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700 Adult Books in txt format (some with covers)

Other » Ebooks
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in 860 files
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7 years old  
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Torrent Contents

700 Adult Books in txt format (some with covers)
(AA) Series
AA-035 Step-Father's Sins (txt,F).rar241 KB
AA-039 Sex Orgy With Animals by Desmond Lowell (txt).rar64 KB
AA-104 Masturbating Girls by Author Unknown (txt,F).rar100 KB
(AB) Series
AB-1024 Mom On The Make by Robert Vickers (txt).rar53 KB
AB-1028 The Unfaithful Fiancee by Janet McCoy (txt,F).rar79 KB
AB-110 Katie's Pain Lesson by Craig Esposito (txt,F).rar246 KB
AB-111 Driving Daisy Crazy (txt,F).rar241 KB
AB-1112 Hot Family Voyeurs by David Crane (txt,F).rar97 KB
AB-1524 Along Came a Swapper by Richard B Long (txt,F).rar106 KB
AB-1578 Jenny's Favorite Color (txt).rar55 KB
AB-1582 Her Special Delivery (txt).rar46 KB
AB-2009 Ann's Boy Hunger by Brian Layer (txt,F).rar360 KB
AB-3302 Golden Shower Mom by Kathy Andrews (txt,F).rar311 KB
AB-4006 Mother Lover by Rex Taylor (txt,F).rar113 KB
AB-4008 The Minister's Daughter by Jason Cannon (txt,F).rar103 KB
ab-4024 Horny Cousins by Norma Egan (txt).rar31 KB
ab-5035 Turned on Mum by Paul Gable (txt,F).rar101 KB
ab-5038 Mothers & Sons by Paul Gable (txt).rar46 KB
ab-5043 The Hots For Mom by Paul Gable (txt,F).rar172 KB
ab-5053 Mom's Rape Cure by J. S. Bradley (txt).rar47 KB
ab-5072 Raped Teavher by JT Watson (txt,F).rar112 KB
ab-5109 Door to Door Wife by Heather Brown (txt,F).rar175 KB
ab-5114 Two Raped Wives [aka BB-214] by J T Watson (txt).rar38 KB
ab-5127 Black Mailed Teacher by Robert Vickers (txt,F).rar297 KB
ab-5161 Family Fun (txt).rar45 KB
ab-5167 Vacation Swap by J. Milner (txt,F).rar272 KB
ab-5181 Family Games by Ray Todd (txt).rar62 KB
ab-5198 The Family Bed by Ken Preston (txt).rar50 KB
ab-5212 The Family's Wild Urge (txt).rar50 KB
ab-5213 Spread Wide Secretaries (txt).rar39 KB
ab-5215 Daughter Turns On (txt).rar48 KB
ab-5222 Sex Slave Virgins by John Kellerman (txt,F).rar128 KB
ab-5223 Hot and Horney Family by James Porter (txt,F).rar190 KB
ab-5232 Raped Teaser by Ted Leonard (txt,F).rar107 KB
ab-5249 Auntie's Young Lovers by Donna Allen (txt,F).rar149 KB
ab-5255 Two Horny Babysitters by John Kellerman (txt,F).rar151 KB
ab-5272 The Condo Swappers by Hank Borden (txt).rar42 KB
ab-5275 Come And Get It, DaD! by Ray Todd (txt,F).rar189 KB
ab-5279 Ravaged Music Teacher by Mark Carver (txt,F).rar158 KB
ab-5282 Hot Wild Family by Ray Todd (txt,F).rar473 KB
ab-5287 Line Up For The Librarian by Steve Golden (txt,F).rar302 KB
ab-5298 Mom's Hot Daughters by Ray Todd (txt).rar34 KB
ab-5310 Discipline For Daughter by J S Bradley (txt).rar47 KB
ab-5313 Naughty Hot Nurse by David Ingram (txt).rar48 KB
ab-5328 The Widow's Horney Family (txt,F).rar137 KB
ab-5339 Wild Balling Family by Ray Todd (txt,F).rar168 KB
ab-5358 Suckfest Family by Pamela Roper (txt,F).rar205 KB
ab-5361 Five-Way Family by Donna Allen (txt,F).rar168 KB
ab-5362 Golden Shower Momby Kathy Andrews (txt,F).rar99 KB
ab-5364 Two Horney Moms by Tom Allison (txt,F).rar173 KB
ab-5368 The Family's Four-Way Suck (txt,F).rar220 KB
ab-5381 Two Mothers in Heat by Tom Allison (txt,F).rar105 KB
ab-5386 Mom's Horney New Family (txt,F).rar103 KB
ab-5394 Mommy's Horney Urges by M.J. Jacobs (doc).rar39 KB
ab-5399 Mom's Loving Ways by Kathy Andrews (txt,F).rar76 KB
ab-5400 Hot Coming Family by Donna Allen (txt).rar35 KB
ab-5409 Eat Out With The Family by Ray Todd (txt).rar34 KB
ab-5413 Two Naked Hot Moms by Tom Allison (txt,F).rar125 KB
ab-5417 Three Horny Daughters (txt).rar41 KB
AB-5437 Coming Onto Mom by Kathy Andrews (txt).rar35 KB
AB-5452 Hot Mom And Sis by Kathy Andrews (txt).rar36 KB
ab-5460 Wild Naked Family by Harry Stevens (txt,F).rar504 KB
ab-5479 Sister Blows Hard by Donald Owens (txt).rar39 KB
ab-5495 Horny Family Fun by Harry Stevens (txt,F).rar144 KB
ab-5498 Spying on Mom by Donna Allen (txt,F).rar131 KB
ab-5499 Two Hot Daughters by George Tipton (doc,F).rar343 KB
ab-5508 Voyeur Wife on Vacation by Hank Henderson (txt).rar39 KB
ab-5511 Suck-Loving Mother by Kathy Andrews (txt,F).rar351 KB
ab-5514 Mom Wants Golden Showers by Kathy Andrews (txt).rar32 KB
AB-5522 Jerry's Hot Mothers by Kathy Andrews (txt).rar36 KB
ab-5532 The Family Suck Feast (rtf,F).rar677 KB
ab-5539 Up Against the Wall Teach (doc,F).rar174 KB
ab-5573 The Family's Oral Tradition by David Crane (txt,F).rar116 KB
ab-5578 The Hotter The Daughter by Warren Reagan (txt).rar38 KB
ab-5584 Mom Loves It Outdoors by Kathy Andrews (rtf,pdf,F).rar570 KB
ab-5586 Back Door Wives by Ron Taylor (txt,F).rar174 KB
(AC) Series
ac-199 Stud Service (txt).rar37 KB
ac-282 Blow The Man Down by Jason Bonds (txt).rar46 KB
(Adult ebook) - Woman Auction (pdf).rar1 MB
(AES) Series
aes-104 Ass Reaming by Blake Michaels (txt).rar51 KB
aes-110 Kim's Anal Romance by Warren Cramer (txt,F).rar206 KB
aes-149 Maisie's Anal Desire by Walter Forrest (txt).rar65 KB
(AG) Series
AG-109 Southern Tramp by Author Unknown (txt).rar66 KB
ag-109.jpg50 KB
(AH) Series
