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Complete Capitol Four Freshmen Fifties Sessions [FLAC]

Audio » Lossless
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1. fuck me — long ago
I love you

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Torrent Contents

Complete Capitol Four Freshmen Fifties Sessions [FLAC]
Complete Capitol Four Freshmen Fifties Sessions [Disc 1] [FLAC]
1-14 Stormy Weather.flac13 MB
1-07 Mr. B's Blues.flac13 MB
1-12 Tuxedo Junction.flac11 MB
1-13 Intermission Riff.flac11 MB
1-08 Now You Know.flac11 MB
1-11 It's A Blue World.flac11 MB
1-03 Laura.flac11 MB
1-18 Poinciana.flac10 MB
1-15 The Day Isn't Long Enough.flac10 MB
1-16 I'll Be Seeing You.flac10 MB
1-17 Baltimore Oriole.flac10 MB
1-05 Basin Street Blues.flac9 MB
1-01 Baltimore Oriole.flac9 MB
1-09 (Ain't Seen) Nothing' Like You.flac9 MB
1-02 What Is This Thing Called Love.flac9 MB
1-06 Then I'll Be Happy.flac8 MB
1-10 Pick Up Your Tears (And Go Home).flac8 MB
1-04 Dry Bones.flac7 MB
Complete Capitol Four Freshmen Fifties Sessions [Disc 2] [FLAC]
2-21 Malaya.flac14 MB
2-03 Tenderly.flac14 MB
2-15 We'll Be Together Again.flac12 MB
2-11 Please Remember.flac12 MB
2-05 I'll Be Seeing You.flac12 MB
2-17 The Nearness of You.flac11 MB
2-09 Circus.flac11 MB
2-20 Jo Ann.flac11 MB
2-14 Mood Indigo.flac11 MB
2-12 Love Turns Winter To Spring.flac10 MB
2-19 If I Knew Then.flac10 MB
2-07 Seems Like Old Times.flac10 MB
2-01 It Happened Once Before.flac9 MB
2-04 Malaya.flac9 MB
2-08 Over the Rainbow.flac9 MB
2-06 I Knew You When.flac9 MB
2-02 Holiday.flac9 MB
2-10 Crazy Bones.flac8 MB
2-16 My Heart Stood Still.flac8 MB
2-13 After You.flac7 MB
2-18 Street of Dreams.flac6 MB
Complete Capitol Four Freshmen Fifties Sessions [Disc 3] [FLAC]
3-09 You're So Far Above Me.flac13 MB
3-10 He Who Loves and Runs Away.flac13 MB
3-04 It Never Occurred to Me.flac13 MB
3-14 Nights Are Longer.flac12 MB
3-08 That's the Way I Feel.flac11 MB
3-15 Whistle Me Some Blues.flac11 MB
3-12 How Can I Begin To Tell You.flac11 MB
3-18 Sunday Blues.flac11 MB
3-22 Invitation.flac11 MB
3-03 How Can I Tell Her.flac11 MB
3-07 In This Whole Wide World.flac10 MB
3-02 This Love of Mine.flac10 MB
3-21 Rain.flac10 MB
3-16 This October.flac10 MB
3-17 When I'm Happy.flac9 MB
3-13 Till.flac9 MB
3-06 Charmaine.flac9 MB
3-01 There's No One But You.flac9 MB
3-19 I Never Knew.flac8 MB
3-05 Day by Day.flac8 MB
3-20 It All Depends on You.flac8 MB
3-11 What's It Gonna Be.flac8 MB
Complete Capitol Four Freshmen Fifties Sessions [Disc 4] [FLAC]
4-01 Angel Eyes.flac15 MB
4-28 (I Love You) For Sentimental Reasons.flac15 MB
4-12 Guilty.flac14 MB
4-26 Graduation Day.flac13 MB
4-15 Laughing on the Outside.flac13 MB
