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Abraham-Hicks 2011 all 30 Full Workshops Collection

3.38 GB  
in 1,082 files
   6 / 2
3 years old  
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Abraham-Hicks 2011 all 30 Full Workshops Collection
2011-01-02 AU-NZ Cruise 12CDs
01-01 Abraham-Hicks Publications.mp3651 KB
01-02 Monday afternoon Australia_New Zealand Cruise kick-off.mp34 MB
01-03 You can mold the Vibration of beliefs..mp33 MB
01-04 Vibrational frequencies are happening in the now..mp32 MB
01-05 Rather than think it, feel your way..mp32 MB
01-06 Go to the Vortex, and then.....mp36 MB
01-07 Is it normal, natural, or instinctual_.mp33 MB
01-08 Can she trade depression for future Well-Being_.mp35 MB
01-09 Don_t have to think about the now..mp32 MB
02-01 Abraham-Hicks Publications.mp3664 KB
02-02 How can he unconditionally love his partner_.mp38 MB
02-03 He feels pulled to expansion, but she..._.mp33 MB
02-04 He only wants to feel some better..mp34 MB
02-05 Deconstructing thoughts of safety or security..mp310 MB
03-01 Abraham-Hicks Publications.mp3663 KB
03-02 Deconstruct thoughts of what really, really matters..mp312 MB
03-03 Do only what you really want to do_.mp34 MB
04-01 Abraham-Hicks Publications.mp3662 KB
04-02 Focusing on problems, you can_t find solutions..mp33 MB
04-03 How are your imagining your pet_s death_.mp38 MB
04-04 She feels like it_s a cruel world..mp34 MB
04-05 Why the issue with her right side_.mp32 MB
04-06 It_s hard for her to watch suffering..mp33 MB
04-07 She wants to know, who is Ramtha_.mp32 MB
05-01 Abraham-Hicks Publications.mp3664 KB
05-02 Chiropractor wants to help heal suffering humanity..mp35 MB
05-03 She was able to release her resistance..mp31 MB
05-04 The entire room filled with angelic wings..mp33 MB
05-05 Do feelings and emotions manipulate atomic particles_.mp32 MB
05-06 He has an interest in understanding metaphysics..mp31 MB
05-07 Do only human thoughts create our physicality_.mp3654 KB
05-08 Is Esther_s transitioned Dad walking golden streets_.mp32 MB
05-09 She wants to better understand her Soul..mp31 MB
05-10 She has a question about Esther_s Soul..mp34 MB
05-11 This accountant swings from neediness to abundance..mp32 MB
06-01 Abraham-Hicks Publications.mp3664 KB
06-02 Have your desired manifestations ever felt stuck_.mp33 MB
06-03 What_s up with his fear of intimacy_.mp33 MB
06-04 Is who-he-really-is without limitations_.mp32 MB
06-05 Is our planet_s evolution actually moving faster_.mp31 MB
06-06 His relationship with his parents feels confirming..mp39 MB
06-07 Deconstructing the difference in emotions and thoughts..mp3750 KB
06-08 Do we have any pre-birth relationship intentionality_.mp35 MB
07-01 Abraham-Hicks Publications.mp3889 KB
07-02 Are you ready for expansion into beyond_.mp3775 KB
07-03 Is he too generous with his wealth_.mp36 MB
07-04 Does Law of Attraction follow time laws_.mp35 MB
07-05 To feel good when body feels bad_.mp37 MB
07-06 She feels stuck on some business aspects..mp35 MB
08-01 Abraham-Hicks Publications.mp3662 KB
08-02 How can she shake those clinging relationships_.mp37 MB
08-03 Is she ready to attract a relationship_.mp36 MB
08-04 She wants to discuss aspects of love..mp39 MB
08-05 If she writes a book about contrast_.mp33 MB
09-01 Abraham-Hicks Publications.mp3666 KB
09-02 Wouldn_t the Vortex foster more open relationships_.mp34 MB
09-03 She wants to discuss aspects of abundance..mp35 MB
09-04 Wants more time and less hard work..mp311 MB
10-01 Abraham-Hicks Publications.mp3962 KB
10-02 You came to allow expanding Well-Being..mp32 MB
10-03 Can he celebrate a healthy 100th birthday_.mp36 MB
10-04 Do past technologies return for repeat inventions_.mp32 MB
10-05 When launching a creative rocket of desire_.mp33 MB
10-06 To best utilize Abraham_s Guided Meditation CD..mp37 MB
11-01 Abraham-Hicks Publications.mp3663 KB
11-02 Playing video games vs. guided meditation CD..mp36 MB
11-03 Are children using video games as escapism_.mp32 MB
11-04 He wants to regenerate some body parts..mp34 MB
11-05 To get more of what he wants_.mp34 MB
11-06 Does all of physical expansion please Source_.mp35 MB
11-07 This is how Abraham finds hot seaters..mp3572 KB
11-08 Wants to let another know they matter_.mp32 MB
12-01 Abraham-Hicks Publications.mp3662 KB
12-02 Wants to let another know they matter_.mp37 MB
12-03 She_s in love with another lover_s love..mp34 MB
12-04 Feels like he_s on a joy ride..mp34 MB
12-05 A rampage of appreciation for workshop staff..mp32 MB
12-06 Abraham closes the New Zealand-Australian cruise workshop..mp34 MB
2011-01-29 West LA CA 4CDs
1-01 Abraham-Hicks Publications.mp3592 KB
1-02 Trying to make all philosophical ideas fit_.mp34 MB
1-03 You don_t need to sort it all out..mp35 MB
1-04 Thoughts are _electronically_ attracted to each other..mp34 MB
1-05 Is this all we _have_ to do_.mp32 MB
1-06 Your Vortex of Attraction trains your Vibration..mp33 MB
1-07 She has manifested some amazing things but.....mp34 MB
1-08 Abraham helps construct an amazing life roadway..mp33 MB
2-01 Abraham-Hicks Publications.mp3591 KB
2-02 How can he use stage fright to his advantage_.mp35 MB
2-03 Why would Bob Hope experience stage fright_.mp31 MB
2-04 Is Law of Attraction working too slowly_.mp35 MB
2-05 Instead of quitting job, raise your Vibration..mp35 MB
2-06 Practical use of energy that creates worlds_.mp34 MB
2-07 Rap artist has some vocabulary for Abraham..mp34 MB
3-01 Abraham-Hicks Publications.mp3599 KB
3-02 Are your emotionalized thoughts causing you anxiety_.mp39 MB
3-03 Does Abraham represent our individual Source Energy_.mp31 MB
3-04 Was he channeling an Evangelical_Spanish tongue_.mp36 MB
3-05 What caused their board to stop Ouijaing_.mp34 MB
3-06 If he ignored the what-is of politics_.mp32 MB
3-07 Can she ignore diagnosis while still medicating_.mp33 MB
4-01 Abraham-Hicks Publications.mp3601 KB
4-02 Would Source Energy inhabit an unwanted fetus_.mp33 MB
4-03 What_s the difference between gratitude and appreciation_.mp31 MB
4-04 Is his interest in _past lives_ irrelevant_.mp32 MB
4-05 Happy, homeless, and on his new path..mp36 MB
4-06 He can always tell a different story..mp311 MB
4-07 He is his experience_s creator and allower..mp34 MB
4-08 Abraham closes the West Los Angeles workshop..mp31 MB
2011-02-05 San Francisco, CA 4CDs
1-01 Abraham-Hicks Publications.mp3911 KB
1-02 By thinking, we are constructing life_s pathways..mp34 MB
1-03 Law of Attraction works together with construction..mp32 MB
1-04 Do you accept your ability to create_.mp32 MB
1-05 Why has Spiritual Vibration been so misunderstood_.mp33 MB
1-06 Unless lived on purpose, life isn_t fun..mp31 MB
1-07 Engineering Law of Attraction to speed manifestations_.mp39 MB
1-08 What is the reason that meditation works_.mp33 MB
2-01 Abraham-Hicks Publications.mp3630 KB
2-02 He has questions about his natural eyesight..mp33 MB
2-03 Without school, what should he be practicing_.mp32 MB
2-04 He wants to understand Abraham_s meditation process..mp36 MB
2-05 Creating a harmonic relationship with her husband_.mp34 MB
2-06 But shouldn_t her husband share some responsibility_.mp37 MB
