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D&D 4E

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Torrent Contents

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D&D 4E
Third Party
Fiery Dragon
Counter Collection Digital 3.0.zip466 MB
Counter Collection 4th Edition Paragon 1.pdf24 MB
Counter Collection 4th Edition Paragon 2.pdf20 MB
Counter Collection 4th Edition Heroic 1.pdf16 MB
Creature Collection - A Compendium of 4th Edition Monstrous Foes.pdf13 MB
Counter Collection 4th Edition Epic 2.pdf13 MB
Counter Collection 4th Edition Epic 1.pdf12 MB
H2 - The Maze Under Stormpeak.pdf4 MB
Counter Collection 4th Edition Heroic 2.pdf4 MB
H1 - The Castle of Shadows.pdf4 MB
H1 - The Castle of Shadows Bonus Counters.pdf1 MB
Fat Dragon Games
E-Z Terrain - Cliffs & Mountains.zip146 MB
Dragonshire - City Ruins.zip134 MB
E-Z Dungeons - Deluxe Edition.zip131 MB
E-Z Terrain - Forest & Ruins.zip118 MB
Dragonshire - Deluxe Edition.zip82 MB
E-Z Dungeons - Borderland Keep.zip77 MB
Dragonshire - Base Set.zip67 MB
E-Z Dungeons - Caverns of Chaos.zip58 MB
Dragonshire - The Cemetery.zip58 MB
E-Z Dungeons - Mechanical Traps.zip50 MB
Dragonshire - Blacksmith & Stables.zip40 MB
Dragonshire - City Interiors.zip40 MB
Dragonshire - Building Expansion Set 1.zip36 MB
The Ultimate GM Screen II.zip34 MB
E-Z Dungeons - Expansion Set 1.zip18 MB
Kenzer & Company
Kingdoms of Kalamar Fantasy Campaign Setting.pdf65 MB
EN Publishing
WotBS 4E #3 - Shelter from the Storm.zip40 MB
WotBS 4E #4 - The Mad King's Banquet.zip40 MB
WotBS 4E #5 - Mission to the Monastery of Two Winds.zip29 MB
Zeitgeist #1 - Island at the Axis of the World.pdf23 MB
WotBS 4E #2 - The Indomitable Fire Forest of Innenotdar.pdf17 MB
Zeitgeist Adventure Path Player's Guide.pdf15 MB
WotBS 4E #10 - Sleep, Ye Cursed Child.pdf9 MB
WotBS 4E #9 - The Festival of Dreams.pdf9 MB
WotBS 4E #1 - The Scouring of Gate Pass.pdf9 MB
Zeitgeist Adventure Path Campaign Guide.pdf9 MB
War of the Burning Sky Player's Guide.pdf9 MB
War of the Burning Sky Campaign Guide.pdf8 MB
Paragons of the Burning Sky.pdf2 MB
Book of Races.pdf40 MB
Book of Classes - Elementalist Playtest.pdf18 MB
Book of Classes - Skald Playtest.pdf15 MB
Book of Classes - Psionicist Playtest.pdf14 MB
Book of Classes - Shamus Playtest.pdf14 MB
Book of Classes - Acrobat Playtest.pdf14 MB
Book of Classes - Phantomancer Playtest.pdf13 MB
Book of Classes - Valkyrie Playtest.pdf10 MB
Open Design
Kobold Quarterly 18.pdf39 MB
Kobold Quarterly 14.pdf28 MB
Kobold Quarterly 16.pdf27 MB
Kobold Quarterly 17.pdf25 MB
Courts of the Shadow Fey.pdf25 MB
Kobold Quarterly 15.pdf23 MB
Kobold Quarterly 7.pdf20 MB
Kobold Quarterly 10.pdf19 MB
Kobold Quarterly 13.pdf16 MB
Kobold Quarterly 6.pdf16 MB
Kobold Quarterly 8.pdf13 MB
Wrath of the River-King.pdf12 MB
Imperial Gazetteer.pdf10 MB
Kobold Quarterly 11.pdf9 MB
Soldiers of Fortune.pdf8 MB
Kobold Quarterly 12.pdf8 MB
Halls of the Mountain-King.pdf8 MB
Kobold Quarterly 9.pdf6 MB
Iron Gazetteer.pdf3 MB
KOBOLD Guide to Game Design, Vol. 1 - Adventures.pdf1 MB
KOBOLD Guide to Game Design, Vol. 3 - Tools & Techniques.pdf1 MB
KOBOLD Guide to Game Design, Vol. 2 - How to Pitch, Playtest & Publish.pdf1 MB
Zodiac Gods Publishing
The Realms of Chirak.pdf39 MB
Sorcerer's Scrolls #43.pdf12 MB
Secrets of Necromancy.pdf10 MB
Sorcerer's Scrolls #42.pdf5 MB
Sorcerer's Scrolls #44.pdf4 MB
Swords Against Shaligon!.pdf3 MB
Goodman Games
Dungeon Crawl Classics #63 - The Warbringer's Son.pdf38 MB
Dungeon Crawl Classics #60 - Thrones of Punjar.pdf17 MB
Points of Light 2 - The Sunrise Sea.rar16 MB
Dungeon Crawl Classics #64 - Codex of the Damned.pdf16 MB
Dungeon Crawl Classics #61 - Citadel of the Corruptor.pdf16 MB
Dungeon Crawl Classics #56 - Scions of Punjar.pdf14 MB
Level Up #2.pdf14 MB
The Adventures of Frank Frazetta's Death Dealer - Shadows of Mirahan.pdf13 MB
Dungeon Crawl Classics #54 - Forges of the Mountain King.pdf13 MB
Dungeon Crawl Classics #55 - Isle of the Sea Drake.pdf13 MB
Blackdirge's Dungeon Denizens.pdf13 MB
Dungeon Crawl Classics #53 - Sellswords of Punjar.pdf12 MB
Dungeon Crawl Classics #58 - The Forgotten Portal.pdf11 MB
Master Dungeons M1 - Dragora's Dungeon.pdf11 MB
Master Dungeons M2 - Curse of the Kingspire.pdf10 MB
Dungeon Crawl Classics #62 - Shrine of the Fallen Lama.pdf10 MB
From Here to There.pdf9 MB
Monstercology - Orcs.pdf9 MB
Level Up #1.pdf9 MB
Critter Cache 5 - Daemons.pdf9 MB
