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Devin the Dude Discography

Audio » Music
1.18 GB  
in 275 files
   0 / 0
6 years old  
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Torrent Contents

Devin the Dude
Bootlegs, B-Sides, & Extras
02-devin_feat_snoop_dogg_and_andre_3000-what_a_job_(dirty).mp37 MB
NEW Devin The Dude - Treatin Me Cold [2007].mp36 MB
03-devin_feat_snoop_dogg_and_andre_3000-what_a_job_(inst).mp36 MB
04-devin_feat_snoop_dogg_and_andre_3000-what_a_job_(dirty_acc).mp36 MB
01-devin_feat_snoop_dogg_and_andre_3000-what_a_job_(clean).mp35 MB
00-devin_feat_snoop_dogg_and_andre_3000-what_a_job-cds-2007.nfo819 B
00-devin_feat_snoop_dogg_and_andre_3000-what_a_job-cds-2007.sfv295 B
00-devin_feat_snoop_dogg_and_andre_3000-what_a_job-cds-2007.m3u255 B
rap-a-lot_presents_devin-17-robbery-cr.mp37 MB
rap-a-lot_presents_devin-09-pwa-cr.mp36 MB
rap-a-lot_presents_devin-01-super_stars-cr.mp36 MB
rap-a-lot_presents_devin-14-fuck_faces-cr.mp36 MB
rap-a-lot_presents_devin-06-putcha_lips_on_my_dick-cr.mp36 MB
rap-a-lot_presents_devin-15-in_and_out-cr.mp36 MB
rap-a-lot_presents_devin-16-drugs-cr.mp36 MB
rap-a-lot_presents_devin-13-cant_wait-cr.mp36 MB
rap-a-lot_presents_devin-12-5_oclock_in_da_morning-cr.mp36 MB
rap-a-lot_presents_devin-03-fa_sho-cr.mp35 MB
rap-a-lot_presents_devin-11-payin_fo_pussy-cr.mp35 MB
rap-a-lot_presents_devin-10-its_betta-cr.mp35 MB
rap-a-lot_presents_devin-08-just_a_man-cr.mp35 MB
rap-a-lot_presents_devin-02-coufee-cr.mp34 MB
rap-a-lot_presents_devin-04-dope-cr.mp34 MB
rap-a-lot_presents_devin-18-fuck_you-cr.mp34 MB
rap-a-lot_presents_devin-07-smoken_dat_weed-cr.mp33 MB
rap-a-lot_presents_devin-05-shit_pit-cr.mp31 MB
rap-a-lot_presents_devin-00-bootlegs_n_b-sides-cr.nfo8 KB
rap-a-lot_presents_devin-00-bootlegs_n_b-sides-cr.sfv2 KB
rap-a-lot_presents_devin-00-bootlegs_n_b-sides-cr.m3u845 B
Bust One Fo Y'all - Vol. I (Mixtape)
23-Devin the Dude...Bust One 4 Ya'll _ Finer things.mp35 MB
15-Devin the Dude...Bust One 4 Ya'll _ Go fight some other crime.mp34 MB
11-Devin the Dude...Bust One 4 Ya'll _ Strange.mp34 MB
12-Devin the Dude...Bust One 4 Ya'll _ Anything.mp34 MB
27-Devin the Dude...Bust One 4 Ya'll _ Drugs.mp33 MB
10-Devin the Dude...Bust One 4 Ya'll _ to the X-treme.mp33 MB
25-Devin the Dude...Bust One 4 Ya'll _ Hey let's gp.mp33 MB
04-Devin the Dude...Bust One 4 Ya'll _ See what I can pull.mp33 MB
26-Devin the Dude...Bust One 4 Ya'll _ Can't wait.mp33 MB
07-Devin the Dude...Bust One 4 Ya'll _ Boo Boo'n.mp33 MB
19-Devin the Dude...Bust One 4 Ya'll _ Yo ho.mp33 MB
21-Devin the Dude...Bust One 4 Ya'll _ Superstar.mp32 MB
22-Devin the Dude...Bust One 4 Ya'll _ Payin' for pussy.mp32 MB
05-Devin the Dude...Bust One 4 Ya'll _ It's a shame.mp32 MB
08-Devin the Dude...Bust One 4 Ya'll _ In & out.mp32 MB
06-Devin the Dude...Bust One 4 Ya'll _ Sticky green.mp32 MB
09-Devin the Dude...Bust One 4 Ya'll _ Come on and cum.mp32 MB
13-Devin the Dude...Bust One 4 Ya'll _ ohh na na na.mp31 MB
