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Hawkwind Discography

4.78 GB  
in 757 files
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6 years old  
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1. jakeace — long ago
I have been looking for a complete file.

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Torrent Contents

Hawkwind Discography
1970 Hawkwind
01. Hurry On Sundown.mp311 MB
02. The Reason Is!.mp38 MB
03. Be Yourself.mp318 MB
04. Paranoia (Part 1).mp32 MB
05. Paranoia (Part 2).mp39 MB
06. Seeing It As You Really Are.mp324 MB
07. Mirror Of Illusion.mp316 MB
08. Bring It On Home.mp37 MB
09. Hurry On Sundown.mp311 MB
10. Kiss Of The Velvet Whip.mp312 MB
11. Cymbaline.mp39 MB
1970_hawkwind_cd back.jpg1 MB
1970_hawkwind_cd front.jpg1 MB
_thisdir.txt1 KB
1971 X In Search Of Space
01. You Shouldn't Do That.mp335 MB
02. You Know You're Only Dreaming.mp315 MB
03. Master Of The Universe.mp314 MB
04. We Took The Wrong Step Years Ago.mp311 MB
05. Adjust Me.mp313 MB
06. Children Of The Sun.mp37 MB
07. Seven By Seven [Original Single Version, Bonus Track].mp312 MB
08. Silver Machine [Original Single Version, Bonus Track].mp310 MB
09. Born To Go [Live Single Version Edit, Bonus Track].mp311 MB
1971_in search of space_cd back.jpg197 KB
1971_in search of space_cd front.jpg142 KB
1971_in search of space_cd inside.jpg146 KB
_thisdir.txt1 KB
1972 Doremi Fasol Latido
01. Brainstorm.mp326 MB
02. Space Is Deep.mp314 MB
03. One Change.mp31 MB
04. Lord Of Light.mp316 MB
05. Down Through The Night.mp37 MB
06. Time We Left This World Today.mp320 MB
07. The Watcher.mp39 MB
1972_doremi fasol latido_cd back.jpg492 KB
1972_doremi fasol latido_cd front.jpg280 KB
_thisdir.txt1 KB
hawkwind_1972 doremi fasol latido_08X urban guerilla.mp36 MB
hawkwind_1972 doremi fasol latido_09X brainbox pollution.mp310 MB
hawkwind_1972 doremi fasol latido_10X lord of light (single version edit).mp37 MB
hawkwind_1972 doremi fasol latido_11X ejection.mp36 MB
1972 Greasy Truckers Party
_thisdir.txt473 B
hawkwind_1972 greasy truckers party_11 masters of the universe.mp310 MB
hawkwind_1972 greasy truckers party_12 natural break.mp31 MB
hawkwind_1972 greasy truckers party_13 born to go.mp317 MB
1973 Space Ritual
01 - Earth Calling.mp33 MB
02 - Born To Go.mp318 MB
03 - Down Through The Night.mp311 MB
04 - The Awakening.mp32 MB
05 - Lord Of Light.mp313 MB
06 - Black Corridor.mp33 MB
07 - Space Is Deep.mp315 MB
08 - Electronic No. 1.mp34 MB
09 - Orgone Accumulator.mp318 MB
10 - Upside Down.mp34 MB
11 - 10 Seconds Of Forever.mp33 MB
12 - Brainstorm.mp317 MB
13 - 7 By 7.mp311 MB
14 - Sonic Attack.mp35 MB
15 - Time We Left This World Today.mp310 MB
16 - Master Of the Universe.mp313 MB
17 - Welcome To The Future.mp33 MB
18 - You Shouldn't Do That.mp312 MB
1973_space ritual_cd back 1.jpg166 KB
1973_space ritual_cd back 2.jpg641 KB
1973_space ritual_cd back 3.jpg1 MB
1973_space ritual_cd front 1.jpg181 KB
1973_space ritual_cd front 2.jpg1 MB
1973_space ritual_cd inside 1.jpg147 KB
1973_space ritual_cd inside 2.jpg785 KB
1973_space ritual_cd rear.jpg2 MB
_thisdir.txt2 KB
1974 Hall Of The Mountain Grill
01. The Psychedelic Warlords (Disappear in Smoke).mp315 MB
02. Wind Of Change.mp311 MB
03. D-Rider.mp314 MB
04. Web Weaver.mp37 MB
05. You'd Better Believe It.mp316 MB
06. Hall Of The Mountain Grill.mp35 MB
07. Lost Johnny.mp38 MB
08. Goat Willow.mp33 MB
09. Paradox.mp312 MB
10. You'd Better Believe It (single version).mp37 MB
11. The Psychedelic Warlords (single version).mp39 MB
12. Paradox (remix single edit).mp39 MB
13. It's So Easy.mp312 MB
1974_hall of the mountain grill_cd back.jpg428 KB
1974_hall of the mountain grill_cd front.jpg399 KB
_thisdir.txt1 KB
1974 Warrior On The Edge Of Time
01. Assult And Battery.mp312 MB
02. The Golden Void.mp310 MB
03. The Wizard Blew His Horn.mp34 MB
04. Opa-Loka.mp311 MB
05. The Demented Man.mp39 MB
06. Magnu.mp318 MB
07. Standing At The Edge.mp36 MB
08. Spiral Galaxy 28948.mp38 MB
09. Warriors.mp34 MB
10. Dying Seas.mp36 MB
11. Kings Of Speed.mp38 MB
12. Motorhead.mp36 MB
1975_warrior on edge of time_cd back.jpg191 KB
