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F Finance

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Torrent Contents

FA_Accounting, Corporate
Proctor K.S. Building financial models with...xcel (Wiley, 2004)(ISBN 0471661031)_FA_.chm31 MB
Brejli R., Majers S. (_Brealey R.A., Myers ...97)(ISBN 5901028015)(ru)(T)(1083s)_FA_.djvu14 MB
Rid S.F., Lazhu A.R. (_Reed S.F., Lajoux A....)(ISBN 5961400158)(ru)(T)(S)(960s)_FA_.djvu8 MB
Brealey R.A., Myers S.C. Principles of corp... MGH, 2003)(ISBN 0072467665)(1062s)_FA_.pdf6 MB
Vernimmen P., Quiry P. Corporate Finance (2...y, 2009)(ISBN 0470721928)(O)(1059s)_FA_.pdf6 MB
Morris G.D., McKay S., Oates A. Finance Dir...., 2009)(ISBN 0750687010)(O)(1006s)_FA_.pdf6 MB
Ross S.A., Westerfield R.W., Jaffe J. Corpo...GH, 2002)(ISBN 0072831936)(O)(971s)_FA_.pdf5 MB
Ehrhardt M.C., Brigham E.F. Corporate finan...on, 2003)(ISBN 0324180357)(O)(651s)_FA_.pdf5 MB
Grinblatt M., Titman S. Financial markets a... (MGH, 2002)(ISBN 0072294337)(893s)_FA_.pdf5 MB
Welch I. A first course in corporate finance (draft, Brown, 2006)(764s)_FA_.pdf5 MB
Robinson T.R., van Greuning H., Henry E., B...ey, 2008)(ISBN 0470287667)(O)(864s)_FA_.pdf5 MB
Weaver S.C., Weston J.F. Finance and accoun... (MGH, 2001)(ISBN 0071382593)(360s)_FA_.pdf4 MB
Reed S.F., Lajoux A., Nesvold H.P. The art ... MGH, 2007)(ISBN 0071403027)(1082s)_FA_.pdf4 MB
Vishwanath S.R. Corporate Finance (Sage, 2007)(ISBN 0761934979)(O)(764s)_FA_.pdf4 MB
Mayes S. Financial Analysis with Microsoft ...on, 2006)(ISBN 0324372264)(O)(387s)_FA_.pdf3 MB
Brealey R.A., Myers S.C., Marcus A.J. Funda...GH, 2001)(ISBN 0072380519)(O)(651s)_FA_.pdf3 MB
Walter I. Mergers and acquisitions in banki... (OUP, 2004)(ISBN 0195159004)(317s)_FA_.pdf3 MB
Heffernan S. Modern banking (Wiley, 2005)(ISBN 0470095008)(O)(739s)_FA_.pdf3 MB
Tirole J. The theory of corporate finance (PUP, 2006)(ISBN 0691125562)(657s)_FA_.pdf3 MB
Guerard J.B.Jr., Schwartz E. Quantitative C...inger, 2007)(ISBN 1402070195)(546s)_FA_.pdf3 MB
Gaughan P.A. Mergers, acquisitions, and cor...Wiley, 2007)(ISBN 0471705640)(639s)_FA_.pdf3 MB
Helfert E.A. Financial analysis (MGH, 2001)(ISBN 0071378340)(O)(510s)_FA_.pdf3 MB
Jacobs B.I., Levy K.N. (eds.) Market neutra...Wiley, 2005)(ISBN 0471268682)(304s)_FA_.pdf3 MB
Livingstone J.L., Grossman T. (eds.) The po...ey, 2002)(ISBN 0471061859)(O)(672s)_FA_.pdf3 MB
Shim J.K., Siegel J.G. Schaum's Outline of ..., MGH, 2007)(ISBN 0071481281)(498s)_FA_.pdf3 MB
Siciliano D. (_Siciliano G._) Finansy dlya ...)(ISBN 5476001298)(ru)(T)(S)(252s)_FA_.djvu3 MB
