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45s rips part1

23.76 GB  
in 5,767 files
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5 years old  
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User Comments

1. Matt — long ago
I downloaded this pack last year and it took me about 3 months because the only seeder only came online every now and then, but this is most definitely legitimate. The fact that I was able to get all 6 (at least I think there are just six, thats all I've been able to find) packs downloaded seems in retrospect to be something of a miracle. It is an understatement to say that this collection is a treasure. There is so much here you cannot find anywhere else. If you're here on this page and wondering if this is worth your time, trust me it is. The quality is very listenable. Most are 160 KBPS mp3s.

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Torrent Contents

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45s rips part1
30 Headley Ave - VPRD-302-A - Conrad Crystal - Red Eye.mp317 MB
African Museum AM 05-A Gregory Isaacs - Top Ten.mp316 MB
African Museum DSR 4080-A Gregory Isaacs - Cream Of The Crop.mp316 MB
African Museum AM11 A Gregory Isaacs - Secretary.mp316 MB
30 Headley Ave - VPRD-302-B - Major Worries - Nuh Run Down Money.mp315 MB
African Museum CC 6680-B Gregory Isaacs - A Few Words.mp314 MB
African Museum AM 05-B Gregory Isaacs - Chart Version.mp314 MB
African Museum CC 6680-A Gregory Isaacs - Next To You.mp314 MB
African Museum SS 5208 A Gregory Isaacs - Love Feeling.mp313 MB
African Museum AM 005 A Gregory Issacs - G.P..mp312 MB
African Museum AMD 12 B Gregory Issacs - Rub A Dub.mp312 MB
African Museum AMD 12 A Gregory Issacs - Addicted To You.mp312 MB
Black Art FRM 6763-B Lee Perry - Black Smoke Signal.mp312 MB
African Museum BTR 006 A Gregory Issacs - Drifting Away.mp312 MB
Black Art FRM 6762-A Lee Perry - Bafflin' Smoke Signal.mp311 MB
Anchor G 8924-A Home T, Cocoa Tea & Shabba Ranks - Pirates Anthem.mp311 MB
African Museum C&C 002-A Gregory Isaacs - Tune In.mp311 MB
African Museum AM2 A Gregory Isaacs - Wailing Rudy.mp311 MB
Anchor g8934-b version.mp310 MB
[UK_Mango_MAN 1011-B_1976] The Upsetters - Dub In Peace.mp310 MB
[UK_Mango_MAN 1011-A_1976] James Brown [aka James Booms] - Stop The War In A Babylon.mp310 MB
Anchor GUSSIE 8924-B Pirates Anthem Version.mp310 MB
Anchor G 8948-A Cocoa Tea - One Away Woman (One Track Mind Zely Mix).mp310 MB
Blue Trac BTR 001-A Jimmy Riley - Hot Summer.mp310 MB
Anchor G 8953-B Rebel Princess - One More Time (Pop Version).mp310 MB
[Blank Label_No Info_ED 004] Joseph Cotton - Wicked Running.mp310 MB
[blank label no info ed 004] joseph cotton - wicked running.mp310 MB
African Museum C&C 002-B Version.mp310 MB
[JA_Weed Beat_DSR 2895-B_1976] King Short Shirt - Nobody Go Run Me.mp310 MB
Bunjo BN 019-B Jo-Jo Bennett - Guided Lite.mp310 MB
[JA_Studio One_No Matrix-A] King Stitt - Ska-ing West.mp39 MB
[UK_Ballistic_UP 36482-B_1978] Prince Linco...he Royal Rasses - Unconventional Rhythm.mp39 MB
[JA Pipe Music DSR 3861-b 1982] Chalice - Praise Him Version.mp39 MB
[JA_Studio One_No Matrix-B] Jeffry Brown - Ska-ing Version.mp39 MB
[JA Pipe Music DSR 3860-a 1982] Chalice - Praise Him.mp39 MB
African Museum AM 005 B version.mp39 MB
58-[JA Intel Diplo DSR 9122-a 1977] Peter Tosh - Can't Blame The Youth.mp39 MB
Blank FC 8009-A Hortence Ellis - You Done Me Wrong.mp39 MB
Anchor G 8948-A Cocoa Tea - One Away Woman (Stephen Stanly Mix).mp39 MB
African Museum SS 5208 B version.mp39 MB
[uk a side records & tapes son 2221-a 1980]...ara jones - just when i needed you most.mp39 MB
[JA_Nura_DSR 0606-B_1983] Ring Craft Posse - Return Of The Dragon.mp39 MB
[UK_Harry J_HJ 6701-B_1974] Sambo Jim - Collie Burning.mp39 MB
Anchor g8934-a krystal - all around the world.mp39 MB
[blank label no info ed 004] roots radics & scully - cuss cuss.mp39 MB
[Blank Label_No Info_ED 004] Roots Radics & Scully - Cuss Cuss.mp39 MB
[JA_Nura_DSR 0606-A_1983] Trinity - Move Up Jamaica.mp39 MB
[UK_Sun Tan_ST 002-B_1978] The Moonrocks - Hurtful Dub.mp39 MB
[UK_Black Wax_WAX 006-A_1975] Henley Banton - Jockey Voodoo.mp39 MB
[uk wambesi twdv 586-a reissue] brenda ray - dreamin'.mp38 MB
African Museum BTR 006 B Roots Radics - version.mp38 MB
Black Diamond CCR 9017-B Ready Black Diamond Ready Version.mp38 MB
[UK_Sun Tan_ST 002-A_1978] Louisa James - Boy (I Have Been Hurt).mp38 MB
Blackamoore Royal MML 1350-A Michael Blackamoore - Open Up.mp38 MB
[UK_Ethnic_ETH 022-A_1974] Sidney Rogers - Miracle Worker.mp38 MB
African Museum AM11 B version.mp38 MB
Bucktu BT 45 1001-B Truths & Rights - Live Up.mp38 MB
Blackamoore Royal MML 1350-B Open Version.mp38 MB
[JA_TR Groovemaster_DSR 9367-A_1979] Trinity - Walkie Talkie.mp38 MB
[UK_Victory_VIC 01-B_1977] Roy Shirley - Time Version.mp38 MB
[UK_Studio_STU-001-A_2005] Elvis Presley & The Wailers - Crying In The Chapel.mp38 MB
[UK_Trojan Records_TR 7946-B_1974] Winston Groovy - Puppet And Clown.mp38 MB
53-[JA Globe Champion GCR 6631-a 1978] Carol Anderson - Jah Jah Said Let There Be Love.mp38 MB
[JA_Globe Champion_GCR 6631-A_1978] Carol Anderson - Jah Jah Said Let There Be Love.mp38 MB
ackie - call me rambo - chesse roots (Heavyweight 12 inch HW003A).mp38 MB
African Museum DSR 4081-B Roots Radix Band - Dub.mp38 MB
[UK_Victory_VIC 01-A_1977] Roy Shirley - Time.mp38 MB
African Museum AM2 B Gregory Isaacs - Dubwise.mp38 MB
[UK_Magnet_MAG 36-B_1975] Susan Cadogan - Call My Name.mp38 MB
56 Hope Road DSR 0415 A Papa Michigan & General Smiley - One Love Jam Down.mp38 MB
African Museum 001 A Gregory Isaacs - Front Door.mp38 MB
56-[UK Caribbean CBN 317-a 1977] Delroy Wilson - My Cecilia.mp38 MB
53-[JA Beverley's No Matrix-a 1969 Reissue] Toots & The Maytals - Pressure Drop.mp38 MB
[JA_Beverley's_No Matrix-A_1969 Reissue] Toots & The Maytals - Pressure Drop.mp38 MB
African Museum DSR 2200 A Gregory Isaacs - Inseparable.mp38 MB
56 Hope Road DSR 0416 B Papa Michigan & General Smiley - Dub-Down.mp38 MB
African Museum DSR 2199 A EQ - Triangle.mp38 MB
[JA_Intel Diplo_DSR 9123-B_1977] Peter Tosh - Hammer.mp38 MB
[uk wambesi twdv 599-b reissue] brenda ray - please be mine tonight.mp38 MB
Aires BJ 119-A Bullwackies All Stars - Skin Tight Part I.mp38 MB
[ja wild flower dh 7654-b 1975] gene rondo & t.t. ross - graceful version.mp38 MB
[UK_Third World_TW 0080-A_1977] Jah Stitch - Third World Stable.mp38 MB
56-[UK Caribbean CBN 317-b 1977] Delroy Wilson - My Rhythm.mp38 MB
African Museum DSR 2382 A Kevin Isaacs - Have I Sin.mp38 MB
al campbell - press along youthman - trinity - press along s - (DownBeat 12 inch).mp38 MB
[us moods hm 1034-a 1992] nicodemus - mother in law.mp38 MB
[US_Moods_HM 1034-A_1992] Nicodemus - Mother In Law.mp38 MB
[JA_High Note_DSR 9185-A_1979] Culture - Jah Rastafari.mp38 MB
[ja belmont dsr 4798-a 1978] trinity - strarsky and hutch.mp38 MB
[uk wambesi twdv 586-b reissue] brenda ray - another dream.mp38 MB
African Museum DSR 687 A Sonya & Roberta - Angel Of Mine.mp38 MB
Amir OJJ 01-B R. Zee Jackson - Love Must Conquer Version.mp38 MB
[UK D-Roy PF 008-a 1978] Ranking Super Star - Wisdom.mp38 MB
Anchor g8931-b version.mp38 MB
April Rec. DI 811-A Culture - Innocent Blood.mp38 MB
Anchor g8931-a krystal & shabba ranks - steady man (1990).mp38 MB
African Museum 001 B Chancery Lane Rock.mp38 MB
[JA_TR Groovemaster_DSR 9368-B_1979] Trinity - Areline You A Dream.mp38 MB
[JA_Clandisc_DSR 6840-A_1985] Freddie McKay - Paulette.mp38 MB
30 Headley Ave - NO-MATRIX-01-A - Carta Rankin - Down Ina The Bible.mp38 MB
[UK_Ethnic_ETH 022-B_1974] Sidney Rogers - This Love.mp38 MB
Belmont DSR 2761-A Marcia Aitken - Narrow Minded Man.mp38 MB
African Museum DSR 1484 A Gregory Isaacs - To The Land.mp37 MB
