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Chad & Jeremy

859 MB  
in 164 files
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5 years old  
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Torrent Contents

Chad & Jeremy
1964-65 Sing Fore You_Second Album
Back.jpg1 MB
CD.jpg393 KB
Folder-2.jpg223 KB
Folder-3.jpg253 KB
Folder-4.jpg230 KB
Folder-5.jpg232 KB
Folder-6.jpg1 MB
01. Yesterday's Gone.mp35 MB
02. If She Was Mine.mp34 MB
03. Willow Weep For Me.mp35 MB
04. No Tears For Johnny.mp35 MB
05. The Truth Often Hurts The Heart.mp36 MB
06. If I Loved You.mp35 MB
07. September In The Rain.mp35 MB
08. Like I Love You Today.mp36 MB
09. Donna Donna.mp36 MB
10. A Summer Song.mp36 MB
11. Dirty Old Town.mp37 MB
12. From A Window.mp34 MB
13. What Do You Want With Me.mp36 MB
14. My Colouring Book.mp35 MB
15. If You Gotta Heart.mp36 MB
16. No Other Baby.mp35 MB
17. Now And Forever.mp34 MB
18. Too Soon.mp35 MB
19. The Girl From Ipanema.mp34 MB
20. Four Strong Winds.mp36 MB
21. Only Those In Love.mp35 MB
22. You Know What.mp34 MB
23. Sleep Little Boy.mp35 MB
24. My How The Time Goes By.mp34 MB
25. It Was A Very Good Year.mp35 MB
26. Lemon Tree.mp36 MB
27. Early In The Morning.mp35 MB
28. Your Mother's Out Of Town.mp34 MB
29. The Nearness Of You.mp36 MB
30. A Summer Song (Alternate Version).mp36 MB
cover.jpg950 KB
1965a I Don't Want To Lose You Baby
01 I Don't Want To Lose You Baby.mp36 MB
02 Should I.mp36 MB
03 The Girl Who Sang The Blues.mp35 MB
04 Funny How Love Can Be.mp34 MB
05 The Woman In You.mp36 MB
06 Mr. Tambourine Man.mp35 MB
07 I Have Dreamed.mp35 MB
08 Don't Think Twice, It's All Right.mp37 MB
09 Baby Don't Go.mp37 MB
10 There But For Fortune.mp37 MB
11 These Things You Don't Forget.mp35 MB
12 I Don't Want To Lose You Baby (alternate version).mp35 MB
cover.jpg134 KB
1965b Before And After
01 - before and after.mp33 MB
02 - why should i care.mp33 MB
03 - for lovin' me.mp33 MB
04 - i'm in love again.mp33 MB
05 - little does she know.mp34 MB
06 - tell me baby.mp34 MB
07 - what do you want with me.mp34 MB
08 - say it isn't true.mp32 MB
09 - fare thee well (i must be gone).mp33 MB
10 - evil-hearted me.mp33 MB
11 - can't get used to losing you.mp32 MB
12 - pennies.mp33 MB
13 - don't get around much anymore.mp33 MB
14 - sometimes.mp32 MB
15 - fare thee well.mp33 MB
16 - adesso si.mp33 MB
17 - nessuno piu di me.mp33 MB
cover.jpg21 KB
1966 Distant Shores
01-distant_shores.mp36 MB
02-aint_it_nice.mp37 MB
03-when_your_love_has_gone.mp36 MB
04-homeward_bound.mp35 MB
05-the_way_you_look_tonight.mp35 MB
06-morning.mp36 MB
07-you_are_she.mp36 MB
08-everyones_gone_to_the_moon.mp35 MB
09-i_wont_cry.mp34 MB
10-early_mornin_rain.mp38 MB
11-dont_make_me_do_it.mp36 MB
12-last_night.mp34 MB
13-teenage_failure.mp37 MB
14-anytime.mp35 MB
15-your_mamas_out_of_town.mp34 MB
16-youve_got_your_troubles_ive_got_mine.mp36 MB
