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Torrent Contents

Ergografia Xatzidaki.xls406 KB
1955_Λατέρνα Φτώχια και Φιλότιμο @ 320kbps
back.jpg877 KB
Laterna ftwxeia & filotimo.doc876 KB
front.jpg827 KB
15_Eimai Antras.mp39 MB
11_Nanourisma.mp36 MB
12_Ksimerwma.mp36 MB
09_Garoufallo St' Auti.mp35 MB
07_Asimwse.mp34 MB
17_Teli Teli.mp34 MB
02_Titloi.mp33 MB
06_H Poreia.mp33 MB
01_Laterna.mp33 MB
21_Titloi Telous.mp33 MB
05_Xathikan Oi Laternes.mp33 MB
10_Oi Treis Mazi.mp33 MB
19_O Kalitexnis.mp32 MB
14_Tha Xorepsw.mp32 MB
04_H Kontra.mp32 MB
20_Talirotherapeia.mp32 MB
18_Epistrofi Stin Athina.mp31 MB
03_H Plaka.mp31 MB
13_Kynigito.mp31 MB
08_Tragoudaki Thelete.mp31 MB
16_Katse Katw Re.mp31 MB
1956_Ο Δράκος @ 320kbps
back.jpg1 MB
O Drakos.doc1 MB
front.jpg962 KB
22_H Skini Tou Xorou.mp318 MB
26_O Xoros.mp38 MB
27_O Ilissos.mp37 MB
28_O Ilissos.mp37 MB
13_Synomilia Sto Bar.mp37 MB
06_Sto Club.mp36 MB
15_To Kolpo.mp36 MB
12_Ilissos.mp36 MB
23_To Maxairwma.mp36 MB
16_Oh Chichornia.mp36 MB
11_Illissos.mp35 MB
02_Titloi.mp35 MB
17_Synomilia-Monaksia.mp35 MB
03_H Anakalypsi.mp34 MB
08_Greek Boogie Woogie.mp34 MB
25_To Tragoudi Sto Xoro.mp34 MB
05_Katadiwksi Kai Kalanta.mp33 MB
09_O Xoros Tis Karmen.mp33 MB
20_O Logos Prin To Kolpo.mp33 MB
24_Finale.mp33 MB
04_Fovos.mp33 MB
18_H Sylipsi.mp32 MB
10_To Ladwma.mp32 MB
14_Eidiseis Sto Radiofwno.mp32 MB
21_H Eksigisi.mp32 MB
19_Ksimerwma.mp32 MB
01_Parartima.mp32 MB
07_Ekfwnitis Sto Club.mp31 MB
1959_Το Νησί των Γενναίων @ 320kbps
back.jpg1 MB
To nisi twn genaiwn.doc830 KB
front.jpg732 KB
15_Min Ton Rwtas Ton Ourano.mp38 MB
17_H Sylipsi.mp38 MB
02_Eisagwgi-Afigisi.mp36 MB
01_Thema-Titloi.mp35 MB
14_Thema-Tsifteteli Sto Kentro.mp35 MB
19_Finale.mp34 MB
09_Mantinada.mp34 MB
03_Symploki.mp34 MB
08_Rizitiko.mp33 MB
10_Sousta.mp33 MB
11_H Epithesi Twn Germanwn.mp33 MB
05_H Ektelesi.mp32 MB
07_H Afiksi Tou Ypovryxiou.mp32 MB
04_Sygkentrwsi Stin PLateia.mp32 MB
06_H Katastrofi Tou Xwriou.mp32 MB
13_Meta Tin Maxi.mp32 MB
12_H Epelasi Twn Kritikwn.mp32 MB
18_H Autoktonia.mp31 MB
16_H Fylakisi.mp31 MB
1960_Για σένα την Αγάπη μου @ 320kbps
back.jpg1 MB
Gia Sena Agapi mou.doc936 KB
front.jpg882 KB
12_To Kalokairi.mp38 MB
14_Gia Sena Agapi Mou.mp37 MB
15_Thema.mp35 MB
16_Apoxairetismos-Finale.mp35 MB
01_Titloi.mp35 MB
13_Thema.mp33 MB
11_Erwtas Sto Piano.mp33 MB
10_Apo Ta Glyka Sou Matia.mp33 MB
08_To Konserto Tis Noikokyras.mp33 MB
03_H Orxistra.mp33 MB
06_H Plaka.mp32 MB
05_Stin Megali Poli.mp32 MB
02_Sto Ploio Gia Tin Athina.mp32 MB
07_Jazz Gia Tin Maroula.mp32 MB
09_To Trio Strwmatsada.mp31 MB
04_Thema-Parallagi.mp31 MB
1961_Alloimono Stous Neous @ 320kbps
Aloimono stous neous.doc1 MB
front.jpg1 MB
back.jpg724 KB
03_Synantisi Me Ton Diavolo.mp312 MB
07_Pesmou Mia Leksi.mp37 MB
01_Pesmou Mia Leksi.mp37 MB
14_H Apokalipsi.mp37 MB
10_Psaxnontas Gia Douleia.mp36 MB
12_As EIn' Kala To Ginati Sou.mp36 MB
06_Sto Club.mp36 MB
16_Anastisame-Finale.mp34 MB
05_Pounto To Daxtylidi.mp34 MB
04_Eimai Neos.mp34 MB
15_Ax! Mwre Diavole.mp33 MB
13_O Erxomos Tou Gabrou.mp33 MB
08_Pesmou Mia Leksi.mp33 MB
09_Nyxterino.mp32 MB
11_E Oxi Gero Trago.mp32 MB
02_Vegalika.mp32 MB
1961_Αγάπη και θύελλα @ 320kbps
back.jpg1 MB
Agapi kai thyella.doc1,011 KB
front.jpg867 KB
08_Kouvetes Sto Club.mp312 MB
15_Emai Aitos Xwris Ftera.mp39 MB
14_Kouventes Antrwn.mp39 MB
06_Agori Mou Ksenitemeno.mp38 MB
07_Salsa.mp38 MB
11_Ax Lemonia.mp37 MB
09_Metrwntas Ta Astra.mp36 MB
10_Kouventes No 2.mp35 MB
