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Disco 80s 90s The Greatest Hits

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in 2,000 files
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5 years old  
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Torrent Contents

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Boney M - Megamix.mp3115 MB
Chilly - For Your Love and For Your Love Suite.mp325 MB
Cappella - U Got 2 Know (A La Carte).mp324 MB
C+C Music Factory - A Groove Of Love (What's This Word Called Love).mp322 MB
Mike Mareen - Love Spy (Night Mix).mp320 MB
Sweet Connection - Need Your Passion.mp319 MB
Moon Ray - Comanchero (Disco Mix).mp319 MB
Den Harrow - Don't Break My Heart.mp319 MB
Miquel Brown - So Many Men, So Little Time.mp318 MB
Dj's Project - Vision Of Love.mp318 MB
Bolero - I Wish.mp317 MB
Silicon Dream - Marcello The Mastroianni.mp317 MB
Radiorama - Yeti.mp317 MB
Jesus Loves You - After The Love.mp317 MB
Jellybean - The Real Thing.mp317 MB
Arcadia - The Promise.mp317 MB
Lime - Unexpected Lovers (Remix).mp317 MB
Linda Jo Rizzo - Fly Me High.mp316 MB
Topo & Roby - Under The Ice.mp316 MB
James Brown - Rapp Payback (Where Iz Moses ).mp316 MB
Silicon Dream - Andromeda.mp316 MB
New Baccara - Fantasy Boy.mp316 MB
Mystic Merlin - Just Can't Give You Up.mp316 MB
Mozzart - Devil's Rendez-Vous.mp315 MB
Chris Rea - On The Beach.mp315 MB
Savage - Only You.mp315 MB
Fred Ventura - The Years.mp315 MB
Creative Connection - Scratch My Name.mp315 MB
Steve Clack - No More Love.mp315 MB
Mikron - Polynesia.mp315 MB
Fair Control - Broken Dreams.mp315 MB
K.B. Caps - Catch Me Now I'm Falling.mp315 MB
Beau Sexon - Don't Tell Me No Lies.mp315 MB
Pandora's Box - It's All Coming Back To Me Now.mp315 MB
T. Ark - Count On Me.mp314 MB
Alberto D'Arco - Dai Dai Dai (Dolce Vita).mp314 MB
Mike Mareen - Love Spy.mp314 MB
Vanessa - Be My Lady.mp314 MB
Rozalla - Everybody's Free (To Feel Good).mp314 MB
Scorpions - Send Me An Angel.mp314 MB
Captain Hollywood Project - Lost in Gravity.mp314 MB
Chilly - Sunshine of Your Love.mp314 MB
Ziggy Marley And The Melody Ma - Kozmik.mp314 MB
Phil Fearon & Galaxy - Dancing Tight.mp314 MB
Edelweiss - Forest.mp314 MB
Phil & Stan - I Need Your Love Tonight.mp314 MB
Koto - Visitors.mp314 MB
Eddy Huntington - Love For Russia.mp314 MB
Alphatown - Power Of Magic.mp314 MB
The Flirts - Helpless.mp314 MB
Captain Hollywood Project - Odyssey of Emotions.mp313 MB
Jules - You And Me.mp313 MB
Roxanne - Charlene.mp313 MB
Michael Bedford - More Than A Kiss.mp313 MB
Raggio Di Luna - Comanchero.mp313 MB
Squash Gang - I Want An Illusion (Extend).mp313 MB
Linda Jo Rizzo - Heartflash.mp313 MB
Frank Duval - Alaya.mp313 MB
Michael Jackson - Wanna Be Startin' Somethin'.mp313 MB
Captain Hollywood Project - Relax your Mind.mp313 MB
Solid Strangers - Gimme The Light.mp313 MB
Argentina - Baby, Don't You Break (My Heart).mp313 MB
Speedy J. - Pull Over.mp313 MB
VideoKids - Woodpeckers From Space.mp313 MB
Loose Ends - Hangin' On A String.mp313 MB
Mr. Zhivago - Yesterday.mp313 MB
Roger Meno - Don't Go Away (extended).mp313 MB
Falco - Jeanny.mp313 MB
Boney M - Kalimba De Luna.mp313 MB
Bruce & Bongo - Geil.mp313 MB
Fpi Project - Rich In Paradise.mp313 MB
Michael Sembello - Maniac (Extended Long Vocal Version).mp313 MB
Secret Service - Flash In The Night.mp313 MB
Stephanie - One Love To Give.mp313 MB
Mirage - No More War.mp313 MB
Bad Boys Blue - Pretty Young Girl.mp313 MB
Kay Morgan - Secret Lover.mp313 MB
Babylon Zoo - Spaceman.mp313 MB
Marc Almond - Tears Run Rings.mp313 MB
Mr.President - Take Me To The Limit.mp313 MB
C.C.Catch - Strangers By Night.mp313 MB
C+C Music Factory - Here We Go, Let's Rock & Roll.mp313 MB
China Crisis - Christian.mp313 MB
Rocky M. - Looking My Heart.mp313 MB
Electra - Сuando Сuando.mp313 MB
Melba Moore - Love's Comin' At Ya.mp313 MB
Thai Break - Flowers In The Rain.mp312 MB
Duran Duran - Ordinary World.mp312 MB
Linda Jo Rizzo - You're My First, You're My Last.mp312 MB
Denise & Baby's Gang - Disco Maniac.mp312 MB
Thunder - In A Broken Dream.mp312 MB
Captain Hollywood Project - The Way Love is.mp312 MB
Wish Key - Orient Express.mp312 MB
Stage - Woodoo Dance.mp312 MB
C+C Music Factory - Takin' Over.mp312 MB
The Art Of Noise - Close (To The Edit).mp312 MB
C+C Music Factory - Bang That Beat.mp312 MB
Blondie - Rapture.mp312 MB
Power Station - Get It On.mp312 MB
Gazebo - Love In Your Eyes.mp312 MB
Mylene Farmer - Agnus Dei.mp312 MB
Fantastique - Costa Blanca.mp312 MB
Felli - Diamond In The Night.mp312 MB
It Bites - Calling All The Heroes.mp312 MB
M People - Movin' On Up.mp312 MB
Frankie Goes To Hollywood - The Power Of Love.mp312 MB
Arcadia - Election Day.mp312 MB
Madonna - 80s Megamix.mp312 MB
C+C Music Factory - Bounce To The Beat (Can You Dig It).mp312 MB
Roger Meno - I Find the Way.mp312 MB
C+C Music Factory - Take A Toke.mp312 MB
