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Black Sabbath Discography

1.88 GB  
in 316 files
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6 years old  
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1. Onkelrotte — long ago
Det kan man seig

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Torrent Contents

Black Sabbath Discography
01-Black Sabbath-1970-Black Sabbath
01-BlackSabbath-mw.mp37 MB
02-The Wizard-mw.mp35 MB
03-Behind The Wall Of Sleep-mw.mp34 MB
04-N I B-mw.mp37 MB
05-Evil Woman-mw.mp33 MB
06-Sleeping Village-mw.mp34 MB
07-The Warning-mw.mp312 MB
08-Wicked World-mw.mp35 MB
Black Sabbath.m3u549 B
02-Black Sabbath-1970-Paranoid
01-War Pigs-mw.mp39 MB
02-Paranoid-mw.mp33 MB
03-Planet Caravan-mw.mp35 MB
04-Iron Man-mw.mp36 MB
05-Electric Funeral-mw.mp35 MB
06-Hand Of Doom-mw.mp38 MB
07-Rat Salat-mw.mp32 MB
08-Faires Wear Boots-mw.mp37 MB
Paranoid.m3u529 B
03-Black Sabbath-1971-Master Of Reality
01-Sweet Leaf-mw.mp35 MB
02-After Forever-mw.mp36 MB
03-Embryo-mw.mp3552 KB
04-Children Of The Grave-mw.mp36 MB
05-Orchid-mw.mp31 MB
06-Lords Of This World-mw.mp36 MB
07-Solitude-mw.mp35 MB
08-Into The Void-mw.mp37 MB
Master Of Reality.m3u535 B
04-Black Sabbath-1972-Vol. 4
01-Wheels Of Confusion-mw.mp39 MB
02-Tomorrows Dreams-mw.mp33 MB
03-Changes-mw.mp35 MB
04-FX-mw.mp31 MB
05-Supernaut-mw.mp35 MB
06-Snowblind-mw.mp36 MB
07-Cornucopia-mw.mp34 MB
08-Laguna Sunrise-mw.mp33 MB
09-St. Vitus Dance-mw.mp32 MB
10-Under The Sun-mw.mp36 MB
Vol. 4.m3u658 B
05-Black Sabbath-1973-Sabbath Bloody Sabbath
01-Sabbath, Bloody Sabbath-mw.mp36 MB
02-A National Acrobat-mw.mp37 MB
03-Fluff-mw.mp34 MB
04-Sabbra Cadabra-mw.mp36 MB
05-Killing Yourself To Live-mw.mp36 MB
06-Who Are You-mw.mp34 MB
07-Looking For Today-mw.mp35 MB
08-Spiral Architect-mw.mp36 MB
Sabbath, Bloody Sabbath.m3u602 B
06-Black Sabbath-1975-Sabotage
01-Hole In The Sky-mw.mp34 MB
02-Don't Start (Too Late)-mw.mp3966 KB
03-Symthom Of The Universe-mw.mp37 MB
04-Meglomania-mw.mp311 MB
05-Thrill Of It All-mw.mp36 MB
06-Supertzar-mw.mp34 MB
07-Am I Go Insane (Radio)-mw.mp34 MB
08-The Writ-mw.mp39 MB
Sabotage.m3u594 B
07-Black Sabbath-1975-We Sold Our Soul For Rock'n' Roll
01-Black Sabbath-mw.mp38 MB
02-The Wizard-mw.mp36 MB
03-Warning-mw.mp34 MB
04-Paranoid-mw.mp33 MB
05-War Pigs-mw.mp310 MB
06-Iron Man-mw.mp38 MB
07-Tomorrow's Dream-mw.mp34 MB
08-Fairies Wear Boots-mw.mp38 MB
09-Changes-mw.mp36 MB
10-Sweet Leaf-mw.mp37 MB
11-Children Of The Grave-mw.mp36 MB
12-Sabbath Bloody Sabbath-mw.mp37 MB
13-Am I Going Insane (Radio)-mw.mp35 MB
14-Laguana Sunrise-mw.mp34 MB
15-Snowblind.mp37 MB
16-N.I.B.-mw.mp38 MB
We Sold Our Soul For Rock 'n' Roll.m3u1 KB
08-Black Sabbath-1976-Technical Ecstasy
01-Back Street Kids-mw.mp34 MB
02-You Won't Change Me-mw.mp37 MB
03-It's Alrights-mw.mp34 MB
04-Gypsy-mw.mp35 MB
05-All Moving Parts-mw.mp35 MB
06-Rock'n'roll Doctor-mw.mp34 MB
07-She's Gone-mw.mp35 MB
08-Dirty Women-mw.mp38 MB
Technical Ecstasy.m3u563 B
09-Black Sabbath-1978-Never Say Die!