AH-1005 A Donkey Named Peter by R E Geis (txt).rar81 KB
ah-1005.jpg51 KB
(ALS) Series
ALS-101 Pet Shop Pussy by Rick Jennings (txt).rar79 KB
als-101.jpg59 KB
(ASS) Series
ass-129 Her Anal Perversion by Con Demerest (txt,F).rar267 KB
ass-130 Attack From Behind by Joseph Cirelli (txt,F).rar205 KB
ass-144 The Anal Wife by Claire Castillo (txt,F).rar140 KB
(BBB) Series
BBB-407 Cherry Busting Brother by L K Madding (txt).rar61 KB
bbb-407.jpg67 KB
(BC) Series
bc-1005 Tied Up and Teased by Robert Jenkins (txt,F).rar149 KB
bc-1009 Wife In Bondage by J.S. Bradley (doc,F).rar97 KB
bc-1016 Raped Stepdaughter by Robert Vickers (rtf).rar49 KB
bc-1017 Summer In Bondage [aka BH-8008] by Robert Vickers (rtf).rar54 KB
BC-102 Her Mother's Lover by Author Unknown.rar59 KB
bc-1023 Slave Niece by Val Marrick (txt,F).rar101 KB
BC-1024 Fit To Be Tied by Robert Vickers.rar63 KB
bc-1026 Chained Daughter (txt,F).rar70 KB
bc-2001 Tied Up Wife by Robert Vickers (txt,F).rar83 KB
bc-2002 Punished Wife by Richard Reed (txt,F).rar255 KB
bc-2005 Whipped Waitress by Richard Reed (txt,F).rar192 KB
bc-2006 Chained Coed by Robert Vickers (rtf,f).rar254 KB
bc-2008 Raped Captives [aka bh-8075] by Robert Vickers (txt,F).rar162 KB
bc-2009 Daddy's Slave by Max Sharkey (txt,F).rar82 KB
bc-2011 Whipped and Raped by Val Marrick (txt,F).rar90 KB
BC-2016 Chained Cheerleader by Robert Vickers.rar64 KB
BC-2018 Suzy In Bondage by Robert Jenkins.rar61 KB
bc-1018 Raped Niece by John Kellerman.jpg180 KB
bc-2013 Captive Sister.jpg21 KB
bc-2015 Virgin Slave by John Kellerman.JPG218 KB
(BH) Series
BH-8045 Tied Up Aunt by Val Marrick (txt).rar45 KB
BH-8144 In Bondage Schoolgirl by Paul Gable (txt).rar41 KB
BH-8199 Schoolgirl Bondage by Paul Gable (txt).rar36 KB
bh-8045.jpg40 KB
bh-8144.jpg50 KB
bh-8199.jpg48 KB
(CA) Series
CA-1002 For Couples Only by H C Hawkes (txt).rar87 KB
ca-1002.jpg37 KB
(CLE) Series
CLE-145 Hand Maid by Ned Samuels (txt).rar83 KB
CLE-166 Sharon's Busy Dildo by Angela Krust (txt).rar74 KB
cle-145.jpg70 KB
cle-166.jpg66 KB
(CLP) Series
CLP-167 Hungry For Sister by Michael Rennie (txt).rar87 KB
CLP-174 Blackmailed Into Swapping by Dana Swanson (txt).rar111 KB
CLP-188 The Headmaster by William St Cyr (txt).rar79 KB
clp-167.jpg48 KB
(DBB) Series
DBB-114 The Violated Virgin by Ward Fulton (txt).rar81 KB
dbb-114.jpg50 KB
(DL) Series
dl-168.jpg75 KB
dl-209.jpg45 KB
dl-224.jpg39 KB
DL-168 Shelly On The Farm by Kent Collins (txt).rar79 KB
DL-209 First Time For Sister by Kent Collins (txt).rar100 KB
DL-224 Making Daddy by Jack Grant (txt).rar79 KB
(GGL) Series
ggl-133.jpg52 KB
ggl-146.jpg53 KB
GGL-108 Swapping With Laura by Bert Ormsby (txt).rar60 KB
GGL-133 Honeymoon Traders by Viola James (txt).rar55 KB
GGL-146 Hot & Horny Weekend by Sid Farmer (txt).rar60 KB
(GR) Series
gr-1054.jpg54 KB
gr-2330.jpg46 KB
GR-1054 Four-Way Bride by Curt Aldrich (txt).rar77 KB
GR-2330 Horny Balling Mother by Kathy Andrews (txt).rar55 KB
(LL) Series
ll-124.jpg61 KB
ll-224.jpg40 KB
LL-124 Spread Wide Secretary by Robert Vickers (txt).rar42 KB
LL-205 Eager Wild Wife by Bob Wallace (txt).rar38 KB
LL-224 Hot Naked Cousin by Kathy Harris (txt).rar35 KB
LL-313 Sister Spreads by Albert Gantry (txt).rar47 KB
(RX) Series
rx-268.jpg56 KB
rx-414.jpg51 KB
rx-428.jpg50 KB
RX-268 Little Brother's Big Thing by Lee Schlangen (htm).rar88 KB
RX-414 He Seduced His Little Sister by Maryon Swelt (htm).rar140 KB
RX-428 Donna's Loving Brothers by Lee Engels (htm).rar91 KB
RX-509 Schoolgirl's First Date by Simone Suchler (htm).rar63 KB
(TB) Series
TB-1024 Family With The Hots by Mark Carver (txt).rar46 KB
TB-2011 The Family Act by M. K. Kress (txt).rar42 KB
(TNS) Series
TNS-526 The Reluctant Swappers by Grant Roberts (txt).rar57 KB
TNS-527 The Family Swappers BOOK ONE by Grace Wilkenson (txt).rar60 KB
TNS-530 The Family Swappers BOOK TWO by Grace Wilkenson (txt).rar60 KB
TNS-582 Some Very Lovable Neighbors by Jennifer Collier (txt).rar70 KB
(WH) Series
WH-138 Strange Perversion by Peter Brewster (txt).rar54 KB
WH-156 Young Pussy by Rick Arledge (txt).rar37 KB
(WLP) Series
WLP-122 The Blackmailed Neighbors by Paula Kaufman (txt).rar65 KB
WLP-128 Brother And Sister by Brad Allison (txt).rar65 KB
WLP-147 Little Beth's Boyfriends by Curt Aldrich (txt).rar49 KB
(XE) Series
XE-736 Driven To Depravity by Simon Jillson (txt).rar65 KB
XE-780 Searching For Satisfaction by Toni Scott (txt).rar54 KB
XE-795 Blackmailed Sister-in-law by Naomi McElroy (txt).rar58 KB
Adult Books (AB) Series
AB-1609 House of Dark Pleasure by Gloria Day (txt).rar82 KB
AB-1676 Beasts Are Better by Richard Long (txt).rar90 KB
AB-1680 The Dog Ballers by Don Russell (txt).rar90 KB
AB-5247 Incest Wifeby M J Jacobs (txt).rar53 KB
AB-5341 Mother With The Hots by Kathy Andrews (txt).rar53 KB
AB-5353 Harder! Mom Said by Kathy Andrews (txt).rar52 KB
AB-5356 What A Sucking Mother! by Kathy Andrews (txt).rar52 KB
AB-5389 Daddy's Naughty Daughters by Bob Wallace (txt).rar46 KB
AB-5475 Family Peepers by David Crane (txt).rar48 KB
AB-5480 Billy's Hot Mom by Kathy Andrews (txt).rar49 KB
AB-5491 Three Sucking Daughters by Dan Reagan (txt).rar57 KB
AB-5548 A Wild Family Party by Hank Borden (txt).rar54 KB
AB-5557 Pay For Play Cheerleaders by Victoria Parker (txt).rar38 KB
