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Gucci Mane Discography

3.27 GB  
in 882 files
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6 years old  
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Torrent Contents

Gucci Mane Discography
80 G'z - 2008
01-Gucci Mane-Posted at the store-MF.mp32 MB
02-Gucci Mane-Real shit-MF.mp32 MB
03-Gucci Mane-Temper tantrum-MF.mp31 MB
04-Gucci Mane-I get money-MF.mp32 MB
05-Gucci Mane-U know-MF.mp31 MB
06-Gucci Mane-Bang bang smack smack-MF.mp31 MB
07-Gucci Mane-Your girl is so cold-MF.mp31 MB
08-Gucci Mane-Like a lambo-MF.mp31 MB
09-Gucci Mane-I'm radic davis-MF.mp32 MB
10-Gucci Mane-So much money-MF.mp31 MB
11-Gucci Mane-Papered up-MF.mp3965 KB
12-Gucci Mane-The recipe-MF.mp31 MB
13-Gucci Mane-Photo shoot-MF.mp3987 KB
14-Gucci Mane-Just like my chevy-MF.mp31 MB
15-Gucci Mane-Real trap nigga-MF.mp31 MB
16-Gucci Mane-Talk of the town-MF.mp31 MB
17-Gucci Mane-Killed the parking lot-MF.mp31 MB
18-Gucci Mane-On top of the world-MF.mp31 MB
19-Gucci Mane-I'm a star-MF.mp31 MB
20-Gucci Mane-Bubble up-MF.mp31 MB
21-Gucci Mane-Wanna balla-MF.mp31 MB
22-Gucci Mane-Stunt-MF.mp31 MB
23-Gucci Mane-Thirsty-MF.mp31 MB
24-Gucci Mane-Yellow diamonds-MF.mp31 MB
25-Gucci Mane-Add it up-MF.mp33 MB
26-Gucci Mane-On deck-MF.mp31 MB
27-Gucci Mane-Body language-MF.mp31 MB
28-Gucci Mane-Smoke-MF.mp31 MB
29-Gucci Mane-2 seats-MF.mp31 MB
30-Gucci Mane-Light show-MF.mp31 MB
31-Gucci Mane-Love for money-MF.mp31,018 KB
32-Gucci Mane-Loddi doddi-MF.mp31 MB
33-Gucci Mane-Murda 187-MF.mp31 MB
34-Gucci Mane-Mo money-MF.mp31 MB
35-Gucci Mane-Still mo money-MF.mp31 MB
36-Gucci Mane-How bout u-MF.mp31 MB
37-Gucci Mane-Freezer-MF.mp31 MB
38-Gucci Mane-Poppin rubber bands-MF.mp31 MB
39-Gucci Mane-Gucci bandana-MF.mp31 MB
40-Gucci Mane-Put me in the freezer-MF.mp31 MB
41-Gucci Mane-Rich nigga shit-MF.mp31 MB
42-Gucci Mane-Now & later cars-MF.mp31 MB
43-Gucci Mane-Still getting money-MF.mp31 MB
44-Gucci Mane-mr perfect-MF.mp33 MB
45-Gucci Mane-I'm a dog-MF.mp31 MB
46-Gucci Mane-Make thez trap ay-MF.mp31 MB
47-Gucci Mane-mr & mrs perfect-MF.mp31 MB
48-Gucci Mane-Never too much-MF.mp31 MB
49-Gucci Mane-Under arm kush-MF.mp31 MB
50-Gucci Mane-Ketchup-MF.mp31 MB
51-Gucci Mane-High-MF.mp31 MB
52-Gucci Mane-Same old crackpot-MF.mp31 MB
53-Gucci Mane-16 fever-MF.mp31 MB
54-Gucci Mane-Trap money-MF.mp3987 KB
55-Gucci Mane-Dopeman-MF.mp31 MB
56-Gucci Mane-Young money-MF.mp31 MB
57-Gucci Mane-My kitchen-MF.mp31 MB
58-Gucci Mane-Kick a door-MF.mp31 MB
59-Gucci Mane-15 minutes past the diamond-MF.mp31 MB
60-Gucci Mane-Streets on lock-MF.mp31 MB
61-Gucci Mane-Freaky girl-MF.mp31 MB
62-Gucci Mane-Money on the floor-MF.mp31 MB
63-Gucci Mane-Swing my door-MF.mp31 MB
64-Gucci Mane-Trap house-MF.mp31 MB
65-Gucci Mane-Zone 6-MF.mp3844 KB
66-Gucci Mane-Chain swang remix-MF.mp31,013 KB
67-Gucci Mane-My chain-MF.mp31 MB
68-Gucci Mane-Everybody know me-MF.mp31 MB
69-Gucci Mane-Big cat LaFlare-MF.mp31 MB
70-Gucci Mane-Trapaholic-MF.mp31 MB
71-Gucci Mane-Million dollar man-MF.mp31 MB
72-Gucci Mane-Drop it off-MF.mp31 MB
73-Gucci Mane-Gucci stamp-MF.mp31 MB
74-Gucci Mane-745-MF.mp31 MB
75-Gucci Mane-Go head-MF.mp31 MB
76-Gucci Mane-That's all-MF.mp31 MB
77-Gucci Mane-Blow pop-MF.mp31 MB
78-Gucci Mane-Lawn mower man-MF.mp31 MB
79-Gucci Mane-Shook them haters off-MF.mp31 MB
80 Gz.jpg48 KB
80-Gucci Mane-So icey -MF.mp31 MB
All Things White - 2009
00-gucci_mane-all_things_white-hif.jpg94 KB
02 2. Ball Till You Fall Ft. Birdman.mp32 MB
03 3. Boss Ft. Kandi (Prod By Zaytov.mp35 MB
05 5. Like A Nerd Ft. Brick Squad.mp36 MB
06 6. Competition Ft. Brick Squad.mp37 MB
07 7. Bitches Wanna Ft. Lil Wayne.mp35 MB
09 9. Krazy Ft. The Game (Prod By Ti.mp35 MB
11 11. Crime Wave Remix.mp32 MB
12 12. Spotlight Ft. Usher.mp35 MB
13 13. Trick'n Off.mp34 MB
14 14. Where It At.mp32 MB
15 15. Believe It Or Not Ft. Drake.mp33 MB
16 16. Gotta Get It.mp33 MB
17 17. On Fire.mp32 MB