Dungeon Crawl Classics #57 - Wyvern Mountain.pdf8 MB
Critter Cache 6 - Lovecraftian Bestiary.pdf8 MB
Azagar's Book of Rituals.pdf8 MB
Forgotten Heroes - Scythe & Shroud.pdf8 MB
Level Up #3.pdf7 MB
Critter Cache 4 - Fey Folk.pdf7 MB
Hero's Handbook - Eladrin.pdf6 MB
Dungeon Crawl Classics #59 - Mists of Madness.pdf6 MB
Critter Cache 3 - Animals & Beasts.pdf5 MB
Hero's Handbook - Tieflings.pdf5 MB
In Search of Adventure.pdf5 MB
Critter Cache 2 - Prehistoric Beasts.pdf4 MB
Hero's Handbook - Dragonborn.pdf4 MB
Forgotten Heroes - Fang, Fist, and Song.pdf4 MB
Dungeon Crawl Classics - Punjar - The Tarnished Jewel.pdf4 MB
Character Codex (Fillable).pdf2 MB
Character Codex.pdf2 MB
Hero's Handbook - Immortal Heroes.pdf2 MB
Critter Cache 1 - Big Bugs.pdf2 MB
Wicked Fantasy Factory 4 - A Fistful of Zinjas.pdf2 MB
DM Campaign Record (4E).pdf2 MB
Emerald Press
Battlemaps - The Key of the Fey.pdf36 MB
Dark Classes - Assassin.pdf18 MB
Combat Advantage #20 - Time Travel.pdf14 MB
Combat Advantage #16 - The 3 Rings of Cassia.pdf11 MB
The Key of the Fey.pdf10 MB
Combat Advantage #15 - Video Games and Amethyst.pdf8 MB
Combat Advantage #19 - The Book of 200 Feats.pdf7 MB
Risen (EPIC Edition).pdf7 MB
Combat Advantage #21 - Power Surges.pdf6 MB
Combat Advantage #17 - Endera.pdf6 MB
Combat Advantage #18 - The Wounded Issue.pdf6 MB
Combat Advantage #13 - Dark October.pdf6 MB
The Quick Kill.pdf4 MB
Combat Advantage #10 - The Rawl.pdf1 MB
Combat Advantage #14 - Savages.pdf1 MB
Combat Advantage #8 - The Celestial Champion.pdf1 MB
Combat Advantage #12 - Epic Talents.pdf1 MB
Combat Advantage #11 - Gol.pdf1 MB
Combat Advantage #7 - Sidekicks.pdf1 MB
Combat Advantage #9 - The Revenant.pdf904 KB
Combat Advantage #5 - Paragon Talents.pdf508 KB
Combat Advantage #6 - Reputation Feats.pdf496 KB
Combat Advantage #4 - Heroic Talents.pdf329 KB
Combat Advantage #3 - Centry.pdf285 KB
Combat Advantage #1 - Power Knowledge.pdf242 KB
Combat Advantage #2 - Bleeding.pdf234 KB
Wiley Publishing
Dungeons and Dragons 4th Edition For Dummies.pdf35 MB
Dungeon Master 4th Edition For Dummies.pdf6 MB
Alluria Publishing
Fey Folio - The Unseelie Court.pdf31 MB
Alluria Campaign Setting Guide.pdf18 MB
Remarkable Races - The Taddol.pdf10 MB
Remarkable Races - The Entobian.pdf7 MB
Remarkable Races - The Numistian.pdf7 MB
Remarkable Races - The Mogogol.pdf7 MB
Remarkable Races Expansion Set I - The Newly Discovered.pdf6 MB
Remarkable Races - The Zif.pdf5 MB
Remarkable Races Expansion Set III - Aliens Among Us.pdf5 MB
Remarkable Races - The Obitu.pdf4 MB
Remarkable Races - The Oakling.pdf4 MB
Remarkable Races - The Relluk.pdf4 MB
Remarkable Races - The Boggle.pdf3 MB
Clever Classes - Jester.pdf3 MB
Remarkable Races Expansion Set II - The Return of the Ancients.pdf3 MB
Remarkable Races - The Mahrog.pdf2 MB
Clever Classes - Explorer.pdf2 MB
Remarkable Races - The Anumus.pdf2 MB
Remarkable Races - The Squole.pdf2 MB
Remarkable Races - The Xax.pdf1 MB
Remarkable Races - The Muse.pdf1 MB
Remarkable Races - The Kval.pdf1 MB
Escape Velocity Gaming
Urban Adversaries.pdf29 MB
Haunting Trio.pdf7 MB
Torope - Hard-Shell Hero.pdf1 MB
One Monk Miniatures
Bases - Stone.zip28 MB
Bases - Wood Plank.zip23 MB
Bases - Sand.zip17 MB
Bases - Snow.zip12 MB
Bases - Wasteland.zip11 MB
Bases - Lava Rock.zip10 MB
Bases - Battlefield.zip9 MB
Bases - Mars.zip9 MB
Bases - Water.zip9 MB
Fantasy Armies - Elven Heavy Infantry.pdf8 MB
Bases - Diamond Plate.zip8 MB
Bases - Ash Waste.zip8 MB
Fantasy Adventure - Monsterous Golems.pdf8 MB
Bases - Dirt.zip7 MB
Fantasy Armies - Undead Dark Rider Regiment.pdf7 MB
Bases - Asphalt.zip7 MB
Fantasy Armies - Elven Basic Infantry.pdf7 MB
Fantasy Adventure - Demons.pdf7 MB
Fantasy Armies - Undead Sword Cavalry Regiment.pdf6 MB
Fantasy Armies - Undead Archer Cavalry Regiment.pdf6 MB
Bases - Grass.zip6 MB
Fantasy Armies - Elven Basic Cavalry.pdf6 MB
Bases - Dungeon.zip6 MB
Fantasy Adventure - Goblinoid Monsters.pdf6 MB
Fantasy Adventure - Cave Monsters.pdf6 MB
Fantasy Armies - Undead Spear Regiment.pdf6 MB
Fantasy Armies - Undead Glaive Regiment.pdf6 MB
Fantasy Armies - Undead Crossbow Regiment.pdf6 MB
Fantasy Armies - Undead Sword Regiment.pdf5 MB
Fantasy Adventure - Ogre Marauders.pdf5 MB
Fantasy Armies - Undead Archer Regiment.pdf5 MB
Bases - Concrete.zip5 MB
Fantasy Adventure - Dungeon Monsters.pdf5 MB
Bases - Bloody Sci-Fi.zip5 MB
Fantasy Adventure - Cave Trolls.pdf4 MB
Fantasy Adventure - Gothic Statues.pdf4 MB