17-wonderful_land_instrumental.mp36 MB
18-sticks_and_stones.mp34 MB
19-sixpence.mp36 MB
20-love_is_strange.mp36 MB
21-if_you_need_somebody.mp36 MB
22-when_your_love_has_gone_early_version.mp36 MB
23-distant_shores_french_version.mp36 MB
24-you_are_she_french_version.mp35 MB
ccover5.jpg39 KB
cover1.jpg34 KB
cover2.jpg58 KB
cover3.jpg56 KB
cover4.jpg67 KB
cover6.jpg76 KB
1967 Of Cabbages & Kings
01-rest_in_peace.mp315 MB
02-the_gentle_cold_of_dawn.mp38 MB
03-busmans_holiday.mp37 MB
04-can_i_see_you.mp38 MB
05-family_way.mp36 MB
06-ill_get_around_to_it_when_i.mp36 MB
07-the_progress_suite.mp360 MB
cover1.jpg65 KB
cover2.jpg35 KB
1968 The Ark
01-the_emancipation_of_mr_x.mp33 MB
02-sunstroke.mp35 MB
03-the_ark.mp36 MB
04-the_raven.mp32 MB
05-imagination.mp33 MB
06-painted_dayglow_smile.mp34 MB
07-pipe_dream.mp34 MB
08-transatlantic_trauma_1966.mp34 MB
09-sidewalk_requiem_los_angeles_june_5th_and_6th.mp34 MB
10-pantheistic_study_for_guitar_and_large_bird.mp34 MB
11-paxton_quigleys_had_the_course.mp34 MB
12-you_need_feet.mp36 MB
cover1.jpg38 KB
cover2.jpg54 KB
1968 The Ark (Рематеринг 2000)
02.JPG278 KB
03.JPG706 KB
04.JPG1 MB
obi.JPG329 KB
(01) [Chad & Jeremy] The Emancipation of Mr. X.mp35 MB
(02) [Chad & Jeremy] Sunstroke.mp39 MB
(03) [Chad & Jeremy] The Ark.mp311 MB
(04) [Chad & Jeremy] The Raven.mp33 MB
(05) [Chad & Jeremy] Imagination.mp36 MB
(06) [Chad & Jeremy] Painted Dayglow Smile.mp37 MB
(07) [Chad & Jeremy] Pipe Dream.mp38 MB
(08) [Chad & Jeremy] Transatlantic Trauma 1966.mp37 MB
(09) [Chad & Jeremy] Sidewalk Requiem, Los Angeles, June 5th and 6th.mp37 MB
(10) [Chad & Jeremy] Pantheistic Study for Guitar and Large Bird.mp38 MB
(11) [Chad & Jeremy] Paxton Quigley's Had the Course.mp37 MB
(12) [Chad & Jeremy] You Need Feet.mp310 MB
(13) [Chad & Jeremy] Painted Dayglow Smile(MonoSingle).mp35 MB
(14) [Chad & Jeremy] Sister Marie(MonoSingle).mp36 MB
(15) [Chad & Jeremy] You Need Feet(MonoSingle).mp36 MB
(16) [Chad & Jeremy] Paxton Quigley's Had the Course(MonoSingle).mp37 MB
cover.JPG881 KB
1968b 3 In The Attis(Soundtrack)
01 Good Morning Sunrise 3 In the Attic.WMA8 MB
02 Paxton Quigley's Had The Course 3 In the Attic.WMA7 MB
03 Tobey's Song 3 In the Attic.WMA8 MB
04 Paxton's Song (smoke) 3 In the Attic.WMA7 MB
05 Know Yourself 3 In the Attic.WMA10 MB
06 Background Music 3 In the Attic.WMA31 MB
cover1.jpg594 KB
cover2.jpg388 KB
Yesterday's Gone
01 - A Summer Song.mp33 MB
02 - Now And Forever.mp32 MB
03 - Dirty Old Town.mp33 MB
04 - Like I Love You Today.mp33 MB
05 - September In The Rain.mp32 MB
06 - Yesterday's Gone.mp32 MB
07 - If She Were Mine.mp32 MB
08 - Willow Weep For Me.mp32 MB
09 - Only For The Young (Instrumental).mp33 MB
10 - Too Soon My Love.mp32 MB
11 - The Truth Often Hurts The Heart.mp33 MB
12 - No Tears For Johnny.mp32 MB
yesterdaysgone.jpg35 KB

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