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1000 Handy Games

124 MB  
in 1,183 files
   0 / 0
6 years old  
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Torrent Contents

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1000 Handy Games
001_Team CSC Tour Cycling.jar131 KB
1805FrenchEmpire.JAR75 KB
1941FrozenFront.jar84 KB
1941_Frozen_Front.jar84 KB
1942101.jar41 KB
2004Gymnastics.jar67 KB
2004LongJump.jar83 KB
2004PoleVault.jar69 KB
2004_real_football.jar179 KB
2005 Real Football.jar197 KB
2Fast2Furious.jar67 KB
3D Golf Real i.JAR234 KB
3D QBlast.jar100 KB
3DPool.jar95 KB
3DQBlast.jar100 KB
3DSnowboard.jar414 KB
3D_Dungeon_Warrior.jar128 KB
3D_Pool.jar95 KB
3D_QBlast.jar100 KB
3D_Slam_Ping_Pong.jar68 KB
50sn100s.jar60 KB
7Zwerge.jar114 KB
Aberrance.jar92 KB
AboutTimeSanta.jar57 KB
Absolute Puzzle.jar99 KB
AbsolutePuzzlese.jar99 KB
AbsoluteTrickshot.jar62 KB
AcesOf191610.jar65 KB
ACO_DragonFury.jar63 KB
ACO_MonsterLand.jar60 KB
ActionBasketBall.jar58 KB
Actraiser.jar88 KB
Actraiser101.jar88 KB
AdidasAll-StarFootball100.jar87 KB
Aero Mission 3D.jar243 KB
AeroMission3DF.jar245 KB
AfricanRally.jar124 KB
AgassiTennis.jar125 KB
AH-6 Navy Battle.jar80 KB
Aikia - The Escape.jar62 KB
Aikia-TheEscape101.jar62 KB
AIMS1018(de).jar99 KB
Air Traffic Control.jar100 KB
Airforce.jar59 KB
AirForceISaveTheCityse.jar59 KB
Airraid.jar53 KB
AirTrafficControl.jar100 KB
AirWar.jar89 KB
AirWarse.jar89 KB
Aleste.jar79 KB
ALIENS.jar198 KB
AlliedAssault.jar75 KB
Alonso Racing.jar100 KB
AlonsoRacing2005105Spanish.jar125 KB
Alpha Wing.jar94 KB
Alphaman104.jar142 KB
AlphaWing.jar94 KB
Amazon of Worms Planet.jar106 KB
amazon.of.wormsse.jar106 KB
Ambistackss60.jar45 KB
Ambistax.jar45 KB
Ambistax103.jar45 KB
Americanpoker.jar54 KB
Aminoid X.jar118 KB
AminoidX.jar118 KB
Anakonda100.jar83 KB
Ancient Empires II .jar208 KB
Ancient Empires.jar126 KB
AncientEmpires.jar126 KB
AncientEmpires2_102_rus.jar236 KB
AncientTowersOfSarun.jar186 KB
Angel'n Devil.jar61 KB
AngelnDevil.jar61 KB
Angels.jar87 KB
ANNO 1503 German.jar167 KB
ANNO 1503.jar168 KB
Anno1503.jar168 KB
AntAdventures116.jar120 KB
AntiTerroristUnit.jar78 KB
AntsAdventures.jar120 KB
ApacheFighter.jar120 KB
Apocalypse 3000.jar213 KB
Apocalypse3000.jar213 KB
Apocalypse3000126(de).jar213 KB
AppacheFighter100.jar115 KB
AquaRace.jar83 KB
Aquasim.jar119 KB
AquaSim.jar.jar125 KB
Aquasim100.jar119 KB
Argon3Dv800z1010.jar208 KB
Arkanoid.jar29 KB
Arkanoid130.jar29 KB
ArnieDolphin.jar61 KB
Asphalt Urban GT.jar175 KB
Asteroid.jar53 KB
AstronautFever.jar92 KB
AstronautFever101.jar92 KB
AstroShock.jar87 KB
Astroshockv10.jar87 KB
Ataris Driv3r.jar148 KB
Atlantis2097.jar201 KB
Atomic Skater.jar59 KB
Atomic UGround.jar61 KB
AtomicBoulder2se.jar57 KB
AtomicUnderground.jar61 KB
Attacked.jar88 KB
Avenging Fist.jar68 KB
AvengingFistse.jar68 KB
Axion.jar62 KB
AztecWarrior.jar72 KB
BackGammon.jar140 KB
BalanceSingh.jar66 KB
BalanceSingh10.jar66 KB
BaldursGate.jar158 KB
BallOnTheWall.jar58 KB
BallOnTheWall10.jar58 KB