01-Never Say Die-mw.mp38 MB
02-Johnny Blade-mw.mp314 MB
03-Junior's Eyes-mw.mp315 MB
04-A Hard Road-mw.mp313 MB
05-Shock Wave-mw.mp312 MB
06-Air Dance-mw.mp312 MB
07-Over To You-mw.mp312 MB
08-Breakout-mw.mp35 MB
09-Swinging The Chain-mw.mp39 MB
Never Say Die!.m3u597 B
10-Black Sabbath-1980-Heaven And Hell
01-Neon Knights-mw.mp34 MB
02-Children Of The Sea-mw.mp36 MB
03-Lady Evil-mw.mp35 MB
04-Heaven And Hell-mw.mp37 MB
05-Wishing Well-mw.mp34 MB
06-Die Young-mw.mp35 MB
07-Walk Away-mw.mp34 MB
08-Lonely Is The Word-mw.mp36 MB
Heaven And Hell.m3u551 B
11-Black Sabbath-1980-Live At Last
01-Tomorrows Dream-mw.mp35 MB
02-Sweet Leaf-mw.mp39 MB
03-Killing Yourself To Live-mw.mp39 MB
04-Cornucopia-mw.mp36 MB
05-Snowblind-mw.mp38 MB
06-Children Of The Grave-mw.mp37 MB
07-War Pigs-mw.mp315 MB
08-Wicked World-mw.mp335 MB
09-Paranoid-mw.mp35 MB
Live At Last.m3u623 B
12-Black Sabbath-1981-Mob Rules
01-Turn Up The Night-mw.mp35 MB
02-Voodoo-mw.mp37 MB
03-The Sign Of The Southern Cross-mw.mp311 MB
04-E5150-mw.mp34 MB
05-The Mob Rules--mw.mp35 MB
06-Country Girl--mw.mp36 MB
07-Slipping Away--mw.mp36 MB
08-Falling Of The Edge Of The World--mw.mp37 MB
09-Over And Over--mw.mp38 MB
Mob Rules.m3u674 B
13-Black Sabbath-1983-Live Evil
01-E5150-mw.mp33 MB
02-Neon Knights-mw.mp37 MB
03-N.I.B-mw.mp38 MB
04-Children Of The Sea-mw.mp39 MB
05-Voodoo-mw.mp38 MB
06-Black Sabbath-mw.mp312 MB
07-War Pigs-mw.mp313 MB
08-Iron Man-mw.mp310 MB
09-The Mob Rules-mw.mp35 MB
10-Heaven And Hell-mw.mp317 MB
11-Sign Of The Southern (...)Heaven (...)-mw.mp310 MB
12-Paranoid-mw.mp35 MB
13-Children Of The Grave-mw.mp37 MB
14-Fluff-mw.mp3550 KB
Live Evil.m3u957 B
14-Black Sabbath-1983-Born Again
01-Trashed-mw.mp34 MB
02-Stonehenge-mw.mp32 MB
03-Disturbing The Priest-mw.mp36 MB
04-The Dark-mw.mp3872 KB
05-Zero The Hero-mw.mp38 MB
06-Digital Bitch-mw.mp34 MB
07-Born Again-mw.mp37 MB
08-Hot Line-mw.mp35 MB
09-Keep It Warm-mw.mp36 MB
Born Again.m3u590 B
15-Black Sabbath feat. Tony Iommi-1986-Seventh Star
01-In For The Kill-mw.mp34 MB
02-No Stranger To Love-mw.mp35 MB
03-Turn To Stone-mw.mp33 MB
04-Sphinx (The Guardian)-mw.mp31 MB
05-Seventh Star-mw.mp36 MB
06-Danger Zone-mw.mp35 MB
07-Heart Like A Wheel-mw.mp37 MB
08-Angry Heart-mw.mp33 MB
09-In Memory...-mw.mp32 MB
Seventh Star.m3u803 B
16-Black Sabbath-1987-The Eternal Idol
01-The Shining-mw.mp38 MB
02-Ancient Warrior-mw.mp37 MB
03-Hard Life To Live-mw.mp36 MB
04-Glory Ride-mw.mp36 MB
05-Born To Lose-mw.mp35 MB
