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GENE LOVES JEZEBEL(Discography)MP320kbps pt

1.41 GB  
in 160 files
   0 / 0
4 years old  
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1. ffgf — long ago

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Torrent Contents

GENE LOVES JEZEBEL(Discography)MP320kbps_pt
IMG.jpg2 MB
IMG_0001.jpg2 MB
IMG_0002.jpg2 MB
IMG_0003.jpg2 MB
IMG_0004.jpg3 MB
IMG_0005.jpg1 MB
IMG_0006.jpg2 MB
IMG_0007.jpg1 MB
IMG_0008.jpg1 MB
IMG_0009.jpg2 MB
IMG_0010.jpg2 MB
IMG_0011.jpg1 MB
IMG_0012.jpg1 MB
IMG_0013.jpg1 MB
IMG_0014.jpg2 MB
IMG_0015.jpg1 MB
Dead Sexy Disc 1
01 love lies bleeding.mp312 MB
02 exploding girl.mp310 MB
03 downhill both ways.mp311 MB
04 loving you is the best revenge.mp310 MB
05 give my reguards to ray.mp310 MB
06 sly old fox.mp38 MB
07 2 hungry women.mp313 MB
08 nico superstar.mp312 MB
09 2 boys and a wheelbarrow.mp326 MB
Dead Sexy Disc 2
01 why me why this why now.mp312 MB
02 avalon sw 10.mp313 MB
03 waterfalling.mp39 MB
04 wheel.mp313 MB
05 steel away.mp311 MB
06 giving up the ghost.mp315 MB
07 desire (later).mp38 MB
08 love no longer.mp39 MB
Desire EP
01 Desire.aif.mp37 MB
02 Worth Waiting For.aif.mp38 MB
03 Cow.aif.mp310 MB
04 Desire (extended mix).aif.mp313 MB
05 Flame (remix).aif.mp310 MB
01 Heartache.mp39 MB
02 Over the Rooftops.mp37 MB
03 Kick.mp37 MB
04 White Horse.mp37 MB
05 Wait and See.mp37 MB
06 Desire (Come and Get It).mp37 MB
07 Beyond Doubt.mp39 MB
08 Sweetest Thing.mp37 MB
09 Maid of Sker.mp310 MB
10 Brand New Moon.mp38 MB
Exploding Girls
01 Exploding Girl.mp39 MB
02 Love No Longer.mp39 MB
03 Downhill Both Ways.mp311 MB
04 The Wanting Song.mp39 MB
05 Jenin.mp310 MB
06 My Hearts a Flame.mp313 MB
07 2 Hungry Women.mp313 MB
08 Blue Mary.mp38 MB
09 Aire (Buenos Aires).mp310 MB
10 Wind & Fire.mp310 MB
11 love we bleeding.mp312 MB
12 why me,why this,why now.mp311 MB
13 pherque.mp38 MB
GENE LOVES JEZEBEL(The Best Of)(320Kbps)_pt
Gene Loves Jezebel-01-Voodoo Dollies (The Best Of)-Upstairs.mp35 MB
Gene Loves Jezebel-02-Voodoo Dollies (The Best Of)-Bruises.mp35 MB
Gene Loves Jezebel-03-Voodoo Dollies (The Best Of)-Influenza (Release).mp36 MB
Gene Loves Jezebel-04-Voodoo Dollies (The Best Of)-Always a Flame.mp37 MB
Gene Loves Jezebel-05-Voodoo Dollies (The Best Of)-The Cow.mp35 MB
Gene Loves Jezebel-06-Voodoo Dollies (The Best Of)-Stephen.mp37 MB
Gene Loves Jezebel-07-Voodoo Dollies (The Best Of)-Heartache.mp37 MB
Gene Loves Jezebel-08-Voodoo Dollies (The Best Of)-Desire (Come and Get It).mp35 MB
Gene Loves Jezebel-09-Voodoo Dollies (The Best Of)-Sweetest Thing.mp35 MB
Gene Loves Jezebel-10-Voodoo Dollies (The Best Of)-Beyond Doubt.mp37 MB
Gene Loves Jezebel-11-Voodoo Dollies (The Best Of)-Gorgeous.mp36 MB
Gene Loves Jezebel-12-Voodoo Dollies (The Best Of)-The Motion of Love.mp36 MB
Gene Loves Jezebel-13-Voodoo Dollies (The Best Of)-Twenty Killer Hurts.mp35 MB
Gene Loves Jezebel-14-Voodoo Dollies (The Best Of)-Jealous.mp36 MB