Fantasy Adventure - Ghostly Spirits.pdf4 MB
Fantasy Adventure - Evil Knights.pdf3 MB
Fantasy Adventure - Knights Of The Round Table.pdf3 MB
Bases - Hazard.zip3 MB
Fantasy Adventure - Scarecrows And Jack O' Lanterns.pdf3 MB
Fantasy Adventure - Gravestones And Gargoyles.pdf3 MB
Fantasy Armies - Undead Army Command.pdf3 MB
Bases - Blank.zip3 MB
Fantasy Adventure - Arthur's Knights.pdf3 MB
Fantasy Adventure - Cavern Monsters.pdf3 MB
Fantasy Adventure - Reptilian Monsters.pdf2 MB
Fantasy Adventure - Witches And Bats.pdf2 MB
Fantasy Adventure - Grave Robbers.pdf2 MB
Fantasy Adventure - Goblin Warband.pdf2 MB
Fantasy Adventure - Berserker Warband.pdf2 MB
Fantasy Adventure - Devils And Imps.pdf2 MB
Fantasy Adventure - Kobold Warband.pdf2 MB
Fantasy Adventure - Orc Warband.pdf1 MB
Fantasy Adventure - Dungeon Heroes.pdf1 MB
Fantasy Adventure - Brigand Warband.pdf1 MB
Fantasy Adventure - Evil Cultists.pdf1 MB
Fantasy Adventure - Female Tavern Patrons.pdf1 MB
Fantasy Adventure - Zombie Villagers.pdf1 MB
Fantasy Adventure - Bandit Warband.pdf1 MB
Bases - Gravestone and Statue.pdf1 MB
Fantasy Adventure - Male Tavern Patrons.pdf1 MB
Fantasy Adventure - Skeleton Warband.pdf1 MB
Bases - Instructions.pdf273 KB
Mongoose Publishing
The Quintessential Wizard.pdf27 MB
The Quintessential Fighter.pdf10 MB
Wraith Recon Campaign Setting.pdf10 MB
Wraith Recon - Skies of Fire.pdf7 MB
Wraith Recon - Enemies Within.pdf4 MB
Three Sages Games
Dargrim Four-Fingers.pdf25 MB
Reva the Rat Queen.pdf18 MB
Libri Necromatica.pdf16 MB
Zombies Ate My Baby.pdf9 MB
Canine Companions 1 - Gallic War Hound.pdf9 MB
Fanig Entertainment
Temple of Outsiders.pdf25 MB
Destiny Games Publishing
Night Reign Campaign Setting.zip24 MB
Inner Circle
The Races of Violet Dawn - Ngakoi.pdf23 MB
The Races of Violet Dawn - Skarren.pdf9 MB
The Races of Violet Dawn - Zeidian.pdf8 MB
Zeitgeist Games
Dave Arneson's BlackMoor - The First Campaign.pdf21 MB
Avalon Game Company
Tomes of Adventure, Garden of Dread.pdf21 MB
Tomes of Adventure, Monson’s Manor.pdf10 MB
Markets and Merchandise.pdf2 MB
Adamant Entertainment
Venture 4th - Scourge of the Rat-Men.pdf19 MB
Venture 4th - Pact of Blood.pdf5 MB
Venture 4th - Ice River Battle.pdf5 MB
Venture 4th - By Skill Alone.pdf4 MB
Sir Reginald Lichlyter's Wine & Spirit Emporium.pdf4 MB
Venture 4th - The Linotaur.pdf2 MB
Venture 4th - Monster Maker.pdf2 MB
Venture 4th - Pact of Ghosts.pdf2 MB
Venture 4th - Pact of the Angelic Choirs.pdf2 MB
Venture 4th - Pact of the Dragon Lords.pdf1 MB
Venture 4th - Characters By Level.pdf1 MB
Venture 4th - Pact of the Vermin Lords.pdf1 MB
Alea Publishing Group
Three Days Until Dawn.pdf16 MB
Mark of Hubris.pdf16 MB
House of Hubris.pdf13 MB
Adventurer's Guide to Cthonia.pdf13 MB
Medieval Bestiary - Monstrous Guide to Terra.pdf8 MB
Feudal Characters - Noble.pdf4 MB
Dragon's Hoard #1.pdf3 MB
Medieval Bestiary - Anthropophagi.pdf2 MB
Medieval Bestiary - Orc Culture.pdf2 MB
Wandering Magister.pdf1 MB
Player Options - Ancient Wizard Magic.pdf1 MB
Player Options - Flaws and Merits.pdf1 MB
Mark of Hubris - Allies.pdf1 MB
Medieval Bestiary - Witch Puppet.pdf1 MB
Medieval Bestiary - Morrigan.pdf1 MB
Oracle of Orcas.pdf908 KB
Red Pub Games
Vaults of Obryn Sapravda Map Set.pdf15 MB
Gladiator Chess.pdf1 MB
Baldman Games
Ashes of Athas Pregen Characters.zip13 MB
AoA1-3 The True Lesson Learned.zip11 MB
AoA1-1 The Worth of a Slave.zip7 MB
AoA1-2 The False and the True.zip6 MB
AoA2-3 A Time to Stand.zip5 MB
AoA2-2 Allies Kept Closer.zip1 MB
AoA2-1 Plotting the Course.zip1 MB
Ashes of Athas Campaign Guide v1.6.pdf262 KB
SVD Press
Saturday Night Delves #1 - Revenge of the Iron Lich.zip13 MB
C1 - Crucible of the Gods Dungeon Module.zip4 MB
Fourthcore Armory - A Compendium of Treasures Mythic & Deadly.pdf2 MB
Expeditious Retreat Press
Nevermore.pdf12 MB
Lands of Darkness #5.5 - The Home for Wayward Minions.pdf9 MB
Lands of Darkness #4 - The Swamp of Timbermoor.pdf9 MB
Freeport Companion.pdf8 MB
Advanced Player's Guide.pdf7 MB
Plague.pdf4 MB
Lands of Darkness #6 - The Wild Hills.pdf3 MB
Lands of Darkness #5 - The Iron Mountains.pdf3 MB
Lands of Darkness #3 - Woods of Woe.pdf3 MB
Lands of Darkness #1 - The Barrow Grounds.pdf3 MB
Castoffs and Crossbreeds.pdf3 MB
Lands of Darkness #2 - Cesspools of Arnac.pdf3 MB
Role Playing Public Radio
Codex of War.pdf12 MB
The Goblin Hulk.pdf4 MB
The New World Campaign Primer.pdf2 MB