06-Nightmare-mw.mp37 MB
07-Scarlet Pimpernel-mw.mp32 MB
08-Lost Forever-mw.mp35 MB
09-The Eternal Idol-mw.mp39 MB
The Eternal Idol.m3u625 B
17-Black Sabbath-1989-Headless Cross
01-The Gates Of Hell-mw.mp31 MB
02-Headless Cross-mw.mp37 MB
03-Devil And Daughter-mw.mp35 MB
04-When Death Calls-mw.mp37 MB
05-Cloak And Dagger-mw.mp35 MB
06-Kill In The Spirit World-mw.mp35 MB
07-Call Of The World-mw.mp36 MB
08-Black Moon-mw.mp34 MB
09-Nightwing-mw.mp37 MB
Headless Cross.m3u668 B
18-Black Sabbath-1990-Tyr
01-Anno Mundi-mw.mp35 MB
02-The Law Maker-mw.mp34 MB
03-Jerusalem-mw.mp34 MB
04-The Sabbath Stones-mw.mp39 MB
05-The Battle Of Tyr-mw.mp31 MB
06-Odin's Court-mw.mp35 MB
07-Valhalla-mw.mp38 MB
08-Feels Good To Me-mw.mp38 MB
09-Heaven in Black-mw.mp37 MB
Tyr.m3u622 B
19-Black Sabbath-1992-Dehumanizer
01-Computer God-mw.mp38 MB
02-After All (The Dead)-mw.mp37 MB
03-TV Crimes-mw.mp35 MB
04-Letters From Earth-mw.mp35 MB
05-Master Of Insanity-mw.mp38 MB
06-Time Machine-mw.mp35 MB
07-Sins Of The Father-mw.mp36 MB
08-Too Late-mw.mp39 MB
09-I-mw.mp37 MB
10-Buried Alive-mw.mp36 MB
11-Time Machine (Wayne's World)-mw.mp33 MB
Dehumanizer.m3u767 B
20-Black Sabbath-1994-Cross Purposes
01-I Witness-mw.mp35 MB
02-Cross Of Thorns-mw.mp35 MB
03-Psychophobia-mw.mp33 MB
04-Virtual Death-mw.mp36 MB
05-Immaculate Deception-mw.mp34 MB
06-Dying For Love-mw.mp36 MB
07-Back To Eden-mw.mp34 MB
08-The Hand That Rocks The Cradle-mw.mp35 MB
09-Cardinal Sin-mw.mp34 MB
10-Evil Eye-mw.mp36 MB
11-What's The Use-mw.mp32 MB
Cross Purposes.m3u789 B
21-Black Sabbath-1995-Cross Purposes Live
01-Time Machine-mw.mp34 MB
02-Children Of The Grave-mw.mp34 MB
03-I Witness-mw.mp35 MB
04-Into The Void-mw.mp36 MB
05-Black Sabbath-mw.mp39 MB
06-Neon Knights-mw.mp36 MB
07-Psychophobia-mw.mp32 MB
08-The Wizard-mw.mp34 MB
09-Cross of Thorns-mw.mp35 MB
09-Heaven In Black-mw.mp34 MB
10-Symptom of the Universe-mw.mp35 MB
11-Headless Cross-mw.mp36 MB
12-Paranoid-mw.mp34 MB
13-Iron Man-mw.mp33 MB
14-Sabbath Bloody Sabbath-mw.mp35 MB
Cross Purposes Live.m3u1 KB
22-Black Sabbath-1995-Forbidden
01-The Illusion Of Power-mw.mp36 MB
02-Get A Grip-mw.mp35 MB
03-Can`t Get Close Enough-mw.mp36 MB
04-Shaking Off The Chains-mw.mp35 MB
05-I Won`t Cry For You-mw.mp36 MB
06-Guity As Hell-mw.mp33 MB
07-Sick And Tired-mw.mp33 MB
08-Rusty Angels-mw.mp34 MB
09-Forbidden-mw.mp33 MB
10-Kiss Of Death-mw.mp35 MB
11-Loser Gets It All-mw.mp33 MB
Forbidden.m3u815 B