2 Unlimited - Someone to get there.mp312 MB
Donna Summer - Hot Stuff.mp312 MB
Mylene Farmer - Vertige.mp312 MB
Monte Cristo - The Girl of Lucifer.mp312 MB
Cappella - U Got 2 Let The Music.mp312 MB
C+C Music Factory - Things That Make You Go Hmmmm.....mp312 MB
Brando - Rainy Day.mp312 MB
Savage - Fugitive.mp312 MB
Freddie Jackson - Me & Mrs. Jones.mp312 MB
Mylene Farmer - Innamoramento.mp312 MB
Digital Emotion - Dance To The Music.mp312 MB
Daydream - Crazy.mp312 MB
Foreigner - With Heaven On Our Side.mp312 MB
Adriano Celentano - Amore No.mp312 MB
Mylene Farmer - Beyond My Control.mp312 MB
Black Box - Strike It Up.mp312 MB
Fantastique - Maria No Mas.mp312 MB
2 Unlimited - Close 2 U.mp312 MB
Jt & The Big Family - Moments In Soul.mp312 MB
Mylene Farmer - Je T'aime Melancolie.mp311 MB
Stage - Ocean Of Crime.mp311 MB
Miko Mission - Two For Love.mp311 MB
Baltimora - Chinese Restaurant.mp311 MB
Marillion - Incommunicado.mp311 MB
Cappella - U Got 2 Know.mp311 MB
Duke Lake - Do You.mp311 MB
Mylene Farmer - Desenchantee.mp311 MB
Nightlife Unlimited - Let's Do It Again.mp311 MB
Poison - Stand.mp311 MB
Spandau Ballet - I'll Fly For You.mp311 MB
Pet Shop Boys - Paninaro Italian Remix.mp311 MB
Breack Machine - Street Dance.mp311 MB
Cappella - Don't Be Proud.mp311 MB
Sandy Wilson - Gimme Your Love.mp311 MB
Black Box - Fantasy.mp311 MB
Boney M - Oceans Of Fantasy.mp311 MB
Shara Nelson - Uptight.mp311 MB
Abba - Voulez-Vous.mp311 MB
C+C Music Factory - I Wanna Blow Your Mind.mp311 MB
Foreigner - I Want To Know What Love Is.mp311 MB
Sinead O'connor - Nothing Compares 2 You.mp311 MB
Chicago - Hard To Say I'm Sorry.mp311 MB
Captain Hollywood Project - Impossible.mp311 MB
Click - Americano.mp311 MB
Frankie Goes To Hollywood - Rage Hard.mp311 MB
Cappella - Move On Baby.mp311 MB
Neil Smith - Help Me Through The Summer.mp311 MB
Little River Band - Forever Blue.mp311 MB
Jules - I Want To (12 Maxi Single Version).mp311 MB
Mylene Farmer - Je Te Rends Ton Amour.mp311 MB
Mylene Farmer - Regrets.mp311 MB
Grant Miller - Tracks In The Snow.mp311 MB
Bee Gees - Tragedy.mp311 MB
Chris Rea - Looking For The Summer.mp311 MB
New Baccara - Call Me Up (Special DJ Mix).mp311 MB
Mylene Farmer - Eaunanisme.mp311 MB
Scotch - Plus, Plus.mp311 MB
Facts & Fiction - Give Me the Night.mp311 MB
Ziggy Marley And The Melody Makers - Look Who's Dancing.mp311 MB
The Flirts - Passion.mp311 MB
Creative Connection - Call My Name.mp311 MB
Captain Hollywood Project - Rhythm of Life.mp311 MB
Blue System - She's A Lady.mp311 MB
Mylene Farmer - Pas De Donte.mp311 MB
Fancy - Lady Of Ice.mp311 MB
Roger Meno - What My Heart Wanna Say.mp311 MB
Ottawan - Zoo Zoo.mp311 MB
Melissa Manchester - Thief Of Hearts.mp311 MB
Wendy & Lisa - Satisfaction.mp311 MB
Raff - Self Control.mp311 MB
Boney M - Bye Bye Bluebird.mp311 MB
Mylene Farmer - California.mp311 MB
Foreigner - Just Between You And Me.mp311 MB
Stacey Q - Two Of Hearts.mp311 MB
Tom Jones & Van Morrison - Carrying A Torch.mp311 MB
Kim Carnes - Draw Of The Card.mp311 MB
Sade - No Ordinary Love.mp311 MB
Ryan Paris - Besoin D'Amour.mp311 MB
Fpi Project - Eveybody (All Over The World).mp311 MB
ABC - Love Conquers All.mp311 MB
Dj'S Project - Birthday Girl.mp311 MB
Michael Jackson - Billy Jean.mp311 MB
Bee Gees - You Should Be Dancing.mp311 MB
C+C Music Factory - Givin' It To You.mp311 MB
Amanda Lear - Give A Bit Of Hmm To Me.mp311 MB
Billy Idol - Dancing With Myself.mp311 MB
Captain Hollywood Project - All The Tears.mp311 MB
Black Slate - Amigo.mp311 MB
Rozalla - Faith.mp311 MB
Latin Lover - Casanova Action.mp311 MB
Haddaway - In The Mix (What Is Love-Rock My...ho Do You Love-Another Day Without You).mp311 MB
Selena - Shotgun.mp311 MB
Climie Fisher - Love Like A River.mp311 MB
Scotch - Loving is Easy.mp311 MB
Stars On 45 - Club Hits.mp311 MB
Diana Ross - I Will Survive.mp310 MB
L.I.F.E. - It Happens All The Time.mp310 MB
Boney M - Love For Sale.mp310 MB
Cappella - What I Gotta Do.mp310 MB
Cappella - Shake Your Body.mp310 MB
Propaganda - Duel.mp310 MB
Climie Fisher - Rise To The Occasion.mp310 MB
The Outhere Brothers - Don't Stop (Wiggle Wiggle)(Original Mix).mp310 MB
Chris Rea - Auberge.mp310 MB
George Clinton - Atomic Dog.mp310 MB
Mylene Farmer - Tomber 7 Fois....mp310 MB
Parislion - Happy Children.mp310 MB
Fun Fun - Happy Station.mp310 MB
Michael Sembello - Maniac.mp310 MB
Duran Duran - Rio.mp310 MB
ELO - Secret Messages.mp310 MB
Tim Finn - Persuation.mp310 MB
Shooting Party - I Go To Pieces.mp310 MB
Whitesnake - Is This Love.mp310 MB
Foreigner - Out Of The Blue.mp310 MB
Moltocarina - Love For Sale.mp310 MB
Sandra - Secret Land.mp310 MB
Freddie Jackson - You Are My Lady.mp310 MB
Adeva - Warning.mp310 MB
Eddy Huntington - U. S. S. R..mp310 MB
Trans-X - Living On Video.mp310 MB
Edelweiss - To The Mountain Top.mp310 MB
Culture Beat - DMC - Megamix.mp310 MB