[uk ice ice 04-a 1977] the mexicano - first of may.mp37 MB
[UK_Studio_STU-002-B_2006] Sam Cooke - Lost And Lookin' [Limited Edition No. 1090].mp37 MB
5th Avenue South DSR 8112-A Commanda Shad - Come Back Fresh.mp37 MB
Bunjo RDR 7 25-B The Mighty Pope - Our Day Will Come (Version).mp37 MB
[JA_Clandisc_DSR 6841-B_1985] Freddie McKay - Paulette Version.mp37 MB
African Museum 033-A Gregory Isaacs - Can't Give You Love Alone.mp37 MB
African Museum DSR 789 A General Trees - Bashco.mp37 MB
Bunny Lee DLC-630-B Agrovators - Six Million Dollar Version.mp37 MB
[UK_Third World_TW 92-A_1978] Johnny Clarke - Riding For A Fall.mp37 MB
Bunny Lee DLC 630-B Agrovators - Six Million Dollar Version.mp37 MB
[ja jah b dsr 1429-a 1980] brent dowe - leaving babylon.mp37 MB
[us brown beat eb 1691-6b 1974] i roy senio...ers [not 'the' i roy] - skank it my way.mp37 MB
African Museum DSR 1483 A E.Q. - Be With You.mp37 MB
[ja belmont dsr 4788-b 1978] joe gibbs & the professionals - reincarnation.mp37 MB
[ja micron eml 2052-2 1975] little joe - bag-o-wire version.mp37 MB
[UK_Greenway_GW 1001-A_1978] Winston Groovy - I Really Love You.mp37 MB
[ja crazy joe jgm 6676-a] brent dowe - fancy dress.mp37 MB
[ja moodisc hm 1039-b 1975] mudies all stars - bitter water rock (instrumental).mp37 MB
Bucktu BT-45-1001-A Truths & Rights - Acid Rain.mp37 MB
Bunny Lee DLC 629-B The Aggravators - Channel One Under Heavy Manners.mp37 MB
[uk tackle tak 002-b 1974] harry p - dj special.mp37 MB
[UK Attack ATT 8114-aa 1975] Barbara Jones - Walk Through This World.mp37 MB
[UK Mango MAN 1015-b 1976] GG All Stars - Jah Jah Dub.mp37 MB
African Museum DSR 4278 A LMJ - Horay, Horay.mp37 MB
[JA_Errol T_DSR 2959-B_1980] Joe Gibbs & The Professionals - Earth Juice.mp37 MB
10 Roosevelt Ave. IC 7001-A Inner Circle - Computer Style.mp37 MB
30 Headley Ave - NO-MATRIX-01-B - Version.mp37 MB
Bemma Music HM 6-A Bingi Kicks & G. Campbell - Sky Jack.mp37 MB
[JA_Weed Beat_DSR 2892-A_1976] King Short Shirt - Tourist Leggo.mp37 MB
African Museum DSR 790 B - version.mp37 MB
[UK Mango MAN 1015-a 1976] The Starlites - Dip Them Jah Jah Dip Them.mp37 MB
Burning Spear RMM 994-B Burning Band - Version.mp37 MB
[JA_Crazy Joe_DSR 2178-A_1977] George Nooks - Tribal War.mp37 MB
African Museum DSR 4279 B - Rhythm.mp37 MB
Aces Promotion DA 1801-A Melvin Irie - A Little Love.mp37 MB
[UK_Horse_HOSS 113-B_1975] Nora Dean - Album Of My Life.mp37 MB
[UK_Attack_ATT 8087-B_1974] Love Children Band - 110th Avenue.mp37 MB
Black Diamond Prod. CCR 9041-B Version.mp37 MB
Black Diamond Prod. CCR 9041-A Delton Scarlet - Pollution.mp37 MB
[JA_Errol T_DSR 2958-A_1980] Nigger Kojak & Liza - Sky Juice.mp37 MB
[JA_Jama_LC 2981-B] Skin, Flesh & Bones - Heavy Dub.mp37 MB
[UK_King George_KG 001-B_1976] Black Slate - Put Your Head On My Shoulder.mp37 MB
Black Redemption GB KH 398-A Glen Brown - We Dem A Watch.mp37 MB
56 Hope Road DSR 4577B - Riot Dub.mp37 MB
Big Mac Soul Power BMSP 920-B ''Reality'' Junior-Rupert - Wonderland Version.mp37 MB
Black Redemption GB KH 398-B Black Redemption Warriors - Dem A Watch Version.mp37 MB
[UK Ethnic Fight EF 062-a 1975] Dennis Alcapone - Brixton Hall.mp37 MB
56 Hope Road DSR 4576A - Carlton Bryan - Riot.mp37 MB
[US Moodisc HA 005-b 1970 Reissue] Jo Jo Bennett - Ten Steps To Soul.mp37 MB
[UK_Dynamic_DYN 139-B_1977] The Soul Defenders - It Happen Now.mp37 MB
10 Roosevelt Ave. no matrix-A Horace Martin - Hackle Me.mp37 MB
Bunny Lee DLC 629-A Leroy Smart - Shame & Pride.mp37 MB
56 Hope Road DSR 6645-B Version.mp37 MB
Aires BJ 119-B Bullwackies All Stars - Skin Tight Part II.mp37 MB
Blaze Rec. SCV 2011-A Cynthia Webber - Touch A Hand.mp37 MB
5th Avenue South DSR 8113-B Version.mp37 MB
Blank BT 2770-B Version.mp37 MB
56 Hope Road DSR 6644-A Jerry Baxter & Shanti Dixon - Water Di Garden.mp37 MB
Black Art LP 707-A Junior Mervin - Philistines On The Land.mp37 MB
10 Roosevelt Ave. DSR 6461-A Mureen Pearson - Wily Wily.mp37 MB
Audio Vibes Corp. DSR 6398-A Sugar Minott - Big Investment.mp37 MB
[ja wild flower dh 7654-a 1975] gene rondo & t.t. ross - miss grace.mp37 MB
Amir OJJ 01-A R. Zee Jackson - Love Must Conquer.mp37 MB
[UK_Trojan Records_TR 7945-B_1974] Lloyd Charmers - A Lovers Question (Question Sign).mp37 MB
Aces Promotion DA 1801-B Version.mp37 MB
[UK_Dynamic_DYN 139-A_1977] Junior Thompson - Let It Happen Now.mp37 MB
Blank FCD 7612-A J. Randel - Everything Will Be Alright.mp37 MB
[uk wambesi twdv 599-a reissue] brenda ray - starlight.mp37 MB
African Museum DSR 2383 B - Rhythm.mp37 MB
Blank FCD 7612-B Unknown - Insturmental.mp37 MB
56 Hope Road DSR 3053-A Earl B - Wheely, Wheely.mp37 MB
Black Art UPSETTER 3391-A Jah Lion - Police & Soldier.mp37 MB
Bankeylus DSR 21119-A Beenie Man, Tony Curtis & A.R.P. - Missing You.mp37 MB
[uk third world tw 001-a 197x] carl dawkins - warm and tender love.mp37 MB
10 Roosevelt Ave. IC 7001-B Inner Circle - Version.mp37 MB
[ja high school fgg 7691-b 1973] prince tony all stars - nice and easy.mp37 MB
[uk third world tw 071-a 1977] dennis brown - take a trip to zion [streo rip].mp37 MB
African Museum DSR 2200 B - Rhythm.mp37 MB
Arrows KSM-RZ-011-A R.Man Prince - Three Times A Lady.mp37 MB
[UK Island WIP 6179-b 1973] The Heptones - Book Of Rules Version.mp37 MB
Black Art UPSETTER 3391-B Upsetter - Dub Of Justice.mp37 MB
Allahson DSR 3651-A F.Toots Hibbert - Hard Time Situation.mp37 MB
Black Spade Rec. BS 1002-B Zap-Pow & Black Intentions - Zap-Pow In Zion.mp37 MB
Black Spade Rec. BS 1001-A Caleb Sweetback - Zion Here I Come.mp37 MB
[UK_BB Records_SB 013-A_1975] The Velvet Shadow - My Happiness Depending On You.mp37 MB
[JA_Crystal_DSR 5406-A] Jah Walton - Juice Connection.mp37 MB
[UK_Third World_TW 0080-B_1977] Jah Stitch - Third World Stable Version.mp37 MB
Bun Gem DSR 6073-A Sugar Minott - Consider Me.mp37 MB
53-[JA Advance FND 7882-a 1972] Aston (Peanuts) Davis - Jailhouse Yodel.mp37 MB
[JA_Advance_FND 7882-A_1972] Aston (Peanuts) Davis - Jailhouse Yodel.mp37 MB
Black Diamond CCR 9017-A Howie Smart - Ready Dem No Ready.mp37 MB
Blank BT 2770-A Peace Love & Unity - Good Old Days.mp37 MB
Bunjo RDR 7 25-A The Mighty Pope - Our Day Will Come.mp37 MB
BRA Records BRA 902-B The Soul Brothers feat. Jackie Mittoo - Bo-Bo.mp37 MB
10 Roosevelt Ave. DSR 6079-A Peter Metro - Mad Man Party.mp37 MB
African Museum DSR 2202 B Rhythm.mp37 MB
Anchor DSR 3921 - Peter Hunningale - A Love Like This.mp37 MB
Big Mac Soul Power BMSP 920-A ''Reality'' Junior-Rupert - Wonderland By Night.mp37 MB
Belmont JGM 4057-A J.C. Lodge - Someone Loves You Honey.mp37 MB
Bum Rock Ltd. BUM 702-B Version.mp37 MB
Attack DSR 5649-B A Skanking Version.mp37 MB
[UK_Klik_KL 609-A_1976] The Slickers - Long Shot Kick The Bucket.mp37 MB
Atra 26-B Wild Bunch Inc. - Jal Dub.mp37 MB
[US_Black Eagle_RM 024-A_1980] The Black Eagles - Mountain M.mp37 MB
[JA_Negusa Nagast_Instant Replay] Big Youth - Instant Replay.mp37 MB
Bum Rock Ltd. BUM 702-A Little John - Yah Ho (Can't Knock Me).mp37 MB
[UK_Trojan Records_TR 7984-A_1976] Winston Groovy - Laugh And Grow Fat.mp37 MB
Black Scorpio no matrix-A Plyers - No Better Nuh Deh.mp37 MB
[uk d-roy dr 006-b] tyrone david - susie in dub.mp37 MB
Black Scorpio DSR 9306-A Pinchers - Crazy.mp37 MB
[uk ice ice 04-b 1977] the mexicano - every step i made.mp37 MB
Barry U Rec. BU 70-A George Nooks - Promised Land.mp37 MB
Black Arrow BDPP 009-B Version.mp37 MB
[UK_Third World_TW 92-B_1978] Clint Eastwood - Riding For A Fall Version [Stereo].mp37 MB
[UK_Big_CR 208-B] Judge Dread - Last Tango In Snodland.mp37 MB
[US_Moodisc_HM 7830-A_1978 Reissue] Trinity - Give Me Love In The Morning.mp37 MB
Burning Spear DSR 3626-A Burning Spear - African Teacher.mp37 MB
[UK Island WIP 6179-a 1973] The Heptones - Book Of Rules.mp37 MB