2-07 Why does nature_s beauty increase her happiness_.mp33 MB
3-01 Abraham-Hicks Publications.mp3628 KB
3-02 Why would feeling positive emotion evoke crying_.mp31 MB
3-03 Was it premonition, creation, or delusion_.mp32 MB
3-04 Was she born with a malfunctioning heart_.mp37 MB
3-05 Did she create her own heart condition_.mp38 MB
3-06 Why talk about what we don_t want_.mp32 MB
3-07 Drummer drums up potentially uplifting good feelings..mp31 MB
3-08 Must we bring our good-feeling drummer back_.mp31 MB
3-09 Physician introduces conscious croaking into the discussion..mp36 MB
4-01 Abraham-Hicks Publications.mp3628 KB
4-02 Get in the Vortex, and stay in..mp32 MB
4-03 Health professional wants to envision their Well-Being..mp36 MB
4-04 He has now fallen in love again..mp34 MB
4-05 What does _being in love_ feel like_.mp33 MB
4-06 From what was our physical universe constructed_.mp35 MB
4-07 Is not the entire Universe within us_.mp34 MB
4-08 Abraham closes the San Francisco winter workshop..mp32 MB
2011-02-12 North Los Angeles CA 4CDs
1-01 Abraham-Hicks Publications.mp3598 KB
1-02 Are your desires feeling stuck to you_.mp33 MB
1-03 What_s the difference between feelings and emotions_.mp34 MB
1-04 Is it difficult to change your thought_.mp34 MB
1-05 Should she focus on only one desire_.mp33 MB
1-06 How could we deactivate an unwanted thought_.mp33 MB
1-07 She is now pregnant with her desire..mp36 MB
1-08 He wants to get picked to hablar..mp3799 KB
2-01 Abraham-Hicks Publications.mp3604 KB
2-02 Son was happy but career-wise going nowhere..mp36 MB
2-03 A natural gestation period for his desire..mp32 MB
2-04 How to stay in that good-feeling place_.mp3981 KB
2-05 Shouldn_t being famous in Columbia be enough_.mp33 MB
2-06 He wants to only do fun stuff..mp35 MB
2-07 You_ll never have to fight another battle..mp34 MB
2-08 Why is she feeling so good anyway_.mp34 MB
3-01 Abraham-Hicks Publications.mp3604 KB
3-02 Isn_t the _Leading Edge_ becoming more crowded_.mp31 MB
3-03 Did we agree to forget natural Well-Being_.mp31 MB
3-04 Is this relationship issue in her Vortex_.mp36 MB
3-05 Relative to the Vortex, where are you_.mp32 MB
3-06 Are desires for clarification in the Vortex_.mp3677 KB
3-07 Abraham sees unwanted issues as _later gator._.mp3615 KB
3-08 Is actress in the Vortex, or not_.mp3654 KB
3-09 She_s in love with her changing life..mp3794 KB
3-10 She has a dematerialization question for Abraham..mp3747 KB
3-11 Her life is so high and happy..mp3491 KB
3-12 Is her divorce discussion in the Vortex..mp31 MB
3-13 She_s high on acting roles and investments..mp32 MB
3-14 Rather than trying to figure it out_.mp31 MB
3-15 Is not the Universe communicating with him_.mp3590 KB
3-16 A very fast in-the-Vortex blast..mp3952 KB
3-17 She wants to get in the Vortex..mp3366 KB
3-18 Thank you, thank you and thank you..mp3225 KB
3-19 She is in love with everything..mp32 MB
3-20 Will the investment environment change for him_.mp33 MB
4-01 Abraham-Hicks Publications.mp3606 KB
4-02 How can he, in the Vortex, receive_.mp34 MB
4-03 Is it okay to want her _wants__.mp35 MB
4-04 He does _give a rip_ what others think..mp33 MB
4-05 Get in the Vortex, and then what_.mp3691 KB
4-06 When inside the Vortex, _death_ seems humorous..mp34 MB
4-07 Is your attention usually upon your emotions_.mp36 MB
4-08 Like all of us, Esther experiences emotions..mp33 MB
4-09 For whom are you writing the screenplay_.mp31 MB
4-10 Abraham closes the North Los Angeles workshop..mp32 MB
2011-03-05 San Diego CA 4CDs
1-01 Abraham-Hicks Publications.mp3940 KB
1-02 The Law of Attraction enables your laziness..mp32 MB
1-03 Are you letting your Vortex expand Vibrationally_.mp33 MB
1-04 You can_t create beyond your Vibrational offering..mp31 MB
1-05 You get the credit for your feelings..mp33 MB
1-06 How long will he attract negative media_.mp34 MB
1-07 There will always be more to want..mp34 MB
1-08 Seeing ourselves as Source sees us_.mp32 MB
1-09 Physical you plus Nonphysical You equals _You._.mp33 MB
2-01 Abraham-Hicks Publications.mp3600 KB
2-02 She feels undecided about making new decisions..mp33 MB
2-03 When oil painter painted in the flow_.mp33 MB
2-04 Success isn_t about trying, it_s about ease..mp34 MB
2-05 He has, in the past, resisted impulses..mp35 MB
2-06 Was losing his job a Vortex thing_.mp33 MB
2-07 We_ll feel abundance before we see it..mp31 MB
2-08 Could free will exist without Universal chaos_.mp36 MB
3-01 Abraham-Hicks Publications.mp3600 KB
3-02 Professor is seeking motivation to joyfully write..mp37 MB
3-03 External manifestations are, first, an _internal_ manifestation..mp33 MB
3-04 Could Mom have _created_ her husband_s death_.mp33 MB
3-05 Abraham has become her newest philosophical teacher..mp32 MB
3-06 How to expand more into the Vortex_.mp31 MB
3-07 Freedom-seeking lady wants lots of lovers..mp34 MB
3-08 Is depression part of his Guidance System_.mp34 MB
4-01 Abraham-Hicks Publications.mp3600 KB
4-02 A very interesting, Law of Attraction story..mp33 MB
4-03 Does in-uterus baby feel mom_s negativity_.mp32 MB
4-04 There_s no legitimate reason for mom_s concerns..mp32 MB
4-05 To carry morning bliss throughout his day_.mp31 MB
4-06 His Vortex Meditation, before sleep, feels ethereal..mp31 MB
4-07 Loves his transitioned father even more now..mp3696 KB
4-08 Imagining vs. feeling the feeling place_.mp35 MB
4-09 When he_s about to publish his music_.mp33 MB
4-10 But his Student Visa is running out_.mp32 MB
4-11 A question about pre-birth death intentions_.mp31 MB
4-12 Is her tiny brain tumor a problem_.mp32 MB
4-13 Abraham closes the San Diego Spring Workshop..mp3942 KB
2011-03-13 Panama Canal Cruise 11CDs
01-01 Abraham-Hicks Publications.mp3624 KB
01-02 Abraham_s Sunday night cruise kick-off..mp34 MB
01-03 Being a Vibrational match to your desire_.mp33 MB
01-04 Your emotions let you know your variances..mp33 MB
01-05 To what are you giving your attention_.mp33 MB
01-06 Why are human Beings so problem oriented_.mp34 MB
01-07 Make this her best love affair yet_.mp35 MB
01-08 Source never lets go of your dreams..mp35 MB
01-09 Hockey player is considering playing professional golf..mp33 MB
02-01 Abraham-Hicks Publications.mp3626 KB
02-02 Shouldn_t she be saving for her retirement_.mp33 MB
02-03 Foster parent has question about family justice..mp33 MB
02-04 He feels like every family_s _black sheep._.mp34 MB
02-05 If he actually encountered an alien Being_.mp32 MB
02-06 He enjoys experiencing his crystal toning group..mp31 MB
02-07 Abraham_s _Daily Quote_ about death changed her..mp35 MB
02-08 Her dad died _happy, healthy, happy—dead._.mp32 MB
02-09 Were _red flags_ regarding home purchased valid_.mp34 MB
02-10 Abraham closes the Panama Cruise first session..mp3310 KB
03-01 Abraham-Hicks Publications.mp3905 KB
03-02 Why do our manifestations usually lag behind_.mp33 MB
03-03 Your longer lives create more robust Vortices..mp31 MB
03-04 Why disbelief in long healthy life experience_.mp33 MB
03-05 A rampage of music appreciation for conductor..mp33 MB
03-06 Better to forget unwanted, or remember wanted_.mp33 MB