Auerbach A.J. (ed.) Corporate takeovers (UC...BN 0226032116)(400dpi)(T)(S)(354s)_FA_.djvu2 MB
Freixas X., Rochet J.-C. Microeconomics of ..., MIT, 2008)(ISBN 0262062704)(389s)_FA_.pdf2 MB
Rudyk N.B. Struktura kapitala korporacij (D...004)(ISBN 577490377X)(ru)(T)(272s)_FA_.djvu2 MB
Tjia J. Building financial models (MGH, 2004)(ISBN 0071402101)(353s)_FA_.pdf2 MB
Siciliano G. Finance for non-financial mana...GH, 2003)(ISBN 0071413774)(O)(239s)_FA_.pdf2 MB
Tracy J. Accounting For Dummies (Wiley, 2008)(ISBN 0470246006)(409s)_FA_.pdf2 MB
Alexander D., Nobes C. Financial accounting... FTPH, 2004)(ISBN 0273685201)(497s)_FA_.pdf2 MB
Tracy J.A. The fast forward MBA in finance ...ey, 2002)(ISBN 0471202851)(O)(337s)_FA_.pdf2 MB
Chorafas D.N. Liabilities, liquidity, and c...ey, 2002)(ISBN 0471106305)(O)(336s)_FA_.pdf1 MB
Friedlob G.T., Schleifer L.L.F. Essentials ...ey, 2003)(ISBN 0471228303)(O)(241s)_FA_.pdf1 MB
Britton A., Waterston C. Financial accounti... FTPH, 2006)(ISBN 0273703609)(365s)_FA_.pdf1 MB
Marriott P., Edwards J.R., Mellett H.J. Int... Sage, 2002)(ISBN 0761970371)(552s)_FA_.pdf1 MB
Krishnamurti C., Vishwanath S.R. Mergers,, 2008)(ISBN 076193586X)(O)(433s)_FA_.pdf1 MB
Holden C.W. Spreadsheet modeling in corpora...PH, 2002)(ISBN 0130499056)(O)(168s)_FA_.pdf1 MB
Kramer B., Johnson C. Financial Statements ...GH, 2009)(ISBN 0071543872)(O)(305s)_FA_.pdf1 MB
Bossaerts P.L., Oedegaard B.A. Lectures on ...2006)(ISBN 9812568999)(268s)(T)(S)_FA_.djvu1 MB
Bender R., Ward K. Corporate Financial Stra...BH, 2008)(ISBN 0750686650)(O)(406s)_FA_.pdf1 MB
Miller E.L. Mergers and acquisitions (Wiley, 2008)(ISBN 0470222743)(347s)_FA_.pdf1 MB
Reilly R.F., Schweihs R.P. Handbook of adva...uation (MGH, 1999)(ISBN 0071347690)_FA_.chm1 MB
Beaumont P.H. Financial engineering princip...Wiley, 2004)(ISBN 0471463582)(318s)_FA_.pdf1 MB
Paramasivan C., Subramanian T. Financial Ma...b., 2008)(ISBN 8122425739)(O)(283s)_FA_.pdf1 MB
Bragg S.M. Mergers & Acquisitions (Wiley, 2008)(ISBN 0470398949)(321s)_FA_.pdf1 MB
Minbiole E.A. Accounting Principles II (Cliffs Notes, 2000)(ISBN 0764585657)(306s)_FA_.pdf1,015 KB
Wasserstein B. Big Deal.. Mergers and Acqui...iness Books, 2001)(ISBN 0446675210)_FA_.chm973 KB
Riggs H.E. Understanding the Financial Score (MC, 2007)(ISBN 1598291688)(176s)_FA_.pdf946 KB
Frankel M.E.S. Mergers and acquisitions bas...Wiley, 2005)(ISBN 0471675180)(322s)_FA_.pdf885 KB
Reuvid J. (ed.) Mergers and Acquisitions (Kogan Page, 2007)(ISBN 0749447508)(304s)_FA_.pdf830 KB