Balloon Race.jar108 KB
BananaBouncer.jar56 KB
Barbecue Queen.jar47 KB
Baseball2002.jar92 KB
Basketball.jar103 KB
BatmanBegins108.jar186 KB
Battery Maintenance.jar24 KB
Battle Of Empires.jar95 KB
BattleOfEmpires.jar95 KB
BattleShipsF.jar114 KB
Baywatch Beach Volleyball.jar205 KB
BaywatchBeachVolleyballv105.jar205 KB
Beach Volley Pro.jar83 KB
BeachVolleypro.jar83 KB
BeachVolly.jar79 KB
BeBall.jar96 KB
Bejeweled.jar142 KB
Bejeweled223.jar106 KB
Ben Chase.jar147 KB
BenChase10.jar147 KB
BenChasese.jar147 KB
BieneMaja-HoneyRace101.jar55 KB
Big 2 Heroes.jar55 KB
Big Brother.jar64 KB
Big2Garden.jar61 KB
Big2Heroes.jar55 KB
BigBrotherDirectorsCut18.jar64 KB
BigBrotherGames.jar75 KB
Bijlee.jar56 KB
BikerFun.jar52 KB
Bingo.jar29 KB
Black Hole.jar193 KB
Black Widow.jar48 KB
Blackjack.jar18 KB
BlackJacks60.jar56 KB
BlackWidow.jar48 KB
Blade.jar143 KB
Blade.Trinity.v1.0.2.jar143 KB
Blair.jar68 KB
BlockBreakerDeluxe.jar156 KB
BlockBuster.jar9 KB
Blocks 2 %5Bterjef%5D.jar66 KB
Blocks2.jar66 KB
Bluetoothbiplanesigoor777.jar93 KB
BMW 1 Series Challenge.jar118 KB
Bmw1serieschallenge.jar118 KB
Boarder's Ball.jar174 KB
Boardersball.jar182 KB
Bobby Carrot.jar76 KB
BobbyCarrotBFLM.jar76 KB
Bobo Elf.jar117 KB
Bobobox.jar80 KB
BoboElfse.jar117 KB
Boink Reloaded (ChipedUK).jar103 KB
boink reloaded.jar103 KB
Bomb Factory.jar45 KB
Bomba.jar96 KB
Bomber Pilot.jar68 KB
Bomberman.jar45 KB
bombermanse.jar45 KB
BombFactory.jar45 KB
bombjack.jar76 KB
Bombjacks60.jar76 KB
Bombs.jar44 KB
BombsBFLM.jar44 KB
BoobiSisters.jar56 KB
Boobtube().jar55 KB
Boobtube.jar55 KB
Boobtube10.jar55 KB
Boom Boom.jar66 KB
BoomBoom.jar66 KB
Boulder 2.jar57 KB
Bounce A Round.jar317 B
Bowlen m. Bohlen.jar72 KB
Bowling.jar24 KB
BowlingEX.jar108 KB
BOXEO EN 3D.jar108 KB
Boys'N'Bricks.jar87 KB
Boysnbricks.jar87 KB
Breakbrix().jar44 KB
BreakBrix.jar44 KB
BreakM Candy World.jar62 KB
Breakout Bears.jar108 KB
Brick Ranger.jar65 KB
BrickChampion.jar46 KB
Bricket.jar45 KB
Bricket10.jar45 KB
Brickranger.jar65 KB
BrickRanger10.jar65 KB
BricksSiemens.jar15 KB
Brother Bear.jar82 KB
BrutalFight.jar171 KB
BrutalFighting.jar171 KB
BT Biplanes %5BAndrenalin%5D.jar93 KB
Bubble Bobble.jar42 KB
Bubble Tots.jar44 KB
Bubble Totsse.jar44 KB
Bubble Trouble.jar46 KB
bubble.jar79 KB
BubbleBobble.jar59 KB
BubbleGun.jar97 KB
BubbleGun11.jar97 KB
BubbleSoccer.jar80 KB
Buggy Fighter.jar98 KB
Bugz.Buster.v1.1.0XiMpDA.jar84 KB
BugzBuster.jar84 KB
Bum Bum Bum.jar106 KB
BumbleBeez.jar46 KB
BunnyAttack.jar59 KB
BurgerKing.jar22 KB
Bustin' Blox(TM).jar32 KB
C2SBowling.jar93 KB
C2sprobaseball.jar117 KB
C2S_A_Dragon2.jar158 KB
C2S_Bowling.jar93 KB
C2S_BowlingEX.jar108 KB
C2S_CityRacer.jar59 KB
C2S_ProBaseball.jar117 KB
Calculator.jar5 KB
Call Of Duty.jar218 KB
CallOfDuty.jar218 KB
Campaign 1944.jar87 KB
Campaign1944se.jar87 KB
Candy Catchup.jar91 KB
CandyCatchup.jar91 KB
CannonMaster.jar164 KB
Cannons Tournament.jar61 KB
CannonsTournamentse.jar61 KB
Captain Lunar.jar63 KB
CaptainFloat.jar315 B
CaptainFloat10.jar56 KB
