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Drake Discography

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Torrent Contents

Drake Discography
[2009] Drake - So Far Gone
04-Drake Ft. Bun B Lil Wayne-Uptown (Prod. By Boi-1da And Arthur McArthur).mp314 MB
02-Drake Ft. Trey Songz Lil Wayne-Successful (Prod. By Noah 40 Shebib).mp314 MB
01-Drake- Houstatlantavegas (Prod. By Noah 40 Shebib).mp311 MB
07-Drake-Fear (Prod. By DJ Khalil).mp310 MB
03-Drake-Best I Ever Had (Prod. By Boi-1da).mp39 MB
06-Drake-The Calm (Prod. By Noah 40 Shebib).mp39 MB
05-Drake Ft. Lil Wayne And Young Jeezy-I'm Goin' In (Prod. By Needlz).mp38 MB
[2009] Drake - Marijuana Mixtape
11-Drake Ft.Eminem, Lil Wayne And Kanye West-Forever.mp313 MB
04-Lil Wayne, Gudda Gudda, Nicki Minaj, Drake, Tyga, Jae Millz and Lloyd-Bed Rock.mp310 MB
07-Drake-Fear (Prod. By DJ Khalil).mp310 MB
08-Gucci Mane Ft. DJ Drama, Drake, And Killer Mike - Street Cred.mp310 MB
05-Birdman Ft. Drake And Lil Wayne-Money To Blow.mp310 MB
12-Drake-Best I Ever Had (Prod. By Boi-1da).mp39 MB
13-Kid Cudi Feat. Drake & Ludacris-I Ain't Gotta Trip (M&D Exclusive).mp37 MB
14-Drake Feat. Kanye West & Joe Budden-Take A Look ( Prod. By M&D).mp37 MB
10-Gucci Mane Ft. Drake And Sean Garrett - In My Business.mp37 MB
06-Drake Ft. Birdman-More Milli (Prod. By Boi-1da).mp36 MB
03-Drake Ft. Gucci Mane-Believe It Or Not.mp35 MB
02-Drake-Timbaland Track.mp35 MB
09-J Cole Ft. Lil Wayne & Drake-Never Choke ( Prod. By M&D).mp35 MB
01-Drake-King Leon.mp33 MB
[2009] Drake - The Drizzy Effect
05-Drake_Feat._Kanye_West_Lil_Wayne_Eminem-Forever.mp313 MB
20-Drake_Feat._Swizz_Beatz-Best_I_Ever_Had_Ted_Smooth_Remix_.mp313 MB
01-Drake-Fear.mp310 MB
11-Drake_Feat._Trey_Songz_Chip_Tha_Ripper-Successful_Remix_.mp310 MB
09-Drake-I_m_Still_Fly_Freestyle_.mp39 MB
02-Drake-The_Winner.mp39 MB
08-Drake_Feat._Birdman_Lil_Wayne-Money_to_Blow.mp39 MB
04-Drake_Feat._Lil_Wayne-My_Darlin_Baby.mp39 MB
16-Drake_Feat._Trey_Songz-Invented_Sex.mp38 MB
18-Drake-Take_You_Down.mp38 MB
06-Drake_Feat._Lil_Wayne_Young_Jeezy-I_m_Goin_In.mp38 MB
07-Drake_Feat._Kevin_Cossom-I_Get_Paper.mp37 MB
14-Drake_Feat._Jamie_Foxx_The_Dream_Kanye_West-Digital_Girl_Remix_.mp37 MB
12-Drake-Slow_It_Down.mp37 MB
15-Drake_Feat._Jay-Z-Off_That.mp36 MB
03-Drake_Feat._Nipsey_Hussle-Killers.mp36 MB
10-Drake_Feat._Fabolous-Throw_It_in_the_Bag_Remix_.mp36 MB
19-Drake_Feat._JD_Era-Rock_N_Roll.mp35 MB
13-Drake_Feat._Mary_J_Blige-The_One.mp35 MB
17-Drake-Stunt_on_You.mp32 MB
[2010] Drake - Toronto
17-Young Money (T-Streets, Gudda Gudda, Jae...ack Maine, Drake, And Lil Wayne)-Finale.mp312 MB
11-Young Money (Lil Wayne, Short Dawg, Gudda Gudda, And Drake)-Pass The Dutch.mp311 MB
08-Timbaland Ft. Drake And Griz-Say Something (Remix).mp310 MB