17-Devin the Dude...Bust One 4 Ya'll _ Keep goin'.mp31 MB
16-Devin the Dude...Bust One 4 Ya'll _ Some of 'em.mp31 MB
20-Devin the Dude...Bust One 4 Ya'll _ Give it and go.mp31 MB
18-Devin the Dude...Bust One 4 Ya'll _ Fuck u.mp31 MB
02-Devin the Dude...Bust One 4 Ya'll _ Bust one 4 ya.mp31,000 KB
folder.bmp956 KB
14-Devin the Dude...Bust One 4 Ya'll _ 4 o'clock in the morning.mp3708 KB
folder.jpg218 KB
01-Devin the Dude...Bust One 4 Ya'll _ Devin speaks.mp3144 KB
03-Devin the Dude...Bust One 4 Ya'll _ Devin's medley.mp3104 KB
Bust One Fo Y'all - Vol. II (Mixtape)
14-Devin the Dude...Bust One 4 Ya'll II _ Back up plan.mp35 MB
17-Devin the Dude...Bust One 4 Ya'll II _ Sumthin like a pimp.mp34 MB
13-Devin the Dude...Bust One 4 Ya'll II _ Lacville '79.mp34 MB
21-Devin the Dude...Bust One 4 Ya'll II _ motha.mp34 MB
16-Devin the Dude...Bust One 4 Ya'll II _ Briar patch.mp33 MB
12-Devin the Dude...Bust One 4 Ya'll II _ Everytime.mp33 MB
22-Devin the Dude...Bust One 4 Ya'll II _ When we ride.mp33 MB
15-Devin the Dude...Bust One 4 Ya'll II _ She's gone.mp33 MB
05-Devin the Dude...Bust One 4 Ya'll II _ Pussy.mp33 MB
20-Devin the Dude...Bust One 4 Ya'll II _ Kooter brown.mp33 MB
03-Devin the Dude...Bust One 4 Ya'll II _ I'm gone.mp33 MB
02-Devin the Dude...Bust One 4 Ya'll II _ Where can we go.mp33 MB
08-Devin the Dude...Bust One 4 Ya'll II _ One day at.mp33 MB
10-Devin the Dude...Bust One 4 Ya'll II _ Black eyed peas.mp33 MB
07-Devin the Dude...Bust One 4 Ya'll II _ Don't fake.mp33 MB
09-Devin the Dude...Bust One 4 Ya'll II _ Gots to go.mp32 MB
18-Devin the Dude...Bust One 4 Ya'll II _ Mo fa me.mp32 MB
11-Devin the Dude...Bust One 4 Ya'll II _ Still drinkin', Still smokin'.mp32 MB
04-Devin the Dude...Bust One 4 Ya'll II _ Body rock.mp32 MB
19-Devin the Dude...Bust One 4 Ya'll II _ Hey shawty.mp32 MB
06-Devin the Dude...Bust One 4 Ya'll II _ Greater later.mp32 MB
01-Devin the Dude...Bust One 4 Ya'll II _ Bust one 4 ya (Live).mp31 MB
folder.jpg208 KB
Bust One Fo Y'all - Vol. III (Mixtape)
21-The-dude.mp34 MB
15-Whos-that-man-moma.mp34 MB
14-Right-now.mp34 MB
16-Doobie-ashtray.mp34 MB
20-Dont-wait.mp34 MB
17-Aint-that-a-bitch.mp33 MB
18-Show-em.mp33 MB
08-F-O-M-H.mp33 MB
07-Ya-boy.mp33 MB
10-like-a-sweet.mp33 MB
11-Only-your-mother.mp33 MB
06-Dime-a-dozen.mp33 MB
04-The-day-after-hell.mp33 MB
12-Better-now.mp33 MB
09-R--b.mp33 MB
03-Toast-to-the-pussy.mp32 MB
02-Would-ya.mp32 MB
13-Cant-change-me.mp32 MB
05-What-time-is-it.mp32 MB
19-I-hi.mp32 MB
01-Whatever.mp31,006 KB
folder.jpg212 KB
Bust One Fo Y'all - Vol. IV (Mixtape)
21-Pimp-life.mp39 MB
04-What-a-job.mp39 MB
13-Bank-robbery.mp38 MB
06-Living.mp38 MB
11-She-useta-be.mp38 MB
12-Ligole-bips.mp38 MB
03-She-want-that-money.mp37 MB
16-Somebody-elses-wife.mp37 MB
22-Hand-of-the-dead-body.mp37 MB
07-Like-some-hoes.mp37 MB
14-Money-makes-the-world-go-round.mp37 MB
20-Fo-sho.mp37 MB
19-Alright.mp37 MB
08-Almighty-dollar.mp36 MB
18-Treatin-me-cold.mp36 MB
