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Dina Carroll - Discography (1991-2004) [mp3 128-320]

848 MB  
in 239 files
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5 years old
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Torrent Contents

Dina Carroll - Discography (1991-2004) [mp3 128-320]
1993 - So Close [320]
Front-Inside.jpg119 KB
Back.jpg105 KB
CD.jpeg45 KB
Inside.jpeg38 KB
Back.jpeg35 KB
Front.jpeg31 KB
09. You'll Never Know.mp313 MB
03. This Time.mp312 MB
05. So Close.mp311 MB
02. Hold On.mp311 MB
01. Special Kind Of Love.mp310 MB
07. Express.mp310 MB
10. Don't Be A Stranger.mp310 MB
12. If I Knew You Then.mp39 MB
06. Ain't No Man.mp38 MB
08. Heaven Sent.mp38 MB
04. Falling.mp38 MB
11. Why Did I Let You Go.mp38 MB
1996 - Only Human [VBR V0 220-261]
2.jpeg71 KB
3.jpeg58 KB
CD.jpeg57 KB
Back.jpeg39 KB
4.jpeg38 KB
1.jpeg36 KB
Front.jpeg33 KB
06. I Didn't Mean To Hurt You.mp312 MB
03. Give Me The Right.mp39 MB
02. Only Human.mp39 MB
09. Run To You.mp39 MB
11. I Don't Want To Talk About It.mp38 MB
01. Escaping.mp38 MB
08. Mind Body & Soul.mp38 MB
05. Love Will Always Bring You Back To Me.mp37 MB
10. Do You Think I'm In Love.mp37 MB
04. World Come Between Us.mp36 MB
12. The Perfect Year.mp36 MB
07. Living For The Weekend.mp36 MB
1999 - Dina Carroll [128]
Front.jpeg146 KB
CD.jpeg38 KB
Back.jpeg33 KB
09. I'll Be There For You.mp34 MB
08. On And On.mp34 MB
04. Straight To My Soul.mp33 MB
03. One Two Three.mp33 MB
11. Love Of My Life.mp33 MB
02. Say You Love Me.mp33 MB
06. Good To Me.mp33 MB
10. Livin' For The Weekend.mp33 MB
01. Without Love.mp33 MB
07. Let It Go.mp33 MB
05. Son Of A Preacher Man.mp32 MB
2001 - The Very Best Of... (2CD) [192]
The Very Best Of... [192]
16.jpeg150 KB
9.jpeg149 KB
14.jpeg147 KB
8.jpeg147 KB
5.jpeg141 KB
6.jpeg139 KB
13.jpeg136 KB
3.jpeg133 KB
2.jpeg131 KB
4.jpeg130 KB
18.jpeg124 KB
12.jpeg123 KB
17.jpeg121 KB
15.jpeg120 KB
Front.jpeg119 KB
Back.jpeg119 KB
CD.jpeg116 KB
7.jpeg107 KB
19.jpeg107 KB
Inside.jpeg106 KB
tray.jpeg103 KB
10-11.jpeg80 KB
11.jpeg41 KB
10.jpeg34 KB
08 Don't Be A Stranger.mp36 MB
02 Special Kind Of Love.mp36 MB
13 Mind, Body & Soul.mp36 MB
15 One, Two, Three.mp35 MB
06 It's Too Late (Quartz feat. Dina.mp35 MB
01 Ain't No Man.mp35 MB
10 Good To Me.mp35 MB
18 So Close.mp35 MB
12 Only Human.mp35 MB
05 The Perfect Year.mp35 MB
17 Living For The Weekend.mp35 MB
16 All I Ask.mp35 MB
11 This Time.mp35 MB
04 Escaping.mp35 MB
09 Without Love.mp34 MB
03 Someone Like You.mp34 MB
14 Son Of A Preacher Man.mp33 MB
07. Express [128kbps].mp33 MB
The Very Best Of... (CD2, Bonus Remix) [192]
Back.jpg446 KB
