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Complete Original Doctor Who

Video » TV
201.49 GB  
in 732 files
   2 / 1
5 years old  
5    21
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Torrent Contents

Doctor Who
01 - William Hartnell
001 - An Unearthly Child
s01e01p2 The Cave of Skulls.avi352 MB
s01e01p4 The Firemaker.avi347 MB
s01e01p3 The Forest of Fear.avi338 MB
s01e01p1 An Unearthly Child.avi334 MB
002 - The Daleks
s01e02p6 The Ordeal.avi168 MB
s01e02p4 The Ambush.avi162 MB
s01e02p3 The Escape.avi161 MB
s01e02p5 The Expedition.avi157 MB
s01e02p1 The Dead Planet.avi156 MB
s01e02p2 The Survivors.avi156 MB
s01e02p7 The Rescue.avi143 MB
003 - The Edge of Destruction
s01e03p1 Edge of Destruction.avi340 MB
s01e03p2 The Brink of Disaster.avi293 MB
004 - Marco Polo
s01e04p1 The Roof of the World.avi372 MB
s01e04p7 Assassin at Peking.avi287 MB
s01e04p6 Mighty Kublai Khan.avi281 MB
s01e04p2 The Singing Sands.avi246 MB
s01e04p4 The Wall of Lies.avi246 MB
s01e04p5 Rider from Shang-Tu.avi238 MB
s01e04p3 Five Hundred Eyes.avi222 MB
005 - The Keys of Marinus
s01e05p2 The Velvet Web.avi340 MB
s01e05p5 Sentence of Death.avi340 MB
s01e05p3 The Screaming Jungle.avi340 MB
s01e05p6 The Keys of Marinus.avi340 MB
s01e05p4 The Snows of Terror.avi340 MB
s01e05p1 The Sea of Death.avi339 MB
006 - The Aztecs
s01e06p3 The Bride of Sacrifice.avi161 MB
s01e06p4 The Day of Darkness.avi160 MB
s01e06p2 The Warriors of Death.avi153 MB
s01e06p1 The Temple of Evil.avi151 MB
007 - The Sensorites
s01e07p5 Kidnap.avi320 MB
s01e07p3 Hidden Danger.avi309 MB
s01e07p4 A Race Against Death.avi308 MB
s01e07p1 Strangers in space.avi307 MB
s01e07p2 The Unwilling Warriors.avi306 MB
s01e07p6 A Desperate Venture.avi303 MB
008 - The Reign of Terror
S01E08P06 Prisoners Of Conciergerie.avi345 MB
S01E08P01 A Land Of Fear.avi341 MB
S01E08P03 A Change Of Identity.avi337 MB
S01E08P04 The Tyrant Of France (Reconstructed).avi336 MB
S01E08P02 Guests Of Madame Guillotine.avi332 MB
S01E08P05 A Bargain Of Necessity (Reconstructed).avi278 MB
009 - Planet of Giants
s02e01p1-3 Planet of Giants.avi495 MB
010 - The Dalek Invasion of Earth
s02e02p1-6 The Dalek Invasion of Earth.avi1.27 GB
011 - The Rescue
s02e03p1 The Powerful Enemy.mpg349 MB
s02e03p2 Desperate Measures.mpg332 MB
012 - The Romans
s02e04p3 Conspiracy.avi359 MB
s02e04p1 The Slave Traders.avi329 MB
s02e04p2 All Roads Lead to Rome.avi316 MB
s02e04p4 Inferno.avi306 MB
013 - The Web Planet
s02e05p5 Invasion.avi108 MB
s02e05p6 The Centre.avi104 MB
s02e05p1 The Web Planet.avi104 MB
s02e05p2 The Zarbi.avi103 MB
s02e05p4 Crater of Needles.avi102 MB
s02e05p3 Escape to Danger.avi98 MB
014 - The Crusade
s02e06p1 The Lion.avi282 MB
s02e06p3 The Wheel of Fortune.avi260 MB
s02e06p2 The Knight of Jaffa (reconstructed).avi255 MB
s02e06p4 The War Lords (reconstructed).avi237 MB
015 - The Space Museum
s02e07p1 The Space Museum.avi102 MB
s02e07p3 The Search.avi101 MB
s02e07p4 The Final Phase.avi95 MB
s02e07p2 The Dimensions of Time.avi94 MB
016 - The Chase
s02e08p6 The Planet of Decision.avi368 MB
s02e08p3 Flight through Eternity.avi351 MB
s02e08p1 The Executioners.avi349 MB
s02e08p4 Journey into Terror.avi332 MB
s02e08p5 The Death of Doctor Who.avi327 MB
s02e08p2 The Death of Time.avi324 MB
017 - The Time Meddler
s01e09p2 The Meddling Monk.avi314 MB
s01e09p3 A Battle Of Wits.avi304 MB
s01e09p1 The Watcher.avi300 MB
s01e09p4 Checkmate.avi295 MB
018 - Galaxy 4
s03e01p1 Four Hundred Dawns (reconstructed).mpg339 MB
s03e01p4 The Exploding Planet (reconstructed).avi279 MB
s03e01p2 Trap of Steel (reconstructed).mpg258 MB
s03e01p3 Airlock (reconstructed).avi62 MB
s03e01p0 Galaxy Four Introduction.mpg34 MB
019 - Mission to the Unknown
s03e02p1 Mission to the Unknown (reconstructed).avi473 MB
020 - The Myth Makers
s03e03p2 Small Prophet, Quick Return (reconstructed).avi126 MB
s03e03p3 Death of a Spy (reconstructed).avi115 MB
s03e03p1 Temple of Secrets (reconstructed).avi84 MB
s03e03p4 Horse of Destruction (reconstructed).avi82 MB
021 - The Dalek's Master Plan