1975_warrior on edge of time_cd front.jpg395 KB
_thisdir.txt1 KB
1976 Astounding Sounds, Amazing Music
01. Reefer Madness.mp313 MB
02. Steppenwolf.mp322 MB
03. City of Lagoons.mp311 MB
04. The Aubergine that Ate Rangoon.mp38 MB
05. Kerb Crawler.mp38 MB
06. Kadu Flyer.mp311 MB
07. Chronoglide Skyway.mp311 MB
1976_astounding sounds_cd back.jpg1 MB
1976_astounding sounds_cd front open.jpg4 MB
1976_astounding sounds_cd front.jpg152 KB
1976_astounding sounds_cd inlay.jpg32 KB
_thisdir.txt1 KB
1977 Quark Strangeness And Charm
01 - Spirit Of The Age.mp316 MB
02 - Damnation Alley.mp320 MB
03 - Fable Of A Failed Race.mp37 MB
04 - Quark, Strangeness and Charm.mp38 MB
05 - Hassan I Sahba.mp312 MB
06 - The Forge Of Vulcan.mp37 MB
07 - Days Of The Underground.mp37 MB
08 - The Iron Dream.mp34 MB
1977_quark strangeness charm_back.jpg117 KB
1977_quark strangeness charm_front.jpg150 KB
_thisdir.txt1 KB
1978 Hawklords 25 Years On
1978_hawklords.jpg18 KB
_thisdir.txt1 KB
hawkwind_1978 hawklords 25 years on_01 PSI power.mp311 MB
hawkwind_1978 hawklords 25 years on_02 free fall.mp39 MB
hawkwind_1978 hawklords 25 years on_03 automotion.mp32 MB
hawkwind_1978 hawklords 25 years on_04 25 years.mp38 MB
hawkwind_1978 hawklords 25 years on_05 flying doctor.mp310 MB
hawkwind_1978 hawklords 25 years on_06 the only ones.mp37 MB
hawkwind_1978 hawklords 25 years on_07 (only) the dead dreams of the cold war kid.mp37 MB
hawkwind_1978 hawklords 25 years on_08 the age of the micro man.mp36 MB
1979 PXR 5
01 - Death Trap.mp38 MB
02 - Jack of Shadows.mp37 MB
03 - Uncle Sams on Mars.mp313 MB
04 - Infinity.mp39 MB
05 - Life Form.mp33 MB
06 - Robot.mp318 MB
07 - High Rise.mp310 MB
08 - P.X.R. 5.mp312 MB
1979_pxr 5_cd back.jpg93 KB
1979_pxr 5_cd front.jpg108 KB
_thisdir.txt1 KB
1980 Levitation
01 - Levitation.mp313 MB
02 - Motorway City.mp315 MB
03 - Psychosis.mp35 MB
04 - World Of Tiers.mp37 MB
05 - Prelude.mp33 MB
06 - Who's Gonna Win The War.mp310 MB
07 - Space Chase.mp37 MB
08 - The Fifth Second Of Forever.mp37 MB
09 - Dust of Time.mp314 MB
1980_levitation.jpg90 KB
_thisdir.txt1 KB
Back.jpg425 KB
Front.jpg364 KB
1980 Live Seventy-Nine
01 - Shot Down In The Night.mp317 MB
02 - Motorway City.mp318 MB
03 - Spirit Of The Age.mp319 MB
04 - Brainstorm.mp319 MB
05 - Lighthouse.mp314 MB
06 - Master Of The Universe.mp310 MB
07 - Silver Machine Requiem.mp33 MB
_thisdir.txt1 KB
back.jpg333 KB
front.jpg339 KB
inside.jpg200 KB
1981 Sonic Attack
01 - Sonic Attack.mp310 MB
02 - Rocky Paths.mp39 MB
03 - Psychosonia.mp35 MB
04 - Virgin Of The World.mp310 MB
05 - Angels Of Death.mp313 MB
06 - Living On A Knife Edge.mp310 MB
07 - Coded Languages.mp33 MB
08 - Disintegration.mp37 MB
09 - Streets Of Fear.mp312 MB
10 - Lost Chances.mp313 MB
11 - Trans-Dimensional Man.mp311 MB
_thisdir.txt1 KB
Back.jpg354 KB
Front.jpg232 KB
1982A Church Of Hawkwind
01 - Angel Voices.mp33 MB
02 - Nuclear Drive.mp38 MB
03 - Star Cannibal.mp312 MB
04 - The Phenomenon Of Luminosity.mp36 MB
05 - Fall Of Earth City.mp37 MB
06 - The Church.mp33 MB
07 - Identimate.mp38 MB
08 - Some People Never Die.mp38 MB
09 - Damage Of Life.mp313 MB
10 - Experiment With Destiny.mp35 MB
11 - Mists Of Meridin.mp311 MB
12 - Looking In The Future.mp39 MB
13 - Joker At The Gate.mp34 MB
14 - Light Specific Data.mp38 MB
15 - The Last Messiah.mp33 MB
_thisdir.txt1 KB
back.jpg144 KB
front.jpg90 KB
1982B Choose Your Masques
_thisdir.txt1 KB
hawkwind_1982B choose your masques_01 choose your masks.mp36 MB
hawkwind_1982B choose your masques_02 dream worker.mp314 MB
hawkwind_1982B choose your masques_03 arrival in utopia.mp37 MB
hawkwind_1982B choose your masques_04 utopia.mp34 MB
hawkwind_1982B choose your masques_05 silver machine.mp36 MB
hawkwind_1982B choose your masques_06 void city.mp39 MB
hawkwind_1982B choose your masques_07 solitary mind games.mp35 MB
hawkwind_1982B choose your masques_08 fahrenheit 451.mp36 MB
hawkwind_1982B choose your masques_09 the scan.mp31 MB
hawkwind_1982B choose your masques_10 waiting for tomorrow.mp35 MB
hawkwind_1982B choose your masques_11 silver machine (bonus).mp310 MB