18 18. Excuse Me.mp35 MB
19 19. I Think I Want Her.mp35 MB
21 21. Keep Me High.mp32 MB
22 22. H.A.T.E. U Remix Ft. Oj Da Ju.mp34 MB
23 23. I Get It In.mp31 MB
24 24. Sponsor.mp31 MB
25 25. In My Heart.mp3957 KB
26 26. Haters Got Me Wrong.mp31 MB
Back To The Traphouse - 2007
01-freaky_gurl_remix_(feat._lil_kim_and_ludacris)-mon_int.mp36 MB
02-16_fever-mon_int.mp35 MB
03-15_minutes_past_the_diamond-mon_int.mp35 MB
04-i_know_why_(feat._pimp_c_rich_boy_and_blaze-1)-mon_int.mp34 MB
05-i_might_be_(feat._shawnna_and_the_game)-mon_int.mp35 MB
06-what_im_talking_bout-mon_int.mp34 MB
07-bird_flu-mon_int.mp35 MB
08-drink_it_straight_(feat._trey_songz)-mon_int.mp36 MB
09-jump_the_line-mon_int.mp35 MB
10-g-love_(u_dont_love_me)_(feat._letoya_luckett)-mon_int.mp34 MB
11-stash_house-mon_int.mp35 MB
12-im_cool-mon_int.mp34 MB
13-i_move_chickens-mon_int.mp35 MB
14-ballers_(feat._shawnna)-mon_int.mp35 MB
Bird Flu - 2007
01-gucci_mane-what_kinda_king_(i_smell_pussy).mp33 MB
02-gucci_mane-apology_to_t.i._(live_on_atls_hot_107.9).mp32 MB
03-gucci_mane-pillz_(got_now_remix).mp33 MB
04-gucci_mane-street_smart.mp31 MB
05-gucci_mane-chicken_talk.mp33 MB
06-gucci_mane-trap_money_(feat._shawty_lo).mp32 MB
07-gucci_mane-pushaman_(feat._shawty_redd_and_fiend).mp32 MB
08-gucci_mane-this_tha_life_(feat._hb).mp32 MB
09-gucci_mane-iced_up_(feat._suga_suga).mp33 MB
10-gucci_mane-hold_that_thought.mp34 MB
11-gucci_mane-stick_em_up_(feat._la_chat).mp34 MB
12-gucci_mane-ketchup.mp33 MB
13-gucci_mane-im_a_j_(feat._lil_jon_and_fabo).mp33 MB
14-gucci_mane-bird_flu.mp35 MB
15-gucci_mane-swing_my_door.mp35 MB
16-gucci_mane-work_ya_wrist_(feat._yo_gotti).mp34 MB
17-gucci_mane-freaky_girl_(got_now_remix)_(feat._ludacris).mp34 MB
18-gucci_mane-freestyle.mp32 MB
19-gucci_mane-stupid.mp34 MB
20-gucci_mane-zone_6.mp34 MB
21-gucci_mane-dat_boi_cold_(feat._k-riley).mp33 MB
22-gucci_mane-frisbees.mp33 MB
23-gucci_mane-giant.mp34 MB
24-gucci_mane-streets_on_lock_(remix)_(feat._hot_dollar_and_rick_ross).mp34 MB
25-gucci_mane-pull_up_to_the_club_(feat._dg_yola).mp34 MB
birdflu.jpg157 KB
Bird Flu Part 2 - 2007
00-the_empire_and_gucci_mane-bird_flu_part_2-(bootleg)-2009-pic.jpg285 KB
01-gucci_mane-empire.mp32 MB
02-gucci_mane-im_horney.mp32 MB
03-gucci_mane-throw_up.mp31 MB
04-gucci_mane-what_you_finna_do.mp37 MB
05-gucci_mane-star_status.mp34 MB
06-gucci_mane-im_so_fresh.mp32 MB
07-gucci_mane-i_like.mp33 MB
08-gucci_mane-fortune.mp33 MB
09-gucci_mane-four_star_motel.mp34 MB
10-gucci_mane-certified_g.mp33 MB
11-gucci_mane-im_the_shit.mp33 MB
12-gucci_mane-loud.mp33 MB
13-gucci_mane-ice_cube.mp31 MB
14-gucci_mane-cheerios.mp31 MB
15-gucci_mane-wet_wipes.mp3655 KB
16-gucci_mane-im_that_guy.mp31 MB
17-gucci_mane-hot_damn.mp35 MB
18-gucci_mane-do_it.mp33 MB
19-gucci_mane-thats_me.mp34 MB
20-gucci_mane-photoshoot.mp34 MB
BirdFlu2.jpg89 KB
Bird Flu Part 3 - 2010
00-the_empire_and_gucci_mane-bird_flu_part_3-(bootleg)-2010.jpg163 KB
01-gucci_mane-adios_amigos_(feat_rocko).mp32 MB
02-gucci_mane-do_this_shit_again_(feat_yo_gotti_&_rick_ross).mp34 MB
03-gucci_mane-live_from_fulton_county_jail.mp32 MB
04-gucci_mane-east_atlanta_memphis_(feat_yo_gotti_project_pat_juicy_J_&_skinny_pimp).mp37 MB
05-gucci_mane-bout_my_bread_(feat_doe_boy).mp34 MB
06-gucci_mane-beat_it_up_(feat_trey_songz).mp36 MB
07-gucci_mane-ms_atlanta.mp32 MB
08-gucci_mane-go_again.mp32 MB
09-gucci_mane-dear_diary_(feat_waka_flocka_&_oj_da_juiceman).mp35 MB
10-gucci_mane-whip_it_up_(feat_e-40).mp34 MB
11-gucci_mane-lemonade_(remix)_(feat_trey_songz_nicki_minaj_&_fabolous).mp36 MB
12-gucci_mane-atlanta_zoo_(feat_ludacris).mp34 MB
13-gucci_mane-haunted_(feat_jim_jones_&_sen_city).mp34 MB
14-gucci_mane-g_spot_(just_gucci_verse).mp32 MB
15-gucci_mane-money_&_power_(feat_birdman_&_bun_b).mp34 MB
16-gucci_mane-party_no_mo_(feat_ludacris).mp36 MB
17-gucci_mane-tired_of_you.mp34 MB
18-gucci_mane-used_to_like_that_girl.mp35 MB