Tangent Games
A Pox Upon You!.pdf10 MB
Deadly Toxins - Poisons.pdf5 MB
The Fantasy Cartographic
Fantasy Class - Martialist.pdf10 MB
Rugged Adventures.pdf10 MB
Huxtropy.rar9 MB
The Lunar Scrolls.pdf8 MB
Advanced Class - Druid - Favored Forms.pdf1 MB
Advanced Class - Sorcerer - Aberrant Blood.pdf1 MB
Garnering the Cult's Favor.pdf908 KB
Pop Creatures 002 - Katara.pdf707 KB
Pop Creatures 001 - Reptile.pdf361 KB
Advanced Class - Sorcerer - Aberrant Blood Power Cards.pdf143 KB
The Lunar Scrolls Power Cards.pdf118 KB
Advanced Class - Druid - Favored Forms Power Cards.pdf97 KB
Myth Merchant Press
Tankard Tales - Willowbark's.pdf9 MB
Darklight Interactive
Gamma World - Fire from the Sky.zip8 MB
Sceaptune Games
A Clan of Wretches.pdf8 MB
A Drake Miscellany.pdf4 MB
Sneak Attack Press
Hunting Deathcloud.pdf8 MB
Blessed by Poison.pdf724 KB
Final Redoubt Press
Critical Matters (Combat Essentials 1).pdf7 MB
Tournament 1 - The Throne of God.pdf6 MB
Modeus Publications
The Noble - A Martial Controller Class.pdf7 MB
The Mounted Paladin - A New Character Build for the Paladin Class.pdf734 KB
Axe Initiative Games
Raiders Guild Players Guide.pdf6 MB
Skreek.pdf2 MB
Precis Intermedia
Disposable Heroes Fantasy 4E Customizable Core Classes.pdf6 MB
Gun Metal Games
Scarrport - City of Secrets.pdf6 MB
Fantasy Flight Games
Midnight Chronicles - The Heart of Erenland.pdf6 MB
LPJ Design
Races of Fantasy - The Demigod.pdf6 MB
Publisher Portfolio - Adventure Planner.pdf1 MB
Initiative Cards - 4E Custom Version.pdf1 MB
Initiative Cards - 4E.pdf376 KB
Black Death Publishing
Wyrmslayer.pdf6 MB
Power Pack - Heroic Cleric.pdf1 MB
Beyond the Black Door 4E NPCs.pdf581 KB
Power Pack - Heroic Fighter.pdf517 KB
Power Pack - Heroic Wizard.pdf424 KB
Power Pack - Heroic Rogue.pdf392 KB
Heroic Encounters - Combat and Mayhem.pdf164 KB
Poison Ivy Press
IVe Races - The Elkram.pdf5 MB
The Kroola - Koldbloods and Karnivores.pdf5 MB
IVe Races - The Kroola.pdf2 MB
TG Publishing
Horrors of Halloween.pdf5 MB
Neuroglyph Games
The Perilous Secrets of Wilford Manor.pdf5 MB
A Curse at the Old Inn.pdf4 MB
Bane of the Warlock.pdf2 MB
Kill or Be Killed #1.pdf2 MB
Galileo Games
Hard-Boiled Empires - Solara.pdf5 MB
Blackdirge Publishing
Critter Encounters - Bugged Out.pdf5 MB
Blackdirge's Bargain Bestiaries - Hybrid Horrors - Dragon-Blooded.pdf2 MB
Blackdirge's Bargain Templates - Venomous.pdf2 MB
Blackdirge's Bargain Templates - Abominable.pdf2 MB
Blackdirge's Bargain Bestiaries - Creepy Critters - Baleful Bugs.pdf2 MB
Blackdirge's Bargain Bestiaries - The Created - Lesser Golems.pdf2 MB
Blackdirge's Bargain Templates - Templar.pdf1 MB
Blackdirge's Bargain Bestiaries - From Beyond - Aberrant Horrors.pdf1 MB
Blackdirge's Bargain Templates - Trollborn.pdf1 MB
Blackdirge's Bargain Templates - Brutish.pdf1 MB
Paths to Prestige - Centurion.pdf1 MB
Paths to Prestige - Fell Knight.pdf939 KB
Azagar's Artifacts - Yarghul's Rattle.pdf915 KB
Azagar's Artifacts - Sabre of the Horse Lords.pdf845 KB
Azagar's Artifacts - Orcbiter.pdf622 KB
Unicorn Rampant Publishing
What's Mine's Yours.pdf4 MB
Nosfecatu Publishing
Tikbalang - Guardians of Kalikasan.pdf4 MB
Asuang - Shapechanging Horrors.pdf2 MB
Jeff C. Caird
Raiders of Oakhurst Reloaded.pdf4 MB
Raiders of Oakhurst.pdf1 MB
Creation's Edge Games
Buck-A-Batch - Magic Shields.pdf4 MB
Buck-A-Batch - Magic Armor.pdf4 MB
Buck-A-Batch - Magic Rings.pdf4 MB
Buck-A-Batch - Magic Bracers.pdf4 MB
Buck-A-Batch - Wondrous Items.pdf4 MB
Buck-A-Batch - Magic Weapons.pdf4 MB
Buck-A-Batch - Magic Potions.pdf4 MB
Buck-A-Batch - Magic Armor 2.pdf4 MB
Buck-A-Batch - Magic Weapons 2.pdf4 MB
Buck-A-Batch - Magic Potions 2.pdf4 MB
Buck-A-Batch - Magic Bracers 2.pdf3 MB
Buck-A-Batch - Magic Boots 2.pdf3 MB
Buck-A-Batch - Magic Boots.pdf3 MB
Buck-A-Batch - Wondrous Items 2.pdf3 MB
Buck-A-Batch - Magic Shields 2.pdf3 MB
Buck-A-Batch - Magic Rings 2.pdf3 MB
Karma Deck.zip833 KB
Karma Deck - Divine Justice.zip630 KB
Karma Deck - Requiem.zip393 KB
Fluid Games
Ashen Sands of Aegandos Player's Guide.pdf3 MB
Ivory Goat Press
Points of Conflict - Encounter 01 - The Charnel Pit.pdf3 MB
Points of Conflict - Encounter 02 - The Dancing Bridge.pdf3 MB
Points of Conflict - Encounter 03 - The Roadside Keep.pdf513 KB
Chaotic Shiny Productions
Arcane Flavor.pdf3 MB
Martial Cultures - Arytis.pdf1 MB
Postmortem Studios
Living Constructs.pdf3 MB
Kannik Studios
Adventurer's Option - Trades and Professions.zip3 MB