s03e04p02 Day of Armageddon.avi349 MB
s03e04p05 Counter Plot.avi349 MB
s03e04p10 Escape Switch.avi349 MB
s03e04p09 Golden Death (reconstructed).avi344 MB
s03e04p03 Devil's Planet (reconstructed).avi321 MB
s03e04p11 The Abandoned Planet (reconstructed).avi320 MB
s03e04p04 The Traitors (reconstructed).avi305 MB
s03e04p08 Volcano (reconstructed).avi303 MB
s03e04p12 Destruction of Time (reconstructed).avi296 MB
s03e04p01 The Nightmare Begins (reconstructed).avi272 MB
s03e04p06 Coronas of the Sun (reconstructed).mpg183 MB
s03e04p07 The Feast of Steven (reconstructed).avi144 MB
022 - The Massacre
s03e05p1 War of God (reconstructed).avi326 MB
s03e05p2 The Sea Beggar (reconstructed).avi269 MB
s03e05p4 Bell of Doom (reconstructed).avi263 MB
s03e05p3 Priest of Death (reconstructed).avi215 MB
023 - The Ark
s03e06p2 The Plague.mpg249 MB
s03e06p3 The Return.mpg241 MB
s03e06p1 The Steel Sky.mpg239 MB
s03e06p4 The Bomb.mpg222 MB
024 - The Celestial Toymaker
s03e07p4 The Final Test (reconstructed).avi349 MB
s03e07p1 The Celestial Toyroom (reconstructed).avi113 MB
s03e07p2 The Hall of Dolls (reconstructed).avi109 MB
s03e07p3 The Dancing Floor (reconstructed).avi105 MB
025 - Gunfighters
s03e08p3 Johnny Ringo.mpg246 MB
s03e08p1 A Holiday for the Doctor.mpg238 MB
s03e08p4 The OK Corral.mpg237 MB
s03e08p2 Don't Shoot the Pianist.mpg236 MB
026 - The Savages
s03e09p2 The Savages (reconstructed).avi145 MB
s03e09p4 The Savages (reconstructed).avi98 MB
s03e09p3 The Savages (reconstructed).avi92 MB
s03e09p1 The Savages (reconstructed).avi86 MB
027 - The War Machines
s03e10p2 The War Machines.avi340 MB
s03e10p4 The War Machines.avi337 MB
s03e10p3 The War Machines.avi337 MB
s03e10p1 The War Machines.avi311 MB
028 - The Smugglers
s04e01p2 The Smugglers (reconstructed).mpg241 MB
s04e01p3 The Smugglers (reconstructed).avi71 MB
s04e01p1 The Smugglers (reconstructed).avi70 MB
s04e01p4 The Smugglers (reconstructed).avi62 MB
029 - The Tenth Planet
s04e02p3 The Tenth Planet.avi335 MB
s04e02p2 The Tenth Planet.avi330 MB
s04e02p1 The Tenth Planet.avi329 MB
s04e02p4 The Tenth Planet (reconstructed).avi276 MB
02 - Patrick Troughton
030 - The Power of the Daleks
s04e03p01 The Power of the Daleks.avi128 MB
s04e03p03 The Power of the Daleks.avi120 MB
s04e03p02 The Power of the Daleks.avi118 MB
s04e03p04 The Power of the Daleks.avi116 MB
s04e03p06 The Power of the Daleks.avi113 MB
s04e03p05 The Power of the Daleks.avi112 MB
031 - The Highlanders
s04e02p01 The Highlanders.avi61 MB
s04e02p02 The Highlanders.avi59 MB
s04e02p04 The Highlanders.avi58 MB
s04e02p03 The Highlanders.avi55 MB
032 - The Underwater Menace
s04e05p02 The Underwater Menace (reconstructed).mpg254 MB
s04e05p01 The Underwater Menace (reconstructed).avi70 MB
s04e05p04 The Underwater Menace (reconstructed).avi67 MB
s04e05p03 The Underwater Menace.avi49 MB
033 - The Moonbase
s04s06p03 The Moonbase.avi350 MB
s04s06p02 The Moonbase.avi340 MB
s04s06p04 The Moonbase.avi266 MB
s04s06p01 The Moonbase.avi69 MB
034 - The Macra Terror
s04e07p03 The Macra Terror.avi154 MB
s04e07p04 The Macra Terror.avi148 MB
s04e07p02 The Macra Terror.avi147 MB
s04e07p01 The Macra Terror.avi144 MB
035 - The Faceless Ones
s04e08p01 The Faceless Ones.avi179 MB
s04e08p03 The Faceless Ones.avi172 MB
s04e08p02 The Faceless Ones (reconstructed).avi91 MB
s04e08p04 The Faceless Ones (reconstructed).avi85 MB
s04e08p06 The Faceless Ones (reconstructed).avi85 MB
s04e08p05 The Faceless Ones (reconstructed).avi84 MB
036 - The Evil of the Daleks
s04e09p01 The Evil of the Daleks (reconstructed).avi231 MB
s04e09p03 The Evil of the Daleks (reconstructed).avi227 MB
s04e09p02 The Evil of the Daleks.avi219 MB
s04e09p06 The Evil of the Daleks (reconstructed).avi172 MB
s04e09p07 The Evil of the Daleks (reconstructed).avi169 MB
s04e09p04 The Evil of the Daleks (reconstructed).avi166 MB
s04e09p05 The Evil of the Daleks (reconstructed).avi115 MB
037 - The Tomb of the Cybermen
s05e01p01-04 The Tomb of the Cybermen.avi1.37 GB
038 - The Abominable Snowmen
s05e02p02 The Abominable Snowmen.avi349 MB