19-gucci_mane-competition_(feat_waka_flocka_frenchie_&_wooh_da_kid).mp37 MB
20-gucci_mane-cant_call_it.mp35 MB
Chicken Talk - 2006
00-va-dj_burn_one_&_gucci_mane-chicken_talk-(bootleg)-2cd-2006-cover.jpg156 KB
101-gucci_mane-chicken_talk.mp36 MB
102-gucci_mane-money_on_the_floor.mp36 MB
103-gucci_mane-street_niggaz.mp35 MB
104-gucci_mane-burn_one_freestyle.mp33 MB
105-gucci_mane-work_ya_wrist_ft._yo_gotti_(prod._by_drum_squad).mp37 MB
106-gucci_mane-my_chain.mp35 MB
107-gucci_mane-drop_it_off_ft._eva_trill.mp33 MB
108-gucci_mane-stupid.mp35 MB
109-gucci_mane-745_(prod._by_paul_and_juicy_j).mp35 MB
110-gucci_mane-alligators.mp34 MB
111-gucci_mane-iced_up_ft._suga_suga.mp35 MB
112-gucci_mane-swing_my_door.mp35 MB
201-gucci_mane-kermit_the_frog.mp37 MB
202-gucci_mane-trap_money_ft._shawty_lo.mp35 MB
203-gucci_mane-plug_talk_(prod._by_raw_beats).mp35 MB
204-gucci_mane-how_hood_is_this_ft._yo_gotti_(prod._by_drum_squad).mp35 MB
205-gucci_mane-giant_(prod._by_raw_beats).mp35 MB
206-gucci_mane-under_arm_kush_(prod._by_born).mp35 MB
207-gucci_mane-shook_them_haters_off_(big_cat_diss).mp38 MB
208-gucci_mane-street_smart.mp34 MB
209-gucci_mane-zone_6.mp35 MB
210-gucci_mane-heavy_wrist_action.mp34 MB
211-gucci_mane-i_heard_(prod._by_the_cancer_of_eva_trill).mp33 MB
212-gucci_mane-rain_man.mp34 MB
213-gucci_mane-work_ya_wrist.mp35 MB
Chicken Talk 2 -2008
01-dj_bobby_black-speaks.mp3838 KB
02-dj_bobby_black-chicken_talk_(intro).mp31 MB
03-gucci_mane-its_boring.mp34 MB
04-gucci_mane-im_a_dog_(feat._yola_da_great).mp33 MB
05-gucci_mane-rock_solid_(feat._yung_ralph_alley_boi_and_montana_da_mac).mp35 MB
06-gucci_mane-makin_money_fly.mp33 MB
07-gucci_mane-pill_poppin_problem.mp33 MB
08-gucci_mane-one_aint_enough_(feat._rich_boy).mp33 MB
09-gucci_mane-trap_house_(live).mp31 MB
10-gucci_mane-money_bag_shawty.mp33 MB
11-gucci_mane-30_bricks.mp32 MB
12-dj_bobby_black-outro.mp3690 KB
chickentalk2.jpg84 KB
chickentalk2a.jpg73 KB
EA Sportscenter - 2008
01-Intro.mp3680 KB
02-Fast Break.mp32 MB
03-Bricks.mp33 MB
04-Faces.mp35 MB
05-Rich Nigga.mp33 MB
06-Sportscenter.mp33 MB
07-Jewelry.mp35 MB
08-Alien.mp32 MB
09-Lots Of Cash.mp34 MB
10-Gucci Mane Talk.mp3478 KB
11-Sun Valley.mp33 MB
12-Get It Up.mp33 MB
13-King Gucci.mp34 MB
14-Cocky.mp34 MB
15-Gucci Mane Freestyle.mp32 MB
16-AAAA.mp33 MB
17-Peaty.mp33 MB
18-Outro.mp3952 KB
easportsceneter.jpg27 KB
Free At Last - 2009
00-gucci_mane-free_at_last-2009-cr.jpg1 MB
01-gucci_mane-free_at_last_intro-cr.mp31 MB
02-gucci_mane-first_day_out_(produced_by_zaytoven)-cr.mp31 MB
03-gucci_mane-gorgeous_(produced_by_zaytoven)-cr.mp34 MB
04-gucci_mane-put_em_up_feat._shawty_lo-cr.mp33 MB
05-gucci_mane-my_daughter_feat._french_montana-cr.mp31 MB
06-gucci_mane-make_the_trap_say_aye_(remix)_feat._camron_and_busta_rhymes-cr.mp35 MB
07-gucci_mane-bricks_(remix)_feat._oj_da_ju...fabolous_8ball_and_mjg_and_shawty_lo-cr.mp35 MB
08-gucci_mane-helluvalife_feat._oj_da_juiceman_and_gorilla_zoe-cr.mp35 MB
09-gucci_mane-drinks_up_feat._bobby_valentino_and_yung_joc-cr.mp33 MB
10-gucci_mane-break_up_feat._mario_and_sean_garrett-cr.mp34 MB
11-gucci_mane-buss_it_down_feat._wingo_of_jagged_edge-cr.mp36 MB
12-gucci_mane-30_inches_feat._juicy_j_and_project_pat-cr.mp33 MB
13-gucci_mane-time_to_eat_feat._project_pat-cr.mp33 MB
14-gucci_mane-party_in_the_trap-cr.mp33 MB
15-gucci_mane-lost_my_feat._j_money_and_dg_yola-cr.mp35 MB
16-gucci_mane-i_think_i_luv_her_feat._esther_dean-cr.mp34 MB
17-gucci_mane-gucci_girl-cr.mp33 MB
18-gucci_mane-i_be_jiggin_em_feat._big_mike_bucalino-cr.mp32 MB
19-gucci_mane-its_all_good_feat._chopper_young_city-cr.mp32 MB
20-gucci_mane-cocaine_money_feat._papa_duck-cr.mp31 MB
21-gucci_mane-obnoxious_feat._remi-cr.mp32 MB
22-gucci_mane-a_failure_feat._nikki_minaj-cr.mp33 MB
freeatlast.jpg76 KB
From Zone 6 To Duval - 2008
02 02. Gucci Mane - My Rims Dancin.mp33 MB
04 04. Gucci Mane - Haunted House.mp33 MB
05 05. Gucci Mane - So Much Money.mp35 MB
06 06. Gucci Mane - H2O.mp35 MB