hawkwind_1982B choose your masques_12 psychedelic warlords.mp34 MB
1983 Zones
01 - Zones.mp31 MB
02 - Dangerous Vision.mp38 MB
03 - Running Through The Back Brain.mp310 MB
04 - The Island.mp35 MB
05 - Motorway City.mp38 MB
06 - Utopia 84.mp33 MB
07 - Social Alliance.mp37 MB
08 - Sonic Attack.mp38 MB
09 - Dream Worker.mp310 MB
10 - Brainstorm.mp314 MB
_thisdir.txt1 KB
back.jpg198 KB
front.jpg128 KB
1984 This Is Hawkwind, Do Not Panic
01 - Psy Power.mp37 MB
02 - Levitation.mp310 MB
03 - Circles.mp37 MB
04 - Space Chase.mp34 MB
05 - Death Trap.mp36 MB
06 - Angles Of Death.mp38 MB
07 - Shot Down In The Night.mp39 MB
08 - Stonehenge Decoded.mp311 MB
09 - Watching The Grass Grow.mp35 MB
_thisdir.txt1 KB
back.jpg215 KB
front.jpg229 KB
1985 The Chronicle Of The Black Sword
1985_chronicle of the black sword_front.gif109 KB
1985_chronicle of the black sword_NeedleGun12inchBackCover.png2 MB
1985_chronicle of the black sword_NeedleGun12inchFrontCover.png2 MB
1985_chronicle of the black sword_VinylAlbumBackCover.png3 MB
1985_chronicle of the black sword_VinylAlbumBackInnerSleeve.png2 MB
1985_chronicle of the black sword_VinylAlbumFrontCover.png2 MB
1985_chronicle of the black sword_VinylAlbumFrontInnerSleeve.png3 MB
_thisdir.txt2 KB
hawkwind_1985 the chronicle of the black sword_01 song of the swords.mp37 MB
hawkwind_1985 the chronicle of the black sword_02 shade gate.mp36 MB
hawkwind_1985 the chronicle of the black sword_03 the sea king.mp37 MB
hawkwind_1985 the chronicle of the black sword_04 the pulsing cavern.mp35 MB
hawkwind_1985 the chronicle of the black sword_05 elric the enchanter.mp310 MB
hawkwind_1985 the chronicle of the black sword_06 needle gun.mp39 MB
hawkwind_1985 the chronicle of the black sword_07 zarozinia.mp37 MB
hawkwind_1985 the chronicle of the black sword_08 the demise.mp32 MB
hawkwind_1985 the chronicle of the black sword_09 sleep of a thousand tears.mp39 MB
hawkwind_1985 the chronicle of the black sword_10 chaos army.mp31 MB
hawkwind_1985 the chronicle of the black sword_11 horn of destiny.mp314 MB
hawkwind_1985 the chronicle of the black sword_12X arioch (12 inch single b-side).mp37 MB
hawkwind_1985 the chronicle of the black sword_13X the war i survived (live).mp35 MB
hawkwind_1985 the chronicle of the black sword_14X voice inside my head (live).mp36 MB
hawkwind_1985 the chronicle of the black sword_15X needle gun 12 inch single a-side.mp38 MB
hawkwind_1985 the chronicle of the black of the swords 12 inch single b-side.mp37 MB
1986 Live Chronicles
_thisdir.txt2 KB
hawkwind_1986 live chronicles_01 song of the swords.mp37 MB
hawkwind_1986 live chronicles_02 dragons and fables.mp37 MB
hawkwind_1986 live chronicles_03 narration.mp31 MB
hawkwind_1986 live chronicles_04 the sea king.mp38 MB
hawkwind_1986 live chronicles_05 angels of death.mp310 MB
hawkwind_1986 live chronicles_06 shade gate.mp38 MB
hawkwind_1986 live chronicles_07 rocky paths.mp36 MB
hawkwind_1986 live chronicles_08 narration.mp32 MB
hawkwind_1986 live chronicles_09 the pulsing cavern.mp34 MB
hawkwind_1986 live chronicles_10 master of the universe.mp38 MB
hawkwind_1986 live chronicles_11 dreaming city.mp310 MB
hawkwind_1986 live chronicles_12 choose your masques.mp311 MB
hawkwind_1986 live chronicles_13 fight sequence.mp37 MB
hawkwind_1986 live chronicles_14 needle gun.mp39 MB
hawkwind_1986 live chronicles_15 zarozinia.mp39 MB
hawkwind_1986 live chronicles_16 lords of chaos.mp32 MB
hawkwind_1986 live chronicles_17 the dark lords.mp37 MB
hawkwind_1986 live chronicles_18 wizards of pan tang.mp310 MB
hawkwind_1986 live chronicles_19 moonglum.mp35 MB
hawkwind_1986 live chronicles_20 elric the enchanter.mp34 MB
hawkwind_1986 live chronicles_21 conjuration of magnu.mp37 MB
hawkwind_1986 live chronicles_22 magnu.mp36 MB
hawkwind_1986 live chronicles_23 dust of time.mp313 MB
1988 The Xenon Codex
_thisdir.txt1 KB
hawkwind_1988 the xenon codex_01 the war i survived.mp37 MB
hawkwind_1988 the xenon codex_02 wastelands of sleep.mp35 MB
hawkwind_1988 the xenon codex_03 neon skyline.mp33 MB
hawkwind_1988 the xenon codex_04 lost chronocles.mp37 MB
