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Barbara Streisand-Discography 1963-2002 MP3.192kbps

3.58 GB  
in 789 files
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Torrent Contents

01-Pins And Needles (1963)
01-Sing Me A Song With Social Significance (Rose Mary Jun).mp33 MB
02-Doing The Reactionary (Streisand).mp32 MB
03-One Big Union For Two (Rose Mary Jan and Jack Carroll).mp34 MB
04-It's Better With A Union Man (Harold Rome).mp34 MB
05-Nobody Makes A Pass At Me (Streisand).mp35 MB
06-I've Got The Nerve To Be In Love (Rose Marie Jun and Ja.mp36 MB
07-Not Cricket To Picket (Streisand).mp33 MB
08-Back To Work (Jack Carroll).mp33 MB
09-Status Quo (Streisand).mp36 MB
10-When I Grow Up (G Man) (Harold Rome).mp33 MB
11-Chain Store Daisy (Rose Marie Jun).mp35 MB
12-Four Little Angels Of Peace (All Cast).mp36 MB
13-Sunday In The Park (Jack Carroll).mp34 MB
14-What Good Is Love (Streisand).mp35 MB
15-Mene Mene Tekel (Harold Rome).mp35 MB
02-The Barbra Streisand Album (1963)
01-Cry Me A River.mp35 MB
02-My Honey's Loving Arms.mp33 MB
03-I'll Tell The Man In The Street.mp34 MB
04-A Taste Of Honey.mp33 MB
05-Who's Afraid Of The Big Bad Wolf.mp33 MB
06-Soon It's Gonna Rain.mp35 MB
07-Happy Days Are Here Again.mp34 MB
08-Keepin' Out Of Mischief Now.mp33 MB
09-Much More.mp34 MB
10-Come To The Supermarket (In Old Peking).mp32 MB
11-A Sleepin' Bee.mp36 MB
03-Hungry! - Live in San Francisco (1963)
01-Any Place I Hang My Hat Is Home.mp33 MB
02-Keepin' Out Of Mischief Now.mp32 MB
03-Cry My A River.mp35 MB
04-Lover, Come Back To Me.mp32 MB
05-I Stayed Too Long At The Fair.mp36 MB
06-My Honey's Loving Arms.mp33 MB
07-Soon It's Gonna Rain.mp35 MB
08-When The Sun Comes Out.mp33 MB
09-Much More.mp34 MB
10-Like A Straw In The Wind.mp36 MB
11-Right As The Rain.mp35 MB
12-Down With Love.mp34 MB
13-Bewitched.mp3606 KB
14-Happy Days Are Here Again.mp34 MB
04-The Second Barbra Streisand Album (1964)
01-Any Place I Hang My Hat Is Home.mp33 MB
02-Right As The Rain.mp34 MB
03-Down With Love.mp35 MB
04-Who Will Buy (From Oliver Broadway Musical).mp34 MB
05-When The Sun Comes Out.mp34 MB
06-Gotta Move.mp32 MB
07-My Coloring Book.mp35 MB
08-I Don't Care Much.mp33 MB
09-Lover Come Back To Me.mp33 MB
10-I Stayed Too Long At The Fair.mp35 MB
11-Like A Straw In The WInd.mp36 MB
05-The Third Album (1964)
01-My Melancholy Baby.mp34 MB
02-Just In Time.mp33 MB
03-Taking A Chance On Love.mp33 MB
04-Bewitched (Bothered And Bewildered).mp33 MB
05-Never Will I Merry.mp33 MB
06-As Time Goes By.mp35 MB
07-Draw Me A Circle.mp33 MB
08-It Had To Be You.mp35 MB
09-Make Believe.mp33 MB
10-I Had Myself A True Love.mp36 MB
06-People (1964)
01-Absent Minded Me.mp34 MB
02-When In Rome (I Do As The Romans).mp34 MB
03-Fine And Dandy.mp33 MB
04-Supper Time.mp33 MB
05-Will He Like Me.mp33 MB
06-How Does The Wine Taste.mp33 MB
07-I'm All Smiles.mp33 MB
08-Autumn.mp32 MB
09-My Lord And Master.mp34 MB
10-Love Is A Bore.mp33 MB
11-Don't Like Goodbyes.mp34 MB
12-People (From Broadway Musical).mp35 MB
07-My Name Is Barbra (1965)
01-My Name Is Barbra.mp31 MB
02-A Kid Again.mp32 MB
03-Jenny Rebecca.mp34 MB
04-My Pa.mp33 MB
05-Sweet Zoo.mp32 MB
06-Where Is The Wonder.mp33 MB
07-I Can See It.mp34 MB
08-Someone To Watch Over Me.mp33 MB
09-I've Got No Strings.mp33 MB
10-If You Were The Only Boy In The World.mp34 MB
11-Why Did I Choose You.mp33 MB
12-My Man.mp34 MB
08-My Name Is Barbra, Two (1965)
01-He Touched Me.mp34 MB
02-The Shadow Of Your Smile.mp33 MB
03-Quiet Night.mp33 MB
04-I Got Plenty Of Nothin'.mp34 MB
05-How Much Of The Dream Comes True.mp34 MB
06-Second Hand Rose.mp33 MB
07-The Kind Of Man A Woman Needs.mp35 MB
08-All That I Want.mp35 MB
09-Where's That Rainbow.mp35 MB
10-No More Songs For Me.mp34 MB
11-Medley.mp37 MB
09-Je m'appelle Barbra (1966)
01-Free Again.mp35 MB