01_Titloi.mp34 MB
17_O Ponos.mp34 MB
05_H Anna.mp34 MB
18_H Yposxesi.mp33 MB
03_To Gramma.mp33 MB
19_Sti Maxi.mp33 MB
02_Gia Tin Athina.mp33 MB
16_Stamata.mp32 MB
13_O Kinezos.mp32 MB
04_Solo Mpouzouki.mp31 MB
20_Finale.mp31 MB
12_Ekfwnisi.mp31 MB
1963_2001_America America @ 320kbps
America America - back.jpg915 KB
America America - front.jpg653 KB
Xatzidakis-america-front (streamload).jpg129 KB
America.doc73 KB
04_Farewell Song and The Voyage.mp313 MB
14_Finale.mp310 MB
11_Frustartion,Dreams and Loneliness.mp310 MB
13_Hohanness and Stavros Madness.mp39 MB
06_Hard Work at The Docks.mp39 MB
05_The Streets of Constantinople.mp38 MB
01_Prologue.mp36 MB
10_The Harmonica and The Waltz.mp36 MB
02_Excitement In The Village.mp35 MB
09_Family Song.mp35 MB
12_Evil Thoughts.mp34 MB
08_Shoeshine Boys.mp34 MB
07_Two Women in The Mist.mp34 MB
03_The Dance of Vartan.mp33 MB
1964-2001_Topkapi @ 320kbps
topkapiback.tif1 MB
Topkapi - front.jpg624 KB
Topkapi - back.jpg544 KB
Topkapi.jpg145 KB
cover.jpg145 KB
cover1.jpg108 KB
Topkapi.doc69 KB
08_The Searchlight.mp38 MB
02_Master Thief.mp38 MB
03_Screwball Inventor.mp36 MB
10_Wrestling Tournament.mp36 MB
05_Belly Dance.mp36 MB
01_The Palace Museum.mp35 MB
07_Turkish Security.mp34 MB
04_A Lincoln Automobile.mp34 MB
06_The Emeralds.mp34 MB
13_In_prison_(end title TOPKAPI).mp34 MB
12_success!.mp33 MB
09_Museum Roof.mp33 MB
11_The Sultan's Dagger.mp32 MB
1967-2001_Blue @ 320kbps
Blue - front.jpg996 KB
manos xatzidakis - blue [ost] -05.jpg741 KB
manos xatzidakis - blue [ost] -06.jpg603 KB
Blue - back.jpg591 KB
manos xatzidakis - blue [ost] -04.jpg527 KB
manos xatzidakis - blue [ost] -03.jpg520 KB
manos xatzidakis - blue [ost] -02.jpg451 KB
manos xatzidakis - blue [ost] -01.jpg221 KB
manos xatzidakis - blue [ost] -07.jpg144 KB
cover.jpg136 KB
Blue [OST].jpg136 KB
front.jpg131 KB
Blue.doc83 KB
07_Preparation of the Villagers.mp312 MB
02_The Mexicans in th Village.mp312 MB
03_Nocturne.mp311 MB
05_Morning After Love.mp310 MB
04_Scherzo.mp39 MB
09_The Mexicans are Coming.mp38 MB
08_Blue and Joanne Near The River.mp37 MB
06_Blue's Solitude.mp37 MB
10_The Death of Blue.mp37 MB
01_Blue Main Title [The River].mp36 MB
1968_Κατάσκοποι στο Σαρωνικό @ 320kbps
back.jpg2 MB
Kataskopoi sto sarwniko.doc717 KB
front.jpg658 KB
08_Kataskopoi.mp311 MB
17_Hrthes Mia Vradya.mp38 MB
20_Kataskopoi 3.mp38 MB
21_Kataskopoi Sto Sarwniko.mp37 MB
19_Kataskopoi 2.mp36 MB
07_Mr.Holland.mp36 MB
12_Ela Xorepse.mp36 MB
01_Titloi.mp36 MB
18_Agwnia 4.mp36 MB
05_Pou Na Se Vrw.mp35 MB
13_Zeimpekiko.mp35 MB
16_Hrthes Mia Vradya.mp35 MB
15_Agwnia 3.mp34 MB
03_Systaseis.mp33 MB
04_Pou na Se Vrw.mp33 MB
02_Sto Club.mp33 MB
09_Dan.mp33 MB
06_Agwnia.mp33 MB
14_Agwnia 2.mp32 MB
10_Big Boy.mp32 MB
11_Balloons.mp31 MB
1972_Χαμένα Όνειρα @ 320kbps
Xamena Oneira.doc1 MB
front.jpg1 MB
back.jpg915 KB
13_Elpides.mp311 MB
03_Dyskoles Meres.mp39 MB
06_Mia Vroxeri Mera.mp39 MB
16_Asimantoi Anthrwpoi.mp38 MB
14_Apognwsi.mp37 MB
01-Titloi.mp37 MB
17_To Valse Twn Xamenwn Oneirwn.mp37 MB
02_Laterna Sto Steno.mp36 MB
08_Xeimwnas.mp36 MB
10_H Fygi.mp36 MB
07_To Taksidi.mp35 MB
05_Xaroumeni Vradya.mp35 MB
11_Ypokrousi Laternas.mp35 MB
04_Genethlia.mp34 MB
12_Xamenos Erwtas.mp34 MB
15_Routina.mp34 MB
09_Anamniseis.mp33 MB
1974-1990_Sweet Movie @ 320kbps
Νέος φάκελος
Sweet Movie - scan.jpg1 MB
Sweet Movie - back.jpg740 KB
Sweet Movie - front.jpg478 KB
Sweet Movie.jpg109 KB
cover.jpg109 KB
Sweet Movie.doc72 KB
10-Strip Teaz fia Tria Paidia.mp311 MB