Front.jpg335 KB
CD1.jpg169 KB
CD2.jpg143 KB
04. Mind, Body & Soul (Sci-Fi Dub).mp313 MB
03. Express (Xpress Dub).mp311 MB
05. Living For The Weekend (Canny Vocal).mp311 MB
10. Someone Like You (Lost Witness Remix).mp310 MB
09. Good To Me (ATFC's Tumescent Vocal).mp310 MB
07. Say You Love Me (The Almighty Mix).mp310 MB
06. Without Love (Tall Paul Remix).mp310 MB
01. Ain't No Man (Brothers In Rhythm Remix).mp39 MB
08. Run To You (Masters At Work Vocal).mp39 MB
02. Special Kind Of Love (C & C Special Love Club).mp39 MB
2004 - The Collection [128]
Front.jpg691 KB
Back.jpg320 KB
Inside.jpeg246 KB
CD.jpg78 KB
10. You'll Never Know.mp35 MB
14. I Don't Want To Talk About It.mp35 MB
15. Give Me The Right.mp34 MB
06. Only Human.mp34 MB
13. Run To You.mp34 MB
03. So Close.mp34 MB
04. Express.mp34 MB
05. Don't Be A Stranger.mp34 MB
12. Straight To My Soul.mp33 MB
16. Love Will Always Bring You Back To Me.mp33 MB
01. It's Too Late.mp33 MB
07. One Two Three.mp33 MB
02. Aint No Man.mp33 MB
09. Heaven Sent.mp33 MB
08. You'll Loose A Good Thing.mp32 MB
11. Son Of A Preacher Man.mp32 MB
1992 - Ain't No Man (Maxi-Single) [128]
CD.jpeg46 KB
Back.jpeg40 KB
Front.jpeg34 KB
03. Ain't No Man (Mastermix).mp37 MB
02. Ain't No Man (Lowmac 12').mp35 MB
01. Ain't No Man (Lowmac 7').mp33 MB
04. You'll Lose A Good Thing.mp33 MB
1992 - So close (Maxi-Single) [128]
CD.jpeg54 KB
Back.jpeg29 KB
Front.jpeg27 KB
03. Ain't No Man.mp36 MB
04. Special Kind Of Love (A Kinda Love Mix).mp36 MB
01. So Close (Radio Mix).mp33 MB
02. Why Did I Let You Go (EP Edit).mp33 MB
1993 - Don't Be A Stranger (Maxi-Single) [128]
CD.jpeg61 KB
Back.jpeg34 KB
Front.jpeg29 KB
02. Born To Be (Your Lover) (Nigel Lowis Mix).mp37 MB
04. Born To Be (Your Lover) (Platinum Mix).mp37 MB
01. Don't Be A Stranger (Radio Mix).mp34 MB
03. Don't Let Me Be The One.mp33 MB
1993 - Express (Maxi-Single) [128]
CD.jpeg57 KB
Back.jpeg43 KB
Front.jpeg36 KB
04. Ain't No Man (West End Remix).mp37 MB
03. Special Kind Of Love (Brothers In Rhythm Remix).mp36 MB
02. Express (12' Master).mp34 MB
01. Express (7' Radio Mix).mp33 MB
1993 - Special Kind Of Love (Single) [128]
03. Special Kind Of Love (C&C Special Love Club).mp36 MB
02. Special Kind Of Love (Monster Club Mix).mp36 MB
04. If I Knew You Then.mp33 MB
01. Special Kind Of Love (Radio Mix).mp33 MB
Special Kind Of Love.gif13 KB
1993 - The Perfect Year (Maxi-Single) [128]
Front.jpeg56 KB
CD.jpeg52 KB
Back.jpeg43 KB
03. Here (Nigel Lowis Mix).mp36 MB
04. Ain't No Man (Brothers In Rhythm Remix).mp36 MB
02. Here (West End Mix).mp36 MB
01. The Perfect Year (Radio Mix).mp33 MB
1993 - This Time (Single) [128]