4-22 The Night We Called It a Day.flac13 MB
4-10 Our Love Is Here to Stay.flac13 MB
4-20 Something in the Wind.flac12 MB
4-08 I Remember You.flac12 MB
4-27 Lonely Night in Paris.flac12 MB
4-04 Speak Low.flac12 MB
4-25 For All We Know.flac12 MB
4-09 Love.flac12 MB
4-17 Goodbye.flac11 MB
4-03 Mam'selle.flac11 MB
4-14 Ev'ry Time We Say Goodbye.flac11 MB
4-24 Goodnight Sweetheart.flac11 MB
4-19 Got a Date with an Angel.flac10 MB
4-16 After You've Gone.flac10 MB
4-05 The Last Time I Saw Paris.flac10 MB
4-02 Love Is Just Around the Corner.flac9 MB
4-23 Give Me the Simple Life.flac9 MB
4-07 You Stepped Out of a Dream.flac9 MB
4-13 Easy Street.flac9 MB
4-06 Somebody Loves Me.flac9 MB
4-11 You Made Me Love You.flac9 MB
4-18 There Will Never Be Another You.flac9 MB
4-21 Someone Like You.flac8 MB
Complete Capitol Four Freshmen Fifties Sessions [Disc 5] [FLAC]
5-20 Chelsea Bridge.flac16 MB
5-15 Granada.flac15 MB
5-17 Tangerine.flac13 MB
5-05 East of the Sun (And West of the Moon).flac13 MB
5-19 Brazil.flac13 MB
5-23 The Breeze and I.flac13 MB
5-13 Frenesi.flac12 MB
5-14 If I Should Lose You.flac12 MB
5-12 I Get Along Without You Very Well.flac12 MB
5-06 I May Be Wrong (But I Think You're Wonderful).flac12 MB
5-25 Julie Is Her Name.flac11 MB
5-22 Star Eyes.flac11 MB
5-01 Liza (All the Clouds'll Roll Away).flac11 MB
5-16 Yesterdays.flac11 MB
5-02 You've Got Me Cryin' Again.flac11 MB
5-21 Mine.flac10 MB
5-07 There's No One But You.flac9 MB
5-04 The Very Thought of You.flac9 MB
5-10 Lullaby in Rhythm.flac9 MB
5-11 This Love of Mine.flac9 MB
5-03 This Can't Be Love.flac8 MB
5-24 Again.flac8 MB
5-09 For All We Know.flac8 MB
5-08 Sometimes I'm Happy.flac8 MB
5-18 What's New.flac6 MB
Complete Capitol Four Freshmen Fifties Sessions [Disc 6] [FLAC]
6-24 Little Girl Blue.flac23 MB
6-12 I Heard You Cried Last Night (And So Did I).flac23 MB
6-07 I'll Remember April.flac22 MB
6-14 Spring Is Here.flac22 MB
6-15 I'm a Fool to Want You.flac22 MB
6-21 I Wish I Didn't Love You So.flac21 MB
6-08 While You Are Gone.flac20 MB
6-22 I Wish I Knew.flac20 MB
6-20 When Your Lover Has Gone.flac20 MB
6-04 It Could Happen to You.flac19 MB
6-10 Time Was.flac19 MB
6-19 The Gal That Got Away.flac18 MB
6-11 You're All I See.flac18 MB
6-17 I Could Have Told You.flac18 MB
6-03 Moonlight.flac18 MB
6-23 I'll Never Smile Again.flac17 MB
6-01 I'm Always Chasing Rainbows.flac17 MB
6-13 Love Lost.flac17 MB
6-02 There Is No Greater Love.flac17 MB
6-09 Warm.flac17 MB
6-18 If I Ever Love Again.flac16 MB
6-16 I Should Care.flac15 MB
6-05 Out of Nowhere.flac15 MB
6-06 In the Still of the Night.flac11 MB
Complete Capitol Four Freshmen Fifties Sessions [Disc 7] [FLAC]