02-Autumn Leaves.mp33 MB
03-What Now My Love.mp33 MB
04-Ma Premiere Chanson.mp33 MB
05-Clopin Clopant.mp34 MB
06-Le Mur.mp33 MB
07-I Wish You Love.mp34 MB
08-Speak to Me of Love.mp33 MB
09-Love and Learn.mp33 MB
10-Once Upon a Summertime.mp34 MB
11-Martina.mp33 MB
12-I've Been Here.mp33 MB
10-Color Me Barbra (1966)
01-Yesterdays.mp34 MB
02-One Kiss.mp33 MB
03-Minute Waltz.mp32 MB
04-Gotta Move.mp32 MB
05-Non C'est Rien.mp34 MB
06-Where Or When.mp34 MB
07-Medley.mp312 MB
08-C'est Si Bon.mp35 MB
09-Where Am I Going.mp33 MB
10-Starting Here Starting Now.mp33 MB
11-Simply Streisand (1967)
01-My Funny Valentine (From _Babes In Arms_).mp33 MB
02-The Nearness Of You.mp34 MB
03-When Sunny Gets Blue.mp34 MB
04-Make The Man Love Me (From _A Tree Crows In Brooklyn_).mp33 MB
05-Lover Man (Oh Where Can You Be).mp33 MB
06-More Than You Know.mp34 MB
07-I'll Know (From _Guys and Dolls_).mp33 MB
08-All The Things You Are (From _Very Warm For May_).mp34 MB
09-The By Next Door (From _Meet Me In St Louis_).mp33 MB
10-Stout-Hearted Men (From The _New Moon_).mp33 MB
12-A Christmas Album (1967)
01-Jingle Bells.mp32 MB
02-Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas.mp34 MB
03-The Christmas Song.mp35 MB
04-White Christmas.mp34 MB
05-My Favorite Things.mp34 MB
06-The Best Gift.mp34 MB
07-Sleep In Heavenly Peace (Silent Night).mp34 MB
08-Ave Maria.mp34 MB
09-O Little Town Of Bethlehem.mp33 MB
10-I Wonder As I Wander.mp34 MB
11-The Lord's Prayer.mp33 MB
01-Funny Girl [Soundtrack] (1968)
01-Overture.mp35 MB
02-I'm the Greatest Star.mp35 MB
03-If a Girl Isn't Pretty.mp33 MB
04-Roller Skate Rag.mp32 MB
05-I'd Rather Be Blue Over You.mp33 MB
06-His Love Makes Me Beautiful.mp37 MB
07-People.mp36 MB
08-You Are Woman, I Am Man.mp36 MB
09-Don't Rain on My Parade.mp33 MB
10-Sadie, Sadie.mp35 MB
11-The Swan.mp33 MB
12-Funny Girl.mp33 MB
13-My Man.mp32 MB
14-Finale.mp33 MB
02-A Happening In Central Park (1968)
01-I Can See It.mp34 MB
02-Love Is Like A New Born Child.mp34 MB
03-Folk Monologue-Value.mp36 MB
04-Cry Me A River.mp34 MB
05-People.mp36 MB
06-He Touched Me.mp34 MB
07-Marty The Martian-Sound Music.mp33 MB
08-Natural Sound.mp34 MB
09-Second Hand Rose.mp34 MB
10-Sleep In Heavenly Peace (Silent Night).mp34 MB
11-Happy Days Are Here Again.mp34 MB
03-What About Today (1969)
01-What About Today.mp34 MB
02-Ask Yourself Why.mp34 MB
03-Honey Pie.mp33 MB
04-Punky s Dilemma.mp34 MB
05-Until It s Time For You To Go.mp34 MB
06-That s A Fine Kind O'Freedom.mp34 MB
07-Little Tin Soldier.mp35 MB
08-With A Little Help From My Friends.mp33 MB
09-Alfie.mp34 MB
10-The Morning After.mp33 MB
11-Goodnight.mp35 MB
04-Hello Dolly [Soundtrack] (1969)
01-Just Leave Everything To Me.mp34 MB
02-It Takes A Woman.mp34 MB
03-It Takes A Woman (Reprise).mp33 MB
04-Put On Your Sunday Clothes.mp37 MB
05-Ribbons Down My Back.mp33 MB
06-Dancing.mp34 MB
07-Before The Parade Passes By.mp36 MB
08-Elegance.mp34 MB
09-Love Is Only Love.mp34 MB
10-Hello Dolly.mp310 MB
11-It Only Takes A Moment.mp35 MB
12-So Long Dearie.mp33 MB
13-Finale.mp35 MB
05-Stoney End (1971)
01-I Don't Know Where I Stand.mp35 MB
02-Hands Off the Man (Flim Flam Man).mp33 MB
03-If You Could Read My Mind.mp35 MB
04-Just A Little Lovin'.mp33 MB
05-Let Me Go.mp33 MB
06-Stoney End.mp34 MB
07-No Easy Way Down.mp35 MB
08-Time And Love.mp35 MB
09-Maybe.mp34 MB
10-Free The People.mp34 MB
11-I'll Be Home.mp33 MB
06-Barbra Joan Streisand (1971)
01-Beautiful.mp33 MB
02-Love.mp34 MB
03-Where You Lead.mp34 MB
04-I Never Meant To Hurt You.mp35 MB
05-One Less Bell To Answer A House (Is Not A Home).mp38 MB
06-Space Captain.mp34 MB
07-Since I Fell For You.mp34 MB
08-Mother.mp36 MB
09-The Summer Knows.mp35 MB
10-I Mean To Shine.mp33 MB
11-You've Got A Friend.mp36 MB
07-Live Concert In The Forum (1972)
01-Sing - Make Your Own Kind Of Music.mp35 MB