03-07 A rampage of sexuality-in-the-Vortex..mp32 MB
03-08 Consciousness, in relation to Law of Attraction..mp32 MB
03-09 Things are working out for his career..mp32 MB
04-01 Abraham-Hicks Publications.mp3630 KB
04-02 On the verge of a fantastic job_.mp34 MB
04-03 Newlyweds are enjoying Abraham_s Guided Meditation CD..mp32 MB
04-04 When it feels off—it is off..mp33 MB
04-05 Are there boundaries to allowing love_.mp31 MB
04-06 He questions giving and receiving and selfishness..mp31 MB
04-07 The needy ones can suck you dry..mp35 MB
04-08 What_s in all of this for Abraham_.mp32 MB
04-09 How for screenwriter and actress to cocreate_.mp32 MB
05-01 Abraham-Hicks Publications.mp3630 KB
05-02 She wants to better understand _liquid love._.mp32 MB
05-03 Bothered by others not keeping, financial agreements_.mp35 MB
05-04 How happy must she get to succeed_.mp32 MB
05-05 An invisible shelf for creative, inventive ideas..mp34 MB
05-06 Could donating inventive ideas enrich his future_.mp32 MB
05-07 Why was unwanted contrast included in creativity_.mp32 MB
05-08 Having different experiences in a mutual crisis_.mp31 MB
05-09 Abraham closes the Panama Cruise Friday session..mp31 MB
06-01 Abraham-Hicks Publications.mp3630 KB
06-02 Do you like directing your own life..mp34 MB
06-03 She has not yet birthed a baby..mp36 MB
06-04 To realign after a major unwanted contrast_.mp32 MB
06-05 Meditation and fun on the Panama Cruise..mp32 MB
06-06 Are you passionate about your relaxing excursion_.mp34 MB
06-07 Why does he want to become self-employed_.mp34 MB
06-08 Seeing doing taxes as a _necessary evil__.mp32 MB
07-01 Abraham-Hicks Publications.mp3630 KB
07-02 _Healers_ influence one_s allowing their natural Well-Being..mp33 MB
07-03 Let this cruise represent your Energy shift..mp32 MB
07-04 Others have nothing to do with you..mp3838 KB
07-05 Is she prepared to direct their movie_.mp33 MB
07-06 Has she been overthinking her new pregnancy_.mp33 MB
07-07 Can strong desire override her health resistance_.mp34 MB
07-08 She_s been living on the outer edge..mp31 MB
07-09 Some questions regarding Abraham_s hot-seat process..mp33 MB
07-10 To personally communicate directly with her Source_.mp34 MB
08-01 Abraham-Hicks Publications.mp3631 KB
08-02 Some questions from a teacher_healer_s perspective..mp32 MB
08-03 Can she enjoy their Vortex from Nonphysical_.mp3914 KB
08-04 At 57, she is just getting started..mp34 MB
08-05 What_s up with her rush of Energy_.mp36 MB
08-06 A _red flag_ can have multiple messages..mp32 MB
08-07 He wants to believe in Earth_s Well-Being..mp35 MB
08-08 To fine tune his Emotional Guidance System_.mp31 MB
08-09 Abraham closes the Panama Cruise Monday workshop..mp3456 KB
09-01 Abraham-Hicks Publications.mp3631 KB
09-02 Abraham opens the Panama Cruise final day..mp3666 KB
09-03 If he wants someone with different characteristics_.mp33 MB
09-04 He enjoys doing Law of Attraction meetings..mp34 MB
09-05 Good things have come easily to him..mp33 MB
09-06 Do conceived embryos follow a specific plan_.mp32 MB
09-07 She has a question about her acting..mp35 MB
09-08 He has a question about quantum mechanics..mp32 MB
09-09 Can brain tumor aftereffects now be reversed_.mp34 MB
10-01 Abraham-Hicks Publications.mp3631 KB
10-02 Why hasn_t their Mexican beach house sold_.mp34 MB
10-03 How can thought thoughts keep thinking_.mp33 MB
10-04 Why did she attract zip-line crash_.mp39 MB
10-05 Lack of trauma was causing her boredom..mp34 MB
10-06 Life Coach wants to better understand compassion..mp32 MB
10-07 She wants to understand financial tipping points..mp32 MB
11-01 Abraham-Hicks Publications.mp3633 KB
11-02 To convert Meditation CD_s Energy into passion..mp35 MB
11-03 Are you getting carried away with meditations_.mp33 MB
11-04 Psychiatrist wants intellectual awareness of his body..mp32 MB
11-05 He wants to talk about being protective..mp35 MB
11-06 If he meditates for over 30 minutes_.mp35 MB
11-07 Abraham closes the Panama Canal cruise workshop..mp33 MB
2011-03-25 Boca Raton FL 4CDs
1-01 Abraham-Hicks Publications.mp3588 KB
1-02 Do you know what you do want_.mp32 MB
1-03 Your personal world does revolve around you..mp33 MB
1-04 Why could our effort backfire on us_.mp33 MB
1-05 Most are mostly out of the Vortex..mp33 MB
1-06 Don_t fight it; just leave it behind..mp34 MB
1-07 Can you remember having fallen in love_.mp31 MB
1-08 Is resistance why manifestations take so long_.mp33 MB
1-09 Inventions, from his logical vs. creative mind_.mp32 MB
2-01 Abraham-Hicks Publications.mp3598 KB
2-02 Do the cruise venues facilitate Energy flow_.mp31 MB
2-03 To easily climb his Emotional Guidance Scale_.mp32 MB
2-04 Law of Attraction considers the component_s rhythms..mp32 MB
2-05 As in Canal locks, move up incrementally..mp31 MB
2-06 Are other philosophers now entering their Vortex_.mp32 MB
2-07 He prefers meditating for a full hour..mp31 MB
2-08 Inventor feels he should be doing more..mp34 MB
2-09 Could a temporary job allow inventor_s creativity_.mp33 MB
2-10 He has a proposal for Abraham_s teachings..mp31 MB
2-11 They_re either too short or too tall..mp35 MB
2-12 Be as specific as it feels good..mp32 MB
3-01 Abraham-Hicks Publications.mp3599 KB
3-02 Must he imagine specifically what he wants_.mp34 MB
3-03 Counsellor can _see_ those who are dead..mp34 MB
3-04 She wants financial success as a medium..mp34 MB
3-05 Can he stop the physical aging process_.mp31 MB
3-06 He_s told he looks like he_s upset..mp32 MB
3-07 Do we only return to Planet Earth_.mp31 MB
3-08 Are we living some _past-lives_ threads_.mp31 MB
3-09 Recording a music album with diverse musicians_.mp32 MB
3-10 Couldn_t he nudge cocreation into the Vortex_.mp32 MB
3-11 Crisis between her husband and her mother..mp38 MB
4-01 Abraham-Hicks Publications.mp3598 KB
4-02 Commercial artist_s business has received a _blessing._.mp35 MB
4-03 It_s time to give yourself a break..mp33 MB
4-04 Is one_s _highest good_ a morality term_.mp34 MB
4-05 Why would one _choose_ less than Well-Being_.mp31 MB
4-06 When we know we know what_s wanted_.mp33 MB
4-07 Daughter_s _Vortex_ essay gained her college entry..mp33 MB
4-08 He wants to improve office Vibrational core..mp32 MB
4-09 He imagines productive meetings at his office..mp32 MB
4-10 Abraham closes the Boca Raton FL workshop..mp3933 KB
2011-03-27 Orlando FL 4CDs
1-01 Abraham-Hicks Publications.mp3598 KB
1-02 It_s through your focus that you create..mp33 MB
1-03 Knowing it is different than practicing it..mp32 MB
1-04 Get in the Vortex, and then affirm..mp36 MB
1-05 She knows she_s meant to joyously thrive..mp37 MB
1-06 Abraham_s Meditation CD helps her relieve resistance..mp31 MB
1-07 Business partner isn_t always in the Vortex..mp31 MB
1-08 Business project_s moving fast in the Vortex..mp32 MB
1-09 Abraham closes the first spring Orlando session..mp3749 KB
2-01 Abraham-Hicks Publications.mp3596 KB
2-02 Abraham has fun with a wack-a-mole analogy..mp3549 KB
2-03 Great teachings; but about that _channeling_ thing_.mp33 MB
2-04 Different faiths_beliefs manifest different results..mp32 MB
2-05 Faith, is about trusting in the future..mp31 MB