Evans F.C., Bishop D.M., Evans F.C., Bishop...Wiley, 2001)(ISBN 0471411019)(313s)_FA_.pdf645 KB
FB_Bonds, Interest Rates
Choudhry M. The bond and money markets (BH, 2001)(ISBN 0750646772)(1151s)_FB_.pdf10 MB
Fabozzi F.J., Mann S.V. (eds.) The handbook... MGH, 2005)(ISBN 0071440992)(1531s)_FB_.pdf9 MB
Choudhry M. An introduction to bond markets...Wiley, 2006)(ISBN 0470017589)(434s)_FB_.pdf7 MB
Zipf R. Fixed income mathematics (AP, 2003)(ISBN 0127817212)(343s)_FB_.pdf7 MB
Homer S., Leibowitz M.L. Inside the yield b...mberg, 2004)(ISBN 1576601595)(286s)_FB_.pdf7 MB
Svoboda S. Interest Rate Modelling (Palgrave, 2004)(ISBN 1403934703)_FB_.chm6 MB
Brigo D., Mercurio F. Interest Rate Models ...nger, 2006)(ISBN 3540221492)(1014s)_FB_.pdf6 MB
Rebonato R. Interest-rate option models (2e...1998)(ISBN 0471979589)(T)(S)(543s)_FB_.djvu6 MB
Fabozzi F.J. (ed.) Interest rate, term stru...Wiley, 2002)(ISBN 0471220949)(530s)_FB_.pdf5 MB
Martellini L., Priaulet P., Priaulet S. Fix...Wiley, 2003)(ISBN 0470852771)(664s)_FB_.pdf5 MB
Sundaresan S. Fixed Income Markets and Thei...AP, 2009)(ISBN 0123704715)(O)(456s)_FB_.pdf4 MB
Choudhry M. An Introduction to Repo Markets...Wiley, 2006)(ISBN 0470017562)(226s)_FB_.pdf3 MB
Choudhry M. The Futures Bond Basis (2ed., Wiley, 2006)(ISBN 0470025891)(257s)_FB_.pdf3 MB
Kellison S.G. The Theory of Interest (2ed.,...2000)(ISBN 0256091501)(T)(S)(345s)_FB_.djvu2 MB
Nawalkha S.K., Baliaeva N.A., Soto G.M. Dyn...Wiley, 2007)(ISBN 0471737143)(723s)_FB_.pdf2 MB
Filipovic D. Term-Structure Models.. A, 2009)(ISBN 3540097260)(O)(259s)_FB_.pdf2 MB
Schoenmakers J. Robust Libor Modelling and ...oducts (CRC, 2005)(ISBN 0203499093)_FB_.chm2 MB
Tuckman B. Fixed income securities (2ed., Wiley, 2002)(ISBN 0471063177)(511s)_FB_.pdf2 MB
Munnik J.F.J.d. The valuation of interest r...ledge, 1996)(ISBN 0415137276)(195s)_FB_.pdf2 MB
Grandville O. Bond pricing and portfolio an...IT, 2001)(ISBN 0262041855)(O)(473s)_FB_.pdf2 MB
Munk C. Fixed income analysis.. Securities,...gement (draft, Denmark, 2004)(340s)_FB_.pdf2 MB
Batten J.A., Fetherston T.A., Szilagyi P.G....Wiley, 2004)(ISBN 0470850531)(505s)_FB_.pdf2 MB
Barnhill T., Shenkman M., Maxwell W. (eds.)... bonds (MGH, 1999)(ISBN 0070067864)_FB_.chm2 MB
Nawalkha S.K., Soto G.M., Beliaeva N.K. Int...ling (Wiley, 2005)(ISBN 0471427241)_FB_.pdf2 MB
Carmona R.A., Tehranchi M.R. Interest rate ...inger, 2006)(ISBN 3540270655)(239s)_FB_.pdf2 MB
Gatarek D., Bachert P., Maksymiuk R. The LI...Wiley, 2006)(ISBN 0470014431)(291s)_FB_.pdf1 MB