09-Birdman Ft. Drake And Lil Wayne-4 My Town (Play Ball).mp310 MB
16-Trey Songz Feat Grafh And Drake-Invented Sex (Remix).mp39 MB
12-DJ Khaled Ft. Lil Wayne. Drake. Usher. Rick Ross. Young Jeezy-Fed Up.mp39 MB
06-Birdman Ft. Drake And Bun B-Mo Milly.mp39 MB
10-Dondria Feat Trey Songz And Drake-Invented Sex (Remix).mp39 MB
14-Drake Feat DS And S Tha Mogul-Say Something (Remix).mp39 MB
07-Madonna Fet. Drake-You Got Style (Hi-Def Remix).mp38 MB
01-Drake-Scriptures.mp38 MB
04-Drake Ft. Dirty Money-Hurt.mp38 MB
15-Drake Ft. Colin Munroe-Runaway Girl (Prod. By Tha Bizness).mp38 MB
03-Drake-Do What You Do (Original No DJ).mp37 MB
13-Young Money (Lil Wayne, Drake, Nicki Min...dda Gudda) Ft. Birdman-Fuck Da Bullshit.mp37 MB
02-Drake-It’s Been A Pleasure.mp36 MB
05-Drake-Money (Original No DJ).mp35 MB
[2009] Drake Ft Kanye West Lil Wayne and Eminem - Forever (Promo CDS)
03-drake_ft_kanye_west_lil_wayne_and_eminem-forever_(main).mp38 MB
02-drake_ft_kanye_west_lil_wayne_and_eminem-forever_(clean).mp38 MB
04-drake_ft_kanye_west_lil_wayne_and_eminem-forever_(instrumental).mp38 MB
01-drake_ft_kanye_west_lil_wayne_and_eminem-forever_(radio_edit).mp37 MB
05-drake_ft_kanye_west_lil_wayne_and_eminem-forever_(acapella).mp36 MB
[2010] Drake - Its Been A Pleasure
11. 4 My Town (Remix) (Feat. Drake, Lil Wayne, & Young Jeezy)-MF.mp38 MB
12. Finale (Feat. Lil Wayne & Young Money)-MF.mp37 MB
15. Darling Baby-MF.mp36 MB
10. Pass The Dutch (Feat. Lil Wayne & Young Money)-MF.mp36 MB
17. Bedrock (Feat. Lil Wayne & Young Money)-MF.mp36 MB
9. Fear-MF.mp35 MB
20. Hurt-MF.mp35 MB
7. Scriptures-MF.mp34 MB
16. Off That (Feat. Jay-Z)-MF.mp34 MB
19. Beautiful-MF.mp34 MB
18. Fed Up (Feat. Usher, Young Jeezy, & Rick Ross)-MF.mp34 MB
3. It's Been A Pleasure-MF.mp33 MB
8. Killer (Feat. Nipsey Hussle)-MF.mp33 MB
13. Material Girl-MF.mp33 MB
5. Say Something-MF.mp33 MB
6. Believe It Or Not (Feat. Gucci Mane)-MF.mp32 MB
4. Successful (Unreleased Verse!!!)-MF.mp32 MB
2. Zone (World Premiere Exclusive!!!)-MF.mp32 MB
14. The King-MF.mp32 MB
1. Baby Come With Me (World Premiere Exclusive!!!)-MF.mp31 MB
[2010] Drake - Heartbreak Drake 4
11_Drake_-_4_My_Town.mp37 MB
15_Drake_-_Young_Money_Bonus_Track.mp37 MB
16_Drake_-_Young_Money_Bonus_Track.mp36 MB
12_Drake_-_Say_Something.mp35 MB
13_Drake_-_Hurt_(Remix).mp35 MB
01_Drake_-_My_New_Shit.mp34 MB
14_Drake_-_Runaway_Girl_(Full_Song).mp33 MB
02_Drake_-_Where.mp33 MB
04_Drake_-_Zone.mp33 MB
05_Drake_-_Pleasure.mp33 MB
08_Drake_-_Alicia.mp33 MB
10_Drake_-_Believe_Dat.mp32 MB
09_Drake_-_Fuck_Da_Bull.mp31 MB
06_Drake_-_Pass_the_Dutch.mp31 MB
07_Drake_-_Finale.mp31 MB
03_Drake_-_Come_with_Me.mp31 MB
00_Drake-Heartbreak_Drake_4-2010-(Front).JPG42 KB
[2009] DJ P-Cutta Presents Drake - Rhythm And Drake
12-drake-my_darling_baby_(feat._lil'_wayne).mp37 MB