02-Starting Here Starting Now.mp33 MB
03-Don't Rain On My Parade.mp33 MB
04-Monologue.mp34 MB
05-On A Clear Day (You Can See Forever).mp32 MB
06-Sweet Inspiration - Where You Lead.mp310 MB
07-Didn't We.mp34 MB
08-My Man.mp35 MB
09-Stoney End.mp34 MB
10-Sing - Happy Days Are Here Again.mp37 MB
11-People.mp34 MB
08-Barbra Streisand ... And Other Musical Instruments (1973)
01-Piano Practicing.mp33 MB
02-I Got Rhythm.mp31 MB
03-Johnny One Note_One Note Samba.mp35 MB
04-Glad To Be Unhappy.mp33 MB
05-People.mp32 MB
06-Second Hand Rose.mp3385 KB
07-Don't Rain On My Parade.mp35 MB
08-Don't Ever Leave Me.mp3979 KB
09-Monologue.mp31 MB
10-By Myself.mp32 MB
11-Come Back To Me.mp32 MB
12-I Never Has Seen Snow.mp37 MB
13-Lied_ Auf Dem Wasser Zu Singen.mp32 MB
14-The World Is A Concerto_Make Your Own Kind Of Music.mp35 MB
15-Sweetest Sounds, The.mp34 MB
09-Classical Barbra (1973)
01-Beau Soir.mp33 MB
02-Brezairola.mp35 MB
03-Verschwiegene.mp34 MB
04-Pavane.mp37 MB
05-Apres Un Reve.mp34 MB
06-In Trutina (Carmina Burana).mp33 MB
07-Lascia ch'io pianga (Rinaldo).mp34 MB
08-Mondnacht.mp35 MB
09-Dank sei Dir, Herr.mp35 MB
10-I Loved You.mp33 MB
10-The Way We Were (1974)
01-What Are You Doing The Rest Of Your Life.mp35 MB
02-Summer Me, Winter Me.mp36 MB
03-Pieces Of Dreams.mp33 MB
04-I've Never Been A Woman Before.mp34 MB
05-Medley (My Buddy-How About Me).mp35 MB
06-Being At War With Each Other.mp34 MB
07-Something So Right.mp33 MB
08-The Best Thing You've Ever Done.mp34 MB
09-The Way We Were.mp33 MB
10-All In Love.mp35 MB
11-Butterfly (1974)
01-Love In The Afternoon.mp35 MB
02-Guava Jelly.mp34 MB
03-Grandma's Hands.mp34 MB
04-I Won't Last A Day Without You.mp35 MB
05-Jubilation.mp35 MB
06-Simple Man.mp34 MB
07-Life On Mars.mp34 MB
08-Since I Don't Have You.mp33 MB
09-Crying Time.mp33 MB
10-Let The Good Times Roll.mp36 MB
01-Funny Lady [Soundtrack] (1975)
01-Blind Date (Album Version).mp36 MB
02-More Than You Know.mp33 MB
03-It's Only A Paper Moon - I Like Him.mp31 MB
04-It's Only A Paper Moon - I Like Her.mp33 MB
05-I Found A Million Dollar Baby (In A Five & Ten Cent Sto.mp32 MB
06-So Long Honey Lamb.mp34 MB
07-I Got A Code In My Doze.mp31 MB
08-Clap Hands, Here Comes Charley.mp33 MB
09-(It's Gonna Be A) Great Day.mp37 MB
10-How Lucky Can You Get.mp36 MB
11-Am I Blue.mp34 MB
12-Isn't This Better.mp34 MB
13-If I Love Again.mp34 MB
14-Let's Hear It For Me.mp35 MB
15-Me And My Shadow.mp34 MB
16-How Lucky Can You Get (Single Mix).mp35 MB
02-Lazy Afternoon (1975)
01-Lazy Afternoon.mp35 MB
02-My Father's Song.mp35 MB
03-By The Way.mp34 MB
04-Shake Me, Wake Me (When It's Over).mp34 MB
05-I Never Had It So Good.mp35 MB
06-Letters That Cross In The Mail.mp35 MB
07-You And I.mp35 MB
08-Moanin' Low.mp36 MB
09-A Child Is Born.mp33 MB
10-Widescreen.mp35 MB
03-A Star Is Born (1976)
01-Watch Closely Now.mp35 MB
02-Queen Bee.mp35 MB
03-Everything.mp35 MB
04-Lost Inside Of You (Duet with Kris Kristofferson).mp33 MB
05-Hellacious Acres.mp34 MB
06-Love Theme From A Star Is Born (Evergreen).mp34 MB
07-The Woman In The Moon.mp36 MB
08-I Believe In Love.mp34 MB
09-Crippled Crow.mp34 MB
10-Finale - With One More Look At You - Watch Closely Now.mp310 MB
11-Reprise Love Theme From A Star Born (Evergreen).mp32 MB
04-Streisand Superman (1976)
01-Superman.mp33 MB
02-Don't Believe What You Read.mp34 MB
03-Baby Me Baby.mp36 MB
04-I Found You Love.mp35 MB
05-Answer Me.mp34 MB
06-My Heart Belongs To Me.mp34 MB
07-Cabin Fever.mp34 MB
08-Love Comes From Unexpected Places.mp35 MB
09-New York State Of Mind.mp36 MB
10-Lullaby For Myself.mp34 MB
05-Songbird (1978)
01-Tomorrow.mp34 MB
02-A Man I Loved.mp35 MB
03-I Don't Break Easily.mp35 MB
04-Love Breakdown.mp34 MB
05-You Don't Bring Me Flowers.mp35 MB
06-Honey Can I Put On Your Clothes.mp37 MB
07-One More Night.mp34 MB
08-Stay Away.mp35 MB