Captainlunarv10-.jar63 KB
CaribbeanPoker.jar41 KB
CaribbeanPokers60.jar41 KB
Carlos Sainz.jar102 KB
CarRacer.jar127 KB
CasinoWar.jar47 KB
CasinoWars60.jar47 KB
CasinoWheelEU.jar81 KB
CastleofSpells.jar82 KB
Castlevania().jar68 KB
Castlevania.jar68 KB
cat.jpg3 KB
Catty Adventures.jar115 KB
CattyAdventuresBFLM.jar115 KB
Caveman X-mas Edition.jar55 KB
Caveman.jar55 KB
CavemanX-mas.jar55 KB
CenterCourt.jar43 KB
centipede.jar46 KB
Charades.jar40 KB
CharliesAngels-RoadCyclone10.jar87 KB
Cheers().jar60 KB
Cheers.jar60 KB
Chess Conquest.jar63 KB
ChessBuddy.jar191 KB
Chessmaster.jar139 KB
Chessmasters60.jar139 KB
Chesster S..jar44 KB
Chica Interviu Valencia.jar106 KB
ChicaInterviuValenciaSextron.jar106 KB
Chicken Hunter.jar63 KB
Chickenrun().jar88 KB
ChickenRun.jar88 KB
Chicks-with-Bricks.jar82 KB
ChickswithBricks.jar82 KB
ChinaChess.jar85 KB
ChineseChessse.jar85 KB
ChipsChallenge.jar160 KB
ChipsChallenge103.jar160 KB
Chopper.jar66 KB
ChopperRescue.jar66 KB
ChopperRescue107.jar112 KB
ChristmasBlockBreakerUK100.jar153 KB
ChristmasKiss.jar61 KB
CityAuto10.jar63 KB
CityCops.jar82 KB
CityKnightsII.jar69 KB
CityRacer.jar59 KB
Claustrophobia100.jar121 KB
Clear Out.jar104 KB
Cleo.jar68 KB
Cleose.jar68 KB
Clix.jar15 KB
Cluedo.jar63 KB
cMessenger.jar29 KB
CoastalForce.jar190 KB
Coastalforcev100-.jar190 KB
CodeNameDarkSnow.jar89 KB
Colin McRae 05.jar104 KB
colin mcrae rally 4.jar127 KB
Colin.McRae.Rally.2005.v1.4.5.J2ME2.GERMAN.S60.Retail-MCiPDA.jar150 KB
ColinMcRae4.jar127 KB
ColinMcRaeRally 2004.jar127 KB
ColinMcRally2005.jar104 KB
Colorclash.jar52 KB
Colorclashse.jar52 KB
CombatJetAttack.jar56 KB
CombatJetAttack10.jar56 KB
Commando 1 (english).jar97 KB
Commando 2 (english).jar97 KB
Commando 3 (english).jar99 KB
Commando.jar38 KB
Connect4 SP.jar104 KB
Constantine100.jar179 KB
CopMan3D %5Bterjef%5D.jar63 KB
CopMan3D.jar63 KB
Courage the Cowardly Dog Haunted House.jar65 KB
CourageTheCowardlyDog.jar65 KB
Cow Bandits.jar102 KB
CowBandits().jar102 KB
CowBanditsse.jar102 KB
Crash Nitro Kart.jar80 KB
Crash Twinsanity.jar319 B
Crash'N'Burn.jar108 KB
CrashNBurn Turbo.jar124 KB
CrashNBurn.jar108 KB
CrashNBurnv107.jar108 KB
CrashNitroKart.jar80 KB
CrossBlack2.jar66 KB
CruizeControl.jar54 KB
CSolitaire.jar38 KB
CupidRulz.jar75 KB
CyberPawVer2_NS60.jar70 KB
D12 Shooter.jar61 KB
Dakar_2005.jar175 KB
Damage-San.jar126 KB
DancingSweety10.jar122 KB
Darts.jar43 KB
Darts3D.107.jar156 KB
Daylight Froggery.jar111 KB
DaylightFroggeryBFLM.jar111 KB
DeathTrap100.jar100 KB
Deep snow.jar74 KB
Deepsnow.jar74 KB
DeerDanceMania.jar76 KB
DemonicDuo.jar78 KB
Denki Blocks!.jar52 KB
DenkiBlocks.jar52 KB
DepthCharge.jar72 KB
DerbyChamp.jar78 KB
DerbyChampBFLM.jar78 KB
Derrick.jar107 KB
DesertRally.jar89 KB
Detonate.jar56 KB
Dexter's Laboratory Security Alert!.jar78 KB
DexterLaboratory.jar78 KB
DexterLabSecurityAlertv101.jar78 KB
Diamond().jar119 KB
diamond.jar119 KB
DiceAge.jar24 KB
DictionaryFull (eng-rus).jar2 MB
DieHard.jar192 KB
DinoAdventure.jar104 KB
DinoAdventurese.jar104 KB