hawkwind_1988 the xenon codex_05 tides.mp34 MB
hawkwind_1988 the xenon codex_06 heads.mp36 MB
hawkwind_1988 the xenon codex_07 mutation zone.mp35 MB
hawkwind_1988 the xenon codex_08 E.M.C..mp36 MB
hawkwind_1988 the xenon codex_09 sword of the east.mp37 MB
hawkwind_1988 the xenon codex_10 good evening.mp36 MB
1990 Space Bandits
01 - Images.mp321 MB
02 - Black Elk Speaks.mp312 MB
03 - Wings.mp312 MB
04 - Out Of The Shadows.mp311 MB
05 - Realms.mp37 MB
06 - Ship Of Dreams.mp311 MB
07 - T.V. Suicide.mp312 MB
_thisdir.txt1 KB
Back.jpg380 KB
Front.jpg268 KB
1991 BBC Radio 1 Live in Concert
_thisdir.txt677 B
Back.jpg952 KB
Disc.jpg744 KB
Front-In.jpg1 MB
Front-Out.jpg2 MB
HawkwindBBC.jpg145 KB
(01) [Hawkwind] Born to Go.mp313 MB
(02) [Hawkwind] Seven by Seven.mp39 MB
(03) [Hawkwind] Brainstorm.mp311 MB
(04) [Hawkwind] Masters of the Universe.mp310 MB
(05) [Hawkwind] Paranoia.mp39 MB
(06) [Hawkwind] Silver Machine.mp38 MB
_thisdir.txt779 B
1991 Palace Springs
_thisdir.txt983 B
hawkwind_1991 palace springs_01 back in the box.mp314 MB
hawkwind_1991 palace springs_02 treadmill.mp318 MB
hawkwind_1991 palace springs_03 void of golden light.mp37 MB
hawkwind_1991 palace springs_04 lives of great men.mp315 MB
hawkwind_1991 palace springs_05 time we left this world today.mp36 MB
hawkwind_1991 palace springs_06 heads.mp310 MB
hawkwind_1991 palace springs_07 acid test.mp313 MB
hawkwind_1991 palace springs_08 damnation alley.mp316 MB
1992 Electric Tepee
1992_electric teepee_back.jpg285 KB
1992_electric teepee_front.jpg292 KB
_thisdir.txt1 KB
hawkwind_1992 electric tepee_01 lsd.mp311 MB
hawkwind_1992 electric tepee_02 blue shift.mp35 MB
hawkwind_1992 electric tepee_03 death of war.mp36 MB
hawkwind_1992 electric tepee_04 the secret agent.mp311 MB
hawkwind_1992 electric tepee_05 garden pests.mp32 MB
hawkwind_1992 electric tepee_06 space dust.mp37 MB
hawkwind_1992 electric tepee_07 snake dance.mp35 MB
hawkwind_1992 electric tepee_08 mask of the morning.mp312 MB
hawkwind_1992 electric tepee_09 rites of the netherworld.mp3860 KB
hawkwind_1992 electric tepee_10 don't understand.mp39 MB
hawkwind_1992 electric tepee_11 sadness runs deep.mp38 MB
hawkwind_1992 electric tepee_12 right to decide.mp36 MB
hawkwind_1992 electric tepee_13 going to hawaii.mp310 MB
hawkwind_1992 electric tepee_14 electric tepee.mp34 MB
1993 The Business Of The Future
01 - It Is The Business Of The Future To Be Dangerous.mp314 MB
02 - Space Is Their (Palestine).mp326 MB
03 - Tibet Is Not China (Part 1).mp38 MB
04 - Tibet Is Not China (Part 2).mp37 MB
05 - Let Barking Dogs Lie.mp320 MB
06 - Wave Upon Wave.mp37 MB
07 - Letting In The Past.mp36 MB
08 - The Camera That Could Lie.mp311 MB
09 - 3 Or 4 Erections In The Course Of A Night.mp34 MB
10 - Techno Tropic Zone Exists.mp310 MB
11 - Gimme Shelter.mp312 MB
12 - Avante.mp313 MB
_thisdir.txt1 KB
Back.jpg395 KB
cd.jpg82 KB
Front.jpg159 KB
front2.jpg480 KB
1994 The Business Trip
_thisdir.txt1 KB
hawkwind_1994 the business trip_01 altair.mp31 MB
hawkwind_1994 the business trip_02 quark, strangeness and charm.mp38 MB
hawkwind_1994 the business trip_03 L.S.D..mp37 MB
hawkwind_1994 the business trip_04 the camera that could lie.mp39 MB
hawkwind_1994 the business trip_05 green finned demon.mp38 MB
hawkwind_1994 the business trip_06 do that.mp34 MB
hawkwind_1994 the business trip_07 the day a wall came down.mp34 MB
hawkwind_1994 the business trip_08 berlin axis.mp33 MB
hawkwind_1994 the business trip_09 void of golden light.mp37 MB
hawkwind_1994 the business trip_10 the right stuff.mp37 MB
hawkwind_1994 the business trip_11 wastelands.mp33 MB
hawkwind_1994 the business trip_12 the dream goes on.mp32 MB
hawkwind_1994 the business trip_13 right to decide.mp310 MB
hawkwind_1994 the business trip_14 the dream has ended.mp36 MB
hawkwind_1994 the business trip_15 this future.mp32 MB
1995B Alien 4
01 - Abducted.mp36 MB
02 - Alien (I Am).mp317 MB
03 - Reject Your Human Touch.mp35 MB
04 - Blue Skin.mp316 MB
05 - Beam Me Up.mp39 MB
06 - Vega.mp38 MB
07 - Xenomorph.mp311 MB
08 - Journey.mp37 MB
09 - Sputnik Stan.mp316 MB
10 - Kapal.mp311 MB
11 - Festivals.mp315 MB