AB-5574 Twin Farmgirl Cousins by Ron Taylor (txt).rar49 KB
AB-5592 First Time In The Behind by Ron Taylor (txt).rar49 KB
AB-5602 When Mom And Dad Are Away by Author Unknown (txt).rar51 KB
AB-5617 Brothers Ball Best by Ray Mills (txt).rar49 KB
AB-5618 Incest Schoolgirls by Victoria Parker (txt).rar39 KB
ab-1676.jpg46 KB
ab-5356.jpg44 KB
ab-5389.jpg55 KB
ab-5475.jpg60 KB
ab-5480.jpg53 KB
ab-5491.jpg54 KB
ab-5548.jpg50 KB
ab-5557.jpg58 KB
ab-5574.jpg66 KB
ab-5592.jpg49 KB
ab-5617.jpg48 KB
ab-5618.jpg48 KB
Amber Jameson - The Captive (TXT).rar79 KB
Argus - A Night To Remember (doc).rar14 KB
Argus - A Night To Remember (TXT).rar8 KB
Argus - Desert Slave (doc).rar20 KB
Argus - Desert Slave (txt).rar13 KB
Argus - Legal Briefs (TXT).rar12 KB
Argus - Peeper (TXT).rar21 KB
Argus - Pirates' Sex Toys (txt).rar15 KB
Argus - Punching Bag (txt).rar7 KB
Argus - Slut (txt).rar55 KB
Argus - Summer Lovers (txt).rar42 KB
Argus - White Girls In Africa (txt).rar43 KB
Arianne - Hard to tell (TXT).rar14 KB
Bee Line Books (BEE) Series
BEE-0173 The Harlot Seed by Jeremy Baker (txt).rar66 KB
bee-0237 Honey Bare by King Coral (txt,F).rar248 KB
BEE-0315 Stepmother's Lover by John C. Douglas (txt).rar64 KB
bee-0344 His Sexpot Sis by Robert G. Haill (txt).rar46 KB
bee-0482 Her Special Delivery by Bobby Keller(txt).rar47 KB
bee-0680 Runaround Stews by Ann Crouse (txt).rar57 KB
bee-0684 Sex In The Sticks by Patrick Murr (txt).rar56 KB
bee-0690 Come And Get It! by Paulette Smalls (txt).rar58 KB
BEE-0706 One-On-One by Dick N. Ballz (txt).rar49 KB
bee-0842 Twice As Nice Nymph by Kevin Harding (txt).rar64 KB
bee-0864 Private Party (txt).rar20 KB
bee-0871 The Stepmother (txt).rar60 KB
BEE-0928 Perverted Passions by Ruby Rhapsody (txt).rar63 KB
bee-0933 A Perfect Sexual Match by Graham Thompson (txt).rar43 KB
BEE-0958 Coed Sluts by Tabitha Briton (txt).rar51 KB
bee-1112 Freshman Nymph by Rebecca Butler (txt,doc,F).rar382 KB
BEE-1194 Jackie's Family Lessons! by Sandy Bennett (txt).rar72 KB
bee-1229 Her Foxy Mom by M DeSantis (txt).rar62 KB
BEE-2507 Skin-Flick Slut by Tabitha Britton (txt).rar42 KB
BEE-2521 Lewd Layout by Tabitha Briton (txt).rar39 KB
BEE-2549 Sinful Cyndi by Daphne Phillips (txt).rar41 KB
BEE-3024 A Bride For The Whole Family by James Elliott (txt).rar63 KB
bee-3062 Shameless Teacher by Helen Highwater (txt,F).rar153 KB
BEE-3079 Sleep-In For Daddy by Chuck Selwyn (txt).rar66 KB
bee-3129 Nasty Daydreams by Robin Peters (txt,F).rar1 MB
BEE-3131 Homespun Fun by J. Brown (txt).rar56 KB
BEE-3214 Door-To-Door Sex-Girl by Gale Grayson (txt).rar63 KB
BEE-3240 Lust's What The Doctor Ordered by Edna Examine (txt).rar57 KB
bee-50015 Wet & Ready by Jennifer Ames UC (rtf,F).rar189 KB
bee-50086 Time Out For Sex by Dana Bympett UC (rtf,F).rar70 KB
BEE-5419 My Nympho Aunt by Carlton Colfax (txt).rar68 KB
BEE-5538 Swap Party Campaign by Allan Taylor (txt).rar55 KB
BEE-5554 Every Inch A Nymph by Peter Grinberg (txt).rar55 KB
BEE-5797 Her Driving Desires by Roger Hurtwell (txt).rar49 KB
BEE-5844-A by Barbara Skinner (txt).rar58 KB
bee-5880 Nymph's In Full Glory by Mark Farris (txt).rar41 KB
bee-5881 The Tutor's Suitors by Sheila Lane (txt).rar64 KB
bee-5948 Her Special Delivery by Bobby Keller (txt).rar44 KB
BEE-5954 Sex Ahead by Winifred Avalda (txt).rar53 KB
BEE-6084A Incest Games by Jolene Homes (txt).rar62 KB
bee-6182 Passionate Sis by Mia Beddington (txt).rar67 KB
bee-6411 Lawfully Wedded NymphWith This Ring I Thee Lust UC (rtf,F).rar311 KB
bee-6415 Everyone Wanton (txt).rar50 KB
bee-6435 Paramours In ParadiseHoliday On Vice UC (rtf,F).rar259 KB
BEE-6674 Her Sensuous Search by Dawn Cummings (txt).rar68 KB
BEE-6675A Lawfully Wedded Nymph by Eve Ning (txt).rar57 KB
bee-6730 The Younger The Better by Meryl Lee (txt).rar176 KB
bee-6732 Pleasure's A Must by Dee Westee (txt).rar46 KB
BEE-6788B Nubile Treat by Bill E. Goodhead (txt).rar59 KB
BEE-6789B Twice As Nice Vice by Don Tsuris (txt).rar67 KB
BEE-6802A Her Sensuous Search by Doc Tesch (txt).rar66 KB
BEE-6826B In Sexual Pursuit by Rod Long (txt).rar56 KB
BEE-6828b Burning Desires by Fred Sparkrock (txt).rar82 KB
bee-6829 Tough To Tame-Passion's Her Game (txt).rar108 KB
bee-6831 Take A Toss With Tess (Paul Mall) Sweet Virgin's Caress by Morris DeCat (txt).rar93 KB
bee-6866 Tough To PleaseTease 'em With Ease by Seymour Leggs (txt).rar57 KB
bee-6870 Teaching Sex Education by Midge Ge...droom Demonstation by Mack Tavish (txt).rar125 KB
bee-6871 Ever-Lusting Wife by Ina Ceste & Her Secret Sex Life by Willie Maiket (txt).rar140 KB
BEE-6931B Driving Men To Distraction by Paul Mall (txt).rar57 KB
BEE-6951A Lust Takes A Holiday by Neil Forit (txt).rar55 KB
BEE-6951B Lovers At Play by Atza Nice (txt).rar56 KB
BEE-6954B The Tough Get Coming by Paul Mall (txt).rar64 KB
BEE-6980a Wanting Everyone by Horace Harding (txt).rar50 KB
bee-7157 The More The Sexier Can't Stop The Sex UC (rtf,F).rar268 KB
bee-7213a Eager To Bed Bunny by Eileen Over (txt).rar60 KB
bee-7213b A Little Night Nookie by Hugh Kissasse (txt).rar54 KB
bee-7434b All In The Family (txt).rar51 KB
BEE-7479 Video Games by Carole Wilson (txt).rar66 KB
bee-0173.jpg57 KB
bee-0706.jpg52 KB
bee-0928.jpg42 KB