2-06 Didn_t want children, a year ago, but...!.mp34 MB
2-07 He_s impatient with a not-here-now manifestation..mp33 MB
2-08 Abraham speaks more, as requested about time..mp32 MB
2-09 She does quantum physics research for science_religion..mp32 MB
2-10 Scientists talk more about intentions than emotions..mp32 MB
2-11 Do drugs dumb people down from Spirituality_.mp31 MB
3-01 Abraham-Hicks Publications.mp3596 KB
3-02 Abraham discusses perspectives of biology of beliefs..mp36 MB
3-03 Has her Inner Being been affecting her dreams_.mp35 MB
3-04 What was the intent behind Pyramid building_.mp33 MB
3-05 Entering the Vortex related to Panama Canal..mp31 MB
3-06 He wants to better understand our Source..mp34 MB
3-07 To free her husband from his prison sentence..mp36 MB
4-01 Abraham-Hicks Publications.mp3600 KB
4-02 How to learn to best help others_.mp34 MB
4-03 With Abraham, she_s had a wonderful year..mp32 MB
4-04 He_s been having unusual Meditation CD experiences..mp33 MB
4-05 He produced a unique cooking show pilot..mp36 MB
4-06 Amazing shifts occurred with Abraham_s Meditation CD..mp32 MB
4-07 The 100th monkey was the renegade monkey..mp31 MB
4-08 She wants to be a more allowing monkey..mp31 MB
4-09 Feel less pain when her dogs die_.mp33 MB
4-10 Abraham closes the Orlando FL workshop..mp3428 KB
2011-04-09 Phoenix AZ 3CDs
1-01 Abraham-Hicks Publications (1.37).mp3798 KB
1-02 Abraham’s first Abraham Live global broadcast. (12.58).mp35 MB
1-03 What’s his real value to his patients_ (17.39).mp38 MB
1-04 How to handle his lack-focused employees_ (14.03).mp36 MB
1-05 He absolutely enjoys reading Abraham’s Sara books. (3.15).mp31 MB
1-06 She feels inadequate for her new lover. (9.04).mp34 MB
2-01 Abraham-Hicks Publications (1.12).mp3598 KB
2-02 Abraham revisits their Panama Canal analogy. (7.44).mp33 MB
2-03 Is there a “calling” for her life_ (14.52).mp36 MB
2-04 His Vortex is pregnant with financial abundance. (5.28).mp32 MB
2-05 Ten good things about his disappearing possessions_ (13.50).mp36 MB
2-06 Frustrated by business aspects of equine business. (11.06).mp35 MB
2-07 She’s found there is always just enough. (9.41).mp34 MB
3-01 Abraham-Hicks Publications (1.11).mp3593 KB
3-02 Jerry talks about Abraham’s LIVE global broadcast. (2.15).mp31 MB
3-03 Still seeking funding for his art film. (31.00).mp314 MB
3-04 Is there a Meditation CD tipping point_ (8.57).mp34 MB
3-05 Why does sad music sometimes please him_ (1.47).mp3868 KB
3-06 What’s the value of timespace reality_ (9.26).mp34 MB
3-07 His baby girl is on her way. (5.51).mp32 MB
3-08 Abraham closes the Phoenix Arizona global broadcast. (5.30).mp32 MB
2011-04-16 Agape Conference 4CDs
1-01 Abraham-Hicks Publications.mp3600 KB
1-02 Jerry & Esther are having fun again..mp32 MB
1-03 The Nonphysical part of you is here..mp31 MB
1-04 Law of Attraction and Vortex of Creation..mp32 MB
1-05 We can_t motivate ourselves into the Vortex..mp33 MB
1-06 The larger part of you is expanding..mp33 MB
1-07 He wants Abraham to influence our world..mp34 MB
1-08 Name ten favorite things about the subject..mp34 MB
1-09 Only when you_re ready for the Vortex..mp31 MB
1-10 Unless in the Vortex, make no effort..mp37 MB
2-01 Abraham-Hicks Publications.mp3591 KB
2-02 In her experience, race is an issue..mp312 MB
2-03 Since 5, she_s had a war inside..mp31 MB
2-04 The innate intelligence of your cells remains..mp34 MB
2-05 Law of Attraction and his sleep patterns_.mp36 MB
2-06 Satisfied with now, and eager for more_.mp31 MB
3-01 Abraham-Hicks Publications.mp3810 KB
3-02 Was she _charged_ to write a book_.mp32 MB
3-03 Her youngest child has a health challenge..mp34 MB
3-04 Any effects of past life on current_.mp31 MB
3-05 Did husband suicide self into the Vortex_.mp34 MB
3-06 To protect granddaughters from their bipolar mother..mp37 MB
3-07 What about his out-of-body experiences_.mp31 MB
3-08 What_s Abraham_s definition of enlightenment_.mp33 MB
3-09 A Spiritual Being in a physical body_.mp31 MB
4-01 Abraham-Hicks Publications.mp3600 KB
4-02 Abraham closes the Agape Revelations Workshop..mp310 MB
2011-04-30 Houston TX 3CD
1-01 Abraham-Hicks Publications (1.12).mp3600 KB
1-02 You do know what you really prefer (3.49).mp31 MB
1-03 When you ask it is always Vibrationally given (4.17).mp31 MB
1-04 Have you become addicted to your “reality”_ (8.32).mp33 MB
1-05 Becoming a Vibrational match to your Source_ (5.05).mp32 MB
1-06 What are your emotional manifestations all about_ (4.37).mp32 MB
1-07 He cares about finding joyful, profitable work (16.40).mp37 MB
1-08 His former lover was uncomfortably prosperity oriented (15.46).mp37 MB
2-01 Abraham-Hicks Publications (1.21).mp3669 KB
2-02 Is he utilizing his Emotional Guidance properly_ (5.45).mp32 MB
2-03 Your Inner Being has no “economic” concerns (12.20).mp35 MB
2-04 She is discontented by the mammogram “pathway” (18.47).mp38 MB
2-05 Would just getting happy be solution enough_ (6.58).mp33 MB
2-06 Can’t we croak without a deadly disease_ (9.05).mp34 MB
2-07 He’s in the Vortex, but those others_ (6.48).mp33 MB
3-01 Abraham-Hicks Publications (1.12).mp3598 KB
3-02 How to explain the “Vortex” to others_ (6.21).mp32 MB
3-03 Appreciative of what-is and eager for more (4.52).mp32 MB
3-04 What’s that problem solving voice he hears_ (9.13).mp34 MB
3-05 Mom’s croaking has inspired many new questions (8.54).mp34 MB
3-06 Is it true that “we’re all God”_ (6.20).mp32 MB
3-07 She wants to feel that feeling again (3.40).mp31 MB
3-08 She loves their heavily mortgaged beach property (10.33).mp34 MB
3-09 To utilize the power of her breathing_ (5.10).mp32 MB
3-10 She has two products for empowering others (4.12).mp31 MB
3-11 Abraham closes the Houston TX Global Broadcast (4.03).mp31 MB
2011-05-28 Stamford CT 4CDs
1-01 Abraham-Hicks Publications (1.12).mp3596 KB
1-02 Are you saying “yes” to don’t wants_ (6.54).mp33 MB
1-03 For a better understanding of your manifestations (4.01).mp31 MB
1-04 Your Vortex is manifesting all of the time (6.51).mp33 MB
1-05 Can you get others to fix it_ (5.23).mp32 MB
1-06 Can Abraham’s Guided Meditation help him focus_ (16.25).mp37 MB
1-07 Is he ready to start his business_ (9.17).mp34 MB
1-08 He wants to communicate with his Inner Being (3.46).mp31 MB
1-09 He’s having a meditation CD Source communication (4.39).mp32 MB
1-10 You can control your every manifestation (3.49).mp31 MB
2-01 Abraham-Hicks Publications (1.13).mp3603 KB
2-02 A better use of Abraham’s daily processes (11.01).mp35 MB
2-03 Wants to be clear about his wants (15.32).mp37 MB
2-04 Esther and Barbara and a gate agent (3.27).mp31 MB
2-05 What healings are we humans needing now_ (20.31).mp39 MB
2-06 His life is getting better and better (3.19).mp31 MB
2-07 Why did foreign assassination news disturb him_ (7.52).mp33 MB
3-01 Abraham-Hicks Publications (1.12).mp3603 KB
3-02 A dream that is alive is life (25.25).mp311 MB
3-03 His life is becoming so very spectacular (7.47).mp33 MB
3-04 Is a predictable life a boring life_ (3.36).mp31 MB
3-05 Can he operate on three hours of sleep_ (9.10).mp34 MB
3-06 Do some drugs evoke a suicidal desire_ (7.15).mp33 MB