DoAX.jar176 KB
dolphin.jpg3 KB
Domino.jar28 KB
Don't try this _ home.jar209 KB
DOTC.jar194 KB
DoubleCross.jar60 KB
Draco Sex-MJ.jar286 KB
Dragon and Dracula Christmas Adventure.jar128 KB
Dragon and Dracula Christmas Adventurese.jar128 KB
Dragon Island.jar76 KB
Dragon Skies.jar315 B
Dragonfury.jar63 KB
DragonIsland.jar76 KB
Drakengard.jar172 KB
Dribble.jar115 KB
Driv3r.jar65 KB
DropKick.jar50 KB
Ducati Extreme.jar189 KB
DucatiExtreme(spain)25.jar189 KB
Duke nukem .JAR176 KB
Duke Nukem Mobile.jar176 KB
DungeonStorm(spanish).jar130 KB
DungeonStorm.jar85 KB
DustnDirt.jar196 KB
EA FIFA 2005.jar138 KB
EA Sports FIFA Football 2004.jar236 KB
EASnowboarding.jar96 KB
Ed Edd n Eddy - Giant Jawbreakers.jar82 KB
EdEddnEddyJawbrakers.jar82 KB
EdEddnEddyv101.jar82 KB
Eden.jar84 KB
Edens60.jar84 KB
EdgeRally.jar128 KB
Egypt Quest II Dreamzone.jar140 KB
Electric.jar28 KB
Elektra-Assassin225.jar174 KB
Elf Tales.jar98 KB
Elope.jar74 KB
Eon The Dragon.jar76 KB
EontheDragon.jar76 KB
Erotic Pairs.jar59 KB
Erotic Slot.jar95 KB
EroticPairsCZ.jar59 KB
Eroticslot().jar95 KB
Eroticslot.jar95 KB
Escape Zolaman.jar97 KB
EscapeRoute.jar68 KB
EscapeZolamanse.jar97 KB
Euro 2004.jar91 KB
Euro2004.jar91 KB
EuroCalculator.jar10 KB
EuroInGames2k4.jar134 KB
EuroMan Easter.jar86 KB
EuroManEasterse.jar86 KB
EuroManX.jar60 KB
Eurosport 5 A Side Football.jar151 KB
Eva_SexyGoal.jar94 KB
Evil Dead(TM) Pinball.jar59 KB
ExoticEves.jar71 KB
Exoticevess60.jar71 KB
ExtremeAirSnowboarding3D.jar240 KB
F1MonteCarloRacing.jar86 KB
Fantasy Warrior 2 - Evil.jar189 KB
Fantasy Warrior 2 - Good.jar195 KB
Fantasy Warrior.jar89 KB
FantasyWarriors2Evil.jar189 KB
FantasyWarriors2Good.jar195 KB
fantasywarriorse.jar89 KB
FarmRacing.jar109 KB
FarmTycoon102.jar128 KB
Fatal Force-1.0.0 .jar180 KB
Fatal Force.jar180 KB
Fatal KO.jar97 KB
FBI Frikis Buscan Incordiar.jar77 KB
FearFactor.jar78 KB
Ferrari experience.jar70 KB
FerrariExperience.jar70 KB
FIFA 2003.jar97 KB
FIFA 2005 .jar118 KB
FIFA 2005.jar118 KB
FIFA2003.jar97 KB
FIFAFootball2004.jar113 KB
FireFight.jar51 KB
FishHunt.jar85 KB
FishingManiaLN60.jar102 KB
FiveStones.jar90 KB
FlintstonesBedrockBowling.jar94 KB
Flynn.jar172 KB
Football Strip 2.jar176 KB
Football Strip 3.jar191 KB
Formula BMW Racing Game 2003.jar190 KB
FormulaBMW.jar190 KB
ForsakenFortress.jar120 KB
ForsakenFortressse.jar120 KB
Forsberg.jar55 KB
Four 3D.jar51 KB
FOX Sports Soccer.jar64 KB
FoxSportsSoccer04.jar64 KB
Frankenstein100.jar133 KB
Fraxxon.jar96 KB
Fried Rice Paradise.jar140 KB
Friedriceparadises60.jar140 KB
Froggit.jar72 KB
Frozen World.jar93 KB
Fruit Punch.jar48 KB
Frunny on Sunny Island.jar84 KB
FrunnyonSunnyIsland.jar84 KB
FunRun1.jar152 KB
G-Dreamland.jar182 KB
Gadgies.jar63 KB
Galaxian mini.jar20 KB
Galaxywing().jar370 KB
GalaxyWing.jar370 KB
Galleon Dawn.jar137 KB
Gandalf.jar49 KB
Garfield In Robocats From Outer Space.jar84 KB
Garfield-Dreamland.jar182 KB
GarfieldInDreamland.jar182 KB
Gaya.jar466 KB
Geeks.jar93 KB
Gem Jam.jar34 KB
gemjam.jar57 KB