s05e02p05 The Abominable Snowmen (reconstructed).avi227 MB
s05e02p06 The Abominable Snowmen (reconstructed).avi226 MB
s05e02p04 The Abominable Snowmen (reconstructed).avi223 MB
s05e02p03 The Abominable Snowmen (reconstructed).avi223 MB
s05e02p01 The Abominable Snowmen (reconstructed).avi53 MB
039 - The Ice Warriors
s05e03p04 The Ice Warriors.avi340 MB
s05e03p06 The Ice Warriors.avi340 MB
s05e03p05 The Ice Warriors.avi340 MB
s05e03p01 The Ice Warriors.avi340 MB
s05e03p02-03 The Ice Warriors (reconstructed).avi272 MB
040 - The Enemy of the World
s05e04p03 The Enemy of the World.divx188 MB
s05e04p05 The Enemy of the World (reconstructed).divx118 MB
s05e04p01 The Enemy of the World (reconstructed).divx117 MB
s05e04p02 The Enemy of the World (reconstructed).divx117 MB
s05e04p04 The Enemy of the World (reconstructed).divx115 MB
s05e04p06 The Enemy of the World (reconstructed).divx105 MB
041 - The Web of Fear
s05e05p01 The Web of Fear.avi349 MB
s05e05p04 The Web of Fear (reconstructed).avi223 MB
s05e05p02 The Web of Fear (reconstructed).avi222 MB
s05e05p06 The Web of Fear (reconstructed).avi220 MB
s05e05p03 The Web of Fear (reconstructed).avi220 MB
s05e05p05 The Web of Fear (reconstructed).avi219 MB
s05e05p00 The Web of Fear (Clips).avi11 MB
042 - Fury from the Deep
s05e06p01 Fury from the Deep (reconstructed).avi186 MB
s05e06p06 Fury from the Deep (reconstructed).avi182 MB
s05e06p04 Fury from the Deep (reconstructed).avi179 MB
s05e06p05 Fury from the Deep (reconstructed).avi176 MB
s05e06p02 Fury from the Deep (reconstructed).avi173 MB
s05e06p03 Fury from the Deep (reconstructed).avi152 MB
043 - The Wheel In Space
s05e07p06 The Wheel In Space.avi194 MB
s05e07p03 The Wheel In Space.avi182 MB
s05e07p04 The Wheel In Space (reconstructed).avi156 MB
s05e07p01 The Wheel In Space (reconstructed).avi153 MB
s05e07p02 The Wheel In Space (reconstructed).avi145 MB
s05e07p05 The Wheel In Space (reconstructed).avi140 MB
044 - The Dominators
s06e01p02 The Dominators.avi340 MB
s06e01p01 The Dominators.avi128 MB
s06e01p03 The Dominators.avi115 MB
s06e01p05 The Dominators.avi114 MB
s06e01p04 The Dominators.avi87 MB
045 - The Mind Robber
s06e02p02 The Mind Robber.avi159 MB
s06e02p01 The Mind Robber.avi156 MB
s06e02p03 The Mind Robber.avi143 MB
s06e02p04 The Mind Robber.avi140 MB
s06e02p05 The Mind Robber.avi134 MB
046 - The Invasion
s06e03p02 The Invasion.avi168 MB
s06e03p07 The Invasion.avi141 MB
s06e03p08 The Invasion.avi139 MB
s06e03p05 The Invasion.avi138 MB
s06e03p03 The Invasion.avi135 MB
s06e03p06 The Invasion.avi133 MB
s06e03p04 The Invasion (reconstructed).avi131 MB
s06e03p01 The Invasion (reconstructed).avi129 MB
s06e03p00 The Invasion - Introduction - Loose Cannon.avi60 MB
s06e03p09 The Invasion - End Supplement - Loose Cannon.avi38 MB
047 - The Krotons
s06e04p01 The Krotons.avi340 MB
s06e04p04 The Krotons.avi340 MB
s06e04p03 The Krotons.avi340 MB
s06e04p02 The Krotons.avi340 MB
048 - The Seeds of Death
s06e05p05 The Seeds of Death.avi321 MB
s06e05p03 The Seeds of Death.avi321 MB
s06e05p04 The Seeds of Death.avi321 MB
s06e05p06 The Seeds of Death.avi317 MB
s06e05p02 The Seeds of Death.avi314 MB
s06e05p01 The Seeds of Death.avi294 MB
049 - The Space Pirates
s06e06p02 The Space Pirates.avi335 MB
s06e06p05 The Space Pirates (reconstructed).avi131 MB
s06e06p01 The Space Pirates (reconstructed).avi129 MB
s06e06p06 The Space Pirates (reconstructed).avi128 MB
s06e06p03 The Space Pirates (reconstructed).avi127 MB
s06e06p04 The Space Pirates (reconstructed).avi120 MB
050 - The War Games
s06e07p02 The War Games.avi351 MB
s06e07p09 The War Games.avi336 MB
s06e07p08 The War Games.avi333 MB
s06e07p05 The War Games.avi322 MB
s06e07p01 The War Games.avi321 MB
s06e07p06 The War Games.avi305 MB
s06e07p10 The War Games.avi271 MB
s06e07p04 The War Games.avi265 MB
s06e07p07 The War Games.avi249 MB
s06e07p03 The War Games.avi231 MB
03 - Jon Pertwee
051 - Spearhead From Space
s07e01p04 Spearhead From Space.avi351 MB
s07e01p02 Spearhead From Space.avi348 MB
s07e01p03 Spearhead From Space.avi347 MB