Alphonse Mouzon's Electric Band - Everybody Get Down.mp310 MB
P Lion - Happy Children.mp310 MB
MoDo - Super Gut.mp310 MB
Mr.President - I'll Be Home On Christmas Day.mp310 MB
Mylene Farmer - L'Instant X.mp310 MB
Radiorama - Yeti (Remix`89).mp310 MB
Marc Almond & Gene Pitney - Something's Gotten Hold Of My Heart.mp310 MB
Panorama - War In Love.mp310 MB
Silent Circle - Oh, Don't Lose Your Heart Tonight.mp310 MB
Dusty Springfield - Nothing Has Been Proved.mp310 MB
Silent Circle - 2 Night.mp310 MB
Bronski Beat - Why .mp310 MB
Billy Idol - Cradle Of Love.mp310 MB
L'affair - Secret Eyes.mp310 MB
La Bionda - Sandstorm.mp310 MB
New Baccara - Talisman.mp310 MB
C+C Music Factory - Still.mp310 MB
Les McKeown - Love's Is Just A Breath Away.mp310 MB
Us3 - Cantaloop.mp310 MB
Hypnosis - Droid.mp310 MB
C.C.Catch - Stay.mp310 MB
Chicago - Wishing You Were Here.mp310 MB
Rose - Magic Carillion.mp310 MB
Baccara - Yes, Sir I Can Boogie.mp310 MB
Captain Hollywood Project - Rhythm Takes Control.mp310 MB
Abba - The Day Before You Came.mp310 MB
Real Life - Send Me An Angel.mp310 MB
Captain Hollywood Project - Love 4 U Love 4 Me.mp310 MB
Chris Rea - Josephine.mp310 MB
Black Box - I Don't Know Anybody Else.mp310 MB
Suzy Q - Computer Music.mp310 MB
The Art Of Noise - Moments In Love.mp310 MB
Jon Secada - Angel.mp310 MB
Santa Esmeralda - You're My Everthing.mp310 MB
Whitesnake - Here I Go Again.mp310 MB
Eighth Wonder - Im Not Scared.mp310 MB
Edelweiss - Wake Up.mp310 MB
Dschinghis Khan - Israel, Israel.mp310 MB
C.C.Catch - Good Gous Only Win In Movies.mp310 MB
Stevie Nicks - Rooms On Fire.mp310 MB
Ivan - Baila.mp310 MB
Charles & Eddie - Would I Lie To You.mp310 MB
Chris Rea - The Road To Hell.mp310 MB
UB40 - Many Rivers To Cross.mp310 MB
Foreigner - Safe In My Heart.mp310 MB
O.K. - O'Kay.mp310 MB
Whigfield - Think Of You.mp310 MB
Digital Emotion - Get Up.mp310 MB
ELO - Last Train To London.mp310 MB
Self Service - Special Night.mp310 MB
Vanilla Ice - Ice Ice Baby.mp310 MB
Mylene Farmer - Pourvu Qu'elles Soient Douces.mp310 MB
Mylene Farmer - Dessine-Moi Un Mouton.mp310 MB
Baby's Gang - America .mp310 MB
Mozzart - The hurricanes only one night.mp310 MB
La Bouche - Bolingo (Love Is In The Air).mp310 MB
C+C Music Factory - Let's Get Funkee.mp310 MB
Pat Benatar - All Fired Up.mp310 MB
Stefano Pulga - Take Me Higher.mp310 MB
Joy - Hello.mp310 MB
Eddy Huntington - May Day.mp310 MB
Sheree - Ronnie Talk To Russia.mp310 MB
Loose Ends - Magic Touch.mp310 MB
Maxx - Voodoo Child.mp310 MB
Radio Di Luna - Comanchero.mp310 MB
Blessed Union Of Souls - I Believe.mp310 MB
Talk Talk - Life's What You Make It.mp310 MB
Adriano Celentano - Ja Tebia Liubliu.mp310 MB
Spagna - I Wanna Be Your Wife.mp310 MB
Max Him - Just A Love Affair.mp310 MB
Extreme - More Than Words.mp310 MB
Modern Talking - You're My Heart You're My Soul.mp310 MB
Dignity - Talk To Me.mp310 MB
Adriano Celentano - Quel Punto.mp310 MB
Huey Lewis & The News - Stuck With You.mp310 MB
Saxon - Ride Like The Wind.mp310 MB
La Bouche - A Moment Of Love.mp310 MB
Baby's Gang - Happy Song.mp310 MB
Scritti Politti - The Word Girl.mp310 MB
Mylene Farmer - Mylene S'en Fout.mp310 MB
C+C Music Factory - Gonna Love U Over.mp310 MB
Michael Jackson - Baby Be Mine.mp310 MB
Frank Duval - Face To Face.mp310 MB
Culture Beat - Anything.mp310 MB
Boy George - To Be Reborn.mp310 MB
Richard Marx - Right Here Waiting.mp310 MB
Killing Joke - Love Like Blood.mp310 MB
Pet Shop Boys - Was It Worth It.mp310 MB
Something Happens - Parachute.mp310 MB
Adriano Celentano - Pay Pay Pay.mp310 MB
D'angelo - Brown Sugar.mp310 MB
Carlos Perez - Las Manos Quietas.mp310 MB
Pam'n'Pat - To Be Superman.mp310 MB
Dj Bobo - Love Is All Around.mp310 MB
Mylene Farmer - XXL.mp310 MB
Captain Hollywood Project - A Little Bit.mp310 MB
Miko Mission - How Old Are You.mp310 MB
Glamour Station - Ev'ry Body Does It.mp39 MB
Bizzy & Co - Take A Chance.mp39 MB
Chilly - Dance with Me.mp39 MB
Cappella - The Big Beat.mp39 MB
Cut 'n Move - Give It Up.mp39 MB
Adriano Celentano - Stivali E Colbacco.mp39 MB
Simple Minds - Don't You (Forget About Me).mp39 MB
Saphir - I'm Alive.mp39 MB
Go West - Faithful.mp39 MB
Heath Hunter - Walking On Clouds.mp39 MB
Sandra - Loreen.mp39 MB
C+C Music Factory - Till The End Of Time.mp39 MB
White Town - Your Woman.mp39 MB
Den Harrow - Italian Megamix.mp39 MB
Digital Emotion - Get Up Action (Disko Re-Edit).mp39 MB
Dusty Springfield - In Private.mp39 MB
Neoton Familia - Marathon.mp39 MB
Chilly - The Race.mp39 MB
Monte Cristo - Girl of Lucifere.mp39 MB
Fancy - Tonight The Devil Wins My Soul.mp39 MB
Bonnie Tyler - Holding Out For a Hero.mp39 MB
Bad Boys Blue - Don't Walk Away, Susanne.mp39 MB
ELO - Midnight Blue.mp39 MB
Ottawan - Crazy Music.mp39 MB
Boytronic - I Will Survive.mp39 MB
Baby's Gang - Challenger.mp39 MB
April Wine - I Like To Rock.mp39 MB
Living In A Box - Blow The House Down.mp39 MB
Billy Idol - Speed.mp39 MB