12 - Death Trap.mp39 MB
13 - Wastelands.mp33 MB
14 - Are You Losing Your Mind_.mp35 MB
_thisdir.txt1 KB
back.jpg187 KB
front.jpg279 KB
1996 Love In Space
_thisdir.txt1 KB
hawkwind_1996 love in space_01 abducted.mp34 MB
hawkwind_1996 love in space_02 death trap.mp36 MB
hawkwind_1996 love in space_03 wastelends.mp32 MB
hawkwind_1996 love in space_04 are you loosing your mind.mp34 MB
hawkwind_1996 love in space_05 photo encounter.mp33 MB
hawkwind_1996 love in space_06 blue skin.mp39 MB
hawkwind_1996 love in space_07 sputnik stan.mp314 MB
hawkwind_1996 love in space_08 robot.mp310 MB
hawkwind_1996 love in space_09 alien (i am).mp312 MB
hawkwind_1996 love in space_10 xenomorph.mp37 MB
hawkwind_1996 love in space_11 vega.mp34 MB
hawkwind_1996 love in space_12 love in space.mp313 MB
hawkwind_1996 love in space_13 kapal.mp38 MB
hawkwind_1996 love in space_14 elfin.mp32 MB
hawkwind_1996 love in space_15 silver machine.mp34 MB
hawkwind_1996 love in space_16 welcome to the future.mp33 MB
hawkwind_1996 love in space_17 assassins - space is their (palestine).mp311 MB
1997 Ambient Anarchists
01 - Urban Guerilla (Live).mp314 MB
02 - The Right to Decide.mp39 MB
03 - High Rise.mp312 MB
04 - Motorway City.mp315 MB
05 - Psychedelic Warlords.mp311 MB
06 - Sonic Attack.mp310 MB
07 - Uncle Sam's on Mars.mp313 MB
08 - TV Suicide.mp315 MB
09 - Confrontation.mp36 MB
10 - Motorhead.mp36 MB
11 - Streets of Fear.mp312 MB
12 - The Camera That Could Lie.mp315 MB
_thisdir.txt1 KB
01 - Sonic Attack.mp315 MB
02 - UFO Line.mp33 MB
03 - Abducted.mp36 MB
04 - Earth.mp312 MB
05 - Love in Space.mp310 MB
06 - The Forge of Vulcan.mp36 MB
07 - Life Form.mp33 MB
08 - Green Finned Demon.mp314 MB
09 - Virgin of the World.mp39 MB
10 - Utopia.mp36 MB
11 - Assassin.mp319 MB
12 - The Joker at the Gate.mp34 MB
13 - Time and Space.mp39 MB
14 - Vega.mp38 MB
15 - The Last Messiah.mp33 MB
_thisdir.txt1 KB
_thisdir.txt575 B
TheAmbientAnarchist-[back].jpg253 KB
TheAmbientAnarchist-[front].jpg201 KB
TheAmbientAnarchist-[inside].jpg299 KB
TheAmbientAnarchist-[outside].jpg418 KB
1997 Distant Horizons
_thisdir.txt1 KB
hawkwind_1997 distant horizons_01 distant horizons.mp37 MB
hawkwind_1997 distant horizons_02 phetamine street.mp37 MB
hawkwind_1997 distant horizons_03 waimea canyon drive.mp36 MB
hawkwind_1997 distant horizons_04 alchemy.mp34 MB
hawkwind_1997 distant horizons_05 clouded vision.mp35 MB
hawkwind_1997 distant horizons_06 reptoid vision.mp310 MB
hawkwind_1997 distant horizons_07 population overload.mp39 MB
hawkwind_1997 distant horizons_08 wheels.mp38 MB
hawkwind_1997 distant horizons_09 kauai.mp33 MB
hawkwind_1997 distant horizons_10 taxi for max.mp36 MB
1999 Dawn Of Hawkwind
_thisdir.txt1 KB
hawkwind_1999 dawn of hawkwind_01 come on.mp33 MB
hawkwind_1999 dawn of hawkwind_02 my baby's gone.mp34 MB
hawkwind_1999 dawn of hawkwind_03 dealing with the devil.mp35 MB
hawkwind_1999 dawn of hawkwind_04 roll 'em pete.mp32 MB
hawkwind_1999 dawn of hawkwind_05 bring it on home.mp34 MB
hawkwind_1999 dawn of hawkwind_06 illusions.mp36 MB
hawkwind_1999 dawn of hawkwind_07 get yourself together.mp31 MB
hawkwind_1999 dawn of hawkwind_08 what's the matter.mp31 MB
hawkwind_1999 dawn of hawkwind_09 bottle up.mp31 MB
hawkwind_1999 dawn of hawkwind_10 diamond ring.mp32 MB
hawkwind_1999 dawn of hawkwind_11 hurry on sundown.mp39 MB
hawkwind_1999 dawn of hawkwind_12 cymbaline.mp35 MB
hawkwind_1999 dawn of hawkwind_13 master of the universe.mp39 MB
1999B In Your Area
_thisdir.txt1 KB
hawkwind_1999B in your area_01 brainstorm - hawkwind in your area - alchemy (live).mp315 MB
hawkwind_1999B in your area_02 love in space.mp33 MB
hawkwind_1999B in your area_03 rat race.mp38 MB
hawkwind_1999B in your area_04 aerospace-age inferno (live).mp37 MB
hawkwind_1999B in your area_05 first landing on medusa.mp32 MB
hawkwind_1999B in your area_06 i am the reptoid.mp34 MB
hawkwind_1999B in your area_07 the nazca.mp31 MB
hawkwind_1999B in your area_08 hippy.mp37 MB
hawkwind_1999B in your area_09 prairie.mp33 MB
hawkwind_1999B in your area_10 your fantasy.mp36 MB
hawkwind_1999B in your area_11 luxotica.mp34 MB