7-20 Lonely for My Love.flac23 MB
7-24 Autumn Leaves.flac22 MB
7-16 I'm Glad There Is You.flac21 MB
7-13 Stella by Starlight.flac21 MB
7-11 I Understand.flac19 MB
7-08 Nancy (With the Laughing Face).flac18 MB
7-10 Invitation.flac18 MB
7-02 The More I See You.flac18 MB
7-18 Laura.flac18 MB
7-23 Sunday.flac17 MB
7-04 Don't Worry 'Bout Me.flac17 MB
7-14 (Get Your Kicks On) Route 66.flac17 MB
7-06 Oh Lonely Winter.flac16 MB
7-15 I Had the Craziest Dream.flac16 MB
7-12 Come Rain or Come Shine.flac15 MB
7-01 Rain.flac15 MB
7-19 Candy.flac14 MB
7-17 It Had to Be You.flac14 MB
7-03 This October.flac13 MB
7-05 It's a Pity to Say Goodnight.flac13 MB
7-21 Pennies from Heaven.flac12 MB
7-07 It All Depends on You.flac12 MB
7-09 I Never Knew.flac12 MB
7-22 Never Again.flac10 MB
Complete Capitol Four Freshmen Fifties Sessions [Disc 8] [FLAC]
8-05 Polka Dots and Moonbeams.flac22 MB
8-24 Dream.flac19 MB
8-23 But Beautiful.flac18 MB
8-16 I'm Getting Sentimental over You.flac17 MB
8-13 First Affair.flac17 MB
8-03 At Last.flac16 MB
8-01 Please Be Kind.flac16 MB
8-20 If I Knew Then.flac16 MB
8-08 Long Ago and Far Away.flac16 MB
8-21 My Funny Valentine.flac15 MB
8-06 I'm Beginning to See the Light.flac15 MB
8-12 I Can't Believe That You're in Love With Me.flac15 MB
8-09 I've Never Been in Love Before.flac15 MB
8-04 I Didn't Know About You.flac15 MB
8-10 Be Careful, It's My Heart.flac15 MB
8-17 It Happens Every Spring.flac14 MB
8-19 Their Hearts Were Full of Spring.flac14 MB
8-07 Where Do I Go from Here.flac14 MB
8-14 The Freshman Year.flac14 MB
8-18 Show Me the Way to Get Out of This World ('Cause That's Where Everything Is.flac14 MB
8-22 It's Only a Paper Moon.flac13 MB
8-11 It's A New World.flac13 MB
8-15 Fools Rush In.flac12 MB
8-02 I Hadn't Anyone Till You.flac12 MB
Complete Capitol Four Freshmen Fifties Sessions [Disc 9] [FLAC]
9-20 Angel Eyes.flac38 MB
9-14 Mr. B's Blues.flac28 MB
9-09 Malaya.flac23 MB
9-21 I'm Always Chasing Rainbows.flac23 MB
9-24 September Song.flac23 MB
9-17 Angel Eyes.flac21 MB
9-23 Them There Eyes.flac20 MB
9-19 Day In, Day Out.flac20 MB
9-05 You've Got Me Cryin' Again.flac20 MB
9-22 Paper Doll.flac19 MB
9-12 Circus.flac18 MB
9-02 In This Whole Wide World.flac18 MB
9-11 Them There Eyes.flac17 MB
9-13 It's A Blue World.flac17 MB
9-03 Holiday.flac17 MB
9-07 Old Folks.flac17 MB
9-15 There's No One But You.flac15 MB
9-10 Indian Summer.flac15 MB
9-18 Easy Street.flac13 MB
9-06 My Heart Stood Still.flac12 MB
9-04 Sweet Lorraine.flac12 MB
9-16 There Will Never Be Another You.flac11 MB
9-08 Day By Day.flac11 MB
9-01 Somebody Loves Me.flac9 MB
2eb5c0a398a0c4569662b110.jpg49 KB

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