The Proclaimers - Let's Get Married.mp39 MB
Mylene Farmer - Optimistique-Moi.mp39 MB
Pet Shop Boys - Heart.mp39 MB
Eddy Huntington - Physical Attraction.mp39 MB
Francesco Napoli - Balla Balla.mp39 MB
Bad Boys Blue - Dance The Night Away.mp39 MB
Maxx - I Want You.mp39 MB
N.u.k.e. Ft Marilyn Mariana - Nana.mp39 MB
Luniz - I Got 5 On It.mp39 MB
Alan Ross - The Last Wall.mp39 MB
Spear Of Destiny - Never Take Me Alive.mp39 MB
Re-Flex - The Politics Of Dancing.mp39 MB
Captain Hollywood Project - Waiting So Long.mp39 MB
Silent Circle - Touch In The Night.mp39 MB
Modern Talking - Bells Of Paris.mp39 MB
Wendy Moten - Come In Out Of The Rain.mp39 MB
Bad Boys Blue - You're A Woman.mp39 MB
2 Unlimited - The edge of heaven.mp39 MB
Chicago - What Kind Of Man Would I Be.mp39 MB
Grant Miller - Wings of love.mp39 MB
Les McKeown - It's A Game.mp39 MB
C.C.Catch - Midnight Gambler.mp39 MB
Abba - Super Trouper.mp39 MB
Depeche Mode - Little 15.mp39 MB
Sandra - Mirror Of Love.mp39 MB
Chicago - Will You Still Love Me.mp39 MB
Gazebo - Alice In Wonderland.mp39 MB
C.C.Catch - You Shot A Hole In My Soul.mp39 MB
Yaki-Da - Deep in The Jungle.mp39 MB
The Soca Boys - Follow The Leader.mp39 MB
Divine - You Think You're A Man (Extended Edit).mp39 MB
Bad Boys Blue - Hot Girls-Bad Boys.mp39 MB
2 Unlimited - Twilight Zone.mp39 MB
C+C Music Factory - Do You Wanna Get Funky.mp39 MB
Wax - Bridge To Your Heart.mp39 MB
Go West - Call Me.mp39 MB
Gina T - Sayorana.mp39 MB
Space - Running In The City.mp39 MB
Propelerheads - Take California.mp39 MB
Adriano Celentano - Attraverso.mp39 MB
Duran Duran - Is There Something I Should Know.mp39 MB
Danuta - Touch My Heart.mp39 MB
Scorpions - Wind Of Change.mp39 MB
Scotch - Take Me Up.mp39 MB
Ultravox - We Came To Dance.mp39 MB
Black Box - Everybody Everybody.mp39 MB
Foreigner - I Have Waited So Long.mp39 MB
Iggy Pop - In The Death Car.mp39 MB
Black Denim - You Are The One.mp39 MB
Terrorvision - Tequila.mp39 MB
Trine Rein - Torn.mp39 MB
Chilly - Heartattack In My Cadillac.mp39 MB
Depeche Mode - Behind The Wheel.mp39 MB
Mr.President - Up N' Away 2K.mp39 MB
Tony Joe White - Good In Blues.mp39 MB
Torrevado - Living In the Shuttle.mp39 MB
Falco - Vienna Calling.mp39 MB
Vanilla - Bamboleo.mp39 MB
ELO - Ticket To The Moon.mp39 MB
Chris Rea - Fool (If You Think It's Over).mp39 MB
Marlene Ricci - Tonight.mp39 MB
Secret Service - Walking.mp39 MB
Adriano Celentano - Angel.mp39 MB
Concrete Blonde - Joey.mp39 MB
Radiorama - Chance To Desire.mp39 MB
Culture Beat - Inside Out.mp39 MB
Hubert Kah - Angel 07 (Extended Version).mp39 MB
Sandra - Heaven Can Wait.mp39 MB
La Bouche - In Your Life.mp39 MB
C+C Music Factory - Gonna Make You Sweat (Everybody Dance Now).mp39 MB
Secret Service - If I Try.mp39 MB
Whigfield - Another Day.mp39 MB
Roxy Music - More Than This.mp39 MB
George Michael - Jesus To A Child.mp39 MB
Madonna - This Used To Be My Playground.mp39 MB
Maggie Reilly - To France.mp39 MB
Billy Idol - Flesh.mp39 MB
P-Lion - Dream.mp39 MB
Breakfast Club - Never Be The Same.mp39 MB
Nenen Chery & Youssou N'dour - 7 Seconds.mp39 MB
Prime Time - I Can't Get Enough.mp39 MB
Johnny Clegg & Savuka - Scatterlings Of Africa.mp39 MB
Modern Talking - Just We Two (Mona Lisa).mp39 MB
Culture Beat - Mr. Vain.mp39 MB
Chilly - We Are the Pop Kings.mp39 MB
Facts & Fiction - Melody D'Amour.mp39 MB
Chicago - Call On Me.mp39 MB
Alvin Stardust - I Feel Like Buddy Holly.mp39 MB
Arrested Development - Mr. Wendal.mp39 MB
Chris De Burgh - The Same Sun.mp39 MB
Arabesque - The Smile Of A Clown.mp39 MB
Max Coveri - Run To The Sun.mp39 MB
Ann Lee - Voices.mp39 MB
Alphaville - Dance With Me.mp39 MB
KC & The Sunshine Band - Play That Funky Music.mp39 MB
Laura Branigan - Self Control.mp39 MB
Belouis Some - Some People.mp39 MB
2 Unlimited - Nothing Like The Rain.mp39 MB
La Bouche - Be My Lover.mp39 MB
Edelweiss - Yodel Selector.mp39 MB
Lillo Thomas - Sexy Girl.mp39 MB
Modern Talking - In 100 Years.mp39 MB
Boney M - Happy Song.mp39 MB
Meredith Brooks - Bitch.mp39 MB
Gazebo - Telephone Mama.mp39 MB
Mylene Farmer - Sans Logique.mp39 MB
Pet Shop Boys - West End Girls.mp39 MB
Edelweiss - Starship (Raumschiff) Edelweiss.mp39 MB
Whigfield - Saturday Night.mp39 MB
Jane Wiedlin - Rush Hour.mp39 MB
Whigfield - Sexy Eyes.mp39 MB
Pet Shop Boys - It's a Sin.mp39 MB
Scotch - Disco Band.mp39 MB
Edelweiss - Pump You Up.mp39 MB
Maxi Priest - Close To You.mp39 MB
Linx - So This Is Romance.mp39 MB
Cappella - Move It Up.mp39 MB
2 Unlimited - Back unto the groove.mp39 MB
Chumbawamba - Thubthumping.mp39 MB
Light Of The World - I Shot The Sheriff.mp39 MB
Sade - Smooth Operator.mp39 MB
Vanilla - Paradise Me Amore.mp39 MB
Den Harrow - Holiday Night.mp39 MB
Sandra - Everlasting Love.mp39 MB
Lili & Sussie - Candy Love.mp39 MB
Phil Fearon & Galaxy - I Can Prove It.mp39 MB
La La - Johnny.mp39 MB
Flirts - Passion.mp39 MB
