar181 KB
Jousting.jar181 KB
ing.jar181 KB
Gameloft_Might_and_Magic_SymBoSS.jar181 KB
Might_and_Magic_For_S60.jar181 KB
Might and Magic.jar181 KB
MightAndMagic.jar181 KB
sexy_poker_2004.jar181 KB
poker_2004.jar181 KB
BuffyS60.jar180 KB
Sexy Poker 2004 (s60).jar180 KB
Shrek2.jar180 KB
Vijay_Singh_Pro_Golf_2005.jar180 KB
Vijay Singh Pro Golf 2005.jar180 KB
VijaySinghProGolf2005.jar180 KB
Vijay_Singh_Pro_Golf_2005_SymBoSS.jar180 KB
Vijay Singh Pro Golf 2005 v[1].1.8.2.jar180 KB
PaulTracyKart.jar180 KB
jam.jar180 KB
Fatal_Force.jar180 KB
Fatal Force.jar180 KB
+Force.jar180 KB
Championship_Manager_5_Solo.jar179 KB
Sphinx-.jar179 KB
SplinterCell3.jar179 KB
fatalforce.jar179 KB
Gridrunner_K750.jar179 KB
Fatal Force Earth Assault.jar179 KB
2004 Real Football (s60).jar179 KB
2004 Real Football(ver 0.2.4).jar179 KB
2004 Real Football_.jar179 KB
Real_Football_2004.jar179 KB
SC_PT_K700_IT_101a.jar178 KB
Gameloft_1000_Words.jar178 KB
1000 Words.jar178 KB
1000Words.jar178 KB
ow+Six+3.jar178 KB
Rainbow_Six_3-1.0.8.jar178 KB
Rainbow Six 3.jar178 KB
SC_PT_K500_EN_105.jar178 KB
TheCrow.jar178 KB
ConflictDesertStorm.jar177 KB
Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six 3.jar177 KB
Rainbow6.jar177 KB
Rainbow_6_by_BFLM.jar177 KB
rainbow_6__3650.jar177 KB KB
SC_PT_K700_IT_101b.jar177 KB
SC_PT_K700_ES_101b.jar177 KB
Tom_Clancy__s_Rainbow_Six_3_techmob.jar177 KB
Dukenukemk700.JAR176 KB
Duke_Nukem_Mobile_v1_1__1_.12.jar176 KB
Dead+or+Alive+Xtreme+Beach+Volleyball.jar176 KB
or+Alive+Xtreme+Beach+Volleyball.jar176 KB
Xtreme_Volleyball.jar176 KB
Dead or Alive Xtreme Beach Volleyball.jar176 KB
Xtreme_Volleyball_by_BFLM.jar176 KB
XtremeVolleyball.jar176 KB
beachvolley.jar176 KB
Incredibles.jar176 KB
TheIncredibles_105.jar176 KB
Incredibles.v1.00.jar176 KB
Hustler.Football.Strip.Teil.2.v1.0.GERMAN.J2ME2.S60.RETAIL-MCiPDA.jar176 KB
BoardersBall_v10-XiMPDA.jar176 KB
Sexy Poker 2004.jar175 KB
Asphalt.Urban.GT.jar175 KB
Asphalt Urban GT.jar175 KB
SlotMachine.jar175 KB
Anno1503.jar175 KB
SuperBomberman.jar175 KB
Dakar2005.jar175 KB
Boarders Ball.jar174 KB
Sib_ep2.jar174 KB
Siberian_Strike_II_by_BFLM.jar174 KB
Siberian_Strike_2.jar174 KB
Siberian_Strike_ep2.jar174 KB
Siberian Strike - Episode II.jar174 KB
ian_Strike_2.jar174 KB
Quest_For_Alliance_Original.jar173 KB
Quest For Alliance Original.jar173 KB
Townsmen2.jar173 KB
Block Breaker Deluxe (s60).jar173 KB
Block_Breaker_Deluxe_by_BFLM.jar173 KB