s07e01p01 Spearhead From Space.avi338 MB
052 - The Silurians
s07e02p04 The Silurians.avi336 MB
s07e02p06 The Silurians.avi326 MB
s07e02p01 The Silurians.avi326 MB
s07e02p05 The Silurians.avi320 MB
s07e02p03 The Silurians.avi314 MB
s07e02p02 The Silurians.avi311 MB
s07e02p07 The Silurians.avi308 MB
053 - The Ambassadors of Death
s07e03p02 The Ambassadors of Death.avi368 MB
s07e03p07 The Ambassadors of Death.avi346 MB
s07e03p01 The Ambassadors of Death.avi345 MB
s07e03p06 The Ambassadors of Death.avi345 MB
s07e03p03 The Ambassadors of Death.avi343 MB
s07e03p04 The Ambassadors of Death.avi342 MB
s07e03p05 The Ambassadors of Death.avi334 MB
s07e03p00 The Ambassadors of Death - Extras.avi52 MB
054 - Inferno
s07e04p04 Inferno.avi340 MB
s07e04p07 Inferno.avi340 MB
s07e04p05 Inferno.avi340 MB
s07e04p06 Inferno.avi340 MB
s07e04p03 Inferno .avi340 MB
s07e04p01 Inferno.avi340 MB
s07e04p02 Inferno.avi339 MB
055 - Terror of the Autons
s08e01p02 Terror of the Autons.avi350 MB
s08e01p01 Terror of the Autons.avi340 MB
s08e01p04 Terror of the Autons.avi326 MB
s08e01p03 Terror of the Autons.avi326 MB
056 - The Mind of Evil
s08e02p04 The Mind of Evil.avi344 MB
s08e02p06 The Mind of Evil.avi343 MB
s08e02p02 The Mind of Evil.avi343 MB
s08e02p03 The Mind of Evil.avi343 MB
s08e02p05 The Mind of Evil.avi342 MB
s08e02p01The Mind of Evil.avi342 MB
057 - The Claws of Axos
s08e03p03 The Claws of Axos.avi331 MB
s08e03p02 The Claws of Axos.avi331 MB
s08e03p04 The Claws of Axos.avi331 MB
s08e03p01 The Claws of Axos.avi309 MB
058 - Colony in Space
s08e04p04 Colony In Space.avi334 MB
s08e04p06 Colony In Space.avi334 MB
s08e04p01 Colony In Space.avi334 MB
s08e04p05 Colony In Space.avi334 MB
s08e04p03 Colony In Space.avi334 MB
s08e04p02 Colony In Space.avi333 MB
059 - The Daemons
s08e05p05 The Daemons.avi394 MB
s08e05p02 The Daemons.avi357 MB
s08e05p01 The Daemons.avi335 MB
s08e05p03 The Daemons.avi333 MB
s08e05p04 The Daemons.avi321 MB
s08e05p00 The Daemons Documentary - Return to Devils End.avi228 MB
060 - Day of the Daleks
s09e01p03 Day of the Daleks.avi367 MB
s09e01p04 Day of the Daleks.avi312 MB
s09e01p01 Day of the Daleks.avi312 MB
s09e01p02 Day of the Daleks.avi305 MB
061 - The Curse of Peladon
s09e02p02 The Curse of Peladon.avi342 MB
s09e02p01 The Curse of Peladon.avi342 MB
s09e02p03 The Curse of Peladon.avi339 MB
s09e02p04 The Curse of Peladon.avi338 MB
062 - The Sea Devils
s09e03p06 The Sea Devils.avi349 MB
s09e03p05 The Sea Devils.avi346 MB
s09e03p01 The Sea Devils.avi344 MB
s09e03p02 The Sea Devils.avi341 MB
s09e03p04 The Sea Devils.avi336 MB
s09e03p03 The Sea Devils.avi336 MB
063 - The Mutants
s09e04p04 The Mutants.avi343 MB
s09e04p03 The Mutants.avi342 MB
s09e04p06 The Mutants.avi342 MB
s09e04p05 The Mutants.avi342 MB
s09e04p02 The Mutants.avi342 MB
s09e04p01 The Mutants.avi340 MB
064 - The Time Monster
s09e05p02 The Time Monster.avi337 MB
s09e05p03 The Time Monster.avi334 MB
s09e05p01 The Time Monster.avi334 MB
s09e05p04 The Time Monster.avi333 MB
s09e05p06 The Time Monster.avi332 MB
s09e05p05 The Time Monster.avi332 MB
065 - The Three Doctors
s10e01p04 The Three Doctors.avi346 MB
s10e01p01 The Three Doctors.avi339 MB
s10e01p03 The Three Doctors.avi336 MB
s10e01p02 The Three Doctors.avi335 MB
066 - Carnival of Monsters
s10e02p02 Carnival of Monsters.avi366 MB
s10e02p03 Carnival of Monsters.avi331 MB
s10e02p01 Carnival of Monsters 1-4.avi330 MB
s10e02p04 Carnival of Monsters.avi313 MB
067 - Frontier in Space
s10e03p06 Frontier In Space.avi340 MB
s10e03p05 Frontier In Space.avi340 MB
s10e03p02 Frontier In Space.avi340 MB
s10e03p01 Frontier In Space.avi340 MB
s10e03p03 Frontier In Space.avi340 MB
s10e03p04 Frontier In Space.avi340 MB
068 - Planet of the Daleks
s10e04p01 Planet of the Daleks.avi308 MB
s10e04p04 Planet of the Daleks.avi301 MB
s10e04p03 Planet of the Daleks.avi297 MB
s10e04p02 Planet of the Daleks.avi287 MB
s10e04p05 Planet of the Daleks.avi274 MB
s10e04p06 Planet of the Daleks.avi273 MB
069 - The Green Death
s10e05p02 The Green Death.avi338 MB
s10e05p04 The Green Death.avi337 MB