Adventurer's Option - Strained and Battered.pdf3 MB
Blackbyrne Publishing
Within Death's Gaze.pdf3 MB
Encounter at Fairvale.pdf2 MB
Through a Glass Darkly.pdf2 MB
Fahrenheit Gaming
Corners of the Realm - The Tvari.pdf3 MB
Corners of the Realm - The Myrddin.pdf3 MB
Skirmisher Publishing
Dhanurvidya & Varman - The Arms and Armor of India.pdf3 MB
Implement Games
The City of Burden’s Peak.pdf3 MB
The Town That Time Forgot.pdf1 MB
Gold for Blood.pdf1 MB
The Dungeonsweeper's Guild.pdf1 MB
Nautical Compendium.pdf1,006 KB
Devilmire Mountain.pdf917 KB
The Diamond Eye of Korr.pdf801 KB
The Mansion on Misty Moor.pdf507 KB
Domains of Dread - Pellios, The Raging Vale.pdf374 KB
The Artillerist.pdf355 KB
The Scourge of Icewind 2.pdf309 KB
Complete Book of Skills.pdf248 KB
The Scourge of Icewind 3.pdf241 KB
Dorvaire Caves.pdf214 KB
Child of the Dawn.pdf178 KB
Bitter Harvest.pdf176 KB
The Empath.pdf168 KB
Background Assistant.pdf145 KB
The Scourge of Icewind 1.pdf143 KB
Into the Undermaze.pdf128 KB
Domains of Dread - The Howling Halls of Turmain.pdf31 KB
Updated 4E Character Sheet.pdf20 KB
Imperium Star Games
Temple of the Stone.pdf3 MB
GaleForce Nine
Game Mat - Market Square.pdf3 MB
Game Mat - King's Road.pdf2 MB
Game Mat - Caves of Chaos.pdf2 MB
Dark Spire
Friar's Almanac #1 - Moon of Broken Swords.pdf3 MB
Friar's Almanac #3 - Moon of Staring Eyes.pdf2 MB
Friar's Almanac #2 - Moon of Plagues.pdf2 MB
Raiders of Los Arch (Now sold as Tsorathian Raiders).pdf1 MB
Friar's Almanac #8 - Under Royal Seal Since Tower's Rising.pdf1 MB
Friar's Almanac #4 - Moon of Stagnant Waters.pdf517 KB
Skill Conduit Contest.pdf485 KB
Highmoon Games
Hard Boiled Ideas - Armies.pdf3 MB
The Witch Doctor.pdf1 MB
Poisoncraft - The Codex Venenorum.pdf1 MB
Poisoncraft - The Syrallax.pdf1 MB
Gods of the Shroud.pdf1 MB
The Shroudborn.pdf1 MB
Races of the Shroud - The Apelord.pdf994 KB
Shrouded Agendas - The Purifiers.pdf931 KB
Hard Boiled Ideas - Cultures.pdf878 KB
Races of the Shroud - The Half-Dead.pdf715 KB
Shrouded Paths - The Unbroken.pdf681 KB
Shrouded Horrors - The Death-Mother.pdf676 KB
Races of the Shroud - What is the Shroud.pdf302 KB
Dreamscarred Press
Phrenic Power - Phrenic Shards.pdf2 MB
Phrenic Power - Mentalist.pdf1 MB
Phrenic Power - Ardent.pdf403 KB
Sly Flourish
Dungeon Master Tips.pdf2 MB
Revenant Games
Wyrmstone Almanac TY 109.pdf2 MB
OtherWorld Creations
Fantastic Races - The Arak.pdf2 MB
Generic Universe Publishing
Gior's Glassworks.pdf2 MB
Inspired Device
Book of Vicious Damnation 2.pdf1 MB
Book of Vicious Damnation 1.pdf1 MB
Taurus Twelve
Magical Memories from Beyond - Forgotten Rituals.pdf1 MB
Brent P. Newhall’s Musaeum
War in the Deep.pdf1 MB
Math Wizard.pdf1 MB
Oath Brothers
Shrine Maiden.pdf1 MB
Kurt Sparkuhl Games
A Dungeon Dash - Wraithwood Cavern.pdf1 MB
A Dungeon Dash - The Cult of Bane.pdf1 MB
Bonsai Entertainment
Circus of the Stars.pdf1 MB
Curse of the Night Blood Orcs.pdf911 KB
Kraken Eye
Esoterica - Grafted.pdf1 MB
Full Moon Enterprises
Inn Peril.pdf1 MB
Fearless Goblin Games
Adastra - Nucleus.pdf1 MB
Racial Variants Volume I.pdf1 MB
Xori - Threats from the Savage Dirge.pdf930 KB
Jal - A Race Divided, A People United.pdf663 KB
Firearms - Bang.pdf473 KB
Explosives - Kaboom.pdf450 KB
Feats - Going Mental.pdf420 KB
White Elephant Publishing
War of Words.pdf771 KB
Svalin Games
Blackguard Player Class.pdf718 KB
Witch Player Class.pdf627 KB
Power Alteration Feats.pdf307 KB
Critical Augmentation Feats.pdf277 KB
650 Fantasy City Encounter Seeds & Hooks.pdf439 KB
Black Powder Weapons in D&D 4E.pdf365 KB
SmiteWorks Ltd
Fantasy Grounds II v2.6.3 with 4E v2 plus Modules.rar192 MB
Habitual Indolence
Masterplan D&D Libraries (Oct 2011).zip86 MB
Masterplan v10.3.zip4 MB
Masterplan v8.8.zip4 MB
MapTool v1.3 build 86.zip18 MB
InitiativeTool v1.1 build 9.zip8 MB
CharacterTool v1.0 build 15.zip7 MB
TokenTool v1.0 build 28.zip3 MB
DiceTool v1.0 build 34.zip1 MB
Ex Nebula
vcc-1.5.0 full.zip11 MB
vcc-1.5.1 patch.zip2 MB
The Fnordistan Department of Software Engineering
SmallRoller v1.3.zip4 MB
Gametable v2.0 RC7.zip3 MB
Jeff Hamm
Character Builder Mods
Homebrew Mod Compilation.zip1 MB
Third Party Mod Compilation.zip1 MB
Wizards of the Coast Compilation.zip929 KB
Wizards of the Coast
Core to Living Forgotten Realms Deity Remapping.zip26 KB
CBLoaderV1.3.0.zip54 KB
CBLoaderV1.2.4.1.zip52 KB
Index Files
WotC.index9 KB
UnearthedArcana.index507 B
Dzmitry Khimaroda