Day_After_Tomorrow.jar172 KB
dayaftertomorrowk750.jar172 KB
TheDayAfterTomorrow.jar172 KB
Total_Overdose K750.jar172 KB
Flynns_Adventures_SymBoSS.jar172 KB
FlynnsAdventures.jar172 KB
MacrospaceDrakengard.jar172 KB
Macrospace_Drakengard_SymBoSS.jar172 KB
Macrospace.Drakengard.v1.0.2.S60.J2MEv2.Retail-aSxPDA.jar172 KB
Drakengard.jar172 KB
007 Ice Racer.jar171 KB
ice _racer.jar171 KB
racer.jar171 KB
Brutal Fighting (s60).jar171 KB
BrutalFighting.jar171 KB
brutal_fight.jar171 KB
lFighting.jar171 KB
Brutal_Fight_by_BFLM.jar171 KB
ken+Fortress.jar171 KB
Forsaken_Fortress.jar171 KB
ForsakenFortress.jar171 KB
Forsaken+Fortress.jar171 KB
Forsaken Fortress.jar171 KB
Sentry.jar170 KB
JimmyStrikesBack.jar170 KB
TopGun2_700.jar170 KB
TopGun2.jar170 KB
Nedime_German_.jar169 KB
Gameloft Block Breaker Deluxe.jar169 KB
Gameloft_Block_Breaker_Deluxe.jar169 KB
Block Breaker Deluxe (joy).jar169 KB
Hard_rockCasino.jar169 KB
Hard_Rock_Casino.jar169 KB
Hard Rock Casino.jar169 KB
Lemmings_031.jar169 KB
Super_Bomberman_s60_by_techmob.jar169 KB
PopeyeKartRacing_10.jar168 KB
Over_The_Net.jar168 KB
MFI_OverTheNet.jar168 KB
Anno_1503.jar168 KB
Anno_1503_by_BFLM.jar168 KB
Age_of_Empires_2-w800.jar167 KB
WorldClock3D.jar167 KB
Knight Tales - Land of Bitterness.jar167 KB
Drakengard_K700.jar167 KB
MightySword.jar166 KB
Mighty_Sword.jar166 KB
Da_Vinci_Code_-_The_Quest_Begins_K750.jar166 KB
Block Breaker Deluxe.jar166 KB
Block+Breaker+Deluxe.jar166 KB
Iceracer.jar165 KB
Shizuka_vXXX.jar165 KB
Micro_GP.jar163 KB
Residentevil.jar163 KB
LMReside.jar163 KB
Kungfu.jar163 KB
u.jar163 KB
AncestralBird.jar163 KB
GolfClub3D_108.jar162 KB
GolfClub3D.jar162 KB
Supreme_Soccer_v10_XiMPDA.jar162 KB
GolfClub3DK700.jar161 KB
The_Elder_Scrolls_-_Stormhold.jar161 KB
Survivor_K700F.jar161 KB
Trial_Challenge.jar161 KB
Trial Challenge.jar161 KB
OWNPDA_AIM_Dougie_Lampkin_Challenge_v100Retail.jar161 KB
HugoBlackDiamondFever.jar160 KB
TheChroniclesOfRiddick.jar160 KB KB
Nightmare_Creatures_by_BFLM.jar160 KB
Nightmare Creatures.jar160 KB
Nightmare Creatures(ver0.3.2).jar160 KB
Nightmare_Creatures.jar160 KB
KamasutraSpecial.jar159 KB
OverloadedDecathlon.jar159 KB
AfterDarkUnderTheMoonLight.jar159 KB
Overloaded_Decathlon.jar159 KB
Hugo_Black_Diamond.jar159 KB
MetalSlug.jar159 KB
Kyushus_Devils.jar158 KB
DragonFire2.jar158 KB
DragonFire2Episode1.jar158 KB
Dragon_Fire_2.jar158 KB
OWNPDA_Com2us_SpaceTimeTravelEpisode1_v100Retail.jar158 KB