07 07. Gucci Mane - Nickelodeon.mp36 MB
08 08. Gucci Mane - We Gotem.mp33 MB
09 09. Gucci Mane - Pampers.mp33 MB
10 10. Gucci Mane - Body Language.mp34 MB
11 11. Gucci Mane - All My Bes Love.mp34 MB
12 12. Gucci Mane - Bricks.mp35 MB
13 13. Gucci Mane - Cant Keep Up.mp33 MB
14 14. Gucci Mane - Thats What It Is.mp34 MB
15 15. Gucci Mane - Pussy Puller.mp34 MB
16 16. Gucci Mane - Workin.mp37 MB
17 17. Gucci Mane - How Bout U.mp35 MB
18 18. Gucci Mane - On Deck.mp34 MB
19 19. Gucci Mane - Like A Lambo.mp33 MB
20 20. Gucci Mane - Outro.mp31 MB
zone6toduval.jpg83 KB
Gangsta Grillz The Movie - 2008
01 Director_s Chair.mp31 MB
02 Gangsta Movie.mp33 MB
03 Add It Up.mp35 MB
04 Feelin Myself.mp37 MB
05 I_m A Star.mp36 MB
06 You Know What It is feat Young Jo.mp37 MB
07 Georgia feat Gorilla Zoe.mp38 MB
08 Love For Money feat Willie The Ki.mp38 MB
09 Photo Shoot.mp36 MB
10 Kill The Parking Lot.mp35 MB
11 Bachelor Pad.mp37 MB
12 Money Tell.mp37 MB
13 Smoke feat Willie The Kid.mp37 MB
14 Lost My Mind.mp38 MB
15 Show Me.mp37 MB
16 I Live In A TV.mp34 MB
17 Hot Stuff.mp36 MB
18 Top Of The World.mp39 MB
19 Shirt Off feat So Icey Boyz.mp38 MB
gangstagrillzmovie.jpg73 KB
Gucci Land - 2009
02 Gucci Mane ft. Chip Tha Ripper.mp32 MB
03 Gucci Mane ft. Remi - Obnoxiou.mp32 MB
04 Gucci Mane - I Hear My Momma T.mp32 MB
05 Big Tuck ft. Gucci Mane - Not.mp33 MB
06 Nickotine ft. Gucci Mane - Wat.mp33 MB
07 Gucci Mane ft. Nicki Minaj - A.mp33 MB
08 Gucci Mane & Tracy T - Stunt.mp31 MB
10 Gucci Mane, OJ Da Juiceman, Fa.mp34 MB
11 Young Shank ft. Gucci Mane - My M.mp34 MB
12 Gucci Mane Ft. Smitty - What Y.mp36 MB
13 G-Mack ft Gucci Mane - How Bou.mp33 MB
14 Shoboat ft. Gucci Mane - Go Du.mp34 MB
15 Big Kuntry Kane Ft. OJ Da Juic.mp33 MB
16 Freekey Zekey Ft. Gucci Mane -.mp34 MB
17 Gorilla Zoe ft Gucci Mane & DJ.mp32 MB
18 Gucci Mane - Dat Girl (I Think.mp33 MB
19 Gucci Mane - Runnin Back.mp32 MB
20 Gucci Mane ft. Yung L.A. - Do.mp32 MB
21 A-K ft Gucci Mane & Dem Franch.mp33 MB
22 Yung Nell ft. Gucci Mane - Fre.mp33 MB
23 Gucci Mane Ft. OJ Da Juice - S.mp33 MB
EV+Gucci+Land.png216 KB
Hard To Kill - 2006 KB MB
03-gucci_mane-my_chain_(feat_black_magic) MB MB MB
06-gucci_mane-pillz_(feat_mac_bree-z) MB
07-gucci_mane-go_head_(feat_mac_bree-z) MB MB MB
10-gucci_mane-stick_em_up_(feat_la_chat) MB MB
12-gucci_mane-we_live_this_(feat_black_magic_and_young_snead) MB
13-gucci_mane-trap_gurl_(feat_gangsta_boo) MB MB MB MB KB
Hardtokillalbum.jpg59 KB
Ice Attack - 2007
01 Gucci Intro.mp31 MB
02 Pillz (Feat. Macboney).mp36 MB
03 Way We Crazl (Feat. Young Ralph).mp35 MB
04 Give Us What You Got (Feat. 4Tre.mp37 MB
05 Hold That Thought.mp38 MB
06 Like Mine (Feat. The Truth).mp34 MB
07 Alligators.mp34 MB
08 Cuttin' Off Fingaz.mp35 MB
09 They Love That.mp34 MB
10 Freaky Gurl.mp35 MB
11 Gucci Mane Stamp.mp34 MB
12 Jumped Out The Whip (Feat. Suga S.mp35 MB
13 Count This Money.mp36 MB
14 Benchwarmers.mp35 MB
15 Work Ya Wrist.mp35 MB
16 Fuck Friends.mp34 MB
17 Stupid (Feat. Mac-Breezy).mp35 MB
18 Blood In Blood Out.mp37 MB
19 Ice Attack.mp35 MB
iceattack.jpg38 KB
Ice Attack Part 2 - 2007
01 Intro.mp33 MB
02 It's My Party.mp310 MB
03 Truck Loaded.mp36 MB
04 Gucci Mane Interlude.mp31 MB
05 Fire Dat Birhh.mp38 MB
06 Hit Another Lick.mp38 MB
07 Make A Fan.mp37 MB
08 Gangs (Ft. Courtney C).mp35 MB
09 Raining Money.mp37 MB
10 Interlude.mp32 MB
11 Big Broke Records.mp36 MB
12 Shake Dem Haters.mp311 MB
13 Gucci The Eskimo.mp39 MB
14 Ice Game.mp34 MB
15 Cot Damn (Ft. Mannish Man & Joe G.mp39 MB
16 Hood Rich (Ft. OJ).mp37 MB
17 Gucci Interlude.mp31 MB
18 Lawnmower Man.mp38 MB
19 Brickman (ft. 4Tre).mp37 MB
20 Iced Out Bart.mp36 MB
21 Me and My Niggas.mp36 MB
22 Outro.mp31 MB
23 Bird Flu.mp38 MB
iceattack2.jpg38 KB
King Of The Trap - 2008
01-gucci_mane-the_realest.mp3111 KB
02-gucci_mane-put_me_n_the_freezer_(feat._baby_d_and_shawty_lo).mp35 MB
03-gucci_mane-dangerous_(feat._eightball_and_mjg).mp35 MB