GemJamXMas.jar84 KB
Generals-AlienColony040.jar179 KB
Ghostblade.jar41 KB
GhostForce10.jar187 KB
GhostHunt.jar63 KB
GhostPlanet.jar53 KB
Ghosts n Goblins %5Bterjef%5D.jar189 KB
GhostsnGoblins.jar189 KB
GianaSisters102.jar117 KB
Gintris.jar58 KB
Girls Gamble.jar143 KB
Girlsgamble.jar143 KB
GiveABuzz.jar47 KB
Gladiator 1.1.4.jar92 KB
gladiator.jar84 KB
GlobalTime.jar23 KB
Go To Hell.jar114 KB
GodFather.jar66 KB
Goldminer.jar57 KB
Goldrush.jar357 KB
Goldrushs60.jar357 KB
Golf3DS700EN.jar253 KB
Golf60.jar48 KB
Golfalot Lakes.jar105 KB
GolfalotLakesse.jar105 KB
GolfClub3D108.jar162 KB
Gothic Graveyard.jar63 KB
GoToHell500.jar114 KB
GrandSlam.jar276 KB
GrandSlamChamp_S60_v112.jar276 KB
GravityDefied-TrialRacing100.jar62 KB
GravityDefied.jar62 KB
GridRacer 3D.jar102 KB
GTRacing.jar131 KB
GulosTale.jar109 KB
Gute Zeiten Schlechte Zeiten.jar116 KB
Gzsz().jar116 KB
Gzsz.jar116 KB
Hades.jar76 KB
Handi.jar38 KB
Handy Luder Comic Edition (German).jar161 KB
handyLuder Comic Edition.jar139 KB
Hard Rock Casino.jar169 KB
HarryBuster.jar190 KB
Hearts.jar33 KB
HeikkiSorsaBXby BFLM.jar66 KB
Hello Kitty(R) BgWg.jar100 KB
Henry the Archaeologist.jar96 KB
HenryArchaeologist.jar96 KB
HipHopBattle.jar97 KB
Horse Racing EN.jar94 KB
HorseRacing.jar94 KB
Hoverball.jar95 KB
Hoverballse.jar95 KB
HSBX.jar66 KB
HTetris.jar25 KB
Hudson Blade.jar89 KB
Hugo Black Diamond Fever 2.jar133 KB
Hugo Black Diamond Fever.jar160 KB
Hugo Black Diamond.jar160 KB
Hugo Follow the Monkey.jar100 KB
Hugo goes fishing.jar100 KB
Hugo in the snow.jar98 KB
HugoFishingBFLM.jar100 KB
HugoFollowMonkey.jar100 KB
HugoSnowBFLM.jar98 KB
HugoXmasSnowBFLM.jar98 KB
HungryWorming.jar191 KB
HungryWormingBFLM.jar191 KB
Hungry_Puppy.jar169 KB
I, Robot.jar147 KB
Ice Age.jar66 KB
Ice Hockey 2004.jar157 KB
IceAgeSkater.jar124 KB
IceBladePenguin.jar60 KB
IceBladePenguin12.jar60 KB
IceBlox.jar29 KB
IceHockey2003.jar101 KB
IceHockey2004CZ.jar157 KB
IcyPinball.jar90 KB
IncredAdv.jar176 KB
InfernalGateEN.jar111 KB
Ion Hawk.jar274 KB
IonHawkBFLM.jar274 KB
iTanx.jar114 KB
iTanxse.jar108 KB
jam.jar180 KB
JamaicanDiscsta.jar118 KB
JAMDAT Bowling.jar110 KB
JAMDAT Golf 2004.jar148 KB
Jammed100.jar117 KB
JBenchmark.jar24 KB
JimmyStrikesBack100.jar170 KB
Johnny Crash.jar78 KB
JohnnyCrash101.jar85 KB
JohnPayne.jar73 KB
JohnSinclairiEN.jar114 KB
Jousting.jar181 KB
Judge Dredd.jar153 KB
Jump!Jump!Jump!.jar80 KB
Jungle Commando.jar116 KB
JungleCommando.jar116 KB
JungleFury.jar57 KB
JungleJumbo.jar91 KB
JustImpact.jar54 KB
K-Insectors.jar120 KB
Kamasutra.jar92 KB
Kamasutrase.jar92 KB
Kamasutris.jar83 KB
Kamasutris102-.jar83 KB
Kamikaze.jar124 KB
Karate.jar67 KB
Karrate.jar71 KB
Katoo.jar170 KB
Kawai Kart.jar130 KB
Killingbosss60.jar73 KB
KillingBoss_7650.jar73 KB
King of Bomb.jar51 KB
KingdomOfHeaven100.jar185 KB
Kingofbombs60.jar51 KB
KingOfFighters.jar147 KB
KO Kickboxing.jar62 KB
KOKickboxing.jar62 KB
Kung Fu.jar163 KB
KungFuFighter.jar93 KB
KurkaWodna.jar188 KB
KyushusDevils.jar158 KB
La Academia de los Sims.jar94 KB