Eurythmics - Sexcrime (Nineteen Eighty Four).mp39 MB
Baumann - Strangers In The Night.mp39 MB
Mc Hammer - Addams Groove.mp39 MB
Rockets - Future Game.mp39 MB
La Bouche - Fallin' In Love.mp39 MB
Rozalla - Are You Ready To Fly.mp39 MB
Frankie Goes To Hollywood - Two Tribes.mp39 MB
Chicago - If You Leave Me Now.mp39 MB
Monyaka - Goh Deh Yaka (Go To The Top).mp39 MB
Chris Rea - Julia.mp39 MB
Frankie Goes To Hollywood - Relax.mp39 MB
K.B. Caps - Do You Really Need Me.mp39 MB
Captain Hollywood Project - More And More.mp39 MB
City To City - The Road Ahead.mp39 MB
Gibson Brothers - Cuba.mp39 MB
Chilly - Two Wrongs Don't Make a Right.mp38 MB
Gene Ramone - Romantic Face.mp38 MB
Milli Vanilli - Keep On Running.mp38 MB
Gilla - Tom Cat.mp38 MB
Jaсkie Quartz - A La Vie, A L'Amour.mp38 MB
Tina Arena - I Wanna Know What The Love Is.mp38 MB
Mel & Kim - F.L.M..mp38 MB
Valerie Dore - It's So Easy.mp38 MB
Culture Beat - No Deeper Meaning.mp38 MB
Talk Talk - It's My Life.mp38 MB
Pamela Nightingale - I'll Never Fall In Love Again.mp38 MB
George Michael - Freedom.mp38 MB
Huey Lewis & The News - The Power Of Love.mp38 MB
Eternal - Stay.mp38 MB
California - Volerei (Lyme73 Remix).mp38 MB
Giorgio Moroder & Phil Oakley - Together In Electric Dreams.mp38 MB
Gdb - Marrakech.mp38 MB
Mr.President - I Give You My Heart.mp38 MB
Eternal - Power Of A Woman.mp38 MB
Lili & Sussie - Oh mama.mp38 MB
Roberta Flack - Killing Me Softy.mp38 MB
Mr.President - Jojo Action.mp38 MB
Nik Kershaw - The Riddle.mp38 MB
Healy & Amos - Argentina.mp38 MB
Edelweiss - Planet Edelweiss (Single Version).mp38 MB
Boney M - Painter Man.mp38 MB
Chicago - If She Would Have Been Faithful.mp38 MB
Morrissey - Suedehead.mp38 MB
Shaggy - Boombastic.mp38 MB
Scorpions - Still loving you.mp38 MB
Art Company - Susanna.mp38 MB
Marillion - Cover My Eyes (Pain & Heaven).mp38 MB
Wilson Phillips - You Won't See Me Cry.mp38 MB
Silent Circle - Night Train.mp38 MB
Dj Bobo - Everybody.mp38 MB
Saphir - Storm Of Love.mp38 MB
Edelweiss - Planet Edelweiss.mp38 MB
Human League - Love Action (I Believe In Love).mp38 MB
Huey Lewis & The News - If This Is It.mp38 MB
Seal - Kiss From The Rose.mp38 MB
Club House - Superstition Medley With Good Times.mp38 MB
Chicago - You're The Inspiration.mp38 MB
Stars On 45 - Stars On 45.mp38 MB
Bad Boys Blue - Fly Away.mp38 MB
Wildeside - One Of Us.mp38 MB
Edelweiss - Ski Instructor.mp38 MB
O.M.D. - Locomotion.mp38 MB
Pato Banton - Baby Come Back.mp38 MB
Yaki-Da - I Saw You Dancing.mp38 MB
Morris Minor And The Majors - Stutter Rap (No Sleep Till Bedtime).mp38 MB
Chicago - Stay The Night.mp38 MB
Pet Shop Boys - Always On My Mind.mp38 MB
Bob Marley - No Woman, No Cry.mp38 MB
Pupo - Primavera .mp38 MB
Cosmic Gal - Keep On Moving.mp38 MB
Blondie - Island Of Lost Souls.mp38 MB
Bad Boys Blue - Gimme Gimme Your Lovin.mp38 MB
Michael Cretu - Waterfall.mp38 MB
Chicago - Along Comes A Woman.mp38 MB
Ottawan - Hands Up.mp38 MB
Rednex - Hold Me For A While.mp38 MB
Captain Hollywood Project - Only With You (video mix).mp38 MB
Max Him - Lady Fantasy.mp38 MB
Digitall Emotion -Get Up Action.mp38 MB
Mylene Farmer - Comme J'ai Mal.mp38 MB
Michael Fortunati - Into The Night.mp38 MB
Laban - Love In Siberia.mp38 MB
Mylene Farmer - Sans Contrefacon.mp38 MB
Sigue Sigue Sputnik - Love Missile F1-11.mp38 MB
Goombay Dance Band - Seven Tears.mp38 MB
C+C Music Factory - Loving You.mp38 MB
Elbow Bones & Racketeers - A Night In New York.mp38 MB
Body Power - Nothing.mp38 MB
Edelweiss - Bring Me Edelweiss (Single Version).mp38 MB
Scotch - Pictures.mp38 MB
Taco - Puttin' On the Ritz.mp38 MB
Steve Wonder - I Just Called To Say I Love You.mp38 MB
Sandra - On The Tray Seven Years.mp38 MB
2 Unlimited - The Magic Friend.mp38 MB
Mr. Zhivago - Tell by Your Eyes.mp38 MB
Earth Wind And Fire - Lets Groove.mp38 MB
Radiorama - Manitu.mp38 MB
Bentley Rhythm Ace - Bentley's Gonna Sort You Out.mp38 MB
Divinyls - I Touch Myself.mp38 MB
Barrabas - The Lion (Don't Kill The Lion).mp38 MB
Julian Lennon - Saltwater.mp38 MB
Hot Chocolate - What Kinda Boy You're Looking For.mp38 MB
The Radios - She Goes Na Na Na.mp38 MB
Louise - Let's Go Round Again.mp38 MB
Soul II Soul - Back To Life (However Do You Want Me).mp38 MB
Supernaturals - Smile.mp38 MB
Barbie - Barabba.mp38 MB
Robin S - Show Me Love.mp38 MB
Lian Ross - Say You`ll Never.mp38 MB
La Bouche - Where Do You Go.mp38 MB
Hazell Dean - Who's Leaving Who.mp38 MB
Captain Hollywood Project - Over And Over.mp38 MB
2 Unlimited - Jump For Joy.mp38 MB
Captain Hollywood Project - Flying high (Single Mix).mp38 MB
Sign System - Stay With Me.mp38 MB
A La Carte - Do Wah Diddy Diddy.mp38 MB
2 Unlimited - Get Ready For This.mp38 MB
Caeser - My Black Lady.mp38 MB
Adeva - I Thank You.mp38 MB
Gazebo - Face To Face.mp38 MB
Kenny Thomas - Thinking About Your Love.mp38 MB
Culture Beat - World In Your Hands.mp38 MB
Morrissey - The More You Ignore Me The Closer I Get.mp38 MB