3-07 They even repaved the Garden State Parkway (2.06).mp31,013 KB
3-08 Abraham closes the Stamford CT global broadcast (5.54).mp32 MB
2011-06-04 Chicago IL 3CDs
1-01 Abraham-Hicks Publications 1.53.mp3792 KB
1-02 When problems arise solutions do too. 10.41.mp34 MB
1-03 Are you trying to think Vortex thoughts_ 9.59.mp34 MB
1-04 Learn to milk that great Vortex feeling. 2.27.mp31,016 KB
1-05 Barbara and Esther missed Atlanta flight connection. 6.23.mp32 MB
1-06 What's happening here is your personal manifestation. 2.49.mp31 MB
1-07 What's the good word little gray bird_ 3.37.mp31 MB
1-08 In relationships allowing or setting boundaries_ 9.59.mp34 MB
1-09 He has a question about national debt. 10.59.mp34 MB
2-01 Abraham-Hicks Publications 1.12.mp3512 KB
2-02 She has some hands-on healing questions. 11.11.mp34 MB
2-03 What would a feeling of worthiness feel like_ 2.57.mp31 MB
2-04 What's up with these 'flying saucers sightings'_ 7.43.mp33 MB
2-05 Giddiness is there but not his manifestations. 19.23.mp37 MB
2-06 We would end each day this way. 8.52.mp33 MB
2-07 Must he justify receiving his extreme desires_ 5.45.mp32 MB
2-08 His teenage daughter is not very happy. 5.51.mp32 MB
3-01 Abraham-Hicks Publications 1.12.mp3510 KB
3-02 She wants to move through her fear. 11.27.mp34 MB
3-03 Jerry's truck roll-over vs. death feels like. 6.04.mp32 MB
3-04 How can she manage her future manifestations_ 20.31.mp38 MB
3-05 He wants to know his Vortex's content. 14.07.mp35 MB
3-06 Wants to teach this to the world. 6.59.mp32 MB
3-07 Abraham closes the Chicago IL Global Broadcast. 2.29.mp31 MB
2011-06-11 Denver CO 3CDs
1-01 Abraham-Hicks Publications (2.18).mp31 MB
1-02 Your life focuses you into new desires (6.27).mp32 MB
1-03 Life is always supposed to be fun (5.45).mp32 MB
1-04 You can’t stop thinking about more improvements (8.07).mp33 MB
1-05 This is about the validation of manifestation (5.35).mp32 MB
1-06 Do you need more pain for motivation_ (7.08).mp33 MB
1-07 You came for the joy of expansion (7.17).mp33 MB
1-08 He’s part of an Economical Truth Movement (22.36).mp310 MB
2-01 Abraham-Hicks Publications (1.11).mp3594 KB
2-02 Abraham gives a clearer definition of manifestation (12.04).mp35 MB
2-03 He wants to live in the now (11.06).mp35 MB
2-04 Your Vortex connection will affect your manifestation (10.26).mp34 MB
2-05 He’s shifting out of the self criticism mode (15.19).mp37 MB
2-06 His beloved daughter took her own life (12.56).mp35 MB
3-01 Abraham-Hicks Publications (1.12).mp3603 KB
3-02 He still cares about what others think (9.40).mp34 MB
3-03 Why does he need to be right_ (9.0).mp34 MB
3-04 You have the right to feel good (6.28).mp32 MB
3-05 She has a question about her clearing process (11.14).mp35 MB
3-06 How to choose the most appropriate solution (9.51).mp34 MB
3-07 While in the Vortex her body joyously sings (3.19).mp31 MB
3-08 He’s done things that hurt his wife (15.27).mp37 MB
3-09 Abraham closes the Denver Global Broadcast (1.38).mp3807 KB
2011-06-18 Portland OR 3CDs
1-01 Abraham-Hicks Publications (1.12).mp3600 KB
1-02 The Law of Attraction gives you more. (6.15).mp32 MB
1-03 The Art of Allowing is important, too. (5.24).mp32 MB
1-04 Have you expanded beyond what you’re allowing. (6.49).mp33 MB
1-05 Step 3 involves the Art of Allowing. (6.25).mp32 MB
1-06 What you feel affects your manifestations fast. (8.06).mp33 MB
1-07 Are you ready to deliberately experience manifestation_ (6.09).mp32 MB
1-08 He wants to compare different spiritual beliefs. (6.41).mp33 MB
1-09 Why don’t all relationships stay with us_ (5.34).mp32 MB
1-10 When he cares less, she cares more. (3.25).mp31 MB
1-11 Your mental visualizations are just more detailed thoughts. (5.38).mp32 MB
2-01 Abraham-Hicks Publications (1.12).mp3600 KB
2-02 This young mother wants a fun job. (20.10).mp39 MB
2-03 Did her alcoholic family teach her denial_ (20.04).mp39 MB
2-04 He has been experiencing many psychic experiences. (14.16).mp36 MB
2-05 His question is about significant pain. (6.11).mp32 MB
3-01 Abraham-Hicks Publications (1.12).mp3598 KB
3-02 He met someone wonderful 40 years ago. (22.21).mp310 MB
3-03 Four year old son is sensitive to foods. (25.22).mp311 MB
3-04 He’s making a transition in his career. (13.03).mp36 MB
3-05 Abraham closes the Portland OR workshop. (4.46).mp32 MB
2011-06-25 Alaskan Cruise 11CDs
01-01 Abraham-Hicks Publications.mp31 MB
01-02 Abraham opens the 2011 Alaskan Cruise workshops..mp34 MB
01-03 A new vision of creating without fear..mp35 MB
02-01 Abraham-Hicks Publications.mp31 MB
02-02 Knowing the moreness that is really you..mp35 MB
02-03 Living the life you intended to live..mp34 MB
02-04 You_re the creator and discoverer of you..mp35 MB
02-05 To attract patients from inside the Vortex..mp32 MB
02-06 When someone out of the Vortex appears_.mp32 MB
02-07 He wants full communication with Inner Being..mp36 MB
03-01 Abraham-Hicks Publications.mp3633 KB
03-02 Does humanity_s sexuality make it more enlightened_.mp34 MB
03-03 Do expanded beings ever reincarnate as animals_.mp33 MB
03-04 Deconstructing thoughts vs. distraction from negative thoughts_.mp35 MB
03-05 Does it take time to create Genius_.mp33 MB
03-06 Integrating Vortex thinking in business without backlash..mp35 MB
03-07 Addicted to inclination toward motivation over inspiration..mp33 MB
03-08 Can planning for the future be inspired_.mp31 MB
04-01 Abraham-Hicks Publications.mp31 MB
04-02 Where does our Inner Guidance come from_.mp35 MB
04-03 How often do we access other dimensions_.mp34 MB
04-04 How do we cocreate in others manifestations_.mp35 MB
04-05 How can he manifest an intimate partner_.mp34 MB
04-06 The Vortex brings what you really want_.mp34 MB
04-07 Using Abraham_s principles to teach metaphysical skills..mp32 MB
05-01 Abraham-Hicks Publications.mp3632 KB
05-02 Is the prophesized Messiah really coming back_.mp33 MB
05-03 Is there an actual _Day of Judgment__.mp32 MB
05-04 Are hellish prophecies out of the Vortex_.mp3863 KB
05-05 Was Jesus born without a biological father_.mp33 MB
05-06 Does one need protection when translating energy_.mp34 MB
05-07 Does God give the gift of contrast_.mp31 MB
05-08 How does talking about glaucoma affect it_.mp35 MB
05-09 A squirrel confirms he_s inside the Vortex..mp34 MB
05-10 Conditioning your vibration into what you want..mp31 MB
06-01 Abraham-Hicks Publications.mp3633 KB
06-02 Throwing cold water on the Soulmate thing..mp37 MB
06-03 Getting what_s wanted vs. wanting what manifests_.mp34 MB
06-04 His rough transition to a new consciousness..mp37 MB
06-05 What is the truth of our Being..mp32 MB
06-06 What about pushing away his negative emotion_.mp33 MB
06-07 Trust the process, believe in Well-Being..mp31 MB
06-08 Jesus, Buddha, and others paved the way..mp31 MB
07-01 Abraham-Hicks Publications.mp3632 KB
07-02 She doesn_t like her daughter_s new influences..mp37 MB
07-03 Was child_s difficult past pre-birth planning_.mp34 MB
07-04 Her delicious future requires leaving past behind..mp36 MB
07-05 Will daughter be at the Vortex party_.mp3696 KB
07-06 Trying to focus on shifting his vibration..mp34 MB