bee-0958.jpg44 KB
bee-1194.jpg37 KB
bee-2507.jpg50 KB
bee-2521.jpg55 KB
bee-2549.jpg49 KB
bee-3024.jpg52 KB
bee-3079.jpg36 KB
bee-3131.jpg61 KB
bee-3214.jpg33 KB
bee-3240.jpg23 KB
bee-5419.jpg39 KB
bee-5538.jpg35 KB
bee-5797.jpg61 KB
bee-5954.jpg45 KB
bee-6084a.jpg41 KB
bee-6675a.jpg43 KB
bee-6788b.jpg51 KB
bee-6789b.jpg53 KB
bee-6802a.jpg45 KB
bee-6826b.jpg45 KB
bee-6828b.jpg38 KB
bee-6931b.jpg51 KB
bee-6951a.jpg46 KB
bee-6954b.jpg50 KB
Best Seller Series (BSS)
BSS-610 House Of Evil by Robert Desmond (txt).rar63 KB
BSS-613 The Rancher's Wife by Agatha Kristenson (txt).rar81 KB
BSS-616 Blackmailed by William Davis (txt).rar59 KB
BSS-619 Her Husband's Boss by Karen Ziegler (txt).rar60 KB
BSS-620 The Unfaithful Girlfriend by Clarence Tydings (txt).rar47 KB
BSS-623 The Seductive Sister-In-Law by Raymond Travis (txt).rar62 KB
BSS-625 The Orgiastic Cult by Mark Townsend (txt).rar60 KB
BSS-638 Sister's Husband by Penny Driscoll (txt).rar59 KB
BSS-639 Seduced Young Wife by Robert Desmond (txt).rar56 KB
BSS-640 Three-Way Weekend by Kitty Spencer (txt).rar56 KB
BSS-641 A Mother-Daughter Twosome by Peter Jensen (txt).rar60 KB
BSS-669 Slave Trader's Captive by Mark Townsend (txt).rar54 KB
BSS-685 The Tempted Tourist by Mary Jenkins (txt).rar56 KB
BSS-702 The Weekend Captive by Reginald Brisbane (txt).rar63 KB
bss-613.jpg40 KB
Bondage Book (BB) Series
BB-129 A Librarian's Training by Nathan Silvers (txt).rar33 KB
BB-147 A Schoolgirl's Discipline by Matt Benson (txt).rar37 KB
BB-157 Mom's Rape Cure by J. S. Bradley (txt).rar46 KB
bb-157.jpg59 KB
Centaur (LB) Series
lb-1040.jpg61 KB
lb-1047.jpg60 KB
lb-1252.jpg59 KB
lb-1348.jpg50 KB
LB-1040 Auntie's Dog Days by Ray Todd.rar35 KB
LB-1047 Her Four Legged Lovers by Bob Wallace.rar40 KB
LB-1084 Filmed With Dogs by Bob Wallace.rar42 KB
LB-1128 Horny For Rams And Horses by David Crane.rar33 KB
LB-1143 Daughter Gets The Goat by Bob Hawkins.rar39 KB
LB-1252 Daughter Horses Around by Kathy Harris.rar39 KB
LB-1348 The Family Sucks A Lot by J. D. Blackwood.rar37 KB
Classic Liverpool (CL) Series
CL-101 A Kingdom Of Love by Charles Richards (txt).rar54 KB
CL-119 Making The Bride's Maid by Ray Mills (txt).rar33 KB
cl-101.jpg40 KB
cl-119.jpg46 KB
A_Green.Freewheeling_Barbara_Toys_with_Boys_Part_1.txt.html17 KB
A_Green.Freewheeling_Barbara_Toys_with_Boys_Part_2.txt.html34 KB
A_Green.Freewheeling_Barbara_Toys_with_Boys_Part_3.txt.html18 KB
A_Green.Freewheeling_Barbara_Toys_with_Boys_Part_4.txt.html17 KB
A_Green.Freewheeling_Barbara_Toys_with_Boys_Part_5.txt.html39 KB
A_Green.Freewheeling_Barbara_Toys_with_Boys_Part_6.txt.html37 KB
A_Green.Freewheeling_Barbara_Toys_with_Boys_Part_7.txt.html36 KB
A_Green.Freewheeling_Barbara_Toys_with_Boys_Part_8.txt.html24 KB
A_Green.Freewheeling_Barbara_Toys_with_Boys_Part_9.txt.html22 KB
A_Mother-Daughter_Twosome.txt231 KB
A_Wild_Family_Party.txt163 KB
All_in_the_Family.txt236 KB
Billy's_Hot_Mom.txt162 KB
blackie.The_Books.1993.txt.html330 KB
Blackmailed.txt233 KB
Brothers_Ball_Best.txt153 KB
Charles_Wykes.Brothers_and_Sisters.FAM-119.TXT194 KB
Chili_Peeler.Manhatten_Madness.1996.txt.html246 KB
Chili_Peeler_Rachel_Roundheels.txt.html112 KB
Daddy's_Naughty_Daughters.txt150 KB
Daughters_In_Heat.txt173 KB
Eager_Horny_Cousin.txt194 KB
Electra_Magazine.1996_08.txt.html103 KB
Electra_Magazine.1996_09.txt.html188 KB
Electra_Magazine.1996_10.txt.html272 KB
Electra_Magazine.1997_01.txt.html5 KB
electra_magazine_1996_08.txt.html101 KB
electra_magazine_1996_09.txt.html184 KB
electra_magazine_1996_10.txt.html266 KB
Eros.Big_Sister_Is_Horny.1996.txt.html104 KB
Eros.Daughters_Horny_Urge_1996.txt.html67 KB
Eros.Family_Fun.txt.html415 KB
Eros.Wanton_Family.1996.txt.html191 KB
Family_Peepers.txt143 KB
First_Time_In_The_Behind.txt146 KB
Flying_Pen.Victoria_Night_Music.1993.txt.html347 KB
Friar_Dave.Angie.1994.txt.html64 KB
Friar_Dave.Elly_Comes_of_Age_1_1996.txt.html15 KB
Friar_Dave.Elly_Comes_of_Age_2_1996.txt.html16 KB
Friar_Dave.Elly_Comes_of_Age_3_1996.txt.html12 KB
Friar_Dave.Elly_Comes_of_Age_4_1996.txt.html14 KB
Friar_Dave.Janet_L_Dunning.My_Brother.1990.txt.html72 KB
Her_Husband's_Boss.txt227 KB
House_Of_Evil.txt242 KB
In_Bondage_Schoolgirl.txt167 KB
Incest Schoolgirls.txt115 KB
Incest_Wife.txt174 KB
lannie.txt.html179 KB
manhatten_madness.txt.html246 KB
mom_and_sis_in_chains_1991.txt.html184 KB
moms_rape_cure.txt.html196 KB
Naked_Wet_Daughter.txt152 KB
Naughty_Wild_Cousin.txt170 KB
Passionate_Sister.txt272 KB
Paul_Sutherland.Girls_Camp_Counselor.FLP-135.txt219 KB
Schoolgirl_Bondage.txt146 KB
Seduced_Young_Wife.txt218 KB
siblings.txt.html407 KB
Sister's_Husband.txt226 KB
Sister's_Wet_Panties.txt142 KB
Sister_Sucks_Best.txt154 KB
Slave_Trader's_Captive.txt218 KB
The_Orgiastic_Cult.txt237 KB
The_Rancher's_Wife.txt321 KB
The_Seductive_Sister-In-Law.txt244 KB
The_Tempted_Tourist.txt212 KB
The_Unfaithful_Girlfriend.txt172 KB
The_Weekend_Captive.txt237 KB
Three-Way_Weekend.txt205 KB
Three_Sucking_Daughters.txt180 KB
Trio.txt60 KB
Tween_Sister's_Hot_Thighs.txt151 KB
Twin_Farmgirl_Cousins.txt144 KB
Wanting_Everyone.txt204 KB
What_A_Sucking_Mother.txt164 KB
When_Mom_And_Dad_Are_Away.txt156 KB
Companion Books (CB) Series
CB-4292 Daughters In Heat by Ted Leonard (txt).rar43 KB