09-Porno-bitches.mp36 MB
05-Broccoli--cheese.mp36 MB
17-Just-a-man.mp36 MB
10-I-hope-i-dont-get-sick-a-dis.mp35 MB
02-Boom-intro.mp31 MB
23-Im-outro.mp31,003 KB
15-Boom-interlude.mp3736 KB
folder.jpg221 KB
01-Ogb.mp3175 KB
Hi Life 2008
04-devin_the_dude-come_on_(feat._mo_lew).mp37 MB
12-devin_the_dude-17_holes_(feat._the_coughee_brothaz).mp37 MB
05-devin_the_dude-dont_stop.mp36 MB
02-devin_the_dude-comin_back.mp35 MB
10-devin_the_dude-run_(feat._gar).mp35 MB
01-devin_the_dude-bad_company.mp35 MB
03-devin_the_dude-gettin_crazy_(feat._14k).mp34 MB
09-devin_the_dude-my_occupation_(feat._bushwick_bill).mp34 MB
11-devin_the_dude-where_can_we_go.mp33 MB
07-devin_the_dude-get_high.mp33 MB
06-devin_the_dude-everyday_(feat._kb).mp33 MB
08-devin_the_dude-lil_mary_juana.mp32 MB
00-devin_the_dude-hi_life-(2008)-front.jpg57 KB
Just Tryin Ta Live
06 - Who's That Man, Moma.mp37 MB
15 - Tough Love.mp37 MB
16 - Just Tryin' Ta Live (feat. Odd Squad).mp37 MB
04 - Lacville'79.mp37 MB
11 - Doobie Ashtray.mp37 MB
12 - Just A Man (feat. Raphael Saadiq).mp36 MB
13 - Fa Sho (feat. Odd Squad).mp35 MB
03 - R & B.mp35 MB
08 - Go Somewhere.mp35 MB
10 - Would Ya.mp35 MB
14 - WXYZ.mp35 MB
02 - It's A Shame (feat. Poo Bear).mp35 MB
07 - Some Of 'Em (feat. Xzibit, and Nas).mp34 MB
05 - I-Hi.mp34 MB
01 - Zeldar.mp33 MB
09 - Whatever.mp31 MB
Landing Gear 2008
12 - Devin The Dude - Stray.mp38 MB
01 - Devin The Dude - In My Draws.mp36 MB
11 - Devin The Dude - I Need A Song.mp36 MB
08 - Devin The Dude - I Don't Chase Em'.mp36 MB
04 - Devin The Dude - Let Me Know It's Real.mp36 MB
10 - Devin The Dude - Your Kinda Love.mp36 MB
06 - Devin The Dude - Me, You.mp36 MB
02 - Devin The Dude - I Can't Make It Home.mp36 MB
03 - Devin The Dude - Thinkin' Boutchu.mp35 MB
09 - Devin The Dude - Yo Mind.mp35 MB
07 - Devin The Dude - Highway.mp34 MB
05 - Devin The Dude - El Grande Nadgas.mp34 MB
On The Grind - Smoke One 4 Your Brother (Mixtape)
04-devin_the_dude-porno_bitches_ft._big_boi_and_bizarre.mp35 MB
14-devin_the_dude-my_high_ft._e-40.mp34 MB
17-devin_the_dude-on_the_road_ft._coughee_brothaz.mp34 MB
13-devin_the_dude-like_some_hoes_ft._geto_boys.mp34 MB
12-devin_the_dude-splash.mp34 MB
11-devin_the_dude-find_somethin.mp34 MB
10-devin_the_dude-beautiful_crazy.mp34 MB
18-devin_the_dude-fresh_rims_n_vogues_ft._coughee_brothaz.mp34 MB
16-devin_the_dude-dime_a_dozen_ft._coughee_brothaz.mp34 MB
07-devin_the_dude-toast_to_the_pussy_ft._twista.mp33 MB
02-devin_the_dude-gettin_high_ft._coughee_brothaz.mp33 MB
19-devin_the_dude-choosey_ft._young_buck_and_dirtbag.mp33 MB
05-devin_the_dude-yo_bitch.mp33 MB
08-devin_the_dude-payin_for_pussy.mp33 MB
06-devin_the_dude-pussy_ft._sani_g.mp33 MB
20-devin_the_dude-anything_ft._mr._blakes.mp33 MB
03-devin_the_dude-give_it_and_go.mp32 MB
15-devin_the_dude-smoke_one_4_your_brothaz.mp3542 KB
01-devin_the_dude-24hrgrind.mp3434 KB
09-devin_the_dude-on_the_grind.mp3200 KB
folder.jpg21 KB
Smoke Sessions - Vol. I