Bebo's Music DSR 4719-A Collie Weed - Brother Mingo.mp37 MB
Apple Tree DSR 103-A Little Twitch - Hot Me Coming In Hot.mp37 MB
[UK_Trojan Records_TR 7945-A_1974] Lloyd Charmers - A Lovers Question.mp37 MB
Bad Gong Records BS 5047-B Version.mp37 MB
Bad Gong BS 5047-B Version.mp37 MB
[us moods hm 1034-b 1992] mudie's all stars - mother in law version.mp37 MB
Black Scorpio DSR 4952-A Pliers - No Better Nuh Deh.mp37 MB
[UK_Island_WIP 6420-B_1978] Bob Marley & The Wailers - Crisis (Version).mp37 MB
Belmont DSR 2762-B Mighty Two - Broom Stick.mp37 MB
[UK_Trojan Records_TR 7984-B_1976] Winston Groovy - I Like The Way.mp37 MB
10 Roosevelt Ave. DSR 5602-A Ugliman - Computer.mp37 MB
Bunjo HELA 48-B Pablo - Babylon Dub.mp37 MB
Black Gold DSR 4038-A Jahlin - Incredible Vibes.mp37 MB
[JA_GG's Hit_No Matrix-A_1980] Barbara Jones - Just A Friend.mp37 MB
African Museum DSR 1485 B Version.mp37 MB
Anchor DSR 7630-A The Mighty Diamonds - Mr. Bodyguard.mp37 MB
Burn DSR 4025-A Burnhart - My Girl.mp37 MB
Advance MICRON 3304-B Version.mp37 MB
B. L. Sounds BLEVY 01-A Barrington Levy - Deep In The Dark.mp37 MB
Aires BJ 120-B Bullwackies All Stars - Born To Version.mp37 MB
Black Scorpio DSR 9268-A Fancy Black - Mr.Ragamuffin.mp37 MB
[ja mighty cloud dsr 4949-a 1974] shelton walks - faithful and true.mp37 MB
[JA_GG's Hit_No Matrix-B_1980] GG All Stars - Dub Part 2.mp37 MB
April Rec. DI 812-B Culture - Love Shines Brighter.mp37 MB
Black Scorpio DSR 4258-A Little John - Worries & Trouble.mp37 MB
Burning Spear DSR 3627-B Burning Spear - Teacher.mp37 MB
10 Roosevelt Ave. HJ 009-B Put It Deh.mp37 MB
Apple Tree DSR 103-B (1060) Version.mp37 MB
Brown Sugar DSR 8477-A Admiral Tibett - Freedom (Dedicated To Nelson Mandella).mp37 MB
Anchor DSR 1628-A Ninja, Gregory & Freddie - John Law.mp37 MB
[JA_High Note_JR 45 004-A] The Melodians - What Am I To Do.mp36 MB
Black Scorpio DSR 9265-A General Trees - Bionic Teeth.mp36 MB
Black Solidarity RMM 1307-A Sister Angie - Settle Yu Self.mp36 MB
Black & White CP 8.7.81-A Ringo - Push Lady Push.mp36 MB
Bouncing Ball DSR 7824-A Bill Gentles - London Town.mp36 MB
Attack DSR 5648-A Jonnie Clarke - Easy Skanking.mp36 MB
Anchor G 8953-A Rebel Princess - One More Time.mp36 MB
Apple Tree DM 1900-A King Kong - Job.mp36 MB
Anchor DSR-9084-A Krystal - All Around The World.mp36 MB
Blood Music Rec. DSR 7028-A Millo B - Bad Boy Skank.mp36 MB
Burning Sounds BS 016-A Otis & Clem Bushay - Don't Leave Me This Way.mp36 MB
Blacker Dread DSR 7631-A Frankie Paul - Fire De A Mus Mus Tail.mp36 MB
Blacker Dread DSR 7631-A Frankie Paul - Fire De A Mus Mus Ta.mp36 MB
Big Phil DSR 6624-A Cornell Campbell - My Country.mp36 MB
Anchor DSR 5163-B Champion Lover PT.2 Version.mp36 MB
BK. Records DSR 8179-A Sugar Minott - She Just A Bubble.mp36 MB
56-[UK Explosion EX 2091-a 1974] The Tulips...r Cole & Hortense Ellis] - Mocking Bird.mp36 MB
Burning Sounds BS 016-B Clem Bushay All Stars - Leave Me This Version.mp36 MB
10 Roosevelt Ave. DSR 2130-A Moon - 100 Dollar (Dunza).mp36 MB
Anik AR 001-A Derrick Irie - Me Rule De Dance.mp36 MB
[UK_Doctor_DR 005-A_1977] Danny Ray - World Festivity.mp36 MB
10 Roosevelt Ave. no matrix-A Yellowman, Ashman & Welton Irie - Don't Drop Your Pants.mp36 MB
Big Mac Soul Power BMSP 1000-B Ronnie Davis - Changing Dub.mp36 MB
[uk a side records & tapes son 2221-b 1980] barbara jones - never let me go.mp36 MB
10 Roosevelt Ave. HJ 009-A Daddy Castella - Don't Put It Deh.mp36 MB
Apple Tree DSR 9593-A Stickman - Be My Lover.mp36 MB
Anchor DSR 2940-A Ken Boothe - A Man Is A Man.mp36 MB
Black Scorpio DSR 5443-A Echo Minnot - Bubbling Style.mp36 MB
Black Scorpio DSR 9266-B Riddim King Player & Black Scorpio Crew - Version.mp36 MB
[ja moodisc hm 8243-a 1975] leon wint - race horse touter.mp36 MB
10 Roosevelt Ave. no matrix-A Red Dragon - Commandor.mp36 MB
Anchor DSR 3533-A Freddie McGregor & Cynthia Schloss - Not As Happy.mp36 MB
[US_Germain_No Matrix_A_1978] Trinity - National Heroes.mp36 MB
[JA_Belmont_JGM 4085-A_1982] J.C. Lodge - Someone Loves You Honey.mp36 MB
Anchor G 8953-AA Rebel Princess - One More Time (Reggae Mix).mp36 MB
Anchor DSR 2941-B A Man Is A Man (Contd.).mp36 MB
Black Scorpio DSR 2267-A Screw Driver - No One Dollar Man.mp36 MB
Abintu DSR 1251-B Burning Band - Version.mp36 MB
Asher DSR 2017-A Ken Bob - In Danger.mp36 MB
B.N. & K.C. KC 001-B I.C.E.E.S. - Unite Prosecution Version.mp36 MB
Anchor DSR 7870-A Gregory Issacs - Don't Call Me Baldhead.mp36 MB
10 Roosevelt Ave. DSR 1759-A Admiral Goldman - Long Pon It.mp36 MB
Anchor DSR 5161-B Rule Ragamuffin Version.mp36 MB
Anchor DSR 3534-B Freddie McGregor - Not As Happy.mp36 MB
[JA_Raggedy Joe_RJ 037-A] Terry Linen - Your Love Is My Love.mp36 MB
Afrik AF 130-B Barry Biggs - What's Your Sign Girl Pt. II.mp36 MB
Black Solidarity RMM 1563-A Mighty Diamonds - Putting On The Ritz.mp36 MB
African Move Off DSR 12903-A Toney T & Brokey Diamond - Love Gal Pickney Bad.mp36 MB
Belmont JGM 4058-B Joe Gibbs & The Professionals - Want You To Be My Bride.mp36 MB
Black Art DSR 5989-B Micheal Campbell - Version.mp36 MB
[Dynamite DSR 1856-A] Peter Metro & Zu Zu - In The Army.mp36 MB
10 Roosevelt Ave. DSR 5603-B Version.mp36 MB
Black & White CP 8.7.81-B C. Patterson - Labour Ward.mp36 MB
[UK_Ballistic_UP 36482-A_1978] Prince Linco...he Royal Rasses - Unconventional People.mp36 MB
10 Roosevelt Ave. DSR 6280-A Rupie Culture - Ruff & Tuff.mp36 MB
[UK Cactus CT 061-a 1974] Ken Quatty [big Joe] - West Man Rock [1].mp36 MB
10 Roosevelt Ave. DSR 6507-A Archie McLean - Worries.mp36 MB
Abintu DSR 1252-A Danny Cain - Pure Niceness.mp36 MB
Anchor DSR 1618-A Cocoa Tea & Krystal - The More Them Chat.mp36 MB
African Museum DSR 3206-A D.J. Django - Bubble With Me.mp36 MB
[JA_Wild Flower_FRM 337-B_1976] Winston Watson & The Meditations - Do Mama Do Version.mp36 MB
Bad Gong DIAMOND 225-A Mighty Diamonds - Let Jah Son Shine.mp36 MB
[UK_Studio_STU-003-B_2006] Sam Cooke - Teenage Sonata.mp36 MB
Bun Gem BG-A Jolley Stewart - Do Me Like So.mp36 MB
African Museum DSR 1484 B - version.mp36 MB
Bunjo CCR 9226-B Family Compact - Take A Trip (Version).mp36 MB
56 Hope Road DSR 3344-B Yard Music Dub.mp36 MB
Black Art LP 3657-A Upsetters - The Thanks We Get.mp36 MB
Anchor G 8941-B Shabba Ranks & Lady G - Fanciness Reggae Dubmix.mp36 MB
Black Art LP 3658-B Omar Perry - Ungreatful Skank.mp36 MB
Black Culture DSR 8060-A Lyrics Man & Black Culture Crew - Petty Thief.mp36 MB
Black Gold DSR 4044-A Noel Ellis - Live In Love.mp36 MB
[UK_Burning Sounds_BS 011_A_1977] Trinity - Natty Tired To Carry Load.mp36 MB
[US_Black Eagle_RM 024-B_1980] The Black Eagles - Dub The Ma.mp36 MB
Abintu DSR 1253-B Burning Band - Version.mp36 MB
African Museum DSR 2264-B Radic's - Old Lover.mp36 MB
Black Scorpio DSR 3627-A Lincoln Grandulated Sugar Minott - Victim Of Society.mp36 MB
Black Scorpio DSR 9269-B Version.mp36 MB
30 Headley Ave. DSR 1095-A General Trees - All Higglers.mp36 MB
Anchor DSR 1619-B The More Them Dub.mp36 MB
Buzz Rock Prod. no matrix-A John Daygo - Pull Over.mp36 MB
[UK_Big_CR 208-A] Judge Dread - Will I What.mp36 MB
56 Hope Road DSR 0415-A Papa Michigan & General Smiley - One Love Jam Down.mp36 MB
56 Hope Rd. DSR 0415-A Papa Michigan & General Smiley - One .mp36 MB
Addis Ababa ALC 2996-B Earl Zero - Rightous Dub.mp36 MB
[UK_King George_KG 001-A_1976] Black Slate - Mixed Up Man.mp36 MB
AVI Records AVI-214-A Dave Williams & Inner Circle - Come On Down, Boogie People.mp36 MB
40 Leg DSR 5536-B Sly & The Revolutionaries - Scientifi-Calli.mp36 MB
Bebo's Music DSR 1576-A Carlton Livingston - Bad Boys.mp36 MB
Bunny Lee DLC 630-A Dennis Alcapone - Six Million Dollar Man.mp36 MB
Bunny Lee DLC-630-A Dennis Alcapone - Six Million Dollar Man.mp36 MB