13-drake-money_to_blow_(remix)(feat._2_pistols_and_lil'_wayne).mp37 MB
11-drake-bed_rock_(feat._young_money).mp37 MB
14-drake-seccessful_(remix)(feat._jay-z_and_t-pain).mp36 MB
09-drake-throw_it_in_the_bag_(remix)(feat._lil'_wayne).mp36 MB
15-drake-play_ball_(feat._richie_wess_and_young_dred).mp35 MB
05-drake-beautiful_music.mp35 MB
02-drake-say_something_(feat._timbaland).mp35 MB
03-drake-fed_up_(feat._young_jeezy_and_rick_ross).mp35 MB
10-drake-i_get_money_(feat._kevin_cossom).mp35 MB
07-drake-play_ball_(feat._soulja_boy).mp35 MB
08-drake-more_millie_(feat._birdman).mp34 MB
06-drake-believe_it_or_not_(feat._gucci_mane).mp33 MB
04-drake-king_leon.mp32 MB
01-drake-dj_p-cutta_intro.mp32 MB
Rhythm And Drake Vol 4 BACK.jpg96 KB
Rhythm And Drake Vol 4 FRONT.jpg81 KB
[2009] Drake - Seasonal Intuition
03 Say Something (Remix) (Feat. Timbaland, Lupe Fiasco).mp37 MB
05 4 My Town (Feat. Birdman, Lil Wayne) [Extended Version].mp36 MB
10 Mo Milly (Feat. Birdman, Bun B).mp34 MB
04 Fed Up (Feat. DJ Khaled, Usher, Young Jeezy, Rick Ross, Lil Wayne).mp34 MB
08 Make It Go (Remix) (Feat. Belly).mp34 MB
09 Hurt (Feat. Dirty Money).mp34 MB
13 Scriptures.mp34 MB
Slow it Down (Feat. Deonte).mp34 MB
14 Do What You Do.mp34 MB
12 Runaway Girl (Feat. Colin Munroe).mp33 MB
02 I Do This (Feat. Belly).mp32 MB
06 Money.mp32 MB
11 Believe It Or Not (Feat. Gucci Mane).mp32 MB
07 When We Come Around (Feat. Nickelus F).mp32 MB
01 The Game's Infiltrator.mp31 MB
[2009] Drake - Heartbreak Drake 2
12. Successful Trey Songz.mp37 MB
04. The Winner.mp35 MB
16. Best I ever had mase.mp35 MB
15. Take you down.mp35 MB
11. Digital Girl Jamie Foxx & Kanye West.mp35 MB
10. Invented Sex Trey Songz.mp35 MB
09. The One Mary J Blige.mp35 MB
05. Slow it down.mp34 MB
14. Goin In Lil Wayne & Young Jeezy.mp34 MB
13. Unstoppable feat Lil Wayne & Santogold.mp34 MB
02. Do it now.mp34 MB
03. Juice.mp33 MB
08. Belly shit.mp32 MB
06. Something.mp32 MB
07. Stunt on you.mp31 MB
01. Drake signs intro.mp31 MB
17. Thank me later coming soon outro-MF-.mp3643 KB
[2009] Young Money Ent Presents Lil Wayne & Drake - Young Money Year 2K9
18 Drake, Lil Wayne, Bun B - Uptown.mp37 MB
15 Drake, Lil Wayne - Congratulation.mp36 MB
12 Drake, Lil Wayne - Stunt Hard.mp35 MB
06 Drake, Lil Wayne, Glasses Malone, Bun B, Akon - Certified (Remix).mp35 MB
01 Lil Wayne, Birdman - South Side.mp35 MB
02 Lil Wayne, Mack Maine - Baseball Sex.mp35 MB
13 Young Money - Every Girl.mp35 MB
10 Drake, Lil Wayne, Kid Kid - Want This 4 Eva.mp34 MB
04 Drake, Lil Wayne - Man Of The Year.mp34 MB
17 Drake, Lil Wayne - Ransom.mp34 MB
14 Drake, Lil Wayne - Ignorant Shit.mp34 MB
11 Drake, Lil Wayne, Santagold - Unstoppable (Remix).mp34 MB
05 Lil Wayne, Young Money - Sacrifice.mp34 MB
09 Drake, Lil Wayne - Stunt Hard.mp34 MB