CB-4406 Eager Horny Cousin by Kevin Sellers (txt).rar50 KB
CB-4432 Sister's Wet Panties by Kathy Harris (txt).rar33 KB
CB-4436 Sister Sucks Best by Bob Wallace (txt).rar33 KB
CB-4449 Naked Wet Daughter by Kathy Harris (txt).rar33 KB
CB-4483 'Tween Sister's Hot Thighs by Ray Mills (txt).rar38 KB
CB-4523 Naughty, Wild Cousin by Kathy Harris (txt).rar39 KB
CB-733 The Seduction Of Mommy by Foster Davis (txt).rar58 KB
cb-4292.jpg44 KB
cb-4432.jpg50 KB
cb-4436.jpg41 KB
cb-4449.jpg48 KB
cb-4483.jpg53 KB
cb-4523.jpg39 KB
cb-733.jpg34 KB
Companion Reader (CR) Series
CR-2001 The Dog Lovers by Author Unknown (txt).rar58 KB
CR-2003 The Watch Dog by Author Unknown (txt).rar55 KB
CR-2004 Sally's Secret Lover by Author Unknown (txt).rar65 KB
CR-2005 The Widow's Companion by Author Unknown (txt).rar58 KB
David Shaw - Naughty Schooling (TXT).rar16 KB
Diary Novels (DN) Series
dn-344.jpg45 KB
dn-445.jpg47 KB
dn-453.jpg46 KB
dn-484.jpg39 KB
DN-201 Family Bride by Wilma Crane (txt).rar52 KB
DN-344 Mom Gets It On by Kathy Andrews (txt).rar40 KB
DN-445 Easy Wild Wife by Don Scott (txt).rar34 KB
DN-453 Coming Mother by Kathy Andrews (txt).rar33 KB
DN-484 The Neighborhood Nympho by Hank Henderson (txt).rar40 KB
Don Winslow - Mind Control (doc).rar13 KB
Fantasy Books (FB) Series
fb-17.jpg68 KB
fb-29.jpg56 KB
FB-17 Pony Girl by Author Unknown (txt).rar53 KB
FB-29 Wild For Horses by Author Unknown (txt).rar44 KB
Frances La Gatta - Sexy Sailors (TXT).rar33 KB
Greenleaf Classic (GC) Series
gc-1001.jpg46 KB
gc-1012.jpg39 KB
gc-1025.jpg51 KB
GC-1001 The Mother They Shared by Kathy Andrews (txt).rar36 KB
GC-1012 A Schoolgirl's First Time by Frank Brown (txt).rar37 KB
GC-1025 Naughty Farmer's Daughter by Raymond Kendall (txt).rar41 KB
Heatherpool Press (HP) Series
hp-6014.jpg48 KB
hp-6173.jpg48 KB
hp-6256.jpg49 KB
hp-6494.jpg64 KB
hp-6513.jpg52 KB
HP-6014 The Naughty Bride by David Ingram (txt).rar58 KB
HP-6058 Charlene's Dirty Movie by Brad Harris (txt).rar39 KB
HP-6173 Hot Pants Weather Girl by Ray Todd (txt).rar39 KB
HP-6256 A Visit From Sis by David St. Martin (txt).rar45 KB
HP-6494 More Than A Mother by Kathy Andrews (txt).rar39 KB
HP-6513 The Widow's Hot Family by William Taylor (txt).rar44 KB
HP-6566 Daughter On Top by Ray Todd (txt).rar37 KB
Henry Morgan - The Drivers (TXT).rar86 KB
Hustler (HP10) Series
hp10-135.jpg79 KB
hp10-280.jpg47 KB
HP10-135 Duplicate Lovers by Ralph Burch (txt).rar66 KB
HP10-280 Swimsuit Sinners by Ralph Burch (txt).rar63 KB
Illustrated Paper Back (IPB) Series
ipb-180.jpg54 KB
IPB-106 An Incestuous Party by Phyllis Baxter (txt).rar71 KB
IPB-108 An Unholy Desire by Author Unknown (txt).rar69 KB
IPB-111 An Animal Heat by Author Unknown (txt).rar63 KB
IPB-116 China Girl by Author Unknown (txt).rar62 KB
IPB-118 Second Grade Teacher by Carole Wilson (txt).rar85 KB
IPB-119 The Scandalous Stewardess by Jean Sifton (txt) (txt).rar82 KB
IPB-120 The Helpless Captive by Author Unknown (txt).rar71 KB
IPB-128 White Slave by Author Unknown (txt).rar70 KB
IPB-129 Naked and Helpless by Author Unknown (txt).rar86 KB
IPB-137 Black Captain by Martin Jones (txt).rar71 KB
IPB-138 The Girlfriend's Lesson by Blake Simmons (txt).rar65 KB
IPB-139 An Unholy Lust by Author Unknown (txt).rar36 KB
IPB-142 Racial Swap-Night by Author Unknown (txt).rar46 KB
IPB-143 The Dog Lover by Author Unknown (txt).rar46 KB
IPB-149 The Kinky Couples by Author Unknown (txt).rar33 KB
IPB-154 A Naughty Fourteen by Suzanne Mellows (txt).rar40 KB
IPB-155 The Impotent Husband by Vance Caldwell (txt).rar55 KB
IPB-159 Auntie Marilyn by Clifton Snyder (txt).rar30 KB
IPB-161 An Animal-Loving Bride by Author Unknown (txt).rar54 KB
IPB-167 Mrs. Howell's Foot by Vance Caldwell (txt).rar49 KB
IPB-170 The Hollywood Swappers by Roger Fitzgerald (txt).rar36 KB
IPB-171 The Doggie Doctor by Elizabeth Watson (txt).rar42 KB
IPB-172 Two Sisters by Carole Wilson (txt).rar41 KB
IPB-176 The Missionary's Daughter by Author Unknown (txt).rar52 KB
IPB-180 Laura's Ball Club by Carole Wilson (txt) (txt).rar67 KB
Jay Merson - Servile Sluts (TXT).rar18 KB
Jay Merson - Taken By Force (doc).rar48 KB
Jay Merson - Taken By Force (txt).rar40 KB
Jay Merson - Women On The Chain Gang (txt).rar40 KB
Kennel Club Series (KCS)
kcs-1209.jpg48 KB
KCS-1201 The Hungry Pet by Author Unknown (txt).rar62 KB
KCS-1202 A Wild Yearning by Author Unknown (txt).rar62 KB
KCS-1203 The Young And The Wild by Mrs. Peter Jensen (txt).rar63 KB
KCS-1204 The Jealous Protector by Benton Collier (txt).rar59 KB
KCS-1205 Up, Boy, Up! by Richard Mountbatten (txt).rar56 KB
KCS-1206 Lisa's Stepmother by Author Unknown (txt).rar60 KB
KCS-1207 Vicki's Furry Friend by Richard Mountbatten (txt).rar55 KB
KCS-1208 Girl's School Pet by Jon Reskind (txt).rar50 KB
KCS-1209 Hero's Mistress by Johnny Fargo (txt).rar52 KB
KCS-1211 The Lap Dog by Carlotta Graham (txt).rar56 KB
KCS-1212 The Family Pet by Author Unknown (txt).rar54 KB
KCS-1217 The Landlady's Dog by Julie Taylor (txt).rar58 KB
Laura Jenkins - The Secret Fantasies of a Suburban Girl (TXT).rar16 KB
Liverpool Library Press (LLP) Series
llp-1012.jpg57 KB
llp-108.jpg35 KB
llp-116.jpg34 KB
llp-119.jpg41 KB
llp-122.jpg46 KB