[UK_Greenway_GW 1001-B_1978] Winston Groovy - Didn't You Know.mp36 MB
Big Phil DSR 6625-B Version.mp36 MB
[UK_Dragon_DRA 1015-A_1973] Ken Parker - Say Wonderful Things.mp36 MB
[UK_D-Roy_PF 008-A_1978] Ranking Super Star - Wisdom.mp36 MB
Afrik AF 130-A Barry Biggs - What's Your Sign Girl.mp36 MB
African Museum DSR 2404 B - version.mp36 MB
Anchor DSR 5162-A Deborahe Glasgow - Champion Lover.mp36 MB
Anchor G 8941-A Shabba Ranks & Lady G - Fanciness Hiphop Reggaemix.mp36 MB
Bar Bell MIC 2563-A Max Romeo - Deacons Wife.mp36 MB
Blue Water DSR 8261-A Clevey Counsilor & Knuckle Man - Treat Yu Woman Good.mp36 MB
Black Art LP 707-B Earl Smith & The Upsetters - Bingo Kid.mp36 MB
Big Bird DSR 5001-A Robert Levy - We Need Some Love.mp36 MB
Angen ANG 108-B The Unforgettables - Chosen Dub.mp36 MB
Anchor DSR 7376-A Deborahe & Shabba Ranks - Mr.Lover Man.mp36 MB
Anchor DSR 7372-A Krystal & Shabba Ranks - Twice My Age.mp36 MB
Bun Gem BG-B Version~Do Me Like So.mp36 MB
Burning Spear RMM 994-A Burning Spear - Mandela Marcus.mp36 MB
Arrival DSR 1691-A Yellowman - Mr.Big Shot.mp36 MB
Bun Gem BG-A Cassey Man - Hell A Pop.mp36 MB
Boom Celebrity DSR 12566-A General Degree - Nuh Do It.mp36 MB
B. L. Sounds BLEVY 01-B Version.mp36 MB
[JA_Moodisc_FHM 101236-B_1974] Mudies All Stars - Pretty Version.mp36 MB
Banana DSR 7026-B Version.mp36 MB
BK. Records DSR 2086-A Leroy Smart - Stranger In Love.mp36 MB
[JA_Crazy Joe_DSR 2179-B_1977] The Mighty Two - War Is Over.mp36 MB
Bun Gem no matrix-B Smokey Joe - Nah Call The Police On Me.mp36 MB
African Museum AM 986 B - version.mp36 MB
Angen ANG 105-B The Aggrovators - Version.mp36 MB
Big 7 DSR 7851-B Version.mp36 MB
Bun Gem no matrix-A Triston Palma & Lady Juney - Heartbreaker.mp36 MB
Black Scorpio BS-A Johnny Walker - Joe Grind.mp36 MB
Banana DSR 7025-A Glen Lawrence - Ghetto Lad.mp36 MB
Black Scorpio BS-A Commander Shad - Girls Them A Follow We.mp36 MB
71 Records DM 7123-A Toots Hibbert & Denroy Morgan - Walk With Love.mp36 MB
Attack DSR 5651-B Agrovators - Drums Of Africa.mp36 MB
10 Roosevelt Ave. DSR 0446-A Red Dragon - Hicki Body.mp36 MB
Anchor DSR 10708-B Version.mp36 MB
40 Leg DSR 5535-A Edi Fitzroy - Miss Molly.mp36 MB
Black Solidarity RMM 1604-A Gregory Peck - 100 Stud.mp36 MB
Anchor DSR 10709-A Krystal - Don't Hold Back.mp36 MB
[ja mighty cloud dsr 4950-b 1974] the - faithful and true [instrumental].mp36 MB
Black Gold DSR 4046-A Howie Smart & Sojie - Best Combination.mp36 MB
Allahson DSR 3651-B Version.mp36 MB
10 Roosevelt Ave. no matrix-A Tiger - Can't Tan Ya So.mp36 MB
[UK Feel Good FLG 102-a 1975] The Cultured Few - Better No Come.mp36 MB
56-[UK Explosion EX 2091-b 1974] Dez All Stars - Mocking Bird (Instrumental).mp36 MB
Anchor DSR-9084-B Version.mp36 MB
Bunjo HELA 48-A Pablo - Victim Of Babylon.mp36 MB
Bar Bell MIC 2564-B Prince Phillip & The Aggrovators - Deacons Version.mp36 MB
[ja roots records rr 003-b 1979] roots & herbs - natty still flying.mp36 MB
30 Headley Ave. DSR 2504-A F.Paul - Ram Dance Master.mp36 MB
[uk d-roy dr 006-a] tyrone david - susie wong.mp36 MB
Big Phil BLACK BEARD 1240-B Version.mp36 MB
Anchor G 8953-BB Version.mp36 MB
10 Roosevelt Ave. no matrix-B Version~Hackle Me.mp36 MB
Anchor DSR 2277-A Freddie McGregor feat. Sn...arry Go Bring Come(Chatty Chatty Mouth).mp36 MB
B & B Promotion BB 002-A Mickey Melody - All Year Long.mp36 MB
Black Scorpio DSR 7545-A Yellowman - Me No Want Come Touch.mp36 MB
Abintu DSR 1250-A Pine - Sometimes When We Touch.mp36 MB
All-Digo DSR 7518-B Together Version.mp36 MB
Bun Gem BG 7001-A Michael Rowe & Danny Dread - I've Got Troubles.mp36 MB
Anchor DSR 10710-B Version.mp36 MB
56 Hope Rd. DSR 0416-B Papa Michigan & General Smiley - Dub-.mp36 MB
56 Hope Road DSR 0416-B Papa Michigan & General Smiley - Dub-Down.mp36 MB
Anchor DSR 7630-B Guard House Version.mp36 MB
56 Hope Road DSR 0280-A I-Threes - Precious World.mp36 MB
Anchor DSR 5160-A Dennis Brown & Gregory Isaacs - Big All Round.mp36 MB
Black Love Rec. DSR 227-A Prince Heron - Let It Be.mp36 MB
56 Hope Road RMM 763-A Chakademus - Things Serious.mp36 MB
Black Gold DSR 4040-A Thinka Francis - Wild Thinka.mp36 MB
Belmont DSR 3660B Version.mp36 MB
All Nation DSR 2505-A Noel Clarke - Teach Them.mp36 MB
Black Gold DSR 4527-A Tinka Francis & Shogie - No Part Time Loving.mp36 MB
Ballistic UP 36416-B Jah Stone & The Rightous Flames - Kayai.mp36 MB
Blue Mountain 1010-A Culture - Money Girl.mp36 MB
Black Scorpio DSR 6196-B Black Scorpio - Version.mp36 MB
[UK_Trojan Records_TR 7946-A_1974] Winston Groovy - Oh My My.mp36 MB
Bouncing Ball DSR 7825-B Version.mp36 MB
[UK_Maxi Trojan_TR 7848-A_1971] Greyhound - Moon River.mp36 MB
Body Music BMD 012-B Tito Simon, Undivided Roots & Matic 16 - Feel The Rhythm.mp36 MB
10 Roosevelt Ave. DSR 7188-A Django - Joe Liges.mp36 MB
Backyard Movements BM 002-A Delroy Dyer - Mankind.mp36 MB
Aries DSR 9150-A Errol Scorcher - Roach In De Corner.mp36 MB
African Museum DSR 2263-A Bingy Bunny - Young Lover.mp36 MB
40 Leg FRM 020-A Edi Fitzroy - Country Man.mp36 MB
[UK_Ethnic Flight_EF 074-A_1976] Jah Martin - Fally Dally.mp36 MB
[UK_Torpedo_TOR 045-B_1975] Alvin Ford - Tears On My Pillow .mp36 MB
Anchor DSR 2683-A Brando Brandish - Gal Nah Flex.mp36 MB
Arrows KSM-RZ-011-B Ashanty All Stars - Love Dub.mp36 MB
Black Scorpio DSR 5444-B Bubbling Version.mp36 MB
53-[JA Advance FND 7881-a 1972] Aston (Peanuts) Davis - Babylon Wrong.mp36 MB
[JA_Advance_FND 7881-A_1972] Aston (Peanuts) Davis - Babylon Wrong.mp36 MB
Bee Cat Rec. DSR 3701-A Papa San - Murder.mp36 MB
Bun Gem no matrix-A Unknown - Sensi.mp36 MB
56 Hope Road TG 2167-A Tinga Stewart - Nuh Wey Betta Dan Yard.mp36 MB
Black Scorpio BS-B Version~Joe Grind.mp36 MB
Arrival DSR 6061-A Sugar Minott - A True.mp36 MB
Blue Trac DSR 7115-A James Bond - Rip Up.mp36 MB
56 Hope Road DSR 4939-B Nadine Sutherland - Until.mp36 MB
Black & White DSR 7172-B King Tubby's - Watchman Dub.mp36 MB
Black Culture DSR 8061-B Black Culture Crew - The Robot.mp36 MB
Bounce Rec. DSR 7810-B Version.mp36 MB
30 Headley Ave. BS-A Micky Melody & Culture Lee - Bring Your Loving Come.mp36 MB
Bad Gong DIAMOND 225-B Plaza Style.mp36 MB
Black Scorpio no matrix-A Shaka Demus - DJ Spirit.mp36 MB
Bad Gong Records MD 2038-B Revolutionaries - Wasp Trap.mp36 MB
Atra 26-A Alton Ellis - Rasta Spirit.mp36 MB
Black Scorpio DSR 4259-B High Times Players - Version.mp36 MB
Alridge Prod. DSR 3702-A Black Chiney - Own Yuh Pickney.mp36 MB
Aries Rec. PFUS 6000-B Jah Stitch - Combine Version.mp36 MB
Barry U Rec. BU 062-A The Meditations - Keep On Moving.mp36 MB
[JA_Crystal_DSR 5406-B] Chariot Riders - Dub Connection.mp36 MB
[JA_Moodisc_FHM 101236-A_1974] Joe White & Mudies All Stars - Pretty Black Girl.mp36 MB
Bullwackie SENTA 0033-A Joe Morgan & Reckless Breed - Basement Session.mp36 MB
[UK_BB Records_BB 0021-B_1977] Bill Campbell - Forever [Instrumental].mp36 MB
Bun Gem BG 7002-A Thriller U - Private Property.mp36 MB
[JA_Crazy Joe_JGM 2604-A_1981] Lee Van Cliff - Stay Alive.mp36 MB
Bemma Music HFA 1001-A Fudge Brothers & Super 8 - Hard Times.mp36 MB
Blue Trac BTR VP CM-B Version.mp36 MB
Addis Ababa ALC 2995-A Earl Zero - Rightous Works.mp36 MB
[ja belmont dsr 4154-a 1977] trinity - john saw them coming.mp36 MB
Brown Sugar DSR 8478-B Version.mp36 MB
Bunjo CCR 9226-A Family Compact - Never Give Up.mp36 MB
Bankeylus DSR 21119-B (21121) Version.mp36 MB
Black Art DSR 5988-A Micheal Campbell - Dread At The Control.mp36 MB
Arrival DSR 6062-B Sly & Robbie - Version.mp36 MB
Bebo's Music DSR 4720-B Version.mp36 MB
Arabic Records DSR 14216-A Inspector Lenny - Can't Kill The Root.mp36 MB
Black Scorpio DSR 8960-A Tony Tuff - Kill Me With It.mp36 MB
[JA_Errol T_DSR 2594-A_1977] Bojangles - Prophesy Reveal.mp36 MB
