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Akira Jimbo

1.67 GB  
in 208 files
   0 / 0
5 years old
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Torrent Contents

Akira Jimbo
05 - Milky Haze.mp320 MB
03 - Snaked.mp316 MB
08 - Genkideska.mp315 MB
09 - Wave Of Hope.mp314 MB
07 - Spiral Down.mp314 MB
04 - Sunflower.mp313 MB
02 - Emerald Coast.mp313 MB
01 - Jimbomba.mp312 MB
06 - See The Light.mp311 MB
2003(Brombo) what.mp316 MB
08.brombo.mp316 MB
06.summer breeze.mp315 MB
09.wishful.mp314 MB
02.and i love her.mp313 MB
05.leisure suit.mp313 MB
03.mambo no.5.mp310 MB
04.ode to joy.mp310 MB
01.giant steps.mp35 MB
2008(Get Up!)
Akira Jimbo-9.Silk Storm(2008).mp316 MB
Akira Jimbo-4.Fuse(2008).mp315 MB
Akira Jimbo-3.Where Are You Calling From(2008).mp315 MB
Akira Jimbo-5.Tokyo Dreamin'(2008).mp314 MB
Akira Jimbo-2.Get Up!(2008).mp314 MB
Akira Jimbo-6.Jin-Jin(2008).mp314 MB
Akira Jimbo-7.Promised(2008).mp314 MB
Akira Jimbo-1.Wicked(2008).mp313 MB
Akira Jimbo-8.Safari Run(2008).mp311 MB
folder.jpg74 KB
2004(Brombo 2)
10 - going home.mp315 MB
04 - you & i.mp314 MB
03 - the sound of music.mp313 MB
02 - tell me a bed time story.mp313 MB
08 - nardis.mp312 MB
07 - daisy bloom.mp311 MB
05 - steppin' out.mp310 MB
06 - fields of gold.mp39 MB
09 - towed.mp36 MB
01 - action figure.mp31 MB
1995(Rooms By The Sea)
07. slam!.mp313 MB
02. rooms by the sea.mp312 MB
04. nail it.mp312 MB
10. snake in the desert.mp312 MB
03. one sweet night.mp311 MB
06. chinatown.mp311 MB
05. let me light the way.mp311 MB
01. path.mp310 MB
08. samsara.mp310 MB
09. hibiscus.mp39 MB
1992(Penguin Parasol)
03. Imagine.mp312 MB
02. Pacific Ocean Paradise.mp311 MB
05. Warm Current.mp310 MB
08. Sea Side Strollin'.mp310 MB
09. Another Dimension.mp310 MB
04. Stardance.mp310 MB
01. Indian Summer.mp310 MB
06. Habana Delight.mp310 MB
07. Love Will Make It Better.mp310 MB
10. Groove Of The Night.mp310 MB
05. Sloppy Joe.mp311 MB
02. Let The Breeze.mp311 MB
10. Windflower.mp310 MB
07. Rosary.mp310 MB
09. Cactus.mp310 MB
04. Rouge.mp310 MB
08. Red Soil.mp310 MB
01. Blooming Forest.mp310 MB
06. Trial Root.mp310 MB
03. Violet.mp39 MB
2009(Tokyo jazz festival)-Live
06 - Emerald Coast.mp311 MB
03 - Tokyo Dreamin'.mp310 MB
02 - Jimbomba.mp39 MB
04 - Four Colours.mp39 MB
07 - Mid Manhattan.mp38 MB
01 - Wicked.mp37 MB
05 - Snaked.mp37 MB
04. After Midnight.mp311 MB
05. The Light Around Us 'Chris'.mp310 MB
03. The Silent Road 'Hellen'.mp310 MB
08. The Mood In The Melody.mp310 MB
09. Hot Winter Night In The Valley.mp310 MB
02. Twilight Eyes.mp39 MB
07. Blue Imagination.mp39 MB
06. It's A Holiday.mp39 MB
01. Red Lotus Man.mp38 MB
05 Let Me Be Your Special.mp311 MB
04 Wind Your Clock.mp310 MB
10 Go Your Way.mp39 MB
01 Ding-A-Ling Go Go.mp38 MB
06 Eternal Summer.mp38 MB
02 Love Is The World.mp38 MB
08 Hitomi.mp38 MB
03 Jimbo Jamboree.mp37 MB
07 Tokyo Summer Heat.mp37 MB
09 So Bad Boogie.mp37 MB
2008(Four Colors)
Akira Jimbo-5.Diamond(2008).mp310 MB
Akira Jimbo-9.Banana Boat(2008).mp38 MB
Akira Jimbo-10.Come Shine(2008).mp38 MB
Akira Jimbo-2.The Light(2008).mp38 MB
Akira Jimbo-1.Four Colors(2008).mp37 MB
Akira Jimbo-8.Phantasia(2008).mp37 MB
Akira Jimbo-6.Lanikai(2008).mp37 MB
Akira Jimbo-7.Co Co Ro(2008).mp36 MB
Akira Jimbo-3.Epoca Del Sol(2008).mp35 MB