09_Ta Paidia Katw ston Kampo.mp38 MB
07_Nyxterino.mp37 MB
03_Serenata gia tin Seksoualiki Apousia.mp37 MB
14_H Seksoualiki Polyrythmia kai Ta Tria Paidia.mp37 MB
06_Oi Paragkes kai H Kefali tou Karl Max.mp36 MB
01_Ta Paidia Katw Ston Kampo.mp36 MB
12_O Xoros tis Sokolatas.mp36 MB
04_Is There Life On the Earth.mp36 MB
13_Ta Paidia Katw ston Kampo.mp35 MB
11_Nyxterino Gia Dyo Fwnes.mp35 MB
05_H Seksoualiki Polyrythmi.mp34 MB
02_Oi Paragkes kai oi Anthrwpoi.mp33 MB
08_Is There Life On the Earth.mp32 MB
1984-1999_Memet My Hawk @ 320kbps
Memet My Hawk - front.jpg1 MB
Xatzidakis_Memed geraki moy_Ins1.jpg1 MB
Xatzidakis_Memed geraki moy_Ins2.jpg596 KB
Memet My Hawk - back.jpg337 KB
Xatzidakis_Memed geraki moy_Back.jpg321 KB
cover.jpg178 KB
Xatzidakis_Memed geraki moy_Front.jpg178 KB
Memed.doc91 KB
16_Erwtiko.mp310 MB
15_Menoueto.mp310 MB
01_Memed Agapi mou.mp39 MB
06_Tango.mp39 MB
10_Titloi.mp38 MB
14_O Memed kai H Mitera tou.mp38 MB
05_One Step.mp38 MB
07_H Fwtia.mp37 MB
09_Nyxterino.mp37 MB
18_To Telos.mp37 MB
11_To Tragoudi tis Fylakis.mp36 MB
12_Sti Spilia me tous Listes.mp35 MB
03_H Synomwsia twn Listwn.mp35 MB
04_H Katadiwksi.mp34 MB
02_Sta Ixni tou Memed.mp33 MB
17_Apoxairetismos & Ragtime.mp33 MB
08_Pas De Trio.mp32 MB
13_H Katadiwksi Synexizetai.mp32 MB
1988_Ο Ελληνικός Κινηματογράφος και ο Μάνος Χατζιδάκις @ 320kbps
O Ellinikos back.jpg1 MB
O Ellinikos front.jpg1 MB
O Ellinikos inside.jpg373 KB
folder.jpg142 KB
Ellinikos Kinimatografos.doc83 KB
11_In The Cool of The Day.mp310 MB
09_To Klwtsoskoufi.mp38 MB
21_Xartino to Feggaraki.mp38 MB
06_Min ton Rwtas Ton Ourano.mp37 MB
07_To Potami.mp37 MB
15_Exw Ena Mystiko.mp37 MB
03_Kserw Kapoio Steno.mp37 MB
16_H Timwria.mp37 MB
10_Fousta Klarwti.mp37 MB
20_Mia Poli Magiki.mp37 MB
23_O Gaidarakos.mp37 MB
22_Den Mporei Kaneis Na Kserei.mp37 MB
18_H Laterna.mp36 MB
25_O Gkremos.mp36 MB
02_Mes' Ayti tin Varka.mp36 MB
05_Aeriko.mp36 MB
17_Pes mou Mia Leksi.mp36 MB
13_Ax! Vre Paliomisoforia.mp36 MB
04_O Ilisos.mp36 MB
19_O Glaros.mp36 MB
01_Efta Tragoudia Tha sou Pw.mp35 MB
08_As Ein' Kala to Ginati sou.mp35 MB
14_Fantasia gia Mpouzouki kai Piano.mp34 MB
26_Emvatirio kai Finale.mp34 MB
24_Spourgitaki Mou.mp34 MB
12_To Feggari Einai Kokkino.mp33 MB
1989_Ποτέ την Κυριακή @ 320kbps
Νέος φάκελος
Pote Tin Kyriaki.doc1 MB
Never on Sundayf.jpg1 MB
Never on Sundayback1.jpg654 KB
Never on Sunday inside .jpg531 KB
Never on Sunday front .jpg445 KB
Pote Tin Kyriaki.jpg237 KB
Never on Sunday back .jpg228 KB
14_Finale.mp39 MB
02_Prologos.mp37 MB
08_Ta Paidia Tou Peiraia.mp37 MB
04_Xoros Zeimpekikos.mp37 MB
01_Titloi.mp36 MB
07_Pame Mia Volta Sto Fegari.mp35 MB
13_H Laterna.mp35 MB
03_Mpouzoukia.mp35 MB
10_Melwdia Tis Laternas.mp34 MB
06_Oi Xares Tis Ilya.mp34 MB
05_Erimia.mp34 MB
09_Xoros Xasapikos.mp34 MB
11_H Prodosia.mp34 MB
Milva - Les enfants du piree (streamload).mp33 MB
Melina Mercouri - Ein Schiff wird kommen (streamload).mp33 MB
12_Prwino.mp32 MB
Doris Day - Never On Sunday (streamload).mp32 MB
George Guetary-Les enfants du Piree.MP32 MB
1989_Το Κλωτσοσκούφι @ 320kbps
Klwtsoskoufi - back.jpg1 MB
Klwtsoskoufi - front.jpg817 KB
Klotsoskoufi.doc69 KB
06_To Klwtsoskoufi.mp39 MB
16_Xoreutiko.mp38 MB
19_Stin Apovathra.mp37 MB
05_To Oneiro tis Mairis.mp37 MB
03_Spourgitaki Mou.mp36 MB
17_Anamoni.mp35 MB
14_Skines Dromou.mp35 MB
12_Melagxoliko Tragoudi.mp35 MB
20_Sto Parko.mp35 MB
07_Skini Grafeiou.mp35 MB
21_Finale.mp34 MB
08_Ston Paraliako.mp34 MB