04-gucci_mane-the_game_(feat._spot).mp34 MB
05-gucci_mane-miss_paris_hilton_(feat._so_icey_boyz).mp35 MB
06-gucci_mane-you_feel_me_(feat._playaz_circle).mp38 MB
07-gucci_mane-got_em_4_the_l-o_(feat._shawty_lo).mp34 MB
08-gucci_mane-cocaine.mp33 MB
09-gucci_mane-waddle_(feat._gorilla_zoe).mp34 MB
10-gucci_mane-m.v.p..mp31 MB
11-gucci_mane-chain_(undercover_remix).mp34 MB
12-gucci_mane-pussy_n_patron_(feat._big_tuck_and_q6).mp34 MB
13-gucci_mane-what_im_talkin_bout.mp34 MB
14-gucci_mane-trapaholic.mp3943 KB
15-gucci_mane-745_wit_gucci_(classic).mp35 MB
16-gucci_mane-what_king_king.mp36 MB
17-gucci_mane-freaky_gurl_(original).mp34 MB
18-gucci_mane-pyrex_pot.mp37 MB
19-gucci_mane-king_of_trap.mp35 MB
kingoftrap.jpg59 KB
Kitchen Talk - 2009
01-Gucci_Mane_DJ_Rell-Kitchen_Talk_Intro_.mp3745 KB
02-Gucci_Mane-Can_t_Keep_Up.mp33 MB
03-Gucci_Mane_Feat._Nicki_Minaj-Pussy_Nigga.mp35 MB
04-Gucci_Mane-Yeeeeaaaahhh.mp32 MB
05-Gucci_Mane-Guitar_Freestyle_.mp33 MB
06-Gucci_Mane-20_G_s_To_Speak.mp34 MB
07-Gucci_Mane-So_Much_Money.mp35 MB
08-Gucci_Mane-Bails_Of_Kush.mp32 MB
09-Gucci_Mane_Feat._Yung_Joc-Peep_The_Swag.mp35 MB
10-Gucci_Mane-Cashin_Out.mp33 MB
11-Gucci_Mane_Feat._Remi-Obnoxious.mp35 MB
12-Gucci_Mane-Where_U_Shop.mp34 MB
13-Gucci_Mane-Same_Red_Rag.mp33 MB
14-Gucci_Mane-Loud.mp34 MB
15-Gucci_Mane-My_Party.mp33 MB
16-Gucci_Mane-She_ll_F_ck.mp33 MB
17-Gucci_Mane-Iced_Out.mp33 MB
18-Gucci_Mane-My_Plug.mp33 MB
19-Gucci_Mane-Outerspace.mp34 MB
20-Gucci_Mane-Rock_VVS.mp36 MB
21-Gucci_Mane-EA_6.mp35 MB
22-Gucci_Mane_Feat._Q6-Gone_Hate.mp33 MB
23-Gucci_Mane-Run_Tell_Dat.mp36 MB
24-Gucci_Mane_Feat._OJ_Da_Juiceman_Fabolous_8Ball_MJG_Shawty_Lo-Bricks_Remix_.mp36 MB
kitchentalk.jpg385 KB
Mr. Perfect - 2008
00-gucci_mane-mr._perfect_(hosted_by_dj_ace)-(bootleg)-2008-pic.jpg139 KB
01-gucci_mane-mr._perfect_intro.mp33 MB
02-gucci_mane-fast_break.mp32 MB
03-gucci_mane-rich_nigga_skit.mp35 MB
04-gucci_mane-ace_skit.mp3404 KB
05-gucci_mane-loud_pak.mp34 MB
06-gucci_mane-ace_speaks.mp3140 KB
07-gucci_mane-ace_shot_outs.mp3306 KB
08-gucci_mane-face_(feat._yung_ralph).mp35 MB
09-gucci_mane-ace_skit.mp3520 KB
10-gucci_mane-rediculas_(feat._yo_gotti).mp33 MB
11-gucci_mane-half_a_brick_(feat._oj_da_juice).mp34 MB
12-gucci_mane-dj_ace_speaks.mp3392 KB
13-gucci_mane-bricks_(feat._yo_gotti_and_yung_ralph).mp35 MB
14-gucci_mane-ghetto_supastar.mp33 MB
15-gucci_mane-fat_joe_speaks.mp3286 KB
16-gucci_mane-lets_go_to_war.mp33 MB
17-gucci_mane-floss_my_jewelry.mp34 MB
18-gucci_mane-fat_ass.mp34 MB
19-gucci_mane-ms._pacman_(feat._rich_boy_and_jackie_o).mp34 MB
20-gucci_mane-ace_zone_6_shot_outs.mp3524 KB
21-gucci_mane-i_gets_cash_(feat._yo_gotti_and_rocko).mp34 MB
22-gucci_mane-cave_man.mp32 MB
23-gucci_mane-none_stop_rappin_no_hook.mp32 MB
24-gucci_mane-mr._and_mrs._perfect.mp34 MB
25-gucci_mane-rich_boy_and_gucci.mp34 MB
26-gucci_mane-ace_speaks.mp3122 KB
27-gucci_mane-take_em_to_school_(feat._yo_gotti).mp33 MB
28-gucci_mane-money_(feat._oj_da_juice_and_fresh).mp33 MB
29-gucci_mane-ace_shot_outs.mp3231 KB
30-gucci_mane-petty.mp34 MB
31-gucci_mane-gucci_ea_sport_center_(outro).mp32 MB
32-gucci_mane-dj_ace_outro.mp3252 KB
GucciMane-MrPerfectHostedByDJAce.jpg37 KB
Murder Was The Case - 2009
01-gucci_mane-runnin_back_(getting_fat).mp36 MB
02-gucci_mane-hot.mp37 MB
03-gucci_mane-block_party.mp36 MB
04-gucci_mane-stoopid.mp36 MB
05-gucci_mane-murder_was_the_case_(ox_from_belly).mp3305 KB
06-gucci_mane-murder_for_fun_(featuring_ox).mp34 MB
07-gucci_mane-trap_money_(remix)_(featuring_b.a_and_ox).mp34 MB
08-gucci_mane-neva_had_shit.mp36 MB
09-gucci_mane-yella_diamonds.mp34 MB
10-gucci_mane-get_low_(like_a_lambo)_(featuring_selassie).mp35 MB
11-gucci_mane-say_damn.mp34 MB
12-gucci_mane-cuttin_off_fingaz.mp37 MB
13-gucci_mane-gangs_(featuring_biz).mp34 MB
14-gucci_mane-shittin_onum.mp36 MB
Murder_was_the_case.jpg84 KB
No Pad No Pencil - 2008
01 supastar j kwik intro.mp3462 KB
02 East Atlanta 6.mp32 MB