s10e05p06 The Green Death.avi336 MB
s10e05p05 The Green Death.avi335 MB
s10e05p01 The Green Death.avi333 MB
s10e05p03 The Green Death.avi332 MB
070 - The Time Warrior
s11e01p04 The Time Warrior.avi359 MB
s11e01p01 The Time Warrior.avi338 MB
s11e01p02 The Time Warrior.avi326 MB
s11e01p03 The Time Warrior.avi314 MB
071 - Invasion of the Dinosaurs
s11e02p06 Invasion of the Dinosaurs.avi340 MB
s11e02p01 Invasion of the Dinosaurs.avi340 MB
s11e02p05 Invasion of the Dinosaurs.avi340 MB
s11e02p04 Invasion of the Dinosaurs.avi340 MB
s11e02p02 Invasion of the Dinosaurs.avi340 MB
s11e02p03 Invasion of the Dinosaurs.avi326 MB
072 - Death to the Daleks
s11e03p01 Death to the Daleks.avi340 MB
s11e03p02 Death to the Daleks.avi339 MB
s11e03p03 Death to the Daleks.avi338 MB
s11e03p04 Death to the Daleks.avi313 MB
073 - The Monster of Peladon
s11e04p04 The Monster of Peladon.avi349 MB
s11e04p01 The Monster of Peladon.avi347 MB
s11e04p03 The Monster of Peladon.avi334 MB
s11e04p05 The Monster of Peladon.avi332 MB
s11e04p06 The Monster of Peladon.avi329 MB
s11e04p02 The Monster of Peladon.avi327 MB
074 - Planet of the Spiders
s11e05p02 Planet of the Spiders.avi360 MB
s11e05p03 Planet of the Spiders.avi358 MB
s11e05p06 Planet of the Spiders.avi357 MB
s11e05p01 Planet of the Spiders.avi339 MB
s11e05p05 Planet of the Spiders.avi338 MB
s11e05p04 Planet of the Spiders.avi328 MB
04 - Tom Baker
075 - Robot
s12e01p03 Robot.avi341 MB
s12e01p01 Robot.avi341 MB
s12e01p04 Robot.avi341 MB
s12e01p02 Robot.avi341 MB
076 - The Ark in Space
s12e02p02 The Ark in Space.avi364 MB
s12e02p04 The Ark in Space.avi356 MB
s12e02p03 The Ark in Space.avi343 MB
s12e02p01 The Ark in Space.avi333 MB
077 - The Sontaran Experiment
s12e03p02 The Sontaran Experiment.avi217 MB
s12e03p01 The Sontaran Experiment.avi212 MB
078 - Genesis of the Daleks
s12e04p02 Genesis of the Daleks.avi338 MB
s12e04p01 Genesis of the Daleks.avi321 MB
s12e04p04 Genesis of the Daleks.avi317 MB
s12e04p05 Genesis of the Daleks.avi312 MB
s12e04p06 Genesis of the Daleks.avi310 MB
s12e04p03 Genesis of the Daleks.avi303 MB
079 - Revenge of the Cybermen
s12e05p03 Revenge of the Cybermen.avi199 MB
s12e05p02 Revenge of the Cybermen.avi198 MB
s12e05p01 Revenge of the Cybermen.avi197 MB
s12e05p04 Revenge of the Cybermen.avi189 MB
080 - Terror of the Zygons
s13e01p04 Terror of the Zygons.avi188 MB
s13e01p02 Terror of the Zygons.avi187 MB
s13e01p03 Terror of the Zygons.avi179 MB
s13e01p01 Terror of the Zygons.avi161 MB
081 - Planet Of Evil
s13e02p02 Planet of Evil.avi340 MB
s13e02p04 Planet of Evil.avi340 MB
s13e02p01 Planet of Evil.avi340 MB
s13e02p03 Planet of Evil.avi340 MB
082 - Pyramids of Mars
s13e03p01 Pyramid of Mars.avi354 MB
s13e03p04 Pyramid of Mars.avi344 MB
s13e03p03 Pyramid of Mars.avi342 MB
s13e03p02 Pyramid of Mars.avi334 MB
083 - The Android Invasion
s13e04p02 The Android Invasion.avi342 MB
s13e04p04 The Android Invasion.avi341 MB
s13e04p01 The Android Invasion.avi341 MB
s13e04p03 The Android Invasion.avi340 MB
084 - The Brain of Morbius
s13e05p04 The Brain of Morbius.avi339 MB
s13e05p03 The Brain of Morbius.avi339 MB
s13e05p02 The Brain of Morbius.avi339 MB
s13e05p01 The Brain of Morbius.avi336 MB
085 - The Seeds of Doom
s13e06p01 The Seeds of Doom.avi334 MB
s13e06p04 The Seeds of Doom.avi328 MB
s13e06p06 The Seeds of Doom.avi327 MB
s13e06p03 The Seeds of Doom.avi326 MB
s13e06p02 The Seeds of Doom.avi325 MB
s13e06p05 The Seeds of Doom.avi323 MB
086 - The Masque Of Mandragora
s14e01p01 The Masque of Mandragora.avi337 MB
s14e01p04 The Masque of Mandragora.avi337 MB
s14e01p02 The Masque of Mandragora.avi337 MB
s14e01p03 The Masque of Mandragora.avi336 MB
087 - The Hand Of Fear
s14e02p03 The Hand of Fear.avi339 MB
s14e02p02 The Hand of Fear.avi338 MB
s14e02p01 The Hand of Fear.avi337 MB
s14e02p04 The Hand of Fear.avi337 MB
088 - The Deadly Assassin
s14e03p01 The Deadly Assassin.avi340 MB
s14e03p02 The Deadly Assassin.avi339 MB
s14e03p03 The Deadly Assassin.avi339 MB
s14e03p04 The Deadly Assassin.avi339 MB
089 - The Face of Evil
s14e04p02 The Face of Evil.avi340 MB