Colin A. Fixed income attribution (Wiley, 2005)(ISBN 0470011750)(162s)_FB_.pdf1 MB
Faerber E. All About Bonds, Bond Mutual Fun..., MGH, 2008)(ISBN 0071544275)(335s)_FB_.pdf1 MB
Stander Y. Yield Curve Modelling (Palgrave, 2005)(ISBN 1403947260)(205s)_FB_.pdf1 MB
Choudhry M. Advanced fixed income analysis ...emann, 2004)(ISBN 0750662638)(199s)_FB_.pdf1 MB
Yago G., Trimbath S. Beyond junk bonds.. Ex...UP, 2003)(ISBN 0195149238)(O)(315s)_FB_.pdf1 MB
Choudhry M. Bonds.. A Concise Guide for Inv...e Macmillan, 2006)(ISBN 0230006493)_FB_.pdf1 MB
Brown P.J. An introduction to the bond mark...Wiley, 2006)(ISBN 0470015837)(245s)_FB_.pdf1 MB
Repplinger D. Pricing of Bond Options.., 2008)(ISBN 3540707212)(O)(141s)_FB_.pdf1 MB
Brandes M.V. Naked guide to bonds (Wiley, 2003)(ISBN 0471462217)(259s)_FB_.pdf1,008 KB
Faerber E. Fundamentals of the bond market (MGH, 2001)(ISBN 0071362517)(270s)_FB_.pdf809 KB
Puhle M. Bond Portfolio Optimization (Springer, 2008)(ISBN 3540765921)_FB_.pdf802 KB
Thau A. The bond book (2ed., MGH, 2001)(ISBN 0071358625)_FB_.chm712 KB
Eurex. Interest Rate Derivatives.. Fixed In...g Strategies (brochure, 2002)(109s)_FB_.pdf516 KB
Brown P.J. Bond markets.. Strucures and yie...ons (AMACOM, 1998)(ISBN 0814404731)_FB_.chm448 KB
Motamen-Scobie H., Cagliesi G., Valeur C. T...(Risk Books, 1999)(ISBN 1899332405)_FB_.chm410 KB
Carmona R.A. Interest rate models (draft, 2000)(58s)_FB_.pdf333 KB
FC_Credit, Risk
James T. Energy Price Risk (Palgrave, 2003)(ISBN 1403903409)(O)(553s)_FC_.pdf16 MB
Jameson R. (ed.) Managing energy price risk... Risk Books, 1999)(ISBN 1899332545)_FC_.chm13 MB
Mun J. Modeling risk (Wiley, 2006)(ISBN 0471789003)(623s)_FC_.pdf11 MB
Preinitz W. A Fast Track To Structured Fina...ey, 2009)(ISBN 0470398124)(O)(769s)_FC_.pdf10 MB
Duffie D., Singleton K.J. Credit risk (PUP, 2003)(ISBN 0691090467)(O)(414s)_FC_.pdf8 MB
Pilipovic D. Energy Risk (2ed., MGH, 2007)(ISBN 0071485945)(O)(530s)_FC_.pdf7 MB
Anson M., et al. Credit derivatives (Wiley, 2004)(ISBN 047146600X)(354s)_FC_.pdf6 MB
Franke J., Hardle W., Stahl G. (eds.), 2000)(ISBN 038798996X)(O)(251s)_FC_.pdf5 MB
Smithson C.W. Managing financial risk (3ed., MGH, 1998)(ISBN 007059354X)_FC_.chm5 MB
Malevergne Y., Sornette D. Extreme Financia...inger, 2005)(ISBN 354027264X)(321s)_FC_.pdf4 MB
Bielecki T.R., Rutkowski M. Credit risk.. m...r, 2002)(ISBN 3540675930)(T)(540s)_FC_.djvu4 MB
Meucci A. Risk and asset allocation (Springer, 2005)(ISBN 3540222138)(546s)_FC_.pdf4 MB
Rychlik I., Ryden J. Probability and Risk, 2006)(ISBN 3540242236)(O)(286s)_FC_.pdf4 MB