09-Deep In The Night.mp34 MB
10-Songbird.mp35 MB
06-No More Tears (Single) (1979)
01-No More Tears (Enough Is Enough).mp316 MB
02-Wet.mp35 MB
07-The Main Event (Single) (1979)
01-The Main Event.mp34 MB
08-Wet (1979)
01-Wet.mp35 MB
02-Come Rain Or Come Shine.mp36 MB
03-Splish Splash.mp35 MB
04-On Rainy Afternoons.mp34 MB
05-After The Rain.mp35 MB
06-No More Tears (Enough Is Enough) (Duet With Donna Summer).mp311 MB
07-Niagara.mp34 MB
08-I Ain't Gonna Cry Tonight.mp36 MB
09-Kiss Me In The Rain.mp35 MB
09-Guilty [with Barry Gibb] (1980)
01-Guilty (Duet With Barry Gibb).mp36 MB
02-Woman In Love.mp35 MB
03-Run Wild.mp35 MB
04-Promises.mp35 MB
05-The Love Inside.mp37 MB
06-What Kind Of Fool (Duet With Barry Gibb).mp35 MB
07-Life Story.mp36 MB
08-Never Give Up.mp35 MB
09-Make It Like A Memory.mp310 MB
10-Yentl [Soundtrack] (1983)
01-Where Is It Written.mp36 MB
02-Papa, Can You Hear Me.mp34 MB
03-This Is One Of Those Moments.mp35 MB
04-No Wonder.mp33 MB
05-The Way He Makes Me Feel.mp35 MB
06-No Wonder (Part Two).mp34 MB
07-Tomorrow Night.mp36 MB
08-Will Someone Ever Look At Me That Way.mp34 MB
09-No Matter What Happens.mp35 MB
10-No Wonder (Reprise).mp31 MB
11-A Piece Of Sky.mp36 MB
12-The Way He Makes Me Feel (Studio Version).mp35 MB
13-No Matter What Happens (Studio Version).mp34 MB
11-Emotion (1984)
01-Emotion.mp36 MB
02-Make No Mistake, He's Mine (Duet With Kim Carnes).mp35 MB
03-Time Machine.mp36 MB
04-Best I Could.mp35 MB
05-Left In The Dark.mp39 MB
06-Heart Don't Change My Mind.mp36 MB
07-When I Dream.mp36 MB
08-You're A Step In The Right Direction.mp35 MB
09-Clear Sailing.mp35 MB
10-Here We Are At Last.mp34 MB
12-The Broadway Album (1985)
01-Putting It Together.mp35 MB
02-If I Loved You.mp33 MB
03-Something's Coming.mp34 MB
04-Not While I'm Around.mp34 MB
05-Being Alive.mp34 MB
06-I Have Dreamed- We Kiss In A Shadow - Something Wonderful.mp36 MB
07-Adelaide's Lament.mp34 MB
08-Send In The Clowns.mp36 MB
09-Pretty Women - The Ladies Who Lunch.mp37 MB
10-Can't Help Lovin' That Man.mp34 MB
11-I Loves You Porgy - Porgy I's Your Woman Now.mp36 MB
12-Somewhere.mp36 MB
01-Memories (1987)
01-Memory.mp35 MB
02-You Don't Bring Me Flowers (Duet With Neil Diamond).mp34 MB
03-My Heart Belongs To Me.mp34 MB
04-New York State Of Mind.mp36 MB
05-No More Tears (Enough Is Enough) (Duet With Donna Summer).mp36 MB
06-Comin' In And Out Of Your Life.mp35 MB
07-Evergreen (Love Theme From A Star Is Born).mp34 MB
08-Lost Inside Of You.mp35 MB
09-The Love Inside.mp37 MB
10-The Way We Were.mp34 MB
02-One Voice [Live] (1987)
01-Somewhere.mp37 MB
02-Evergreen (Love Theme From A Star Is Born).mp34 MB
03-Something's Coming.mp34 MB
04-People.mp35 MB
05-Send In The Clowns.mp36 MB
06-Over The Rainbow.mp36 MB
07-Guilty (Duet With Barry Gibb).mp36 MB
08-What Kind Of Fool (Duet With Barry Gibb).mp36 MB
09-Papa, Can You Hear Me.mp36 MB
10-The Way We Were.mp35 MB
11-It's A New World.mp34 MB
12-Happy Days Are Here Again.mp35 MB
13-America, The Beautiful.mp36 MB
03-Till I Loved You (1988)
01-The Places You Find Love.mp37 MB
02-On My Way To You.mp35 MB
03-Till I Loved You (Duet With Don Johnson).mp37 MB
04-Love Light.mp36 MB
05-All I Ask Of You.mp35 MB
06-You And Me For Always.mp35 MB
07-Why Let It Go.mp36 MB
08-Two People.mp35 MB
09-What Were We Thinking Of.mp36 MB
10-Some Good Things Never Last.mp35 MB
11-One More Time Around.mp35 MB
04-The Prince Of Tides [Soundtrack] (1991)
01-Main Title.mp36 MB
02-Teddy Bears.mp31 MB
03-To New York.mp32 MB
04-The Bloodstain.mp31 MB
05-The Fishmarket.mp31 MB
06-The New York Willies.mp33 MB
07-The Village Walk.mp34 MB
08-Lila's Theme.mp34 MB
09-Home Movies.mp32 MB
10-Daddy's Home.mp32 MB
11-The Hallway (Love Theme).mp33 MB
12-They Love You Dad.mp31,012 KB
13-So Cruel.mp32 MB
14-Savannah Awakes.mp31 MB
15-Love Montage.mp35 MB
16-Tom Comes Home.mp31 MB