Gene Loves Jezebel-15-Voodoo Dollies (The Best Of)-Kiss of Life.mp39 MB
Gene Loves Jezebel-16-Voodoo Dollies (The Best Of)-Josephina.mp36 MB
Gene Loves Jezebel-17-Voodoo Dollies (The Best Of)-Break the Chain.mp37 MB
Gene Loves Jezebel-18-Voodoo Dollies (The Best Of)-Who Wants to Go to Heaven.mp38 MB
Giving Up the Ghost
01 Giving Up the Ghost.mp321 MB
02 Phreque.mp38 MB
03 Sly Old Fox.mp38 MB
04 Nico Superstar.mp312 MB
05 Don't Spoil My Song.mp311 MB
06 Push.mp39 MB
07 Speak My Language.mp39 MB
08 Two Boys and a Wheelbarrow.mp326 MB
09 Drive.mp39 MB
10 Drowning and Waving.mp37 MB
11 Limey.mp314 MB
Heavenly Bodies
01 Josephina.mp311 MB
02 Break the Chain.mp310 MB
03 Any Anxious Colour.mp312 MB
04 American Dreamer.mp313 MB
05 Wild Horse.mp310 MB
06 Down.mp310 MB
07 In a Lonely Place.mp39 MB
08 Sweet Sweet Rain.mp310 MB
09 Rosary.mp39 MB
10 Heavenly Body.mp315 MB
11 Voice in the Dark.mp310 MB
images.jpg9 KB
Immigrant [Special Edition] Disc 1
01 Always a Flame.mp310 MB
02 Shame.mp38 MB
03 Stephen.mp310 MB
04 The Immigrant.mp38 MB
05 Cow.mp310 MB
06 Worth Waiting For.mp38 MB
07 The Rhino Plasty.mp311 MB
08 Deep South Wale.mp39 MB
09 Coal Porter.mp310 MB
Immigrant [Special Edition] Disc 2
01 Desire (Come and Get It) [Extended Version][-].mp313 MB
02 Flame [Extended Version][#][-].mp313 MB
03 The Cow [Extended Version][-].mp311 MB
04 One Someone [-].mp39 MB
05 You Weaken Her (Cow) [-].mp38 MB
06 Shame (Whole Heart Howl) [-].mp37 MB
07 Thin Things [-].mp39 MB
08 Gorgeous [-].mp310 MB
09 Waves [BBC Session][-].mp37 MB
10 Five Below [BBC Session][-].mp38 MB
11 Always a Flame [Alternate Version][#][-].mp39 MB
Promise Disc 1
01 Upstairs.mp37 MB
02 Bruises.mp38 MB
03 Pop Tarantula.mp37 MB
04 Screaming for Emmalene.mp36 MB
05 Scheming.mp314 MB
06 Breas from Heaven.mp39 MB
07 Influenza.mp38 MB
08 Shower Me with Brittle Punches.mp36 MB
09 Wraps and Arms.mp39 MB
10 Psychological Problems.mp38 MB
Promise Disc 2
01 Shame [Original Version][#][-].mp37 MB
02 Influenza [Relapse][-].mp38 MB
03 Stephen [Original Version][-].mp311 MB
04 Walking in the Park [-].mp39 MB
05 Wraps and Arms [Version 2][-].mp39 MB
06 Bruises [Extended Version][-].mp311 MB
07 Punch Drunk [-].mp35 MB
08 Brando (Bruises) [Extended Version][#][-].mp311 MB
09 Scheming [Original Version][#][-].mp38 MB
10 Screaming for Emmalene [Single Version][-].mp38 MB
11 So Young (Heave Hard, Heave Ho) [-].mp37 MB
12 No Voodoo Dollies [-].mp36 MB
13 Shaving My Neck [-].mp36 MB
14 Sun and Insanity [-].mp38 MB
15 Machismo [-].mp37 MB
16 Glad to Be Alive [-].mp312 MB
01 Love Keeps Dragging Me Down.mp39 MB
02 Who Wants to Go to Heaven-.mp312 MB
03 Liquor Man.mp314 MB
04 The Goodbye Girl.mp38 MB
05 Uptown.mp311 MB
06 Welcome to L.A.mp38 MB
07 Come Naturally.mp38 MB
08 Know I Love You.mp36 MB
09 When We Were One.mp311 MB
10 Switchblade Memories.mp312 MB
11 Heroine.mp36 MB
12 Dream a Big Dream.mp36 MB

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