ResidentEvilATM12.jar158 KB
Kyushus+Devils.jar158 KB
Kyushus Devils.jar158 KB
RTLRacing2005.jar158 KB
RTLRacing2005-LaSgO.jar158 KB
LarrySexyGame.jar158 KB
Brennox_Townsmen2_k500.jar158 KB
TheEvilLords_en_7650_3650.jar158 KB
QuestOfTheHero.jar158 KB
Baldurs_Gate_vXXX.jar158 KB
Ice_Hockey_2004_CZ_by_BFLM.jar157 KB
Ice_Hockey_2004.jar157 KB
Baldurs Gate.jar157 KB
n_Bowling.jar157 KB
Rayman Bowling (s60).jar157 KB
Rayman Bowling.jar157 KB
of the Hero.jar157 KB
Quest_of_the_Hero.jar157 KB
Quest of the Hero.jar157 KB
Harry_Potter.jar156 KB
Vampire_Bloodline_BFLM.jar156 KB
Vampire Bloodline.jar156 KB
re+Bloodline.jar156 KB
SuperMario.jar156 KB
Super_Mario.jar156 KB
Predator.jar156 KB
OWNPDA_Predator_116retail.jar156 KB
ProBowling.jar155 KB
Metal Slug.jar154 KB
+Fire.jar154 KB
Space Fire.jar154 KB
ZooTycoon2.jar153 KB
BaldursGate.jar153 KB
Baldurs_Gate.jar153 KB
Judge Dredd.jar153 KB
SpeedBall.jar153 KB
SpeedBall_K700.jar153 KB
Judge_Dredd.jar153 KB
COM2US Pro Baseball.jar153 KB
COM2US_Pro_Baseball.jar153 KB
The_Phantom_K750_K700.jar153 KB
track_furious.jar152 KB
funrun.jar152 KB
WWE_Hardcore_by_BFLM.jar152 KB
ardcore_by_BFLM.jar152 KB
WWEHardcore.jar152 KB
Pimp_my_Ride.jar152 KB
StripBlackjackChrissy.jar151 KB
StripBlackjackVictoria.jar151 KB
Driver_SonyEricssonK700iF.jar151 KB
Driver.jar151 KB
Lada_Racing_Club_3D_Rus_K750_K700.jar151 KB
SideFootball.jar151 KB
eurosport5asidesoccer.jar151 KB
EuroSport5ASideSoccer_SymBoSS.jar151 KB
THQ.Eurosport.5.A.Side.Football.v1.1.4.NOKIA.J2MEv2.Retail-aSxPDA.jar151 KB
Eurosport_Side_Football.jar151 KB
EurosportSideFootball.jar151 KB
Nightmare_Creatures_v600.jar151 KB
mare_Creatures.jar151 KB
The+Day+After+Tomorrow.jar150 KB
The Day After Tomorrow.jar150 KB
PuzzleWorld_k750.jar150 KB
Xyanide.jar150 KB
Astro_Pop_K700_K750.jar150 KB
Andre Agassi tennis.jar150 KB
S60_HotCollege.jar149 KB
Hot College.jar149 KB
Jamdat Golf 2004.jar148 KB
Jamdat_Golf_2004_SymBoSS.jar148 KB
StripPoker-Helen.jar148 KB
Robocop.jar148 KB
Ataris Driv3r.jar148 KB
EpyxWintergames.jar148 KB
EpyxWintergames_k700B.jar148 KB
Tenchu v[1].1.2.0.jar148 KB
Tenchu.jar148 KB
NateAdamsFreestyleMotocross.jar147 KB
Prince_Of_Persia_SOT.jar147 KB
Prince Of Persia The Sands Of KB
Prince_of_Persia_Sands_of_Time_by_BFLM.jar147 KB
Prince of Persia The Sands of Time.jar147 KB
Ben Chase Treasure Hunter.jar147 KB
BenChase-XiMPDA.jar147 KB
Ben+Chase+Treasure+Hunter.jar147 KB
Ben_Chase.jar147 KB