17-The Outdoors.mp31 MB
18-Tom's Breakdown.mp31 MB
19-The Street.mp34 MB
20-For All We Know (Instrumental).mp33 MB
21-The Reunion.mp33 MB
22-End Credits.mp35 MB
23-For All We Know (Vocal By Barbra Streisand).mp35 MB
24-Places That Belong To You (Vocal By Barbra Streisand).mp35 MB
05-Back To Broadway (1993)
01-Some Enchanted Evening.mp35 MB
02-Everybody Says Don't.mp33 MB
03-The Music Of The Night (Duet With Michael Crawford).mp37 MB
04-Speak Low.mp35 MB
05-As If We Never Said Goodbye.mp36 MB
06-Children Will Listen.mp35 MB
07-I Have A Love - One Hand, One Heart (Duet with J.Mathis).mp36 MB
08-I've Never Been In Love Before.mp35 MB
09-Luck Be A Lady.mp34 MB
10-With One Look.mp34 MB
11-The Man I Love.mp35 MB
12-Move On.mp37 MB
06-The Concert - Act I (1995)
01-Overture.mp37 MB
02-As If We Never Said Goodbye.mp35 MB
03-Opening Remarks.mp31 MB
04-I'm Still Here-Everybody Says Don't-Don't Rain On My....mp36 MB
05-Can't Help Lovin' That Man.mp36 MB
06-I'll Know (With Marlon Brando).mp33 MB
07-People.mp35 MB
08-Lover Man.mp31 MB
09-Therapist Dialogue #1.mp31 MB
10-Will He Like Me.mp32 MB
11-Therapist Dialogue #2.mp31 MB
12-He Touched Me.mp33 MB
13-Evergreen.mp34 MB
14-Therapist Dialogue #3.mp32 MB
15-The Man That Got Away.mp35 MB
16-On A Clear Day (You Can See Forever).mp34 MB
07-The Concert - Act II (1995)
01-Entr'acte.mp34 MB
02-The Way We Were.mp34 MB
03-You Don't Bring Me Flowers.mp36 MB
04-Lazy Afternoon.mp36 MB
05-Disney Medley.mp37 MB
06-Not While I'm Around.mp34 MB
07-Ordinary Miracles.mp36 MB
08-Yentl Medley.mp312 MB
09-Happy Days Are Here Again.mp35 MB
10-My Man.mp34 MB
11-For All We Know.mp36 MB
12-Somewhere.mp37 MB
08-The Mirror Has Two Faces [Soundtrack] (1996)
01-Main Title - In Questa Reggia.mp35 MB
02-Got Any Scotch.mp33 MB
03-An Ad.mp31,011 KB
04-In A Sentimental Mood.mp33 MB
05-Rose Sees Greg.mp31,004 KB
06-Alex Hurts Rose.mp31 MB
07-The Dating Montage.mp32 MB
08-My Intentions.mp31 MB
09-You Picked Me!.mp3734 KB
10-A Funny Kind Of Proposal.mp31 MB
11-Picnic In The Park.mp32 MB
12-Greg Falls For Rose.mp34 MB
13-Try A Little Tenderness.mp34 MB
14-The Mirror.mp31 MB
15-Going Back To Mom.mp31 MB
16-Rocking In The Chair.mp31 MB
17-The Power Inside Of Me.mp34 MB
18-Rose Leaves Greg.mp32 MB
19-Ruby.mp34 MB
20-Rose Dumps Alex.mp31 MB
21-Greg Claims Rose.mp32 MB
22-The Apology - Nessun Dorma.mp34 MB
23-I Finally Found Someone.mp35 MB
24-All Of My Life.mp34 MB
09-Higher Ground (1997)
01-I Believe - You'll Never Walk Alone .mp38 MB
02-Higher Ground.mp36 MB
03-At The Same Time.mp35 MB
04-Tell Him (Duet With Celine Dion).mp36 MB
05-On Holy Ground.mp38 MB
06-If I Could.mp36 MB
07-Circle.mp35 MB
08-The Water Is Wide - Deep River.mp37 MB
09-Leading With Your Heart.mp34 MB
10-Lessons To Be Learned.mp36 MB
11-Everything Must Change.mp35 MB
12-Avinu Malkeinu.mp35 MB
01-Just For The Record (CD1) The 60's (1991)
01-You'll Never Know.mp34 MB
02-A Sleepin' Bee.mp36 MB
03-Moon River.mp34 MB
04-Miss Marmelstein.mp34 MB
05-Happy Days Are Here Again.mp35 MB
06-Keepin' Out Of Mischief Now.mp32 MB
07-I Hate Music.mp31 MB
08-Nobody's Heart (Belongs To Me).mp33 MB
09-Value.mp33 MB
10-Cry Me A River.mp35 MB
11-Who's Afraid Of The Big Bad Wolf.mp32 MB
12-I Had Myself A True Love.mp36 MB
13-Lover, Come Back To Me.mp32 MB
14-Spring Can Really Hang You Up The Most.mp35 MB
15-My Honey's Loving Arms.mp33 MB
16-Any Place I Hang My Hat Is Home.mp33 MB
17-When The Sun Comes Out.mp34 MB
18-Be My Guest - Dialogue with Judy Garland & Ethel Merman.mp33 MB
19-Medley #1 (With Judy Garland).mp36 MB
20-Medley #2 (With Judy Garland).mp33 MB
02-Just For The Record (CD2) The 60's (1991)
01-I'm The Greatest Star.mp35 MB
02-My Man - Auld Lang Syne.mp35 MB
03-People.mp35 MB
04-Second Hand Rose Medley.mp36 MB
05-1965 Emmy Awards.mp32 MB
06-He Touched Me.mp34 MB
07-You Wanna Bet.mp33 MB