23-Black Sabbath-1995-Between Heaven And Hell 1970-1983
01-Hole In The Sky-mw.mp35 MB
02-Into The Void-mw.mp38 MB
03-Sabbath Bloody Sabbath-mw.mp37 MB
04-N.I.B.-mw.mp37 MB
05-Paranoid-mw.mp33 MB
06-War Pigs-mw.mp310 MB
07-Iron Man-mw.mp38 MB
08-Wicked World-mw.mp36 MB
09-Supernaut-mw.mp36 MB
10-Back Street Kids-mw.mp35 MB
11-Never Say Die-mw.mp35 MB
12-Neon Knights-mw.mp35 MB
13-Mob Rules-mw.mp34 MB
14-The Dark-Zero The Hero-mw.mp311 MB
15-Black Sabbath-mw.mp37 MB
Between Heaven And Hell 1970-1983.m3u1,013 B
24-Black Sabbath-1996-The Sabbath Stones
01-Headless Cross-mw.mp37 MB
02-When Death Calls-mw.mp37 MB
03-Devil And Daughter-mw.mp35 MB
04-The Sabbath Stones-mw.mp39 MB
05-The Battle Of Tyr-mw.mp31 MB
06-Odin's Court-mw.mp35 MB
07-Valhalla-mw.mp38 MB
08-TV Crimes-mw.mp35 MB
09-Virtual Death-mw.mp36 MB
10-Evil Eye-mw.mp36 MB
11-Kiss Of Death-mw.mp35 MB
12-Guity As Hell-mw.mp33 MB
13-Loser Gets It All-mw.mp33 MB
14-Disturbing The Priest-mw.mp36 MB
15-Heart Like A Wheel-mw.mp37 MB
16-The Shining-mw.mp38 MB
The Sabbath Stones.m3u1 KB
25-Black Sabbath-1998-Reunion
01-War Pigs-mw.mp39 MB
02-Behind The Wall Of Sleep-mw.mp34 MB
03-N.I.B.-mw.mp37 MB
04-Faires Wear Boots-mw.mp37 MB
05-Electric Funeral-mw.mp35 MB
06-Sweet Leaf-mw.mp35 MB
07-Spiral Architect-mw.mp36 MB
08-Into The Void-mw.mp37 MB
09-Snowblind-mw.mp36 MB
01-Sabbath Bloody Sabbath-mw.mp35 MB
02-Orchid-Lord Of This World-mw.mp38 MB
02-Orchid-Lord of this World.mp36 MB
03-Dirty Woman-mw.mp37 MB
04-Black Sabbath-mw.mp38 MB
05-Iron Man-mw.mp39 MB
06-Children Of The Grave-mw.mp37 MB
07-Paranoid-mw.mp35 MB
08-Psycho Man-mw.mp36 MB
09-Selling My Soul-mw.mp33 MB
09-Selling My Soul.mp32 MB
Reunion.m3u1 KB
26-Black Sabbath-1999-Black Mass
01-Paranoid-mw.mp34 MB
02-Black Sabbath-mw.mp38 MB
03-Iron Man-mw.mp38 MB
04-Blue Suede Shoes-mw.mp33 MB
Black Mass.m3u267 B
27-Black Sabbath-2002-Past Lives
01-Tomorrows Dream-mw.mp35 MB
02-Sweet Leaf-mw.mp39 MB
03-Killing Yourself To Live-mw.mp39 MB
04-Cornucopia-mw.mp36 MB
05-Snowblind-mw.mp38 MB
06-Children Of The Grave-mw.mp37 MB
07-War Pigs-mw.mp315 MB
08-Wicked World-mw.mp321 MB
09-Paranoid-mw.mp35 MB
01-Hand Of Doom-mw.mp311 MB
02-Hole In The Sky-mw.mp36 MB
03-Symptom Of The Universe-mw.mp36 MB
04-Megalomania-mw.mp39 MB
05-Iron Man-mw.mp310 MB
06-Black Sabbath-mw.mp37 MB
07-N.I.B.-mw.mp37 MB
08-Behind The Wall Of Sleep-mw.mp36 MB
09-Fairies Wear Boots-mw.mp39 MB
Past Lives.m3u1 KB

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