07-07 Why does he wake up in fear_.mp34 MB
07-08 Is there value in milking negative emotion_.mp31 MB
07-09 Abraham closes the Alaskan Cruise Tuesday session..mp31 MB
08-01 Abraham-Hicks Publications.mp3633 KB
08-02 Allowing the whole of yourself to flow..mp33 MB
08-03 He_s afraid to let himself feel good..mp34 MB
08-04 Negative emotion always means discordant thinking..mp33 MB
08-05 He allowed conditions to train his vibration..mp36 MB
08-06 He feels guilty about mourning his wife..mp35 MB
08-07 Are daughter_s sad songs keeping love away_.mp33 MB
08-08 Line up with the decisions you make..mp33 MB
09-01 Abraham-Hicks Publications.mp3633 KB
09-02 Enjoy the feeling of ever-evolving expansion..mp31 MB
09-03 Wants clarity on Law of Attraction experiences..mp35 MB
09-04 Is creation harnessing Energy and projecting it_.mp34 MB
09-05 Use a spirit guide or direct knowing_.mp32 MB
09-06 Why not just stay in hot tub_.mp33 MB
09-07 How do you best make a difference_.mp32 MB
09-08 Does Abraham_s message expand as Esther expands_.mp34 MB
09-09 She changes her name to suit others..mp32 MB
09-10 What_s in the Vortex is the now..mp32 MB
10-01 Abraham-Hicks Publications.mp3627 KB
10-02 She wants to know what intelligence is..mp34 MB
10-03 Does one with autism experience Source fully..mp34 MB
10-04 The best way one can help others_.mp31 MB
10-05 Are genetics the cause of mental disabilities..mp32 MB
10-06 Abraham_s _radical_ approach is actually law-based..mp32 MB
10-07 Esther_s unique translation of Law of Attraction..mp33 MB
10-08 Coming to grips with time-space reality..mp32 MB
10-09 What does space feel like in Nonphysical_.mp31 MB
10-10 Big contrast in Japan inspires deeper vision..mp34 MB
10-11 Can her dead friend still help her_.mp31 MB
10-12 Taking old action habits into the Vortex..mp32 MB
11-01 Abraham-Hicks Publications.mp3633 KB
11-02 The original thought that led to life_.mp31 MB
11-03 Did listening to health meditation cause injury_.mp33 MB
11-04 He wonders what comes after the Vortex_.mp34 MB
11-05 Why would he create cancer for himself_.mp32 MB
11-06 How does he help others with cancer_.mp31 MB
11-07 His two kids both have severe allergies..mp35 MB
11-08 Wants to be easier about the Vortex..mp35 MB
11-09 How can he change things at home_.mp31 MB
11-10 Are there different dimensions and many worlds_.mp31 MB
11-11 It_s how you feel that makes the difference..mp33 MB
2011-07-03 Seattle WA 3CDs
1-01. Abraham-Hicks Publications (1.12).mp3595 KB
1-02. Being the full Being you really are. (8.20).mp33 MB
1-03. Every moment holds the potential for more. (7.30).mp33 MB
1-04. Using your powerful Now to deliberately focus. (5.46).mp32 MB
1-05. Your perception of life is your manifestation. (4.53).mp32 MB
1-06. Finding new ways of looking at things. (1.47).mp3867 KB
1-07. Communicating with Mother or his Inner Being. (5.29).mp32 MB
1-08. Why is his mother choosing odd companions_ (1.45).mp3847 KB
1-09. What determines timing of reemergence into physical_ (8.05).mp33 MB
1-10. Are Nonphysical entities available all the time_ (12.40).mp35 MB
1-11. How can she control what she sees_ (8.30).mp33 MB
2-01. Abraham-Hicks Publications (1.12).mp3596 KB
2-02. Peanut butter and Oreo sandwiches for lunch_ (7.25).mp33 MB
2-03. Does Law of Attraction see us differently_ (9.39).mp34 MB
2-04. When is it time to get specific_ (6.14).mp32 MB
2-05. Clarity on “soul contract” vs. free will. (2.23).mp31 MB
2-06. Does another’s free will affect my manifestation_ (14.42).mp36 MB
2-07. Can I influence how others show up_ (4.38).mp32 MB
2-08. Is her late father in the Vortex_ (0.46).mp3388 KB
2-09. He’s irritated by fearful lawyers and accountants. (9.01).mp34 MB
2-10. He’s still thin-skinned on little bugaboos. (7.44).mp33 MB
2-11. Nothing you cannot be, do or have. (1.13).mp3614 KB
3-01. Abraham-Hicks Publications (1.12).mp3597 KB
3-02. Looking for the divine in horrific events. (5.49).mp32 MB
3-03. What is he being called to do_ (11.52).mp35 MB
3-04. How does intuition relate to the Vortex_ (12.07).mp35 MB
3-05. Attracts irrational people with power over her. (11.05).mp35 MB
3-06. Feels guilty when she doesn’t take action. (6.08).mp32 MB
3-07. He really wants to be an uplifter. (5.52).mp32 MB
3-08. Feeling of alignment is the greatest power. (6.03).mp32 MB
2011-07-09 San Francisco, CA 3CDs
1-01 Abraham-Hicks Publications.mp31 MB
1-02 You are the leading edge of Source..mp34 MB
1-03 Contrast causes your focus into the leading edge..mp32 MB
1-04 Why you be in this physical body_.mp32 MB
1-05 Finding vibrational resonance with all Abraham knows..mp32 MB
1-06 He brings us a new word_ _Elationship._.mp31 MB
1-07 Without trying, he manifested beyond his dreams..mp33 MB
1-08 Should I never, ever, ever look back_.mp31 MB
1-09 _Love has taken over_ is his slogan..mp3756 KB
1-10 Constant nagging worrying thoughts about his health..mp36 MB
1-11 The vibrational explanation for his enormous creativity_.mp3560 KB
1-12 Masseuse wants words to vibrationally anchor clients..mp32 MB
1-13 How can she become energetically super charged_.mp31 MB
2-01 Abraham-Hicks Publications.mp3613 KB
2-02 Experiencing grief over loss of personal relationships..mp33 MB
2-03 He_s embracing the process that brings expansion..mp33 MB
2-04 Helping you create a pleasing manifested reality..mp34 MB
2-05 You are never separated from Source..mp31 MB
2-06 Let your Inner Being out with you..mp32 MB
2-07 Do you dare give school children freedom_.mp37 MB
2-08 Why such weird things in her dreams_.mp31 MB
2-09 What_s the difference between appreciation and gratitude_.mp31 MB
2-10 He loves stabilizing his Vibration amidst contrast..mp33 MB
2-11 He_s concluded his Soul is not distinct..mp3518 KB
3-01 Abraham-Hicks Publications.mp3611 KB
3-02 Blurring the line between physical and Nonphysical..mp32 MB
3-03 Why doesn_t the Tango always align him_.mp32 MB
3-04 She_s tethered to the maintenance of life..mp33 MB
3-05 Resents there_s no-buddy to share responsibilities..mp33 MB
3-06 Feel the realness of your pregnant Vortex..mp35 MB
3-07 Horse trainer wants to reconnect with horses..mp36 MB
3-08 The best process for doing Vortex work..mp31 MB
2011-07-30 Los Angeles CA 3CDs
1-01 Abraham-Hicks Publications (2.19).mp31 MB
1-02 Source flows through you because it is You. (7.26).mp33 MB
1-03 Allowing yourself to feel who You are. (9.07).mp34 MB
1-04 Only two things you need to do. (9.48).mp34 MB
1-05 You control the path to the Vortex. (5.59).mp32 MB
1-06 How can Source be fully focused everywhere_ (8.09).mp33 MB
1-07 She waited a long time for this. (1.22).mp3678 KB
1-08 Do all healers use the same Energy_ (12.56).mp35 MB
1-09 What about talking with her dead Grandma_ (6.53).mp33 MB
1-10 How does he get called so easily_ (1.23).mp3700 KB
2-01 Abraham-Hicks Publications (1.13).mp3608 KB
2-02 How can he help his distant parents_ (1.50).mp3895 KB
2-03 Meditating is starting to feel too peaceful. (4.33).mp32 MB
2-04 He feels he doesn't have enough contrast. (7.57).mp33 MB
2-05 Can he accept everything as a blessing_ (7.50).mp33 MB
2-06 He's worried about his elderly mother's money. (10.36).mp34 MB