03 exclusive freestyle 1 (2010 style.mp34 MB
04 pillz ft. mac bre-z.mp36 MB
05 im a j ft. lil jon fabo.mp32 MB
06 exclusive freestyle 2 (life is go.mp32 MB
07 lights on lights out.mp33 MB
08 my kitchen.mp34 MB
09 one more ft. rich boy.mp34 MB
10 hella ones.mp35 MB
11 exclusive freestyle 3 (no pad no.mp32 MB
12 exclusive freestyle 4 (mvp).mp32 MB
13 whoosh ft. oj da juice.mp36 MB
14 exclusive freestyle 5 (stuntin ha.mp32 MB
15 exslucive freestyle 6 (east atlan.mp33 MB
16 exslucive freestyle 7 (plane cras.mp32 MB
17 lames (cant call her) ft. shawna.mp34 MB
18 freaky girl ft. ludacris (kwik mi.mp35 MB
19 if she wink (shell fuck).mp33 MB
20 streets on lock remix ft. hot dol.mp32 MB
nopadnopencil.jpg160 KB
Prison Break - 2009
1. Its Showtime-MF.mp32 MB
10. Hot Damn-MF.mp33 MB
11. Smokin Cush-MF.mp33 MB
12. What Up feat. Nickotine-MF.mp31 MB
13. Not A Stain On Me feat. Big Tuck-MF.mp33 MB
14. Pill Poppin Problem feat. Dem Hoodstarz-MF.mp33 MB
15. Obnoxious feat. Remi-MF.mp33 MB
16. Whatcha Doin-MF.mp32 MB
17. Pussy Nigga feat. Nicki Minaj-MF.mp32 MB
18. Julius feat. Yo Gotti-MF.mp32 MB
19. Mo Money feat. Yo Gotti-MF.mp33 MB
2. Chuuch feat. Yo Gotti-MF.mp32 MB
20. Yorkie-MF.mp33 MB
21. Type Of Chick I Like-MF.mp32 MB
22. Make Da Trap Say Aye Remix feat. Oj Da Juiceman and Camron-MF.mp34 MB
23. MI to The A-MF.mp3898 KB
3. Same Red Rag-MF.mp31 MB
4. Bubble Up feat. Remi-MF.mp33 MB
5. Money Aint Nothin feat. Gorilla Zoe-MF.mp31 MB
6. What U Finna Do feat. Smitty-MF.mp35 MB
7. Stunt feat. Tracy T-MF.mp34 MB
8. Freezer Burn feat. Yung Nell-MF.mp32 MB
9. Look At My Charm feat. Alley Boy-MF.mp33 MB
prisonbreak.jpg120 KB
The Burrprint (The Movie 3D) - 2009
02 Dope Boys.mp35 MB
03 Frowney Face.mp34 MB
04 Watch Cost A Bently feat Bun B &.mp34 MB
05 Think I Want Her.mp35 MB
07 Trap Goin Crazy.mp36 MB
09 My Shadow.mp35 MB
11 Real As They Get feat OJ Da Juice.mp34 MB
12 Excuse Me.mp35 MB
13 More feat Kandi & Sean ceasar.mp35 MB
15 Candy Lady.mp31 MB
16 Candy Lady Remix feat Brick Squad.mp34 MB
17 No No No.mp34 MB
18 Foreign feat Shawty Red.mp34 MB
19 Flexin feat Brick Squad.mp35 MB
20 My Chain feat Brick Squad.mp35 MB
burrprintmovie3d.jpg269 KB
The Burrprint 2 HD - 2010
01 Gucci Speaks.mp31 MB
02 Intro (Live From Fulton County Ja.mp33 MB
03 Atlanta Zoo (Ft. Ludacris).mp35 MB
04 Boy From The Block.mp35 MB
05 Gucci Speaks_Shawty Lo Speaks.mp3991 KB
06 Parked Outside.mp35 MB
07 Gucci On The Rise.mp34 MB
09 Do This Shit Again (Ft. Yo Gotti,.mp35 MB
10 Everybody Looking.mp35 MB
12 Coca Coca (Ft. Rocko, OJ Da Juice.mp311 MB
13 Gucci Speaks.mp31 MB
14 Here We Go Again.mp36 MB
17 Beat It Up (Ft. Trey Songs).mp36 MB
18 Gucci Speaks.mp31 MB
19 911 Emergency.mp36 MB
20 How Im Living (Ft. Jim Jones).mp34 MB
21 Ally Boy Speaks.mp3620 KB
22 Shining For No Apparent Reason (F.mp35 MB
23 Im So Tired Of You.mp35 MB
24 Outro (Live From Fulton County Ja.mp33 MB
The-BurrrPrint-2HD-Web.jpg261 KB
The Cold War (BrrrRussia) - 2009
02 Good Money.mp34 MB
03 Break Ya Self.mp35 MB
05 Ha Ha Ha.mp33 MB
06 Party Animal Ft. Snoop Dog.mp33 MB
07 I Am Legend.mp35 MB
08 Diamonds.mp34 MB
10 Foreign.mp36 MB
12 Street Cred.mp35 MB
13 Gucci Talk Outro.mp3979 KB
brrrussia.jpg65 KB
The Cold War (Great Brrritain) - 2009
02 Im Expecting f Juvenile.mp34 MB
03 N.E.R.D.mp36 MB
04 The Other Day f Jim Jones.mp35 MB
05 Outta Me.mp34 MB
06 Burner.mp34 MB
07 I Be Everywhere.mp34 MB
08 Hush Ya Mouth.mp36 MB
10 Timothy.mp35 MB
greatbrrritain.jpg72 KB
The Cold War (Guccimerica)- 2009
02 Street Cred Ft Dj Drama, Drake, K.mp36 MB
03 Diamonds.mp36 MB
04 Follow Me Ft Drumma Boi.mp36 MB
05 Throw Money Ft Sean Garrett.mp34 MB
07 In My Business Ft Drake, Sean Gar.mp34 MB
08 Gucci Bitch Ft Kandi.mp35 MB
09 09 Bachelor Pad.mp35 MB
12 Dangers Not a Stranger.mp36 MB
guccimerica.jpg109 KB
The Movie Part 2 - 2009
01 Intro.mp31 MB
02 Pressure.mp37 MB
03 Burr.mp35 MB
04 Beat it Up.mp36 MB
05 Gucci.mp36 MB
06 Hottest Rapper.mp34 MB