Blue Trac DSR 8777-A Wayne Fire & Little Robert - Bad Sound Boy.mp36 MB
10 Roosevelt Ave. DSR 2131-B Version.mp36 MB
Boom Squad Records DSR 7440-B Miami Version.mp36 MB
10 Roosevelt Ave. DSR 2130-B Version.mp36 MB
Black Scorpio DSR 8724-A Sassa Frass - One Year Gone (New One Come).mp36 MB
[UK_Island_WIP 6449-A_1979] Steel Pulse - Prodigal Son.mp36 MB
BK. Records DSR 8180-B Version.mp36 MB
40 Leg FRM 019-B Mikey Dread & The Instigators - East Of Babylon.mp36 MB
Barry Clarke RMM 1350-A Rappa Roberts & Tippa Lee - Dibi Dibi Sound.mp36 MB
Bugget CN 3306-B The Survivors - Ital Stew.mp36 MB
71 Records DM 7123-B Walk With Love Version.mp36 MB
African Museum AM 986 A Gregory Isaacs - Lonely Soldier.mp3.mp3.mp36 MB
[UK_Blue Mountain_BM 1016-B_1972] Greyhound - Wappadusa.mp36 MB
African Move Off DSR 12904-B Junior Vibes - Leaving On A Jet Plane.mp36 MB
[US_Germain_No Matrix_B_1978] Trinity - National Heroes Version.mp36 MB
10 Roosevelt Ave. DSR 1798-A Mike Veteran - Trip To London.mp36 MB
Action RG 33-A Johnny Clarke - Never Never.mp36 MB
Boom Squad Records DSR 7440-A Junior Brammer - Miami Vice.mp36 MB
Blue Trac DSR 7116-B Dub.mp36 MB
Black Gold DSR 4042-A Leroy Sibbles - Watch Dem.mp36 MB
Bemma Music HFS8 1013-B Super 8 - War Version.mp36 MB
10 Roosevelt Ave DSR 6827-B (6463) Version.mp36 MB
10 Roosevelt Ave. DSR 6827-B (6463) Version.mp36 MB
Arab TC 3115-B Inner Circle - Greater Light Dub.mp36 MB
Arab TC-3115-B Inner Circle - Greater Light Dub.mp36 MB
Alpine OB 003-A Sugar Minott - Harder Than The Rest.mp36 MB
Blue Mountain 4319-A Cultural Roots - Cemetry.mp36 MB
10 Roosevelt Ave. DSR 6462-B Version.mp36 MB
Black Scorpio MML 1825-B Version.mp36 MB
Apple Tree DSR 3807-A Professor Nuts - Don Can't Check Woman.mp36 MB
Anchor DSR 3922 - Version.mp36 MB
Blank FKH 7912-A Bongo, Dizzy & The Soul Syndicate - Bongo Riot.mp36 MB
Black Solidarity BS 2663-A Lone Ranger - Trod Along.mp36 MB
Bucknor KB 2633-B Bucknor All Stars - Dubbing In The Night.mp36 MB
[ja belmont dsr 4155-b 1977] joe gibbs & the professionals - roots kunta kintye.mp36 MB
Bunjo C 285-A Tommy McCook - Toronto Rock.mp36 MB
Black Scorpio DSR 6195-A Little John - Congal.mp36 MB
Black Scorpio DSR 3678-A General Trees - Dibi Dibi D.J..mp36 MB
Anchor DSR 10707-A Papa San - Dance Hall Good To We.mp36 MB
[UK_Sun Power_GUN 103-B_1978] Nora Dean - Dub Of My Life.mp36 MB
Black Scorpio BS-B Version~Rough This Year.mp36 MB
Black & White DSR 7171-A Carlton Patterson - Wash Wash.mp36 MB
Apple Tree DM 1900-B Version.mp36 MB
[UK_Kiss_KISS 011-B_1976] Kiss All Stars - Jah Rockers.mp36 MB
[UK_Tackle_TAK 009-B_1975] Roy Alton - The Lion Sleeps Tonight.mp36 MB
Black Solidarity RMM 1001-A Professor Nuts - Woman De Yah.mp36 MB
Black Scorpio DSR 6222-A Derrick Irie - Rambo Bicycle.mp36 MB
Ayeola Rec. DSR 1939-A Chicken Chest - Peaceful Natty Dread.mp36 MB
Bounce Rec. DSR 7809-A Enos McLeod - Cash & Carry.mp36 MB
Big Mac Soul Power BMSP 1000-A Ronnie Davis - Got To Have A Change.mp36 MB
Black Scorpio no matrix-A General Trees - Bad Bad Gilbert.mp36 MB
African Museum 034-B version.mp36 MB
[JA_Gorgon_DSR 6780-B] Reality - Sardine Pan Version.mp36 MB
[UK_Torpedo_TOR 045-A_1975] Alvin Ford - Tears On My Pillow.mp36 MB
Arab TC-3115-A Jacob Miller - All Night Till Daylight.mp36 MB
Arab TC 3115-A Jacob Miller - All Night Till Daylight.mp36 MB
Backyard Movements BM 003-A Wayne McArther - Give We Jah.mp36 MB
Aries Rec. PFUS 6000-A Jah Stitch - Combination Three.mp36 MB
Apple Tree DSR 9597-A Michael Headley - Tom Sayor.mp36 MB
Belmont JGM 8036-B Joe Gibbs & The Professionals - Alan Hit By A.Larry.mp36 MB
[UK_Ethnic_ETH 34-A_1974] Junior English - Muriel.mp36 MB
Brown Sugar DSR 11966-A Mikey Melody - The Bomb Sound.mp36 MB
[JA_Joe Gibbs_DSR 4621-B_1977 Reissue] Joe Gibbs & The Profe.mp36 MB
[US_Brown Beat_EB 1691-A_1973] Errol Brown - Living And Loving.mp36 MB
Bun Gem BG 7002-B Private Property Version.mp36 MB
Anchor DSR 5944-B Version.mp36 MB
Black Solidarity MML 1566-B Chris & Squidley - Version.mp36 MB
Blood Music Rec. DSR 7029-B Sly & Robbie - Version.mp36 MB
African Museum DSR 687 B Doni Marshall - version.mp36 MB
Black Scorpio BS-A Little John - Think Me Did Done.mp36 MB
Anchor DSR 2278-B Version.mp36 MB
Ashandan DSR 5535-B Ashandan Aggregation - Dub With Reason.mp36 MB
Butter Fly DSR 8021-B The Examples - Friendly.mp36 MB
Backyard Movements BM 003-B Diciples Riddim Section - Version.mp36 MB
Attack BL 4770-B King Tubby's & The Aggrovators - A Nice Version.mp36 MB
Black Solidarity DSR 2341-B Version.mp36 MB
10 Roosevelt Ave. HJ 007-A Tiger - Sitting In La La.mp36 MB
[UK_Jumbo_JUMO 006-B_1976] Randy Dub - Pete Campbell.mp36 MB
Anchor DSR 7373-B Version.mp36 MB
[US_Brown Beat_EB 1691-B_1973] The Thoroughbreds - The Living And Rhythm.mp36 MB
Black Starline RMM 855-A Freddy McGregor - Oh Marcus.mp36 MB
Bull Puss NBRYAN 001-A Norman Rockwell & Wenchman - Just Be Good.mp36 MB
[UK_Island_WIP 6228-A_1975] Dave & Ansell Collins - Gonna Keep On Trying.mp36 MB
Attack DSR 5650-A Jonnie Clarke - Time Will Tell.mp36 MB
Blue Trac DSR 10537-A James Bond - The Rammer.mp36 MB
Bun Gem BG 7002-B I've Got Troubles Version.mp36 MB
Black Solidarity DSR 3798-A Early B - Gateman Get ''Fraid''.mp36 MB
Black Scorpio DSR 11341-A Admiral Bailey - A Yu Shape.mp36 MB
12 Star Rec. KAM 130-A Trinity - Uptown Friday Night.mp36 MB
Bun Gem no matrix-A Tony Hoof - Baby Love.mp36 MB
Afrik AF-124-B Easy pt.II.mp36 MB
[CA_Soul Power_SP 010-B_1977] Jah Stitch - Collie Bud Version.mp36 MB
Anchor DSR 1020-A Cocoa Tea - One Away Woman.mp36 MB
Backyard Movements BM 002-B Diciples Riddim Section - Version.mp36 MB
[JA_UFO_DSR 5493-A_1980] Massive Dread - This Is Massive.mp36 MB
[JA_Mr Tipsy_DSR 2735-A] Dillinger - Short And Stout.mp36 MB
12 Star Rec. KAM 130-B Version.mp36 MB
Black Skin DSR 5923-B Ranking Rocky & Dudley Sibley - Love & Happiness.mp36 MB
Action MR 222-B Prince Jazzbo - Donkey Blind.mp36 MB
Burning Spear DSR 6480-B Burning Band - Version.mp36 MB
Black Solidarity RMM 1563-B Steelie & Clevie - Eddie Murphy.mp36 MB
Black Scorpio DSR 9263-A Yellowman - Want Mi Virgin.mp36 MB
B.N. & K.C. KC 001-A I.C.E.E.S. - Unite Prosecution.mp36 MB
B & B Promotion BB 002-B Version.mp36 MB
Black Scorpio BS-A Conrad Crystal - She Keeps Me Warm.mp36 MB
Afro Eagle DSR 1514-B Pab Eagle All Stars - Dub 20,000.mp36 MB
[UK_Trojan_TR 7973-A_1975] Derrick Harriott - Eighteen With A Bullet.mp36 MB
Black Scorpio DSR 11778-A Frankie Paul - Gimbilin.mp36 MB
Black Solidarity OT 1987-A Steve Clarke - Selecta Mi Come.mp36 MB
Barry U Rec. BU 70-B (22) George Nooks - General.mp36 MB
African Museum DSR 10024-A Gregory Isaacs - I Am Gregory.mp36 MB
Bun Gem BG 7006-A Admiral Tibbett - Plague.mp36 MB
Amco Rec. 5658-A Yellowman & Sister Nancy - King & Queen.mp36 MB
[JA_Errol T_JG 060-B_1978] Joe Gibbs & The Professionals - Bubbler In Money.mp36 MB
Anik AR 001-B Version.mp36 MB
Bugget CN 3306-A Owen Gray - Balistic Affair.mp36 MB
Bun Gem DSR BG 7056-A Tracy Niceness & Chris Wayne - Ragamuffin Love.mp36 MB
Black Scorpio DSR 3679-B Version.mp36 MB
[UK_BB Records_BB 0021-A_1977] Bill Campbell & Ginger Williams - Forever Forever.mp36 MB
Alpine OB 004-A Echo Minott - Dance Hall.mp36 MB
Big Bird DSR 4998-A Robert Levy & Early Black - Rough Sound.mp36 MB
African Star Music DSR 143-A Little John - Big & Heavy.mp36 MB
Apple Tree DSR 9594-B Version.mp36 MB
Black Solidarity RMM 1605-B Clive Hunt - 100 Bubbler.mp36 MB
Bad Gong Records DSR 6440-B Version.mp36 MB
Big Phil BLACK BEARD 1414-A Dillinger - Blessed Saviour.mp36 MB
African Museum AM-011-A Gregory Isaacs - Don't Go.mp36 MB
Bongo Man FCD 7622-A The Stingers - Rasta Don't Stop No One.mp36 MB
10 Roosevelt Ave. DSR 6827-A Ugliman - Christmas Boogie.mp36 MB
Burning Spear DSR 6479-A Burning Spear - Little Love Song.mp36 MB