Lagsters.jar121 KB
Lakshya.jar61 KB
Landmine.jar77 KB
LasDamas17.jar14 KB
Legends of Ruarc.jar96 KB
Lemmings031.jar169 KB
LemonadeTycoon101.jar110 KB
Lethal Mission.jar108 KB
LittleNinjaKing100.jar106 KB
LodeRunnerS700DE.jar111 KB
LogRunner.jar93 KB
Lord of the Rings RPG.jar127 KB
LOTR-ReturnOfTheKing181.jar62 KB
Lotrreturofking.jar85 KB
Lotrtwotowers.jar127 KB
Lotus.jar96 KB
LoveDiver.jar72 KB
Lucky Slot Machine.jar63 KB
LuckySlotMachinev101.jar63 KB
Madagascar-GoingWild045(spain).jar131 KB
Mafia Wars 2EN.jar188 KB
MafiaWars.jar60 KB
Magic Elements.jar194 KB
MagicDanceFloor.jar110 KB
Magicdancefloors60.jar110 KB
MagicElements.jar194 KB
MahaRaja.jar66 KB
MahjongUncoveredse.jar90 KB
Manapack 02.jar71 KB
Manapack02.jar71 KB
MarbleMania.jar48 KB
Marcel Desailly Pro Soccer.jar108 KB
MariaSharapovaTennis104.jar175 KB
Match It.jar96 KB
Matka.jar59 KB
Mayhem's Magic Dust.jar85 KB
MDoom.jar19 KB
Megaman.jar114 KB
Melons.jar80 KB
MetalSlug.jar117 KB
MetalSmashPinball101.jar127 KB
MiamiVice134.jar189 KB
Micro GoldRush.jar357 KB
MicroBilliard_tu.jar189 KB
MicroMachines.jar104 KB
micromachinesworking.jar104 KB
MIDP-Man.jar28 KB
Mightandmagic-1.0.2 s60.jar180 KB
MightySword.jar166 KB
Miki'sWorld1.jar65 KB
Miki'sWorld2.jar63 KB
MikisWorld2.jar63 KB
MikisWorldPart1.jar65 KB
Millionaire100(Rus).jar86 KB
MiltonBradleyBoardGamesPack103.jar128 KB
Minesweeper.jar5 KB
MINI 3D.jar252 KB
mini challenge 3dk500.jar252 KB
Mini3dRacing.jar252 KB
MiniGolf.jar75 KB
MiniGolfCastles.jar143 KB
Minigolfs60.jar75 KB
MissileAttack.jar27 KB
Mobile Athlete.jar61 KB
Mobile GP.jar79 KB
MobileGPse.jar79 KB
MobileSkater.jar73 KB
MobileSkaterv10.jar73 KB
MobMan.jar30 KB
Monkey Madness.jar41 KB
MonkeyBall.jar39 KB
Monopoly.jar109 KB
MonopolyTycoon.jar187 KB
MonsterLand10.jar60 KB
Monte Carlo.jar86 KB
Moorhen Playsuit.jar273 KB
Moorhuhn Kart Racer.jar83 KB
Moorhuhn Seasons v119 [mobile scope ag] (nokia s60 german).jar201 KB
Moorhuhn Seasons.jar201 KB
Moorhuhn X.jar125 KB
MoorhuhnKartRacer.jar83 KB
MoorhunPlaysuit.jar273 KB
MOS.jar94 KB
Moscow Metro (rus).jar62 KB
Moscowpoly (Beta).jar49 KB
Moscowpoly.jar51 KB
Moto Maniacs.jar86 KB
MotoGP 2.jar223 KB
MotoGP.jar90 KB
motogp2.jar223 KB
MotoGP2se.jar223 KB
MotoManiacsse.jar86 KB
Motoraver3D-k750-S700.jar444 KB
Movistar Racing.jar127 KB
MovistarRacing.jar127 KB
Mr&MrsSmith102.jar121 KB
Mr.DRILLER.jar103 KB
MSports Soccer.jar143 KB
Mtvjackassgame.jar209 KB
muKon121(rus).jar21 KB
MyGirls.jar10 KB
Naruto.jar335 KB
Nasty Nanny.jar95 KB
NavyBattle.jar80 KB
Necroseed110.jar106 KB
NeutroNick.jar86 KB
New Skool Skater.jar68 KB
NewSkoolSkater.jar68 KB
NHL Hockey.jar99 KB
NightmareCreatures.jar160 KB
NinjaKid.jar107 KB
No Way Out.jar106 KB
NoWayOutBFLM.jar106 KB
NYNightsEN.jar194 KB
Oceans12103.jar141 KB
OilWars.jar125 KB
OmegaMission.jar84 KB
Omegamissionv102-.jar84 KB
Orange War.jar72 KB
OutRoad.jar86 KB
PahTum.jar71 KB
Paintball.jar103 KB
Pang 0.9.3.jar99 KB
Pang.jar125 KB
PanzerStorm150(de).jar118 KB
Paparazzi On Vespa.jar93 KB