07 Overboard.mp35 MB
08 BreakUp.mp35 MB
09 Alot.mp35 MB
10 Awesome.mp36 MB
11 Superhero.mp36 MB
12 Leading Lady.mp36 MB
13 Mr.T.mp31 MB
14 Aint Nothing Else To Do.mp36 MB
15 Loud.mp36 MB
16 Wasted RMX.mp35 MB
17 Let's Do It.mp35 MB
BackCover.jpg144 KB
Gucci Mane - The Movie Part 2 Cover.jpg138 KB
The State vs. Radric Davis - 2009
01 Classical.mp35 MB
02 Interlude_ Toilet Bowl Shawty_Mik.mp32 MB
03 Heavy.mp36 MB
04 Stupid Wild.mp36 MB
05 All About The Money ft Rick Ross.mp35 MB
06 Lemonade.mp36 MB
07 Bingo (Feat. Soulja Boy & Waka Fl.mp35 MB
08 Spotlight (Feat. Usher).mp35 MB
09 I Think Im In Love (Feat. Jason C.mp36 MB
10 Bad Bad Bad (Feat. Keyshia Cole).mp35 MB
11 Interlude_ Toilet Bowl Shawty_Mik.mp31 MB
12 Sex In Crazy Places (Feat. Bobby.mp36 MB
13 The Movie.mp35 MB
14 Volume (Feat. Wooh Da Kid).mp36 MB
15 Gingerbread Man (feat OJ Da Juice.mp35 MB
16 Wasted (Feat. Plies).mp36 MB
17 Kush Is My Cologne (feat Bun B, E.mp37 MB
18 Worst Enemy.mp36 MB
19 Wasted (Remix) (Feat. Lil Wayne,.mp36 MB
20 Interlude_ Toilet Bowl Shawty_Mik.mp31 MB
Wilt Chamberlain (The Big Dipper) - 2009
00-Digital_Scale_&_DJ_Rell_Present_Gucci_Ma...in_(The_Big_Dipper)-(Bootleg)-2009-Back.jpg178 KB
00-Digital_Scale_&_DJ_Rell_Present_Gucci_Ma...n_(The_Big_Dipper)-(Bootleg)-2009-Front.jpg77 KB
01. Gucci Call From Jail.mp3424 KB
02. My Own Worst Enemy.mp35 MB
03. Lemonade.mp34 MB
04. Heavy.mp34 MB
05. Disaster.mp33 MB
06. Believe it Or Not feat. Drake.mp33 MB
07. Boi.mp34 MB
08. Poured Up Feat Soulja Boy, Arab.mp33 MB
09. Think I Want Her.mp34 MB
10. Ball Til You Fall feat. Birdman.mp31 MB
11. Party Animal feat. Snoop Dogg.mp33 MB
12. Blessed To Be Stressed.mp32 MB
13. Foreign.mp34 MB
14. Competition feat. Brick Squad.mp35 MB
15. Spotlight.mp34 MB
16. Excuse Me.mp34 MB
17. Amenisa feat. Yo Gotti,.mp35 MB
18. Like A Nerd.mp32 MB
19. Pressure Feat Wooh Da Kid.mp33 MB
20. Gotta Get it feat. Juvenile.mp32 MB
21. Crime Wave (rmx).mp31 MB
22. Freestyle.mp32 MB
23. Freestyle.mp31 MB
24. First Quarter (100 Points).mp33 MB
25. Second Quarter.mp33 MB
26. Third Quarter.mp33 MB
27. Fourth Quarter.mp31 MB
28. Big Dipper.mp35 MB
29. Turnt Up.mp35 MB
Wilt Chamberlain - 2008
01 Gucci Bandana.mp32 MB
02 I Be Workin.mp36 MB
03 Feel Like Cookin.mp35 MB
04 Never Too Much.mp35 MB
06 How these Hoes Be.mp34 MB
07 Wilt Chamberlain Pt.2.mp32 MB
08 Lazy Cat.mp34 MB
09 Come Blow Wit Us.mp32 MB
10 This Is How We Do.mp31 MB
11 Shopping Spree.mp35 MB
12 Mr. Perfect.mp34 MB
13 Feelin That.mp33 MB
14 Mr. Mrs. Perfect.mp35 MB
15 Wilt Chamberlain Pt.1.mp33 MB
16 Money In The Attic.mp34 MB
17 Shirt Off.mp32 MB
18 Crackpot.mp33 MB
19 Go Ham On Em.mp35 MB
20 Rock Solid.mp32 MB
21 I Smoke Kush.mp35 MB
22 Baby.mp34 MB
wiltchamberlain.jpg99 KB
Wilt Chamberlain 2 - 2008
01 GUCCI MANE - MURDA 187.mp32 MB
03 GUCCI MANE - GO.mp32 MB
11 O.J. DA JUICE - ON DECK.mp32 MB
wiltchamberlain2.jpg68 KB
Wilt Chamberlain 3 - 2008
1. Slumber Party Ft. Nikki Minaj (Produced By Drumma Boy)-MF.mp35 MB
10. Pressure Time-MF.mp35 MB
11. Settin Standards Ft. Kollosus (Produced By Drumma Boy)-MF.mp34 MB
12. Pussy Pulla-MF.mp32 MB
13. Put Em On-MF.mp34 MB
14. Smoke-MF.mp32 MB
15. Thirsty (Produced By Zaytoven)-MF.mp32 MB
16. Laughing-MF.mp33 MB
17. 50's, 100's, 10's-MF.mp32 MB
18. Money-MF.mp33 MB
19. Mountain Dew-MF.mp32 MB
2. Seats (Produced By Zaytoven)-MF.mp32 MB
20. Put On-MF.mp32 MB
21. So Icey Remix Unreleased Version-MF.mp34 MB
3. Lodi Dodi-MF.mp32 MB
4. Love 4 Money-MF.mp32 MB
5. Yellow Diamonds (Produced By The Headbangaz)-MF.mp35 MB
6. I'm The Shit-MF.mp34 MB
7. Stunt-MF.mp33 MB
8. Colors-MF.mp34 MB
9. Still Mo Money-MF.mp34 MB
wiltchamberlain3.jpg93 KB
Wilt Chamberlain 4 - 2008
01 Live From The Fulton County Jail.mp31 MB
02 I_m Radric Davis.mp32 MB
03 Your Girl So Cold.mp35 MB
04 So Much Money.mp35 MB
05 Shopaholic Ft. Nikki Minaj & Bobb.mp33 MB
06 The Way My Wrist Glist.mp33 MB
07 Like A Lambo.mp33 MB
08 Hit The Park.mp33 MB
