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Counter Strike CSO-NST

Games » PSP
729 MB  
in 345 files
   0 / 0
6 years old  
13    2
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User Comments

1. tgadgsd — long ago
ageghsdf eftgadgsjefeawfa efafgeag
2. marco morais — long ago
muinto bom
3. sorynel — long ago
4. sorynel — long ago
cs-nst e foarte tare!
5. guilherme — long ago
da ora

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Torrent Contents

Counter Strike CSO-NST
Update ล่าสุด
at4_exp.spr417 KB
640hud53.spr64 KB
640hud29.spr64 KB
640hud3.spr64 KB
640hud4.spr64 KB
640hud51.spr64 KB
640hud52.spr64 KB
640hud55.spr64 KB
640hud7.spr64 KB
640hud03.spr64 KB
640hud28.spr64 KB
sniper_at4.spr64 KB
muzzleflash16.spr32 KB
hud.txt12 KB
AutoMagV.spr1 KB
zoom_custom8.txt457 B
weapon_at4.txt215 B
weapon_trg.txt212 B
weapon_lugerg.txt184 B
640hud7.spr64 KB
hud.txt24 KB
knife_stab.wav29 KB
knife_hit.wav22 KB
knife_slash.wav15 KB
trg42g_shoot1.wav86 KB
awp1.wav86 KB
m95_shoot1.wav51 KB
automagv-1.wav50 KB
amg-1.wav50 KB
automagv-2.wav50 KB
tar21-1.wav38 KB
hammer_draw.wav34 KB
at4-1.wav30 KB
at4_shoot1.wav30 KB
deagle-1.wav28 KB
deagle-2.wav28 KB
lugerg_shoot1.wav28 KB
c96_shoot1.wav26 KB
m95_clipin.wav20 KB
at4_draw.wav16 KB
at4_clipin1.wav14 KB
katana_draw.wav12 KB
tar21_boltpull.wav11 KB
m95_boltpull.wav11 KB
trg_clipin.wav11 KB
amg_foley2.wav10 KB
luger_clipin.wav9 KB
katana_stap.wav9 KB
trg_clipout.wav8 KB
tar21_clipin.wav8 KB
trg_foley2.wav8 KB
amg_foley1.wav7 KB
luger_slideback.wav7 KB
trg_foley1.wav6 KB
m95_clipout.wav6 KB
tar21_clipout.wav6 KB
at4_clipin2.wav5 KB
trg_foley3.wav5 KB
luger_clipout2.wav4 KB
at4_clipin3.wav4 KB
amg_foley3.wav4 KB
amg_foley4.wav4 KB
katana_midslash2.wav3 KB
katana_midslash1.wav3 KB
katana_stapmiss.wav3 KB
luger_clipout1.wav2 KB
diagonal.tga78 KB
NSTWpn_Rifles_1_TER.res46 KB
NSTWpn_Rifles_1_CT.res46 KB
NSTWpn_Rifles_2_TER.res46 KB
NSTWpn_Rifles_2_CT.res46 KB
NSTWpn_Rifles_3_CT.res38 KB
NSTWpn_Rifles_3_TER.res36 KB
NSTWpn_MyWeapons_TER.res35 KB
NSTWpn_MyWeapons_CT.res35 KB
NSTWpn_MyWeapons.res34 KB
NSTWpn_Pistols_1_TER.res27 KB
NSTWpn_Pistols_1_CT.res27 KB
MainBuyMenu.res22 KB
1.res22 KB
NSTWpn_Knife_1_TER.res21 KB
NSTWpn_Knife_1_CT.res21 KB
Classmenu_CT.res20 KB
Classmenu_TER.res20 KB
Rifles1_CT_TER.res19 KB
Rifles1_CT_CT.res19 KB
Rifles1_TER_TER.res19 KB
Rifles1_TER_CT.res19 KB
Pistols_TER_TER.res19 KB
Pistols_TER_CT.res19 KB
Pistols_CT_TER.res19 KB
Pistols_CT_CT.res19 KB
NSTWpn_Hegrenade_1_TER.res19 KB
NSTWpn_Hegrenade_1_CT.res19 KB
Smg_TER_TER.res19 KB
Smg_TER_CT.res19 KB
Smg_CT_CT.res18 KB
Smg_CT_TER.res18 KB