hawkwind_1999B in your area_12 diana park.mp35 MB
2000 Spacebrock
_thisdir.txt1 KB
hawkwind_2000 spacebrock_01 life form.mp32 MB
hawkwind_2000 spacebrock_02 some people never die.mp35 MB
hawkwind_2000 spacebrock_03 dreamers.mp35 MB
hawkwind_2000 spacebrock_04 earth breath.mp32 MB
hawkwind_2000 spacebrock_05 you burn me up.mp36 MB
hawkwind_2000 spacebrock_06 the right way.mp31 MB
hawkwind_2000 spacebrock_07 sex dreams.mp35 MB
hawkwind_2000 spacebrock_08 to be or not.mp33 MB
hawkwind_2000 spacebrock_09 kauai.mp32 MB
hawkwind_2000 spacebrock_10 earth calling.mp35 MB
hawkwind_2000 spacebrock_11 the starkness of the capsule.mp34 MB
hawkwind_2000 spacebrock_12 behin the face.mp34 MB
hawkwind_2000 spacebrock_13 space brock.mp36 MB
hawkwind_2000 spacebrock_14 space pilots.mp32 MB
hawkwind_2000 spacebrock_15 1st landing.mp32 MB
hawkwind_2000 spacebrock_16 the journey.mp33 MB
hawkwind_2000 spacebrock_17 do you want this body.mp39 MB
2001 Yule Ritual
_thisdir.txt1 KB
hawkwind_2001 yule ritual_1-01 electronic intro.mp35 MB
hawkwind_2001 yule ritual_1-02 levitation.mp312 MB
hawkwind_2001 yule ritual_1-03 spacebrock.mp39 MB
hawkwind_2001 yule ritual_1-04 space is deep.mp38 MB
hawkwind_2001 yule ritual_1-05 flying doctor.mp37 MB
hawkwind_2001 yule ritual_1-06 warrior at the edge of time.mp35 MB
hawkwind_2001 yule ritual_1-07 angels of death.mp39 MB
hawkwind_2001 yule ritual_1-08 high rise.mp37 MB
hawkwind_2001 yule ritual_1-09 damage of life.mp39 MB
hawkwind_2001 yule ritual_2-01 lighthouse.mp311 MB
hawkwind_2001 yule ritual_2-02 sonic attack.mp38 MB
hawkwind_2001 yule ritual_2-03 free fall.mp39 MB
hawkwind_2001 yule ritual_2-04 motorway city.mp38 MB
hawkwind_2001 yule ritual_2-05 hurry on sundown.mp35 MB
hawkwind_2001 yule ritual_2-06 spirit of the age.mp39 MB
hawkwind_2001 yule ritual_2-07 assassins of allah.mp313 MB
2003 Canterbury Fayre 2001
2003_canterbury fayre_back.jpg356 KB
2003_canterbury fayre_front 1.jpg665 KB
2003_canterbury fayre_front 2.jpg808 KB
_thisdir.txt2 KB
hawkwind_2003 canterbury fayre 2001_1-01 5th second of forever.mp37 MB
hawkwind_2003 canterbury fayre 2001_1-02 levitation.mp317 MB
hawkwind_2003 canterbury fayre 2001_1-03 spiral galaxy.mp35 MB
hawkwind_2003 canterbury fayre 2001_1-04 solitary mindgames.mp314 MB
hawkwind_2003 canterbury fayre 2001_1-05 angels of death.mp311 MB
hawkwind_2003 canterbury fayre 2001_1-06 spirit of the age.mp313 MB
hawkwind_2003 canterbury fayre 2001_1-07 magnu.mp36 MB
hawkwind_2003 canterbury fayre 2001_1-08 dust of time.mp33 MB
hawkwind_2003 canterbury fayre 2001_1-09 motorway city.mp311 MB
hawkwind_2003 canterbury fayre 2001_1-10 hurry on sundown.mp36 MB
hawkwind_2003 canterbury fayre 2001_1-11 assassins of allah.mp322 MB
hawkwind_2003 canterbury fayre 2001_2-01 silver machine.mp39 MB
hawkwind_2003 canterbury fayre 2001_2-02 arthur's poem.mp31 MB
hawkwind_2003 canterbury fayre 2001_2-03 assault and battery.mp35 MB
hawkwind_2003 canterbury fayre 2001_2-04 void of golden light.mp319 MB
hawkwind_2003 canterbury fayre 2001_2-05 ejection.mp315 MB
2005 Take Me To Your Leader
01 - Spirit Of The Age.mp315 MB
02 - Out Here We Are.mp313 MB
03 - Greenback Massacre.mp39 MB
04 - To Love A Machine.mp313 MB
05 - Take Me To Your Leader.mp313 MB
06 - Digital Nation.mp312 MB
07 - Sunray.mp39 MB
08 - Sighs.mp33 MB
09 - Angela Android.mp311 MB
10 - A Letter To Robert.mp314 MB
_thisdir.txt1 KB
cover.jpg245 KB
C 1971-75 (1990) Stasis - The UA Years Singles
1990 stasis_back.jpg3 MB
1990 stasis_cd.jpg2 MB
1990 stasis_front.jpg4 MB
1990 stasis_inside 1.jpg8 MB
1990 stasis_inside 2.jpg7 MB
1990 stasis_inside 3.jpg6 MB
1990 stasis_inside 4.jpg7 MB
1990 stasis_inside 5.jpg4 MB
_thisdir.txt2 KB
Hawkwind - Stasis - The U.A. Years 1971-1975.log6 KB
hawkwind_1971-75 (1990) stasis_01 urban guerilla.mp38 MB
hawkwind_1971-75 (1990) stasis_02 psychedelic warlords (single version edit).mp39 MB
hawkwind_1971-75 (1990) stasis_03 brainbox pollution.mp313 MB
hawkwind_1971-75 (1990) stasis_04 seven by seven (remixed version).mp312 MB
hawkwind_1971-75 (1990) stasis_05 paradox (remixed single edit).mp39 MB