01_Titloi.mp34 MB
13_Peripatos.mp33 MB
09_Luna Park.mp33 MB
04_Prwino Ksypnima.mp33 MB
02_Sto Pagaki.mp33 MB
11_Xoros.mp33 MB
10_Tyxaia Synantisi.mp33 MB
15_Apogoiteusi.mp32 MB
18_Parallagi Thematos.mp32 MB
1992_Ήσυχες Μέρες του Αυγούστου @ 320kbps
Hsixes Meres Toy Aygoustou - back.jpg2 MB
Hsyxes Meres tou Augoustou.doc1 MB
Hsixes Meres Toy Aygoustou - front.jpg1 MB
05_Mikrainei to Feggari.mp37 MB
06_Hsyxes Meres tou Augoustou.mp35 MB
04_Nyxta.mp35 MB
07_Mes' tis Zestes tou Augoustou.mp35 MB
08_Emvatirio.mp34 MB
12_Tavernaki.mp34 MB
02_Mes' ti Zesti tou Augoustou.mp34 MB
09_Thema.mp34 MB
01_Mikrainei to Feggari.mp34 MB
11_Stathmos Peiraia.mp33 MB
10_Auti H Gynaika.mp33 MB
13_Apoxwrismos tis Marias.mp33 MB
03_Vrexei.mp32 MB
1994_Aliki My Love @ 320kbps
Aliki My Love - back.jpg1 MB
Aliki My Love - front.jpg1 MB
Aliki My Love.doc52 KB
06_Aliki's Cha-Cha.mp39 MB
05_Lullaby.mp39 MB
08_Lullaby.mp39 MB
11_The Siren Song.mp37 MB
07_Oh, Suzanna.mp37 MB
02_The Welcome March.mp36 MB
04_Meeting at The Wind Mill.mp36 MB
12_The Magic Isle.mp36 MB
01_Aliki.mp36 MB
03_The Villager's Serenade.mp36 MB
09_My Seabirds.mp36 MB
10_Aphrodite.mp36 MB
1994_Ο Μάνος Χατζιδάκις στον Ελληνικό Κινηματογράφο No 2 @ 320kbps
Ellinikos Kinimatografos 2.doc2 MB
No 2 back.jpg2 MB
No 2 front.jpg2 MB
No 2 inside.jpg1 MB
15_Nyxterina.mp311 MB
05_To Gkrizo Gati.mp310 MB
11_Ksimerwnri.mp310 MB
02_Exw Ena Mystiko.mp39 MB
22_Parallages.mp39 MB
16_To Thema tis Lizas.mp38 MB
13_Vradyni Eksodos.mp38 MB
17_Ekpliksi.mp37 MB
19_Cha-Cha.mp37 MB
09_Titloi.mp37 MB
10_Mikropwlites.mp36 MB
03_Sto Dromo Gia To Sxoleio.mp36 MB
12_To Xasapiko tis Lizas.mp36 MB
01_Titloi.mp36 MB
23_Ta Dakrya tis Xaras Vroxi.mp36 MB
20_Kainourgia Zwi.mp36 MB
18_Tango.mp35 MB
07_Nostalgiko Motivo.mp35 MB
08_Finale.mp35 MB
21_Xaroumeno Motivo.mp35 MB
04_Erwtiko.mp34 MB
14_Parakolouthisi.mp34 MB
06_Skandalies.mp34 MB
1994_Ο Μάνος Χατζιδάκις στον Ελληνικό Κινηματογράφο No 3 @ 320kbps
Ellinikos Kinimatografos No3.doc2 MB
front.jpg2 MB
back.jpg2 MB
20_Elpides.mp312 MB
10_Dyskoles Meres.mp311 MB
13_Mia Vroxeri Mera.mp310 MB
23_Asimantoi Anthrwpoi.mp39 MB
02_Kapou Yparxei H Agaph mou.mp39 MB
21_Apognwsi.mp39 MB
08_Titloi.mp38 MB
24_To Vals twn Xamenwn Oneirwn.mp38 MB
09_Laterna sto Steno.mp37 MB
15_Xeimwnas.mp37 MB
05_Autosxediasmos se Rythmo Fox.mp37 MB
17_H Fygi.mp37 MB
07_T' Amaksakia.mp36 MB
03_Mambo tou Dasous.mp36 MB
14_To Taksidi.mp36 MB
01_Titloi.mp36 MB
12_Xaroumeni Vradia.mp36 MB
04_Cha-cha Tou Kastelou.mp36 MB
18_Ypokrousi Laternas.mp36 MB
06_Club Meditarranee Blues.mp36 MB
11_Genethlia.mp35 MB
19_Xamenos Erwtas.mp35 MB
22_Routina.mp35 MB
16_Anamniseis.mp34 MB
1994_Ο Μάνος Χατζιδάκις στον Ελληνικό Κινηματογράφο No 4 @ 320kbps
back.jpg1 MB
Kinimatografos4.doc1 MB
front.jpg1 MB
01_Prologos.mp38 MB
11_Min Ton Rwtas To Ourano.mp38 MB
02_Ta Paidia Tou Peiraia.mp38 MB
08_Agapi Pougines Dikopo Maxairi.mp38 MB
15_O Gaidarakos.mp38 MB
12_Garifalo St' Auti.mp37 MB
17_Mes' S' Auti Tin Varka.mp37 MB
18_Thalassa Plateia.mp37 MB
20_Mia Panagia.mp37 MB
13_Trava Mpros.mp37 MB
19_T' Asteri Tou Voria.mp37 MB
05_Pame Mia Volta Sto Feggari.mp37 MB
10_Topkapi.mp37 MB
07_Ilissos.mp37 MB
06_Xoros Xasapikos.mp37 MB
14_O Glaros.mp37 MB
09_Efta Tragoudia Tha Sou Pw.mp36 MB
03_H Prodosia.mp36 MB
16_Emvatirio kai Finale.mp35 MB
04_H Laterna.mp35 MB
1995_Ελεύθερη κατάδυση - Ταξείδι του μέλιτος @ 320kbps
back.jpg2 MB
front.jpg1 MB
inside.jpg1 MB
Katdysi-taksidi.doc58 KB
10_Perimenontas to Ploio.mp310 MB