s14e04p01 The Face of Evil.avi328 MB
s14e04p04 The Face of Evil.avi315 MB
s14e04p03 The Face of Evil.avi315 MB
090 - The Robots of Death
s14e05p01 The Robots of Death.avi311 MB
s14e05p02 The Robots of Death.avi307 MB
s14e05p03 The Robots of Death.avi302 MB
s14e05p04 The Robots of Death.avi301 MB
091 - The Talons of Weng Chiang
s14e06p05 The Talons of Weng-Chiang.avi341 MB
s14e06p01 The Talons of Weng-Chiang.avi339 MB
s14e06p04 The Talons of Weng-Chiang.avi336 MB
s14e06p02 The Talons of Weng-Chiang.avi336 MB
s14e06p06 The Talons of Weng-Chiang.avi322 MB
s14e06p03 The Talons of Weng-Chiang.avi301 MB
092 - Horror of Fang Rock
s15e01p03 Horror of Fang Rock.avi327 MB
s15e01p02 Horror of Fang Rock.avi326 MB
s15e01p01 Horror of Fang Rock.avi325 MB
s15e01p04 Horror of Fang Rock.avi325 MB
093 - The Invisible Enemy
s15e02p02 The Invisible Enemy.avi340 MB
s15e02p03 The Invisible Enemy.avi340 MB
s15e02p01 The Invisible Enemy.avi340 MB
s15e02p04 The Invisible Enemy.avi335 MB
094 - Image of the Fendahl
s15e03p02 Image Of The Fendahl.avi353 MB
s15e03p01 Image Of The Fendahl.avi348 MB
s15e03p03 Image Of The Fendahl.avi348 MB
s15e03p04 Image Of The Fendahl.avi293 MB
095 - The Sunmakers
s15e04p03 The Sunmakers.avi313 MB
s15e04p04 The Sunmakers.avi313 MB
s15e04p01 The Sunmakers.avi307 MB
s15e04p02 The Sunmakers.avi305 MB
096 - Underworld
s15e05p04 Underworld.avi326 MB
s15e05p03 Underworld.avi317 MB
s15e05p01 Underworld.avi313 MB
s15e05p02 Underworld.avi294 MB
097 - The Invasion of Time
s15e06p06 The Invasion of Time.avi343 MB
s15e06p03 The Invasion of Time.avi341 MB
s15e06p05 The Invasion of Time.avi333 MB
s15e06p02 The Invasion of Time.avi324 MB
s15e06p01 The Invasion of Time.avi324 MB
s15e06p04 The Invasion of Time.avi321 MB
098 - The Ribos Operation
s16e01p04 The Ribos Operation.avi349 MB
s16e01p02 The Ribos Operation.avi349 MB
s16e01p01 The Ribos Operation.avi349 MB
s16e01p03 The Ribos Operation.avi349 MB
099 - The Pirate Planet
s16e02p04 The Pirate Planet.avi361 MB
s16e02p02 The Pirate Planet.avi361 MB
s16e02p01 The Pirate Planet.avi358 MB
s16e02p03 The Pirate Planet.avi356 MB
100 - Stones of Blood
s16e03p04 The Stones of Blood.avi345 MB
s16e03p03 The Stones of Blood.avi345 MB
s16e03p01 The Stones of Blood.avi344 MB
s16e03p02 The Stones of Blood.avi339 MB
101 - The Androids of Tara
s16e04p01 The Androids of Tara.avi345 MB
s16e04p02 The Androids of Tara.avi345 MB
s16e04p03 The Androids of Tara.avi344 MB
s16e04p04 The Androids of Tara.avi341 MB
102 - The Power of Kroll
s16e05p02 The Power of Kroll.avi335 MB
s16e05p01 The Power of Kroll.avi324 MB
s16e05p04 The Power of Kroll.avi314 MB
s16e05p03 The Power of Kroll.avi298 MB
103 - The Armageddon Factor
s16e06p04 The Armageddon Factor.avi347 MB
s16e06p06 The Armageddon Factor.avi345 MB
s16e06p05 The Armageddon Factor.avi345 MB
s16e06p01 The Armageddon Factor.avi344 MB
s16e06p02 The Armageddon Factor.avi341 MB
s16e06p03 The Armageddon Factor.avi321 MB
104 - Destiny of the Daleks
s17e01p03 Destiny of the Daleks.avi340 MB
s17e01p04 Destiny of the Daleks.avi340 MB
s17e01p02 Destiny of the Daleks.avi340 MB
s17e01p01 Destiny of the Daleks.avi339 MB
105 - City of Death
s17e02p04 City of Death.avi332 MB
s17e02p03 City of Death.avi330 MB
s17e02p01 City of Death.avi322 MB
s17e02p02 City of Death.avi322 MB
106 - The Creature From the Pit
s17e03p01 The Creature from the Pit.avi329 MB
s17e03p04 The Creature from the Pit.avi329 MB
s17e03p03 The Creature from the Pit.avi329 MB
s17e03p02 The Creature from the Pit.avi328 MB
107 - Nightmare of Eden
s17e04p04 Nightmare of Eden.avi333 MB
s17e04p01 Nightmare of Eden.avi325 MB
s17e04p03 Nightmare of Eden.avi314 MB
s17e04p02 Nightmare of Eden.avi296 MB
108 - Horns of Nimon
s17e05p04 Horns of Nimon.avi340 MB
s17e05p01 Horns of Nimon.avi340 MB
s17e05p02 Horns of Nimon.avi340 MB
s17e05p03 Horns of Nimon.avi339 MB
108.5 - Shada (Not Televised)
s17e06p02 Shada.avi249 MB
s17e06p01 Shada.avi231 MB
s17e06p06 Shada.avi223 MB
s17e06p03 Shada.avi217 MB
s17e06p04 Shada.avi199 MB
s17e06p05 Shada.avi163 MB