hawkwind_1971-75 (1990) stasis_06 silver machine (original single mix).mp310 MB
hawkwind_1971-75 (1990) stasis_07 you'd better believe it (single version edit).mp37 MB
hawkwind_1971-75 (1990) stasis_08 lord of light.mp316 MB
hawkwind_1971-75 (1990) stasis_09 the black corridor (live).mp36 MB
hawkwind_1971-75 (1990) stasis_10 space is deep (live).mp318 MB
hawkwind_1971-75 (1990) stasis_11 earth calling (live).mp33 MB
hawkwind_1971-75 (1990) stasis_12 born to go (live).mp322 MB
hawkwind_1971-75 (1990) stasis_13 down through the night (live).mp313 MB
hawkwind_1971-75 (1990) stasis_14 the awakening (live).mp35 MB
hawkwind_1971-75 (1990) stasis_15 you shouldn't do that (live).mp316 MB
hawkwind_1971-75 (1990) stasis_16 motorhead (bonus).mp37 MB
hawkwind_1971-75 (1990) stasis_17 master of universe (bonus).mp314 MB
hawkwind_1971-75 (1990) stasis_18 kings of speed (bonus).mp38 MB
C 1974 (1997) The 1999 Party
1997_the 1999 party_back 1.jpg7 MB
1997_the 1999 party_back 2.jpg6 MB
1997_the 1999 party_cd 1.jpg4 MB
1997_the 1999 party_cd 2.jpg4 MB
1997_the 1999 party_front.jpg5 MB
1997_the 1999 party_inside 1.jpg8 MB
1997_the 1999 party_inside 2.jpg9 MB
1997_the 1999 party_inside 3.jpg9 MB
1997_the 1999 party_inside 4.jpg8 MB
1997_the 1999 party_inside 5.jpg8 MB
1997_the 1999 party_inside 6.jpg5 MB
_thisdir.txt2 KB
hawkwind_1974 (1997) the 1999 party_01 intro - standing on the edge.mp39 MB
hawkwind_1974 (1997) the 1999 party_02 brainbox pollution.mp318 MB
hawkwind_1974 (1997) the 1999 party_03 it's so easy.mp325 MB
hawkwind_1974 (1997) the 1999 party_04 you know you're only dreaming.mp310 MB
hawkwind_1974 (1997) the 1999 party_05 veterans of a thousand psychic wars.mp35 MB
hawkwind_1974 (1997) the 1999 party_06 brainstorm.mp321 MB
hawkwind_1974 (1997) the 1999 party_07 seven by seven.mp321 MB
hawkwind_1974 (1997) the 1999 party_08 the watcher.mp315 MB
hawkwind_1974 (1997) the 1999 party_09 the awakening.mp36 MB
hawkwind_1974 (1997) the 1999 party_10 paradox.mp313 MB
hawkwind_1974 (1997) the 1999 party_11 you'd better believe it.mp318 MB
hawkwind_1974 (1997) the 1999 party_12 the psychedelic warlords.mp38 MB
hawkwind_1974 (1997) the 1999 party_13 d-rider.mp317 MB
hawkwind_1974 (1997) the 1999 party_14 sonic attack.mp310 MB
hawkwind_1974 (1997) the 1999 party_15 master of the universe.mp315 MB
hawkwind_1974 (1997) the 1999 party_16 welcome to the future.mp35 MB
C 1976 (2001) Atomhenge 76
_thisdir.txt1 KB
hawkwind_1976 (2000) atomhenge 76_01 intro.mp31 MB
hawkwind_1976 (2000) atomhenge 76_02 reefer madness.mp35 MB
hawkwind_1976 (2000) atomhenge 76_03 paradox.mp34 MB
hawkwind_1976 (2000) atomhenge 76_04 chronoglide skyway.mp35 MB
hawkwind_1976 (2000) atomhenge 76_05 hassan i sahba.mp35 MB
hawkwind_1976 (2000) atomhenge 76_06 brainstorm.mp38 MB
hawkwind_1976 (2000) atomhenge 76_07 wind of change.mp34 MB
hawkwind_1976 (2000) atomhenge 76_08 instrumental.mp31 MB
hawkwind_1976 (2000) atomhenge 76_09 steppenwolf.mp310 MB
hawkwind_1976 (2000) atomhenge 76_10 uncle sam's on mars.mp37 MB
hawkwind_1976 (2000) atomhenge 76_11 time for sale.mp39 MB
hawkwind_1976 (2000) atomhenge 76_12 back on the streets.mp34 MB
hawkwind_1976 (2000) atomhenge 76_13 sonic attack.mp36 MB
hawkwind_1976 (2000) atomhenge 76_14 kerb crawler.mp35 MB
C 1978 (2008) Hawklords Portsmouth
1978-10-16 Portsmouth.txt915 B
_thisdir.txt1 KB
hawkwind_1978 (2008) hawklords portsmouth_01 automaton - 25 years.mp38 MB
hawkwind_1978 (2008) hawklords portsmouth_02 high rise.mp35 MB
hawkwind_1978 (2008) hawklords portsmouth_03 death trap.mp37 MB
hawkwind_1978 (2008) hawklords portsmouth_04 age of the micro man.mp34 MB
hawkwind_1978 (2008) hawklords portsmouth_05 spirit of the age.mp38 MB
hawkwind_1978 (2008) hawklords portsmouth_06 urban guerilla.mp36 MB
hawkwind_1978 (2008) hawklords portsmouth_07 sonic attack.mp37 MB
hawkwind_1978 (2008) hawklords portsmouth_08 flying doctor.mp35 MB
hawkwind_1978 (2008) hawklords portsmouth_09 steppenwolf.mp39 MB
hawkwind_1978 (2008) hawklords portsmouth_10 psi power.mp37 MB
hawkwind_1978 (2008) hawklords portsmouth_11 brainstorm.mp310 MB