08-House Of Flowers.mp33 MB
09-Ding-Dong! The Witch Is Dead (with Harold Arlen).mp32 MB
10-I Stayed Too Long At The Fair - Look At That Face .mp34 MB
11-Starting Here, Starting Now.mp33 MB
12-A Good Man Is Hard To Find - Some Of These Days.mp34 MB
13-I'm Always Chasing Rainbows.mp33 MB
14-Sleep In Heavenly Peace (Silent Night).mp34 MB
15-Don't Rain On My Parade.mp33 MB
16-Funny Girl.mp33 MB
17-1969 Academy Awards.mp32 MB
18-Friars Club Tribute - Harold Arlen.mp33 MB
19-Friars Club Tribute - Jule Styne.mp33 MB
20-Friars Club Tribute - Don Rickles.mp31 MB
21-Friars Club Tribute - Richard Rodgers.mp32 MB
22-Hello, Dolly! (with Louis Armstrong).mp35 MB
23-On A Clear Day (You Can See Forever).mp32 MB
24-When You Gotta Go - In The Wee Small Hours Of The Morning.mp35 MB
03-Just For The Record (CD3) The 70's (1991)
01-The Singer.mp33 MB
02-I Can Do It.mp33 MB
03-Stoney End.mp34 MB
04-Close To You (with Burt Bacharach).mp34 MB
05-We've Only Just Begun.mp33 MB
06-Since I Fell For You.mp34 MB
07-You're The Top (Ryan O'Neal).mp35 MB
08-What Are You Doing The Rest Of Your Life.mp34 MB
09-If I Close My Eyes.mp33 MB
10-Between Yesterday And Tomorrow.mp34 MB
11-Can You Tell The Moment.mp33 MB
12-The Way We Were (soundtrack version).mp35 MB
13-Cryin' Time (Duet with Ray Charles).mp33 MB
14-God Bless The Child.mp34 MB
15-A Quiet Thing - There Won't Be Trumpets .mp37 MB
16-Lost Inside Of You.mp36 MB
17-Evergreen (Demo, Soundtrack Version).mp34 MB
18-1977 Academy Awards.mp31 MB
19-The Stars Salute Israel At 30 .mp36 MB
04-Just For The Record (CD4) The 80's (1991)
01-You Don't Bring Me Flowers (Duet with Neil Diamond).mp34 MB
02-The Way We Weren't (live) - The Way We Were (single).mp36 MB
03-Guilty (with Barry Gibb).mp36 MB
04-Papa, Can You Hear Me (demo).mp34 MB
05-The Moon And I (demo).mp34 MB
06-A Piece Of Sky (demo - soundtrack version).mp35 MB
07-I Know Him So Well .mp35 MB
08-If I Loved You.mp33 MB
09-Putting It Together.mp35 MB
10-Over The Rainbow.mp36 MB
11-Theme From Nuts (End Credits).mp35 MB
12-Here We Are At Last.mp34 MB
13-Warm All Over.mp33 MB
14-You'll Never Know.mp35 MB
05-A Love Like Ours (1999)
01-I've Dreamed Of You.mp36 MB
02-Isn't It A Pity.mp37 MB
03-The Island.mp36 MB
04-Love Like Ours.mp35 MB
05-If You Ever Leave Me (Duet with Vince Gill).mp36 MB
06-We Must Be Loving Right .mp34 MB
07-If I Never Met You.mp35 MB
08-It Must Be You.mp34 MB
09-Just One Lifetime.mp35 MB
10-If I Didn't Love You.mp35 MB
11-Wait.mp35 MB
12-The Music That Makes Me Dance.mp36 MB
06-Timeless - Live In Concert (CD1) (2000)
01-Opening - You'll Never Know (Live).mp33 MB
02-Something's Coming (with Lauren Frost).mp35 MB
03-The Way We Were.mp35 MB
04-Shirley MacLaine Y1K.mp36 MB
05-Cry Me A River.mp34 MB
06-Lover, Come Back To Me.mp33 MB
07-A Sleepin' Bee.mp35 MB
08-Miss Marmelstein.mp33 MB
09-I'm The Greatest Star - Second Hand Rose - Don't Rain....mp37 MB
10-Something Wonderful - Being Alive (Medley).mp36 MB
11-As Time Goes By - Speak Low (Medley).mp32 MB
12-Alfie (Live).mp35 MB
13-Evergreen (Live).mp35 MB
14-Dialogue (Father, Part #1).mp31 MB
15-Papa, Can You Hear Me - You'll Never Know.mp34 MB
16-A Piece Of Sky (with Lauren Frost).mp34 MB
07-Timeless - Live In Concert (CD2) (2000)
01-Entr'acte.mp33 MB
02-Putting It Together.mp34 MB
03-On A Clear Day (You Can See Forever).mp33 MB
04-Send In The Clowns.mp34 MB
05-Happy Days Are Here Again - Get Happy - Guilty - I Fina...mp32 MB
06-Sing (with Jason Gould) - I've Got A Crush On You.mp34 MB
07-Technology (Dialogue).mp32 MB
08-The Clicker Blues.mp31 MB
09-Simple Pleasures.mp34 MB
10-The Main Event - Fight .mp35 MB
11-Dialogue (Father, Part #2).mp32 MB
12-I've Dreamed Of You.mp34 MB
13-At The Same Time.mp36 MB
14-Auld Lang Syne (Ballad).mp32 MB
15-Dialogue (Barbra And Brother Time).mp31 MB
16-People.mp35 MB