Cherubini U., Della Lunga G. Structured fin...Wiley, 2007)(ISBN 0470026383)(301s)_FC_.pdf3 MB
Jorion P., GARP. (eds.) Financial risk mana...ey, 2007)(ISBN 0470126302)(O)(739s)_FC_.pdf3 MB
Choudhry M., Tanna K. (eds.) An Introductio...Wiley, 2006)(ISBN 0470017570)(194s)_FC_.pdf3 MB
Chekulaev M.V. Risk-Menedzhment (Al'pina, 2002)(ISBN 5945990353)(ru)(T)(343s)_FC_.djvu3 MB
Jameson R. (ed.) Derviative Credit Risk (2ed., Risk Books, 1999)(ISBN 1899332480)_FC_.chm3 MB
Buhlmann H. Mathematical methods in risk th...BN 3540617035)(T)(S)(600dpi)(223s)_FC_.djvu2 MB
Jorion P. Value at risk (2ed., MGH, 2001)(ISBN 0071355022)_FC_.chm2 MB
Rajan A., McDermott G., Roy R. The structur...Wiley, 2007)(ISBN 0471747491)(499s)_FC_.pdf2 MB
Cont R. (ed.) Frontiers in Quantitative Fin...ey, 2008)(ISBN 047029292X)(O)(320s)_FC_.pdf2 MB
Jorion P. Financial Risk Manager Handbook (...ey, 2003)(ISBN 047143003X)(O)(733s)_FC_.pdf2 MB
Bertola G., Disney R., Grant C. (eds.) The ...IT, 2006)(ISBN 0262026015)(O)(389s)_FC_.pdf2 MB
Janssen J., Manca R. Semi-markov risk model...inger, 2007)(ISBN 0387707298)(440s)_FC_.pdf2 MB
Raynes S., Rutledge A. The analysis of stru... (OUP, 2003)(ISBN 0195152735)(462s)_FC_.pdf2 MB
Esch L., Kieffer R., Lopez T. Asset and ris...Wiley, 2005)(ISBN 0471491446)(416s)_FC_.pdf2 MB
Arvanitis A., Gregory J. Credit.. The compl...Books, 2001)(ISBN 1899332731)(439s)_FC_.pdf2 MB
Bulinskaya E.V. Teoriya riska i perestraxov...ast' 2 (MGU, 2006)(ru)(K)(T)(158s)_FC_.djvu2 MB
Lando D. Credit risk modeling (PUP, 2004)(ISBN 0691089299)(329s)_FC_.pdf2 MB
Tapiero C. Risk and financial management (Wiley, 2004)(ISBN 0470849088)(344s)_FC_.pdf2 MB
Bouchaud J.-P., Potters M. Theory of financ... (CUP, 2000)(ISBN 0521782325)(124s)_FC_.pdf2 MB
Armendariz de Aghion B., Morduch J. The eco...IT, 2005)(ISBN 0262012162)(O)(361s)_FC_.pdf2 MB
Bruyere R., et al. (eds.) Credit derivative...Wiley, 2006)(ISBN 0470018798)(295s)_FC_.pdf1 MB
Dowd K. Measuring market risk (Wiley, 2002)(ISBN 0471521744)(395s)_FC_.pdf1 MB
Jameson R. (ed.) Credit Derivatives (Risk Books, 1998)(ISBN 1899332618)_FC_.chm1 MB
Warwick B. (ed.) The handbook of risk (Wiley, 2002)(ISBN 0471064122)(285s)_FC_.pdf1 MB
Skinner F. Pricing and hedging interest and...BH, 2005)(ISBN 075066259X)(O)(389s)_FC_.pdf1 MB
Banks E. Synthetic and structured assets (Wiley, 2006)(ISBN 0470017139)(281s)_FC_.pdf1 MB
Dowd K. An introduction to market risk meas...Wiley, 2002)(ISBN 0470847484)(307s)_FC_.pdf1 MB
Krapels E.N., Pratt M. Crude Oil Hedging (Risk Books, 1998)(ISBN 1899332316)_FC_.chm1 MB