llp-128.jpg45 KB
llp-133.jpg33 KB
llp-205.jpg37 KB
llp-209.jpg43 KB
llp-211.jpg40 KB
llp-247.jpg52 KB
llp-260.jpg45 KB
llp-264.jpg42 KB
llp-274.jpg45 KB
llp-276.jpg51 KB
llp-300.jpg47 KB
llp-305.jpg44 KB
llp-316.jpg51 KB
llp-325.jpg45 KB
llp-348.jpg48 KB
llp-373.jpg55 KB
llp-397.jpg49 KB
llp-539.jpg56 KB
llp-553.jpg55 KB
llp-941.jpg85 KB
LLP-101 The Abducted Bride by Jon Reskind (txt).rar80 KB
LLP-1012 Behind The Bar by Polly Gaston (txt).rar53 KB
LLP-102 The Blackmailed Wife by Peter Jensen (txt).rar78 KB
LLP-104 White Captive by Mark Townsend (txt).rar76 KB
LLP-105 Innocent In Chicago by Mary Jenkins (txt).rar62 KB
LLP-106 The Experiment by Glen Ransom (txt).rar76 KB
LLP-108 The Underground Model by Jean Sifton (txt) (txt).rar82 KB
LLP-111 Drugged Into Sin by Peter Jenkins (txt).rar57 KB
LLP-115 The Loser's Wife by Jean-Jacques Tibor (txt).rar52 KB
LLP-116 The Friendly Couples by Roger Grayson (txt).rar67 KB
LLP-119 The Reluctant Neighbor by Peter Jenkins (txt).rar53 KB
LLP-122 Innocent In Chicago by Mary Jenkins (txt).rar48 KB
LLP-126 The Unholy Master by Author Unknown (txt).rar76 KB
LLP-128 Ravished Wife by Richard Van Dorne (txt).rar59 KB
LLP-133 Nazi Joy Camp by Eric Jurgens (txt).rar53 KB
LLP-159 Spell Of The Beast by Richard Mountbatten (txt).rar70 KB
LLP-163 Angie Makes Friends by Grace Wilkinson (txt).rar56 KB
LLP-167 The Reluctant Couple by Grant Roberts (txt).rar71 KB
LLP-169 Sir Launcelot (Vol. 1) by Author Unknown (txt).rar71 KB
LLP-196 A Girl's Best Friend by Jackson Robard (txt).rar66 KB
LLP-201 The Polaroid Club Book One by William Davis (txt).rar65 KB
LLP-2013 Double Marriage by Roger Zapman (txt).rar53 KB
LLP-2014 Pilgrim of Passion by Ed Keyes (txt).rar48 KB
LLP-203 The Polaroid Club Book Two by William Davis (txt).rar69 KB
LLP-205 Aunt Dorothy Book I by Grace Wilkinson (txt).rar50 KB
LLP-209 Walo's Mistress by Jon Reskind (txt).rar68 KB
LLP-211 Aunt Dorothy Book II by Grace Wilkinson (txt).rar49 KB
LLP-212 Rajah by Author Unknown (txt).rar68 KB
LLP-218 Book One The Blackmailed Mother by Peter Jensen (txt).rar66 KB
LLP-220 Book Two The Blackmailed Mother by Peter Jensen (txt).rar67 KB
LLP-223 The Married Sister by Eric Courtney (txt).rar53 KB
LLP-237 The Family Reunion Book I by Grace Wilkinson (txt).rar45 KB
LLP-239 Kappy (Son Of Kaptain) Volume One by John Reskind (txt).rar64 KB
LLP-247 The Family Reunion Book II by Grace Wilkinson (txt).rar47 KB
LLP-253 Kappy (Son Of Kaptain) Volume Two by Jon Reskind (txt).rar66 KB
LLP-260 The Animal Urge by Carlotta Graham (txt).rar54 KB
LLP-264 The Abducted Wife by Jon Reskind (txt).rar61 KB
LLP-266 The Panty Lovers by Colin Johnson (txt).rar57 KB
LLP-272 Caesar Comes Book One by Jon Reskind (txt).rar61 KB
LLP-274 Caesar's Revenge Book Two by Jon Reskind (txt).rar62 KB
LLP-276 Caesar Conquers Book 3 by Jon Reskind (txt).rar59 KB
LLP-279 The Exhibitionist Wife by Gilda Grayson (txt).rar59 KB
LLP-290 The Neighborhood Pet by Jon Reskind (txt).rar64 KB
LLP-300 The Honeymoon Couple by Winston McElroy (txt).rar60 KB
LLP-305 Daddy's Girls by Jewel Breckenridge (txt).rar57 KB
LLP-306 A Panty Compulsion by N. Van Heller (txt).rar48 KB
LLP-316 A Family Sandwich by Grace Wilkinson (txt).rar51 KB
LLP-325 The Peeking Sister by Jean Sifton (txt) (txt).rar74 KB
LLP-345 The Twins And Mother by Alberta Graham (txt).rar61 KB
LLP-346 The Twins And Teacher by Alberta Graham (txt).rar56 KB
LLP-348 The Motorcyclist's Wife by Carl Van Marcus (txt).rar66 KB
LLP-356 Daughter's Little Friend by Carl Tatem (txt).rar63 KB
LLP-373 A Mother's Forbidden Passion by Mary Jenkins (txt).rar63 KB
LLP-397 A Passionate Family by Justin Robins (txt).rar43 KB
LLP-416 Bookstore For Boys by Frederick Laughton (txt).rar43 KB
LLP-429 The Late-Late Family Show by Grace Wilkinson (txt).rar66 KB
LLP-467 The Watching Husband by Author Unknown (txt).rar55 KB
LLP-511 A Loving Family by Phyllis Baxter (txt).rar56 KB
LLP-539 Little Eddie's Mother by Jon Reskind (txt).rar54 KB
LLP-553 A Husband's Hobby by Peter Jensen (txt).rar60 KB
LLP-559 An Animal Threesome by Carlotta Graham (txt).rar37 KB
LLP-941 Lap Lessons by Paula Cash (txt).rar69 KB
LLP-972 Parole Passion by Regina White (txt).rar62 KB
Loren Ryder - China Teen Photo Slaves (txt).rar47 KB
Miscellaneous Novels
5042 Voodoo In Haiti by Aubrey Wilder (txt).rar74 KB
acdc-182 Swap Night (txt).rar46 KB
asp-2021 Driven Into Swapping by Renee Stevens (txt,F).rar92 KB
aw-103 Massage Parlor Wife by R. B. Simpson (txt).rar52 KB
Beast Humping by Ron Bywood (txt).rar62 KB
Blonde Voodoo Queen by None Whiff (htm).rar35 KB
Broken Window by Ulyssa Kincaid (htm).rar11 KB
CC-241 The Family Haven BOOK ONE by Author Unknown (txt).rar56 KB
ec-1120.jpg47 KB
fam-119.jpg34 KB
flp-135.jpg54 KB
gs-59.jpg36 KB
j-3.jpg56 KB
kc-126.jpg46 KB
mastlilg.jpg51 KB
nd-141.jpg41 KB
oph-217.jpg27 KB
rcl-216.jpg38 KB
sb-206.jpg70 KB
Dog Lover's Diary by Horst Kepple (txt).rar96 KB
Doggie Farm by John Reskin (txt).rar64 KB
EC-1120 Bestiality and a Young Girl by Kathleen Hennessy (txt).rar50 KB
FAM-119 Brothers And Sisters by Charles Wykes (txt).rar49 KB
FLP-135 Girl's Camp Counselor by Paul Sutherland (txt).rar59 KB
GE-2033 Spouse In Torment by Jason Cannon (txt).rar46 KB
