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Intermediate Listening Comprehension

523 MB  
in 123 files
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5 years old
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Torrent Contents

Intermediate Listening Comprehension
Intermediate Listening Comprehension CD1-4 (ch 1-8)
018_Un1-3_Lance Armstrong_p17(IIB)_script 120.wma10 MB
026_Un2-4_The Internet_p24(IIB)_script 127.wma6 MB
019_Un1-3_Lance Armstrong_p17(IIC).wma6 MB
017_Un1-3_Lance Armstrong_p16(IIA)_script 119.wma6 MB
061_Un3-8_Levels of Language Usage_p52(IIIB-t1)_script 147.wma6 MB
034_Un2-5_Language_p30(IIB)_script 132.wma6 MB
035_Un2-5_Language_p30(IIC).wma5 MB
033_Un2-5_Language_p30(IIA)_script 131.wma5 MB
043_Un2-6_Hydrop Aquaculture_p36(IIC).wma5 MB
042_Un2-6_Hydrop Aquaculture_p36(IIB)_script 137.wma5 MB
041_Un2-6_Hydrop Aquaculture_p36(IIA)_script 136.wma4 MB
022_Un1-3_Lance Armstrong_p20(IIIB-t2)_script 124.wma4 MB
062_Un3-8_Levels of Language Usage_p53(IIIB-t2)_script 149.wma4 MB
027_Un2-4_The Internet_p24(IIC).wma4 MB
058_Un3-8_Levels of Language Usage_p50(IIB)_script 146.wma4 MB
021_Un1-3_Lance Armstrong_p18(IIIB-t1)_script 123.wma4 MB
057_Un3-8_Levels of Language Usage_p50(IIA)_script 145.wma4 MB
059_Un3-8_Levels of Language Usage_p50(IIC).wma4 MB
050_Un3-7_A Tidal Wave_p44(IIB)_script 141.wma3 MB
005_Un1-1_Napoleon_p6(IIIB-t1)_script 111.wma3 MB
025_Un2-4_The Internet_p24(IIA)_script 126.wma3 MB
029_Un2-4_The Internet_p25(IIIB-t1)_script 129.wma3 MB
053_Un3-7_A Tidal Wave_p46(IIIB-t1)_script 142.wma3 MB
054_Un3-7_A Tidal Wave_p47(IIIB-t2)_script 143.wma3 MB
014_Un1-2_Pompeii_p12(IIIB-t2)_script 116.wma3 MB
012_Un1-2_Pompeii_p10(IIIA)_script 115.wma3 MB
009_Un1-2_Pompeii_p10(IIA)_script 114.wma3 MB
011_Un1-2_Pompeii_p10(IIC).wma2 MB
002_Un1-1_Napoleon_p4(IIB)_script 110.wma2 MB
010_Un1-2_Pompeii_p10(IIB)_script 114.wma2 MB
049_Un3-7_A Tidal Wave_p44(IIA)_script 141.wma2 MB
044_Un2-6_Hydrop Aquaculture_p37(IIIA)_script 138.wma2 MB
001_Un1-1_Napoleon_p4(IIA)_script 110.wma2 MB
020_Un1-3_Lance Armstrong_p17(IIIA)_script 122.wma2 MB
013_Un1-2_Pompeii_p11(IIIB-t1)_script 116.wma2 MB
038_Un2-5_Language_p33(IIIB-t2)_script 134.wma2 MB
006_Un1-1_Napoleon_p6(IIIB-t2)_script 112.wma2 MB
051_Un3-7_A Tidal Wave_p44(IIC).wma2 MB
060_Un3-8_Levels of Language Usage_p50(IIIA)_script 147.wma2 MB
016_Un1-2_Pompeii_p13(#2)_script 117.wma2 MB
040_Un2-5_Language_p33(#2)_script 135.wma2 MB
004_Un1-1_Napoleon_p4(IIIA)_script 111.wma2 MB
036_Un2-5_Language_p30(IIIA)_script 133.wma2 MB
045_Un2-6_Hydrop Aquaculture_p39(IIIB-t1)_script 139.wma2 MB
028_Un2-4_The Internet_p24(IIIA)_script 128.wma2 MB
008_Un1-1_Napoleon_p6(#2)_script 113.wma1 MB
003_Un1-1_Napoleon_p4(IIC).wma1 MB
052_Un3-7_A Tidal Wave_p44(IIIA)_script 142.wma1 MB
048_Un2-6_Hydrop Aquaculture_p40(#2)_script 139.wma1 MB
032_Un2-4_The Internet_p27(#2)_script 130.wma1 MB
064_Un3-8_Levels of Language Usage_p53(#2)_script 150.wma1 MB
030_Un2-4_The Internet_p27(IIIB-t2)_script 129.wma1 MB
031_Un2-4_The Internet_p27(#1)_script 129.wma1 MB
039_Un2-5_Language_p33(#1)_script 135.wma1 MB
046_Un2-6_Hydrop Aquaculture_p40(IIIB-t2)_script 139.wma1 MB
037_Un2-5_Language_p32(IIIB-t1)_script 134.wma1 MB
007_Un1-1_Napoleon_p6(#1)_script 113.wma1 MB
024_Un1-3_Lance Armstrong_p20(#2)_script 125.wma1 MB
056_Un3-7_A Tidal Wave_p47(#2)_script 144.wma1 MB
063_Un3-8_Levels of Language Usage_p53(#1)_script 150.wma1 MB
023_Un1-3_Lance Armstrong_p20(#1)_script 125.wma1,015 KB
055_Un3-7_A Tidal Wave_p47(#1)_script 144.wma968 KB
015_Un1-2_Pompeii_p13(#1)_script 117.wma921 KB