Dungeon Master's Battle Screen MB
Laughter Forever
inCombat 4e v1.60.2.air918 KB
4e Power Toolkit v0.7.0b.zip400 KB
CrawlNotes v2.2 Beta.zip179 KB
Trackwork v0.5b.zip44 KB
Dragon Pro Studios
DnD4eCM v1.8.1.zip199 KB
Dungeons & Dragons
Dungeons & Dragons 01.cbz35 MB
Dungeons & Dragons 02.cbz34 MB
Dungeons & Dragons 11.cbz29 MB
Dungeons & Dragons 13.cbz29 MB
Dungeons & Dragons 14.cbz27 MB
Dungeons & Dragons 08.cbz27 MB
Dungeons & Dragons 06.cbz26 MB
Dungeons & Dragons 03.cbz26 MB
Dungeons & Dragons 00.cbz25 MB
Dungeons & Dragons 05.cbz25 MB
Dungeons & Dragons 09.cbz24 MB
Dungeons & Dragons 12.cbz23 MB
Dungeons & Dragons 10.cbz21 MB
Dungeons & Dragons 07.cbr19 MB
Dungeons & Dragons 04.cbr16 MB
The Legend of Drizzt - Neverwinter Tales
The Legend of Drizzt - Neverwinter Tales 01.cbr29 MB
The Legend of Drizzt - Neverwinter Tales 04.cbz28 MB
The Legend of Drizzt - Neverwinter Tales 02.cbz21 MB
The Legend of Drizzt - Neverwinter Tales 03.cbz21 MB
Dark Sun
Dark Sun 01.cbz24 MB
Dark Sun 02.cbz21 MB
Dark Sun 05.cbz20 MB
Dark Sun 03.cbz19 MB
Dark Sun 04.cbz16 MB
Third Party 4th Edition Material List.pdf106 KB
Third Party 4th Edition Material List.xlsx34 KB
Wizards of the Coast
Encounters, Season 3 - Keep on the Borderlands.zip99 MB
Encounters, Season 5 - Dark Legacy of Evard.zip40 MB
Encounters, Season 4 - March of the Phantom Brigade.zip27 MB
Encounters, Season 2 - Dark Sun.zip12 MB
Encounters, Season 7 - Beyond the Crystal Cave.pdf11 MB
Encounters, Season 1 - Undermountain.zip10 MB
Encounters, Season 6 - Lost Crown of Neverwinter.pdf8 MB
Published Adventures
Madness at Gardmore Abbey.zip41 MB
Tomb of Horrors.pdf41 MB
Revenge of the Giants.pdf30 MB
H1 Keep On The Shadowfell.pdf23 MB
Scepter Tower of Spellgard.pdf23 MB
E2 Kingdom of the Ghouls.pdf21 MB
E1 Death's Reach.pdf21 MB
H2 Thunderspire Labyrinth.pdf20 MB
Seekers of the Ashen Crown.pdf19 MB
H3 Pyramid Of Shadows.pdf19 MB
E3 Prince of Undeath.pdf18 MB
P1 King of the Trollhaunt Warrens.pdf16 MB
P2 Demon Queens Enclave.pdf14 MB
P3 Assault on Nightwyrm Fortress.pdf12 MB
HS1 The Slaying Stone.pdf8 MB
HS2 Orcs of Stonefang Pass.pdf8 MB
Mardauders of the Dune Sea.pdf8 MB
H1 Keep On The Shadowfell (Updated).pdf6 MB
DM Rewards
Tomb of Horrors.pdf36 MB
The Village of Hommlet.pdf10 MB
Free RPG Day
Bloodsand Arena.rar23 MB
Treasure of Talon Pass.pdf5 MB
Khyber's Harvest.pdf4 MB
Worldwide D&D Game Day
(2010-03-20) Beneath the Lonely Tower.zip21 MB
(2010-09-11) Sunderpeak Temple.zip21 MB
(2009-05-23) Journey Through the Silver Caves.pdf7 MB
(2010-08-21) The Lost Cistern of Aravek.zip6 MB
(2010-10-23) Trouble in Freesboro.zip5 MB
(2009-03-21) One Dark Night in Weeping Briar.pdf5 MB
(2008-06-07) Into the Shadowhaunt.pdf4 MB
(2009-09-19) A Passage Into Mystery.zip2 MB
Kill the Messengers.pdf15 MB
Lair of the Dread Witch (2010 Delve).pdf5 MB
The Sands of Time.zip5 MB
Glory and Blood - Dark Sun Arenas.zip2 MB
Return To The Moathouse.zip1 MB
Curse of the Gray Hag (2010 Convention Classic).pdf1 MB
Beyond the Door.pdf888 KB
Living Forgotten Realms
Weekend in the Realms
WEEK1-1,2,3 Beneath Haunted Halls.zip14 MB
WEEK1-4 The Icy Queen's Crossing.zip8 MB
Preview Adventures
PREV-2 Escape from Sembia.zip7 MB
PREV-3 Death in the Skyfire Wastes.zip1 MB
PREV-1 Scalegloom Hall.zip1 MB
Adventuring Company Adventures
ADCP3-2 From Dawn Till Dusk.zip4 MB
ADCP1-1 Jungle Hunt.zip857 KB
Regional Adventures
CORM1-6 Curse of the Queen of Thorns.zip3 MB
CORM1-3 Head Above Water.zip1 MB
CORM1-1 The Black Knight of Arabel.zip1 MB
CORM2-3 Secret of the Queen of Thorns.zip1 MB
CORM2-4 Fury of the Queen of Thorns.zip970 KB
CORM1-4 All The King's Men.zip859 KB
CORM1-5 In the Bleak Midwinter.zip848 KB
CORM2-1 For Crown and Kingdom.zip720 KB
CORM2-2 Pain.zip663 KB
CORM1-2 Gangs of Wheloon.zip605 KB
CORM1-7 Patronage and Pestilence.zip548 KB
IMPI2-2 Wetwork.zip3 MB
IMPI1-6 The Ancient Temple.zip1 MB
IMPI2-4 Goblins Strike Back.zip1 MB
IMPI1-4 Bandits on the Farm.zip931 KB
IMPI1-3 Lost Souls.zip879 KB
IMPI1-1 Alone.zip865 KB
IMPI2-1 Goblins from Below.zip765 KB
IMPI1-2 Breaking Point.zip687 KB
IMPI2-3 Rooting Out Corruption.zip686 KB
IMPI1-7 Masquerade.zip656 KB
IMPI1-5 How to Hunt a Demon.zip594 KB
East Rift
EAST1-6 The Fardrop Incident.zip2 MB
EAST1-3 Unbidden.zip1 MB
EAST1-2 Marauder's Spear.zip1 MB
EAST2-3 Nightmares.zip863 KB
EAST2-2 Sibilant Whispers.zip778 KB
EAST1-5 Mole Hunt.zip713 KB
EAST1-4 Darkness in Delzimmer.zip710 KB