Paultracykart .jar178 KB
PaulTracyKart100.jar180 KB
Pedro Saves Xmas.jar99 KB
Pegged.jar26 KB
Peli.jar18 KB
Penalty Shootout.jar54 KB
Periode 1.jar135 KB
PhantomEagle.jar97 KB
PhantomMansion.v1.0-XiMpDA.jar65 KB
Pimp My Ride.jar152 KB
Pinball.jar47 KB
Ping Pong.jar312 B
Pioo.jar307 B
Pioose.jar59 KB
Pipe Works.jar313 B
PipeWorksBFLM.jar44 KB
PiratesFortune.jar183 KB
Pitfall Glacier.jar93 KB
Pitfall Jungle.jar83 KB
PitfallGlacier100.jar93 KB
PitfallJungles60.jar83 KB
PixelineZOO111.jar53 KB
PizzaMagnate(Rus).jar121 KB
PlanetJam.jar181 KB
Platoon.jar146 KB
PlaymanWinterGames.jar86 KB
Pman.jar307 B
Pocket Tennis.jar316 B
PocketDecider.jar316 B
Pocketgolf.jar48 KB
PocketTennisse.jar71 KB
PocketVoodoo.jar315 B
Poisonalley.jar56 KB
pong.jar307 B
Pool Challenge .jar73 KB
PopeyeKartRacing10.jar168 KB
Popstar.jar46 KB
POPWWEN108ares.jar190 KB
Port Royale 2.jar184 KB
PortRoyale2.jar184 KB
Powerpuff.jar69 KB
Predator.jar156 KB
Predator116.jar156 KB
Prince Of Persia Harem Adventures.jar100 KB
Prince Of Persia.jar91 KB
Prince-SOT.jar143 KB
PrinceOfPersia-WarriorWithin.jar211 KB
PrinceofPersiaHaremAdventures.jar100 KB
PrinceofPersiaSandsofTime.jar147 KB
PrinceofPersiaWarriorWithin for .jar212 KB
PrinceSOT.jar85 KB
Privateers.jar97 KB
Pro League Soccer.jar71 KB
ProBowling.jar155 KB
ProLeagueSoccer().jar71 KB
ProLeagueSoccerse.jar71 KB
PubFootball1051.jar117 KB
Pubpinball .jar101 KB
PubPool.jar56 KB
PubSlots009.jar55 KB
Pursuit Squad.jar106 KB
PursuitSquad.jar106 KB
PuzzleBobble 1.0.1.jar62 KB
PuzzleBobble.jar39 KB
PuzzleBobble3.jar62 KB
PuzzleBobblev2.jar62 KB
Qubix.jar122 KB
Qubixse.jar122 KB
Queens.jar78 KB
Queenss60.jar78 KB
Queensv11-XiMPDA.jar78 KB
Quest For Alliance.jar425 KB
Quest Of The Hero ().jar157 KB
Quest of the Hero.jar157 KB
Quest of the Herose.jar157 KB
QuestForAlliance.jar425 KB
Questrus.jar156 KB
Rabbitator.jar143 KB
Race2Kill102.jar141 KB
Racing Rescue.jar74 KB
RacingFever2.jar102 KB
RacingFeverDeluxe.jar93 KB
racingfeverdeluxese.jar14 KB
RacingRescuese.jar74 KB
Rainbow Six 3.jar178 KB
Rainbow10.jar94 KB
Rainbow6.jar177 KB
Rayman Bowling.jar157 KB
Rayman3.jar122 KB
RealTournament.jar121 KB
Red Dwarf.jar78 KB
Red Faction vXXX.jar124 KB
RedDog.jar43 KB
RedFaction.jar124 KB
Resident Evil - ATN.jar158 KB
Resident Evil.jar163 KB
Return Of The King.jar85 KB
Reversi.jar17 KB
Ribbit.jar51 KB
RichMan7650Eng.jar61 KB
Richmans60.jar61 KB
Rick Ranger.jar118 KB
RickRangerse.jar118 KB
RiverStorm3D111.jar204 KB
Robo 2.jar68 KB
Robo2-1.jar68 KB
Robocop.jar148 KB
RobotsTheGame10.jar138 KB
Rocket Girl.jar82 KB
RocketGirl.jar82 KB
RollARound101.jar68 KB
Rollerblade.jar54 KB
Rollerbot3D110.jar124 KB
RoomService.jar54 KB
RTL Racing 2005.jar158 KB
RTL Soccer.jar140 KB
RTLSoccerse.jar140 KB
RuarcBFLM.jar96 KB
Rubik's Cube.jar190 KB
RubiksCube.jar190 KB
Sabotage.jar77 KB
Sacred.jar189 KB
sacredenglishaivanet.jar189 KB
safe.jar22 KB
SainPitersburg Map (rus).jar65 KB
SainPitersburg Metro (rus).jar34 KB
Samurai Jack Samurai Showdown.jar96 KB
Samurai.jar119 KB