2-07 Does he have access to Source anytime_ (5.06).mp32 MB
2-08 Was Esther chosen to give us Abraham_ (4.11).mp31 MB
2-09 Can he drop anger without expressing it_ (21.54).mp310 MB
3-01 Abraham-Hicks Publications (1.13).mp3603 KB
3-02 Always feels on the verge of manifestation. (3.17).mp31 MB
3-03 How can she relax into her brilliance_ (8.29).mp33 MB
3-04 His life improved but now he's overwhelmed. (10.09).mp34 MB
3-05 Separating physical manifestation from your emotional manifestation. (2.46).mp31 MB
3-06 The best question to help create expansion_ (1.55).mp3934 KB
3-07 She wants to see through Source's eyes. (5.22).mp32 MB
3-08 What does it mean to feel worthy_ (9.41).mp34 MB
3-09 How to be general when everything's specific_ (5.50).mp32 MB
3-10 Did he create the apparition he saw_ (9.35).mp34 MB
3-11 His wife's concerned he'll croak from happiness. (5.56).mp32 MB
3-12 Emotion is the manifestation you're looking for. (3.24).mp31 MB
2011-08-07 Skype 2-hr ABE-inar
1-01 2011-08-07 ABE-inar.mp3605 KB
1-02 2011-08-07 ABE-inar.mp33 MB
1-03 2011-08-07 ABE-inar.mp35 MB
1-04 2011-08-07 ABE-inar.mp33 MB
1-05 2011-08-07 ABE-inar.mp33 MB
1-06 2011-08-07 ABE-inar.mp33 MB
1-07 2011-08-07 ABE-inar.mp35 MB
1-08 2011-08-07 ABE-inar.mp31 MB
2-01 2011-08-07 ABE-inar.mp3605 KB
2-02 2011-08-07 ABE-inar.mp34 MB
2-03 2011-08-07 ABE-inar.mp34 MB
2-04 2011-08-07 ABE-inar.mp33 MB
2-05 2011-08-07 ABE-inar.mp33 MB
2-06 2011-08-07 ABE-inar.mp32 MB
2-07 2011-08-07 ABE-inar.mp31 MB
2-08 2011-08-07 ABE-inar.mp32 MB
2-09 2011-08-07 ABE-inar.mp34 MB
2-10 2011-08-07 ABE-inar.mp31 MB
2011-08-20 San Diego CA 3CDs
1-01 Abraham-Hicks Publications (2.06).mp31,023 KB
1-02 Extreme experiences can cause you to focus. (8.07).mp33 MB
1-03 Everything that you are living is perceptual. (6.35).mp33 MB
1-04 Law of Attraction is responding to your frequency. (7.38).mp33 MB
1-05 Your fears reveal your points of attraction. (6.30).mp33 MB
1-06 This is what you've come to understand. (4.42).mp32 MB
1-07 How should she cope with business litigation_ (15.20).mp37 MB
1-08 How can she find ways to appreciate_ (3.38).mp31 MB
1-09 She has good feelings about building businesses. (6.40).mp33 MB
1-10 How could he best help his patients_ (5.57).mp32 MB
2-01 Abraham-Hicks Publications (1.13).mp3612 KB
2-02 To effectively introduce Abraham to his patients. (12.20).mp35 MB
2-03 His Vortex had its way with him. (4.14).mp31 MB
2-04 After severe childhood abuse he now forgives. (9.42).mp34 MB
2-05 The percentage of being in his Vortex_ (10.29).mp34 MB
2-06 Vacillates between her dreams and her fears. (14.11).mp36 MB
2-07 What if she doesn't fulfill her purpose_ (5.06).mp32 MB
2-08 To clarify wanted, he focused on unwanted. (5.11).mp32 MB
2-09 He's been exploring the process of channeling. (5.55).mp32 MB
3-01 Abraham-Hicks Publications (1.13).mp3612 KB
3-02 Are you utilizing the Law of Attraction_ (11.19).mp35 MB
3-03 He has one foot in the Vortex. (3.19).mp31 MB
3-04 He has different perspectives of the Vortex. (9.02).mp34 MB
3-05 He has found his struggles are counterproductive. (4.38).mp32 MB
3-06 An amazing experience after his wife's diagnosis. (9.14).mp34 MB
3-07 Caretaking her mother is driving her crazy. (13.38).mp36 MB
3-08 These Abraham workshops are his favorite things. (10.33).mp34 MB
3-09 Abraham closes the San Diego Global broadcast. (1.35).mp3787 KB
2011-08-29 Phoenix AZ 3CDs
1-01 Abraham-Hicks Publications (1.52).mp3920 KB
1-02 Do you believe you create your reality_ (4.53).mp32 MB
1-03 Are you aware of your Inner Being_ (3.56).mp31 MB
1-04 Do you know you're Emotional vibrational interpreters_ (3.56).mp31 MB
1-05 Your faith is in your personal Vortex work. (4.50).mp32 MB
1-06 Are you aware of your many manifestations_ (4.16).mp31 MB
1-07 Abraham wants to talk about Art of Allowing. (6.40).mp33 MB
1-08 Seeing the Vortex as a functioning tool_ (9.29).mp34 MB
1-09 To reduce his resistance to personal changes_ (7.11).mp33 MB
1-10 Building his mountain cabin without specific problems_ (9.10).mp34 MB
1-11 To help others other than by example_ (4.44).mp32 MB
2-01 Abraham-Hicks Publications (1.12).mp3606 KB
2-02 Must other's opinions affect our Well-being_ (3.42).mp31 MB
2-03 The idea felt good; the action didn't. (6.22).mp32 MB
2-04 If we didn't 'need' something from others_ (1.51).mp3901 KB
2-05 Is Source's view of humanity always compassionate_ (3.47).mp31 MB
2-06 A question about the controversial 'F' word. (4.28).mp32 MB
2-07 An Abraham rampage of 'Freedom to's.' (4.34).mp32 MB
2-08 Student wants both city and country life. (14.46).mp36 MB
2-09 Through her thoughts, she solved addiction discomfort. (5.26).mp32 MB
2-10 Another question about the Law of Attraction. (4.37).mp32 MB
2-11 But what about unwanted mass group creations_ (10.00).mp34 MB
2-12 How to solve our unwanted 'what-is' problems_ (0.56).mp3477 KB
3-01 Abraham-Hicks Publications (1.12).mp3605 KB
3-02 To solve a problem when in it_ (5.07).mp32 MB
3-03 Some advice regarding three month old daughter_ (4.02).mp31 MB
3-04 Is she working too hard at success_ (12.25).mp35 MB
3-05 When it feels natural, appreciate aging mom. (10.09).mp34 MB
3-06 His business lost an important client contract. (9.19).mp34 MB
3-10 Abraham closes the Phoenix AZ Global broadcast. (1.37).mp3809 KB
2011-09-03 Denver CO 3CDs
1-01. Abraham-Hicks Publications (2.26).mp31 MB
1-02. Have you been expecting what you are desiring_ (3.40).mp31 MB
1-03. You have control over each moment's manifestation. (9.39).mp34 MB
1-04. This is the reason for negative emotion. (6.14).mp32 MB
1-05. You have control of manifestations that matter. (7.59).mp33 MB
1-06. Are you the center of the Universe_ (5.01).mp32 MB
1-07. What does being authentic really mean_ (9.27).mp34 MB
1-08. He has a question about self love. (5.28).mp32 MB
1-09. If you care about what others think_ (6.12).mp32 MB
1-10. Some questions about Abraham's Emotional Guidance Scale. (4.47).mp32 MB
2-01. Abraham-Hicks Publications (1.12).mp3608 KB
2-02. How responsible are we for our emotions_ (5.14).mp32 MB
2-03. Having burning questions makes him feel good. (7.01).mp33 MB
2-04. Your Inner Being communicates beyond words. (6.58).mp33 MB
2-05. To feel better when son kicks cat. (9.10).mp34 MB
2-06. To make it to the next level_ (11.09).mp35 MB
2-07. When in the Vortex his ideas flow. (1.24).mp3693 KB
2-08. He has consistently been seeking truth. (11.12).mp35 MB
2-09. Have you been disapproving of the what-is_ (6.00).mp32 MB
3-01. Abraham-Hicks Publications (1.13).mp3609 KB
3-02. The sentimental nobility of doing without_ (5.53).mp32 MB
3-03. Greed, as the belief in, some shortage. (5.56).mp32 MB
3-04. But, she never tells him thank you. (18.49).mp38 MB
3-05. He has a question about thought forms. (6.48).mp33 MB
3-06. Could he deliberately store positive thought forms_ (3.58).mp31 MB
3-07. Act to feel good now, or later_ (2.38).mp31 MB
3-08. Sometimes, the Vortex makes him joyously vomit. (2.52).mp31 MB
3-09. Why are there things vs. just nothings_ (5.10).mp32 MB
3-10. When not up to speed with lover_ (2.44).mp31 MB