CD.jpeg60 KB
Black.jpeg37 KB
Front.jpeg32 KB
02. Falling.mp36 MB
03. Why Did I Let You Go (Phil Kelsey Remix).mp36 MB
01. This Time (Radio Mix).mp33 MB
04. Express (Xpressed Dub).txt16 B
1996 - Escaping (Maxi-Single) [128]
Front.jpeg71 KB
CD.jpeg56 KB
Back.jpeg44 KB
03. Mind Body & Soul (Chicago MVP's Allstar Mix).mp36 MB
04. Mind Body & Soul (Jere McAllister Final's Remix).mp36 MB
02. Escaping (Darc By Nature Remix).mp35 MB
01. Escaping.mp34 MB
1996 - Only Human (CD1, Maxi-Single) [128]
CD.jpeg63 KB
Back.jpeg35 KB
Front.jpeg34 KB
01. Only Human.mp34 MB
02. Run To You.mp34 MB
04. Same Old Feeling.mp34 MB
03. I Had A Dream.mp34 MB
1996 - Only Human (CD2, Maxi-Single) [128]
CD.jpeg194 KB
Back.jpeg54 KB
Front.jpeg25 KB
03. Run To You (BT & PVD's 7Inch Dub).mp36 MB
04. Run To You (Mindspell Killa Vocal Breakdown).mp35 MB
02. Run To You (Masters At Work Radio Edit).mp33 MB
01. Only Human (Edit).mp33 MB
1998 - One, Two, Three (CD1, Maxi-Single) [128]
Front.jpeg62 KB
CD.jpeg56 KB
Back.jpeg39 KB
03. One, Two, Three (Full Crew Mix).mp33 MB
01. One, Two, Three.mp33 MB
02. Livin' For The Weekend 98 (Canny Vocal Edit).mp33 MB
1999 - Say You Love Me (Promo-Single) [128]
CD.jpeg56 KB
Front.jpeg46 KB
Back.jpeg30 KB
01. Say You Love Me (Radio Edit).mp32 MB
1999 - Without Love (CD1, Maxi-Single) [128]
Back.jpeg74 KB
CD.jpeg38 KB
Front.jpeg35 KB
03. Without Love (Mood II Swing Special Mix).mp36 MB
02. On & On.mp34 MB
01. Without Love (Dave Sears Radio Edit).mp33 MB
1999 - Without Love (CD2, Maxi-Single) [128]
Back.jpeg92 KB
Front.jpeg47 KB
CD.jpeg40 KB
02. Without Love (Tall Paul Remix).mp36 MB
01. Without Love (Dave Sears Extended Mix).mp35 MB
03. Without Love (The Space Brothers Mix).mp35 MB
2001 - Someone Like You (CD1, Maxi-Single) [128]
Back.jpeg61 KB
Front.jpeg56 KB
CD.jpeg47 KB
02. Someone Like You (Lost Witness Remix).mp37 MB
03. Good To Me (ATFC's Tumescent Vocal).mp36 MB
01. Someone Like You.mp33 MB
2001 - Someone Like You (CD2, Maxi-Single) [128]
Back.jpeg84 KB
Front.jpeg50 KB
CD.jpeg44 KB
03. Good To Me (K-Klass Klub Mix).mp37 MB
02. Ain't No Man (Almighty Remix).mp34 MB
01. Someone Like You (Quiet Money Mix).mp32 MB
with Quartz (Singles)
1991 - It's Too Late (Maxi-Single) [128]
Back.jpeg179 KB
Front.jpeg118 KB
CD.jpeg80 KB
01. It's Too Late (Overnight Mix).mp38 MB
02. It's Too Late (Overnight Dub).mp36 MB
03. Obsession.mp33 MB
1991 - Naked Love (Promo-Single) [128]
02. Naked Love (Big Apple Mix).mp36 MB
04. It's Too Late (DMC Remix).mp34 MB
01. Naked Love (Just Say You Want Me, Part 1).mp33 MB
Naked Love.gif18 KB

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