GGE-101 Teaching Swapping by Author Unknown (txt).rar55 KB
GK-550 The Soldier's Wife by Alex Ayers (txt).rar53 KB
GS-59 Young Girl Sex Club by Andrew Laird (txt).rar65 KB
GSV-133 The Straying Wife by Allan Chase (txt).rar59 KB
Her Barking Stud by Barry Lassady (txt).rar51 KB
J-3 Dog Show Girl by Carl Isley (txt).rar55 KB
KC-126 The Professor's Rape Games by Jack Victor (txt).rar47 KB
LCS-70003 Wife On Film by Author Unknown (txt).rar41 KB
M-4006 Tommy's Little Sister by William Spain (txt).rar46 KB
M-60212 Photo Orgy by Jack Parker (txt).rar64 KB
Masturbating Little Girls by Author Unknown (txt).rar51 KB
MLP-146 The Virgin Captives by Judd Michaels (txt).rar45 KB
Naked With Her Dog by John Biggs (txt).rar60 KB
ND-141 Family Affair by Miriam Schwartz (txt).rar51 KB
NS-451 Mother Every Way by Don Russell (txt).rar57 KB
OA-117 The Sex Procurer by Roger Hornsby (txt).rar60 KB
OPH-217 Hard Guys and Hostages by Robert Moore (txt).rar71 KB
P-2064 Women Who Perform With Animals by Harold Mitchell (txt).rar59 KB
RAS-1405 Violated by Omar Victorine (txt).rar54 KB
RCL-216 Her New Daddy by Erika Norman (txt).rar49 KB
SB-206 Games Neighbors Play by Roger Tigger (txt).rar54 KB
SC-173 Delighted In His Daughter by Cherry Charles (txt).rar56 KB
Patch Pokets (PP) Series
pp-11.jpg55 KB
pp-13.jpg124 KB
pp-7002.jpg45 KB
pp-7042.jpg55 KB
pp-7046.jpg58 KB
pp-7205.jpg55 KB
pp-7208.jpg50 KB
pp-7285.jpg53 KB
pp-7304.jpg54 KB
pp-7339.jpg54 KB
pp-7397.jpg61 KB
pp-7524.jpg59 KB
pp-7541.jpg55 KB
pp-8001.jpg49 KB
pp-8016.jpg46 KB
pp-8049.jpg63 KB
pp-8060.jpg63 KB
PP-11 Changing Partners (Previously published as Mom Gets Hot) by Author Unknown (txt).rar38 KB
PP-13 She Blows The Man Down (Previously Pu...ughter Does It) by Author Unknown (txt).rar38 KB
PP-7001 The Tortured Tourists by Jonathan Everest (txt).rar75 KB
PP-7002 Wife Forced To Spread by R.T. Masters (txt).rar41 KB
PP-7012 The Breeders by Nicole Duval (txt).rar66 KB
PP-7027 Nightmare Holiday by Doug Archer (txt).rar48 KB
PP-7042 Back Door Babysitter by Thomas Trent (txt).rar42 KB
PP-7046 Eager Beaver Family by Ray Todd (txt).rar35 KB
PP-7093 Niece Without Panties by Kathy Harris (txt).rar34 KB
PP-7205 Gang Bang Mom by Donna Allen (txt).rar32 KB
PP-7206 The Family Busts Loose by Author Unknown (txt).rar43 KB
PP-7208 Hot Family Affairs by Hank Borden (txt).rar41 KB
PP-7285 An Orgy Family-Style by Donna Allen (txt).rar35 KB
PP-7304 Daughter Wants To Suck by Thomas Trent (txt).rar44 KB
PP-7339 Cousin's Deep Throat by Jeff Collins (txt).rar39 KB
PP-7375 Two-Way Mother by Kathy Andrews (txt).rar36 KB
PP-7388 Into Sister, Into Incest by Harry Stevens (txt).rar41 KB
PP-7397 Teasing Pleasing Family by Harry Stevens (txt).rar43 KB
PP-7524 A Special Mother by James Armstrong (txt).rar39 KB
PP-7541 Her Lessons After School by Ray Walker (txt).rar31 KB
PP-8001 Peeping Family by J. S. Bradley (txt).rar45 KB
PP-8016 Mom's Summer Camp Swap by Steve Masters (txt).rar47 KB
PP-8049 The Family Secret by John Kellerman (txt).rar52 KB
PP-8051 Naughty Little Sister by Brad Harris (txt).rar48 KB
PP-8060 Spreading For Teacher by Robert Vickers (txt).rar45 KB
Pet Books (PB) Series
pb-135.jpg49 KB
pb-193.jpg51 KB
pb-292.jpg45 KB
pb-296.jpg46 KB
pb-303.jpg47 KB
pb-304.jpg42 KB
pb-306.jpg40 KB
pb-311.jpg38 KB
pb-328.jpg46 KB
pb-335.jpg49 KB
pb-342.jpg46 KB
pb-350.jpg50 KB
pb-360.jpg47 KB
pb-364.jpg49 KB
pb-366.jpg53 KB
pb-367.jpg46 KB
pb-373.jpg48 KB
pb-378.jpg43 KB
pb-381.jpg46 KB
pb-388.jpg50 KB
pb-389.jpg44 KB
pb-390.jpg44 KB
PB-101 The Beast in Me by James Butler (txt).rar55 KB
PB-102 The Family Pet by Conrad Sloan (txt).rar58 KB
PB-103 Animal Farm by Frank Harper (txt).rar62 KB
PB-104 Mom's Best Friend by Donald Palermo (txt).rar60 KB
PB-105 The Dog's Girl by Author Unknown (txt).rar57 KB
PB-106 The Wolf Wives by Steve Forest (txt).rar61 KB
PB-110 Mary's Great Dane by William Scott (txt).rar50 KB
PB-112 Her Animal Act by Author Unknown (txt).rar59 KB
PB-116 Dog-Style Wives by Mark Williams (txt).rar64 KB
PB-135 Angie's Dog Orgy by Janet McCoy (txt).rar59 KB
PB-158 Kathy's Dog Act by Paul Gable (txt).rar41 KB
PB-161 Elaine's Dog Show by Paul Gable (txt).rar43 KB
PB-193 The Coed's Wild Ass by Paul Gable (txt).rar38 KB
PB-249 Farm Family by William Taylor (txt).rar44 KB
PB-267 Animal Farm Orgy by Author Unknown (txt).rar35 KB
PB-277 Barnyard Orgy by Frank Brown (txt).rar47 KB
PB-288 Daughter and the Dogs by Ted Leonard (txt).rar44 KB
PB-292 Sister's Loving Pets by Ted Leonard (txt).rar41 KB
PB-296 Donkey Raped Daughter by David Crane (txt).rar37 KB
PB-303 Horse-Loving Niece by Paul Gable (txt).rar42 KB
PB-304 The Wife's Wild Ass by David Crane (txt).rar38 KB
PB-306 A Pony For Daughter by Bob Wallace (txt).rar36 KB
PB-308 Cousin's Farmyard Fun by Paul Gable (txt).rar39 KB
PB-311 Mom's Horse Hunger by Bob Wallace (txt).rar35 KB
PB-313 Sucking Daughter, Bucking Horse by Bob Wallace (txt).rar36 KB
PB-318 Horse-Loving Farm Wives by David Crane (txt).rar38 KB
PB-321 Two Sisters and a Horse by Bob Wallace (txt).rar33 KB
PB-326 Horse-Loving Cousins by Author Unknown (txt).rar40 KB
PB-328 Virgin For Horses by David Crane (txt).rar37 KB
PB-335 Horse-Hungry Mother by Bob Wallace (txt).rar30 KB