3-11. Does brain power affect our alignment power_ (4.09).mp31 MB
3-12. His obvious happiness annoys his large family. (3.56).mp31 MB
3-13. Abraham closes the Denver CO Global Broadcast. (3.56).mp3630 KB
2011-09-10 Chicago IL 3CDs
1-01 Abraham-Hicks Publications.mp3915 KB
1-02 A part of you Eternally broadcasts a signal..mp32 MB
1-03 You live for those moments of highs..mp36 MB
1-04 You can manifest the feeling right now..mp32 MB
1-05 Your creative Vortex is a Vibrational place..mp32 MB
1-06 Your attention to it keeps it active..mp35 MB
1-07 From Source_s perspective, is our reality real_.mp34 MB
1-08 When disregarding facts in his intuitive decisions_.mp32 MB
2-01 Abraham-Hicks Publications.mp3601 KB
2-02 Do you want to feel better now_.mp31 MB
2-03 He doesn_t (does) want to be here..mp34 MB
2-04 What_s worse than disapproval from the others_.mp38 MB
2-05 Wants a new level of understanding intentions..mp35 MB
2-06 Do we set forth intentions from Nonphysical_.mp33 MB
2-07 How can he unlock the brilliance of all_.mp32 MB
3-01 Abraham-Hicks Publications.mp3602 KB
3-02 Could Law of Attraction bring things un-thought-of_.mp34 MB
3-03 He loves to play parking space games..mp34 MB
3-04 He has a question about Blended Beings_.mp33 MB
3-05 Child wants healthy skin and happy world..mp34 MB
3-06 How can she achieve United States citizenship_.mp31 MB
3-07 Her mourning family does not understand Abraham_s teachings..mp32 MB
3-08 His writings are inspired by loving feelings..mp31 MB
3-09 A question about his personal Spiritual Guide..mp32 MB
3-10 He has a question about his conscious meditation..mp35 MB
3-11 Abraham closes the Chicago, IL Global Broadcast..mp3652 KB
2011-09-17 Stamford CT 3CDs
1-01. Abraham-Hicks Publications (2.16).mp31 MB
1-02. You are vibrating from two signal points. (7.22).mp33 MB
1-03. You have control of your emotional manifestations. (5.23).mp32 MB
1-04. What about the Nonphysical part of you_ (3.14).mp31 MB
1-05. You've got to find your happy-place first. (3.49).mp31 MB
1-06. You can choose an emotion beyond reality. (9.47).mp34 MB
1-07. What if one would master this philosophy_ (4.39).mp32 MB
1-08. Can he fully understand the Cosmic how_ (5.02).mp32 MB
1-09. Your feeling good is the main event. (3.49).mp31 MB
1-10. He senses there's only one of us here. (6.31).mp33 MB
1-11. But what about his future croaking experience_ (9.37).mp34 MB
2-01. Abraham-Hicks Publications (1.13).mp3608 KB
2-02. How important is momentum to his manifestation_ (3.38).mp31 MB
2-03. Can he track down disappeared feral cat_ (4.06).mp31 MB
2-04. After seeing evidence of his diminishing eyesight_ (11.23).mp35 MB
2-05. Without resistance will his eyesight naturally improve_ (8.47).mp34 MB
2-06. To focus on wanted when unwanted dominates_ (8.50).mp34 MB
2-07. Is it hard to focus on happiness_ (9.12).mp34 MB
2-08. How can he maintain his personal power_ (9.38).mp34 MB
3-01. Abraham-Hicks Publications (1.13).mp3608 KB
3-02. To live with family member's mental illness_ (7.31).mp33 MB
3-03. How can she improve her creative imagination_ (13.22).mp36 MB
3-04. So what is our imagination all about_ (7.56).mp33 MB
3-05. Trying too hard to achieve relationships compatability_ (13.50).mp36 MB
3-06. Should son move out on his own_ (11.38).mp35 MB
3-07. Abraham closes the Stamford CT Global Broadcast. (5.21).mp32 MB
2011-09-24 Washington DC 3CDs
1-01. Abraham-Hicks Publications (2.05).mp31,018 KB
1-02. In birthing fresh desires you birth manifestations. (8.14).mp33 MB
1-03. Are your emotions general or more specific_ (2.14).mp31 MB
1-04. Making peace with your Eternal Beingness_ (7.31).mp33 MB
1-05. You can't get it wrong, or done. (4.43).mp32 MB
1-06. Who is the I that observes sin_ (10.33).mp34 MB
1-07. Is his goal to return to We_ (11.35).mp35 MB
1-08. She has lived and witnessed other's contrast. (16.16).mp37 MB
2-01. Abraham-Hicks Publications (1.13).mp3609 KB
2-02. He still has concerns about his children. (9.29).mp34 MB
2-03. Abraham helps author to align with Source. (4.15).mp31 MB
2-04. Did her decorated crutches heal her tumor_ (19.00).mp38 MB
2-05. What rings your creative bells the most_ (3.12).mp31 MB
2-06. This author has fears about her health_ (9.48).mp34 MB
2-07. Poet buried his beloved wife last month. (9.57).mp34 MB
3-01. Abraham-Hicks Publications (1.13).mp3609 KB
3-02. Cocaine user is addicted to feeling good. (9.14).mp34 MB
3-03. Do past, present and future occur simultaneously_ (14.33).mp36 MB
3-04. Mother wants to become her best self. (32.36).mp314 MB
3-05. Abraham closes the Washington DC Global Broadcast. (3.35).mp31 MB
2011-09-27 Ashville NC 4CDs
1-01. Abraham-Hicks Publications (2.16).mp31 MB
1-02. Allowing Your fullness here in the now. (7.05).mp33 MB
1-03. You can conjure the response you want. (7.27).mp33 MB
1-04. Abraham explains the secret to instant manifestation. (10.15).mp34 MB
1-05. Source cares; Source just doesn't freak out. (7.14).mp33 MB
1-06. Can Abraham distinguish his red shirt's color_ (1.58).mp3954 KB
1-07. Falling in love vs. instant attraction_ (2.37).mp31 MB
1-08. A Tantric initiation made him sleep less (8.21).mp33 MB
1-09. To be inspired to see his art_ (14.56).mp36 MB
2-01. Abraham-Hicks Publications (1.14).mp3623 KB
2-02. Is her patient attracting cancer with testing_ (16.25).mp37 MB
2-03. She's worried about her son smoking pot. (8.52).mp34 MB
2-04. Is his mind getting in the way_ (6.52).mp33 MB
2-05. Abraham offers a new definition of truth. (5.41).mp32 MB
2-06. The difference between Soul and SpiritSource_ (1.45).mp3852 KB
2-07. He wants to verbalize subtle emotional differences. (6.32).mp33 MB
2-08. She wonders where does sadness come from_ (3.12).mp31 MB
2-09. Focusing on feeling fearful made it vanish. (7.16).mp33 MB
2-10. She wants to know what she wants. (5.59).mp32 MB
3-01. Abraham-Hicks Publications (1.14).mp3623 KB
3-02. He wonders why he has brilliant moments. (7.25).mp33 MB
3-03. She wants to resonate with her abundance. (15.39).mp37 MB
3-04. To have children or not have children_ (2.57).mp31 MB
3-05. The difference between natural aging and decline_ (9.22).mp34 MB
3-06. She misses calling her friends who've croaked. (4.55).mp32 MB
3-07. He can help others but not himself. (5.56).mp32 MB
3-08. Do his problems stem from childhood issues_ (16.43).mp37 MB
4-01. Abraham-Hicks Publications (1.15).mp3624 KB
4-02. Should governments allow big institutions to fail_ (7.02).mp33 MB
4-03. She wants to change liking the drama. (8.56).mp34 MB
4-04. Did years of depression make joy easier_ (39.15).mp3339 KB
4-05. Her critical brother thinks she is weird. (17.58).mp38 MB
4-06. Is Nonphysical going to help us survive_ (11.50).mp35 MB
4-07. The unique breathing in Abraham's meditation CD. (2.10).mp31 MB
4-08. He wonders about the nature of freedom. (1.30).mp3735 KB
4-09. How to conjure the dream you prefer_ (15.39).mp37 MB
2011-09-28 Ashville NC 4CDs
1-01. Abraham-Hicks Publications (2.13).mp31 MB
1-02. Real communication is the language of emotions. (8.48).mp34 MB
1-03. Building an emotional grid to attract manifestations. (9.24).mp34 MB

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