109 - Leisure Hive
s18e01p01 The Leisure Hive.avi328 MB
s18e01p04 The Leisure Hive.avi306 MB
s18e01p03 The Leisure Hive.avi301 MB
s18e01p02 The Leisure Hive.avi286 MB
110 - Meglos
s18e02p02 Meglos.avi340 MB
s18e02p03 Meglos.avi339 MB
s18e02p04 Meglos.avi339 MB
s18e02p01 Meglos.avi332 MB
111 - Full Circle
s18e03p04 Full Circle.avi340 MB
s18e03p01 Full Circle.avi340 MB
s18e03p02 Full Circle.avi339 MB
s18e03p03 Full Circle.avi339 MB
112 - State of Decay
s18e04p04 State of Decay.avi238 MB
s18e04p03 State of Decay.avi231 MB
s18e04p02 State of Decay.avi222 MB
s18e04p01 State of Decay.avi213 MB
113 - Warriors Gate
s18e05p04 Warriors Gate.avi346 MB
s18e05p02 Warriors Gate.avi331 MB
s18e05p01 Warriors Gate.avi319 MB
s18e05p03 Warriors Gate.avi310 MB
114 - The Keeper of Traken
s18e06p04 The Keeper of Traken.avi356 MB
s18e06p02 The Keeper of Traken.avi351 MB
s18e06p03 The Keeper of Traken.avi334 MB
s18e06p01 The Keeper of Traken.avi300 MB
115 - Logopolis
s18e07p04 Logopolis.avi273 MB
s18e07p02 Logopolis.avi273 MB
s18e07p03 Logopolis.avi267 MB
s18e07p01 Logopolis.avi254 MB
05 - Peter Davison
116 - Castrovalva
s19e01p04 Castrovalva.avi333 MB
s19e01p03 Castrovalva.avi323 MB
s19e01p02 Castrovalva.avi318 MB
s19e01p01 Castrovalva.avi307 MB
s19e01 Castrovalva - Synopsis.txt518 B
117 - Four to Doomsday
s19e02p02.avi320 MB
s19e02p04.avi308 MB
s19e02p01.avi284 MB
s19e02p03.avi281 MB
Dr Who - 118 - Four to Doomsday - Synopsis.txt405 B
118 - Kinda
s19e03p02.avi348 MB
s19e03p01.avi346 MB
s19e03p04.avi341 MB
s19e03p03.avi338 MB
Dr Who - 119 - Kinda - Synopsis.txt609 B
119 - The Visitation
s19e04p02.avi343 MB
s19e04p03.avi343 MB
s19e04p04.avi331 MB
s19e04p01.avi287 MB
Dr Who - 120 - The Visitation - Synopsis.txt567 B
120 - Black Orchid
s19e05p02.avi345 MB
s19e05p01.avi337 MB
Dr Who - 121 - Black Orchid - Synopsis.txt667 B
121 - Earthshock
s19e06p04.avi346 MB
s19e06p03.avi331 MB
s19e06p01.avi328 MB
s19e06p02.avi317 MB
Dr Who - 122 - Earth Shock - Synopsis.txt618 B
122 - Time Flight
s19e07p01.avi339 MB
s19e07p02.avi336 MB
s19e07p04.avi331 MB
s19e07p03.avi328 MB
Dr Who - 123 - Time Flight - Synopsis.txt449 B
123 - Arc of Infinity
s20e01p04.avi340 MB
s20e01p02.avi328 MB
s20e01p03.avi319 MB
s20e01p01.avi313 MB
Dr Who - 124 - Arc of Infinity - Synopsis.txt458 B
124 - Snakedance
s20e02p02.avi326 MB
s20e02p03.avi315 MB
s20e02p04.avi313 MB
s20e02p01.avi301 MB
Dr Who - 125 - Snake Dance - Synopsis.txt503 B
125 - Mawdryn Undead
s20e03p02.avi344 MB
s20e03p04.avi344 MB
s20e03p01.avi343 MB
s20e03p03.avi343 MB
Dr Who - 126 - Mawdryn Undead - Synopsis.txt658 B
126 - Terminus
s20e04p04.avi349 MB
s20e04p01.avi349 MB
s20e04p03.avi349 MB
s20e04p02.avi349 MB
Dr Who - 127 - Terminus - Synopsis.txt415 B
127 - Enlightenment
s20e05p03.avi347 MB
s20e05p04.avi346 MB
s20e05p01.avi343 MB
s20e05p02.avi341 MB
Dr Who - 128 - Enlightenment - Synopsis.txt666 B
128 - The Kings Daemons
s20e06p01.avi322 MB
s20e06p02.avi293 MB
Dr Who - 129 - The Kings Daemons - Synopsis.txt470 B
129 - The Five Doctors
s20e07p01.avi697 MB
s20e07p02.avi695 MB
Dr Who - 130 - The Five Doctors - Synopsis.txt501 B
130 - Warriors of the Deep
s21e01p01.avi349 MB
s21e01p04.avi344 MB
s21e01p02.avi338 MB
s21e01p03.avi338 MB
Dr Who - 131 - Warriors of the Deep - Synopsis.txt558 B
131 - The Awakening
s21e02p02.avi349 MB
s21e02p01.avi347 MB
Dr Who - 132 - The Awakening - Synopsis.txt520 B
132 - Frontios
s21e03p01.avi329 MB
s21e03p02.avi328 MB
s21e03p03.avi327 MB
s21e03p04.avi326 MB
Dr Who - 133 - Frontios - Synopsis.txt862 B
133 - Resurrection of the Daleks
s21e04p02.avi210 MB
s21e04p01.avi203 MB
s21e04p04.avi192 MB
s21e04p03.avi190 MB
Dr Who - 134 - Resurrection of the Daleks - Synopsis.txt530 B
134 - Planet of Fire
s21e05p04.avi349 MB
s21e05p01.avi345 MB
s21e05p02.avi344 MB
s21e05p03.avi338 MB
Dr Who - 135 - Planet of Fire - Synopsis.txt590 B
135 - Caves of Androzani
s21e06p04.avi267 MB
s21e06p02.avi260 MB
s21e06p01.avi254 MB
s21e06p03.avi225 MB
Dr Who - 136 - Caves of Androzani - Synopsis.txt747 B
06 - Colin Baker
136 - The Twin Dilemma