12-devin_the_dude_odd_squad_jugg_mugg_and_rob-da_real_thang.mp36 MB
14-devin_the_dude_sk_dudi_mac_daraja_1-3_pr...and_jugg_mugg-coughee_brothaz_freestyle.mp36 MB
09-devin_the_dude_monique_and_t.j.-makin_it_hard.mp36 MB
05-devin_the_dude-searching.mp36 MB
15-devin_the_dude_jugg_mugg_k.b._and_warren_lee-aint_nothin_like_old_school_bitch.mp35 MB
06-devin_the_dude_and_drissola-she_want_me_to_get_closer.mp35 MB
02-j_blaze-j_blaze_freestyle.mp35 MB
04-devin_the_dude_odd_squad_jugg_mugg_and_rob-getting_high.mp34 MB
16-tony_mac-bitch_gotta_go.mp33 MB
13-14k-not_them_those.mp33 MB
03-devin_the_dude-if_i_did_a_mixtape.mp33 MB
10-devin_the_dude-stangy.mp33 MB
08-devin_the_dude-take_me_home.mp32 MB
01-devin_the_dude-official_smoke_session_intro.mp31 MB
07-devin_the_dude-mixtape_ii.mp31 MB
11-todd_fisher-todds_crazy_ass.mp31,015 KB
folder.jpg69 KB
The Dude
01 The Dude.mp35 MB
12 Like a Sweet.mp34 MB
08 See What I Could Pull.mp34 MB
09 Write & Wrong.mp34 MB
16 I Can't Quit.mp34 MB
03 Don't Wait.mp34 MB
14 Ligole Bips (Southern Girls).mp34 MB
13 Show 'Em.mp34 MB
06 Alright.mp34 MB
11 Boo Boo'n.mp34 MB
04 Do What You Wanna Do.mp34 MB
15 Can't Change Me.mp33 MB
10 One Day at a Time.mp33 MB
05 Mo Fa Me.mp33 MB
17 Georgy.mp33 MB
02 Sticky Green.mp32 MB
07 Bust One fa Ya.mp31 MB
To Tha X-Treme
02 To Tha X-Treme.mp37 MB
11 Briarpatch.mp36 MB
13 Anythang.mp36 MB
06 Right Now.mp36 MB
10 Go Fight Some Other Crime.mp36 MB
07 Too Cute.mp35 MB
14 Tha Funk.mp35 MB
15 Motha.mp35 MB
12 She's Gone.mp35 MB
09 Come on & Come.mp35 MB
03 Cooter Brown.mp35 MB
17 Unity.mp34 MB
08 Don't Go.mp34 MB
16 Party.mp34 MB
05 Freak.mp34 MB
04 What-.mp33 MB
01 Devin's Medley.mp31 MB
Waiting To Inhale
17-devin_the_dude-til_its_all_gone_feat._odd_squad_( MB
12-devin_the_dude-dont_wanna_be_alone_( MB
09-devin_the_dude-lil_girl_gone_feat._lil_wayne_and_bun_b_( MB
05-devin_the_dude-what_a_job_feat._snoop_dogg_and_andre_3000_( MB
08-devin_the_dude-she_useta_be_( MB
10-devin_the_dude-no_longer_needed_here_feat._gt_( MB
02-devin_the_dude-she_want_that_money_feat._odd_squad_( MB
03-devin_the_dude-almighty_dollar_( MB
13-devin_the_dude-somebody_elses_wife_( MB
06-devin_the_dude-broccoli_and_cheese_( MB
04-devin_the_dude-hope_i_dont_get_sick_a_dis_( MB
11-devin_the_dude-just_because_( MB
15-devin_the_dude-cutcha_up_( MB
16-devin_the_dude-nothin_to_roll_with_( MB
01-BoomI.mp3830 KB
07-devin_the_dude-boom_ii_( KB
14-devin_the_dude-boom_iii_( KB
Weed Wine and Women
02-Cock Hounds.mp310 MB
08-The Best Way.mp38 MB
12-Porno Bitches.mp37 MB
07-Beautiful Crazy.mp36 MB
03-Something like a pimp.mp36 MB
04-Toast To The Pussy.mp35 MB
10-Deez Bitches.mp35 MB
17-Payin' for Pussy.mp35 MB
16-It's Better.mp35 MB
01-Yo Ho.mp35 MB
18-Like Some Hoes.mp35 MB
14-Black eyed peas.mp35 MB
13-Choosey.mp34 MB
05-Fucking My High.mp34 MB
11-Pussy.mp34 MB
06-Is that alright.mp34 MB
15-Gigglo.mp33 MB
09-Strange.MP32 MB
devback.jpg563 KB

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