02_Eleutheri Katadysi.mp39 MB
08_9-8.mp39 MB
03_Olga kai Leuteris.mp38 MB
15_To Valse tou Kalokairiou.mp38 MB
09_Ydroxoos.mp38 MB
14_O Fonos.mp36 MB
18_To Telos tou Taksidiou.mp36 MB
17_Taksidi tou Melitos.mp35 MB
05_To Xameno Aeroplano.mp35 MB
12_Gramma sto Eauto mou.mp35 MB
16_Nyxterino.mp35 MB
01-Efialtis.mp35 MB
11_Valsaki.mp34 MB
07_Erws Eks Aimatos.mp34 MB
13_Poker.mp34 MB
05_Indianiko Ftero.mp34 MB
06_Bythos.mp34 MB
1996_Η Αλίκη στο Ναυτικό @ 320kbps
H Aliki Sto Naytiko - front.jpg1 MB
H Aliki Sto Naytiko - back.jpg922 KB
H Aliki Sto Naytiko - scan.jpg902 KB
H Aliki Sto Naytiko - inside.jpg860 KB
H Aliki sto Nautiko.doc106 KB
06_Deksiwsi.mp39 MB
02_O Gaidarakos.mp38 MB
14_H Aliki Nautaki.mp38 MB
13_O Glaros.mp37 MB
10_Trava Empros.mp37 MB
03_Rantevou sto Roloi.mp37 MB
05_Xoros twn Nautikwn.mp37 MB
16_Emvatirio kai Finale.mp36 MB
11_Volta me ta Podilata.mp36 MB
01_Titloi.mp35 MB
09_Anaxwrisi.mp35 MB
04_Paei-paei.mp34 MB
15_Drasi.mp33 MB
08_Nautiki Askisi.mp33 MB
07_Stin Pyli tou Nautikou.mp33 MB
12_H Fysarmonika tou Nauti.mp33 MB
1996_Μανταλένα @ 320kbps
Mandalena - scan.jpg2 MB
Mandalena - back.jpg2 MB
Mandalena - front.jpg2 MB
Mandalena - inside.jpg2 MB
Mantalena.doc58 KB
Mantalena.jpg19 KB
17_Finale.mp312 MB
01-Titloi.mp310 MB
06_Ston Mylo.mp310 MB
14_S'Auti tin Geitonia.mp310 MB
15_Mpalos Afentadikos.mp39 MB
11_Theofania.mp39 MB
08_Eksomologisi.mp38 MB
04_Penthimo Motivo.mp37 MB
10_Mes' Ayti tin Varka.mp36 MB
03_Thalassa Platia.mp36 MB
07_Dramatiko Thema.mp36 MB
02_Antagwnismos.mp35 MB
16_Tsampounes.mp35 MB
12_Oi Fwties tou Ai-Gianni.mp35 MB
09_Triantafyla Ekatofylla.mp35 MB
13_Thema Mantalenas.mp34 MB
05_O Polemos tis Mantalenas.mp34 MB
1996_Το τελευταίο ψέμα @ 320kbps
back.jpg1 MB
front.jpg1 MB
Teleutaio Psema.doc99 KB
14_Erwtiko.mp39 MB
02_Zitima Aksioprepeias.mp37 MB
07_Xaramata.mp37 MB
10_Sto Kotero.mp37 MB
05_O Xoros Tis Xlois.mp36 MB
09_Laikos Xoros.mp36 MB
01_Titloi.mp36 MB
15_Finale.mp36 MB
06_Dimotiko.mp35 MB
13_Stin Deksiwsi.mp35 MB
12_H Yposxesi Tis Xlois.mp35 MB
04_Tango.mp34 MB
11_Stigmes Ksegnoiasias.mp34 MB
03_Ston Xoro.mp32 MB
08_Epistrofi.mp32 MB
1997_Χτυποκάρδια στο θρανίο @ 320kbps
Xtipokardia Sto Thranio - inside.jpg3 MB
Xtipokardia Sto Thranio - front.jpg1 MB
Xtipokardia Sto Thranio - back.jpg524 KB
Xtypokardia sto Thranio.doc58 KB
08_Erwtiko Thema.mp310 MB
07_ 11 Ogdoa.mp310 MB
10_Xasapiko.mp38 MB
04_S' Agapw.mp38 MB
15_S' Agapw.mp38 MB
13_Volta me tin Amaksa.mp38 MB
06_O Amaksas.mp38 MB
05_Prwino.mp38 MB
01_Titloi.mp36 MB
14_Nostalgiko Thema.mp36 MB
11_Ta Prwta Xtypokardia.mp36 MB
02_Xtypokardia.mp36 MB
16_Finale-Feugoun ta Niata.mp36 MB
12_O Xoros tis Alikis.mp36 MB
03_Ta Poulakia.mp36 MB
09_Feugoun Ta Niata.mp34 MB
2004_Συνέβη στην Αθήνα @ 320kbps
front.jpg1 MB
back.jpg1 MB
Synevi stin Athina.doc99 KB
01_Titloi-O Louis meta provata tou-Anaxwris...antada-Anamoni kai Oneiro-Palios Diskos.mp337 MB
03_Se mia gwnia-Oi prwtes diskolies-Epeisod...-O Pistos skylos-Salpisma_H niki-Finale.mp333 MB
02_Xoros-Eutyxia kai epistrofi-O Marathwnios_Ekkinisi.mp314 MB
2006_Τζένη Καρέζη-Τα Κινηματογραφικά @ 256kbps
front.jpg174 KB
back.jpg135 KB
Tzeni Karezi.doc74 KB
01_Mhn to rwtas ton oyrano.mp36 MB
10_Laxtarisa mia xwra.mp36 MB
08_Koyrasthka na se kratw.mp35 MB
03_Oyte ena eyxaristw.mp35 MB
06_Den exei arxh.mp35 MB
09_Phra toys dromoys t' oyranoy.mp35 MB
07_To sarabalaki moy.mp33 MB
05_Makrya soy ena xrono.mp33 MB
02_To xrysopsaro.mp33 MB
04_H Margarita h Margarw.mp33 MB