17-New Year's Eve-Auld Lang Syne (Celebration).mp38 MB
18-Everytime You Hear Auld Lang Syne (Barbra-Audience).mp36 MB
19-Happy Days Are Here Again.mp34 MB
20-Don't Like Goodbyes.mp32 MB
21-I Believe - Somewhere (with Lauren Frost).mp311 MB
08-Christmas Memories (2001)
01-I'll Be Home For Christmas.mp35 MB
02-A Christmas Love Song.mp35 MB
03-What Are You Doing New Year's Eve.mp35 MB
04-I Remember.mp36 MB
05-Snowbound.mp34 MB
06-It Must Have Been The Mistletoe.mp34 MB
07-Christmas Lullaby.mp34 MB
08-Christmas Mem'ries.mp36 MB
09-Grown-Up Christmas List.mp34 MB
10-Ave Maria.mp36 MB
11-Closer.mp35 MB
12-One God.mp35 MB
01-Duets (2002)
01-I Won't Be The One To Let Go (with Barry Manilow).mp36 MB
02-Guilty (with Barry Gibb, 1980).mp36 MB
03-You Don't Bring Me Flowers (with Neil Diamond, 1980).mp34 MB
04-Finally Found Someone (with Bryan Adams, 1996).mp35 MB
05-Cryin' Time (with Ray Charles, 1973).mp33 MB
06-I've Got A Crush On You (with Frank Sinatra, 1993).mp34 MB
07-Tell Him (with Celine Dion, 1997).mp36 MB
08-No More Tears (Enough Is Enough) (with Donna Summer).mp36 MB
09-What Kind Of Fool (with Barry Gibb, 1980).mp35 MB
10-I Have A Love - One Hand, One Heart (with Johnny Mathis).mp36 MB
11-One Less Bell To Answer - A House Is Not A Home.mp38 MB
12-Lost Inside of You (with Kris Kristofferson, 1976).mp34 MB
13-Till I Loved You (with Don Johnson, 1988).mp35 MB
14-Make No Mistake, He's Mine (with Kim Carnes, 1984).mp35 MB
15-If You Ever Leave Me (with Vince Gill, 1999).mp36 MB
16-The Music Of The Night (with Michael Crawford, 1993).mp37 MB
17-Ding-Dong! The Witch Is Dead (with Harold Arlen, 1966).mp32 MB
18-Get Happy - Happy Days Are Here Again (with Judy Garland).mp33 MB
19-All I Know Of Love (with Josh Groban).mp36 MB
02-The Essential Barbra Streisand [CD1] (2002)
01-A Sleepin' Bee.mp36 MB
02-Cry Me A River.mp35 MB
03-I Stayed Too Long At The Fair.mp36 MB
04-Lover, Come Back To Me.mp33 MB
05-People.mp35 MB
06-My Man.mp34 MB
07-Second Hand Rose.mp33 MB
08-He Touched Me.mp34 MB
09-Don't Rain On My Parade.mp33 MB
10-Happy Days Are Here Again.mp34 MB
11-On A Clear Day [You Can See Forever].mp33 MB
12-Stoney End.mp34 MB
13-Since I Fell For You.mp34 MB
14-What Are You Doing The Rest Of Your Life.mp34 MB
15-The Way We Were.mp34 MB
16-All In Love Is Fair.mp35 MB
17-Lazy Afternoon.mp35 MB
18-Evergreen [Love Theme from 'A Star Is Born'].mp34 MB
19-My Heart Belongs To Me.mp34 MB
20-You Don't Bring Me Flowers (with Neil Diamond).mp34 MB
21-The Main Event-Fight.mp36 MB
22-No More Tears [Enough Is Enough] (with Donna Summer).mp36 MB
03-The Essential Barbra Streisand [CD2] (2002)
01-Woman In Love.mp35 MB
02-Guilty (with Barry Gibb).mp36 MB
03-Comin' In And Out Of Your Life.mp35 MB
04-Memory.mp35 MB
05-Papa, Can You Hear Me.mp34 MB
06-A Piece Of Sky.mp36 MB
07-Putting It Together.mp35 MB
08-Not While I'm Around.mp34 MB
09-Send In The Clowns.mp36 MB
10-Somewhere.mp36 MB
11-All I Ask Of You.mp35 MB
12-Children Will Listen.mp35 MB
13-As If We Never Said Goodbye.mp36 MB
14-I Finally Found Someone (with Bryan Adams).mp35 MB
15-Tell Him (with Celine Dion).mp36 MB
16-I've Dreamed Of You.mp36 MB
17-Someday My Prince Will Come.mp35 MB
18-You'll Never Walk Alone.mp36 MB
04-Rare Tracks - Demos
01-At The Codfish Ball - Demo.mp31 MB
02-Funky Type Thang (incomplete demo).mp33 MB
03-How Do You Keep the Music Playing (Demo).mp34 MB
04-Lover, Come Back to Me (Demo).mp32 MB
05-Several Sins a Day (Incomplete Demo).mp31 MB
06-The Way We Weren't (Full Demo Version).mp33 MB
07-When The Lovin' Goes Out Of The Lovin' (Demo).mp34 MB
08-You Light Up My Life (Demo).mp34 MB
05-Rare Tracks - Interview
01-Interview Part Four - From radio program The Legend of....mp32 MB
02-Interview Part One - From radio program The Legend of....mp3931 KB
03-Interview Part Three - From radio program The Legend....mp3749 KB