MidnightPool.jar147 KB
Midnight Pool™.jar147 KB
MobileScope.I.Robot.v1.32.0.NOKIA.J2MEv2.Retail-aSxPDA.jar147 KB
ChristmasBlockBreaker_K700_UK_100.jar147 KB
ChristmasBlockBreaker.jar147 KB
King Of Fighters.jar147 KB
C.O..jar146 KB
C_O.jar146 KB
SplinterCell2.jar146 KB
splinter_cell_extended_ops.jar146 KB
MariaSharapovaTennis.jar145 KB
Evil_Dead__TM__Pinball.jar145 KB
MetalSlug 6600.jar145 KB
Splinter_Cell_Extended_operations_by_BFLM.jar145 KB
MarcelDesailly_6600_UK_104.jar145 KB
SpeedDevils.jar144 KB
2004 Real Football.jar144 KB
SpeedDevils_6660_IT_201.jar144 KB
Strike_Ep2_v313-XiMpDA.jar143 KB
Siberian Strike Ep2 v313.jar143 KB
SiberianStrikeEp2.jar143 KB
Strike_Ep2_v313.jar143 KB
Rabbitator.jar143 KB
Girls Gamble.jar143 KB
Girls+Gamble.jar143 KB
GirlsGamble.jar143 KB
+Gamble.jar143 KB
Solitaire_k700_midp2.jar143 KB
MinigolfCastles.jar143 KB
MinigolfCastles_K700.jar143 KB
Fly Race.jar143 KB
Fly_Racet.jar143 KB
ly+Race.jar143 KB
Fly_Race.jar143 KB
Fly+Race.jar143 KB
e+of+Persia.jar143 KB
MSportsSoccer.jar143 KB
Blade.Trinity.v1.0.2.jar143 KB
BladeTrinity.jar143 KB
Solitaire_K700F.jar142 KB
VikingGames_K700.jar142 KB
VikingGames.jar142 KB
DeerHunter.jar142 KB
DeerHunter_SonyEricssonK700i_UK.jar142 KB
MSportsSoccer_v117-XiMPDA.jar142 KB
of Troy.jar142 KB
Troia - King of Troy.jar142 KB
King of Troy.jar142 KB
kingoftroy.jar142 KB
Bejeweled__v600_.jar142 KB
ang.jar141 KB
Pang.jar141 KB
Race2Kill.jar141 KB
alien_vs_1__1_._predator_.jar141 KB
XIII_by_BFLM.jar141 KB
III.jar141 KB
FatsThePig.jar141 KB
xiii.jar140 KB
EgyptQuestII.jar140 KB
Fried Rice Paradise (s60).jar140 KB
Fried Rice Paradise.jar140 KB
+Rice+Paradise.jar140 KB
Jurassic Park k750.jar140 KB
Siberian Strike - Episode I.jar140 KB
Sib_ep1.jar140 KB
Siberian_Strike_ep1.jar140 KB
Siberian_Strike_1.jar140 KB
RTL_Soccer.jar140 KB
RTL+Soccer.jar140 KB
occer.jar140 KB
RTL Soccer.jar140 KB
BackGammon.jar140 KB
Gameloft Backgammon.jar140 KB
MVcricket.jar139 KB
Michael_Vaughan_Cricket.jar139 KB
Superputt.jar139 KB
Super Putt.jar139 KB
ChessMaster.jar139 KB
Master.jar139 KB
Chessmaster__v600_.jar139 KB
BurningSkies.jar139 KB
Chesss.jar139 KB
Gameloft Backgammon vXXX.jar138 KB
fifa_2005_infinity.jar138 KB
Tomb_Raider_2_-_Quest_For_Cinnabar.jar138 KB
TombRaider2.jar138 KB
Tomb_Raider_2_quest_for_cinnabar_by_BFLM.jar138 KB
UKFIFA20.Jar138 KB
Distinctive.EA.FIFA.2005.v0.5.0.S60.J2MEv2-aSxPDA.jar138 KB
AmazingPocketDecider.jar137 KB