PB-340 Horses For Horny Cousins by Author Unknown (txt).rar31 KB
PB-342 Mom's Donkey Show by Frank Brown (txt).rar37 KB
PB-344 Of Course She Loves A Horse by David Crane (txt).rar36 KB
PB-347 Donkey-Loving Schoolgirl by Author Unknown (txt).rar39 KB
PB-350 Cousin Hot For Horses by Bob Wallace (txt).rar30 KB
PB-352 Sisters Love Horses by David Crane (txt).rar38 KB
PB-357 Horse Loving Daughter by Author Unknown (txt).rar30 KB
PB-360 Beast Feast Sister by David Crane (txt).rar38 KB
PB-364 The Family's Animal Fun by David Crane (txt).rar38 KB
PB-366 Mom's Donkey Urge by David Crane (txt).rar36 KB
PB-367 Daughter Hot For Dogs by Hank Borden (txt).rar38 KB
PB-373 Sister's Horsey Urges by Paul Gable (txt).rar39 KB
PB-374 Twin Daughters for Dogs by Kathy Harris (txt).rar35 KB
PB-375 Daughter Loves Horses by Curt Aldrich (txt).rar39 KB
PB-378 Sister's Horny Dog by Kathy Harris (txt).rar32 KB
PB-381 The Babysitter Takes Dogs by Ted Leonard (txt).rar31 KB
PB-388 Sister Does Dogs by Kathy Harris (txt).rar37 KB
PB-389 It's Donkey Time! by David Crane (txt).rar34 KB
PB-390 And The Dog Made Three by David Crane (txt).rar33 KB
Private Reader (PR) Series
pr-3190.jpg35 KB
pr-3219.jpg28 KB
pr-3235.jpg31 KB
pr-3259.jpg44 KB
pr-3288.jpg52 KB
pr-3311.jpg55 KB
pr-3327.jpg42 KB
pr-3332.jpg41 KB
PR-3190 Horny Voyeur Schoolgirls by David Crane (txt).rar34 KB
PR-3219 Spanked Babysitter by Thomas Trent (txt).rar42 KB
PR-3235 Mom Peeps On The Boys by Frank Brown (txt).rar37 KB
PR-3259 Loving Hot Family by Harry Stevens (txt).rar41 KB
PR-3288 The Neighbor's Teasing Wife by Nick Eastwood (txt).rar33 KB
PR-3311 Free For All Farmgirl by Frank Brown (txt).rar38 KB
PR-3327 The Gardener Got Her by Nick Eastwood (txt).rar33 KB
PR-3332 Throw Mama On The Bed by Kathy Andrews (txt).rar31 KB
Rear Window Series (RWS)
rws-104.jpg35 KB
rws-108.jpg39 KB
rws-113.jpg32 KB
rws-126.jpg38 KB
rws-149.jpg42 KB
rws-152.jpg41 KB
rws-160.jpg36 KB
rws-164.jpg35 KB
rws-181.jpg33 KB
rws-184.jpg35 KB
rws-188.jpg39 KB
rws-190.jpg37 KB
rws-192.jpg32 KB
rws-194.jpg38 KB
rws-203.jpg33 KB
rws-209.jpg35 KB
rws-214.jpg42 KB
RWS-104 Uncle Gaston And Niece Volume 01 by Jon Reskind (txt).rar87 KB
RWS-108 Uncle Gaston And Niece Volume 02 by Jon Reskind (txt).rar92 KB
RWS-113 The Brother-In-Law by Winston McElroy (txt).rar63 KB
RWS-124 Family Night by Grace Wilkinson (txt).rar69 KB
RWS-126 The Playful Twins by James Wheaton (txt).rar64 KB
RWS-131 A Family Saga, Vol 01 by F T Hemmingway (txt).rar163 KB
RWS-149 Mother's New Boarder by Peter Jensen (txt).rar79 KB
RWS-152 Behind The Barn by Evelyn Street (txt).rar74 KB
RWS-160 The Tempted Bride by Carl Van Marcus (txt).rar80 KB
RWS-164 The Boyfriend's Dad by Peter Jensen (txt).rar76 KB
RWS-181 Present For Teacher by Jackson Robard (txt).rar74 KB
RWS-184 An Incestuous Love by Tina Holmes (txt).rar74 KB
RWS-188 The Girlfriend's Revenge Book 01 by Carl Van Marcus (htm).rar85 KB
RWS-190 The Girlfriend's Revenge Book 02 by Carl Van Marcus (htm).rar81 KB
RWS-192 The Door-To-Door Salesman by Jean Sifton (htm).rar78 KB
RWS-194 Sex-Education Class by Jackson Robard (htm).rar88 KB
RWS-195 A Helpful Wife by Susan Carter (htm).rar89 KB
RWS-195 A Helpful Wife by Susan Carter (txt).rar78 KB
RWS-196 Sally And Duke by Kitty Spencer (htm).rar98 KB
RWS-196 Sally And Duke by Kitty Spencer (txt).rar87 KB
RWS-203 Animal Girl by Sabina Graves (htm).rar67 KB
RWS-209 The Neighbor's Pet by Suzanne Mellows (txt).rar81 KB
RWS-214 The Family Bed by Grace Wilkinson (htm).rar76 KB
RWS-215 The Hidden Camera by Susan Carter (htm).rar73 KB
RWS-244 Daddy's Delight by Author Unknown (htm).rar87 KB
RWS-266 The Blackmailed Teenagers by Carlton Adams (htm).rar93 KB
RWS-276 The Sex Experiment by Suzanne Mellows (htm).rar94 KB
RWS-321 A Film For A Few Friends by J Wheatfield (htm).rar91 KB
RWS-401 Mother's Animal Lover by Author Unknown (htm).rar89 KB
Richard Stryker - EX-WIVES INHERITANCE – I – Julia Dawson (txt).rar40 KB
Richard Stryker - EX-WIVES INHERITANCE – II – Dominique’s Taming (txt).rar38 KB
Richard Stryker - EX-WIVES INHERITANCE – III – Cheryl's Cumuppance (txt).rar39 KB
Richard Stryker - EX-WIVES INHERITANCE – IV – Destiny (txt).rar40 KB
Sarah Fisher - The Contract (TXT).rar82 KB
Silver Edition (SE) Series
se-1024.jpg79 KB
se-1033.jpg67 KB
se-1034.jpg74 KB
SE-1024 Daddy's Hot Twins by Jason Cannon (txt).rar60 KB
SE-1033 Sucker For Mom by Mark Jacobs (txt).rar71 KB
SE-1034 Hot Bed Family by David Ingram (txt).rar64 KB
Soho Library Press (SLP) Series
slp-242.jpg57 KB
slp-247.jpg53 KB
SLP-242 Family Affair by Dennis Carlisle (txt).rar55 KB
SLP-247 More Love To Come by Hernandez Villie (txt).rar62 KB
Strange Tales (ST) Series
st-11.jpg34 KB
st-22.jpg32 KB
ST-11 Sex-Crazed Stallion by Author Unknown (htm).rar80 KB
ST-18 The Ape Girl by Author Unknown (htm).rar80 KB
ST-22 Stud Horse by Author Unknown (htm).rar71 KB
ST-30 Stable Girl by Author Unknown (txt).rar56 KB
Vision (V) Series
v-1134.jpg27 KB
v-6036.jpg52 KB
V-1134 The Passionate Prisoners by Will Henry (txt).rar55 KB
V-6036 Little Tina's Playtime Lovers by Harry Baxter (txt).rar52 KB
Watersports Training Manual (htm).rar18 KB

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