SamuraiJackSamuraiShowdown.jar96 KB
SantaTrouble.jar53 KB
SC-PT.jar193 KB
ScarlottisMafiaWars21133.jar188 KB
Schnik Schnak Schnuk.jar97 KB
SchnikSchnakby BFLM.jar97 KB
Scooby-Doo 2 Dark Dungeons.jar82 KB
Scooby-Doo Castle Capers.jar81 KB
Scoobydoo2Darkdungeon.jar82 KB
ScoobyDooCastleCaperBFLM.jar81 KB
Scooter Lovers.jar92 KB
ScooterLovers.jar92 KB
Scpandoratomorrow.jar193 KB
SCPTEN101.jar347 KB
SCPTES101a.jar178 KB
Sea Hunter.jar48 KB
SeaDrive.jar77 KB
SeaHunter.jar48 KB
SEALTeam6.jar89 KB
Sekhmet.jar108 KB
Sekhmetse.jar108 KB
Sentry3D103.jar171 KB
SewaCatcher.jar217 KB
Sex Bomb.jar111 KB
Sexbomb.jar111 KB
Sexory.jar131 KB
SexyTwisteren.jar72 KB
Shadow.jar106 KB
Shaft.jar123 KB
Shamegame Alyson.jar121 KB
Shamegamealysons.jar121 KB
Shamegamealysons60.jar121 KB
Shark Attack.jar47 KB
SharkAttack.jar47 KB
Sharks Hunting.jar66 KB
Sharkshuntingv101-.jar66 KB
ShiningOnline2.jar332 KB
Shizuka.jar195 KB
Shizukase.jar195 KB
ShootNSplash.jar90 KB
Shrek 2 Trivia.jar80 KB
Shrek2.jar180 KB
Shrek2trivia.jar80 KB
Shuriken Storm.jar52 KB
Shurikenstorm.jar52 KB
Siberian Ep I.jar140 KB
Siberian Ep II.jar174 KB
Siberian Strike Episode 2.jar143 KB
SiberianStrike.jar98 KB
SiberianStrikeDE103.jar100 KB
SiberianStrikeII.jar174 KB
Siege.jar82 KB
Silvia Saint.jar104 KB
Sim Fishing .jar94 KB
Skate&Slam.jar97 KB
Skateboard.jar64 KB
Skateboardv100-.jar64 KB
Skater.jar81 KB
SkidCity091.jar70 KB
SkidlockRacer113.jar82 KB
SkiDownhill3ds60v2(german).jar118 KB
Skull Castle Pinball.jar57 KB
SkullCastlePinball.jar57 KB
SleighrideBFLM.jar75 KB
SlugFest.jar61 KB
SmackHeadTonyBlair.jar68 KB
SmashDizzy.jar152 KB
Snake.jar28 KB
Snatch Action.jar127 KB
SnatchAction.jar127 KB
Soccer Unlimited.jar80 KB
SoccerManager.jar61 KB
SoccerUnlimited.jar80 KB
Sokoban11.jar35 KB
Solitaire 1.0.31.jar79 KB
Solitaire.jar27 KB
Solitaire7650.jar86 KB
SolitaireElkware.jar106 KB
SolitaireGameloft.jar86 KB
Solitare.jar41 KB
Solytare.jar26 KB
SonOfTheMask111.jar141 KB
Sony Ericsson - - tetris.jar84 KB
Space Taxi.jar108 KB
Space Warrior.jar102 KB
Spacetaxipinballse.jar108 KB
Spacewarrior().jar102 KB
Spacewarrior.jar102 KB
Special Force 3.jar84 KB
SpecialForces ChipedUK.jar84 KB
SpecialForces.jar61 KB
Speed Devils.jar144 KB
SpeedAddict.jar121 KB
SpeedBall.jar153 KB
SpeedChaser.jar185 KB
SpeedChaser3D.jar191 KB
SpeedChaser3Di.jar191 KB
SpeedDevils.jar100 KB
Speedy Mouse (German).jar105 KB
Sphinx.jar183 KB
Spider-Man 2 Pinball.jar71 KB
Spider-Man.jar131 KB
Spiderman.2.pinball.jar71 KB
Splinter Cell PT.jar178 KB
SplinterCell.jar128 KB
SplinterCellEng.jar99 KB
SplinterCellExtendedoperations.jar145 KB
SplinterCellfull-k750-s700.jar347 KB
SpongeBob Bowling.jar120 KB
Spring.jar66 KB
Spruce GO.jar25 KB
SpruceDraw.jar6 KB
Spy Shootout!.jar74 KB
Spyro.jar95 KB
Stalk N Shoot.jar62 KB
Staqqer.jar81 KB
Star diver.jar81 KB
Star Exceed.jar42 KB
Star Trek Nemesis.jar90 KB
StarDiversion113.jar106 KB
StarTrekNemesis.jar90 KB
Steeple-Chase Challenge.jar75 KB

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