AmazingPocketDec.jar137 KB
ter_Cell_2_Extended_Ops.jar137 KB
Splinter_Cell_2_Extended_Ops.jar137 KB
X-Files_Deserter-1[1].1.3.jar137 KB
Strip_Tak_Toe.jar137 KB
+Tak+Toe.jar137 KB
StripTakToe.jar137 KB
Strip Tak Toe.jar137 KB
Tony Hawks Underground.jar136 KB
Hawks+Underground.jar136 KB
Tomb_Raider_1_ger_by_BFLM.jar136 KB
Tombraider1.jar136 KB
HotWall_sw_K700.jar136 KB
Periode 1.jar135 KB
Newlegends_v050151_XiMPDA.jar135 KB
Roverreunion_v5110_XiMPDA.jar135 KB
Tony_Hawks_Underground_italian6600_3650.jar135 KB
Tony_Hawks_Underground_italian.jar135 KB
TonyHawkUnderground.jar135 KB
Tony_Hawks_Underground_IT_by_BFLM.jar135 KB
LaserBladeCombat.jar135 KB
JamaicanDiscsta2.jar134 KB
Eurosport in Door Games 2004.jar134 KB
Eurosport_Indoor_Games.jar134 KB
eurosportindoorgames.jar134 KB
Cerberus.jar134 KB
LemonadeTycoon.jar134 KB
Troia v.1.0.0.jar134 KB
Troia_v.1.0.0.jar134 KB
Mxunleashed_v1400.jar134 KB
Snatch+Action.jar134 KB
Snatch Action.jar134 KB
h+Action.jar134 KB
Marble_Miracle_S60_puzzle_OK_.jar133 KB
Marble_Miracle.jar133 KB
Frankenstein.jar133 KB
MaskedRiderPowerBattle.jar133 KB
MaskRider.jar133 KB
Hugo_Black_Diamond_Fever_2.jar133 KB
MetalSmashPinball_K750.jar133 KB
Of+The+Rings++RPG.jar133 KB
Lord+Of+The+Rings++RPG.jar133 KB
Lord Of The Rings (RPG).jar133 KB
CrashnbBurnTurbo.jar133 KB
20060704000159.jar132 KB
Jewel Quest .jar132 KB
Jewel_Quest_K750.jar132 KB
DangerMouse.jar132 KB
Pop Idol.jar132 KB
Pop Idol (s60).jar132 KB
dol+v11.jar132 KB
Pop_Idol__s60_.jar132 KB
PopIdol.jar132 KB
Pop+Idol+v11.jar132 KB
Pop Idol v11.jar132 KB
South Park.jar132 KB
+Park.jar132 KB
RANGE_ROVER3d_K750.jar131 KB
RangeRoveSportsTourer.jar131 KB
GT_Racing_by_BFLM.jar131 KB
Gtracing.jar131 KB
Tomb_Raider_3_-_The_ElixirOf_Life.jar131 KB
TombRaider3_TheElixirofLife.jar131 KB
aider3_TheElixirofLife.jar131 KB
Spider-Man_by_BFLM.jar131 KB
Spider-Man.jar131 KB
Spider_Man_by_BFLM.jar131 KB
y.jar131 KB
Sexory.jar131 KB
Sexory .jar131 KB
Kawai_kart.jar131 KB
Courser.jar131 KB
Ice_Age_Skater.jar130 KB
IceAgeSkater.jar130 KB
DungeonStorm.jar130 KB
Dungeon_Storm.jar130 KB
Chase_HQ_s60_by_techmob.jar130 KB
ConflictVietnam.jar130 KB
tetris.jar130 KB
is.jar130 KB
AliBaba.jar129 KB
Alibaba_Nokia_s60.jar129 KB
Gangland.jar129 KB
Allstar_Basket.jar129 KB
TimelineBattleCruiser.jar129 KB
True Crime Streets Of LA.jar129 KB
True_Crime_Streets_Of_LA.jar129 KB
Crime Streets Of LA.jar129 KB
RogueLords.jar128 KB