09 Papered Up.mp32 MB
10 Live From The Fulton County Jail.mp3870 KB
11 The Recipe.mp32 MB
12 Real Trap Nigga.mp31 MB
13 Gucci Gucci.mp32 MB
14 All Flavors.mp31 MB
15 Talk Of The Town.mp31 MB
16 She Just Like My Chevy.mp32 MB
17 I_m So High.mp3952 KB
18 Exercise You.mp32 MB
19 On Top Of The World.mp33 MB
20 Live From The Fulton County Jail.mp3778 KB
21 Killed The Parking Lot.mp31 MB
22 I_m A Star.mp34 MB
23 Bubble Up.mp31 MB
24 Haunted House.mp34 MB
25 Wanna Balla Ft. Soulja Boy & Nikk.mp34 MB
26 Niceklodean.mp36 MB
27 Add It Up.mp33 MB
28 You Know What It Is Girl.mp33 MB
29 On Deck.mp34 MB
30 Body Language.mp34 MB
31 How Bout U.mp32 MB
32 That_s What It Is.mp34 MB
33 Live From The Fulton County Jail.mp3647 KB
GucciManeWiltChamberlain4.jpg88 KB
image.bmp468 KB
Wilt Chamberlain 5 - 2008
01 Ice On Me.mp35 MB
02 Bitch I Need That.mp35 MB
03 Pants Sag.mp35 MB
04 5 Star General.mp35 MB
04 Look At My Charm.mp32 MB
05 Easy.mp35 MB
06 Do It Do It.mp34 MB
07 Take Off Ya Shades.mp35 MB
08 Alot Of.mp34 MB
09 Im So Straight.mp33 MB
10 Who r u.mp32 MB
11 Throw Up.mp35 MB
12 Whats Trappnin.mp33 MB
13 Trunk Be Bumpin.mp32 MB
15 YEAH.mp33 MB
16 Doin It.mp31 MB
17 Georgia Extended Remix.mp35 MB
18 Broom.mp33 MB
19 Papered Up.mp35 MB
21 My Money Strong.mp31 MB
22 rollin it up.mp31 MB
23 Cut Throat.mp31 MB
wiltchamberlain5.jpg62 KB
Wilt Chamberlain 6 - 2009
01 When U Peep The Swag.mp35 MB
02 Pussy Nigga.mp34 MB
03 I'm A Trapaholic.mp35 MB
05 Freestyle King Part 1.mp34 MB
06 Ants In Her Pants.mp35 MB
07 26's On My Vehicle (Produced By S.mp34 MB
08 That's The Type Of Chick I Like.mp33 MB
09 Same Red Rag.mp35 MB
10 Freestyle King Part 2.mp34 MB
11 4 Star Hotel.mp34 MB
12 Gon' Be Like Yeah.mp36 MB
13 Gucci Got Work.mp32 MB
14 What You Finna Do (Produced By Va.mp35 MB
15 Gucci Lord.mp33 MB
16 Traffic Jam (Produced By Vaeda Bo.mp33 MB
17 Run It Back (Produced By DJ Speed.mp34 MB
18 So Icey On Deck.mp34 MB
19 Now Do It.mp35 MB
20 Down South Biggie.mp32 MB
21 Imma Triple G.mp31 MB
22 I'm That Guy.mp31 MB
23 Wet Wipes.mp31 MB
24 That's Me.mp32 MB
25 Accent (Produced By Drumma Boy).mp32 MB
wiltchamberlain6_0.jpg68 KB
Wilt Chamberlain 6 DJ Rell - 2008
1.Throw Away The Key-MF.mp34 MB
10.Do It-MF.mp31 MB
11.Pants Sag-MF.mp33 MB
12.Nikki Minaji Checks In-MF.mp3350 KB
13.Easy Feat. Nikki Minaji, Rocko-MF.mp33 MB
14.Let Em Have It-MF.mp33 MB
15.Culinary Art School-MF.mp33 MB
16.Trigga Play Feat Juvenile-MF.mp33 MB
17.Im Good-MF.mp33 MB
18.Dat Girl-MF.mp33 MB
19.Lost My Feat. J Money, Yola Da Great (World Premiere)-MF.mp34 MB
2.Dope Boy Knot-MF.mp33 MB
20.Nickki Minjai Checks In-MF.mp3418 KB
21.Slumber Party Feat. Gucci Mane-MF.mp33 MB
22.Finna Do-MF.mp33 MB
23.Rich Black Man-MF.mp31 MB
24.Kick A Door-MF.mp33 MB
25.Move Alot-MF.mp33 MB
26.Broom Feat. Gorilla Zoe-MF.mp32 MB
27.I Be Workin-MF.mp35 MB
28.Same Ole Crackpot Feat. Fiend, Kourtney Money-MF.mp33 MB
3.Gucci Mane Checks In-MF.mp3299 KB
4.Mi 2 Ea Feat. Aktion & Skillz (World Premiere)-MF.mp33 MB
5.Colors-MF.mp33 MB
6.Do It Do It-MF.mp33 MB
7.Back To Ballin (World Premiere)-MF.mp34 MB
8.Running Back (World Premiere)-MF.mp33 MB
9.Party Started Ft. Oj Da Juiceman-MF.mp33 MB
wiltchamberlain6.jpg79 KB
wiltchamberlain6insert.jpg87 KB
Writing On The Wall - 2009
01 DJ Holiday (Intro).mp31 MB
02 Hurry.mp37 MB
03 Going In.mp36 MB
04 Game.mp37 MB
05 First Day Out.mp34 MB
06 Gucci Speaks.mp3436 KB
07 Wasted [feat. Plies] .mp38 MB
08 Check.mp35 MB
09 Gorgeous.mp36 MB
10 Gucci Speaks.mp3898 KB
11 17 Brick Squad 1.mp37 MB
11 17 Brick Squad.mp37 MB
12 Perfect Diamonds.mp36 MB
13 Gucci Montana.mp37 MB
14 She Gotta Friend.mp34 MB
15 Freestyle.mp32 MB
16 We Got Dat.mp36 MB
17 Girls Kising Girls.mp34 MB
18 Freestyle.mp34 MB
19 Pussy Rehab.mp37 MB
20 Hood Up.mp35 MB
21 Everything.mp36 MB
22 Mr. Tonight _ Outro.mp39 MB
Writing On The Wall.jpg166 KB
guccimanemixtapes.png111 KB
soiceyforum.png116 KB

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