Akira Jimbo-4.Brisa Primaveral(2008).mp35 MB
JIMBEST [Disc 2]
2-04 Going Home.mp39 MB
2-08 Tokyo Dreamin'.mp38 MB
2-06 The Light (rearrange & remix).mp38 MB
2-01 Wishful.mp38 MB
2-07 Wicked.mp38 MB
2-09 Emerald Coast.mp37 MB
2-05 Four Colors (rearrange & remix).mp37 MB
2-11 Banana Jam[new recording].mp37 MB
2-10 Jimbomba.mp37 MB
2-03 Daisy Bloom.mp37 MB
2-02 Giant Steps.mp33 MB
JIMBEST [Disc 1]
1-08 Rooms By The Sea.mp37 MB
1-02 Cobalt Cruise.mp37 MB
1-10 Indigo.mp36 MB
1-04 The Summer's End.mp36 MB
1-05 Warm Current.mp36 MB
1-07 Land Of Innocence.mp36 MB
1-09 Rouge.mp36 MB
1-03 Bare Foot.mp36 MB
1-06 So Long.mp35 MB
1-01 Red Lotus Man.mp34 MB
Jimbest_info.jpg478 KB
05 Wishing Well.mp38 MB
01 Kaleidoscope.mp37 MB
06 Phylosophy Of The Rhythm.mp37 MB
03 Funky Punch (With Tetsuo Sakurai).mp33 MB
04 Big Man (With Tetsuo Sakurai).mp33 MB
02 Guru Guru Labyrinth (With Tetsuo Sakurai).mp33 MB
01 D.S. '92.mp38 MB
05 Aerobics of Alien.mp37 MB
07 Earth Dance.mp35 MB
06 Kimpaku (With Tetsuo Sakurai).mp35 MB
02 Ishigami.mp35 MB
04 Cyber City Slicker.mp35 MB
03 Fire Water (With Tetsuo Sakurai).mp34 MB
03. Magic Of The Moment.mp37 MB
09. Brighter Days.mp36 MB
04. Here We Are.mp36 MB
01. Dawn.mp36 MB
06. Forest.mp36 MB
02. Stay Cool.mp36 MB
05. Bare Foot.mp36 MB
08. Skip Street.mp35 MB
07. Woman Child.mp34 MB
1997(Stone Butterfly)
Akira Jimbo-10.Lonly Star(1997).mp37 MB
Akira Jimbo-6.Pebbles(1997).mp37 MB
Akira Jimbo-4.Stone Butterfly(1997).mp36 MB
Akira Jimbo-5.Aurora(1997).mp36 MB
Akira Jimbo-8.Night Spirit(1997).mp36 MB
Akira Jimbo-3.We can climb this mountain(1997).mp36 MB
Akira Jimbo-1.Indigo(1997).mp36 MB
Akira Jimbo-2.Condor(1997).mp36 MB
Akira Jimbo-9.Metamorphosis(1997).mp35 MB
Akira Jimbo-7.Seven Seas(1997).mp35 MB
Akira Jimbo-11.Snail(1997).mp35 MB
folder.jpg57 KB
2010(Jimbo Gumbo)
02-Jimbo Gumbo.mp36 MB
03-Osaka Strut.mp36 MB
06-You are the Hero.mp36 MB
07-Mistral.mp36 MB
04-Oweleo.mp35 MB
05-Tokyo Rain.mp35 MB
08-Moon in the Mirror.mp35 MB
09-Got it!.mp35 MB
01-Spark.mp34 MB
1994(Panama Man)
06-Who Cares!.mp35 MB
02-Tangerine Tango.mp35 MB
09-Meet in Monterey.mp35 MB
10-Cicadas Summer.mp34 MB
04-Days of Heaven.mp34 MB
01-Land of Innocence.mp34 MB
05-The Blue Horizon.mp34 MB
03-First Stride.mp33 MB
07-Dream Season.mp33 MB
03-Olivia.mp35 MB
08-Lonely Star.mp34 MB
10-Cobalt Cruise.mp34 MB
09-Captain Banana.mp34 MB
05-Caramel Island.mp34 MB
02-Driffin'.mp34 MB
01-Burning Sand.mp34 MB
06-Twilight Walk.mp33 MB
07-Our Sweet Melody.mp33 MB
04-Carnival De Rio Grande.mp33 MB
1993(Lime Pie)
10-Precious Memories.mp34 MB
02-Unforgettable Summer.mp34 MB
07-Junction.mp34 MB
03-Hip Pocket.mp34 MB
09-Sweet And Tart.mp34 MB
06-Blessing.mp34 MB
05-Catalina Rain.mp34 MB
01-So Long (But We Keep Walking).mp33 MB
08-The Gates of Love.mp33 MB
04-Come And Go With Me.mp33 MB
1991(Slow Boat)
Akira Jimbo-8.Playin' Together Again(1991).mp34 MB
Akira Jimbo-7.Dreams Of Rio(1991).mp34 MB
Akira Jimbo-6.Rain And Shrine(1991).mp34 MB
Akira Jimbo-1.Roll Over 90's(1991).mp34 MB
Akira Jimbo-2.The Summer's End(1991).mp34 MB
Akira Jimbo-3.Get Down To The Wire(1991).mp34 MB
Akira Jimbo-4.Mosaic(1991).mp34 MB
Akira Jimbo-5.Sincerity(1991).mp33 MB
Akira Jimbo-9.Parisian Nights(1991).mp33 MB
Akira Jimbo-10.Irish Field(1991).mp33 MB

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