s21e07p02 The Twin Dilemma.avi357 MB
s21e07p01 The Twin Dilemma.avi351 MB
s21e07p04 The Twin Dilemma.avi351 MB
s21e07p03 The Twin Dilemma.avi328 MB
Dr Who - 137 - The Twin Dilemma - Synopsis.txt383 B
137 - Attack of the Cybermen
s22e01p02 Attack of The Cybermen.avi562 MB
s22e01p01 Attack of The Cybermen.avi495 MB
Dr Who - 138 - Attack of The Cybermen - Synopsis.txt529 B
138 - Vengeance on Varos
s22e02p02 Vengeance on Varos.avi691 MB
s22e02p01 Vengeance on Varos.avi689 MB
Dr Who - 139 - Vengeance on Varos - Synopsis.txt673 B
139 - Mark Of The Rani
s22e03p01 Mark of the Rani.avi677 MB
s22e03p02 Mark of the Rani.avi669 MB
Dr Who - 140 - Mark of the Rani - Synopsis.txt567 B
140 - The Two Doctors
s22e04p02 The Two Doctors.avi663 MB
s22e04p03 The Two Doctors.avi662 MB
s22e04p01 The Two Doctors.avi657 MB
Dr Who - 141 - The Two Doctors - Synopsis.txt689 B
141 - TimeLash
s22e05p01 Timelash.avi690 MB
s22e05p02 Timelash.avi684 MB
Dr Who - 142 - Timelash - Synopsis.txt779 B
142 - Revelation of the Daleks
s22e06p02 Revelation of the Daleks.avi244 MB
s22e06p01 Revelation of the Daleks.avi239 MB
_ReCompression_READ_FIRST.txt843 B
Dr Who - 143 - Revelation of the Daleks - Synopsis.txt557 B
143a - The Mysterious Planet
s23e01p01 The Mysterious Planet.avi318 MB
s23e01p04 The Mysterious Planet.avi318 MB
s23e01p02 The Mysterious Planet.avi310 MB
s23e01p03 The Mysterious Planet.avi307 MB
Dr Who - 144 - The Mysterious Planet - Synopsis.txt456 B
143b - Mindwarp
s23e02p03 Mindwarp.avi308 MB
s23e02p02 Mindwarp.avi306 MB
s23e02p04 Mindwarp.avi305 MB
s23e02p01 Mindwarp.avi300 MB
Dr Who - 145 - Mindwarp - Synopsis.txt357 B
143c - Terror of the Vervoids
s23e03p04 Terror of the Vervoids.avi317 MB
s23e03p01 Terror of the Vervoids.avi305 MB
s23e03p03 Terror of the Vervoids.avi300 MB
s23e03p02 Terror of the Vervoids.avi281 MB
Dr Who - 146a - Terror of the Vervoids - Synopsis.txt420 B
143d - The Ultimate Foe
s23e04p02 The Ultimate Foe.avi308 MB
s23e04p01 The Ultimate Foe.avi255 MB
Dr Who - 146b - The Ultimate Foe - Synopsis.txt557 B
07 - Sylvester McCoy
144 - Time and the Rani
s24e01p03 Time And The Rani.avi349 MB
s24e01p01Time And The Rani.avi349 MB
s24e01p04 Time And The Rani.avi349 MB
s24e01p02 Time And The Rani.avi349 MB
145 - Paradise Towers
s24e02p01 Paradise Towers.avi332 MB
s24e03p03 Paradise Towers.avi310 MB
s24e02p04 Paradise Towers.avi308 MB
s24e02p02 Paradise Towers.avi285 MB
146 - Delta And The Bannermen
s24e03p01 Delta and the Bannermen.avi233 MB
s24e03p02 Delta and the Bannermen.avi233 MB
s24e03p03 Delta and the Bannermen.avi232 MB
147 - Dragonfire
s24e04p03 Dragonfire.avi334 MB
s24e04p02 Dragonfire.avi326 MB
s24e04p01 Dragonfire.avi325 MB
148 - Remembrance of the Daleks
s25e01p04 Remembrance of the Daleks.avi362 MB
s25e01p01 Remembrance of the Daleks.avi352 MB
s25e01p03 Remembrance of the Daleks.avi350 MB
s25e01p02 Remembrance of the Daleks.avi348 MB
149 - The Happiness Patrol
s25e02p01 The Happiness Patrol.avi209 MB
s25e02p02 The Happiness Patrol.avi209 MB
s25e02p03 The Happiness Patrol.avi206 MB
150 - The Silver Nemesis
s25e03p03 Silver Nemesis.avi342 MB
s25e03p01 Silver Nemesis.avi322 MB
s25e03p02 Silver Nemesis.avi313 MB
151 - The Greatest Show In the Galaxy
s25e04p03 The Greatest Show In the Galaxy.avi233 MB
s25e04p02 The Greatest Show In the Galaxy.avi233 MB
s25e04p04 The Greatest Show In the Galaxy.avi233 MB
s25e04p01 The Greatest Show In the Galaxy.avi233 MB
152 - Battlefield
s26e01p03 Battlefield.avi339 MB
s26e01p01 Battlefield.avi326 MB
s26e01p04 Battlefield.avi320 MB
s26e01p02 Battlefield.avi310 MB
153 - Ghost Light
s26e02p03 Ghostlight.avi349 MB
s26e02p01 Ghostlight.avi349 MB
s26e02p02 Ghostlight.avi303 MB
154 - Curse of Fenric
s26e03p01 The Curse of Fenric.avi156 MB
s26e03p04 The Curse of Fenric.avi147 MB
s26e03p03 The Curse of Fenric.avi147 MB
s26e03p02 The Curse of Fenric.avi146 MB
155 - Survival
s26e04p03 Survival.avi342 MB
s26e04p01 Survival.avi340 MB
s26e04p02 Survival.avi333 MB
08 - Paul McGann
Doctor Who 1996 Movie.avi693 MB

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