EAST2-1 Ends and Means.zip656 KB
EAST1-1 These Hallowed Halls.zip640 KB
Dragon Coast
DRAG2-1 Discomfort.zip2 MB
DRAG2-3 Of Wild and Darkened Waters.zip1 MB
DRAG2-2 This Gathering Storm.zip1 MB
DRAG1-6 Night of Fallen Petals.zip1,022 KB
DRAG2-4 Into The Maelstrom.zip880 KB
DRAG1-7 Crafts.zip839 KB
DRAG1-4 Falling Snow, White Petal.zip674 KB
DRAG1-3 A Stab in the Dark.zip664 KB
DRAG1-1 Many Hands Make Light Work.zip633 KB
DRAG1-2 The Thin Gray Line.zip579 KB
DRAG1-5 White Flower Falling.zip560 KB
LURU2-1 Hands that Rock the Cradle.zip1 MB
LURU2-4 Need to Know.zip1 MB
LURU1-5 Beyond the Wild Frontier.zip1 MB
LURU1-6 Desperate Times.zip1 MB
LURU1-7 Demonic Dealings.zip1 MB
LURU2-3 Forgotten Crypts, Hidden Dangers.zip1 MB
LURU1-4 Prey for the Night.zip1,003 KB
LURU1-1 Slivers of Eaerlann.zip979 KB
LURU1-3 Shades of Blue Fire.zip797 KB
LURU1-2 The Gibbous Moon.zip775 KB
LURU2-2 Shadows of the Knights.zip567 KB
DALE1-4 The Lady In Flames.zip1 MB
DALE1-5 Hunters' Down.zip1 MB
DALE2-3 Swords From Plowshares.zip1 MB
DALE2-1 Forever.zip1 MB
DALE2-4 Illsyldra.zip1 MB
DALE2-2 Agony.zip1 MB
DALE1-6 The Vesperin Initiative.zip1 MB
DALE1-7 Arts.zip960 KB
DALE1-2 Blades for Daggerdale.zip882 KB
DALE1-1 The Prospect.zip850 KB
DALE1-3 Master and Servant.zip847 KB
WATE1-3 The Woolmen's Restless Tomb.zip1 MB
WATE2-3 Noble Dangers.zip1 MB
WATE1-6 Out of Hatred.zip1 MB
WATE2-2 Closing a Deal.zip1 MB
WATE1-1 Heirloom.zip951 KB
WATE2-1 Gilding a Noble.zip935 KB
WATE1-2 Dark Secrets of Downshadow.zip905 KB
WATE1-5 Lost in the Fog.zip770 KB
WATE1-7 The Missing and the Missed.zip723 KB
WATE1-4 The Mystery of Deepwater Harbor.zip711 KB
AGLA1-2 At the Foot of the Lighthouse.zip1 MB
AGLA1-6 Twisted Roots Run Deep.zip1 MB
AGLA2-1 The Undumor Connection.zip1 MB
AGLA1-5 Silver Lining.zip860 KB
AGLA1-4 Through Twilight Boughs.zip838 KB
AGLA1-7 Twilight Ambitions.zip826 KB
AGLA1-3 The Worst of All Snares.zip747 KB
AGLA1-1 Lost Temple of the Fey Gods.zip689 KB
AGLA2-2 First Strike.zip621 KB
Baldur's Gate
BALD1-3 Tome of the Traitor.zip1 MB
BALD1-1 Flames of Initiation.zip880 KB
BALD1-2 The Night I Called the Undead Out.zip829 KB
BALD1-4 Silent Streets and Vanished Souls.zip809 KB
BALD1-6 Brothers in Arms.zip779 KB
TYMA1-2 Taking Stock of the Situation.zip1 MB
TYMA1-3 Tools of the Trade.zip975 KB
TYMA1-6 Troubled Roads.zip948 KB
TYMA2-2 The Hand of Darkness.zip911 KB
TYMA1-1 Elder Wisdom.zip886 KB
TYMA2-1 Old Enemies Arise.zip675 KB
TYMA1-5 From One Dwarf to Another.zip662 KB
TYMA1-4 Death Before Dishonor.zip616 KB
AKAN1-3 Property for Sale.zip1 MB
AKAN1-2 The Depths of Airspur.zip683 KB
AKAN1-7 Faint Hope.zip624 KB
AKAN1-5 Shell Game.zip557 KB
AKAN1-1 The Rotting Ruins of Galain.zip531 KB
AKAN2-1 Set Adrift.zip499 KB
AKAN1-4 Runes in Ruins.zip425 KB
Moonshae Isles
MOON2-1 Darkness Falls Over Moray.zip1,011 KB
MOON1-6 Black Heart.zip943 KB
MOON1-2 The Sea Drake.zip829 KB
MOON1-4 Black Blood.zip788 KB
MOON1-3 Black Gold.zip727 KB
MOON1-1 Nature's Wrath.zip680 KB
MOON1-7 Treasure Hunt.zip678 KB
MOON1-5 Lost Love.zip642 KB
Epic Adventures
EPIC3-2 Cracks in the Crimson Cage.zip3 MB
EPIC3-1 The Glorious Hunt.zip2 MB
Core Adventures
CORE2-4 Lost on the Golden Way.zip2 MB
CORE2-1 Killing the Messenger.zip1 MB
CORE2-10 Upon the Sea of Stars.zip1 MB
CORE2-11 The Sign of Four.zip1 MB
CORE2-6 Ripples in the Stream of Souls.zip1 MB
CORE2-12 The Sschindylryn Heresy.zip1 MB
CORE1-15 Where Dragons Die.zip1 MB
CORE2-8 Enemy of My Enemy.zip1 MB
CORE1-7 Sovereign of the Mines.zip1 MB
CORE1-14 What Storms May Come.zip1 MB
CORE2-3 High Infidelity.zip1 MB
CORE1-8 Taken.zip1 MB
CORE1-4 Crystal Clear.zip1,003 KB
CORE2-2 Rising of the Dark.zip947 KB
CORE2-7 Where Secrets Lie.zip925 KB
CORE2-5 The Black Card.zip795 KB
CORE1-13 The Fate of Camp 15.zip759 KB
CORE1-3 Sense of Wonder.zip754 KB
CORE1-1 Inheritance.zip746 KB
CORE1-9 Ages Best Forgotten.zip710 KB
CORE1-17 Finding Harmony.zip699 KB
CORE1-12 Songs of the Heart.zip698 KB
CORE1-10 Dancing Shadows.zip659 KB
CORE1-5 Touched by Darkness.zip627 KB
CORE1-6 Incident at the Gorge of Gauros.zip624 KB
CORE1-11 Drawing a Blank.zip601 KB
CORE1-2 The Radiant Vessel of Thesk.zip563 KB
Elturgard Adventures
ELTU3-1 Good Intentions.zip2 MB
ELTU3-4 Blue Beast.zip1 MB
ELTU3-2 Blue Wounds.zip1 MB
ELTU3-3 The Way of All Flesh.zip1 MB
Netheril Adventures
NETH3-1 Secrets and Shadows.zip2 MB
NETH3-3 Seek and Destroy.zip1 MB
NETH3-2 Flirting with Disaster.zip769 KB