Bouchet M.H., Clark E., Groslambert B. Coun...Wiley, 2003)(ISBN 0470845007)(288s)_FC_.pdf1 MB
Sortino F., Satchell S. Managing downside r...s (BH, 2001)(ISBN 0750648635)(282s)_FC_.pdf1 MB
Chong Y.Y. Investment risk management (Wiley, 2004)(ISBN 0470849517)(223s)_FC_.pdf1 MB
Caselli S., Gatti S. (eds.) Structured Fina...inger, 2005)(ISBN 3540253114)(215s)_FC_.pdf1 MB
Lehman Brothers. Guide to Exotic Credit Derivatives (Lehman Brothers, 2003)(60s)_FC_.pdf1 MB
Meyer D.J. (ed.) The economics of risk (W.E...earch, 2003)(ISBN 0880992689)(192s)_FC_.pdf996 KB
Meissner G. Credit Derivatives (Blackwell, 2005)(ISBN 1405126760)(246s)_FC_.pdf942 KB
Bulinskaya E.V. Teoriya riska i perestraxov...ast' 1 (MGU, 2001)(ru)(K)(T)(119s)_FC_.djvu881 KB
Aven T. Foundations of risk analysis (Wiley, 2003)(ISBN 0471495484)(198s)_FC_.pdf840 KB
Shirreff D. Dealing with Financial Risk (Ec...Books, 2004)(ISBN 1861975910)(223s)_FC_.pdf839 KB
Finlay S. Consumer Credit Fundamentals (Palgrave, 2006)(ISBN 1403939780)(262s)_FC_.pdf811 KB
Men'shikov I.S., Shelagin D.A. Rynochnye ri...odeli i metody (RAN, 2000)(ru)(55s)_FC_.pdf606 KB
Lehman Brothers. Credit Derivatives Explained (Lehman Brothers, 2001)(86s)_FC_.pdf309 KB
FDrop_Real Options
Eapen G. Decision Options.. The Art and Sci...RC, 2009)(ISBN 1420086820)(320s)_FDrop_.pdf8 MB
Mun J. Real options analysis course (Wiley, 2003)(ISBN 0471430013)(O)(319s)_FDrop_.pdf5 MB
Brach M.A. Real options in practice (Wiley, 2003)(ISBN 0471263087)(O)(378s)_FDrop_.pdf5 MB
Schulmerich M. Real Options Valuation (LNEM...5)(ISBN 3540261915)(T)(S)(366s)_FDrop_.djvu3 MB
Mun J. Real options analysis (Wiley, 2002)(ISBN 047125696X)(415s)_FDrop_.pdf3 MB
Reuer J.J., Tong T.W. (eds.) Real Options, 2007)(ISBN 0762314273)(519s)_FDrop_.pdf2 MB
Broyles J. Financial management and real op...ey, 2003)(ISBN 0471899348)(457s)_FDrop_.pdf2 MB
Smit H.T.J., Trigeorgis L. Strategic invest...UP, 2004)(ISBN 0691010390)(505s)_FDrop_.pdf1 MB
Kodukula P., Papudesu C. Project Valuation ...b., 2006)(ISBN 1932159436)(257s)_FDrop_.pdf1 MB
Fontanills G.A. Trade Options Online (2ed.,... 2009)(ISBN 0470336021)(O)(482s)_FDtrd_.pdf7 MB
Yates T. Enhanced Indexing Strategies.. Uti... 2008)(ISBN 0470259256)(O)(305s)_FDtrd_.pdf5 MB
Fontanills G.A., Gentile T. The index tradi...ey, 2006)(ISBN 0471745979)(447s)_FDtrd_.pdf5 MB
Yates L. High performance options trading (Wiley, 2003)(ISBN 0471323659)(238s)_FDtrd_.pdf4 MB
Duarte J. Trading Futures For Dummies (Wiley, 2008)(ISBN 0470287225)(386s)_FDtrd_.pdf4 MB