04-Interview Part Two - From radio program The Legend of....mp31 MB
05-Interview with Miss Marmelstein.mp31 MB
06-Rare Tracks - Live
01-Be Aware (From the Burt Bacharach special).mp34 MB
02-Bewitched (Judy Garland Show).mp31 MB
03-Down With Love (Judy Garland Show).mp31 MB
04-God Bless America (Live).mp31 MB
05-Hello Dolly! (Medley Live on Ed Sullivan).mp313 MB
06-Let Me Go (Live from Las Vegas 1970).mp33 MB
07-No Easy Way Down (Live from Las Vegas 1970).mp34 MB
08-People (Last Live performance).mp34 MB
09-Tomorrow (Live).mp33 MB
10-What is This Thing Called Love (January 1, 1994 (Live).mp31 MB
11-You'll Never Walk Alone (Live at the Emmys November 2001).mp35 MB
07-Rare Tracks - Movies & Shows
01-As Time Goes By (From What's Up Doc).mp31 MB
02-Conversation with radio DJ - DJ who played DJ in Star....mp33 MB
03-Enough is Enough (A Capella).mp36 MB
04-For Pete's Sake (Don't Let Him Down) (From the Movie).mp32 MB
05-I Don't Care (From Belle).mp33 MB
06-I'm All Smiles (From A Happening).mp3763 KB
07-I'm Late - Make Believe (From My Name is Barbra).mp34 MB
08-I'm Still Here (Extended).mp33 MB
09-It Doesn't Get Better Than This (The Mirror Has Two....mp34 MB
10-Love is a Bore (From A Happening).mp3740 KB
11-Mother Machree (From Belle of 14th Street).mp31 MB
12-My Life on the Stage (Extended).mp33 MB
13-My Man (The REAL Fanny Brice).mp34 MB
14-Nuts - Claudia's Theme and Variations - The Apartment.mp34 MB
15-Nuts - Claudia's Theme and Variations - The Bar.mp32 MB
16-Nuts - Claudia's Theme and Variations - The Hospital.mp33 MB
17-One Day (From the Earth Day TV Special).mp33 MB
18-One Less Bell - A House is Not a Home (From the Burt....mp37 MB
19-Promises (Extended Version).mp36 MB
20-Put Your Arms Around Me Honey (From Belle of Fourteen....mp32 MB
21-Shake Me, Wake Me (Long Version).mp35 MB
22-Somebody Come and Play(From a Fundraiser for Bella Abzug).mp34 MB
23-Tell Him (with Celine Dion).mp35 MB
24-The Music That Makes Me Dance (From the closing night....mp33 MB
08-Rare Tracks - Outtakes
01-A Funny Thing Happened - Outtake from Back to Broadway.mp32 MB
02-Home - (Outtake from The Broadway Album).mp34 MB
03-How Are Things In Glocca Mora -The Heather On The Hill....mp35 MB
04-Make Our Garden Grow (Outtake from Back to Broadway).mp34 MB
05-Moonfall (Outtake from Back to Broadway).mp33 MB
06-My Life on the Stage (Outtake from Funny Lady).mp32 MB
07-On My Own (Outtake from Back to Broadway).mp33 MB
08-Shall We Dance (Outtake Medley From The Broadway Album).mp39 MB
09-Wait 'Til We're Sixty-Five - Outtake from On a Clear....mp33 MB
09-Rare Tracks - Single
01-Children Will Listen (Live) - Non-Album Single.mp34 MB
02-Come Rain or Come Shine (Live) - Promo Single.mp34 MB
03-Et La Mer (From the French EP En Francais).mp33 MB
04-Evergreen (In French - Non-Album Single).mp33 MB
05-Evergreen (In Italian - Non-Album Single).mp33 MB
06-Evergreen (In Spanish - Non-Album Single).mp33 MB
07-Frank Mills (Non-Album Single).mp32 MB
08-Funny Girl (Alternate Non-Album Single).mp32 MB
09-Happy Days are Here Again (Alternate Non-Album Single).mp33 MB
10-He Could Show Me (Non-Album Single).mp34 MB
11-I Am Woman (Non-Album Single).mp33 MB
12-I Like Him (Non-album Single).mp33 MB
13-Just Because (Non-Album Single).mp33 MB
14-Les Enfants Qui Pleurent (From the French EP En Francais).mp32 MB
15-Let's Start Right Now (Non-Album Single).mp35 MB
16-Look (Non-Album Single).mp33 MB
17-My Coloring Book (Alternate Non-Album Single).mp33 MB
18-My Love (Non-Album Single).mp33 MB
19-Ordinary Miracles (Studio Version, Non-Album Single).mp34 MB
20-Our Corner Of The Night (Non-Album Single).mp32 MB
21-When The Parade Passes By (Alternate Non-Album Single).mp33 MB
22-When the Sun Comes Out (Alternate Non-Album Single).mp33 MB

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