Rifles_TER_CT.res18 KB
Rifles_TER_TER.res18 KB
Rifles_CT_TER.res18 KB
Rifles_CT_CT.res18 KB
Rifles2_CT_TER.res17 KB
Rifles2_CT_CT.res17 KB
Rifles2_TER_TER.res17 KB
Rifles2_TER_CT.res17 KB
Machineguns_TER_CT.res17 KB
Machineguns_TER_TER.res17 KB
Machineguns_CT_CT.res17 KB
Machineguns_CT_TER.res17 KB
Shotgun_CT_CT.res16 KB
Knifes_CT_CT.res15 KB
Knifes_TER_CT.res15 KB
Knifes_CT_TER.res15 KB
Knifes_TER_TER.res15 KB
Booms_CT_CT.res15 KB
Booms_CT_TER.res15 KB
Booms_TER_CT.res15 KB
Booms_TER_TER.res15 KB
Shotguns_TER_TER.res15 KB
Shotguns_CT_TER.res15 KB
Shotguns_TER_CT.res15 KB
Shotguns_CT_CT.res15 KB
TER_TER.res15 KB
TER_CT.res15 KB
CT_TER.res15 KB
CT_CT.res15 KB
Rifles3_CT_CT.res13 KB
Rifles3_CT_TER.res13 KB
Rifles3_TER_TER.res13 KB
Rifles3_TER_CT.res13 KB
Pistols1_TER_TER.res12 KB
Pistols1_TER_CT.res12 KB
Pistols1_CT_CT.res12 KB
Pistols1_CT_TER.res12 KB
Smg1_TER_TER.res12 KB
Smg1_CT_TER.res12 KB
Smg1_TER_CT.res12 KB
Smg1_CT_CT.res12 KB
BuyEquipment_CT.res10 KB
BuyEquipment_TER.res8 KB
BuyRifles_TER.res8 KB
BuyRifles_CT.res8 KB
BuyPistols_CT.res7 KB
BuyPistols_TER.res7 KB
BuySubMachineguns_TER.res6 KB
BuySubMachineguns_CT.res6 KB
Teammenu.res6 KB
cso_scoreboard.res5 KB
Classmenu.res4 KB
NSTWpn_MyWeapons.rar4 KB
BackgroundPanel.res4 KB
BuyShotguns_TER.res4 KB
BuyShotguns_CT.res4 KB
Spectator.res3 KB
BuyMachineguns_TER.res3 KB
BuyMachineguns_CT.res3 KB
BuyEquipment.res3 KB
MOTD.res2 KB
CSProgressBar.res2 KB
TutorTextWindow.res1 KB
BottomSpectator.res1 KB
ScoreBoard.res916 B
BuyMenu.res550 B
1024_2_c_loading.tga192 KB
1024_1_b_loading.tga192 KB
1024_1_c_loading.tga192 KB
1024_1_d_loading.tga192 KB
1024_2_a_loading.tga192 KB
1024_2_b_loading.tga192 KB
1024_1_a_loading.tga192 KB
1024_2_d_loading.tga192 KB
1024_3_a_loading.tga192 KB
1024_3_b_loading.tga192 KB
1024_3_c_loading.tga192 KB
1024_3_d_loading.tga192 KB
1024_2_c_loading.tga192 KB
1024_1_b_loading.tga192 KB
1024_1_c_loading.tga192 KB
1024_1_d_loading.tga192 KB
1024_2_a_loading.tga192 KB
1024_2_b_loading.tga192 KB
1024_1_a_loading.tga192 KB
1024_2_d_loading.tga192 KB
1024_3_a_loading.tga192 KB
1024_3_b_loading.tga192 KB
1024_3_c_loading.tga192 KB
1024_3_d_loading.tga192 KB
cstrike_english.txt190 KB
ClientScheme.res15 KB
TrackerScheme.res10 KB
TutorScheme.res5 KB
LoadingDialog.res5 KB
BackgroundLoadingLayout.txt720 B
BackgroundLayout.txt696 B
sentry1.mdl81 KB
sentry2.mdl81 KB
sentry3.mdl81 KB
base.mdl1 KB
scyuri.mdl2 MB
scvip.mdl1 MB
scvip.mdl.ztmp999 KB
scjra.mdl1 MB
scjra.mdl.ztmp1 MB
sccjy.mdl1 MB
sccjy.mdl.ztmp1 MB
v_m4a1_hq.mdl1 MB
v_ak47_hq.mdl1 MB
v_automagv.mdl1 MB
v_at4.mdl977 KB
v_BM95.mdl952 KB