Dragon_and_Dracula_Christmas_Adventure.jar128 KB
DragonDracula.jar128 KB
n and Dracula Christmas KB
Dragon and Dracula Christmas KB
Movistar+Racing.jar127 KB
Movistar_Racing_by_BFLM.jar127 KB
Movistar Racing.jar127 KB
movistar_racing_spanish.jar127 KB
LotrTwoTowers.jar127 KB
Lord_of_the_Ring_-_The_Two_Tower.jar127 KB
LOTR-Two_towers.jar127 KB
lotr_two_towers.jar127 KB
ColinMcRaeRally`04.jar127 KB
Colin_McRae_4_by_BFLM.jar127 KB
Colin_McRae_04.jar127 KB
_McRae_04.jar127 KB
ColinMcRaeRally 2004.jar127 KB
Colin McRae 04.jar127 KB
Colin McRae 04 (s60).jar127 KB
Car_Racer_by_BFLM.jar127 KB
Snatch_Action_v104-XiMPDA.jar127 KB
SnatchAction.jar127 KB
Snatch_Action.jar127 KB
Snatch_Action_by_BFLM.jar127 KB
StripBlackjackDirtyGirls.jar127 KB
Prince of Persia.jar127 KB
PubFight.jar126 KB
TurboCamels.jar126 KB
HelloKittyBoogieWoogie.jar126 KB
Damage-san_by_BFLM.jar126 KB
MrGoodLiving.Damage.San.v1.13.2.NOKIA.N6600.J2MEv2.Retail-aSxPDA.jar126 KB
damage-san_for_6600.jar126 KB
DamageSan.jar126 KB
damage_san_for_6600.jar126 KB
Ancient_Empires_by_BFLM.jar126 KB
Topgam Alonso Racing 2005 Nokia s60 (Ngage 7650 3650 6600) Spanish.jar125 KB
AgassiTennis__v600_.jar125 KB
Agassi_Tennis.jar125 KB
ExodusShootingGame.jar125 KB
ntempires.jar125 KB
Ancient_Empires.jar125 KB
Ancient Empires (s60).jar125 KB
ancientempires.jar125 KB
Ancient Empires.jar125 KB
Moorhuhn_X.jar125 KB
Moorhuhn_X_1_30.jar125 KB
Auqarium Simulator.jar125 KB
AquaSim.jar.jar125 KB
Oil Wars.jar125 KB
Oilwars.jar125 KB
Zoo_Tycoon_2.jar124 KB
aimproductions.strip.blackjack.adrian.v1.10.jar124 KB
Strip Black Jack Adrian.jar124 KB
Strip_Blackjack_Adrian__s60_.jar124 KB
Strip_Blackjack_Adrian.jar124 KB
_Blackjack_Adrian.jar124 KB
Strip+Black+Jack+Adrian.jar124 KB
Strip Blackjack Adrian (s60).jar124 KB
Red_Faction_vXXX.jar124 KB
RedFaction.jar124 KB
Rollerbot.jar124 KB
Rollerbot_K700F.jar124 KB
CnBturbo_k700_freonite.jar124 KB
The Fast and the Furious.jar124 KB
x-messenger.jar124 KB
kamikazequest81.jar124 KB
kamikazequest.jar124 KB
!RainbowSix3_T630_En_106.jar124 KB
Ancient_Empires-1.0.6.jar123 KB
Ancient Empires RPG.jar123 KB
T-MobileTeamCycling.jar123 KB
T_Mobile_Team_Cycling_by_BFLM.jar123 KB
Rayman Golf.jar123 KB
n_Golf.jar123 KB
Rayman_Golf.jar123 KB
AquaLifeX_MIDP2_176X220.jar123 KB
Shaft_K700.jar123 KB
Shaft.jar123 KB
Qubix_v110-XiMPDA.jar122 KB
NuSpace.JAR122 KB
Sacred.jar122 KB
DancingSweety.jar122 KB
Undercover Babes.jar122 KB
Lagsters.jar121 KB