1980-1992_Εδώ Λιλιπούπολη @ 320kbps
Lillipoupoli - back.jpg2 MB
Lillipoupoli - scan2.jpg1 MB
Lillipoupoli - front.jpg1 MB
Lillipoupoli - scan1.jpg1 MB
Lillipoupoli - inside.jpg799 KB
lilipoupoli_fr.jpg279 KB
lilipoupoli_f.jpg279 KB
lilipoupoli_b.jpg211 KB
lilipoupoli_cd.jpg135 KB
Lilipoupoli.doc97 KB
27_Lae tis Lilipoupolis.mp37 MB
24_Kyla Giaourtopotame.mp36 MB
06_O Xoros twn Mpizeliwn.mp36 MB
17_Aou Vaou Koukouvaou.mp35 MB
23_Pou Paei o Kairos Pou Feugei.mp35 MB
29_O Drakos.mp35 MB
02_Saranta Gidoprovata.mp35 MB
14_O Fystikos.mp35 MB
04_Mia Arkouda Kafe.mp35 MB
05_Kyla Giaourtopotame.mp35 MB
19_Roza-Rozalia.mp35 MB
32_Mia Vradya sto Porto-Lili.mp35 MB
11_Mes'to Mouseio.mp34 MB
30_H Magioneza.mp34 MB
20_Dwdeka Mines Athlites.mp34 MB
34_Olos O Kosmos Einai Mia Lilipoupoli.mp34 MB
12_Masa Sideromasa.mp34 MB
10_Den Eimaste Zoulou.mp34 MB
33_Antio Lilipoupoli.mp34 MB
22_Anatoli kai Dysi.mp34 MB
13_To Mikro kai to Megalo(2).mp34 MB
08_Twra pou Pas ki'Esy sthn Lilipoupoli.mp34 MB
25_To Hliako Lewforeio.mp34 MB
26_Twra pou Pas ki esy stin Lilipoupoli.mp33 MB
21_To Emvatirio tou Doctora.mp33 MB
09_Ax! Papoualili.mp33 MB
15_H Xwra twn Mpempantwn.mp33 MB
18_Twra pou Pas kai esy stin Lilipoupoli.mp33 MB
16_To Prigkipiko Vals.mp33 MB
03_To Mikro kai To Megalo.mp33 MB
31_Oi Meres tis Evdomadas.mp33 MB
07_H Bosa Nova tou Zaxaroplasteiou.mp33 MB
28_To Tsifteteli tis Gripis.mp32 MB
01_Edw Lilipoupoli (Sima).mp32 MB
35_Edw Lilipoupoli.mp31 MB
2003_Manos Xatzidakis - Ta Sxolia Tou Tritou @ 320kbps
07_Prakseis Politou.mp326 MB
04_Peri Politismou.mp323 MB
06_Nyxterino.mp318 MB
08_Apergies.mp317 MB
03_To Laiko.mp317 MB
02_O Asterismos tis Parthenou.mp316 MB
01_H Kainourgia morfi.mp315 MB
05_Oi Antiygeines.mp314 MB
09_To Ornithokomeio.mp311 MB
Μ.Χατζιδακης - 03 - Οταν ελευθερωθουμε απο την δυναστεια των τεχνων .mp326 MB
07_Otan Eleutherwthoume.mp322 MB
03_Oliga Tina peri Paradosews.mp321 MB
04_Ta Kokkina Papoutsia.mp321 MB
06_Oi Politikes Paratakseis.mp319 MB
02_O Laxeiopwlis.mp319 MB
01_H Parthenos.mp317 MB
05_Oi Neolaioi tou Simera.mp317 MB
Μ.Χατζιδακης - 01 - Το προσωπο του τερατος.mp314 MB
08_O Manos Gia Ton Miki.mp327 MB
06_H Dimogerontia.mp326 MB
01-H Wdeiaki Paideia.mp320 MB
02_H Gennhsh tou Xristou.mp320 MB
04_Periandros kata Lysandrou.mp319 MB
05_Pws Oi Lipothymies.mp317 MB
03_17 Profiteies.mp314 MB
07_H Proswpografia.mp312 MB
Sxolia3.jpg1 MB
Sxolia1.jpg1 MB
Sxolia2.jpg1 MB
Ta sxolia tou tritou.doc912 KB
front.jpg821 KB
Λιλιπούπολη - Εκπομπές
lilipoupoli.jpg10 KB
New Text Document.txt744 B
02 - Ο Κακός Δράκος του Παραμυθιού 24Αυγ1977.mp339 MB
04 - Ο Παπαγάλος Πρωταγωνιστής 11Νοε1977.mp336 MB
03 - Το Πιο Γλυκό Γλυκό Που Εγινε Ποτέ 13Σεπτ1977.mp334 MB
19 - Η Πριγκηπομήτορ 17Απρ1980.mp323 MB
11 - Η Ανακάλυψη του Φύστικου.mp322 MB
05 - Ελύθερη Συζήτηση για τον Μπέμπαντα 16Φεβρ1979.mp318 MB
08 - Η Πιπινάζα Κάνει Καθαριότητα 9Μαρτ1979.mp318 MB
06 - Η Αναζήτηση του Θησαυρού του Λιλίακχου 22Φεβρ1979.mp318 MB
12 - Ο Χαρχούδας Πηγαίνει για Φαγητό 12Ιαν1980.mp318 MB
10 - Η Γιορτή της Αστροφεγγιάς.mp317 MB
15 - Το Μετεορολογικό Δελτίο 11Ιαν1980.mp316 MB
16 - Η Επιστροφή της Χιονάτης 30Ιαν1980.mp316 MB
17 - Πρίγκηψ Χιονάτη Κρεβατομουρμουρα 1Φεβρ1980.mp316 MB
07 - Στο Γυάλινο Νησί.mp316 MB
20 - Ο Χαρχούδας Σωγαμπρος 29Απρ1980.mp316 MB
14 - Το Νέφος.mp315 MB
09 - Ο Χαρχούδας Πάει Διακοπές 11Νοε1979.mp315 MB
13 - Ο Χαρχούδας Κάνει Καθαριότητα.mp314 MB
18 - Η Στέψη.mp312 MB
01 - Σημα.mp31 MB
1960 - Ορνιθες (160kbs)