hawkwind_1978 (2008) hawklords portsmouth_12 free fall.mp36 MB
hawkwind_1978 (2008) hawklords portsmouth_13 robot.mp35 MB
hawkwind_1978 (2008) hawklords portsmouth_14 uncle sam's on mars - iron dream.mp39 MB
hawkwind_1978 (2008) hawklords portsmouth_15 silver machine.mp36 MB
hawkwind_1978 (2008) hawklords portsmouth_16 master of the universe.mp37 MB
C 1986 (1992) Reading Festival
_thisdir.txt1 KB
hawkwind_1986 (1992) reading festival_01 magnu - angels of death.mp311 MB
hawkwind_1986 (1992) reading festival_02 pulsing cavern.mp34 MB
hawkwind_1986 (1992) reading festival_03 assault and battery.mp36 MB
hawkwind_1986 (1992) reading festival_04 needle gun.mp36 MB
hawkwind_1986 (1992) reading festival_05 master of the universe.mp36 MB
hawkwind_1986 (1992) reading festival_06 utopia.mp36 MB
hawkwind_1986 (1992) reading festival_07 brainstorm - dream worker - dust of time.mp317 MB
hawkwind_1986 (1992) reading festival_08 assassins of allah (hassan i sahba).mp38 MB
hawkwind_1986 (1992) reading festival_09 silver machine.mp315 MB
1972_glastenbury fayre.jpg16 KB
1976_roadhawks.jpg25 KB
1977_masters of the universe 1.jpg25 KB
1980_repeat performance.jpg15 KB
1983_text of the festival.jpg26 KB
1984_do not panic 1.jpg14 KB
1985_space ritual 2.jpg41 KB
1985_yuri gagarin 1.jpg46 KB
1991_bbc radio one.jpg10 KB
1992_california brainstorm.jpg8 KB
1992_friday rock show.jpg22 KB
1995_undisclosed files 1.jpg16 KB
1995_white zone.jpg12 KB
2000_thrilling adventures.jpg25 KB
2004_spaced out in london.jpg13 KB
2005_take me to your leader.jpg19 KB
_thisdir.txt1 KB
X Covers
1970_hawkwind.jpg35 KB
1971_x in search of space.jpg10 KB
1972_doremi.jpg9 KB
1972_glastenbury fayre.jpg16 KB
1972_greasy truckers party.jpg13 KB
1973_space ritual.jpg38 KB
1974_hall of the mountain grill 1.jpg33 KB
1974_hall of the mountain grill 2.jpg19 KB
1975_warrior edge of time.jpg27 KB
1975_warrior full.jpg53 KB
1976_astounding sounds 1.jpg47 KB
1976_astounding sounds 2.jpg32 KB
1976_roadhawks.jpg25 KB
1977_masters of the universe 1.jpg25 KB
1977_masters of the universe 2.jpg39 KB
1977_masters of the universe 3.jpg43 KB
1977_quarkstrangeness charm 1.jpg35 KB
1977_quarkstrangeness charm 2.jpg12 KB
1978_hawklords.jpg18 KB
1979_pxr5.jpg27 KB
1980_levitation.jpg43 KB
1980_live 79.jpg46 KB
1980_repeat performance.jpg15 KB
1981_sonic attack.jpg22 KB
1982_choose your masques.jpg34 KB
1982_church of hawkwind.jpg30 KB
1983_text of the festival.jpg26 KB
1983_zones 1.jpg30 KB
1983_zones 2.jpg23 KB
1984_do not panic 1.jpg14 KB
1984_do not panic 2.jpg42 KB
1984_do not panic 3.jpg23 KB
1985_chronicle of the black sword 1.jpg18 KB
1985_chronicle of the black sword 2.jpg11 KB
1985_space ritual 2 2.jpg16 KB
1985_space ritual 2.jpg41 KB
1985_yuri gagarin 1.jpg46 KB
1985_yuri gagarin 2.jpg43 KB
1986_live chronicles 1.jpg58 KB
1986_live chronicles 2.jpg26 KB
1988_xenon codex.jpg22 KB
1990_space bandits.jpg20 KB
1990_stasis 1.jpg16 KB
1990_stasis 2.jpg21 KB
1991_bbc radio one.jpg10 KB
1991_palace springs 1.jpg16 KB
1991_palace springs 2.jpg53 KB
1992_california brainstorm.jpg8 KB
1992_electric tepee.jpg23 KB
1992_friday rock show.jpg22 KB
1992_hawklords live.jpg46 KB
1993_business dangerous.jpg43 KB
1994_the business trip 1.jpg16 KB
1994_the business trip 2.jpg37 KB
1995_alien 4.jpg16 KB
1995_undisclosed files 1.jpg16 KB
1995_undisclosed files 2.jpg13 KB
1995_white zone.jpg12 KB
1996_love in space.jpg35 KB
1997_distant horizons.jpg35 KB
1997_the 1999 party.jpg17 KB
1999_dawn of hawkwind.jpg54 KB
1999_hawkwind 1997.jpg16 KB
1999_in your area.jpg32 KB
2000_atomhenge 76.jpg10 KB
2000_spacebrock.jpg11 KB
2000_thrilling adventures.jpg25 KB
2001_yule ritual.jpg12 KB
2003_canterbury fayre 1.jpg11 KB
2003_canterbury fayre 2.jpg23 KB
2004_spaced out in london.jpg13 KB
2005_take me to your leader.jpg19 KB
_thisdir.txt8 KB
friends & relatives.jpg70 KB
guy 1.jpg38 KB
guy 2.jpg37 KB
guy 3.jpg36 KB
guy 4.jpg34 KB
hawkwind 1.jpg7 KB
hawkwind live 1.jpg107 KB
hawkwind live 2.jpg72 KB
masters prog.gif23 KB
rainbow 72 prog.gif19 KB
urban guerilla.gif30 KB
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