Budget CN 3307-B Jesco & The Checkers - Spawning.mp36 MB
Body Music BMD 012-A Tito Simon, Undivided ... Matic 16 - This Monday Morning Feeling.mp36 MB
Ashandan JM 45-1983-B Judy Mowatt - Hush One Vibe.mp36 MB
Bemma Music HFA 1002-B Super 8 - Hard Version.mp36 MB
Big Bird DSR 4999-B Fire House Crew - Version.mp36 MB
Anchor DSR 5944-A J.C.Lodge & Tiger - Love Me Baby.mp36 MB
African Museum DSR 5468-A Gregory Isaacs - Just Infatuation.mp36 MB
Bad Gong Records BS 5047-A Little Joe - Natty B.M.W..mp36 MB
Belmont JG 7751-A Leo Graham - A Win Them.mp36 MB
Bad Gong BS 5047-A Little Joe - Natty B.M.W..mp36 MB
Belmont JG-7751-A Leo Graham - A Win Them.mp36 MB
Assassinator Bongo General no matrix-A Patrick Andy - When Love.mp36 MB
Blue Mountain 1011-B Sly & Robbie - Money Dub.mp36 MB
BK. Records DSR 2087-B Version.mp36 MB
Apple Tree DSR 3808-B Version.mp36 MB
Black Gold DSR 4041-B Version.mp36 MB
10 Roosevelt Ave. no matrix-B Version~Commandor.mp36 MB
BK. Records BKR 001-B Version.mp36 MB
Arabic Records DSR 8204-B Version.mp36 MB
Alridge Prod. DSR 3703-B Tiftam Crew - Version.mp36 MB
Blaze Rec. SCV 2011-B Version.mp36 MB
Bucknor KB 2632-A Keith Bucknor - Every Night.mp36 MB
Belmont DSR 3035-B Mighty Two - Big Fat Thing.mp36 MB
Anchor DSR 7870-B Version.mp36 MB
African Museum DSR 2406-A Gregory Isaacs - Mary.mp36 MB
Blue Trac DSR 9700-A Tiger - Tiger In The Dance.mp36 MB
[JA_Belmont_JGM 4085-B_1982] Joe Gibbs & The Professionals - Want You To Be My Bride.mp36 MB
African Museum dsr 3207-b roots radics band - bubble.mp36 MB
Black Gold DSR 4528-B Version.mp36 MB
Boss Disco GG# 4671-A The Tidals & G.G.All Stars - How Glad I Am.mp36 MB
Blue Water DSR 8262-B Version.mp36 MB
BK. Records BKR 001-A Flames - Wasn't Born To Be Lonely.mp36 MB
Black Scorpio MML 1825-A Junior Demus - Wicked.mp36 MB
Black Successor's no matrix-A Jah Walton - The Radio Show.mp36 MB
30 Headley Ave. DSR 1100-B Baby Version.mp36 MB
Blue Mountain BM 704-A Miguel Campbell - Accepted Time.mp36 MB
Attack FBL 7594-B (7599) King Tubby & Agrovators - Version Of Class.mp36 MB
Aribic Intl. DSR 5928-A Winston Hammond - Hurting Thing.mp36 MB
Bun Gem BG-A Barry Brown - Watch Out.mp36 MB
Afrik AF-124-A Errol Crichton - Easy.mp36 MB
Blue Mountain 4371-A Tony Tuff - Stormy Weather.mp36 MB
Bun Gem DSR 8041-A Frankie Wilmont & Barker B - Raggamuffin Girl.mp36 MB
Black Solidarity DSR 7037-A Triston Palma - Good Looking.mp36 MB
Blank FC 8009-B Unknown Instrumental.mp36 MB
[JA_Errol T_DSR 2595-B_1977] The Mighty Two - Fulfilment.mp36 MB
[JA_Joe Gibbs_DSR 4513-A_1977 Reissue] Black Skin - They Nev.mp36 MB
Black Scorpio BS-A Barrington Levy - She's Mine.mp36 MB
1 Love no matrix-A Delroy Wilson - I Just Can't Wait.mp36 MB
Apple Tree DSR 4823-A Tony Candy - Rich & Switch.mp36 MB
Black Scorpio DSR 9640-A General Trees - Tarzan.mp36 MB
[JA_Observer_MML 1782-B_1979 Reissue] Observer All Stars - Whip Them Version.mp36 MB
10 Roosevelt Ave. DSR 6281-B Version.mp36 MB
Arabic DSR 5529-A King Everald - A Good Sound.mp36 MB
Angen ANG 105-A Cornell Campbell - The Gordon Speaks.mp36 MB
Attack ATT 8128-B Thunderball - White Bird Come Down (Version).mp36 MB
Blank FCD 7944-A Ruddy Thomas - My Parents Fault.mp36 MB
Blank WR 712-B Version.mp36 MB
[UK_Sun Power_GUN 103-A_1978] Nora Dean - Album Of My Life.mp36 MB
Blackman Time Rec. BCLARKE 3286-B Delroy Scarlett - Strange Dub.mp36 MB
40 Leg FRM 020-B Mikey Dread & The Instigators - Robbers Roost.mp36 MB
Big 7 DB 2508-A Hugh Griffths & The Blenders - Tribute To The Reggae Superstars.mp36 MB
Attack BL 4769-A Derrick & Paulette - Feel So Good.mp36 MB
[UK_Love_LOV 20-B_1975] Uliet - The Eleven Commandments Of Woman.mp36 MB
Black Scorpio BS-A Mark Wonder - We Rule.mp36 MB
321 Strong DSR 18844-A Frisco Kid - No Ina Dat.mp36 MB
African Museum DSR 5469-B Version.mp36 MB
56 Hope Road DSR 0281-B I-Threes - Precious Dub.mp36 MB
Anchor DSR 1629-B Ninja, Gregory & Freddie - Above The Law.mp36 MB
Bun Gem DSR 6071-A Phillip Frazer & Charlie Chaplin - Deliver Us.mp36 MB
Bemma Music HM 6-B Leroy Sibbles & Otravis Band - Sky Jacking Version.mp36 MB
10 Roosevelt Ave. no matrix-A Jerry Lewis - International News.mp36 MB
Arab TCO 1977-A Roman Stewart - Hit Song.mp36 MB
Bun Gem BG 7044-A Nathan Skyers - Give Me That Love.mp36 MB
Blank DSR-RE 6409-A Shortie The President - President A Mash Up The Resident.mp36 MB
Bunjo BJ 0006-A Jo Jo Bennett - Tropical Horizon.mp36 MB
Bun Gem no matrix-A Micheal Prophet - 95° In The Dance.mp36 MB
Black Solidarity no matrix-A Ashanti Waugh - Wanna Give You My Loving.mp36 MB
56 Hope Road RMM 763-B Version.mp36 MB
Black Solidarity DSR 3802-A Little John - Wahdoher.mp36 MB
Black Scorpio DSR 3628-B Version.mp36 MB
[UK Love LOV 033-a 1976] Danny Ray - Fire Redder Than Red.mp36 MB
Black Scorpio BS-A Pliers - Rough This Year.mp36 MB
African Museum AM-011-B Version.mp36 MB
Ashandan DSR 5534-A Judy Mowatt - Reasons.mp36 MB
Brad's Rec. BR 200-A Roy Shirley - The Great Roy Shirley.mp36 MB
[JA_Techniques_DSR 5511-A_1985] Tenor Saw - Ring The Alarm.mp36 MB
Black Scorpio BS-A Conroy Smith - Come Again.mp36 MB
56 Hope Road TG 2167-B Version.mp36 MB
Blue Trac DSR 9689-A Wayne Fire - Girls Them Nice.mp36 MB
Aires BJ 120-A Andrew McCalla - I Was Born To Be Loved.mp36 MB
Anchor DSR 1633-B Shabba Ranks - Deh Pon Me Mind.mp36 MB
Belmont JGM 8035-A Trinity - Hog & Goat.mp36 MB
[JA_Wild Flower_FRM 337-A_1976] Winston Watson & The Meditations - Do Mama Do.mp36 MB
Black Scorpio BS-A General Trees - One Dollar Juice.mp36 MB
Bun Gem DSR 4372-B Firehouse Crew - Version.mp36 MB
Afrik DSR 5909-B Stereophonic - Surely Dub.mp36 MB
[UK_Cactus_CT 083-A_1975] Dafodil Samuels - No Other Love.mp36 MB
African Museum DSR 2403 A EQ. - Perfidia.mp36 MB
Africa HTR 6551-A Time Unlimited - One Road.mp36 MB
Anchor DSR 2684-B Version.mp36 MB
Big Phil BLACK BEARD 1240-A Dillinger - Obeah Bath.mp36 MB
Blank PW 1919-A The Heptones - Just Walk Away Rene.mp36 MB
Black Solidarity DSR 5019-A Early B - Ghostbusters.mp36 MB
Boss Disc GGR 3932-B G.G.All Stars - Part Two Dub.mp36 MB
Blue Trac DSR 7109-A Bobo General & T.Sparks - I Don't Wanna Wait.mp36 MB
Black Solidarity DSR 2340-A Lover Boy - Gwaan Go Dance.mp36 MB
[JA_Gorgon_DSR 6779-A] Reality - Sardine Pan.mp36 MB
Bullwackie SENTA 0033-B Reckless Breed - Basement Scrub.mp36 MB
Blue Trac DSR 7110-B Version.mp36 MB
[CA_Soul Power_SP 010-A_1977] Jah Stitch - Collie Bud.mp36 MB
Black Scorpio DSR 8725-B Version.mp36 MB
Bun Gem DSR 6086-B Firehouse Crew - Version.mp36 MB
Alpine RMM 1124-A Singer J - Pinocchio.mp36 MB
Busy Rec. DSR 1052-A Carlton Livingston - Hot Hot Summer.mp36 MB
56 Hope Road RMM 1155-A Wendy Culture - Yuh Too Bright.mp36 MB
Anchor DSR 1021-B Cocoa Tea - One Away Woman Ver.2.mp36 MB
Bun Gem DSR 6037-A Triston Palma & Lady Juney - Rock With Me.mp36 MB
Afrik DSR 5909-A Barry Biggs - Surely.mp36 MB
[UK_Love_LOV 20-A_1975] Honey Boy - The Ten Commandments Of Man.mp36 MB
Arabic Records DSR 8204-A Pliers - How I'm Supposed To Live Without You.mp36 MB
Bun Gem DSR 8042-B Version.mp36 MB
10 Roosevelt Ave. no matrix-B Don't Drop Your Pants~Version.mp36 MB
10 Roosevelt Ave. no matrix-B Version.mp36 MB
Bun Gem BG 7048-A George Faith & Japanese - Message To Maria.mp36 MB
[UK_Trojan_TR 7847-B_1971] Desmond Dekker - Live And Learn.mp36 MB
Black Scorpio DSR 4953-B Version.mp36 MB
Aribic Intl. DSR 2608-B Aribic All Stars - You, Me & Dub.mp36 MB
Ayeola MML 1143-A Chicken Chest - Fly Down.mp36 MB
Bull Puss NBRYAN 001-B Version.mp36 MB
Asher DSR 2018-B Danger Zone.mp36 MB
Banana DSR 7024-B Version.mp36 MB
Blue Trac DSR 8787-A Joseph Cotton - My Gal Fit & Ready.mp36 MB
B&F KT-1749-A Robbie & Rossie - Good By Lovers.mp36 MB
[UK_Spencer International_SPEN 001-A_1978] Jah Lites - Cool .mp36 MB