Cohen G. Options Made Easy.. Your Guide to ...PH, 2005)(ISBN 0131871358)(369s)_FDtrd_.pdf4 MB
Fontanills G.A. Trading Options For Dummies...ey, 2008)(ISBN 0470241764)(385s)_FDtrd_.pdf4 MB
Cottle C.M. Options Trading.. The Hidden Re...or, 2006)(ISBN 0977869172)(430s)_FDtrd_.pdf4 MB
Rejters. (_Reuters_) Derivativy.. Kurs dlya...)(ISBN 5945990205)(ru)(T)(173s)_FDtrd_.djvu4 MB
Thomsett M.C. Winning With Futures (AMACOM, 2008)(ISBN 0814409873)(O)(257s)_FDtrd_.pdf4 MB
Fontanills G.A., Gentile T. The index tradi...ey, 2006)(ISBN 0471745987)(221s)_FDtrd_.pdf3 MB
Lind-Waldock. The Complete Guide to Futures...ey, 2006)(ISBN 0470055596)(313s)_FDtrd_.pdf3 MB
Thomsett M.S. (_Thomsett_) Torgovlya opcion...)(ISBN 5896840160)(ru)(T)(342s)_FDtrd_.djvu3 MB
Ward R. Options and options trading (MGH, 2004)(ISBN 0071432094)(O)(405s)_FDtrd_.pdf3 MB
Bernstein J. How to trade the new single st... 2003)(ISBN 0793157811)(O)(214s)_FDtrd_.pdf2 MB
Dubil R. An arbitrage guide to financial ma...ey, 2004)(ISBN 0470853328)(346s)_FDtrd_.pdf2 MB
Sinclair E. Volatility Trading, + CD-ROM (Wiley, 2008)(ISBN 0470181990)(227s)_FDtrd_.pdf2 MB
Fontanills G.A. The Options Course.. High P...ey, 2005)(ISBN 0471668516)(594s)_FDtrd_.pdf2 MB
Gallacher W.R. The options edge (MGH, 1999)(ISBN 0070382964)(T)(S)(294s)_FDtrd_.djvu2 MB
Cohen G. The Bible of Options Strategies (FTPH, 2005)(ISBN 0131710664)(401s)_FDtrd_.pdf2 MB
Katz J.O., McCormick D.L. How to start day ...ies (MGH, 2001)(ISBN 0071359192)_FDtrd_.chm2 MB
Powers M. Starting out in futures trading (...GH, 2001)(ISBN 0071363904)(395s)_FDtrd_.pdf1 MB
Thomsett M.C. Options trading for the conse...PH, 2005)(ISBN 0131497855)(285s)_FDtrd_.pdf1 MB
Bernstein J. Strategies for the electronic ...der (MGH, 2000)(ISBN 0071352325)_FDtrd_.chm1 MB
De Weert F. Exotic Options Trading (Wiley, 2008)(ISBN 0470517905)(205s)_FDtrd_.pdf1 MB
Bittman J. Trading Options as a Professiona... 2008)(ISBN 0071465057)(O)(382s)_FDtrd_.pdf1 MB
Javaheri A. Inside volatility arbitrage (Wiley, 2005)(ISBN 0471733873)(272s)_FDtrd_.pdf1 MB
Wasendorf R.R. All about futures (MGH, 2001)(ISBN 0071341706)(289s)_FDtrd_.pdf1 MB
De Weert F. An introduction to options trad...ey, 2006)(ISBN 0470029706)(178s)_FDtrd_.pdf1 MB
Jabbour G., Budwick P. The option trader ha...ey, 2004)(ISBN 0471567078)(355s)_FDtrd_.pdf1 MB
Allaire M. The Options Strategist (MGH, 2003)(ISBN 0071408959)(273s)_FDtrd_.pdf953 KB
Kaiser W.S., Green J.E. The art of (MGH, 2001)(ISBN 0071355855)_FDtrd_.chm921 KB