ornithes_in.jpg687 KB
ornithes_cdlabel.jpg619 KB
ornithes_front.jpg588 KB
ornithes_back.jpg460 KB
05 -Πάροδος.mp38 MB
23 - Ο Σωκράτης.mp35 MB
08 - Ω καλή μου ξανθιά.mp34 MB
04 - Προσκλητήριο του Εποπα.mp34 MB
10 - Οι κύκνοι.mp34 MB
26 - Εξοδος.mp34 MB
24 - Αγγελιοφόρος.mp34 MB
13 - Ω μακάρια πετεινά.mp34 MB
17 - Ντελάλημα.mp34 MB
06 -Κακό μου κακό μπυ.mp33 MB
14 - Αρια της αηδόνας.mp33 MB
03 - Η αηδόνα.mp33 MB
22 -Τα παράσιτα.mp33 MB
15 - Η Βουλή.mp32 MB
20 - Παντεπόπτης.mp32 MB
25 - Δοξαστικό.mp32 MB
11 - Νάχεις φτερά.mp32 MB
12 - Τελικός χορός α΄πράξης.mp32 MB
07 - Φίλτατέ μου γεροντάκο.mp32 MB
21 - Συντάσσομαι συντρέχω.mp32 MB
02 - Πέταγμα πουλιών.mp32 MB
18 - Καθολικό.mp32 MB
09 - Αν κανείς σας ω θεατές μας.mp31 MB
01 - Πρόλογος.mp31 MB
19 - Τέσσερα τα μάτια σας.mp31 MB
16 - Αν κανείς σας ω θεατές μας.mp31 MB
1960-1994_ΟΡΝΙΘΕΣ @ 320kbps
Ornithes - back.jpg1 MB
ornithes_front.jpg588 KB
Ornithes.doc78 KB
12_Aggelioforos-Doksastiko-Eksodos.mp320 MB
11_Syntassomai-Ta Parasita-O Swkratis.mp318 MB
05_W Kali mou Ksanthia-An Kaneis sas w Theates-Oi Kyknoi.mp317 MB
03_Parodos.mp316 MB
09_An Kaneis sa w Theates-Ntelalima-Katholiko.mp311 MB
01_Prologos-Petagma Pouliwn-H Aidona.mp311 MB
08_Aria Tis Aidonas-H Vouli.mp311 MB
04_Kako mou-Filtate Gerontako.mp311 MB
06_Naxeis Ftera-Telikos Xoros.mp39 MB
02_Prosklitirio tou Epopa.mp38 MB
07_ W Makaria Ptina.mp37 MB
10-Tessera Ta Matia sas-Pantepoptis.mp36 MB
1962-1994_Καίσαρ και Κλεοπάτρα @ 320kbps
Caesar & kleopatra - front.jpg1 MB
Caesar & kleopatra - back.jpg1 MB
cover.jpg309 KB
Caesar Kai Kleopatra.jpg309 KB
Kaisar kai Kleopatra.doc74 KB
KaisarkaiKleopatra.doc40 KB
07_Taksidi stin Aleksandreia-O Neilos Einai Mia Pigi-Xoros tou Neilou-Apoxairetismos.mp319 MB
05_Ena Galazio Forema-Symposio-Xoros twn Mikrwn Negrwn.mp314 MB
01_Eisagwgi-Sarampanta-Mprosta Stin Sfigga.mp313 MB
04_Tragoudi tou Roufiou_Ta Eksypna Papakia.mp310 MB
03_Ax Mark' Antwnie-Monomaxia.mp310 MB
06_Koimismeni Prigipissa.mp39 MB
02_H Mitera mou Itan Gata-To Ntysimo tis Kleopatras.mp38 MB
1962_2002_Οδός Ονείρων @ 320kbps
Odos Oneirwn - front.jpg2 MB
Odos Oneirwn - back.jpg1 MB
Manos_Hadjidakis-Odos_Oneirwn_front.jpg237 KB
Odos Oneirwn.doc93 KB
01_Prologos-Oneiro Paidiwn tis Geitonias-Odos Oneirwn-Nyxterinos Xoros.mp322 MB
10_Efyge to Traino-Autosxediasmos-Efyge to Traino.mp320 MB
11_To Party-To Pouli.mp315 MB
09_O Hthopoios.mp313 MB
05_Manoula mou.mp313 MB
04_Oi Adelfes Tata.mp310 MB
06_Xatzi-Xatzi.mp39 MB
02_H Mauri Ford.mp39 MB
08_Kyr-Mixalis.mp38 MB
07_Astro tis Anatolis.mp38 MB
03_Oneiro gi Tentympoydes.mp36 MB
12_Epilogos.mp34 MB
1965-2000_Ματωμένος Γάμος-Παραμύθι χωρίς Όνομα @ 320kbps
M. GAMOS- P.X.O. BOOK 10.jpg1 MB
M. GAMOS- P.X.O. BOOK 16.jpg1 MB
M. GAMOS- P.X.O. BOOK 5.jpg1 MB
M. GAMOS- P.X.O. BOOK 6.jpg1 MB
M. GAMOS- P.X.O. BOOK 7.jpg1 MB
M. GAMOS- P.X.O. BOOK 13.jpg1 MB
M. GAMOS- P.X.O. BOOK 11.jpg1 MB
M. GAMOS- P.X.O. BOOK 8.jpg1 MB
M. GAMOS- P.X.O. BOOK 9.jpg1 MB
M. GAMOS- P.X.O. BOOK 15.jpg1 MB
M. GAMOS- P.X.O. BOOK 14.jpg1 MB
M. GAMOS- P.X.O. BOOK 12.jpg1 MB
M. GAMOS- P.X.O. BOOK 4.jpg1 MB
M. GAMOS- P.X.O. BOOK 3.jpg1 MB
M. GAMOS- P.X.O. E3W.jpg1 MB
M. GAMOS- P.X.O. MESA 1.jpg681 KB
M. GAMOS- P.X.O. BOOK 2.jpg660 KB
M. GAMOS- P.X.O. MESA 2.jpg608 KB
M. GAMOS- P.X.O. MESA 3.jpg477 KB
M. GAMOS- P.X.O. BOOK 17.jpg230 KB
Matwmenos Gamos-Paramythi Xwris Onoma.jpg171 KB
M. GAMOS- P.X.O. BOOK 1.jpg165 KB
front.jpg165 KB
Matwmenos Gamos.doc69 KB
matwmenosgamos_cdlabel.jpg22 KB