Arab DSR TC 0289-A Little Madness - Mother Country.mp36 MB
56 Hope Road DSR 0105A - Freddie McGregor - Joggin.mp36 MB
Bun Gem DSR 6085-A Horace Martin - Losing You.mp36 MB
Belmont DSR 4778-B Joe Gibbs & Proffesional - Reincarnation.mp36 MB
Belmont DSR 2951-B Mighty Two - Natty Dread A Curnal.mp36 MB
Bunjo C 285-B Vivian Hall - Toronto Dup.mp36 MB
Barry Clarke RMM 1350-B Dub Version.mp36 MB
Black Scorpio BS-B Version~We Rule.mp36 MB
Black Love Rec. DSR 228-B Version.mp36 MB
Black Solidarity DSR 2783-A Phillip Frazer - Watch This Sound.mp36 MB
[UK_Trojan_TR 7973-B_1975] Derrick Harriott - Eighteen With A Bullet Version.mp36 MB
Bongo Man FCD 8024-B Underground Vegetable - Skylarking (Ver.).mp36 MB
Big 7 DSR 7850-A The Mighty Blenders - Reggae Vibration.mp36 MB
African Museum DSR 0275 - Version.mp36 MB
Bun Gem no matrix-A Smokey Joe - Crowd A Sound Man.mp36 MB
10 Roosevelt Ave. DSR 0447-B Version.mp36 MB
Brad's Rec. CT 630-A Ken Boothe - Leaving Me.mp36 MB
[UK_Spencer International_SPEN 001-B_1978] Jah Lites - Cool .mp36 MB
30 Headley Ave. DSR 1097-A Pinchers - Increase My Knowledge.mp36 MB
[UK_Trojan_TR 7956-B_1975] Pluto Shervington - Ram Goat Liver (Instrumental).mp36 MB
Black Solidarity OT 1988-A Django Niceness - Uptown Girl.mp36 MB
Bun Gem BG 7043-A King Everald - Got To Be Free.mp36 MB
Black Solidarity BS 2663-B Scientist & Roots Radics - Neutro.mp36 MB
Black Solidarity BS 2663-B Scientist & Roots Radics - Neutron Bomb.mp36 MB
Afro Eagle DSR 1513-A Baddoo - Rockin Of The Ten Thousand.mp36 MB
Black Gold DSR 4047-B Version.mp36 MB
[JA_Studio One_SO 0101-B_1979] The Brentford Disco Set - Natty Ting A Ling Part 2.mp36 MB
Bun Gem DSR BG 7056-B Version.mp36 MB
Black Roots DSR 7751-B Captain Simbad & Black Roots - 51 Storm.mp36 MB
Buzz Rock Prod. no matrix-B Version~Pull Over.mp36 MB
Bongo Man DSR CN 8469-B (FDR 562) Bonny & Skitter - Lonely Night.mp36 MB
Boom Celebrity DSR 12567-B Version.mp36 MB
Bun Gem TP 2186-A Mr.Pants - New Style.mp36 MB
Black Solidarity OPALMER-A Triston Palma - I Am Ready.mp36 MB
Bebo's Music DSR 9793-A Collie Weed - Dirty Rub Up.mp36 MB
Black Scorpio no matrix-A Papa San - Laugh After Them.mp36 MB
Blue Mountain BM 704-B Roots Radics - Time.mp36 MB
Blank GGTM 306-A Little John - Dance Caan Dun.mp36 MB
[UK_Burning Sounds_BS 024-A_1977] Roy Alton - What A Marriag.mp36 MB
[UK_Maxi Trojan_TR 7848-B_1971] Greyhound - I've Been Trying.mp36 MB
Black Skin The Prophet BS 001-B Version.mp36 MB
Black Scorpio no matrix-B Bad Bad Gilbert~Version.mp36 MB
30 Headley Ave. DSR 1096-B Higglers Version.mp36 MB
Black Scorpio DSR 9264-B Version.mp36 MB
Black Scorpio DSR 8961-B Black Scorpio - Kill Me With It~Version.mp36 MB
Bun Gem no matrix-A Admiral Tibet - Ungreatful Lover.mp36 MB
[UK_Jaguar_J 05-B_1978 Reissue] Jah Stitch - Make A Joyful Noise.mp36 MB
Brick Wall Rec. no matrix-A George Nooks - Old Time Love.mp36 MB
Black Scorpio DSR 11342-B Version.mp36 MB
Belmont DSR 4778-A Trinity - Starky & Hutch.mp36 MB
Bun Gem BG 7041-A Pad Anthony - Lucky Man.mp36 MB
Burn DSR 4026-B Tiftam Crew - Part Two.mp36 MB
Advance MICRON 3304-A Easton Clarke - Mas Charley.mp36 MB
Blue Trac DSR 8778-B Version.mp36 MB
Black Link Intl. DT 005-A Eric Bubble - Silvery Moon Lover.mp36 MB
Blair's Recording Label MML 1333-A Pretty Boy Floyd - Radio Personalities.mp36 MB
Beverley's Records DYNA LK 460-A The Melodians - Sweet Sensation.mp36 MB
Alpine OB 003-B Computer Radics - Dub.mp36 MB
[JA_Negusa Nagast_Video Style] The Angels - Video Style.mp36 MB
Action RG 33-B King Tubby - Version.mp36 MB
Arietha Promotions P 2183-A Major King - Jahovia.mp36 MB
[UK_Harry J_HJ 6701-A_1974] Sambo Jim - Natty Dread.mp36 MB
[UK_Blue Mountain_BM 1016-A_1972] Greyhound - Dream Lover.mp36 MB
Bullwackie SENTA 0047-B Bullwackie All Stars - Version.mp36 MB
Amanda CP RRS 4326-B Version.mp36 MB
30 Headley Ave. DSR 1099-A Echo Minott - Hold Me Baby.mp36 MB
Brown Sugar DSR 11966-B (11969) Version.mp36 MB
Black Solidarity BSI 009-A Little John - Mud Up.mp36 MB
[uk tackle tak 002-a 1974] davis & williams - where do i go from here.mp36 MB
Aribic Intl. DSR 2608-A The Astronauts - You, Me & Love.mp36 MB
Blue Mountain BM 706-A Ken Boothe - Lonely Widow.mp36 MB
Black Scorpio DSR 2506-A Junior Demus - Bosey Cop.mp36 MB
Bun Gem no matrix-B Firehouse Crew - Version~Baby Love.mp36 MB
Bun Gem no matrix-B 95° In The Dance~Version.mp36 MB
Bongo Man FCD 8045-A Prince Jazzbo - Crab Walking.mp36 MB
Black Scorpio no matrix-B Version.mp35 MB
Black Scorpio no matrix-B DJ Spirit~Version.mp35 MB
Blue Mountain 4372-B Stormy Version.mp35 MB
Audio Connection TAS-102-A Young Billy Cole - Sitting In The Park.mp35 MB
Bun Gem BG 7049-A Linval Thompson - Sound Boy.mp35 MB
[US_Moods_HM 1036-A Jah King Of Kings_1992] Nicodemus - Jah King Of Kings.mp35 MB
Black & White CP 7650-B King Tubby's - Clash Of Steel.mp35 MB
Budget CN 3307-A Jah Jesco - Warning.mp35 MB
Black Scorpio DSR 9307-B Black Scorpio Version.mp35 MB
Boss Disc FBD 926-B The Revolutionaires - Version.mp35 MB
Blank DYNA PAMA 147-A Jeff Barnes & Roland Alphonso - Peyton Place.mp35 MB
Bebo's Music DSR 1577-B Version.mp35 MB
[Dynamite DSR 1857-B] Taxi Gang - Major General.mp35 MB
[UK_Island_WIP 6449-B_1979] Steel Pulse - Prodigal Dub.mp35 MB
Africa HTR 6551-B Version.mp35 MB
Bar Bell RS 4572-B Version (I.N.R.I.).mp35 MB
Black Scorpio DSR 3700-A Chaka Demus - Gal Tek Yu Time.mp35 MB
Agustus Buchanan FBY 7574-A Big Youth - Touch Me In The Morning.mp35 MB
Alpine OB 004-B Computer Radics - Dub.mp35 MB
Bun Gem RMM 1629-A Triston Palma & Double Ugly - Dollars Fe A Piece.mp35 MB
Black Solidarity MML 1556-B Chris & Squidley - Dangerous Dub.mp35 MB
Bongo Man FCD 8045-B New Establisment - Sky Rhythm.mp35 MB
Big Bird DSR 5002-B Fire House Crew - Version.mp35 MB
Blue Trac DSR 9700-B (8786) Version.mp35 MB
Brick Wall Rec. DSR 26732-A Beenie Man - 100 Gal More.mp35 MB
Arabic Records DSR 134-A Inspector Leny - Dem Boasey.mp35 MB
[JA_Crazy Joe DSR 6109-B] Joe Gibbs & The Professionals - Oh.mp35 MB
Aries DSR 9150-B Version.mp35 MB
[JA_Raggedy Joe_RJ 037-B] Terry Linen - Your Love Is My Love Version.mp35 MB
Anchor DSR 8223-B Krystal - Twice My Age.mp35 MB
Black Scorpio DSR 2268-B Version.mp35 MB
Bullet BU 456-A Carl - Knock Three Times.mp35 MB
Belmont DSR 3660A Clint Eastwood - Production Plan.mp35 MB
Afrik DSR 4186-B The Slickers - Time Dub.mp35 MB
Aquarius FHC 3505-A Herman - Oh How Happy.mp35 MB
Bun Gem DSR 4160-A Tony Tuff - No Do Mi Dat.mp35 MB
Belmont DSR 3034-A Trinity - Three Piece Suit.mp35 MB
Blue Trac DSR 8788-B Version.mp35 MB
African Star Music DSR 143-B (142) Version.mp35 MB
[US_Moodisc_HM 7830-B_1978 Reissue] Mudies All Stars - Give Me Love In The Morning.mp35 MB
Black Solidarity OT 1987-B Version.mp35 MB
Attack B.L.E.R.-B The Aggrovators - Rocking Version.mp35 MB
Black Scorpio no matrix-A Papa San - Style & Fashion.mp35 MB
Attack FBL 7594-A Johnny Clarke - I'm Gonna Put It On (Feel The Spirit).mp35 MB
30 Headley Ave. DSR 1098-B Knowledge Version.mp35 MB
African Museum DSR 0274 - Gregory Isaacs - Secretary.mp35 MB
[JA_Mr Tipsy_DSR 2736-B] Ring Craft Posse - Short And Stout Version.mp35 MB
7'' - Peter Tosh - Legalize It (Intel H.I.M. Diplo).mp35 MB
Black Skin The Prophet BS 003-A I.Stings - Jah Jah Children Lives.mp35 MB
Black Scorpio DSR 7546-B Version.mp35 MB
Black Solidarity OPALMER-B Soul Syndicate - Version.mp35 MB
Black Solidarity DSR 3799-B Freelance Band - Haul & Stop Dub.mp35 MB
Amco Rec. 5659-B Version.mp35 MB
Affection AFF-01-B Version.mp35 MB
Blue Mountain 4320-B May Pen Version.mp35 MB
Blank BR 1111-B (GPW 45) Carltons - Better Days.mp35 MB
Bun Gem DSR 4371-A Capt.Barkley - Whine Pon It.mp35 MB
Blank MAH-4-A Unknown DJ - Untitled.mp35 MB