Espenlind - Lucky For You.mp38 MB
Paul Carrack - Don't Shed A Tear.mp38 MB
Pamela Stanley - Coming Out Of Hiding.mp38 MB
Soul II Soul - Get A Life.mp38 MB
T. Ark - Under Cover Lover.mp38 MB
Mystic - Ritmo De La Noche.mp38 MB
Gary U.S. Bonds - This Little Girl.mp38 MB
Night Society - Hold Me Tight (Tonight).mp38 MB
Desireless - Hari Om Ramakrishna.mp38 MB
Valerie Dore - Get Closer.mp38 MB
Gipsy Kings - Escusha Me.mp38 MB
2 Unlimited - Tribal Dance.mp38 MB
Curacao - Yiasou.mp38 MB
C.C.Catch - Heaven And Hell.mp38 MB
Chris Rea - Three Little Green Candles.mp38 MB
Go West - The Tracks Of My Tears.mp38 MB
2 Unlimited - The Real Thing.mp38 MB
Thomas Dolby - She Blinded Me With Science.mp38 MB
Chesney Hawkes - The One And Only.mp38 MB
Bran Van 3000 - Drinking In L.a.mp38 MB
Edelweiss - Bring Me Edelweiss.mp38 MB
Gina T - Tokyo By Night.mp38 MB
Adriano Celentano - Mondo in mi 7.mp38 MB
Adriano Celentano - Uh...uh.mp38 MB
Talking Heads - Wild Wild Life.mp38 MB
Joy - Touch By Touch.mp38 MB
Tako - Puttin' On The Ritz.mp38 MB
Fun Factory - Close To You.mp38 MB
ELO - Confusion.mp38 MB
2 Unlimited - Let The Beat Control Your Body.mp38 MB
Atlanta - Something More Than Funky.mp38 MB
Mr.President - Happy People.mp38 MB
The Specials - Ghost Town.mp38 MB
Carter The Unstoppable Sex Mac - Lean On Me I Won't Fall Over.mp38 MB
Mike Oldfield - Moonlight Shadow.mp38 MB
F.R. David - Sahara Night.mp38 MB
Tony Joe White - Let The Healing Begin.mp38 MB
Dayton - The Sound Of Music.mp38 MB
London Beat - You Bring On The Sun.mp38 MB
Abba - Lay All Your Love On Me.mp38 MB
Talking Heads - And She Was.mp38 MB
Philip & Stanley - I Need You Love Tonight.mp38 MB
C+C Music Factory - What Can I Do (To Make You Stay).mp38 MB
Mr.President - Coco Jambo.mp38 MB
Sabrina - Sexy Girl.mp38 MB
Boston Dj's - Move Your Body.mp38 MB
La Bouche - Do You Still Need Me.mp38 MB
Wilson Phillips - Hold On.mp38 MB
Lou Bega - The Trompet Part Ii.mp38 MB
London Boys - Chapel Of Love.mp38 MB
Status Quo - You're In The Army Now.mp38 MB
Captain Hollywood Project - I Can't Stand It.mp38 MB
Doris D & The Pins - Shine Up.mp38 MB
Silent Circle - Hide In Your Shell.mp38 MB
The Proclaimers - I'm Gonna Be 500 Miles.mp38 MB
Lili & Sussie - Girl With A Broken Heart.mp38 MB
Monie Love - Grandpa's Party.mp38 MB
Samantha Fox - Touch Me.mp38 MB
Sweet Connection - Dirty Job .mp38 MB
Dschinghis Khan - Moskau.mp38 MB
911 - One More Try.mp38 MB
Boney M - Hold On I`m Coming.mp38 MB
XTC - Dear God.mp38 MB
Yaki-Da - Teaser on The Catwalk.mp38 MB
Cay Hume - Call Me Up.mp38 MB
Yaki-Da - Pride of Africa.mp38 MB
Interface - Plastic Age.mp38 MB
Bisquitte - Zoo Zoo.mp38 MB
Blind Melon - No Rain.mp38 MB
The Bucketheads - Got Myself Together.mp38 MB
Eternal & Bebe Winans - I Wanna Be The Only One.mp38 MB
Secret Service - Night City.mp38 MB
Axodry - Surrender.mp38 MB
Maxx - The Maxx Experience.mp38 MB
Al Bano & Romina Power - Sharazan.mp38 MB
Ziggy Marley - Tomorrow People.mp38 MB
Adriano Celentano - Gelosia.mp38 MB
Toto Cutugno - Voglio Andare A Vivere In Campagna.mp38 MB
Pam'n'Pat - It`s All Music.mp38 MB
Chilly - Springtime.mp38 MB
China Crisis - Black Man Ray.mp38 MB
Stephanie - Live Your Life.mp38 MB
No Mercy - Where Did You Do.mp38 MB
Maxi Priest - Wild World.mp38 MB
La Bouche - Sos.mp38 MB
George Clinton - Loopzilla.mp38 MB
Grace Jones - I've Seen That Face Before.mp38 MB
Kim Appleby - Don't Worry.mp38 MB
Masterboy - Show Me Colours.mp38 MB
Culture Beat - Got To Get It.mp38 MB
Kim Wilde - Water On Glass.mp38 MB
Linda Jo Rizzo - Perfect Lover.mp38 MB
Monie Love Vs Adeva - Ring My Bell.mp38 MB
Boys Next Door - Lady Of The Night.mp38 MB
Kay Franzes - Shadow In The Night.mp38 MB
Dj Bobo - Keep On Dancing.mp38 MB
Dj Bobo - Somebody Dance With Me.mp38 MB
Patty Ryan - Love Is The Name Of The Game.mp38 MB
Kiss - I Was Made For Loving You.mp38 MB
Michael Jackson - Thriller.mp38 MB
ELO - The Lights Go Down.mp38 MB
Gazebo - Waterland.mp38 MB
Jaki Graham - Breaking Away.mp38 MB
Joe Yellow - Last Call.mp38 MB
Bad Boys Blue - Bad Reputation.mp38 MB
La Bouche - Say You'll Be Mine.mp38 MB
Edelweiss - Space Yodel.mp38 MB
David Grant - Watching You, Watching Me.mp38 MB
Mylene Farmer - Libertine.mp38 MB
Robin - Juliet.mp38 MB
Bananarama - Cruel Summer.mp38 MB
Mc Micker & Dj Sven - Holiday Rap.mp38 MB
Bamboo - Bamboogie.mp38 MB
Silent Circle - I've Been Calling Just For You.mp38 MB
Louise - Naked (Radio Mix).mp38 MB
Dschinghis Khan - Aladin.mp38 MB
Bananarama - Venus.mp38 MB
2 Unlimited - No Limit.mp38 MB
DJ Bobo - There Is A Party (Ext Mix).mp38 MB
Kim Wilde - Love Blonde.mp38 MB
911 - A Little Bit More.mp38 MB
Desireless - Voyage Voyage.mp38 MB
Ufo - Beladonna.mp38 MB
Christie - If Only.mp38 MB
George Michael - One More Try.mp38 MB
Axel Party - Don't Give Me Your Life.mp38 MB
Bee Gees - Night Fever.mp38 MB
Phil Fearon & Galaxy - What Do I Do .mp38 MB