047_Un2-6_Hydrop Aquaculture_p40(#1)_script 139.wma647 KB
Intermediate Listening Comprehension CD5-8 (ch 9-15)
114_Un5-15_Endangered Species_p105(IIB)_script 184.wma12 MB
115_Un5-15_Endangered Species_p105(IIC).wma9 MB
113_Un5-15_Endangered Species_p105(IIA)_script 182.wma9 MB
067_Un3-9_Power_p56(IIC).wma7 MB
093_Un4-12_The Titanic and the A Doria_p82(IIIB-t1)_script 167.wma7 MB
077_Un4-10_Asian and African Elephants_p68(IIIB-t1)_script 159.wma6 MB
106_Un5-14_The American Civil War_p96(IIB)_script 177.wma6 MB
065_Un3-9_Power_p56(IIA)_script 151.wma6 MB
066_Un3-9_Power_p56(IIB)_script 153.wma6 MB
089_Un4-12_The Titanic and the A Doria_p79(IIA)_script 165.wma4 MB
090_Un4-12_The Titanic and the A Doria_p80(IIB)_script 166.wma4 MB
107_Un5-14_The American Civil War_p96(IIC).wma4 MB
105_Un5-14_The American Civil War_p96(IIA)_script 176.wma4 MB
091_Un4-12_The Titanic and the A Doria_p80(IIC).wma4 MB
116_Un5-15_Endangered Species_p105(IIIA)_script 187.wma4 MB
069_Un3-9_Power_p60(IIIB-t1)_script 155.wma4 MB
101_Un5-13_Dinosaurs_p91(IIIB-t1)_script 173.wma4 MB
098_Un5-13_Dinosaurs_p88(IIB)_script 172.wma4 MB
108_Un5-14_The American Civil War_p97(IIIA)_script 178.wma4 MB
099_Un5-13_Dinosaurs_p89(IIC).wma3 MB
070_Un3-9_Power_p60(IIIB-t2)_script 155.wma3 MB
097_Un5-13_Dinosaurs_p88(IIA)_script 171.wma3 MB
081_Un4-11_Lincoln and Kennedy_p72(IIA)_script 161.wma3 MB
109_Un5-14_The American Civil War_p99(IIIB-t1)_script 179.wma3 MB
082_Un4-11_Lincoln and Kennedy_p72(IIB)_script 162.wma3 MB
083_Un4-11_Lincoln and Kennedy_p72(IIC).wma3 MB
117_Un5-15_Endangered Species_p107(IIIB-t1)_script 188.wma3 MB
068_Un3-9_Power_p57(IIIA)_script 154.wma3 MB
074_Un4-10_Asian and African Elephants_p66(IIB)_script 158.wma3 MB
092_Un4-12_The Titanic and the A Doria_p80(IIIA)_script 167.wma3 MB
073_Un4-10_Asian and African Elephants_p66(IIA)_script 157.wma3 MB
110_Un5-14_The American Civil War_p99(IIIB-t2)_script 179.wma3 MB
100_Un5-13_Dinosaurs_p89(IIIA)_script 172.wma3 MB
075_Un4-10_Asian and African Elephants_p66(IIC).wma3 MB
102_Un5-13_Dinosaurs_p92(IIIB-t2)_script 173.wma3 MB
076_Un4-10_Asian and African Elephants_p66(IIIA)_script 158.wma2 MB
096_Un4-12_The Titanic and the A Doria_p83(#2)_script 170.wma2 MB
112_Un5-14_The American Civil War_p101(#2)_script 181.wma2 MB
094_Un4-12_The Titanic and the A Doria_p83(IIIB-t2)_script 169.wma2 MB
085_Un4-11_Lincoln and Kennedy_p75(IIIB-t1)_script 163.wma1 MB
084_Un4-11_Lincoln and Kennedy_p73(IIIA)_script 162.wma1 MB
078_Un4-10_Asian and African Elephants_p69(IIIB-t2)_script 159.wma1 MB
086_Un4-11_Lincoln and Kennedy_p75(IIIB-t2)_script 163.wma1 MB
104_Un5-13_Dinosaurs_p93(#2)_script 174.wma1 MB
118_Un5-15_Endangered Species_p108(IIIB-t2)_script 189.wma1 MB
080_Un4-10_Asian and African Elephants_p69(#2)_script 160.wma1 MB
072_Un3-9_Power_p61(#1)_script 156.wma1 MB
079_Un4-10_Asian and African Elephants_p69(#1)_script 160.wma1 MB
095_Un4-12_The Titanic and the A Doria_p83(#1)_script 170.wma1 MB
103_Un5-13_Dinosaurs_p93(#1)_script 174.wma1 MB
119_Un5-15_Endangered Species_p108(#1)_script 190.wma1 MB
111_Un5-14_The American Civil War_p101(#1)_script 181.wma1 MB
120_Un5-15_Endangered Species_p108(#2)_script 190.wma1 MB
071_Un3-9_Power_p61(#1)_script 156.wma1 MB
088_Un4-11_Lincoln and Kennedy_p76(#2)_script 164.wma1 MB
087_Un4-11_Lincoln and Kennedy_p76(#1)_script 163.wma1 MB
Intermediate Listening Comprehension_Cut100wmv.wmv48 MB
Intermediate Listening Comprehension_P Dunkel&P Lim_2006_(with Audio&Video).pdf70 MB
примечание.txt2 KB

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