LagstersM.jar121 KB
TagHeuerIndy500.jar121 KB
Shamegame Alyson.jar121 KB
Shamegame+Alyson.jar121 KB
ShamegameAlyson.jar121 KB
Shamegame_Alyson__s60_.jar121 KB
game+Alyson.jar121 KB
Shamegame Alyson (s60).jar121 KB
CricketWorldChampionship.jar121 KB
Cricket_World_Championship.jar121 KB
SpeedAddict.jar121 KB
SpeedAddict__v600_.jar121 KB
Speed Addict Rally.jar121 KB
Speed+Addict+Rally.jar121 KB
+Addict+Rally.jar121 KB
StripBlackjackGeena.jar121 KB
Wakeboarding[german].jar120 KB
Wakeboarding.jar120 KB
Sponge Bob Bowling.jar120 KB
SpongebobBowling.jar120 KB
spongebob_bowling.jar120 KB
Ant_Adventures.jar120 KB
SpongeBob+Bowling.jar120 KB
SpongeBob Bowling.jar120 KB
eBob+Bowling.jar120 KB
TopGuy_by_BFLM.jar120 KB
y_v10.jar120 KB
TopGuy_v10.jar120 KB
ApacheFighter.jar120 KB
K_Insectors_by_BFLM.jar120 KB
K-Insectors_by_BFLM.jar120 KB
K-Insectors.jar120 KB
Rball.jar120 KB
Rball_v515.jar120 KB
Rayman3-1.0.1.jar119 KB
SamuraiShodown.jar119 KB
Diamond.jar119 KB
Aqua+Sim.jar119 KB
Sim.jar119 KB
Aqua Sim.jar119 KB
AquaSim.jar119 KB
Thorgal_K750_K700_K500.jar119 KB
Dragon Skies.jar118 KB
dragon_skies.jar118 KB
TetrisBlue.jar118 KB
id+X.jar118 KB
Microjocs.Aminoid.X.v1.5.0.NOKIA.S60.J2MEv2.Retail-aSxPDA.jar118 KB
Aminoid X.jar118 KB
Aminoid_X_by_BFLM.jar118 KB
skoki3ds60v2.jar118 KB
skijam3d).jar118 KB
Ski_Jam_3D.jar118 KB
The_Italian_Job.jar118 KB
Sk8ter Boy.jar118 KB
Rick_Ranger_v108-XiMPDA.jar118 KB
Rick Ranger v108.jar118 KB
Rick_Ranger.jar118 KB
Ranger+v108.jar118 KB
WeerWolf.Jamacian.Discsta.v1.0.0.NOKIA.J2MEv2.Retail-aSxPDA.jar118 KB
jamaican_discsta.jar118 KB
JamaicanDiscsta.jar118 KB
BMW_1_Series_Challenge.jar118 KB
FIFA 2005 Eng.jar118 KB
FIFA_2005_vXXX.jar118 KB
Extreme_Motorbike_K750_100.jar117 KB
Eurosport_Indoor_Games_2004.jar117 KB
Eurosport_Indoor_Games_2004_vXXX.jar117 KB
baseball.jar117 KB
Base_Ball.jar117 KB
BoBoElf.jar117 KB
Strip_Black_Jack_Katharina.jar117 KB
_Blackjack_Kath.jar117 KB
PubFootball.jar117 KB
StripBlackjackKath.jar117 KB
Strip_Blackjack_Kath.jar117 KB
Strip Blackjack Katharina.jar117 KB
Strip Blackjack Kath (s60).jar117 KB
Strip_Blackjack_Kath__s60_.jar117 KB
Hugo_Earthquake.jar117 KB
Hugo_Earthquake_BFLM.jar117 KB
River_Riders.jar117 KB
Strip4YouJennaJameson.jar117 KB
+Slug+(ver+0.2.5).jar117 KB
Metal+Slug+(ver+0.2.5).jar117 KB
Metal Slug (ver 0.2.5).jar117 KB
metal_slug.jar117 KB
C2S_ProBaseball_1.0.0.jar117 KB
C2S_ProBaseball__v600_.jar117 KB