Ricky Maltese - Warrior.mp38 MB
Edelweiss - Beam Me Up.mp38 MB
Paul Carrack - When You Walk In The Room.mp38 MB
Francesco Napoli - Balla.mp38 MB
Mike Mareen - Agent Of Liberty.mp38 MB
Emf - Unbelievable.mp38 MB
London Boys - Requiem.mp38 MB
Lara Fabian - Adagio.mp38 MB
Kim Wilde - View From A Bridge.mp38 MB
Rocky M - Disco Lady.mp38 MB
Jessica Jay - Casablanca.mp38 MB
Fun Boy Three - The Telephone Always Rings.mp38 MB
Jessica - Little Tiger.mp38 MB
Arrested Development - People Everyday.mp38 MB
Modern Talking - Jet Airliner.mp38 MB
Lipps. Inc - Funky Town.mp38 MB
2 Brothers On The 4th Floor - Dreams.mp38 MB
Michael Bedford - Tonight.mp38 MB
Kate Bush - Babooshka.mp38 MB
Numero Uno - Tora Tora Tora.mp38 MB
Colourfield - Thinking Of You.mp37 MB
ELO - Xanadu (ELO with Olivia Newton-John).mp37 MB
Yaki-Da - Show Me Love.mp37 MB
Magazine 60 - Rendez-Vous Sur La Costa Del Sol.mp37 MB
Deborah Harry & Iggy Pop - Well Did You Evah.mp37 MB
Les McKeown - She's A Lady.mp37 MB
2 Unlimited - No One.mp37 MB
Ice Mc - Mega Mix.mp37 MB
Rubettes - Sugar Baby Love.mp37 MB
Brother Beyond - Be My Twin.mp37 MB
Moltocarina - Voice of night.mp37 MB
Yello - Vicious Games.mp37 MB
Bit Machine - Somebody Real.mp37 MB
De 'lacey - Hideaway.mp37 MB
Savage - Goodbye.mp37 MB
Abba - Summer Night City.mp37 MB
Eurythmics - Sweet Dreams.mp37 MB
Corona - Rhythm Of The Night.mp37 MB
Savage - Don't Cry Tonight '94.mp37 MB
Sheena Easton - Modern Girl.mp37 MB
Modern Talking - Do You Wanna.mp37 MB
Radiorama - Bad Girls.mp37 MB
Maxx - Fight.mp37 MB
Chris Rea - I Can Hear Your Heartbeat.mp37 MB
Marillion - Sympathy.mp37 MB
Thomas Anders - Es Geht Mir Gut Heut Nacht.mp37 MB
Khaled - Aisha.mp37 MB
Sign System - You'll Never Change My Mind.mp37 MB
Bryan Ferry - Slave To Love.mp37 MB
Secret Service - Don't You Know Don't You Know.mp37 MB
Righeira - No Tengo Dinero.mp37 MB
Earth Wind And Fire - Boogie Wonderland (With The Emotions).mp37 MB
Maxx - Heart Of Stone.mp37 MB
Gigi D'agostino - Angel's Simphony.mp37 MB
Dschinghis Khan - Rocking Son Of Dschinghis Khan.mp37 MB
Yaki-Da - Mejor Maqana.mp37 MB
B. Orlando - Take A Chance.mp37 MB
Duran Duran - Come Undone.mp37 MB
Mr.President - I'll Follow The Sun.mp37 MB
Kajagoogoo - Hang On Now.mp37 MB
Maxx - Ritmo De La Casa.mp37 MB
Smokie - Have You Ever Seen The Rain.mp37 MB
Chris De Burgh - The Lady in Red.mp37 MB
Mr.President - Simbaleo.mp37 MB
La Bouche - Sweet Dreams.mp37 MB
Snap - Rhythm Is A Dancer.mp37 MB
The Bucketheads - The Bomb (These Sounds Fall Into My Mind).mp37 MB
Terence Trent D'arby - Delicate.mp37 MB
Robert Palmer - I'll Be Your Baby Tonight.mp37 MB
Ace Of Base - Happy Nation.mp37 MB
Lipps. Inc - Designer Music.mp37 MB
Foreigner - You're All I Am.mp37 MB
Bad Boys Blue - Hungry For Love.mp37 MB
Modern Talking - Don't Give Up.mp37 MB
Hypnosis - Pulstar.mp37 MB
Laid Back - Sunshine Reggae.mp37 MB
Kim Appleby - G.l.a.d. (Good Lovin' And Devo.mp37 MB
Rick Astley - Together Forever.mp37 MB
Alan Barry - Hie Hie Hie.mp37 MB
Fun Lovin' Criminals - Scooby Snack.mp37 MB
Paul Hardcastle - The Wizzard.mp37 MB
U.K. - Roadrunner.mp37 MB
Milk Inc. - Inside Of Me.mp37 MB
Adriano Celentano - Buonasera Signorina.mp37 MB
Atlantic Ocean - Waterfall.mp37 MB
Modern Talking - Hey You.mp37 MB
Me & My - Dub I Dub.mp37 MB
Jellybean - Jingo.mp37 MB
Duran Duran - Wild Boys.mp37 MB
Cher - Dov'e L'amore.mp37 MB
Silent Circle - Talk Is Cheap.mp37 MB
Chilly - Come to L.A..mp37 MB
Radiorama - Aliens.mp37 MB
Ankie Bagger - Where Were You Last Night.mp37 MB
Adriano Celentano - Letto di foglie.mp37 MB
Edelweiss - Dancin' White Horses.mp37 MB
Brother Beyond - He Ain't No Competition.mp37 MB
Silent Circle - Night After Night.mp37 MB
La Bouche - Take Me 2 Heaven 2 Night.mp37 MB
Mr.President - Give A Little Love.mp37 MB
La Bionda - Deserts Of Mars.mp37 MB
Tito & Tarantula - After Dark.mp37 MB
Falco - Rock Me Amadeus.mp37 MB
Leonard Cohen - The Future.mp37 MB
Yello - Drive Driven.mp37 MB
Linx - Intuition.mp37 MB
Yaki-Da - Just A Dream.mp37 MB
Ultravox - Dancing With Tears In My Eyes.mp37 MB
Elton John - Sacrifice.mp37 MB
Scotch - Delirio Mind.mp37 MB
Glenn Frey - Lovers Moon.mp37 MB
Mike Oldfield - When The Nights On Fire.mp37 MB
Kosheen - Hungry.mp37 MB
Harasuku - The Phantom Of The Opera.mp37 MB
C+C Music Factory - It's So Easy To Love You.mp37 MB
Adriano Celentano - Impazzivo Per Te.mp37 MB
Edelweiss - The Kangaroo Theory.mp37 MB
Danny Keith - Keep On Music.mp37 MB
Billy Ocean - Loverboy.mp37 MB
UB40 - Cherry Oh Baby.mp37 MB
Spandau Ballet - Lifeline.mp37 MB
Pupo - Gelato Cioccolato.mp37 MB
Moon Ray - Comanchero.mp37 MB
Barrabas - Lover Of The Night.mp37 MB
Ottawan - You're OK.mp37 MB
2 Unlimited - Here I Go.mp37 MB
Bad Boys Blue - Come Back And Stay.mp37 MB
Quireboys - Hey You.mp37 MB
Adriano Celentano - Personalitá.mp37 MB
Riccardo Folgi - Malincinia.mp37 MB
Blue System - Dont Stop To Dance.mp37 MB