16 Drake, Lil Wayne - Brand New (Remix).mp33 MB
08 Lil Wayne, Smitty, Ice Berg - Mr. Gangsta.mp32 MB
07 Jr. Writer, Lil Wayne - We Like The Cars.mp32 MB
03 Drake - Juice.mp32 MB
[2009] Drake - Heartbreak Drake
10.Ransom.mp37 MB
4.Best I Ever Had Feat Nicki Minaj.mp36 MB
13.Ignorant Shit.mp36 MB
8.Succesful.mp35 MB
32.Lets Call It Off.mp35 MB
27.Say What's Real.mp35 MB
25.Uptown.mp34 MB
20.Closer To My Dreams.mp34 MB
17.Rewind.mp34 MB
29.Video Girl.mp33 MB
5.Every Girl Feat Young Money.mp33 MB
24.Goodnite And Goodluck.mp33 MB
21.Going In For Life.mp33 MB
31.Special.mp33 MB
22.Decieving.mp33 MB
14.Lil Wayne-Interlude.mp33 MB
2.Gametime-Freestyle.mp32 MB
30.Lust For Life.mp32 MB
23.I'm Still Fly.mp32 MB
12.I'm Going In.mp32 MB
18.I Can Take Your Girl.mp32 MB
9.Brand New.mp32 MB
11.Man Of The Year.mp32 MB
16.Congratulations.mp32 MB
26.Must Hate Money.mp32 MB
28.City Is Mine.mp31 MB
19.Money To Blow.mp31 MB
7.November 18th.mp31 MB
3.Incarcerated-Freestyle.mp31 MB
6.In My City.mp31 MB
1.The Making Of Drake-Intro.mp31 MB
15.Unstopable Feat Lil Wayne.mp31 MB
[2009] Drake - Best Of Drizzy
04-Drake-Overdose_(feat._Travis_McCoy_&_Mickey_Factz).mp36 MB
10-Drake-Sooner_Than_Later.mp36 MB
06-Drake-Little_Bit_(Remix)_(feat._Lykke_Li).mp35 MB
19-Drake-Kick_Push_(feat._Lupe_Fiasco).mp34 MB
18-Drake-Closer_(feat._Andreena_Mill).mp34 MB
09-Drake-Man_Of_The_Year_(feat._Lil_Wayne).mp34 MB
15-Drake-Stuntin_(feat._Lil_Wayne).mp34 MB
08-Drake-Swagger_Like_Us.mp34 MB
11-Drake-Am_2_Pm.mp34 MB
12-Drake-Ransom_(feat._Lil_Wayne).mp33 MB
13-Drake-The_Presentation.mp33 MB
03-Drake-Barry_Bonds.mp33 MB
17-Drake-Try_Harder.mp32 MB
01-Drake-Still_Fly.mp32 MB
14-Drake-Underdog_(feat._Trey_Songz).mp32 MB
07-Drake-Comeback_Season.mp32 MB
16-Drake-Brand_New_(Remix)_(feat._Lil_Wayne).mp32 MB
02-Drake-Asthma_Team.mp31 MB
05-Drake-Faded.mp31 MB
[2009] Drake & Lil Wayne - Official White Label
27-ignorant_shit.mp36 MB
14-fed_up.mp35 MB
17-think_good_thoughts.mp34 MB
01-money_to_blow_remix.mp34 MB
25-give_it_to_ya.mp34 MB
28-congratulations.mp34 MB
29-closer_to_you.mp34 MB
18-thats_all_i_have.mp34 MB
26-play_ball.mp34 MB
02-more_milli.mp34 MB
12-fear.mp34 MB
19-sweet_dreams.mp34 MB
16-look_out.mp34 MB
08-bed_rock.mp34 MB
10-say_what_real.mp34 MB
21-watch_my_shoes.mp34 MB
09-killer.mp33 MB
24-wasted.mp33 MB
11-say_what_real.mp33 MB
04-i_run_it.mp33 MB
05-down_in_the_studio.mp33 MB
13-dead_on_arrival.mp33 MB
03-oh_lets_do_it.mp33 MB
23-do_it_now.mp33 MB
22-beautiful_music.mp33 MB
15-go_harder.mp33 MB
06-say_something.mp33 MB
20-poker_face.mp32 MB
07-around_the_way.mp32 MB
cover.jpg236 KB
[2009] Birdman Feat. Drake and Lil Wayne - Money to Blow (Promo CDS) MB
02_Birdman_Feat._Drake_and_Lil_Wayne_-_Mone...low_(Feat._Drake_and_Lil_Wayne)(Street).mp36 MB