C2S_Pro_Baseball.jar117 KB
WorldStrongestMen.jar116 KB
FantasyWorlds.jar116 KB
FruitFactory2.jar116 KB
Jungle_Commando_by_BFLM.jar116 KB
JungleCommando.jar116 KB
Jungle_Commando.jar116 KB
e_Commando_by_BFLM.jar116 KB
StripBlackjackRachel.jar116 KB
South_Park.jar116 KB
Ancient_Towers.jar115 KB
Ancient_Towers_1.0.0.jar115 KB
BallonHeadedBoy.jar115 KB
Dribble (s60).jar115 KB KB
3DBalloonRace.jar115 KB
3D_Balloon_Race.jar115 KB
Rayman 3.jar115 KB
n3_by_BFLM.jar115 KB
Rayman+3.jar115 KB
Rayman® 3.jar115 KB
n+3.jar115 KB
Rayman3_by_BFLM.jar115 KB
rayman3.jar115 KB
Catty_Adventures.jar115 KB
Catty_Adventures_BFLM.jar115 KB
johnsinclair.jar114 KB
7Zwerge.jar114 KB
Go_To_Hell_6600_SymBoSS.jar114 KB
Wolf Striker.jar114 KB
Wolf_Striker.jar114 KB
Megaman.jar114 KB
SkiJump_EN_v104.jar114 KB
Supreme_Snowboarding__v600_.jar114 KB
Supreme Snowboarding.jar114 KB
Another Brick.jar113 KB
worldclock.jar113 KB
FIFA_Football_2004_by_BFLM.jar113 KB
Sacred_F500_EN_yanagi.jar113 KB
FIFA 2004.jar113 KB
FIFA 2004 (s60).jar113 KB
2004_english.jar113 KB
FIFA_2004_english.jar113 KB
Bomber.jar113 KB
Shadow_v2.jar113 KB
Lemonade.jar113 KB
Lemonade_Tycoon.jar113 KB
bogorscastle.jar112 KB
Bogors_Castle.jar112 KB
Turbo+Camels.jar112 KB
+Camels.jar112 KB
Turbo Camels.jar112 KB
TurboCamels__v600.jar112 KB
Aquiles_Versus_Troya.jar112 KB
AquilesVersusTroya.jar112 KB
Jimm.jar112 KB
Wolfenstein_3D_K750.jar112 KB
crashburn_turbo.jar111 KB
Daylight_Froggery_v11-XiMPDA.jar111 KB
Daylight_Froggery_BFLM.jar111 KB
Club_Football_2005_Arsenal.jar111 KB
omb.jar111 KB
Sex+Bomb.jar111 KB
Sex Bomb.jar111 KB
XXX+Darts.jar110 KB
XXX Darts.jar110 KB
arts.jar110 KB
The_Fall.jar110 KB
SiberianStrike_SonyEricssonK700_Z1010_UK_103.jar110 KB
jamdat_bowling.jar110 KB
Magic Dance Floor.jar110 KB
MagicDanceFloor.jar110 KB
Magic_Dance_Floor__s60_.jar110 KB
Magic Dance Floor (s60).jar110 KB
Plasma Inferno.jar110 KB
Plasma_Inferno.jar110 KB
AgeOfHeroes.jar110 KB
FarmRacing.jar110 KB
Top_Guy.jar110 KB
topgun.jar110 KB
Topgun ver1.5.2.jar110 KB
FarmRacing__v600_.jar109 KB
Cobra.jar109 KB
Erotic+Invaders.jar109 KB
Erotic Invaders.jar109 KB
c+Invaders.jar109 KB
Monopoly.jar109 KB
Monopoly__v600_.jar109 KB
Gameloft_GulosTale.jar109 KB
Gulo__s_Tale.jar109 KB
GulosTale.jar109 KB
sekhmet_spanish.jar108 KB
C2S__BowlingEX.jar108 KB
BowlingEX_by_BFLM.jar108 KB
Bowling_EX.jar108 KB
WWE_Cage_by_BFLM.jar108 KB

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