Special Adventures
SPEC3-2 Roots of Corruption - Dark Seeds.zip2 MB
SPEC2-1 H2 Dogs of War.zip1 MB
SPEC2-1 P1 Blinking Eye of Fire.zip1 MB
SPEC2-2 P2 Tyrannys Bitter Frost.zip1 MB
SPEC3-1 Roots of Corruption - Infestation.zip1 MB
SPEC1-2 Zhent's Ancient Shadows.zip1 MB
SPEC1-3 Ghosts of the Past - Hive of Corruption (H1).zip1 MB
SPEC2-1 P2 Scouts Honor.zip1 MB
SPEC2-2 P3 Tyrannys Perilous Bastion.zip1,013 KB
SPEC1-3 Ghosts of the Past - Windsong Tower (H2).zip982 KB
SPEC1-1 Shades of the Zhentarim.zip977 KB
SPEC2-1 H3 The Morninglords Laughter.zip901 KB
SPEC2-2 P1 Tyrannys Bleak Depths.zip895 KB
SPEC1-3 Ghosts of the Past - Dark Portal (P1).zip857 KB
SPEC1-3 Ghosts of the Past - Sirens Lure (H3).zip781 KB
SPEC2-1 H1 The Scourge of Scornubel.zip601 KB
Embers of Dawn Mini-Campaign
MINI1-5 Pyrophobia.zip2 MB
MINI2-1 A Mourning of Ravens.zip1 MB
MINI1-1 Stirring the Embers.zip1 MB
MINI1-2 The Burning Scent of Perfumed Swords.zip1 MB
MINI1-6 Quench the Fire of the Raging God.zip869 KB
MINI2-2 Ravens Under the Midday Sun.zip869 KB
MINI1-4 Coaxing the Flame.zip815 KB
MINI1-3 Building the Pyre.zip777 KB
MINI2-3 Raven Knights.zip771 KB
Prequel Adventures
PREQ3-1 Shrouded Visions.zip1 MB
Quest Adventures
QUES2-1 Stir Not the World's Doom.zip931 KB
QUES1-1 Black Cloaks and Bitter Rivalries.zip825 KB
My Realms Adventures
MYRE1-4 My Realms Adventure P1 2009.zip921 KB
MYRE2-1 My Realms Adventure P2 2010.zip371 KB
MYRE2-2 My Realms Adventure P3 2010.zip365 KB
MYRE3-2 My Realms Adventure (Paragon).zip345 KB
MYRE3-1 My Realms Adventure (Heroic).zip344 KB
MYRE1-2 My Realms Adventure H2 2009.zip342 KB
MYRE1-1 My Realms Adventure H1 2009.zip300 KB
MYRE1-3 My Realms Adventure H3 2009.zip240 KB
Adapted Adventures
ADAP1-5 Menace of the Icy Spire.zip413 KB
ADAP2-1 Monument of the Ancients.zip413 KB
ADAP2-2 The Spiral Gate.zip364 KB
ADAP1-4 Scepter Tower of Spellgard Part 3.zip337 KB
ADAP1-3 Scepter Tower of Spellgard Part 2.zip334 KB
ADAP1-1 Barrow of the Ogre King.zip297 KB
ADAP1-2 Scepter Tower of Spellgard Part 1.zip290 KB
LFR Adventures Needed.txt435 B
CCF1-2 Trials of the Tanglewood.zip1 MB
CCF1-3 Float Like a Dragonfly.zip1 MB
CCQ1-6 Cold Hard Cash.zip1 MB
CCF1-4 Razing Aerithmas.zip1 MB
CCF1-1 The Jaws That Bite, the Claws That Catch.zip987 KB
CCQ1-5 Honor Bound.zip950 KB
Delve Night
DDN 2009-05 Deepwater Rising.pdf870 KB
DDN 2009-06 Sanity's Precipice.pdf822 KB
DDN 2008-12 The Dragon Twins' Lair.pdf808 KB
DDN 2009-04 The Disquiet Spirits.pdf792 KB
DDN 2009-02 What You Wish For.pdf750 KB
DDN 2008-10 Tower of Maraj.pdf673 KB
DDN 2009-03 Company of the Griffon.pdf636 KB
DDN 2008-11 Into the Shadow.pdf614 KB
DDN 2009-01 The Sewers of Silence.pdf613 KB
Lair Assault
Lair Assault, Season 1 - Forge of the Dawn Titan.pdf5 MB
Neverwinter Campaign Setting.zip68 MB
Dark Sun Campaign Setting.pdf59 MB
Monster Manual 3.pdf55 MB
Player's Handbook 3.pdf53 MB
Eberron Campaign Guide.pdf52 MB
Heroes of the Fallen Lands.pdf45 MB
Player's Strategy Guide.pdf43 MB
The Plane Above.pdf43 MB
Rules Compendium.pdf43 MB
Heroes of the Feywild.pdf41 MB
Underdark.pdf41 MB
Psionic Power.pdf41 MB
Draconomicon - Metallic Dragons.pdf40 MB
Dungeon Master's Guide 2.pdf40 MB
Martial Power 2.pdf38 MB
Dungeon Magazine Annual 2010.pdf38 MB
Mordenkainen's Magnificent Emporium.pdf37 MB
Primal Power.pdf37 MB
Heroes of the Forgotten Kingdoms.pdf35 MB
Dark Sun Creature Catalog.pdf34 MB
Heroes of Shadow.pdf33 MB
Divine Power.pdf32 MB
Dragon Magazine Annual 2009.pdf30 MB
Adventurer's Vault 2.pdf30 MB
Arcane Power.pdf29 MB
Eberron Player's Guide.pdf29 MB
Monster Manual.pdf29 MB
Monster Manual (with Errata thru 2010-05).pdf29 MB
Demonomicon.pdf28 MB
Forgotten Realms Campaign Guide.pdf28 MB
Monster Manual 2.pdf27 MB
Races and Classes.pdf25 MB
Player's Handbook.pdf25 MB
Player's Handbook (with Errata thru 2011-09).pdf25 MB
The Plane Below.pdf24 MB
Draconomicon - Chromatic Dragons.pdf22 MB
Worlds and Monsters.pdf20 MB
Dungeon Master's Guide.pdf19 MB
Dungeon Delve.pdf18 MB
Dungeon Master's Guide (with Errata thru 2010-07).pdf18 MB
Vor Rukoth.zip17 MB
Open Grave.pdf15 MB
Adventurer's Vault.pdf15 MB
Player's Handbook 2.pdf15 MB
Manual of the Planes.pdf14 MB
Forgotten Realms Player's Guide.pdf13 MB
Martial Power.pdf13 MB
Hammerfast.pdf9 MB
Player's Handbook Races - Dragonborn.pdf8 MB
Player's Handbook Races - Tieflings.pdf8 MB

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