Fun Lovin' Criminals - King Of New York.mp37 MB
Max Him - No Escape.mp37 MB
La Bouche - Unexpected Lovers.mp37 MB
Joe Esposito - Lady, Lady, Lady.mp37 MB
Chilly - I hear You Knocking.mp37 MB
Chriss - Down Town Beat.mp37 MB
Chris Norman - Hunters Of The Night.mp37 MB
Den Harrow - Future Brain.mp37 MB
M A A R S - Pump Up The Volume.mp37 MB
ELO - From The End Of The World.mp37 MB
Captain Jack - Captain Jack.mp37 MB
Bee Gees - More Than A Woman.mp37 MB
La Bouche - You Won't Forget Me.mp37 MB
Dr Alban - No coke.mp37 MB
Julio Iglesias - Mammy Blue.mp37 MB
Earth Wind And Fire - System Of Survival.mp37 MB
London Boys - The Midi Dance.mp37 MB
Fun Fun - Color My Life.mp37 MB
Modern Talking - Don't Lose My Number.mp37 MB
Roxette - The Look.mp37 MB
Opus - Life Is Life.mp37 MB
Milou - Sentimental Lover.mp37 MB
C.C.Catch - Hollywood Nights.mp37 MB
Sandra - Little Girl.mp37 MB
Arabesque - Someone Is Waiting For You.mp37 MB
A La Carte - Ring Me honey.mp37 MB
Ann Lee - 2 Times.mp37 MB
Ray Parker Jr. - Ghostbusters.mp37 MB
Denis Waterman - I Could Be So Good For You.mp37 MB
Silent Circle - Moonlight Affair.mp37 MB
Dexy's Midnight Runners - There There My Dear.mp37 MB
911 - More Than A Woman.mp37 MB
Fun Lovin' Criminals - The Fun Lovin' Criminals.mp37 MB
Blondie - Call Me.mp37 MB
Bingo Boys - No Communication.mp37 MB
Maggie Reilly - Every Time We Touch.mp37 MB
Ken Laszlo - 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8.mp37 MB
Luren Christy - The Color Of The Night.mp37 MB
Arabesque - It's So Hard To Leave You.mp37 MB
Chris De Burgh - Talking It To The Top.mp37 MB
Eagles - Hotel California.mp37 MB
Shampoo - Trouble.mp37 MB
Dj Bobo - Let The Dream Come True.mp37 MB
Shaggy - Oh Carolina.mp37 MB
Barracudas - Summer Fun.mp37 MB
Fool's Garden - Lemon Tree.mp37 MB
Den Harrow - Mad Desire.mp37 MB
Katrina & The Waves - Sun Street.mp37 MB
Joy Peter's - One Night In Love.mp37 MB
Silent Circle - Egyptian Eyes.mp37 MB
Madness - Our House.mp37 MB
Roxanne - Boys In Black Cars.mp37 MB
Fancy - Flames Of Love.mp37 MB
Fancy - A Voice In The Dark.mp37 MB
Saragossa Band - Sun of Jamaica.mp37 MB
Chilly - Secret Lies.mp37 MB
Ken Laszlo - Hey Hey Guy.mp37 MB
Gazebo - Orient Express.MP37 MB
Imaani - Where Are You.mp37 MB
Elton John - Circle Of Life.mp37 MB
Sandra - Stop For A Minute.mp37 MB
Hooters - Johnny B.mp37 MB
Jesus Jones - Right Here Right Now.mp37 MB
MSG - Nightmare.mp37 MB
Cindy Dee - Starting Over.mp37 MB
Visage - Fade To Grey.mp37 MB
Chris Norman & Suzi Quatro - Stumblin' In.mp37 MB
George Benson - Nothing Gonna Change.mp37 MB
Kim Wilde - Camboja.mp37 MB
Dennis Jones - Heart Of Gold.mp37 MB
Dr Alban - Sing Hallelujah.mp37 MB
Rod Stewart - Every Beat Of My Heart.mp37 MB
Bam Bee - Bam Bam Bam.mp37 MB
Europe - The Final Countdown.mp37 MB
Modern Talking - No Face No Name No Number.mp37 MB
Bronski Beat - Smalltown Boy.mp37 MB
Sex Pistols - I'm Not Your Steppin' Stone.mp37 MB
Gazebo - Lunatic.mp37 MB
Adriano Celentano - Il Ribelle.mp37 MB
Elton John - Believe.mp37 MB
Tone Loc - Wild Thing.mp37 MB
Real McCoy - Another night.mp37 MB
Culture Beat - Crying In The Rain.mp37 MB
Cher - Believe.mp37 MB
Fun Fun - Baila Bolero.mp37 MB
Silent Circle - Take A Chance.mp37 MB
Ruback - Tell Me Why.mp37 MB
Laura Branigan - Satisfaction.mp37 MB
Sandra - Maria Magdalena.mp37 MB
Toto Cutugno - Bonna Note.mp37 MB
2 Lipps Inc - Funkytown.mp37 MB
Down Low - Moonlight.mp37 MB
Jesus Jones - Real Real Real.mp37 MB
Fun Fun - Give Me Your Love.mp37 MB
Toto Cutugno - L`italiano.mp37 MB
Mc Sar & The Real McCoy - Another Night.mp37 MB
Adriano Celentano - Nata Per Me.mp37 MB
Samantha Giles - Stop.mp37 MB
Savage - Don`t Cry Tonight.mp37 MB
Dj Bobo - Pray.mp37 MB
Danuta - Touch My Heart (Maxi Version).mp37 MB
Adriano Celentano - Il Tempo Se Ne Va.mp37 MB
Grant Miller - Colder Than Ice.mp37 MB
Pupo - La Notte.mp37 MB
Modern Talking - Sweet Little Sheila.mp37 MB
D. Russel - Paradise.mp37 MB
Real McCoy - Run Away.mp37 MB
Bad Boys Blue - You're A Woman (Original Remix).mp37 MB
Blue System - Sorry Little Sarah.mp37 MB
La Bouche - Whenever You Want.mp37 MB
Earth Wind And Fire - Fantasy.mp37 MB
Chilly - C'mon Baby.mp37 MB
Adriano Celentano - Che Dritta!.mp37 MB
Chicago - Baby, What A Big Surprise.mp37 MB
Arabesque - I Stand By You.mp37 MB
Arabesque - Marigot Bay.mp37 MB
Goombay Dance Band - Slavery.mp37 MB
Toto Cutugno - Serenata.mp37 MB
Savage - Don`t You Want Me.mp37 MB
Toto Cutugno - Se Mi Ami.mp37 MB
Vanessa Paradis - Joe Le Taxi.mp37 MB
Suzi Quatro - If You Can't Give Me Love.mp37 MB
C.C.Catch - House Of Mystic Lights.mp37 MB
Orlando - Wasting Water.mp37 MB
Pets - Da Di Dam.mp37 MB
Blue System - 6 Years 6 Night.mp37 MB
Gazebo - I Like Chopin (instrumental).mp37 MB
Cartoons - Witch Doctor.mp37 MB
Michael Jackson - Dangerous - Will You Be There.mp37 MB

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