Johnston S.A., Johnston S. Trading options ...ey, 2003)(ISBN 0471226858)(319s)_FDtrd_.pdf899 KB
Young P.L., Sidey C. Single stock futures.....ey, 2003)(ISBN 0470853158)(168s)_FDtrd_.pdf724 KB
Fontanills G.A. The Options Course Workbook...ey, 2005)(ISBN 0471694215)(236s)_FDtrd_.pdf723 KB
Borsellino L.J. Trading S&P, Nasdaq 100 & E-mini Futures (web draft, 2001)(45s)_FDtrd_.pdf498 KB
Miron P., Swannell P. Pricing and Hedging S...b., 1992)(ISBN 185564052X)(O)(264s)_FD_.pdf66 MB
Hall Dzh.K. (_Hull J.C._) Opciony, f'yucher...9785845912053)(ru)(100dpi)(C)(518s)_FD_.pdf24 MB
Wilmott P. Paul Wilmott on quantitative fin...iley, 2006)(ISBN 0470018704)(1401s)_FD_.pdf14 MB
Hull J.C. Options, futures and other deriva...005)(ISBN 0131499084)(KA)(T)(815s)_FD_.djvu11 MB
Hull J.C. Options, futures and other deriva...2009)(ISBN 0136015867)(T)(S)(837s)_FD_.djvu10 MB
Rouah F.D., Vainberg G. Option Pricing Mode...Wiley, 2007)(ISBN 0471794643)(458s)_FD_.pdf10 MB
Alexander C. Market risk analysis III.. Pri...Wiley, 2008)(ISBN 0470997893)(423s)_FD_.pdf9 MB
Rebonato R. Volatility and correlation (2ed., Wiley, 2004)(ISBN 0470091398)(866s)_FD_.pdf8 MB
James P. Option theory (Wiley, 2003)(ISBN 0471492892)(388s)_FD_.pdf7 MB
Hull J.C. Options, futures, & other derivat...H, 2003)(ISBN 0130090565)(T)(756s)_FD_.djvu7 MB
Lewis A. Option Valuation under Stochastic ...BN 0967637201)(400dpi)(K)(T)(362s)_FD_.djvu6 MB
Rubinstein M. Rubinstein On Derivatives (Ri...s, 2000)(ISBN 1899332537)(T)(485s)_FD_.djvu6 MB
Vajn S. (_Vine_) Opciony (Al'pina, 2003)(ISBN 5945990809)(ru)(T)(382s)_FD_.djvu5 MB
Zhang P.G., Zhang P.G. Exotic Options (2ed....1998)(ISBN 9810234821)(T)(S)(730s)_FD_.djvu5 MB
Wilmott P. Paul Wilmott introduces quantita...Wiley, 2007)(ISBN 0470319585)(724s)_FD_.pdf5 MB
Deutsch H.P. Derivatives and Internal Model...., Palgrave, 2004)(ISBN 1403921504)_FD_.chm5 MB
Hunt P.J., Kennedy J.E. Financial derivativ...Wiley, 2004)(ISBN 0470863595)(469s)_FD_.pdf5 MB
Wilmott P. (ed.) The Best of Wilmott 1 (Wiley, 2004)(ISBN 0470023511)_FD_.pdf4 MB
Wilmott P. (ed.) The best of Wilmott 2 (Wiley, 2006)(ISBN 0470017384)(407s)_FD_.pdf4 MB
Taleb N. Dynamic hedging.. Managing vanilla...y, 1997)(ISBN 0471152803)(T)(515s)_FD_.djvu4 MB
Lofton T. Getting started in futures (Wiley, 2005)(ISBN 0471732923)(303s)_FD_.pdf4 MB
Jarrow R. (ed.) Over the rainbow.. Developm...(Risk Books, 1995)(ISBN 1899332308)_FD_.chm4 MB
Burenin A.N. Forvardy, f'yuchersy, opciony ...005)(ISBN 5902189063)(ru)(T)(542s)_FD_.djvu4 MB
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