03_Matwmenos gamos-Nanourisma.mp39 MB
05_Matwmenos gamos-Gyrna Fterwti Tou Mylou.mp39 MB
12_Paramithi xwris onoma-Tragoudi Tis Simaias.mp38 MB
09_Paramithi xwris onoma-Xoros.mp37 MB
07_Matwmenos gamos-Itan Kamari Tis Augis.mp36 MB
14_Paramithi xwris onoma-O Sideras.mp36 MB
04_Matwmenos gamos-Sikw Nyfi Zilemeni.mp35 MB
15_Paramithi xwris onoma-Rixnw Tin Kardia Mou Sto Potami.mp35 MB
10_Paramithi xwris onoma-Nauti Gero Nauti.mp35 MB
02_Matwmenos gamos-Twra Nyfoula Mou Xrysi.mp35 MB
13_Paramithi xwris onoma-O Ektoras Kai H Andromaxi.mp35 MB
11_Paramithi xwris onoma-Stin Potamia Swpainei To Kanoni.mp34 MB
08_Paramithi xwris onoma-Ki Htan Pou Lete Mia Fora.mp34 MB
06_Matwmenos gamos-Kouvari Kouvaraki.mp33 MB
01-Matwmenos gamos-Eisagwgi.mp32 MB
1966-1995_Καπετάμ Μιχάλης @ 320kbps
Kapetan Michalis - front.jpg987 KB
Kapetan Michalis - back.jpg598 KB
Manos_Hadjidakis-Kapetan_Michalis_cd.jpg417 KB
Manos_Hadjidakis-Kapetan_Michalis_back.jpg306 KB
Manos_Hadjidakis-Kapetan_Michalis_front.jpg190 KB
front.jpg190 KB
Kapetan Mixalis.jpg179 KB
cover.jpg179 KB
Kapetan Mixalis.doc72 KB
10_H Sfagi.mp311 MB
04_Den Itan Nisi.mp38 MB
08_Kerkeziko Tragoudi.mp38 MB
06_H Krasogiwrgaina.mp37 MB
01_Eisagwgi.mp37 MB
11_Pou Einai O Theos.mp36 MB
02_Omorfi Poun' H Kriti.mp35 MB
05_Kyramou Ampeliwtissa.mp35 MB
09_Vareia Apopse H Nyxta.mp34 MB
03_Mousiki Gia Tin Emine.mp34 MB
07_Megalovdomado.mp33 MB
1994_Σκηνική Μουσική και Τραγούδια @ 320kbps
back.jpg1 MB
Skiniki Mousiki kai Tragoudia.doc1 MB
front.jpg1 MB
01_To Katarameno Fidi.mp330 MB
04_O Kyklos Tou C.N.S..mp328 MB
03_Erimia.mp327 MB
02_O Kyklos Me tin Kimwlia.mp320 MB
2006_4 Θεατρικοί Μύθοι @ 256kbps
Xatzidakis_4 8eatrikoi my8oi_FrontBack.jpg720 KB
Xatzidakis_4 8eatrikoi my8oi_Ins08.jpg529 KB
Xatzidakis_4 8eatrikoi my8oi_Back.jpg528 KB
Xatzidakis_4 8eatrikoi my8oi_Ins07.jpg503 KB
Xatzidakis_4 8eatrikoi my8oi_Ins10.jpg409 KB
Xatzidakis_4 8eatrikoi my8oi_Ins03.jpg395 KB
Xatzidakis_4 8eatrikoi my8oi_Ins05.jpg379 KB
Xatzidakis_4 8eatrikoi my8oi_Ins02.jpg359 KB
Xatzidakis_4 8eatrikoi my8oi_Ins04.jpg357 KB
Xatzidakis_4 8eatrikoi my8oi_Ins09.jpg338 KB
Xatzidakis_4 8eatrikoi my8oi_Ins06.jpg326 KB
Xatzidakis_4 8eatrikoi my8oi_Inlay.jpg311 KB
Xatzidakis_4 8eatrikoi my8oi_Ins11.jpg280 KB
Xatzidakis_4 8eatrikoi my8oi_Ins01.jpg248 KB
Front.jpg247 KB
Xatzidakis_4 8eatrikoi my8oi_Cd.jpg246 KB
Xatzidakis_4 8eatrikoi my8oi_Front.jpg115 KB
Tesseris Theatrikoi Mythoi.doc87 KB
12_Nanoyrisma.mp37 MB
04_Manoyla moy.mp37 MB
03_Tragoydi ths shmaias.mp36 MB
21_H Krasogiwrgaina.mp36 MB
07_Nayth, gero nayth.mp36 MB
18_Den htan nhsi.mp36 MB
13_Gyrna fterwth toy myloy.mp36 MB
15_Htan kamari ths ayghs.mp36 MB
24_Poy einai o 8eos.mp35 MB
01_Ki htan poy lete mia fora.mp35 MB
16_Eisagwgh (Kapetan Mixalhs).mp35 MB
09_ARixnw thn kardia moy.mp35 MB
05_O sideras.mp34 MB
20_Moysikh gia thn Emine.mp34 MB
19_Kyra moy Ampeliwtissa.mp34 MB
29_Anagkh na se parw egw.mp34 MB
17_Omorfh poyn' h Krhth.mp34 MB
08_Kyr Mixalhs.mp34 MB
30_O kosmos olos egine anw katw.mp34 MB
02_O Ektoras kai h Andromaxh.mp34 MB
23_Baria apopse h nyxta.mp33 MB
11_Twra nyfoyla moy xrysh.mp33 MB
28_H mpalanta toy stratiwth.mp33 MB
14_Koybari koybaraki.mp33 MB
06_Sthn potamia swpainei to kanoni.mp33 MB
25_M. Lidakhs & A. Iwannidhs - Tesseris strathgoi.mp33 MB
22_Megalobdomado.mp32 MB
27_Embathrio gia lehlasies.mp32 MB
26_Mia fora ki enan kairo.mp32 MB
10_Eisagwgh (Matwmenos gamos).mp31 MB

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