01_Birdman_Feat._Drake_and_Lil_Wayne_-_Mone...Blow_(Feat._Drake_and_Lil_Wayne)(Clean).mp36 MB
04_Birdman_Feat._Drake_and_Lil_Wayne_-_Mone..._(Feat._Drake_and_Lil_Wayne)(Acappella).mp35 MB
[2009] Drake and DJ Whiteowl - Welcome to the Future
11_Drake_Ft_Lil_Wayne_and_Nutt_Da_Kidd_-_I_Can_Take_Your_Girl_(Remix).mp35 MB
01_Drake_Ft_Lil_Wayne_Eminem_and_Kanye_West_-_I_Want_this_Forever.mp35 MB
16_Drake_and_Swizz_Beats_-_The_Best_I_Ever_Had_(Ted_Smootth_Remix).mp34 MB
13_Drake_and_Lil_Wayne_-_Congrats.mp34 MB
17_Drake_and_9th_Wonder_-_You_Dont_Know_Me.mp34 MB
21_Drake_-_Im_the_Winner.mp33 MB
04_Drake_and_Fabolous_-_Throw_it_in_the_Bag_(Official_Remix).mp33 MB
19_Drake_Jamie_Foxx_and_Kanye_West_-_Digitial_Girl_Pt_2.mp33 MB
02_Drake_Ft_Jay-Z_-_Get_Off_that_(Prod_by_Timbaland).mp33 MB
18_Drake_and_Lil_Wayne_-_Amazing_Love_(Rebirth_Remix).mp33 MB
14_Drake_-_Slow_it_Down.mp33 MB
20_Drake_Ft_Lil_Wayne_and_Young_Jeezy_-_Im_Goin_in_Pt_2.mp33 MB
10_Drake_-_Freestyle.mp32 MB
12_Drake_and_Lil_Wayne_-_Brand_New.mp32 MB
03_Drake_Ft_Lil_Wayne_-_I_Got_Money.mp32 MB
08_Drake_-_Right_Now_(Goodnight).mp32 MB
06_Drake_-_The_Juiceman.mp32 MB
15_Drake_-_Girl_Let_Me.mp32 MB
05_Drake_-_This_is_What_I_Do_Ft_Belly.mp32 MB
07_Drake_-_We_Good_(Overdose).mp31 MB
22_Lil_Wayne_and_Nicki_Minaj_-_I_Gets_Crazy_(Young_Money_(Bonus).mp31 MB
09_Drake_-_Incarcerated.mp31 MB
[2009] Drake - Heartbreak Drake 3
12-drake-money_to_blow.mp35 MB
15-drake-killers.mp34 MB
13-drake-darlin.mp34 MB
11-drake-more_milli.mp34 MB
04-drake-play_ball_(feat_birdman).mp34 MB
01-drake-scriptures.mp34 MB
16-drake-bedrock.mp34 MB
05-drake-fed_up.mp34 MB
02-drake-hurt.mp33 MB
17-drake-off_that.mp33 MB
08-drake-play_ball.mp33 MB
03-drake-material_girl.mp32 MB
19-drake-go.mp32 MB
14-drake-fear.mp32 MB
06-drake-say_something.mp32 MB
09-drake-believe_it_or_not.mp32 MB
10-drake-business.mp31 MB
07-drake-the_king.mp31 MB
18-drake-beautful.mp31 MB
20-drake-successful_(feat_jay-z)_(live).mp3583 KB
[2009] DJ Khaled Ft VA - Fed Up (Promo CDS)
01-dj_khaled_ft_va-fed_up_(clean).mp35 MB
02-dj_khaled_ft_va-fed_up_(dirty).mp35 MB
03-dj_khaled_ft_va-fed_up_(instrumental).mp35 MB
[2009] Drake - The Ladies Love Drake
05. Uptown.mp35 MB
09. Ova Dose On Life.mp35 MB
17. Successful.mp34 MB
01. Every Girl.mp34 MB
06. Sweat.mp34 MB
04. I Want Dis 4 Eva.mp33 MB
02. Best I Ever Had.mp33 MB
16. My Dreams.mp33 MB
10. Money Friends.mp33 MB
21. Take It Girl.mp33 MB
22. Enjoy Dis.mp33 MB
08. She Wanna Dance.mp33 MB
15. The Girls Love Drake.mp33 MB
18. Smile for Me.mp33 MB
20. Ball Out.mp32 MB
19. Can't Hide It.mp32 MB
07. Good Night.mp32 MB
03. Im Going In.mp32 MB
12. Get it Mane.mp31 MB
11. Presidents.mp31 MB
13. Still Drake.mp31 MB
14. What Im Thinking.mp31 MB

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