Black Skin The Prophet BS 003-B Family Man All Stars - Jah Rock~Version.mp35 MB
Black Solidarity DSR 5020-B Version.mp35 MB
Black Solidarity OT 1988-B Version.mp35 MB
Ballistic UP 36416-A Winston Jarrett & The Rightous Flames - War.mp35 MB
Antrim DSR TC 100645-B Onika - See You Again.mp35 MB
Black Scorpio BS-A Gregory Isaacs - African Woman.mp35 MB
Bongo Man FCD 8017-A Horace & The New Experience - Night Owl.mp35 MB
Apple Tree DSR 6823-B Version.mp35 MB
All Sport DSR 0255-B Version.mp35 MB
Brad's Rec. CT 630-B Now Generation - Leaving Version.mp35 MB
Ackee ACK 122-B Merlin Webber - Hail-Hi Freedom.mp35 MB
[JA_Techniques_DSR 5512-B_1985] Tenor Saw - Ring The Alarm Version.mp35 MB
[UK_Tropical Records_AL 056-B_1975] The Organization - Organized Version.mp35 MB
Bun Gem DSR 4161-B Firehouse Crew - Version.mp35 MB
African Museum DSR 10025-B Gregory Isaacs - Trench Town Comprehensive.mp35 MB
Butter Fly DSR 8021-A The Examples - Your Friend.mp35 MB
Black Scorpio no matrix-A General Grindsman - Agony Tension.mp35 MB
Black Scorpio DSR 3509-A Cornel Campbell - Tricks.mp35 MB
Action RG 32-A Johnny Clarke - Thankful To Jah.mp35 MB
Bun Gem no matrix-A Triston Palma - Upside Down.mp35 MB
10 Roosevelt Ave. no matrix-B International News~Version.mp35 MB
Anchor DSR 8225-A Lady G. & Papa San - Round Table Talk.mp35 MB
Attack B.L.E.R.-A Derrek Morgan - Peoples Descision.mp35 MB
Anchor DSR 7377-B Shabba Ranks - Mr.Lover Man.mp35 MB
Arrival DSR 2106-B Junjo & The Volcano All Stars - Version.mp35 MB
Bun Gem TP 2186-B Firehouse Crew - Version.mp35 MB
Bun Gem TP 2190-A Triston Palma & Japanese - One Heart.mp35 MB
Black Successor's no matrix-B A.M. Dial.mp35 MB
Black Art MIC 2213-B Tea Pot Version.mp35 MB
Bun Gem BG-B Firehouse Crew - Version~Watch Out.mp35 MB
Ashandan JM 45-1983-A Judy Mowatt - Hush Baby Mother.mp35 MB
10 Roosevelt Ave. DSR 6968-A Lyrical - Dance Pon Yuh Toe.mp35 MB
Bullwackie SENTA 0047-A Jerry Hitler & Bullwackie All Stars - What's Wrong With You.mp35 MB
[UK_Trojan_TR 7947-A_1974] Nicky Thomas - Lola.mp35 MB
[UK_Paradise_PR 06-A] Ginger Williams - Your Love Driving Me Crazy.mp35 MB
African Museum DSR 3388-A Gregory Isaacs - Top Ten.mp35 MB
Black Scorpio DSR 10054-A Mikey Melody - World Is A Disaster.mp35 MB
Arietha Promotions P 2183-B Version.mp35 MB
Bun Gem no matrix-B Version~Ungreatful Lover.mp35 MB
Black Scorpio no matrix-A Papa San - She Gimmi Pudding.mp35 MB
Bun Gem no matrix-B Version~Crowd A Sound Man.mp35 MB
321 Strong DSR 18844-B (18849) Version.mp35 MB
Aribic Intl. DSR 5685-B Version.mp35 MB
Black & White CP 1558-B King Tubby's - Booby Trap.mp35 MB
30 Headley Ave. DSR 9022-B Version.mp35 MB
Barry's Hide Out BJ 003-B Barry's All Stars - Girl In Dub.mp35 MB
Bomb Shell ITAL-A Shorty The President with Pablo - Ital Blues.mp35 MB
Apples DSR 3759-A Prince Brown - Gilbert.mp35 MB
Bemma Music HFS8 1013-A Rod Williams & Super 8 - War.mp35 MB
56 Hope Road DSR 3343-A Soul Power & Sound - Yard Music.mp35 MB
Arrows Music AM 1003-A Collie Weed - Here Comes The Rain.mp35 MB
Blank WIRL LK 1947-B (1722) Roland Alphonso - Jungle Bit.mp35 MB
Beverley's Records DYNA LK 1977-B (1779) The Maytals - Sun, Moon & Stars.mp35 MB
[UK_Soul Beat_SBS 012-AA_1978 Reissue] Ken Boothe - Who Real.mp35 MB
Black Scorpio BS-B Version~Girls Them A Follow We.mp35 MB
AVI Records AVI-214-B Dave Williams & Inner...e - Out Of The Streets-Into The Streets.mp35 MB
Black Solidarity MML 1566-A Papa San - Life Funny.mp35 MB
56 hope road dsr 0104-b mighty diamonds - dub wise.mp35 MB
All Nation DSR 2506-B Part 2.mp35 MB
[JA_Love People_DSR 0558-A_1978] Roy Shirley - Stop Your Fussing And Fighting.mp35 MB
Blank GGTM 307-B Version.mp35 MB
[UK_Harry J_HJ 6704-A_1974] Treasure Boy - Message To Martha.mp35 MB
Black Arrow BDPP 009-A Noel Ellis - We Wine A.mp35 MB
[UK_Tropical Records_AL 056-A_1975] Paul Davidson - Midnight Rider.mp35 MB
Aquarius FHC 3506-B Oh How Happy Version.mp35 MB
Border Clash DSR 12221-A Skull Man - Dollar Provider.mp35 MB
Black Scorpio BS-B Version~One Dollar Juice.mp35 MB
[JA_Crazy Joe_JGM 2604-B_1981] The Mighty Two - Gibby Dub.mp35 MB
[UK_Torpedo_TOR 043-A_1975] Johnny Jonas - Happy Birthday.mp35 MB
Action RG 34-A U. Roy - Joyful Locks.mp35 MB
7'' - Peter Tosh - Legalize It Dub (Intel H.I.M. Diplo).mp35 MB
Barry Clarke DSR 7457-B Dub Version.mp35 MB
Big 7 DB 2508-B Version.mp35 MB
Belmont DSR 4062-A Trinity - Jamacian Dollars.mp35 MB
Black Art MIC 2213-A I Roy - Tea Pot.mp35 MB
Black Scorpio DSR 11778-B (11340) Mafia & Fluxy - Version.mp35 MB
Action ACT 103-A Linval Thompson - Natty Dread Girl.mp35 MB
Afrik DSR 4185-A The Slickers - The Time Has Come.mp35 MB
Bad Gong Records DSR 1973-A Mighty Diamonds - Mary Mack.mp35 MB
Blue Trac DSR 10537-B (10584) Version.mp35 MB
Blank FCD 7944-B Jackie Mittoo - Joy Joy.mp35 MB
Barry U Rec. BU 062-B Version.mp35 MB
Black Scorpio no matrix-B Mutual Right~Version.mp35 MB
30 Headley Ave. DSR 9021-A Flourgon - Come Down.mp35 MB
Alpine RMM 1124-B Computer Radics - Part II.mp35 MB
[UK_Klik_KL 601-A_1975] Big Youth - Natty Dread She Want.mp35 MB
[ja roots records rr 003-a 1979] roots & herbs - fly natty dread.mp35 MB
Ackee ACK 122-A Merlin Webber - Cumbaya.mp35 MB
Audio Connection TAS-102-B Young Billy Cole - I'm Yours.mp35 MB
Audio Vibes Corp. DSR 6399-B Version.mp35 MB
Ayeola MML 1143-B Version.mp35 MB
[UK_Harry J_HJ 6704-B_1974] Treasure Boy - Tears Won't Help.mp35 MB
Barry Clarke DSR 7456-A Hopeton James - Ghetto Living.mp35 MB
Black Starline RMM 855-B Marcus Version.mp35 MB
Bad Gong MD 1800-A Mighty Diamonds - Country Living.mp35 MB
Arrival DSR 5676-B Jon Jo & The Volcano All Stars - Version.mp35 MB
Blank FBL 7772-A Ken Boothe - Emily.mp35 MB
[UK_Trojan_TR 7949-A_1975] Emperor Rosko - Al Capone.mp35 MB
[UK_Attack_ATT 8136-B_1978] Big Joe [Unknown DJ] - Dignity And Principle.mp35 MB
Bun Gem BG 7044-B Firehouse Crew - Version.mp35 MB
10 Roosevelt Ave. DSR 6080-B Version.mp35 MB
Bad Gong Records MD 2037-A Dave Robinson - Chaga Chaga Warrior.mp35 MB
Apples DSR 3760-B Version.mp35 MB
Black Solidarity DSR 0433-A Lady Ann - Take A Set.mp35 MB
7'' - Sidney, George & Jackie (The Pioneers) - Papa Was A Rolling Stone (Attack)A.mp35 MB
Blue Mountain BM 706-B Roots Radics - Widow Version.mp35 MB
1 Love no matrix-B Version~I Just Can't Wait.mp35 MB
Brad's Rec. BR 3762-A Glenn Adams - Black Cup.mp35 MB
Ballistic BP 304-A Shiela Hylton - Breakfast In Bed.mp35 MB
Bongo Man FCD 8024-A Horace Andy - Skylarking.mp35 MB
[UK_Torpedo_TOR 043-B_1975] Johnny Jonas - Birthday Dub.mp35 MB
[US_Moods_HM 1031-45-B_1992] Mudies All Stars - Dub Talk.mp35 MB
Black Scorpio DSR 6220-A Papa San - How Fi Run Mi Life.mp35 MB
10 Roosevelt Ave. HJ 007-B Version.mp35 MB
[JA_Moodisc_HM 3030-A Reissue] Tommy McCook - It May Sound Silly.mp35 MB
B&F KT-1750-B Banton & Fire House Crew - Version.mp35 MB
Blacker Dread DSR 7632-B Dabwaz Band - Mus Mus Fire.mp35 MB
56 Hope Road DSR 0103-A Mighty Diamonds - Don't Want War.mp35 MB
Apple Tree DSR 4824-B Version.mp35 MB
Afro Eagle Intl. GGR 5388-B (5415) Carl & Gibby - Version.mp35 MB
10 Roosevelt Ave. DSR 6508-B Version.mp35 MB
Arabic DSR 5529-B Version.mp35 MB
Black Star JG 112-B The Black Liberators Band - Hotter Dread.mp35 MB
Brick Wall Rec. no matrix-B Richie Spice - Drop Top.mp35 MB
Blank JBL 7831-A Pat Kelly - How Long Will It Take.mp35 MB
African Star Music DSR 145-A G. Isaacs - Twelve Months Hard Labour.mp35 MB
[US_Clocktower Classics_XYZ 01-B_1976 Reissue] Keith Hudson - National Anthem.mp35 MB
Black Scorpio no matrix-A Chaka Demus - Everybody Love The Chaka.mp35 MB
Boss Disc GGR 3932-A Freddy McKay - Equal Rights.mp35 MB
Black Eagle MB 5-A Black Eagles - Shock Them.mp35 MB

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