v_trg42g.mdl949 KB
v_trg.mdl949 KB
v_tar21.mdl945 KB
v_katana.mdl943 KB
v_infinitysb.mdl929 KB
v_lugerg.mdl924 KB
v_infinitysr.mdl923 KB
v_hammer_2.mdl743 KB
v_hammer.mdl742 KB
p_automagv.mdl569 KB
w_automagv.mdl567 KB
p_katana.mdl267 KB
p_infinityex3.mdl192 KB
w_m4a1_hq.mdl177 KB
p_infinityex1.mdl154 KB
p_trg.mdl91 KB
p_trg42g.mdl91 KB
w_trg.mdl89 KB
w_trg42g.mdl89 KB
p_BM95.mdl85 KB
p_m95.mdl85 KB
w_BM95.mdl83 KB
w_m95.mdl83 KB
p_tar21.mdl82 KB
s_tar21.mdl82 KB
w_tar21.mdl81 KB
p_lugerg.mdl80 KB
p_at4.mdl80 KB
w_lugerg.mdl78 KB
w_at4.mdl78 KB
p_infinitysr.mdl78 KB
p_infinitysb.mdl78 KB
w_infinitysr.mdl76 KB
w_infinitysb.mdl76 KB
w_ak47_hq.mdl69 KB
p_ak47_hq.mdl38 KB
p_m4a1_hq.mdl22 KB
p_hammer.mdl11 KB
gamestartup.mp33 MB
scyuri.tga147 KB
scvip.tga147 KB
scjra.tga147 KB
sccjy.tga147 KB
automagv.tga74 KB
lugerg.tga74 KB
ak47_hq.tga74 KB
BM95.tga74 KB
at4.tga74 KB
m4a1_hq.tga74 KB
trg42g.tga74 KB
tar21.tga74 KB
katana.tga69 KB
infinitysb.tga56 KB
infinitysr.tga56 KB
2C.tga192 KB
1B.tga192 KB
1C.tga192 KB
1D.tga192 KB
2A.tga192 KB
2B.tga192 KB
1A.tga192 KB
2D.tga192 KB
3B.tga177 KB
3C.tga177 KB
3D.tga177 KB
3A.tga177 KB
gmsentryguns.amxx69 KB
zombie_plague.txt152 KB
stats_dod.txt66 KB
statscfg.txt59 KB
admincmd.txt47 KB
miscstats.txt36 KB
pausecfg.txt35 KB
restmenu.txt31 KB
statsx.txt28 KB
adminvote.txt26 KB
mapsmenu.txt16 KB
common.txt10 KB
admin.txt10 KB
menufront.txt9 KB
plmenu.txt9 KB
multilingual.txt7 KB
adminhelp.txt7 KB
mapchooser.txt6 KB
time.txt5 KB
adminchat.txt4 KB
telemenu.txt3 KB
scrollmsg.txt3 KB
timeleft.txt3 KB
nst_zombie.txt2 KB
nextmap.txt1 KB
cmdmenu.txt1 KB
nst_wpn.txt1 KB
adminslots.txt1 KB
imessage.txt1 KB
languages.txt1 KB
nst_mod.txt1,020 B
antiflood.txt1,011 B
nst_player.txt293 B
nst_wpn.ini19 KB
nst_zombie_class.ini4 KB
nst_zombie_mod3.cfg2 KB
nst_player.ini1 KB
nst_zombie_united.cfg1 KB
plugins.ini1 KB
nst.cfg1,016 B
nst_zombie.cfg552 B
zm_abyss2.bsp4 MB
zm_abyss3.bsp3 MB
zm_abyss.bsp2 MB
zm_abyss.nav335 KB
zm_abyss2.nav184 KB
zm_abyss3.nav126 KB
zm_abyss2_detail.txt4 KB
zm_abyss3_detail.txt2 KB
zm_abyss_detail.txt1 KB
dm_union.wad4 MB
cs_camouflage.wad3 MB
cs_tuto.wad3 MB
de_rex.wad2 MB
tdm01.wad2 MB
zm_abyss.wad2 MB
dm_tunnel.wad2 MB
zm_abyss2.wad1 MB
dm_bloodstrike.wad1 MB
zm_abyss3.wad1 MB
dm_ae.wad1 MB
dm_dust2.wad720 KB
cs_common.wad536 KB
BotProfile.db10 KB
tempdecal.wad6 KB
CSO-NST-Beta2.exe478 MB
[CSO NST] Full Update 1010.exe167 MB
อ่านด้วยนะฮ้าฟ.txt1 KB

Additional Information

Known Trackers

# Announce URL Peers Last Seen
1 udp:// 0 / 0 long ago
2 udp:// 0 / 0 long ago

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